Sarah Jessica Parker demanded that SATC movie poster feature only her

I’ll bet the stars of the “Sex and the City” movie can’t wait for this film to open so they can move on. The last few months have been non-stop gossip about all four of them, and there are no signs of the rumors slowing down. The latest word is that Sarah Jessica Parker, fresh from being voted Maxim’s Unsexiest Woman, is making demands that the movie posters for “Sex and the City” only feature her character.

Kim Cattrell might be in for a little competition for her title of Most Demanding SATC Cast Member. Sarah Jessica Parker may not be the only star of Sex And The City, but you’ll have a hard time telling her that. According to new whispers from the Rumor Mill, SJP has irritated film bosses with demands that she be the only star featured on promotional materials for the May 30th, 2008 film Sex And The City: The Movie.

“She fought to have the movie poster feature only her,” Star Magazine writes.

“They planned to sell luxury T-shirts and shoes to coincide with the movie’s release, but Sarah demanded that the merchandise be sold only through her Bitten line. This way, the focus will still be on Sarah and she’ll profit from the sales.”

[From Pop Crunch via Gossip Rocks]

Sarah Jessica is also listed as a producer of the film, and was an executive producer of the show. I suppose if she’s taking the largest share of the business risks for the movie- which, based on the trailer I saw, looks terrible- she should reap the benefits. Even though the actresses all insist that everything was hunky dory on set, Sarah should have known that appearing solo on the movie poster would cause people to talk.

Note by Celebitchy: Sarah Jessica Parker might be taking business risks by producing the film, but she’s also cashing in big time. She’s making $10 million for playing Carrie and another $5 million for producing the film. Kim Cattrall will take home a reported $6 million for being the hold out and negotiating a larger share, but Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are only said to have made $2 million each. It hardly seems fair that they’re not featured on the posters too, since it’s the ensemble cast and the friendships between the women that were the focus of the show, not just Carrie. It looks like her fellow cast members are getting screwed out of the publicity too.

A lot of people think it’s only fair that Sarah Jessica Parker is getting paid so much more than the other actresses since she’s the lead, but $10 million is 5 times the amount some of her equally-important co-stars are getting. Maybe that’s common in the industry.

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  1. Kate says:

    That poster isn’t new, though–I’ve seen pictures of it on the web for ages.

    I agree–it should be an ensemble poster. Carrie may be the hub in that wheel, but she’s not the only reason people watch that show. Plenty of us don’t relate to her at all, but prefer one or more of the other characters. And there wouldn’t have been a successful show without them, either!

  2. geronimo says:

    Not that I care much about this film either way but, as you say, MSat, SaTC is about the four women, not just SJP, and it’s definitely weird that the others don’t feature in the publicity material. It’s not as if they were peripheral or occasional characters; if anything, Samantha and Miranda were always the more interesting ones.

    This does come across as very egotistical and controlling on the part of SJP and doesn’t show her in a particularly good light.

  3. Bellatrix says:

    The odd thing about the SATC movie (and series), is that I have a hard time keeping the characters apart from the actors. I mean by that that I simply love Carrie Bradshaw and somehow don’t mind if she’s the only one featuring on the poster as she does carry the whole plot (her “love of my life” search has been the food of all those episodes and even her job as a sex-slash-amour columnist in the series).

    But then again, I’ve seen this poster on the net before already (as Kate said).
    So, what’s the real news, what’s the gossip (the eternal question on celebrity blogs)?

  4. headache says:

    She does carry the movie, if you ask me. Granted, everyone filled out the story quite nicely, gave it some balance and helped Carrie keep perspective but if it wasn’t about her, it was about her writing about her friends. They could leave out any of the others and while it wouldn’t be the same, it is still quite possible to write and film.

    There is no SATC without Carrie.

    Then again, the other girls don’t have tons of side projects and could use the money I’m sure.

  5. headache says:

    I almost forgot.

    WHY THE HELL ARE THEY MAKING A MOVIE ANYWAY!!! SATC ended on the perfect note and this, I think, is going to throw it all off.

  6. celebitchy says:

    The gossip is that SJP insisted on appearing alone in the posters, which is the new part of this. The poster may have been around for a while, but the news that it was mandated by Sarah was not.

  7. grey says:

    i used to be OBSESSED with SJP but now i realized i’m obsessed with Carrie. SJP has shown to have bad attitude (being so pissed at Maxim) and showing poor class (monopolizing SATC). What’s her deal??? we at think she’s greedy. &PS whats with the girls not making more on the film??

