People’s sympathetic Jesse James story – preparing us for a reunion?

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While reading People Magazine’s story on Jesse James, I was struck by how overly sympathetic it was towards him. There are no direct quotes from Jesse and all the news about how he’s doing is credited to “sources” and “friends”. People doesn’t usually run stories that aren’t celebrity sanctioned, and in this case James’ betrayed wife, Sandra Bullock, is of course the celebrity. That means that Sandy’s people probably at least approved the concept of the article, if not the content. Does that mean that she’s considering reconciling with Jesse or just that she realizes she needs to maintain a relationship with him for the sake of their children? Maybe Sandra wants us to know that Jesse isn’t as bad as he’s been portrayed by the media. Presenting him in a softer light can only improve her image too, as if to explain what she saw in him in the first place. That could also be the reason behind his upcoming interview on Nightline.

People really lays it on thick, and focuses on how poor Jesse is coping after pissing and f*cking his life away. They also tell us he’s in the initial stages of buying a home in Austin to be closer to Sandra and Louis. In that case I hope Sandra lives in New Orleans full time.

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Title: Picking up the pieces
Subtitle: As he prepares to buy a home in Austin, the humbled motorcycle king hopes to put his life back together – and maybe even reconcile with his wife.

Jesse James is a man who likes his routines. Most mornings he brings in the newspaper from outside his beachfront, L.A. – area home before having breakfast with kids Sunny, 6, Jesse Jr., 12, and Chandler, 15. After dropping off the kids at school, he typically puts in a 12-hour day at his West Coast Choppers garage before heading home to help the kids with their homework and watch the occasional bedtime movie together. But since the collapse of his marriage to Sandra Bullock, even the most mundane rituals are marked by a profound absence. “Jesse is the only one to blame for all of this,” says a friend, “but his life, too, came crashing down on him.”

James is “deeply humbled,” “feels like a fool”
It has been two months since life as both Bullock and James knew it was shattered by his infidelity. While Bullock embarks on a new chapter as a single mom to 4-month-old Louis, James, 41, is still trying to pick up the pieces for both himself and his kids. Those close to him say the famously gruff guy, whose don’t-mess-with-me machismo helped define his multimillion-dollar empire, has been deeply humbled by his mistakes. “Jesse still feels like a fool for messing up his great life with Sandra and the kids,” says a source. “He still really loves Sandra, and it seems that he doesn’t even understand himself how he could deceive his family the way he did.” Since returning in April from a monthlong sting in a treatment facility (for still-unspecified personal issues), “he is feeling stronger but obviously very sad for the situation still at hand,” says another pal. Not that he’s resigned himself to losing the woman he once said made him feel like Superman. Exactly the opposite, in fact: James’ friends say he remains fervently committed to winning her back. “He hasn’t given up hope that he can fix things,” says the source. “This thinking is what gets Jesse through the day.”

Are they going to reconcile?
Is a reconciliation a real possibility? At least one friend of the couple’s doesn’t rule it out. “I’d be horrified but not surprised,” said the friend. “She believes in the best of people. She likes the life they had together. To her, they were going to grow old together, and when they were together, they were happy and they made big decisions together – over real estate, pets, parenting, adopting Louis.”

For now, though, it’s clear that Bullock, 45, is moving forward, without James. “Jesse and Sandra have been in contact briefly,” says the source. “They share the same main focus as before: the kids’ well being. They are only in contact because they want the best for all the kids…”

On May 14 both James and Bullock were in Austin, the adopted hometown where they spent much of their downtime during their marriage… But this time James was in town with his older daughter Chandler to visit Austin Speed Shop, his custom-car outfit, while Bullock hit her favorite shops with Louis and checked in on her restaurant Bess Bistro.

