In Touch: Eddie Cibrian was fired from CSI: Miami for being a douche


Last week, it was announced that Eddie Cibrian would not be returning to CSI: Miami. There were questions about whether or not he was fired, and the reasoning behind the producers’ decision not to renew his contract. Then, this week, E! News had a piece about how Eddie’s dismissal might screw up his divorce negotiations with his estranged wife Brandi Glanville, and how he maybe/probably blames Brandi for losing the CSI gig. That part wasn’t really explained – I came away from it thinking that Eddie “blames” Brandi for all of the bad press he and LeAnn get because he sees Brandi as behind it all, because she keeps giving interview after interview about their split.

Anyway, In Touch Weekly’s sources are claiming in the new issue that Eddie lost the gig because of several reasons – one, he “didn’t make a lot of friends on set” and that “very few of the cast members liked him anyway” because Eddie bragged about all of the stuff LeAnn bought him. And two, “the producers were [not] enamored with all the headlines Eddie was generating.” So, it’s a little bit bad press and a little bit “Eddie’s a douche.”

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes’ illicit romance may have cost him his job on CSI: Miami, an insider says.

“Eddie pretty much wrote his own ticket onto the show, and his own ticket off,” a show insider tells In Touch. “I don’t think the producers were enamored with all the headlines Eddie was generating, and he didn’t make a lot of friends on set, either.”

Eddie, 37, and LeAnn, 27, came out as a couple just as the show’s eighth season wrapped.

“The scandal created a lot of hard feelings,” a friend tells In Touch. The insider adds, “No one’s at all sad to see him go. Very few of the cast members liked him anyway.”

A friend adds, “Eddie would come to work and brag about trips he’d taken with LeAnn. They called him ‘Lucky Eddie’ behind his back.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

Ha! Doesn’t Eddie come from like a solid middle class to upper-middle class family? Why is he so enamored with LeAnn’s money? Why is he hypnotized by her wallet? I don’t get it. But I will buy that he probably “brags” about the stuff LeAnn buys him and does for him, just because my view of their relationship has changed. I used to think that LeAnn was the one who was more into Eddie than vice versa, and that LeAnn was going to spend whatever money and do whatever possible to keep a fickle Eddie interested. While I still think that’s true, I now think Eddie is as happy as can be with his sugar mama taking care of him, and he probably is being faithful to LeAnn – for now. We’ll see what happens long-term, but for now, I think LeAnn and Eddie are in love. Gag, I know. Whatever.



Header: Eddie Cibrian on January 15, 2010, shooting CSI: Miami. Also, Eddie and LeAnn on April 18 and June 12, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. buckley says:

    Eddie’s face on that last picture=douchebag

  2. gabs says:

    omg. she is 27!?? I thought she was late 30s. looks like it. they both are douches

  3. Snarf says:

    I call bullsh*t. CBS is looking to save money however and wherever they can. Charlie Sheen’s salary isn’t going to grow on trees, you know.

  4. lucy2 says:

    That’s going to mess up his child support big time, I bet, unless he finds another job. And with Leann buying him all kinds of stuff, I doubt he’ll be hustling to find work.

  5. lisa says:

    His soon to be ex should have kept their personal life private. I mean child support is based on his income. NOT LR.. you can’t get water from a rock. If he does not get a job paying the same or more. His children will suffer. But I agree with one comment. IF CBS kept Sheen on the payroll after what he did..then really they have a very low moral compass.

  6. NayNay says:

    I happen to think that on that show, he was the worst one. I thought that his acting, if you can call it that, was horrible. He had no personality on the show. I saw an episode with him a while ago, and he was trying to console a woman whose husband was killed, and even I didn’t believe it for a second. He showed no emotion at all.

    I also believe that he will be faithful to Leann until the next sugar mamma comes along.

  7. Lauren says:

    If men got fired for douchey behavior, there would only be 6% men in the workforce, and 94% women! Even ugly guys act commit douchbachery! LeAnn doesn’t seem to mind supporting men…her ex-husband is gay and she was married to him for 7 years! Eddie is an upgrade, even if he is broke.

  8. JaisyMaisy says:

    Imagine having to wake up next to LeAnn with no makeup. Or, rather, choosing to. *Shudder.*

  9. Linda says:

    I don’t think he’s all that.

  10. Rosalind says:

    I used to think he was handsome, now not so much. He does look like a total douche, and Leanne is truly hideous with her squinty eyes and white-trash facial features.

  11. irena NL says:

    Doubt that story has any validity. Delko left because CBS and Delko(Adam Rodriguez) couldn’t come to a contract agreement. When “Ugly Betty” failed Delko needed a job and CBS had some leverage at that point. Eddie isn’t a good actor but I call total BS on the In Touch story.

  12. Renee says:

    I’d like to know where he got that lady’s cardigan…
    I think he’s into leanne because he’s into himself and they have similar stupid squinty faces.

  13. Jeri says:

    Didn’t think anyone could out-douche David Carouso (sp?). He’s doesn’t have acting going for him either but he is the star.

  14. aury says:

    what an asshole. in fact, they both are. i’m siding w/ his wife on this one.

  15. Belle Epoch says:

    Renee – love that observation. I’ve always wondered if half the reason celebrities find certain partners is because they want to f**k themselves.