  8. teah says:

    Will catch this on DVD!!! SJP I can do without!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I watched SATC despite Carrie. I never liked her self centered and rather unattractive character, but I did enjoy Kim Catrell’s character and she was the one I cared about. Also Cynthia Nixon most of the time. NEVER Carrie so I think this is rubbish if any of it is true. So I guess I will catch it on one of the movie channels.

  10. headache says:

    I always felt like Samantha fed carrie’s self centered side so it’s odd to me that anyone would call out carrie as self centered but then sing Samantha’s praises.

    I guess it’s just me.

  11. Sasha says:

    The sight of Phoebe McHorseface couldn’t sell heaters to people freezing to death.

  12. AC says:

    the entire show really annoys me. It has its okay moments but as a whole i REALLY dislike that show. Everytime i’ve watched an entire episode im really annoyed at myself for watching when its over.

  13. Daisy says:

    why are they always trying to sell SJP as some sort of beauty to the public?
    and Sex in the City is just a rip off of the Golden Girls. think about it.

  14. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I never felt Carrie was the star of the show.
    I liked the other characters as well.

  15. Anonymous says:

    it might not be fair, but if you notice on the show’s opening sequence, it shows only carrie, not the other girls. so having only carrie on the poster isn’t something of a precedent.

  16. mollination says:

    I love that this show was wildly popular when it was on HBO and only now all the sudden everyone wants to rip on it. C’mon, something tells me some of you who are hating it had to have been watching and loving it back then.

    That’s the way things are though. We love to build something up and be the first to discover it (will ferrell, SATC, Seinfeld ect.) and then once it becomes universally adored we want to be the first ones to turn against it and say it’s over-rated.

    I love SATC, and I don’t really care what’s going on behind the scenes as long as it doesn’t show on film.

  17. Tania says:

    The press has not tried to sell SJP as some “beauty” to the public. What they have tried to capitalize on is SJP’s cool. quirky personality, her quirky but cute looks and her quirky fashion sense. SJP is not, nor ever will be a beauty. She is, however, an attractive older woman with a nice figure and who is a talented actress. Apparently the other persons involved in producing the SATC film feel that SJP is worth what she’s asking for monetarily, AND that she should be featured solo on the movie poster – otherwise, it wouldn’t be happening. And the other SATC girls are probably happy with what they are getting or we would have heard something by now. I know that if I were offered 2 million to act in a film, I wouldn’t hesitate OR complain that someone else was getting more than me. These people make ridiculous amounts of money, but the reason they do is because there is a demand for their product (the tv shows and movies that we all love). I really wish people would stop bagging on SJP. I think she’s great!

  18. Breederina says:

    It makes perfect sense she would be alone on the poster, also graphically it’s a strong image. Carrie Bradshaw was the hub of the show. Get Carried away? Not get Samanthalated, or Mirandacized, or
    Charlotted. I imagine they ran focus groups to determine which SATC character most people primarily identify w/the show by name and it came up Carrie. I’ll see it. It’s fun light entertainment with hopefully lots of eye candy.

  19. headache says:

    I loved SATC although it took a while to grow on me. I didn’t catch onto it until I got HBO. By then it was the final season and I had to play catch up on On Demand. Love, love, love the way it all came together at the end.

    The rest of the cast is and always has been great but the show is about Carrie. It’s her musings, her writings and her thoughts and the ad campaigns have always featured her to nearly the exclusion of everyone else.

    Samantha wasn’t addicted to manolos, Charlotte wasn’t drinking Cosmos and Miranda’s wardrobe was nothing we ever commented on which are the three things people know the show for even if they never saw it.

  20. Smitty says:

    The entire intro to the show features whom? Carrie.
    Who narrates the show? Carrie.
    The characters seem to revolve around whom? Carrie.
    She is their little mascot. Having the 4 of them on the poster just confuses things, you see Carrie and you instantly know what that poster is for.

    These women aren’t in an office scrapping about whom is going to make more money. They pay agents to go in there and get them every single penny possible. Trust me, not one of them is getting “screwed over”. I also love how its like “she is only making 2 million dollars”. Can you imagine how little time they actually put into this? They don’t exactly have to put a lot of effort in, they have been playing these characters for how many years. This is a breeze to them!

