Lindsay Lohan can take her prescriptions during the 2 weeks she’s in jail


Yesterday we saw Lindsay Lohan get booked into jail while sporting an orange spray-on tan, extensions she’ll have to remove, and ridiculously high belted peep toe boots. The sheriff’s spokesperson then issued a statement confirming that Lohan would most likely be released in less than two weeks, on August 1 or 2, due to overcrowding. At that point, she’ll be headed immediately to rehab for 90 days of court-ordered treatment. It’s a shame that they can’t add in another 76 days on top of that to compensate for the rest of her prison sentence.

Is in a cell right next to the reality star who robbed from her
The jail pod where Lindsay is being housed is in a section separated from the general population and is in the same area where Paris Hilton did her time in 2007. Currently residing in Paris’ former cell is a woman named Alexis Neiers, who starred on the E! reality show Pretty Wild and is serving six months for her role in burglarizing Orlando Bloom’s house. Neiers was part of the “Burglar Bunch” gang who targeted celebrity homes, including Lindsay Lohan’s. The sheriff’s spokesperson has refused to comment on whether Lindsay and Alexis are housed next to each other, but People reports it as if it’s a certainty. (Alexis has been faring poorly in jail and has had an allergic reaction to antibiotics along with losing weight.)

Paris Hilton told People that she regularly talked to other inmates through the vents while she was confined in her cell, and that they were sweet to her. Ironically Lindsay might soon be befriending a woman who robbed from her. It’s not like she’ll have much else to do in there.

You can send Lindsay books, mail and snacks in jail
Lindsay tried to enter jail with a copy of Hemingway’s “The Old Man & The Sea,” but was denied. The jail only allows books for prisoners if they’re sent directly from Amazon or Barnes & Noble online.

Lindsay is also allowed snack packs sent through an official program.

You can send books and mail to Lindsay via:
Century Regional Detention Facility
11705 S. Alameda Street
Lynwood, CA 90262

To get you started, here are a few suggestions for books to send to Lindsay. (I have not read any of these books and can’t comment on whether they’re worthwhile.)
Why Is It Always About You? : The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism
Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry
Addict In The Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery.

Lindsay will be able to take her prescriptions in jail
TMZ reports that while in jail Lindsay will be able to take Adderall for her ADHD and Ambien to help her sleep. Lindsay’s father has long said that his daughter’s main problem is prescription drug addiction. At least she’ll soon be off the very powerful painkiller Dilaudid – presumably. She’ll surely try to score something while in jail. She may not be successful in jail but if she’s sneaky, and we know she is, she’ll probably be able to get some drugs while she’s in rehab.

Lindsay is “having a difficult time” and is crying in jail
Lindsay’s on-again lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, issued a statement to People about how her client is faring. She said “Understandably, Lindsay’s having a difficult time adjusting as it would be for anyone. She’s trying to make the necessary adjustments to an extremely stressful and difficult situation. There were some tears.”

Generally, the first two days in jail are the most difficult. I just kept reminding her of that. She’s doing the best she can.”

Her spirits aren’t high, but I spoke to some of the deputies and they said Lindsay’s reaction is the same as anyone in her situation.”

My heart bleeds for her. (Eyeroll) I do hope Lindsay cleans up, though, and that she’s able to become a more humble and more sober person as a result. It’s a long shot for sure.

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Actress Lindsay Lohan arrives at the Beverly Hills Municipal Courthouse July 20, 2010, to surrender for a 90-day jail sentence for violating the terms of her probation on drunk driving charges by missing alcohol education classes in Beverly Hills, California.  REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT CRIME LAW)

Actress Lindsay Lohan surrenders in court to begin serving a 90-day jail term for violation of probation in Beverly Hills, California on July 20, 2010. UPI/Al Seib/Pool Photo via Newscom

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  1. Lady Jane says:

    I think (hope) Linds will look back someday at these photos of her on her way to jail and shake her head at A. how awful she looks and B. how far she has come from then. Hopefully.

  2. waldemar says:

    How can the sheriff already say that she will be released in two weeks for good behavior. What good behavior? She didn’t have a change yet to show anything!

