Helen Mirren thinks a lot of hookers “come from the nursing industry”

Helen’s comments about hookers as nurses start around 2:20 in
Helen Mirren was on the Late Show last night promoting her new film, Love Ranch, in which she plays a madam alongside Joe Pesci. The film was directed by Mirren’s husband, Taylor Hackford, and she told David Letterman that she reluctantly did research by visiting a legal brothel in Nevada at Hackford’s insistence.

[Taylor] thought I should do research… he’d been already and done his research…. and spent some time in a brothel. Maybe it was that kind of research? I don’t know. Anyway, he said you’ve got to go and spend the night in a brothel and do your research.

I said, absolutely no way. I’m not going to spend the night in a brothel… He dragged me off to the brothel and it was fantastic… This wonderful madam… a great women, really helped me a lot. I spent the whole evening with her following her around and it was a really great experience, the girls were fantastic, really sweet, really welcoming. Of course they are, that’s what they’re good at.”

Then Dave asked Helen about whether the prostitutes were somehow victims, and she agreed at first but then said they’d probably had careers as nurses before selling their bodies. I’m not kidding, she actually said this and was completely serious about it.

I think that’s true. A lot of them are damaged. They come from dysfunctional backgrounds. And that’s what led them to this place. But also, a lot of girls who work in that industry actually come from the nursing industry, which kind of makes sense. Because they’re used to naked bodies. It’s not intimidating to them, the body and the bodily functions if you like.”

Dave quipped that “a guy like me could go for a checkup, then,” and Helen answered “Absolutely.”

Again, this wasn’t a joke and she sincerely meant it. Just watch the video above.

Dave asked Helen about the tattoo on her hand, which looks like two “V”s on their side. She explained that she got it back in the day when only “Hells Angels, criminals and a few sailors” had tattoos but that they’re commonplace now. She said the symbol meant equal and opposite.

He also showed the picture of Helen in a bikini and she said “I was really lucky with that shot,” explaining that the paparazzo had followed them for quite a while to get the picture. In the famous picture of Helen shielding her eyes, she explained that she was actually posing for a picture that her husband was taking while the photographer got his shot behind them. “I’m holding my tummy in… posing you know. A lucky shot I’m telling you.”

Helen made headlines last year when she said that women couldn’t take men to court for date rape and that female juries wouldn’t convict rapists due to “sexual jealousy.” Now we know that she believes that a lot of hookers used to work as nurses. Maybe she met one, but that must be the exception, not the rule. There’s something rather batty about her.

Here’s the trailer for Love Ranch:

Helen Mirren is shown at an event in Times Square and outside the Late Show on 6/14/10. Credit: WENN.com


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  1. grlygrl7 says:

    really? youre gonna compare the long hard hours that i put in, filled with stress, pain, joy, tragedy, hope, and so many more indescribable emotions, to getting paid for sex? you stupid c*nt of an actress go do something worthwhile. you dont get to talk badly about one of the most difficult professions in the world and think its ok.

  2. gillie says:

    this dingbat needs to STFU in all matters concerning women other than herself, because obviously she she comes down with Talkoutmyass-itis.

  3. Trillion says:

    Not loving her comments here, but do love her style and the fact that she got her HAND tattooed! That rocks.

  4. weslyn says:

    w-o-w..really? i’m gonna call bullish on this “fact”..never heard that statistic

  5. cakes says:

    Grlygrl7: ITA, I couldn’t have said it better.
    I don’t think I’m going to watch her movies any more. What she said is alienating and offensive and one day she going need a “prostitute” to take care of her. Way to go you dumb twat. What has she done besides pretend to be someone else for most of her life?

  6. Oi says:

    I never thought she was the sharpest knife in the drawer, but really? where did she come to that conclusion? If you can nurse why would you hook?

  7. denise says:

    @ grlygirl

    I agree with your statement.

    Helen should keep her mouth shut, she is more attractive that way.

  8. RHONYC says:

    YO. i thought pesci was retired?!

    this flick looks off the rails. mirren, streep and keaton have really changed the perceptions of post-menapause sexuality.