  21. rtb says:

    Headache – I completely agree with you. I LOVED SATC and thought the final episode was extremely well written – a perfect ending. Why a movie, especially when these talented actresses are already stuck in our eyes as their SATC characters? Why perpetuate this issue, which compromises their careers in obtaining future roles? Money is the only answer I can come up with. They will never need to work again, unless they’re in the mood. In a way, good for them! But, as for me, I will only see it on DVD if the reviews are positive. I don’t want to wreck the warm fuzzues I still have from SATC’s last episode.

  22. Phil McCracken says:

    Horse Face strikes again.


  23. JD says:

    With that kind of cash, she can buy a lot of hay for her stall.

  24. jsn says:

    How much would a male get for the lead in that movie? When considering that, even the $10 million that Parker got seems tiny, not to mention the other dollar amounts. Perhaps Cattrell figured out that she might be associated with her role forever and never get a part of that magnitude again so she held out for more money, as did Parker. When it comes to actresses and movies, age plays a factor in longevity and having a hit series can get one typecast, being a curse as well as a lucrative blessing in the short run.

  25. Sunny D says:

    If it weren’t for Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte there could be no Carrie. SATC is an ensemble. Together these women make for funny, interesting views of singlehood; giving a peak into how single women think and react to different situations. Carrie alone is just Carrie and her musings. It is her 3 friends bringing their fodder to the table that makes for a great show.

  26. Lisa says:

    It’s all about the ability to negotiate! Sounds to me as if SJP is a business minded woman and if the others didn’t promote themselves hard enough then…oh well guess they’ll have to settle for just a few mil. I loved this show & cannot wait for the movie!

  27. Erin says:

    The poor things are only making $2 million?? BFD! That’s more money than I’ll see in my lifetime.

  28. SK says:

    As much as this is an ensemble work, it did begin from “Carrie’s” perspective. It wouldn’t have had legs without the other three. I suggest creating other posters/shirts that appeal to the inner Charlotte, Amanda, Samantha and Carrie in all of us with a group picture included somewhere on each item, and let the public make the decision.

  29. Landy says:

    Somebody sure is full of herself, isn’t she?? Carrie’s not even the reason I’ve watched SATC. I watch it for my girl Samantha. Don’t know if I’ll see the movie. Maybe wait for it to come out on DVD.

  30. LaLa says:

    eeeek……she is so ugly!!!!!……scary ugly…poor thing

  31. Char says:

    That Bitten line of hers blows. No one should buy any SATC merchandise through that crappy line.

  32. Eve Smith says:

    I think when Maxim decided to put SJP on the list of the most unattractive women around, then perhaps they also meant from the inside as well as the outside. On the SATC show she seemed very likeable but in reality I guess she is
    not so likeable. Business is business but her ego is taking it to
    a hold other level. Share the poster
    even if the image of the other ladies
    are smaller. They are your best friends (in the show) and should be acknowledge. Even in a real wedding the bridesmaids get recognition.
    I think I will wait for the DVD before I see the movie. The bitten clothes line is cheap and ugly. Even the outfit from Project Runway was made with cheap material. Not very appealing.

  33. Scott says:

    This is all ridiculous hearsay. Sarah did not “insist” on this. I know this personally. Likewise, she did not “insist” that SATC merchandise be sold through her Bitten line. I know this personally as well. This whole article was made up to create buzz about the movie. Don’t believe it though. It’s all lies, and Sarah should sue these people for libel.

  34. kerrymac521 says:

    The real star of the show was Kim Catrall (Samantha Jones) — she was the real sexy in the city. Hilarious, her character was the best thing about the show. “Carrie Bradshaw” was dull, the only good acting about her character in 7 years was her break up with Aiden and her reunion with Big. The show was freaking great, the ensemble cast was incredible, but SJP was lucky to have Catrall carry the show all those years. There has never been a character like Samantha Jones…daring, hilarious, cutting edge and downright fun to watch. There would be no show without Samantha Jones, and to read that SJP is acting like a diva in this publicity thing is a joke. SJP needs to kiss Catrall’s feet and thank her for the 7 years of notoriety. One more thing, SJP better thank her lucky stars that she had Big, Steve, Aiden, Anthony, etc., and all the men in the cast, they were fantastic.

  35. Joanna says:

    Too Bad….such a sad thing since the show was about how lucky and happy she was to have found 3 great friends in NY… she doesn’t seem to be a great friend at all does she????

  36. Marilyn says:

    The real question is what did a handsome, successful, rich, intelligent guy like BIG ever find attractive about that horse-faced,shoe obsessed, chain smoking, flat chested broad who had more fingerprints on her ass than the FBI has in its files……..

