Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet went off at MTV after-party (update)

Actress Lindsay Lohan leaving Las Palmas club after the MTV Movie Awards after party on June 6, 2010 in Hollywood, CA (photo by sniper / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

Star Magazine had an exclusive report yesterday that I thought was bullsh-t, but now I’m having second thoughts. Allegedly, at one of the MTV Movie Award after-parties, Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet went off. According to witnesses, it was around 1 a.m. and “…all of a sudden, her SCRAM ankle bracelet started flashing furiously — bright red, fast flashes — right through her boot! I couldn’t hear anything, like if there was an alarm that went off as well, but you could definitely see the flashes. She wasn’t drinking or doing drugs that I saw…She didn’t seem phased whatsoever. I mean it was very obvious. But she was just hanging out, standing right in front of me, acting like it was totally fine.” Star goes on to claim that it could just be a technical issue with the bracelet, or the bracelet could just be processing information. But now Radar says that Lindsay’s judge is getting involved:

Judge Marsha Revel will receive a report on Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol-detecting SCRAM bracelet going off, has learned exclusively.

The bracelet went off after the MTV awards.

Now the company that monitors the bracelet will send a report to the court that is overseeing Lindsay’s DUI probation case. Judge Revel will see the report and prosecutor Danette Meyers is also expected to review it.

“The judge will get a report from the SCRAM company and it will detail Lindsay’s alcohol level,” one source familiar with the situation told

If Lindsay had alcohol in her system that would be a violation of Judge Revel’s order to abstain from drinking.

A probation violation hearing is already set for next month. And Lindsay is undergoing random drug testing at least weekly. broke the story that she passed her first two drug tests.

It is possible the SCRAM bracelet malfunctioned but some people close to the situation say that’s highly unlikely. The company’s report should settle that debate.

[From Radar]

Did Lindsay have a drink? Did someone spill some vodka down her boot (does it work like that?)? Or was it nothing and we’re all getting hyped up, waiting for Lindsay to fail? Eh. I don’t know. It wouldn’t surprise me if Lindsay had a drink and set the thing off. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if it was a technical glitch. The jury’s still out on this cracked out shenanigan.

UPDATE: Well, some commenters corrected me – I guess it’s not possible to set off a SCRAM bracelet immediately after having a drink. I didn’t know that, so thanks! Anyway, in addition to the technical improbability of the thing, Lindsay also furnished us with a flurry of crack sober tweets about how we’re all horrible people for thinking that an alcoholic crackhead might have problems staying sober for two weeks straight:


[From Lindsay's Twitter]

Actress Lindsay Lohan leaving Las Palmas club after the MTV Movie Awards after party on June 6, 2010 in Hollywood, CA (photo by sniper / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

Lindsay Lohan and her assistant leave building in Beverly Hills, CA on June 4, 2010 where the blonde continued to hide her SCRAM bracelet with interesting footwear. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. freckles says:

    My vote is that she tried to have a drink because she didn’t think the bracelet would pick up on just one….

  2. snowball says:

    She’ll probably claim it was the fumes?

  3. gg says:

    Too bad it wasn’t an ear-splitting siren.

  4. d says:

    imo, she had a sip b/c she doesn’t think she has a problem. Disconnected from reality, this one.

  5. Samantha says:

    “I didn’t drink, I swear! I kissed this guy who had been drinking, maybe that set it off! Someone slipped some vodka in my redbull!! I bet this girl I hate rubbed whiskey on the toilet seat just before I used it, she knew I was going to be in there…Its a setup, a SETUP I tells ya!”

  6. She posted on twitter, “Haha! Last night-my friend Johnny put a light up bracelet on my boots and someone asked if my SCRAM was lighting up RED….”

  7. Also, it doesn’t light up when there is a problem, it just logs the information and then when the person is back with in 30 feet of the SCRAMs modem (which is required at least once ever 24 hours) it uploads the information. No one would even know until the people who check in on her look at the report.

  8. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I think she drank but will claim someone threw a drink on her.

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’m betting she had a “sip” too (more likely a full drink – “just ONE won’t matter!”), and probably figured it wouldn’t detect it.

    to d – you hit on something that I’ve been thinking for a while – that is, that she doesn’t think she has a problem. well, that’s not a newsflash, but anyway…

    …it’s clear that she’s just going through the motions when it comes to her “sobriety”. if she were serious about getting sober, she wouldn’t go out to places (like bars or parties) where she would be tempted to have a drink or a do a line. if she were serious, she’d stay home, stay out of the spotlight as much as possible, and work on getting her career back on track.

    the fact that she is still out partying, seemingly every night, tells me that she’s only going by the “letter of the law” and not the spirit of it. as soon as the bracelet comes off, and she’s off probation, she’ll be drinking and snorting everything she can.