    Love the book suggestions.

  3. Jazz says:

    The way the lawyer talks anyone would think she’s doing hard time in state prison. As for sending her books, she’ll be out before they get there. And why does a 24 year old need all those prescription pills?

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    egad, those lips…why does anyone think that looks good?

    really can’t muster any sympathy for her. until she admits her responsibility in this whole situation and gains some humility, she’s not going to get better.

  5. YT says:

    Adderall is an amphetamine and is a controlled (ha!) medication. I was on it for a short time, but it made me nutty. The doctor increased the dosage. It only worked for ADD about two weeks after starting it and about a week after the dosage increase. I got rid of the doctor and the Adderall.

    It is a great medication for weight loss, and I suspect that is the real reason Lindsay and others take it.

    Two weeks in jail is not enough to get Lindsay’s attention before sending her off to rehab, but the sheriff has better things to do than deal with a spoiled, self-entitled brat with a truckload of enablers. The full 90 days before rehab might have been more helpful for her.

    The saddest part of this is that we won’t have a vacation from news of Lindsay.

  6. meme says:

    why did they even bother to lock her up in the first place? she’ll be out in a week and find a way to get out of going to rehab.

  7. eja102 says:

    why does she have to take out her extensions?

  8. Newyorking says:

    I was reading up about prescription meds, and psychologists/psychiatrists prescribe the highest number of meds compared with all other doctors/specialists. And they get paid a ton of money as well because pharma companies can take them on fully-paid conference trips, lectures, etc. Clearly there is a conflict of interest. I went to a shrink years back and was clear about not wanting medication — every shrink I tried prescribed medication first and counseling later. One med made me crazy and feel more suicidal than usual. When I told the doctor that, he increased the dosage because the small dosage apparently was not enough to remove depression. Anyway, I overruled the guy and am free of meds.
    Lilo is at fault here, but to some extent I blame shrinks for over-prescribing and relying so much on meds.

  9. Lucy says:

    @ Newyorking: Psychologists only have some script writing privileges, and that’s only in two states in the U.S., in Canada they have none. Though I don’t disagree with you on the psychiatry.

  10. Embee says:

    A hearty “second” to Newyorking. ADD meds are dangerous stuff and hugely overprescribed. Ambien is (also) highly addictive. When will people learn that for MOST of the world, the solution to both their inability to concentrate and to sleep is a healthy diet, adequate exercise and less alcohol?? It’s not rocket science, it’s really not. Linds would probably be a whole different person without those meds. I’ve known way too many people on them and they all act like her: entitled, bratty, angry, self-centered and paranoid. It’s a disgusting industry.

  11. Anti-icon says:

    #8 Newyorking: Thanks for saying this because these prescription drugs are dangerous, and mixing it with driving is filling up the county jails with people who legimately were using their anti-anxiety meds correctly, but when you mix in liquor, even small amounts sometimes, and the body chemistry can’t handle it. Jails really are filled with real addicts, but also people who are being medicated for mental stuff, and that is never an exact science. Bottom line for regular people: don’t drive when you’re on meds–if you can avoid it; and don’t mix alcohol.

  12. Hepzibah says:

    The reason psychiatrists prescribe so many meds is because psychiatric patients have some sort of chemical imbalance leading to depression, mania, anxiety, etc. It is rare to be able to handle any but the mildest chemical imbalance without medication(s). If you do not have a chemical imbalance, you do not need a psychiatrist and they will refer you to a psychologist.

    Back to LiLo… at least in jail she will only be able to take her PRESCRIBED dosage. No extras.

  13. meg says:

    Am I the only one who things this entire thing is a waste of time and a charade?? I’m boycotting anymore “news” about this broad til I read about her overdose.

  14. Lucy says:

    Mini rant, you’re all forewarned.

    Reason for psychiatrists prescribing medication, they are MD’s – they follow a medical model for treatment. They specialize in psychiatry after finishing their MD.