  9. Alarmjaguar says:

    I try not to read about real-life HM, because I love her as an actress, but she’s completely nuts. I will plug this film, however, b/c it was filmed in my hometown of Albuquerque and a couple of my friends are extras!

  10. erika says:

    I do not get the impression that she is being disrespectful or dismissive of nursing as a profession.

  11. Bam says:

    Well, now myself and all my co-workers should planning our second careers as protitutes. Off our feet and onto our backs. What a joke. I know of no nurse that has changed careers to be a prostitute, although I have known several that were strippers BEFORE becoming nurses.

  12. danielle says:

    I’m going to continue to hold a special place in my heart for her as far as graceful, beautiful aging goes. But she sounds dumb as a brick, hateful to women, and TOTALLY needs to STFU

  13. Wench. says:

    Erika – thank you. I don’t understand why all the nurses are getting their knickers in a twist. She’s not comparing your professions and she’s not saying it’s a right of passage – why are you getting offended?

    Calm down a little eh, girls.

    Also, a little tit-bit, the building I lived in during university was largely filled with student/qualified nurses. I knew of two students who worked as escorts to raise extra money for their education and a further two who left their jobs to work as escorts full time. These women aren’t lepers.

  14. guesty says:

    sounds as if this was a common denominator among the women she met. not so much a degrading statement toward the nursing profession in general.

  15. cheekemunkey says:

    Has Helen ever spent a night following a nurse around?! I think not. That would be too real for her.

    Who told her they used to be a nurse? Some flake who wanted to be a nurse, but failed and is now working as a prostitute?

    Thanks for nothing, Helen. STFU and get a real job.

  16. Bella Mosley says:

    I think she is a lovely woman and a class act. I don’t believe she meant any disrespect to nurses. Saying a few of the girls she met used to be nurses shouldn’t rile anyone up, unless maybe she hit a bit to close to home.
    I know an attorney who stripped to pay her way thru school and she said there were quite a few who did. I learned one of the women in town who was very successful used to be a hooker. She told me herself. But I doubt this will get all the lawyers and business women’s panties in a was – unless of course it hits to close to home!

    As far as a real job – she is probably wearing more money than any of us, including nurses, make in a year.

  17. K says:

    This pains me. I love Helen Mirren as an actress. But with this level of delusion and stupidity from her comments on rape and nursing/hooking, I just can’t. I am done with her, and I hope her films suffer for her loose mouth.

  18. MsTriste says:

    Those of you who aren’t nurses need to stay the fu*k out of this discussion. Her comments are incredibly offensive to us.

  19. SammyHammy says:

    I’m no nurse, but I have worked in a hospital since 1997 and I don’t know of even one who has made this particular “career change.”

    Why, oh why, don’t actors ever know when to shut up? They should only speak lines that are written for them.

  20. cheekemunkey says:

    Bella, just because she earns more money, does NOT make acting a real job. That’s the problem with celebrating celebrities.

    I don’t think Helen’s comments hit close to home – in fact, nowhere near it. Nursing has always suffered from the madonna / whore image because it is a female dominated profession. It also suffers from poor working conditions, low pay and a general lack of respect.

    Having a misinformed actress go on international TV and make stupid comments linking prostitution to the profession of nursing does nothing for the image of nursing. She should think before she opens her mouth. She didn’t need to share her unvalidated comments with the world. Perhaps she could link up with your stripper-lawyer friend to battle the defamation lawsuit that should justly follow.

  21. Meimei says:

    Aaaagh. Yes. She totally said that as some hookers used to be nurses, all nurses must be hookers. Duh.

    Or not. I didn’t read that as disparaging, but a simple statement based on her rather limited research.

    I can actually see it. Have the nurses on this site been on the receiving end of some crap? In general, nurses are skilled workers who do not get their due: doctors and patients alike can easily look down on nurses, making it so much harder to work well. Also, they are often underpaid and overworked, the shifts can make it hard to have time for your family (night shift, school kids… fun), you get crapped, puked and bled on, patients can get violent, there’s a risk of getting some serious diseases etc.

    If one doesn’t have any issues having sex with strangers for money… Yes. I really can imagine some nurses might prefer becoming a prostitute. I still hold that rape comment against her, but this – a non-issue, IMO.