Jesse is buying a home in Austin to be near Sandra
The Oscar winner may see her ex around town far more frequently in the near future: James has put his L.A. house on the marker, and according to a source, has already made an offer to buy a house in Austin. Might the proximity to Bullock be a motivating factor? “His mind-set is the same as [just after the split], and Jesse feels that as time goes by, his and Sandra’s relationship has still not reached the final chapter,” says the source close to him. “He is not giving up hope that Sandra will come back to her family. Everyone knows that when the time is right, Jesse will try to get Sandra to come come…”

He’s “a changed man”
Whether or not he can succeed in being “the mate Sandy deserves,” as he stated, “Jesse is definitely a changed man,” says another close friend. “Although there is still sadness, you can also tell he has a rejuvenated soul. He’s put his family through a lot, and he is doing everything he can to make things better. He loves his family more than anything.”

[From People Magazine, print edition, May 31, 2010, subheaders added]

No wonder Jesse has to work 12 hour days. He spends 4 hours trolling the net for tattooed skanks, 4 hours with whatever he can pick up, and maybe 4 hours telling his employees what to do. Jesse must be getting to Sandra like a bad dog whining after spreading the contents of the garbage can all over the kitchen. Whenever I see this guy’s face I’m reminded of the rottweilers pittbulls he has as pets. (And dogs in general. No offense to that specific breed, but he does resemble it more than others.) He operates on base instincts but there’s something kind of sweet about him, and I get the appeal. I hope I wouldn’t fall for it, but I’m not in Sandra’s position of dealing with this dog’s mind games for years.

Meanwhile both In Touch and US Weekly are reporting on that May 13 “secret meeting” between Sandra and James, presumably so James could see his adopted baby son, Louis. Is this People story Sandra’s way of explaining that meeting, or is it her way of preparing us in case she does decide to get back with this serial cheater who is oh so sorry about the fact that he’s now alone? Those tattooed strippers he pays for lap dances and romps on his office coffin couch just can’t compare to the movie star wife who stood by him for years.

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  1. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    He is pathetic!

    Have some dignity, and accept your fate Jesse! I could care less how sad he is, or sowwy he is! No one screwed things up but him, and for that, he gets no sympathy.

  2. Maritza says:

    Sandra will forgive him and go back to Jesse, just wait and see…

  3. Leek says:

    I totally think she’s preparing to quietly try to make it work under the radar. Didn’t she say in her People interview, or some interview, that she didn’t know what the future would hold for the two of them and she’d like Jesse to be the same wonderful father to Louis that he is to his own kids?

    This seems to be far from over.

  4. bite me says:

    popcorn, can’t wait for jesse and sandy recommiment ceremony :D

  5. Dorothy says:

    I hope not. I am sure her family and friends do not want them back together, but ultimately it is her decision. And i predict if they do get back together it would be for long, it will be impossible for her to trust him and that is a very hard way to live!

  6. YT says:

    She needs to maintain a good relationship with him if she continues to have contact with his children, so she cannot make a clean break. It’s a difficult situation. I can see her taking him back if he manages to behave, but time will tell.

  7. Jazz says:

    Cry me a river, douchebag!

  8. Jaxx says:

    He is never going to change. A man who could do what he did is messed up deep inside in a way that can’t be fixed. I hope Sandy stays far, far away from this loser.

    And she can find a much better father figure for Louis.

  9. meme says:

    @Martitza – I’ve saying this all along. They’re definately going to get back together.

  10. popcorny says:

    Popcorn here … and I’ll officiate (-a beat-down on that jackass for hurting such a nice person so badly).

  11. Tess says:

    Should people this unstable and with such an abysmal track record when it comes to exercising good judgement really be adopting children?

    And then turning them into career and PR commodities?

  12. lem says:

    i’m sorry but you don’t build a multimillion dollar empire by working 9-5. i don’t doubt the man works 12 hour days and works hard. he might be a douche but that doesn’t mean he’s not also a good businessman who has worked hard for financial success.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I really think (and hope) she’s just trying to be amicable for the kids sake. I could see them eventually just being friendly and caring about each other and the family, but I don’t see how she could go back into a true marriage with him, as there is NO trust anymore.

    As for him…barf. I hope he’s miserable for a long time and truly regrets what he did. Doubt it, but he deserves it.

  14. nona says:

    He only wants Sandra Bullock back to stop being the most hated man in USA.

