In Touch: Angelina Jolie is mad b/c Brad’s mom still talks to Jennifer Aniston


In Touch Weekly’s cover story this week seems extremely dated. I’m pretty sure In Touch and other tabloids have done the same story many times over the past five years, and ITW just changed the dates and a few specifics. The basics: Angelina Jolie is pissed off because… does she need a reason? Sigh. She’s always pissed off, in Tabloidville. She’s a very angry, bitter, nasty, contemptuous person, in Tabloidville. Anyway, Angelina’s “reason” for being angry this week is that Jane Pitt, Brad’s mother, still has an ongoing friendship with Jennifer Aniston. Because of this – and because Jane Pitt might be telling Aniston all about what’s going on in Brad and Angelina’s relationship – Angelina has decided that Jane should not babysit her children. Here’s an excerpt from ITW:

Angelina Jolie had initially planned to take a solo trip to Budapest to scout locations for her upcoming film — leaving all six of her kids at home with her partner, Brad Pitt, and his parents, Bill and Jane. Yet when Angelina was spotted in the Hungarian city on August 21, she had her twins Knox and Vivienne, 2, in tow. Posing for photos with the toddlers, she looked happy as could be.

But behind the scenes, a friend says, Angelina, 35, had other things on her mind. According to the friend, the main reason she took the twins to Eastern Europe was to upset Jane — whose ongoing friendship with Brad’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston has Angelina seeing red.

“Angie strongly thinks that the past is the past, and Jennifer and Jane should let each other go because their friendship is disrespectful,” the friend explains. “Angie had been complaining to Brad that it’s weird for his mom to talk to his ex-wife, but Brad just brushed it off. So she decided she didn’t want Jane watching over the twins.”

Very close to Jen during her marriage to Brad, Jane seemed to take the place of Jen’s estranged mother. And that apparently hasn’t changed since the divorce. Another pal says Jane and Jen still talk at least once a month and maintain a very strong bond.

“Jane still thinks of Jennifer as a daughter,” says a pal. “She knows that Angelina isn’t happy about the friendship, but that doesn’t stop her from keeping Jen in her life.”

Jen, in turn, “consults Jane on everything from major purchases to romance to her career.” And Jane confides in Jen, as well. To Angelina, who has not always seen eye to eye with Jane, the friendship is like a slap in the face. Angelina feels that she — not Jen — should take precedence with his parents.

Blaming Brad’s ex even more than his mother, Angelina is intent on sending Jen a message: Keep away from my family. And she’s been sending that message through Jane. It’s making it very difficult for Jane, who “cherishes her friendship with Jennifer,” Jane has known Jen for more than 10 years and resents being asked to stop talking to her.

“They care about each other,” the friend says. “Jane has never kept it a secret. She doesn’t see why she has to cut off that connection.” And Brad tends to agree with his mother. “He thinks Jane is a grown woman and she should be able to do what she wants.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

First of all, I don’t buy this dynamic AT ALL. I think Jane probably does still talk to Jennifer, and whatever, you know? I also think that Brad’s parents probably get along with Angelina very well – Angelina has spent a lot of time with the Pitts, and everybody seems to adore the kids/grandkids. But, for argument’s sake, let’s say that ITW is on to something and that Angelina is disturbed by Jane and Jennifer’s relationship. I think that Jane has every right to still have a relationship with Jennifer. But I also think Angelina has every right to say who looks after her kids. Sure, it sounds like Angelina is using the kids as leverage with Jane… but if Jane is a blabbermouth, I could buy it. Eh.