    “Those of you who aren’t nurses need to stay the fu*k out of this discussion. Her comments are incredibly offensive to us.”

    It’s not a discussion if it’s just nurses saying they feel bad about this. What about the nurses who disagree, who apparently aren’t members of your “us”? Can they comment?

  22. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Just like most actresses, she needs to STFU, act and go home.

  23. Kater says:

    Oh great. My mother will love this…

  24. d says:

    Wow. I didn’t get the impression she was making it up, or that she was slagging nurses. I think she was just talking about the caring [for men] bit, but that obviously hit a nerve. It’s true though, in a whorehouse, the emphasis is on caring for the men in a way that’s a wee different from the street hooker. Nor do I think all those women should be tarred and feathered and outcast from society because of what they do. Although no doubt she make a controversial comparison. I actually agreed a bit with her. I also agree with the comment “Nursing has always suffered from the madonna / whore image because it is a female dominated profession. It also suffers from poor working conditions, low pay and a general lack of respect.”

    A couple of my friends are nurses – I don’t think they’d be offended by Mirren’s comments and I know they’re fans too.

    Frankly, I’d think you could get a job anywhere in the world if you were a nurse, there’s always a need somewhere for a nurse, so I’d be surprised if working in a whorehouse was the only option for whatever reason.

    I’d like to hear more about what Mirren was talking about, but I’m sure she’ll get shut down and will have to apologize, etc., etc.

  25. Feebee says:

    god she comes out with some pearlers!

    I don’t think she was disparaging nurses just being a little too general in her terms.

  26. Bunny says:

    I’ve ignored a lot of what she has said because she was brilliant in Prime Suspect.

    Now these quotes are becoming old.

  27. hellen says:

    Love her as an actress, but as a human being I think she is…disturbed.

  28. javelin says:

    If you read her comments carefully they seem to address the stereotypical repressive British attitude regarding sex and the human body, not a similarity between nursing and prostitution. It seems Helen was merely relating (in a clumsy fashion) her rationale of how prostitutes are able to deal with naked bodies.

  29. Hepzibah says:

    I believe she was indicating that a lot of the hookers she met at the brothel said they used to be nurses.

  30. I Choose Me says:

    Oy & Vey! Helen, I love you so I’m going to lovingly suggest you see a doctor and get a prescription for your footinmouth disease. All joking aside, I think she’s got some deep-seated issues about (her) feminine sexuality that needs to be addressed. Stat! Re her comments about date rape.

  31. Bella Mosley says:

    This forum is not just for nurses
    If you don’t want to hear what celebrities think – you shouldn’t be on this site.
    I called 2 of my friends that are nurses, one saw the show and neither were offened. The funny thing is that Kathy – a nurse for 36 years said “If nurses are getting that hot over an off hand comment on the late show then there is something wrong. A total over-reaction. Sure hope I don’t ever have them for my care! They sound burned out.”

    How is acting not a real job? And it is hardworking people like you that pays actors their very lavish salary. Unless of course you never watch television, movies, go to the theater or listen to the radio.

  32. Celebitchy says:

    I think that people who are getting offended by this are making a logical error. Saying a lot of hookers used to be nurses is not the same as saying a lot of nurses will become hookers, if that makes sense. Obviously her original statement was a logical error in the first place, though. She met maybe one or two hookers that used to be nurses for whatever reason (they were friends and ended up at the same brothel, whatever) and then decided that since she met two then a lot of hookers must come from the healthcare industry, which again is NOT the same as saying a lot of nurses become hookers.

  33. RHONYC says:

    how many hookers does it take to screw in a lightbulb in a nursing home?

    badum-bum :-)


  34. 1 qt of 1 % says:

    I am a nurse and I was not insulted in the least. Helen made a statement that I have no doubt was true. People in our profession have become addicted to drugs but that doesn’t make us all addicts.

    What does insult me is the language used by the women on this site saying they are nurses. Calling another woman the C word is dispicable. Telling others they aren’t allowed to participate on a public sight?

    Miss Cheekemunke,
    I quote you, “Perhaps she could link up with your stripper-lawyer friend to battle the defamation lawsuit that should justly follow.”