  10. allison says:

    jeez legs in second pic :0

  11. Larissa says:

    Seriously, LITTLE FAT ME just explained how SCRAMs work, stick to the facts people. Or is that just like asking for a dog to drop the bone? lol

  12. Persistent Cat says:

    Larissa, people don’t read the comments before posting. I wish they would but….

  13. Ashryn97015 says:

    You know, I’m probably stirring the pot here, but I really think she looks a lot better now…*runs & hides in the corner*

  14. original kate says:

    those boots look like rabid animals attacking her feet.

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I did read the comments before posting (I always do, I swear!), but Little Fat Me’s hadn’t appeared yet.

    I stand corrected, LFM! but the rest of my post stands.

  16. aury says:

    too bad it didn’t blow up her leg. :/

  17. lucy2 says:

    A lot of times new posts show up by the time you post your own – probably due to moderating or just the way things go through the system. I do think most people here read them.

    Well, even it wasn’t that night, it’s probably only a matter of time before she does set it off. Why was she at the movie awards anyway? It’s not like she’s a working actress anymore!

  18. ElizabethM says:

    Leave it to The Blohan to deliberately adorn the court mandated alcohol and drug detection device with something that lit up and flashed.

    That bitch will do anything and anyone for attention.

  19. I wasn’t trying to correct anyone and actually when I started my comment there were none above me, so I understand! :)

  20. Ro says:

    I never knew how scram bracelets work and still am not completely clear on it now, however I am clear on one thing. This girl has a problem with sobriety and you can tell it by looking at her. If she had only been photographed coming out of clubs drunk once or twice or there was just a rant here or there on her twitter than i could chalk it up to a little weird behavoir and leave it at that. But that is not this girl’s mo. She has been consistent with her crackhead/boozehead behavior for the last year or so. She is definitely an addict of some kind and what worries me is how she is able to take drug tests in California and fool an alchol monitoring bracelet so many times. What is really going on here, because unless all of the episodes of intervention I have seen and all of the people who I have met that have family or friends w/addictions are completely full of sh**, no one gets clean this quick.

  21. d says:

    LITTLE FAT ME: well, that was instructive. I had no idea. Oh well! So she’s thumbing her nose at the system or at people who bash her/don’t believe in her? Fair enough. If she’s making fun of people like me that bash her, ok. But, I don’t know…I still think she’s got problems…

  22. I think that she is ‘clean’ now. As in, no illegal druss. I am going to guess several things, both from personal experience along with media reports and her own twitter account. Adderall, energy drinks – in excess, pain killers (teeth,) and probably a bipolar-ness. She has a long history of being unstable and I am not talking about just drinking. Well into her history, think back around breaking up with Wilmer V. she was a little cooky. I think that pictures lately do reflect a non-drinking person, she looks cleaner, and a bit healthier. Is this real? Yes. Is it for good? I tend to think not, as she seems to think that she can handle drinking which would lead me to believe that once she can she will. Hopefully a light goes on in her head, as most addicts only clean up once they have to and THEN realize they are better off. She has a chance, sadly it is slim.

  23. Obvious says:

    i would say she’s clean for now. she wore one back in 2007 so she knows what will set it off. i’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for the time being considering she passed her 1st 2 drug tests.

  24. Jeri says:

    She thinks being out & about @ bars around Hollywood is working on her career.

    I think the judge or probation officer scared her a little this last time as she is laying a little low (for LiLo) & going to her alcohol classes. Also, her MOMMY said the JUDGE was HARSH, poor Lohans.

  25. says:

    there is NOTHING on the SCRAM bracelet that lights up…..NOTHING… does not work like that…… it works just like the person above described… it picks up on the alcohol that is emitted through your sweat and then it sends a report back once every 24hrs to the company and they keep track of the info and analyze it and then send it to the court system with detailed tracking data concerning the person wearing it. the person that is wearing the SCRAM bracelet needs to be within 30ft of the “home base” which is basically a little modem that plugs into your wall(it looks like a cordless phone base) once every 24hours and has to hit the button to “send” the SCRAM’s recorded info to the company. if you do not send it, it basically acts as a positive test, or counts as a positive test. also, if the person DOES drink, they are able to tell from the bracelet how severe of an incident that it was, from Minor Infraction to Severe.

    so anyway, it’s basically a plain, sold, plastic outercasing that protects the device, it doesn’t light up AT ALL, ANYWHERE, AT ANYTIME, FOR ANYTHING. so yeah, this story is total B.S. i get the idea that drinking is the biggest of her addictions and that if the judge orders her not to drink she’ll be able to do it… people who are on opiates usually don’t drink that much anyway, which i think probably accounts for why she always just shrugs is off and is like, “i don’t know WHHHHY people think i am always out getting wasted at these clubs and bars….” it’s because she’s not out getting wasted there (all the time) i think the drugs that she probably likes the most come in a prescription form and she probably has the ability to take them…… that’s just my two cents, i just get annoyed with all the dumb crap printed about her. it’s a little ridiculous at this point, like…who cares. can we find another train wreck out there to focus on, there’s enough of them out there! most hollywood starlets are completely F*KED up in one or another, lets focus on somebody else for a while. i’m kind of just hoping she does her probation, makes her little movie, and maybe does good for a while. it IS possible, but it’s a lot harder with dumb stories like this making the national news because it affects the public’s perception of her and her bankability and blah blah blah. i don’t know, i’m just saying. this story is total B.S, i know because i just spent about 20minutes researching the bowels of the internet for SCRAM bracelet info and found out a sh*t ton of info from the company on how it works, if this story is total CRAP, imagine how many others are….