08 December 2008 - Westwood, CA - William Alvin Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jane Pitt and Brad Pitt. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Los Angeles Premiere at Mann's Village Theatre. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

39558, VENICE, ITALY - Friday April 16, 2010. Brad Pitt's parents, William and Jane, go for an outing with grandkids Shiloh, Pax, Maddox, and Zahara in Venice, Italy. Maddox and Shiloh take turns jumping around, with Shiloh looking adorable in her striped sailor outfit (complete with white jeans!) while the equally fashionable Zahara is seen holding onto a Hello Kitty clutch that looks a little too large for her tiny frame! Pax holds onto grandpa William's hand as the family enjoys a nice day in Venice, with mother Angelina Jolie filming scenes for The Tourist. Photograph:

39456, VENICE, ITALY - Tuesday April 13, 2010. Jane Pitt, Brad Pitt's mother, holds onto Knox as the two enjoy the sights at their balcony in Venice, Italy. Angelina Jolie is currently still filming scenes for her upcoming film with co-star Johnny Depp, The Tourist. The two were spotted shooting a handcuff scene just yesterday as they filmed in a Motoscafo boat on the Grand Canal. Brad Pitt allegedly had his mother flown out last week to Europe to help him babysit his six children with Jolie. Photograph:

08 December 2008 - Westwood, CA - William Alvin Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jane Pitt and Brad Pitt. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Los Angeles Premiere at Mann's Village Theatre. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

08 December 2008 - Westwood, California - Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and parents William Alvin Pitt and Jane Pitt. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Los Angeles Premiere held at Mann's Village Theatre. Photo Credit: Michael Jade/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

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  1. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Not again! This is old news…and very boring

  2. mln says:

    Brad’s mom seems really nice and since she isn’t an actress I am willing to bet that her and Angie get along fine. I do think it would be a little weird if there is a friendship w/Jen but I have a feeling its’ not that dramatic.

  3. Raven says:

    Old news. This is a complete rehash of a years-ago story. I can’t believe there is any truth to it. Jane may be friendly still with Aniston, but I think Jolie doesn’t care at all. I remember Brad saying he couldn’t handle more than 4 kids at once.

  4. coup de grazia says:

    i have to disagree. i think, if any of it is true, it’s inappropriate and rather rude for the mom to have an ongoing relationship with the ex. it’s not like they were married for 20 years, JA’s not the mother of any grandkids, etc. i’d be pissed too. i think it’s disrespectful towards AJ.

  5. eja102 says:

    adults can choose their own friends.

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Love the first pic at the bottom and the 4th one. Really love the first one at the bottom because of the look of pure pride in Brad’s eyes. Awww

    I don’t think Angie would mind that Jane still talks with Jen. Jane has visited Jen before and its no big deal. Angie talked with BBT when her mom passed. Not every relationship has to end because another one did. Jen and Jane’s relationship is their thing. Brad, Angie, and the kids have nothing to do with that. Do I think Jen and Jane still talk after what Jen said in Vogue? No.

  7. Embee says:

    The story’s likely to be fabricated but I’ll weigh in anyway :)

    Jen DOES seem like “one of those girls” who befriends their partner’s mother and continues that relationship after the romance has ended. I find that behavior immature, manipulative and unnatural. Your only connection to in-laws is your marriage to their child and any kids you have with them; if there is no more connection you need to let the relationship go.

    Make a new friend, for Pete’s sake.

  8. guesty says:

    angie & jane seem to be having a moment in these pics. so good for them. but secretly (or maybe not) you just know jane favors jen. & angie knows it too. in-laws are so like a game of chess. team angie on this one.

  9. a says:

    the laughter between jolie and brad’s mom looks genuine. it’s hard to fake that, if you’re on the outs it’s awkward in public. i know jolie is an actress but brad’s mom isn’t.

  10. rheba says:

    How many times is this story going to be told? Telling it a million times doesn’t make it true. Get over it !!!!

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @eja102 LOL oh well Jen said Angie was uncool after the interviewer asked her what Jen what she thought of Angelina stating that she couldn’t wait to get to work on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith everyday.

    Nevermind that Jen turns around and said the same exact thing about working with Owen Wilson on that dog movie. The reason it irritates me because it shows a woman who hasn’t let things go after nearly what, 6 or 7 years. It was also childish who still talks like that her age. Jen should learn to have more class than to talk like that.

  12. aenflex says:

    @coupdegrazia – Jealous much?

  13. aenflex says:

    And I agree – old news – so what?