    Look up a defamation lawsuit.
    She told the truth.
    She did not attack you personally.
    She said nothing with malice.
    There is no case

    She is an actress and she told a story. If you can not handle this without your anger getting the best of you, I wonder what you are like at the end of the week, after a long day when a patient is cranky and frightened and says something that rubs you the wrong way. Maybe you need a sabbatical.

  35. Jeri says:

    Batty’s a good word. She makes some strange comments. Mirrenspeak.

  36. Beth says:

    Nursing is a noble profession. Prostitution is very ugly up close. I’m sure Ms. Mirren was shown a sanitized version of what actually goes on when one human rents another human to use their orifices. Prostitution destroys women’s lives. Period. I’m stunned that Mirren doesn’t seem to understand that it’s not all a lark – prostitution is a brutal business.

  37. teehee says:

    Yeah I WAS gonna post earlier, that Helen hasnt said anything to defame the nursing field, but rather some fo the nurses themselves definitely did.
    Ive never been too fond of the nursing types LOL Always grated me when I was in the same calsses, where they would all stick together in their cliques (that us versus them mentality) and drag their books behind them in those rolly backpacks, taking up the whole hallway; and they HAD to sit together — god forbid some unsuspecting kid would sit in one of THEIR chairs. Man alive it was war. So this thread didnt help better my impression of them LOL. I also worked in a hospital as a volunteer and didnt like but one of the (male) nurses I worked with. He was INCREDIBLE.
    But anyhoo… her statement doesnt make much sense to me as its a strange generalization to make. You can find people from damaged backgrounds EVERYWHERE because its an epidemic of every culture and society and subgroup etc… not just nursing or not just prostitution. And how she jumps from that to the ability to see others bodies’– again absolutely no sense. And I doubt being able to see others naked has much to do with an ability to touch others erotically, or further to wish to be paid for it.

    I was a prostitute myself, for a short while (and a biology student, not nursing student LOL). Now, I also have to ask, what is really the hardest job on earth? I thought it was beign a mother- 24 hour shifts and no pay. But prostitution is no walk in the park. And we definitely arent appreciated and are surely looked down upon. And the physical toll is enormous; the mental and emotional rigor it requires is also substantial; the social and relational impact, down the line, is also jeopardized when/if people find out, etc.
    Arent you better off as a nurse? As in, rewarded better, with less personal costs and danger? You can put RN on your resume and get hired and paid well, but not “call girl”… :) and nursing is somethign you wanted to do, rather than find yourself having to do, out of survival, or external force? and so forth…
    I think it is more a matter of pent up frustration over work circumstances that apparently isnt heard and dealt with properly by either party involved, that causes it to get vented all over everyone at any opportunity.
    Helen didnt bash nursing.
    And those shifts are outright dangerous, IMO- why they make up those ridiculous hours for such a demanding and life-saving-or-ending position (nurse) I’ll never understand. Those critical jobs ought ot be the most cushoined and protected but for some reason, theyre not– and as one pointed otu earlier, maybe because its a female dominated field?

  38. Sincerity says:

    I worked in the healthcare industry for about 10 years and had the opportunity to meet both men and women who were dedicated nursing professionals on both the clinical and administrative levels.

    I listened to Ms. Mirren’s comments. She just made a “general” observation based upon her conversations with two former nurses. It was not her intention “to insult the nursing professional” as a whole. All she did was infer how a nurse’s exposure to patient “nudity” would have been “an asset” to these two former nurses in their current profession. The wonderful people I’ve met in the nursing profession have seen and heard it all, and very little fazes them. The nursing profession as a whole has a very high “turnover and burn out rate” because it’s very demanding and it’s not unusual for them to be abused by patients, doctors and health care administrators. The career choices these two former nurses made reflected their own personal values not that of an entire profession.

  39. cheekemunkey says:

    Defamation law “covers any communication that tends to lower the esteem of the subject in the minds of ordinary members of the public.”

    1 qt or 1% wrote: “She told the truth.”

    And you know this how…? Helen made a generalization after speaking with one or two prostitutes who alledgely CLAIMED to have been nurses. This is not the same as telling the truth. No one has a CLUE what these women did before becoming prostitutes. Ever consider they LIED to Helen?? Maybe it was merely their pipe dream to be a nurse?

