Seth Green’s oddly touching love story with his new wife

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Seth Green (of Austin Powers and Buffy The Vampire Slayer) may be a dork of the highest order, but he seems to have met his match. I was prepared to either dismiss or make fun of Seth’s love story with his new wife, now posted on People’s website. Then I read it and found their story so sweet! The two met when Seth was signing autographs at a comic book event and his would-be wife, Clare Grant, was there to take photos. The thing I love about this story is the fact that the first time they went out they ordered the same thing, and that they realized they had the same shows taped on their DVRs. It’s just cute. I’ve read that shared interests are less important to marital longevity than the ability to communicate, but they surely help make an initial connection between people. Here’s more:

It helps for a couple to have romantic chemistry. For Seth Green and his new bride Clare Grant, romance came after a shared passion for comic books, television and fast food.

Green, 36, and Grant, 30, first met in 2007 at the reopening of their favorite comic book store, Golden Apple Comics, where Green was on-hand to sign autographs and Grants was photographing the event.

“We met that night but didn’t have the opportunity to connect,” he tells PEOPLE. “Then we met each other a second time at Comic-Con. We both had so much in common and kept running in to each other throughout the week.”

After a mutual friend passed Grant’s phone number to Green, the two met up for, as Green puts it, “a play date.”

“I came over his house and we went and got some In-N-Out,” Grant recalls. “And we ordered the exact same thing the exact same way, which was a little strange. Then we go back to his house and he turned on his TV and on his DVR [was] show-by-show the exact same things that were in my DVR. I was like, ‘You know what? This could be a beautiful friendship.’ ”

Things got more serious for Green when the two hit the road together on the two-week Robot Chicken Skate Party Bus Tour last year. “That’s when I knew that there really couldn’t be anybody else for me,” Green says. Adds Grant, “I didn’t realize how deep it would go until we really spent time together. It was sad that we got off the bus and had to go back to our everyday lives.”

As Green tells it, a future together was always on his mind.

“For a few months before I proposed, I was actually working on the ring with a jeweler that I knew,” he says. “Eventually it just came down to us being in a very special place and me having the ring.”

Grant says she “had no idea” that Green was even thinking of marriage. “I’m a very rational person,” she says, “so in my head I was mathematically breaking it down, like … maybe after a period of time it will be okay to move in together and then we can think about getting married.”

As it turns out, Green proposed and the pair planned their May 1 nuptials in less than four months.

[From People]

The article goes on to describe their May 1 wedding, which included different toy centerpieces that guests were able to take home like Care Bears, G.I. Joes, and My Little Pony dolls. I think that’s adorable and they’re obviously head over heels for each other. The cynic in me gives them four years tops. I’ve just been covering celebrity gossip for too long.

These two look high as kites in some of the event photos I’ve seen. I’m thinking that a love of comic books and fast food aren’t the only things they have in common.

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  1. RobN says:

    Yeah, when the tall beautiful girl marries the short, geeky, not really that funny guy, it’s always true love. (Insert sarcasm and a checkbook here.)

  2. Sudini says:

    Aww, that’s so cool. And she’s stunning. I’m so glad to read about a truly happy couple :)

  3. erika says:

    Wow, RobN, that’s really cynical. Why is height a major motivating factor in falling in love with someone? Especially when she’s only a few inches taller. They’re both adorable people, and they look really happy together. Best wishes to Seth and Clare.

  4. scorpiogal says:

    I think he’s adorable…actually the type I would totally fall for. He reminds me of my hubby (I’m taller than him…and no I didn’t marry for money!)

  5. a says:

    they look genuinely happy! hooray!

  6. Me says:

    He’s so cute, she’s so cute, I’m happy for them!

  7. Samantha says:

    I’ve been in love with him since I first watched Airborne back in 93. Something about him… I bet they will have beautiful geeky babies.

  8. lucy2 says:

    That’s cute, they seem happy. Hope it works out for them.

  9. manda says:

    I think Seth Green is funny. Robot Chicken is funny!

  10. Darlene says:

    I love Seth Green. I’ve found him attractive since his Buffy/Oz days. I hope they’re really happy together.

    I also think she’s looking so much taller than he because she’s in heels. Good for them both for being secure enough to be photographed that way.

  11. GatsbyGal says:

    I personally think he’s totally dead over heels madly in love with her. If the relationship doesn’t last, it definitely won’t be because he’s cheating or something like that. And y’know what, she looks really in love with him too. I think they’re both in it for the long haul. Good on ‘em.

  12. anon says:

    she looks like olivia wilde till you get to the nose..

  13. Red Folder says:

    Awww Geek Love is so cute!

  14. MoMo says:

    Well, hopefully their obvious intense love for all things pop cultural will be a solid enough foundation to keep them committed to each other.

  15. Q says:

    Hey, not for nothin’, but I’m way taller then Seth and I think he’s smokin’ hot and hilariously funny.