    Also, his marriage with her gave him some “status” and he wants that back too. He is such a nasty OLD MAN…

  15. tsagrednerp says:

    Ohhh I definitely think theyre getting back together. She’s just letting things cool off before she announces that she loves him and forgives his transgressions.

    I thought I was the only one who thought they were going to reconcile.

    Uggghhhh is all I can say on both they’re parts.

    Am i the only one who thinks she knew about that piture too? Hollywood is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors, you may like what’s portrayed but you don’t really know any of these people. Theyre strangers, strangers with a lot of money.

  16. vic says:

    Only a matter of p.r. planning and time. Like someone said, we don’t really know either of these two or what she really knew about. He was icky when she met, fell in love with and married him.

  17. Lola says:

    Good for them if they can survive this. You know that is POSSIBLE. The world is not black and white, and people aren’t just saints or douchebags.

  18. Kelaa Khaa says:

    The rottweiler comparison is brilliant! and perhaps JJ could auction off his couch for charity, I am sure it would fetch some big $$$$ because of the notoriety surrounding it.

  19. annnnon says:

    As a child of parents who cheated at various times, I always feel sorry for the kids as they grow up and come to understand the realities of their parents relationships and personal choices – its all part of realizing that your parents are humans and not infallible but all these celeb-spawn have to find it out through a very public forum.

  20. missmilly says:

    Wow—a whole 2 months and now he his a changed man!

  21. Sudini says:

    Maybe this article was done more for his kids so that they can see their father in a light other than just the villan.

    But this is also indicative of the problem with all of the women (especially out in the public eye) who seem to constantly take their cheating husbands back – it breeds this mentality of “I can cheat, and then just win her back”.

    Um, no. There have to be finite consequences for choosing to treat people like sh*t. You can’t have it both ways.

  22. sdcs says:

    This whole thing reeks of P.R.
    I am just not getting it…
    Something’s fishy-and w/Sandra, too, for allowing this to play out….in front of the world.

    Things just don’t add up here. Can’t put my finger on it exactly.

  23. Red Folder says:

    I am hoping she is maintaining civility for the sake of the children, but seriously, it doesn’t matter how many I’m sorry’s. It’s too little, too late. Period. Should have thought of that before sticking his dick in anything with tits and a tattoos.

    The ONLY thing I will say about JJ is that he is not blaming anyone or anything but himself and his poor judgement. No foisting it off on work or whatever else they say. But that’s not really saying much overall.

  24. Taya says:

    There is no reunion because they are already together. This was all a PC stunt for both parties.

  25. Bodhi says:

    He has pitbulls, not rotties. But he does look like a pitty, I never noticed that before.

    I wonder how Cinnibun is doing

  26. OXA says:

    The only thing that has changed is his reputation, America now knows his true character. I do hope Sandra has enough love & respect for herself and her son to not fall for his mea culpa. He like Tiger and BoreMeAnus are just sorry they got caught.

  27. Gwen says:

    The way that article was written sure does give the impression she’s going to take him back. They play up the ‘dad’ angle, the ‘hard-working’ angle, and there’s no mention of the white-supremacist thing or any of his tattooed girlfriends.

    Sandra was an idiot for even giving this man the time of day, and if she takes him back I will lose the last shred of respect I had for her.

  28. Marjalane says:

    I have said all along that I didn’t think Sandra was unaware of SOME of Jessie’s past, and while she was devastated to be so blatently cheated on, I have little doubt this won’t eventually result in reconciliation. She was with him for several years and I may be reaching here, but I don’t think Sandra lives her life as most of America seems to think she does. Not that she’s not a wonderful person, but she’s just not the Pollyanna she gets portrayed as.

  29. Darlene says:

    yuk, I hope Sandra has enough sense to stay away from Jesse. :/ That kind of sexual compulsion can’t be ignored. He might be able to keep it at bay for months, a year? But eventually, he’s going to get a craving for the kind of girl Sandra just never can be, and he’ll take the first opportunity he can to fill that craving. Don’t trust him, Sandy!!

  30. Gia says:

    This just blows me away. That man has exposed Sandra to just about every std known to man, and she is thinking about reconciling with him?