    Either way, it’s a big jump to alledge that Helen was ‘telling the truth’.

  40. d says:

    I think the comments by javelin (29), 32, 35, 37, teehee (38), and Sincerity (39) are all spot on, if varying slightly. Anyway, I like those comments. And still, I don’t believe Mirren meant any harm or disrespect. I totally think she was talking about attitudes about sex and naked bodies. And she comes from my mum’s generations where they are OMG reserved about being naked (as in you just don’t do it if possible and you certainly don’t talk about it). So I get what she was getting at.

    Ok, Celebitchy, why can’t I see the shorter names on some of the comments? They’re always mushed up, and/or covered by the number, and are illegible. Maybe some of the html/table coding needs rejigging? Maybe nudge the avatar image over to the left a bit?

  41. Heaven-bound says:

    I work in the medical field and “yes” many ( not all) of the nurses can be considered “hookers” man the stories I have heard from the grapevine of a lot of nurses getting it on with the Residents and Doctors. And I really don’t see were Helen stated that all nurses will become prostitutes, maybe the ones that she meet at the brothel use to work in that field.

  42. Meimei says:

    “Helen made a generalization after speaking with one or two prostitutes who alledgely CLAIMED to have been nurses. This is not the same as telling the truth. No one has a CLUE what these women did before becoming prostitutes. Ever consider they LIED to Helen?? Maybe it was merely their pipe dream to be a nurse?”

    Why would they? Heck, if I tried to make someone impressed, I wouldn’t default to nurse, no matter how important their work is. And there are plenty of nurses. Some of them aren’t employed in that field.

    But really, nurses as a group aren’t some saintly beings that can never do anything wrong. They are humans trained in a profession. Normal human beings. Just like anyone else. Would it be shocking if someone said that a number of phone sales reps became prostitutes?

    “I’m sure Ms. Mirren was shown a sanitized version of what actually goes on when one human rents another human to use their orifices.”

    A legal brothel vs. streetwalking? Of course the former is going to look all hunky-dory when compared to the latter. I don’t think she claimed the brothel was the best place ever, just that it wasn’t actually as bad as she had imagined. Apparently she didn’t do an excursion to wherever the ones at the bottom of the ladder work. It’s like easting in a restaurant vs. eating the same food from the restaurant dumpster. One is bound to look nicer.

  43. 1 qt of 1 % says:


    Generally speaking, defamation is the issuance of a false statement about another person, which causes that person to suffer harm.

    Helen did not say a word about a specific nurse or person, however you made many degoratory remarks about her specifically and here it is in black and white. Who is the defamer?

    What makes you think Helen lied, or the prostitute lied? You act as if our profession is above all others. You, supposedly, are in a profession to help everyone. Is this how you would treat a patient? Would you demean a prostitute or an actor? Sure sounds like it!

    If anyone is defaming the profession of nursing it is people who have anger issues and name call.

    It is quite apparent the prostitutes Helen encountered have a much better disposition than some nurses. Mores the pity.

    I have shared this column with some of my co-workers. Their questions range from Why did anyone get upset over a comment on the late show unless they resembled that remark? to: Do you really believe the women speaking like that even finished HS? to: They sound like the street walking, drag queen, prostitutes they bust on Law and Order.

  44. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I also don’t think she was actively trying to be offensive or weigh the two jobs on an ethical scale. It reads to me as if she was drawing connections between the two disparate jobs and found herself surprised by the fact that side by side, a print-out of job responsibilities would that on a few bullet points there is overlap. On first glance, two professions such as prostitution and nursing couldn’t be more dissimilar, and in most cases they’re vastly different, but they do share a few qualities.

    There’s threat of physical abuse, being underpaid, being dismissed by clients and superiors in great amount, they’ve seen everything (up close and with corresponding fluids), perform invasive procedures of a sensitive and intimate nature, clients show up and frequently are extremely vulnerable, so the job requires a good beside manner–so to speak, they’re beset and depleted by fatigue of all kinds, the hours are long and strange and that fact can isolate you from the community at large…whatever.

    She worded it clumsily–she frequently does that–but I think a chunk of the reason that so many people are so irate about this is due to the fact that she’s crazier than a swamp donkey. She’s just a kid, so if she’s still saying this stuff when she’s 25, then we can talk.