  37. Michael Morris says:

    If you remember, the TV show OPENED with only SJP. With the tag line: Get Carried Away it only makes sense. And, as was stated, she is and WAS from the beginning, the Executive Producer. DUH! Who’s being bitchy?

  38. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe this story for a minute.
    SJP has always talked about the show as a true ensemble. She should be applauded as a professional for her work as producer and executive producer. It shows her level of understanding of the business, and creativity. I feel like this is another example of the media trying to knock a successful, smart female celebrity off an imaginary pedestal. I am sorry that she has to deal with this kind of unnecessary gossip. It really turns me off of these types of websites. She is a fabulous actress, and has always shown a respect for her the other actors in the SATC. I am sorry that another smart, intelligent woman is experiencing the backlash for her professionalism all for the sake of trivial gossip

  39. Jane says:

    I never got SATC — never saw the appeal of Carrie Bradshaw, kind of understood the other characters but thought that they’d never be friends in real life. Could never get through half an episode without thinking that Horse Face was as self-centered and selfish as the Seinfeld characters but not nearly as funny!

  40. Jeff says:

    Kristan Davis is the real babe

  41. another anon says:

    Contrary to what some say, this show was pure gold. The writing and directing was superb and the actresses gave their all to their characters and it showed in their performances.

    This of course is just my opinion and it will not change one bit. I didn’t get into SATC until last year and I have since bought and viewed the entire series DVD when time allowed. I’m stoked to see SATC on the big screen and whether the gossip is true or not, it won’t keep me from enjoying the movie.

  42. yolanda says:

    I stopped watching the show because carrie was no longer an independent female. her life began to revolve around a guy that was not worth the time of day(mr. big)

    hope the movie does terrible

  43. Becky Thomas says:

    I am so disappointed in SJP. I have been an extreme fan of Sex in the City, and miss it dearly. I could relate on so many levels to some episodes. The show would have not been as good without all of the supporting actresses and actors. I used to defend her (SJP) but not after this one. I’ve seen and heard enough. I guess it’s true “Power does Corrupt”. So much for your sweetheart act SJP..Disappointed

  44. Cathy says:

    I never thought SJP was even remotely pretty. The mole only makes her look more like a witch.

  45. ELIZABETH says:


  46. Christa says:

    Loved the show…but it was Samanthan’s antics I was always tuning in for. Just goes to show women can be just a ruthless and cutthroat as their male counterparts when it comes to money-grubbing.

  47. Janeyre says:

    Yawn, ZZZZZ this is about four women in NY… Ho Hum… The Golden Girls was better and all of them were good looking, intelligent, and funny…

  48. Don says:

    I saw the trailor at the theater this weekend. All four didn’t look very hot with Parker looking especially hiddeous on the big screen. She has nice hair and a decent body but her face is downright frightening.

  49. alicia says:

    They all need to grow up. I’m still excited to see the movie though.

  50. deeceevoice says:

    Hm-m-m. I suppose it’s not surprising that the astoundingly homely Sarah Jessica Parker is a horseface (the truth is the truth!); she’s certainly acting like a horse’s ass. I did have some sympathy for her public embarrassment — but not anymore!

  51. babblu says:

    good god dat sjp is one ug fug.

  52. satc fan says:

    i am disgusted that sarah jessica parker has robbed the rest out of promotional money and pay. shes not even the best character in the show, if anything shes the most annoying. the other cast member should of pushed their weight about, cause without the others there is no satc. i would of told them i want 10million too or there’s no film and then see what sjp would do then!!!!!!!!

  53. SJP what a ego trip says:

    SJP is one true bitch. It is all the characters that made Sex and The City. I never watched it for SJP. Kim Catrell was hilarious…SJP was irritating in the character.

    I don’t feel badly at all for her that she was voted most unsexiest.

  54. SLUTS IN THE CITY says:

    Except for Sam’s character, at least she was honest! Miranda & Charlotte? The cast wouldn’t be complete without the rest of them too!! Isn’t THAT what a great ensemble cast IS anyway? Would Seinfeld have been successful without the ensemble??? Or Friends?
    The # 1 reason I watched the show is because I felt on SOME level that I related to ALL the characters at one point or another in my life.
    At the end of the day ( like f’in Carrie writes about ) are friends are all we have – - THAT was the premise of the show…REMEMBER? That’s how you got RICH in the first place MISS SJP! God Damit! WOMEN standing behind & support OTHER women!