  31. Dawn says:

    Oh God! Sandra have a backbone. He’s a cheater and he’s not going to change. Jesse doesn’t really love you and has disrepected you over and over again. I would hate to see you with egg and your face.

  32. d says:

    Yeah, I don’t think Bullock is quite as sweet and innocent as her persona or image is made out to be. I hate to think of it, but I can see them back together, even though men don’t change, men don’t change, men don’t change, Sandra!!! Ugh. I can get being friendly for the sake of the kids, but committing to your life to a man like that? Gross. It truly makes me wonder about her, much as I don’t want to.

  33. d says:

    Although, Harvey whatshisname at TMZ was pretty unequivocal yesterday (?) when a question came up about reconciliation (whether they’d get back together or were already). He was like, “No.” Nothing else, just a plain old, “No.” So I’m holding on to that.

  34. Hautie says:

    I tend to think she really did love him.

    And was in love with him right up till the morning she got the call from her Manager/Agent/lawyer who told her about the magazine article.

    It is impossible to just shut down emotionally when you where not prepared to hear about his rampant public cheating.

    She probably is still speaking to him if not seeing him. But I just don’t know if she would ever be able to live with him again. That cheating with those nasty girls would be hard to ever get past. Especially when every one and their Mother knows about it.

    But I am not going to think negative thoughts about her. It is her private business what she ends up doing with him. And she is the one that has to trust him again.

    And lets be honest. He will never be able to cheat again without the skanky girl selling him out to the Enquirer. haha!

  35. Jeri says:

    I don’t believe the reunion stories. Being in the same town when you share children is not unusual. Sandy’s not stupid.

  36. Celebitchy says:

    @Bodhi – you’re right! lol! I don’t know my dog breeds at all. I will fix that.

  37. skibunny says:

    No matter how remorseful he says he is actions speak louder than words and this guy has shown a complete lack of respect for his wife. If she were to take him back she doesnt respect herself.

  38. Sol says:

    Okey Im with Maritza.

    I totally see them back. What a coincidence that he is accused of racist and first they adopt an african american child and know he gives his interview to an african american journalist.

    Also lets remember the bris Sandra had held by a Mohel in Jewish tradition.

    Cleaning up their acts to be together.

    Im Argentine so sorry if I expressed myself wrongly.

  39. Bonfire Beach says:

    I got my People yesterday and when I read the article I was like, WTF? It really WAS sympathetic to him.

    Sandra really did love him, I think. It’s really, really hard to just ignore that emotion, even when you know all the shitty things about a person. I can’t say it would surprise me if eventually they got back together – I think she would do it very slowly and rationally. But I would be a little disappointed. To each their own.

  40. cara says:

    I think she’s going to take him back too. Yuck! she better skin his weiner first.

  41. Morgs says:

    They’re getting back together. She totally worked with People to pave the way. Way to be savy Sandra. Way to also be a dumbass. That baby’s looking like better PR every day. My sympathy and understanding levels for this woman are being quickly depleted.

  42. Kim says:

    The interview with Sandy was positive towards him for the most part too.I think she said ,”thats not the Jesse I knew” or something like that.Her comments were positive regarding Jesse the man and negative about his actions.

  43. Professor Pat says:

    Yawn…in the end does any of this matter?

    I think part of the reason for all this PR spinning is that the pitbull is starting feel a bit of a financial pinch…I’m sure now that his image has been blown to smithereens his various business have felt the aftershocks in the form of cancelled orders, fewer new orders, etc.

  44. PJ says:

    People mag is sympathetic to EVERYBODY! Have they ever done a negative article?

    I think the public boo-hooing is self serving. As the most hated man in America, JJ is doing whatever he can to rehabilitate his image.

    Groveling does work sometimes. But not always. Once the halo has been lifted, you can never see the person in the same way ever again.

  45. Rita says:

    People Mag is nothing but PR spin and fluff for celebs. It seems any celeb found in the wrong bed runs to People for the purpose of promoting the affair into a “love story” or to white wash it to salvage their reputation. If Celebitchy ever publishes, People Poop is history.