  45. mary jane says:

    I’m an RN too. It was a very stupid comment to make but I’m not terribly insulted.

    I think Helen grew up with that funny stereotype of “naughty nurses”… think Monty Python. And she still doesn’t understand where nurses are today as far as it being a diversified field of bright people.

    My husband is an Irishman and relishes that whole concept too. He spent many childhood years watching M.P. as well.

    I definitely think her “Britishness” had a lot to do with her comment.

  46. Lorraine Grimes says:

    Please please PLEASE watch this clip again before you ram your foot in even further.

    Dame Helen is OBVIOUSLY joking when she made the comments about ex-nurses- turned-prostitutes being accustomed to “bodily fluids” and Dave getting a – um – “check up” at a brothel. Incidentally, she was also joking about Taylor doing prior “research” at the brothel.


  47. Joe Tisdale says:


    lol: Take a deep breath and exhale for Chrissakes!

    Mirren is not saying ANYTHING derogatory about nurses. Did you actually WATCH this video before posting your comment?

    Where do you nurse – the freaking booby hatch??

  48. amanda says:

    I’m a nurse. I think there’s a big difference between nudity in a nurse/patient reltionship and nudity in a prostitute/client relationship. I think that should be pretty obvious to Ms. Mirren. But I don’t think she meant any disrespect to nurses by saying what she said. The truth I can see in her statement is that maybe those nurses-turned-prostys were sick of the hours, low pay, and lack of respect/gratitude in nursing. I don’t know. Some people aren’t meant to be nurses. And there is some correlation, I think, between taking care of a patient, and ‘taking care’ of a client. I’m not a prostitute, so I don’t know…but as a nurse, whether you like the patient or not, you are charged with that person’s care. It’s your responsibility because it’s your job. So, I don’t know. Maybe it is somewhat similar in that way. Interesting topic.

  49. Aussie Mama says:

    Gotta say some of the biggest piss-heads n sluts I ever met, were nurses!
    There’s a saying in Australia, “Nurses bang like dunny doors.”. Lots of night shifts, plenty of beds around, perfect if your that way inclined!!!

  50. sonola trip says:

    Okay, this is Helen’s quote:

    “a lot of girls who work in that industry actually come from the nursing industry”

    This is where her mistake is. A lot of prostitutes are former nurses? This would be the first anyone has heard of this. She took the word of a few hookers she met at a brothel (and honestly I’ll bet they were trying to impress her and exaggerated their accomplishments). But nevertheless she took a few women’s “claims” about themselves and extrapolated it to mean it’s the case with most others. This is lousy “research” on her part.

  51. badrockandroll says:

    The funny thing is is that 100s of years ago, before Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton cleaned things up within the profession, many women who had been prostitutes became nurses (opposite of what she said). And 100s of years before that, most actresses were prostitutes as well. So back to you Dame Helen: you may look good, but you are nutz!

  52. Jacqueline says:

    If theres a woman I would like to have a conversation with its Helen Mirren and Hilary Clinton.

  53. Liana says:

    Those of you who aren’t nurses need to stay the fu*k out of this discussion. Her comments are incredibly offensive to us.

    And you are the arbiter of all things celebitchy? I’ll post where I want, when I want, thankyouverymuch.

  54. CinPin says:

    As an RN for about 10 yrs, I find her comment funny. I actually laughed when I read it! Why? Because 1)It’s so ridiculous and 2)My co-workers and I always kid about how much easier it would be to be a stripper/hooker.

    Whatever, she made a dumb comment–people need to relax!!

  55. xelade says:

    Actresses are actually the most like prostitutes. She’s projecting.

    I find her comment incredibly insulting. Nurses are well educated and trained, have Bachelors and Masters degrees. People transfer to the field of Nursing because nursing pays better than many other professions. I agree, that nursing is a demanding job, but, there are plenty of other kinds of nursing to get into, where you wouldn’t have to deal with bodily fluids as much and that would be less demanding.

    Sure it would be easier for all women to make money just by having sex with strangers, but in this day and age, it’s just plain lazy and disrepectable way to be.