  16. jessica says:

    What is the deal with her lavendar colored nails?? Why are her index fingers not painted too???

  17. Corina says:

    Seth Green is one of the only short guys I’ve ever seen that I thought was super smokin hot! Plus his wife is a model and actress – not crazy well known but moderately successful in her own right – so I don’t think she’s marrying Seth for his money. I’m not saying he’s poor, but is his Buffy and Austin Powers money really enough to motivate a gold digger? I guess probably yes, but I would like to think that these two are really in love. Sharing TV faves is a great way to bond so I vote that they could last!

  18. gen says:

    I love nerds & I could care less if someone is tall or short. And I go to comic book stores & Comic Con. I would totally dig Seth Green. I’m also not an ugly troll. Stop being so cynical people!

  19. jeannified says:

    Ver sweet. They definitely look like they’re in love! :-)

  20. original kate says:

    they are adorable. and i hear the posters above: i don’t like small men. i don’t like red-headed men. so why do i lust after seth green? i guess it’s the dork factor – i’m a dork and so is mr. original kate. and you know what they say: the couple that geeks out together stays together. or at least they should say that!

  21. Jill says:

    He is so cute. Maybe he reminds me of Trey Anastasio, but more portable. Glad they both look so happy :)

  22. Lisa says:

    Being married for a few years now, I believe that good communication is of course important, but having common interests is as well. ;-)

  23. Maritza says:

    They look so happy together, they both are very cute and I bet they’ll have beautiful red haired kids.

  24. Ursaline says:

    Love the third shot with that smile on Seth’s face. I love that feeling. Good for them.

  25. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Didn’t Jeff Bridges tell a similar tale? How long has he been hitched and diggin’ his wife?

    I’m not saying they’ll last forever, but you never know…

    Of course, I may be biased. Seth and I share a birthday, so I’m always pulling for him.

  26. sassy says:

    I love it when dorks find love because my husband and I are serious dorks. I wish these dorks happiness.

  27. amy says:

    I bumped into him at Comic-Con too one year. Why didn’t me marry ME, lol? I love Seth Green. :)

  28. Mouse says:

    Partners in dorkdom, good for them. Congrats!

  29. jessica says:

    Does anyone know why her index fingers are not painted?? What is the deal with that??

  30. Kelaa Khaa says:

    She has a beautiful smile!

  31. Mistral says:

    Aww. I too think Seth is adorable and love Robot Chicken. His wife reminds me of Joss Stone a little. Or that girl who is on American Idol right now…

  32. Dave says:

    Aww how cute.., she has no nail polish on her index fingers, Expect divorce in 6 months.

  33. Jazz says:

    Aww, this is sweet! Best of luck to them. Let’s hope he stays faithful, unlike Angel.

  34. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I’ve always like Seth. I think they are a good match. Just because some guy is not the typical Brad Pitt esque looking person, doesn’t mean women cannot fall in love with them.

    Only shallow people invest so much thought into someone’s looks in a relationship.

  35. Missfit says:

    Dude, I was all gaga over him in Buffy the Vampire Slayer! lol He was so hot to me, cute and cool. When all the girls drooled over Angel and Spike, nah, not me, I was for Oz. Or even Xander was geeky, hee hee. Then with him being a werewolf, I was like wow! I loved Willow too, I was able to relate to her character. He’s been so damn cute in like almost every movie he came out in. Like in Scooby Doo II, where him and Velma first meet, I loved how he’s walking towards her and he slips! I love seeing that part every time and it makes me laugh! LOL Velma was always my favorite character too from the Scooby gang, not Dafney,lol. I’m very happy for him and Robot Chicken kicks ass, I have the seasons. ;)

  36. gossip_ho says:

    awww….they look so sweet….i wish them the best…married life ain’t easy…but if they really are in love they will make it work…

  37. This was extremely interesting, with most of the credit to you the poster. Would love to hear more about this from you. If you would not mind would you email me, I believe you have my email with this comment and we can talk that would be awesome. Thank you so much look forward to hearing from you.

  38. Shana says:

    Hey RobN:

    I went to high school with Clare – and trust me – Seth is her PERFECT MATCH.

    I’d go to a party and Clare and I always ended up being the only girls playing video games with the guys and talking sci-fi and comic books.

    Don’t believe me? Check out Clare’s Star Wars parody which she produced and starred in at

    Uberhot, intelligent geeky fangirls. Just because you don’t know any doesn’t mean we don’t exist!

  39. you don’t often see party buses everyday, i just thought that they are the coolest stuff in town ,’,

  40. Rachel M says:

    This is so cute :) and just goes too show that height does not matter in a relationship! I myself am dating a guy in which I am taller! And we love doing nerdy stuff we’re nerds 8) but love is love people! As long as you’re happy who gives a hoot! :)