    It’s being shown through empirical studies that although medication is usually helpful, the aim of experimental and clinical psychologists is to overcome the usage of medication. Psychotherapy, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, for many disorders is just as beneficial as medication.

    Not taking away from what has previously been said – some medications are way over prescribed, but medication isn’t the first and only line of defence and treatment in mental disorders/illnesses.

    Sorry! These things just get to me. :)

  15. Celebitchy says:

    I agree with most all of you on the prescription medication issue and thank you for commenting so thoughtfully about it.
    -edit- I didn’t want to add a lot of personal information to this comment, but I had a friend who was addicted to Oxycontin and his personality changed so much. It was hard to see.

  16. Persistent Cat says:

    I went to my doctor once because my back was killing me. I wanted to see a registered massage therapist so I needed a referral so insurance would cover the cost. (fyi – I’m in Canada so I don’t pay to see my doctor.) She started to write me a prescription for muscle relaxants. As much as I wanted the meds, I have an addictive personality and it wasn’t going to help my back so I had to stop her and just ask for the referral.

  17. aenflex says:

    Wow so many people with expertise in pharma! Awesome! I thought this post was about Linds…Look I don’t feel bad for her mostly. She has gotten chances in life that most people will never see. I’m all for blaming the parents, but there comes a point when the adult child must realize they are on thier own and are responsible for thier own actions. This petulent sense of entitlement should be squashed down and if she cannot do it for herself, eff her!

  18. Green Is Good says:

    Both Parisite Hilton and Hohan claim they have ADHD. What a load of crap. They use Adderall to stay thin. Period.

    Even Hohan’s doctors are enablers.

  19. Brittney says:

    I’ve had roommates and best friends who became addicts because of prescription pills, and their personalities truly did change, as CB says. As someone who genuinely needs certain prescriptions to fully function (sometimes, just to get out of bed), I do see the flip side and I will never understand why something like marijuana is considered criminal while doctors carelessly create addicts every day. Everyone rushes to blame Lindsay for her situation, but the personality traits the public hates are the same ones I saw develop in my addict friends — and disappear again just as soon as they beat that awful beast. She could be such a good example for millions if the same happens for her.

  20. Anti-icon says:

    Lucy #14: Many cheers for your rant, which reflects my life journey and strong opinions about the benefits of talking. Talking before it becomes something else. I hope our new health care system provides means for people who are in crisis to talk. In groups. With a private therapist. But not always take the meds and don’t talk your problems through. Young people are better at talking than my generation, so there is hope. I really liked your comment.

  21. bellaluna says:

    Forget about sending her anything – by the time it gets through “the system” she’ll be out of jail. Think about it: 2 Sundays (no mail); 2 Fridays (nothing administrative gets done done by any level of government on Fridays in California due to budget f@ckery); the time it takes for mail to actually get there; and the back-log of mail for jail officials to go through due to over-crowding, no mail on Sundays, and less (or no) staff on Fridays due to budget f@ckery. Welcome to California!
    (end rant – sorry, no coffee yet!)

  22. bellaluna says:

    On topic, she won’t recover as long as she’s allowed to take her prescription drugs. Prescription drugs have been one of her biggest problems. An independent doctor needs to evaluate LL, her prescriptions, and dosages to eliminate unnecessary meds for non-existent conditions.

    I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her right now.

  23. denise says:

    lol@ the Book selections you suggested.

  24. Madisyn says:

    I really thought the jail would stop these medications. If she can take them in jail, she’ll certainly be able to take them in rehab. Like Meg said, this is all a colossal waste of money on a system that is way overloaded as is!

  25. Gail says:

    Holy vacation Batman! Where is this fabulous resort where people will send me presents? Where I take drugs, read all day, and be left the hell alone for 2 weeks! Jail you say? ‘Scuse me ya’ll, I gotta go get some coke and a car so I can kidnap people and run over someone! What do you mean I won’t get the same treatment? This is America! It says right there in that Constitution thingy that we’re all supposed to be treated the same.