    HOW IRONIC! Your successful concept…wasn’t fulfilled.
    NOW, I understand SJP has investments in the show that the other’s don’t.
    SO do MY girlfriends and I AND co-workers.
    I still wouldn’t screw them. Women stick together…AGAIN I thought that was the premise of the show. Have you not made enough money SJP? GREED!!

    Too bad we all believed in it…you’ve proved, once again…

    NO MORE Sex in the City for me…

    Thanks for the lesson…”wisdom writer Carrie”…
    It will be a LONG time before I respond to you again…SJP
    But then, if you’re as smart as you think you are…
    You already have learned this.

    Disenchanted fan

  55. ??? says:

    The introduction to the episodes only features Carrie (this began with the pilot for the show). Also, the show is about Carrie and her friends. Even when parts of an episode features one of the other three women, Carrie’s voice is narrating. Therefore, Carrie is absolutely the star of the show. I don’t understand why Kim Catrall has been such a problem throughout the show. I heard she is the reason they ended w/ season 6 because she wanted to pursue other ‘artistic endeavors.’ Umm, like what, that ice skating mom character on Lifetime? Yikes. Sex in the City is the best thing that ever happened to those 3, SJP would have been fine either way.

  56. charlie says:

    :-: :?: :o ( I don’t mean to convey any bad feelings here,but I must have my say.I am a married male who has never found Sarah Jessica Parker an attractive woman.For me, her physical gifts are not as appealing as many other women out there.Her legs and features are very bony.Her face is very sharp featured and pointy.Her smoking mannerisms reflect the class of a truck driver.And her off-stage bitchiness is offensive.I applaude Kim Catrell for getting more $ than the other two,although the villian in this senario is the movie company who should have paid all of them equally,since the show is like Seinfeld,in that without all the characters playing,the show suffers.

  57. SLUTS IN THE CITY says:

    Doing WHAT pray tell?? I mean exactly WHAT was she doing before SATC? Let’s see…there was “Square Pegs”? OH YES!!! and that brilliant 80′s aerobic movie with Helen Hunt? YES!! You’re right…BRILLIANT work indeed. Or perhaps we could have held our breath for a remake of “Ferris Buller’s Day of From the Wife…Part Duex.” Yeah right.
    SATC was the BEST thing that happened to SJP AND ALL of them, too bad the “STAR”, as you call her…can’t recognize TEAM WORK.

    After all there is NO “I” in team… and NO ONE would have watched JUST CARRRIE.

    Clearly the folks at HBO, who are brilliant, knew this…too bad SJP isn’t smart enough to respect her fellow actors and the success the ensemble has brought her in AFFORDING her to be…
    …”THE STAR”.

    Disenchanted fan…still

  58. the truth says:

    All I can say is SJP must have one hell of a manager. She is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen. She has a gangly, boney body. There is nothing “cute” about her (as another poster said). Yet she has had numerous roles as a leading character who is supposed to be beautiful. What was that movie with Nicolas Cage and James Caan? Her manager should be getting 80% and she should be getting 20% just for getting her these jobs.

  59. SLUTS IN THE CITY says:

    Ok in ALL fairness…SJP is adorable and I can totally understand why Matthew adores her!!!
    Because he’s a real man! For those of you who’ve been commenting on SJP beauty…
    Your asses! She is BEAUTIFUL and radiates from the inside out
    ( why I’ve ALWAYS been her fan!! )
    It’s just that loser; self centered men who think beauty is bought from silicone valley or even beguiled from “nature” never seem to get it.

    I am very angry that my beautiful perception of SJC might be shattered from fame & greed. MAKE NO MISTAKE…SHE IS THE APITIMAY OF BEAUTY…
    from an ugly ducking adolescent….to a “force to be reckoned with” and “can not be ignored”

    …I’m sorry but didn’t say you drove a truck?
    With Playboy mud flaps no less…
    Stick to Car & Driver Gym Shoe…
    This IS A WOMAN’s debate.

  60. SLUTS IN THE CITY says:

    Ok in ALL fairness…SJP is adorable and I can totally understand why Matthew adores her!!!
    Because he’s a real man! For those of you who’ve been commenting on SJP beauty…
    Your asses! She is BEAUTIFUL and radiates from the inside out
    ( why I’ve ALWAYS been her fan!! )
    It’s just that loser; self centered men who think beauty is bought from silicone valley or even beguiled from “nature” never seem to get it.