  46. fugly says:

    any word on whether he was born with a cleft lip/cleft palate?

  47. irl says:

    I think SB may still be eff’d up in the head and heart about it.
    She probably bounces back and forth between, “should I forgive him” and “I will never forgive him.”
    Right now she’s probably saying things people take as mixed signals. Eventually she will go thu the usual phases of love loss & divorce and she’ll end up in the right place.

  48. Ming says:

    He’s just like Tiger, and needs to have his dick quarrantined.

  49. westcoaster says:

    Whether it is Sandra Bullock, Elin Woods, etc unless the divorce papers are signed there is always a chance of a reconciliation. Also considering the great and glowing article People had with Sandra regarding her adopting a baby, does anyone find it strange that the same magazine would then do a fairly easy and sympathetic interview with Jesse James? It is almost as if the magazine is paving the way for a”exclusive” article with the happy reunited couple and how they are commited to raising Louis together as a family. It may sound farfetched but is there anyone that would have believed a year ago that Sandra would have been involved in this mess and adopting a baby?

  50. Ashley says:

    “they made big decisions together”

    uh like most married couples do. This somehow makes their relationship “special”?

    Oh and in two months he’s a changed person? Yeah right. If Sandra went back to this dude I’d lose respect for her. I could never figure out what she saw in him in the first place (he seemed like such a jerk on Monster Garage), but now I really can’t see what she could possibly see in him. He cheated on her with SCUMMY women. He didn’t just have sex with them, he had condomless sex with them. I shouldn’t judge the women he slept with, but let’s just say they didn’t look that “clean”. And really if the kid she adopted is that young why would she need to involve James anyway. Look at Angelina. Billy Bob isn’t in Maddox’s life. You would think all of these stories would have actually made the adoption agency think twice about letting a man like that into a child’s life.

    And no I don’t feel sorry for this douche. I hope he doesn’t move to Austin. Texas doesn’t want him.

  51. mtngirl says:

    Barf, hopefully this is PR bull, but maybe oodles of money will buy a lifetime of STD tests and the proper amount of private time. Perhaps these two will not forget about the kids and keep the vanilla gorilla’s dalliances away from the public eye in the future. That would be nice, for everyone’s sake.

  52. Marjalane says:

    I agree that PEOPLE nver does unflattering articles on stars. I think they’re in the business of PR rehab. Let’s look back- Leann Rhimes, Rebecca Gayheart, Halle Berry, Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee. The list goes on and on. I’m with some of the other bloggers and now just refer to them as “Kneepads” magazine.

  53. james says:

    Well as most of the people responding to this artical either will or wont admit to it.It doesnt really matter that men are cheaters and almost if not always will if the right momant comes his way .they will stray wether the woman in there lifes know it or not it happens ALL the time so if you think yours wont dont be so silly he will but it doesnt mean hes a bad person.We are animals and either keep him near and satisfied or let him roam it doeant mean he doesnt love you he probably does but like him most dont know even why they do it …dont judge him your man may have his own demons in his closet…

  54. DiMi says:

    No matter how bad the marriage 1. Parents should protect the children by NOT attacking each other. That may be all this is. 2. Nobody knows what’s really going on in other people’s relationships. If they manage to work this out, it’s really not for us to judge. I’ve seen stranger things. 3. I hate it women attack other women who take men back who have cheated. They may have reasons we don’t know about. I wouldn’t be able to trust a cheater again, but that doesn’t mean other women can’t make other choices. My dad cheated on my mother, and she ultimately kicked him out, but he always loved her. It took a looong time for me to see that because I was so furious with him. And it was difficult for the kids though ultimately better for them to be apart. Nothing is simple in marriage. So don’t judge.

  55. judy says:

    She adopted a black child for gods sake and she wouldnt want this racist pig trying toi raise this baby with her. He is nothing he claimed to be when she fell in love with him and if I think for one minute that she would try to raise that baby with him I would make a fuaa ANDtry to get that child taken away from her, you do not raise a little black baby with a man who is a NAZI. I bet she had a choice him or the baby. There is NO way any adoption will go thru with him as the father with this racist crap. Not down SOuth anyway,