  26. valerie says:

    poor lindsay…her parents made her this way…

  27. MissyA says:

    At least for the first time in a long time, she’ll be forced to take her prescriptions as prescribed. No double dosing, no snorting, just a Correction’s Officer standing by with a paper cup of water. Poor dear will probably only stave off the worst of the shakes. Prison life is tough, ya’ll.

    What book would you send Lindsay to read in jail? Assuming, of course, Lindsay can read. Wouldn’t surprise me if, with her fame and all that money, she’s partially illiterate. Certainly seems that way on Twitter.

    I probably would send her a classic – Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. It’s one of my favorites about the psychology of crime – though I think she’d stop after the first couple pages and immediately relate to Raskolnikov.

    CB – I can relate. I have had several friends addicted to Oxy. The ones that survived changed irrevo

  28. Tia C says:

    @ bellaluna: As usual, I totally agree with you.

    Jails are not usually great for giving inmates their medication. I had a friend in jail last year, who needs to take anti-seizure medication and he had the hardest time getting it! He ended up having two seizures while he was there because he couldn’t consistently get the medication. If she really is allowed to take her un-needed Adderal and Ambien in there, that really chaps my ass! My friend needed his medication to stay ALIVE. Nobody NEEDS Adderal or Ambien. Those are wants, not needs. Ugh, she is SO gross. I honestly don’t think she’s ever going to “get it.”

  29. bellaluna says:

    @ Tia C – That’s awful! Your friend could have ended up dead from a grand mal! My sister-in-law died a few years ago when she had a grand mal and hit her nose on a marble counter. She drowned in her own blood because no one heard (the adults in the house were “hibernating” after their latest meth binge) when she hit the counter and then the floor.

    They’re probably allowing the Ambien just to help her mellow out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they slipped her a few extra just to shut her up! (Not really, I’m being facetious.) Since when is Ambien considered a “required” medication?

  30. cprincess says:

    Oh dear -looks like we have a few self styled Doctors here!!
    First of all-if you REALLY have ADD-adderall is life saving-it does not speed you up,it calms you down and enables a person to function.
    I am perscribed it as part of my treatment with a Psychiatrist who incidentally are already doctors BEFORE they specialize in Phsychiatry and in my experience,it is not like seeing a therapist-they take a much more clinical view and are more interested in the brain and its workings…
    I do not snort/base or do anything else with adderall -I take it as perscribed and it has changed my life.
    I do not need sleep medication,I eat a good diet and take good care of myself HOWEVER that by itself was not enough to enable me to function.
    I am tired of hearing know alls trash adderall or meds in general-try walking in a persons shoes who REALLY have ADD.
    I sort of suspect that Lindsay may not be ADD because why does she need the ambien to sleep-adderall has a calming effect for an ADD sufferer…Ive never not been able to sleep.
    It does kill your appetite but you have to eat-I personally have no interest in being strung out and skinny-I want to feel good and well….

  31. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Doctors don’t create addicts. A genetic predisposition to addiction plus childhood trauma creates addicts.

    If Lindsay didn’t take the Adderall, she wouldn’t need the Ambien, and vice versa. Of course, I’m no psychopharmacologist.

  32. xxodettexx says:


  33. Jeri says:

    I guess they don’t have the staff to detox her safely but Rehab better get her off the pills.

    I don’t think Lindsay knows she was robbed.

  34. mollination says:

    i think it’s really lame the address to send lindsey stuff was included. I’m always reading stories about the oil spill, or animals that need to be adopted, or families who’s homes were crushed, or people with cancer whom celebs have visited in the hospital and then there’s never any info for the reader to follow-up or help.

    but we can spend money sending this entitled little brat snarky books? :::sigh:::

  35. great808 says:


    Totally agree with you!

    Nobody needs to spend thier hard earned money on Lindsay!

    Her human rights have not been violated.

    This is someone who has DUIs, entitlement issues-and thinks she has some privileged ‘right’ to put other peoples lives on the line.

  36. gg says:

    Y’know — I think I have really ceased to give a shite about this stupid little girl.

  37. skeptical says:

    lol @ Gail

    and i totally agree!

  38. rheba says:

    2 weeks my eye..she’ll be out in about 7 days

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