    I am very angry that my beautiful perception of SJC might be shattered from fame & greed. MAKE NO MISTAKE…SHE IS THE EPITOME OF BEAUTY…
    from an ugly ducking adolescent….to a “force to be reckoned with” and “can not be ignored”

    …I’m sorry but didn’t say you drove a truck?
    With Playboy mud flaps no less…
    Stick to Car & Driver Gym Shoe…
    This IS A WOMAN’s debate.

  61. Stardust says:

    I cannot stand SJP. She is haughty and I do not even think she is good looking. Pretty is as pretty does…

  62. Chimpa says:

    It sounds as though SJP should have won Ego-of-the-year award as well as least-sexy, or whatever the other degrading award that she won was. I think her head looks like that of a long, mutant, turtle’s. She also has enough growths on her face to scare the hell out of the Wicked Witch (from “The Wizzard of Oz”), or giangantic toad straight from the Amazon Jungles. I have no idea what anyone sees in her, now; and, maybe that is why she is married to the brutally handsome, rugged, Who? That little kid that somehow plays Generals and other leading characters: Mathew Broderick. He, all 5′ 5,” 140 punds of him must have made SJP feel very powerful, for she probably can beat him in a leg, or arm-wrestle, and I am convinced that he is either on the bottom all the time, or it is an arranged marriage and he is, you know, not that interested in women.
    The only girl of the four that is even close to being pretty is “Charlotte,” herself, Kristen.
    Although I love to watch “SaTC,” it was when they were younger and more innocent looking (and acting) in the original HBO Series. It sounds as if SJP has turned into the toad that she always was and I will not be spending a penny on this film.

  63. Joanna says:

    I think that Kim was the one who inspired me to watch the show in the first place, she IS your typical “Sex in the City” type of woman that we all dream of. Sexy clothes, boyfriends galore. SJP was not very attractive to begin with and I could never understand the fuss about her but I enjoyed her performance as I did the other girl in the ensemble. They all went together as “The Golden Girls” did, without any of the characters, the show wouldn’t have worked as well. I think that they should have all been paid the same, of course, SJP should have been paid for producing but as far as the movie I think that they all shared in entertaining us.

  64. Jane says:

    Talking about being a real “B” Sarah
    get over yourself.

  65. Jules says:

    Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions and believe this rubbish. Anyone who knows SJPs character would instantly know better. She happens to be an extremely humble person and I seem to have some serious doubts that she would DEMAND something so selfish and shallow.

  66. Fabulous says:

    Seriously – you guys are insane… I fell on this bad blog by accident and WOW if only half of you would be involved in politics as much as you are in SATC and SJP! Who cares about who was on what poster and who earned what! It’s a movie – enjoy it or don’t but don’t start to assume that you know anything about anyone or how the industry works. OH and FYI – you’re feeling bad that “the other girls” didn’t make as much money? They got millions to play a role…millions. Most of you will never see a million dollars in your life. So get over it and put that energy into something that matters.

  67. When will release the sexy film “Sex and the City”?I am very thrilling to watch it.

  68. LOVESACNYC says:

    I think Sarah is fabulous, as well as the rest of the cast. They all make the show. I think they should have all been paid fairly. This could all be speculation and rumor, so I wouldn’t take it all to heart. I do agree all the girls should be on SAC II coming out soon because they are integral to the show. I do know when the show began it all started with asking Sarah to star, so I guess there’s some truth to that, plus she was the executive producer, meaning she is running portions of the show herself. They all contribute wonderfully. If they, all the girls, were not in the show, it wouldn’t have been the fantastic SEX AND THE CITY, show and movie. They’re all great and I can’t wait to see the new part II. Everyone should be cashing in great for that one!!

  69. LOVESACNYC says:

    plus ladies and gents as I stated before, don’t believe everything you read. I recently wrote something on a website, strictly based on opinion as was asked for everyone on that site. Anyway, the ridiculous comments and opinions I got were insane. See how things can blow up? All actors and actresses have somewhat of an ego. Don’t we all? I mean let’s put some perspective to this, when you become an entertainer, actor, etc., there is an ego involved. You are promoting yourself. You must have an ego to go there or what you’re going to end up being is a wallflower.. That is not what the acting business is about. Look at SAC’s fanbase. It is world wide and huge!! Look at what the movie brought in movie-wise. Well, there you go. And ladies and gents. We all have an ego, especially when we get up everyday, go to the gym, watch out weight, go to the hair dresser, nails and pedis done. It’s because we want to look our best. Why argue about that. Sara does not have a horse face. That’s awfully cruel. She’s very pretty and she has a great deal of class. Stop putting her down like she all of a sudden became some kind of comunist in America!!