  26. says:

    i meant to say that i get the idea that drinking ***ISN’T*** one of her biggest addiction problems, lol, not IS

  27. Beth says:

    Based on the way SCRAM works this story is bull. The funny thing is for a woman who’s supposed to have a severe drug and alcohol problems, Lindsay looks better now than before the bracelet. She has been photographed everyday but she’s not showing any withdrawal symptoms. I’m actually wondering how bad her problem really is.

  28. Cam says:

    She just tweeted:
    “My scram wasn’t set off”.

    who knows? I don’t think it works like that.

  29. suz says:

    Re: LFM’s post about Lohan’s tweet about this…. Was it her friend Johnny Depp? What a joker, hahaha! That Johnny!

  30. Novaraen says:

    Yeah…honestly I don’t think her real problem is the sauce(although that has contributed to it) her main problem is most likely prescription meds. Which conveniently she is allowed to continue taking.

    Gah…pisses me off. She needs help.

  31. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I was wondering if it was emitted through sweat, thanks for the explanation, everyone. It still seems as if she’s shooting herself in the foot (no pun intended) by putting herself in a space that holds so many temptations. I guess she wants people to see that she’s dedicated to seeing this through by going on sober but not hermetically sealing herself off from the outside world. If that’s the case, that seems dangerous. And nothing looks more dubious than making a show of your efforts in all of the public celebrity haunts. Clearly, none of these people care enough to stop her from doing anything, and they’re certainly not responsible to/for her, either. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It just seems like she’s making her convalescence more difficult than it needs to be and is contemptuous of the system that put these strictures on her–even though she needs them, and more.

  32. Mary Jones says:

    I hate Lohan but I really don’t think shes that stupid to drink alcohol or think she can fool the SCRAM. I think she has a pill problem which conveniently shes allowed to continue taking what shes addicted to bc they are RX.

  33. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:


    Let’s hope she finally does some time. The rest of us would be. She deserves no special treatment.

  34. julie says:

    fluffy is correct and the scram did register alcohol as well so how does she explain this away? for those who say she isn’t dumb enough to drink while wearing it, yes, i think she IS dumb enough. she probably just thinks it’s something else she can explain away and pin on her father or whomever is framing her this week.

  35. kat says:

    O.K. the judge say’s there are 5 violations! one i can understand, but 5?

  36. Aspen says:

    Really? If that’s true about the 5 warrants, I find that sad. I actually thought she was looking better, and the same part of me that roots for Britney was rooting for Lohan. I’m actually disappointed.

  37. CB Rawks says:

    I’m reaching the stage where I just want to slap this repugnant bitch.
    Lindsay, you are not important. You are not special. The rules DO APPLY TO YOU.

    If that Judge lets her off again I hope the bitch gets fired and disbarred, because it will be her fault when Lindsay eventually kills someone.

  38. gg says:

    She doesn’t really “need” alcohol with all the drugs she’s allowed to take, so quitting it doesn’t really count.

  39. anukexpat says:

    Just lock the stupid tart up already.

  40. tuttle88 says:

    Look the person who stole her passport in Cannes obviously hacked into her scram bracelet and changed the results. She only went to the party to talk to people about AA and how great the program is.

  41. katyalia says:

    No offense, but I have to laugh about @Beth wondering how bad her problem really is….

    Radaronline is pretty solid when it comes to information. So if they say that the SCRAM went off AFTER the Awards, I kinda believe them.

    Of course Lohan looks better, as she will have toned down her illegal drug intake to a safe minimum.
    But no way is there room for rethinking ‘how bad her problem really is’…

  42. Jazz says:

    “Ehhh, where there’s smoke there’s fire-crotch…”


  43. connie says:

    usually when one is an addict they will substitue one high for another. i say this because i don’t know that linds neccessarily perfers one over the other but rather just likes to be f-ed up

  44. ck says:

    I really don’t think she’s bipolar or anything like that. She seems more like a Borderline Personality or Narcissistic Personality Disorder…. I’m going with NPD, though. Not much hope since she likely will not do anything to fix it, considering many like her don’t RECOGNIZE a problem to begin with (my mom is like her…ugh). Anyways, she’s pathetic….won’t be the next Brittany Murphy or Heath Ledger because she’s more like the Courtney Loves of the world: a complete Succubous. Good times.