    Also, UGLY FEET.

  16. Anya says:

    His character was never able to really be part of the team. Glad he is off the show. He is kinda good to look at but not much of an actor. LeAnn is nugly.

  17. Rina says:

    So basically LeAnn bought Eddie
    she didn’t bought it for him she bought him for sure LOL :-) ))))

  18. Johnthing says:

    Now he’s got a meal ticket. Buh-bye CSI!

  19. LindyLou says:

    He has a huge head and a weird shaped face in the angle shown in that last pic. Freaky.

  20. jj says:

    EC is in “love” with LieAnn’s money. His bragging about all she has bought him has been reported before. She buys the plane tickets, pays the hotel bills, pays for all the grocerys, pays the mortgage/rental for the house he shares with her….yep it sure is “love”. He has been bought and it comes with a short leash. Whadda pair of losers. Team Brandi!

  21. Leslie says:

    Eddie looks like an asshole

  22. danielle says:

    Upper middle class would be nice, I’d like to be there. But country music fans are good to their stars and I’ll bet Leann is LOADED. One thing to have a nice yearly vacation if you’re middle class- I’ll be Leann travels for her monthly vacation by private jet. Whole ‘nother ball game.

  23. Jbo says:

    Lay down with dogs and you’re gonna get fleas…

    These two pieces of cheating trash deserve each other. I hope both of their careers crash & burn after what they did to their spouses – IMHO!

  24. Beth says:

    I agree with those saying Eddie was let go because of budget cuts. CBS cancelled a lot of shows that had solid ratings and fired some characters. I love Criminal Minds and they fired J.J. and cut the number of episodes Emily is going to be in. I think CBS is the #1 or #2 network but the audience is older. So they don’t make as much money from advertisers like FOX does.

  25. irena NL says:

    And how do we know LeAnn is buying all the groceries, trips, plane trips, pays the mortgage? One would have to be an assistant to LeAnn or privvy to her accounts. So how is it?

  26. Rita says:

    Delko was forced out of CSI by offering him a bad contract to make room for LeAnn’s lover, Eddie but the “Edmister” blew it. He can’t act and the public hates him for not showing the mother of his children the least bit of respect. Eddie is now LeAnn’s bag-man. I saw Tori’s Dean on Ellen today and Dean said he likes “Ironing”. What kind of man likes to iron clothes? Women hate to iron. Eddie, I’ll give you the best advice I can, “Don’t buy cotton shirts”.

  27. Rita says:

    Kaiser, I’m surprised at you for not knowing how men and women like LeAnn work. They are black widows. They have no pride or dignity and lure a mate to them with all sorts of enticements. Then, once the prey is insnared in the web, the dominant predator devours the buffoon. You can tell which is the dominant predator from the buffoon because the predator always wears the biggest smirk.

  28. bellaluna says:

    I’ve said in previous posts that Brandi shouldn’t have sought out the venues she did to bad-mouth EC. Shot herself in right in the lifestyle, she did.

    And no, I absolutely don’t condone infidelity. But I am a die-hard believer in conducting oneself with dignity and self-respect.

  29. irena NL says:

    You sound like a man who does not like women. hmmmmm……

  30. Lindsay says:

    Lauren- So not true. Women are just as likely to behave as poorly as men. Only difference is the term used to describe them. But yes unemployment would soar. But it would make the world a better place if nasty people had to hide their true self for the sake of remaining employed.

    @irena NL- Who are you talking about?

  31. crab says:

    I hate that smug look on their faces and Leeann is just plain ugly. I put her right up there next to Tori!

  32. irena NL says:


    to Rita, who has never sounded female.

  33. CB Rawks says:

    That blue dress fits her like a spandex sausage casing.

  34. Twez says:

    It sounds as though he was bragging about the gifts, like ‘oh yeah, she’s so into me that she’s buying me stuff.’ Of course, you have to see this from a douchebag point of view, where it’s a reversal of (what he thinks of as) standard sex roles because of his studliness.

  35. bonnie says:

    Save Jesse on csi miami. If CBS can leave
    charlie sheen and others on the show and hired Eddie and Omar knowing Adams circumstances, Eddie should get to stay on. It has nothing to do with his personal life unlike other actors have done.

  36. irena NL says:

    Just read that all Eddie’s fellow cast members have called him to say how sorry they are to see him go and how much they’ll miss him.

    That headline is more tab baloney trying to drum up sales. Everybody knows that, don’t they?

  37. anon says:

    dag nab it, now I see where grand-daddys sweater went that we put in the goodwill bag

  38. eva says:

    i think cbs should leave eddie cibrian on the shoe im glad that adum rodiges is back on the shoe leave eddie cibrian on the show who cares what he did every body makes mistakes dont jug people if you dont no them

  39. Mel says:

    I really don’t give a toss what Eddie Cibrian does or does not do off the set of CSI Miami. I still think he’s far nicer to look at than Adam Rodriguez so I for one will miss him and wish him well.

  40. Derek Owens says:

    He’s not the first celeb fired for being a douche. Jamie Bamber was recently fired by the BBC’s new Outcast show for being arrogant and incompetent. As one BBC insider put it, “Jamie Bamber has made mediocrity a virtue”. Another one bits the dust!

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