  14. mslewis says:

    I feel sorry for Jane. She shouldn’t have to be dragged into these silly ragmag storylines. But the rags drag up this “feud” between Jane and Angelina every so often, usually when people seem tired of the usual storylines. Poor Jane shouldn’t be in any of this.

    I don’t believe any of it. Why would Jane Pitt do anything that might upset the mother of her grandchildren? Or her son. She’s not that dumb. I don’t believe she is in contact at all with Aniston and I don’t think either of them want to be in contact. Everyone has moved on . . . except the ragmags.

    And doesn’t Angelina take at least two of her children with her when she goes somewhere alone? None of this is new, except to the rags.

  15. pebbles says:

    Yeah, kinda weird. My mother-in-law has two divorced sons……and she does not maintain a friendship with either of the wives. Can’t imagine it unless the couple had been married for 15 years or something, and if kids were involved.

  16. Tess says:

    Well…who really knows.

    But Jane’s friendship w Jen is fraught with potential pitfalls.

    Her first loyalty should be to her son, his wife, and their children.

    M-I-L’s are an easy target and she should be smart about not painting one on her back or causing tensions in her son’s marriage.

  17. meme says:

    I think people will still be reading about this Bermuda Triangle until the end of days. Enough already.

  18. Whatever says:

    I’ve read this story a dozen times at least. And it sounds like BS every time.

  19. Tia C says:

    This tired old played out story AGAIN? Boy, In Touch must be really desperate for news. How many times do we have to hear the same stupid BS? AS IF there’s one iota of truth to this. Puh-leez.

  20. Fae says:

    @ Coup De Grazia

    Seriously? You think that anyone has the right to tell people who they can and cannot be friends with?

    I think it’s more than a little disrespectful and rude to think that one’s relationship is important enough to impact on the relationships of those on the periphery. I can’t think of many things I’d consider more selfish, inappropriate or petulant. That’s like a child saying ‘I don’t like this person so neither should any of you’.

  21. irishserra says:

    Since when is time the sole determiner of the value of one’s friendship? I’ve maintained friendships with the parents of men whom I’ve dated, and we’ve all moved on.

    My relationships with those people have nothing to do with my exes and everyone is mature enough to understand and respect it.

    I agree with Fae. Also, why should Jennifer give up her relationship with Jane when Jennifer did nothing wrong? Is she supposed to be punished for her husband’s infidelity? If any of this report is true (and I seriously doubt it is), it would be the attitude of Jolie that is immature. However, this is all moot because this report is most likely garbage.

  22. coup de grazia says:

    yes, you nailed it on the head. the fact that i stated my opinion, as have others on this thread – that if my MIL maintained a close and ongoing friendship with my husband’s ex-wife, where it was not a particularly long term marriage and no kids were involved, particularly if I was a high profile person with a bunch of bermuda triangle stuff surrounding me, i would find this to be inappropriate and disrespectful – makes me @aenflex – “jealous” (of what, i have no idea) – and @Fae – telling people who they can be friends with. obviously.

    and honestly, both of those responses sound like the kind of stuff i think i last heard in approximately seventh grade.

  23. Leticia says:

    the mom has a right to continue a friendship with the ex-wife. After all, she didn’t divorce Aniston, her son did.

  24. Amy says:

    I’ve been married for five years. If I was suddenly divorced, I would definitely still maintain a relationship with my MIL. She is like a mother to me!

    Oh, and I can’t stand it when people say Jennifer Aniston can’t move on… when did she ever say that? If she ever discusses Brad, it’s because she is constantly being asked about it, like Christina Hendricks and her bustline.

    It’s tabloid fodder! Stop projecting, you Brangeloonies…

  25. wunderkindt says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Jane and Jen being friends, hanging out, and talking shop.
    Afterall, doesnt someone have to plot the overthrow of Brangelina?

  26. truthSF says:

    Has anyone ever seen Jane and Jen together in the past 5 years,(besides InTouch of course) to make that assumption.

    I’ve seen more pictures of Jane Pitt with her son and his family (including Angelina) in the past 3 years, than I’ve seen of her and Jen Aniston when she was married to Brad.