  56. Guest says:

    She really is dumb :-( I used to think something of her. Oh well another one bites the dust. Not insulted but I have not respect for her anymore.

  57. Sally says:

    I’m with sonola trip.

    Helen may not have meant it as derogatory (at all), but she certainly didn’t phrase it in the best way.

  58. Kiska says:

    I worked in a busy hospital and let me tell you that the nurses were getting busy! It was like Grey’s Anatomy only worse. I don’t think Helen meant to be disrespectful in her comment. I like her. She is a beautiful woman who has not succumbed to having every inch of her botoxed.

    Yeah, Helen!

  59. Marileena Ballereena says:

    Off our feet and on our backs!!!!!!I like it…What a way to end my 25 + year of Nursing

  60. L&D RN says:

    Wow. Helen’s comments are misguided and unfortunate but what is truly distressing to me is the comments- I thought we’d all be laughing about how batty she is. The slamming of the nurses by fellow commenters is such an unpleasant surprise. It’s like a feeding frenzy in here. Just sad.

  61. LitenUp says:

    1. Helen Mirren is a quite smart and articulate woman. 2. Her observation rang true to me, a man, because I met several beautiful bar girls in the Phillippines who also were in nursing school and proud of it. 3. Anytime I hear from people representing a group or profession who take such enormous offense to anything said by another, I tend to tune out. We, Americans particularly, work so hard at being outraged at everybody and everything and every word. I wish “we” could spend a bit more time attacking the real problems and real evildoers and not a cultured, beautiful actress thoughtfully discussing a movie with an interesting premise. Also, haters, I have far more respect for some of the working girls I have met than the holier-than-thou-crowd sitting in judgment on all that passes before them. I’m sure there are many prostitutes who are victims; I’ve also met some who think it’s a damned nice way to make some serious cash enroute to their real careers. You looking for victims, are you? Go visit a foster care facility, an animal shelter or a factory here in the U.S. where people work their fingers off for $8 an hour, can’t take bathroom breaks and don’t have health insurance.

  62. ligeia says:

    actually shes right on with the fact that female jurors are far more likely to let the rapist go and blame the victim. though it’s not due to sexual jealousy, it’s because of deep ingrained fear and belief that they can protect themselves from being raped by doing everything “right”, so if some other women got raped she must have done something “wrong” such as dressed provocatively, etc, insert bs victim blaming excuse here. there was some research done on that it’s pretty sad.

  63. Wendy says:

    I agree with LitenUp: Helen Mirren generally seems like a VERY intelligent woman to me (not to mention mega talented.)

    In all fairness, nurses turning to prostitution may be a common occurrence IN RENO (remember, this is most likely where she got this information.) That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s common EVERYWHERE.)

  64. Johnny says:

    you know this isnt the first time shes spoken out of her ass. shes made stupid comments before about how other women are *jealous* of rape victims. what an idiot.

  65. jadedjai says:

    I don’t know. This can get weird at times. Initially listening to the “like nurses” literary push- I thought it was possibly a shot at some cost-effective marketing strategy.

  66. Lia says:

    What an ignorant woman she is. She is capable of playing intelligent women, but in reality she is a twit. I went to school for 4 years to receive a degree in nursing. I spend my work days caring for the sick and injured in an emergency room that sees tragedy and people in crisis every day. While she sits in her servant-filled house patting herself on the back for playing make-believe for a living, nurses are out there in the trenches trying to make a difference in a stranger’s life. Money certainly can’t buy class or intelligence. Mirren is proof of that.

  67. CB Rawks says:

    Yeah, I’m done with her too. She should never speak.

  68. MissT says:

    I was a victim of sexual exploitation when I was a teenager. I find her comments about rape and prostitution ignorant, self indulgent and sickening. It has had a lifelong impact on me and has seriously effected my physical and mental health as well as my personal relationships.

    As a wealthy and privileged woman I think she has a nerve remarking on something that she will never have to participate in that is so destructive to so many women. Spending one night in a high class brothel with women on their best behaviour does not make her an expert. And all this just to promote her movie. Nauseating. I don’t think she has any class at all.

  69. Jenna says:

    I’m an RN who became a prostitute and will never nurse again.