  27. Moreaces says:

    The stories never stop,, The kids will be 40 years old, and we will still be hearing about this ish, 40 year old Madd, ask Jennifer to give him away at his wedding,, Angelina fierous, and walks out on Brad.. Good god

  28. Schnozzle says:

    These two bitches will be dead and the tabloids will say their ghosts are fighting with each other. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Moreaces says:

    @ Love Angelina
    Love the first pic at the bottom and the 4th one. Really love the first one at the bottom because of the look of pure pride in Brad’s eyes. Awww

    I don’t think Angie would mind that Jane still talks with Jen. Jane has visited Jen before and its no big deal. Angie talked with BBT when her mom passed. Not every relationship has to end because another one did. Jen and Jane’s relationship is their thing. Brad, Angie, and the kids have nothing to do with that. Do I think Jen and Jane still talk after what Jen said in Vogue? No.
    What did Jen say In Vogue

  30. Moreaces says:

    These two bitches will be dead and the tabloids will say their ghosts are fighting with each other. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sad, but true,, and funny as all get out.

  31. anonymous says:

    If Brad Pitt’s mother is still talking to Jennifer Aniston she is so wrong! If she has anything to do with an ex daughter-in-law that behaved the way Jennifer Aniston did on the Chelsea Handler Show,berating Jolie and Brad Pitt kids,Jane is so wrong. Brad is the loser, because you have well developed and happy children if you have a happy mom. JA did not give Brad any kids and obviously JA was not making him happy, he left and found someone who will that same someone JA is now taking away the happiness from Brad,and Mother-law(not being able to see her grand kids because of friction with new daughter-in-law) Angie is right she cannot be friends with a mother-in-law who back stabs her to an ex-daughter-in-law who talks about her and kids so nasty on TV, nobody in there right mind would.

  32. blondie says:

    What is with all the haterade on Jen these days? I don’t watch her movies, but as celebrities go, she’s pretty benign. As for the family dynamics, whatever. It’s not like Jen & Jane are spotted out having lunch and shopping all the time, so I don’t see how it’s *publicly* disrespectful. It’s impossible to know the real situation, so let it go. Gawd, I’m so glad I’m not famous LOL ;)

  33. Maritza says:

    So what, isn’t AJ still friends with her ex-husbands? Why can’t Jane still be friends with Jennifer? I doubt AJ cares at all, she has plenty of nannies to take care of her kids anyway.

  34. Juice in LA says:

    I am getting very sick of In Touch- its like they are becoming the new OK! Every headline is utter rubbish.

    Key-rist, if your gonna make shixa up, be creative and interesting.

    @blondie- I am wondering about the haterade on Jen too. Its like everyone wanted to hate her for so long, but felt she had been pooed on, so they held off. I don’t get it.

  35. anon says:

    @Juice in LA:

    last year we hate K. Heigl
    this year we hate Jen
    next year – ?????????? :)

    but I agree it’s kinda absurd…

  36. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Moreaces I answer that on post #12 basically Jen called Angie uncool in vogue. So tacky.

    @Blondie Well I have been an Angie fan for a long long long time and the past 5 or 6 years of Angie hate because people think she seduced a grown man away from his wife doesn’t even compare to the little bit of backlash Jen is receiving now.

  37. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    As blondie said, it’s impossible to know the real situation.

    If she is still friends with Brad’s mom, I don’t see what the issue is. Adults can be friends with other adults regardless of what is going on with peripheral family members. As Fae said, it’s like saying I don’t like that person so you can’t be friends with them either.

    I love my ex boyfriend’s mom. She’s always been very nice to me and she gives me advice about becoming a teacher and is helping me along. Her son broke up with me, she didn’t.

    EDIT: Love Angelina, comparing the two isn’t going to help anything. Both of them are getting sh*t on by people because there will always be people who don’t like other people for whatever reason. I personally do not understand disliking someone or really hating someone because they are “boring”. It just seems stupid to me. Not liking someone because they were messing around with a married man, sure. But “boring”, “uninteresting”? Why bother talking about her then?

  38. The Truth Fairy says:

    AGAIN with this ??? I guess this is the story that must sell the most covers lol.

  39. Cheyenne says:


    Nothing is inevitable but death, taxes and another bullshit story about Angelina from In Touch every Wednesday.

    I am willing to bet a dollar to a donut-hole that Jane Pitt has no contact whatever any more with her ex daughter-in-law. There may have been a reason for Aniston and Pitt to remain in contact, as long as Brad was not with another partner and had no children. But Brad has been with Angie for over five years now and they have six children together. Jane Pitt’s first loyalty is to Brad, Angelina and their children, and she seems far too smart to jeopardize her relationship with them by continuing a relationship with Aniston, who has no more ties to the Pitt family whatsoever since they have no children to link them together.

    Anyway, the whole question is moot. In Touch must be desperate for material this week if they are recycling bullshit from three years back.

  40. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: I am on excellent terms with my ex-husband’s family. But we are linked together through our son and my grandson. If my ex and I had no chldren together, it would have been inappropriate for me to maintain a relationship with a family I was no longer related to and we would have broken off contact years ago.

  41. Kim says:

    IT surprised me with this BS I thought they were going to make up another story about Brad and Angie fighting because Angie is working on another film.So she took the twins to upset Jane why not take all the kids with her to really piss Jane off.FYI Amy,Jen was not asked about Brad in Marie Claire when she mentioned keeping his voice mails from years ago.IDK If Jane and Jen are in contact the last pic of Jane at Jen’s house was in 2006 or 2007.Angie’s BG took Jane to Jen’s house

  42. mariex says:

    @Moreaces: What did Jen say In Vogue

    I’m not positive but I think what @LoveAngelina was referring to was Aniston doing a article in Vogue to promote one of her movies in the past year or so and dropping the kids names? Which kinda makes it seem like she talks about her ex while doing promotional tours in order to stir up interest in her movies but talking about their children would be taking it too far.

  43. Sassy says:

    Yawn. Bullshit. And AJ wants to punish her MIL by not allowing her to babysit the twins but she’s OK with MIL babysitting the other kids? Such crap.

  44. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Cheyenne: There are many many reasons why someone would remain friends with an ex-husband’s mother, sister, cousin, whomever.

    My mother has been divorced from my father for 13 years now and she still talks to my aunt who she got along great with. My aunt still comes to see us and all, but my sisters and I have nothing to do with their relationship. They are friends with a history and a kinship that had nothing to do with my father.

    Who knows if Jen and Jane are still friends. But if they are, clearly they have a bond that is stronger than Brad’s was to Jennifer.

    Explain why it would be inappropriate to maintain a friendship with someone which you had for at least 5 years and created a strong bond with just because you broke up with their son.

  45. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @TheHammIsMyDreamMan Well Aniston isn’t just getting backlash because she is as interesting as watching paint dry, she is getting backlash because people in the media are finally seeing her pathetic, damn near twisted way of staying famous by dragging her sad, lonely, and single girl image out for nearly 6 years. Where would Jen be without Brad and Angelina to ride on?

    Jen has way more going for her than most single women. Bill Simmons articulated it better than me but Jen is dragging it out and people are tired of it and her.

  46. original kate says:

    only a woman who is insecure with her relationship would give a crap if her husband’s ex-wife stays friendly with his family. and that doesn’t sound like angie. but if it is true and angie has kept her children away from their grandmother out of spite that is just mean. why punish the kids? but i don’t think this story is true. brad & angie have an unconventional, blended family and i doubt jen having contact with brad’s parents is too weird for them to handle.

  47. leV says:

    Brangelina are always right.
    F*** the parents.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: if you break up with someone you’ve been with for five years, and that someone moves on to another woman and establishes a family with her, then you are clearly de trop in that situation, if he has no children to share with you. He has a new family, a new partner, new responsibilities, and there is no place for you in that scenario. So just ease yourself out gracefully and move on.

    If I was in that situation and his family continued to contact me, I would be cordial to them, but I would not seek out contact. I’d find a new partner and make my own family if I wanted one.

    As I said above, if you have a child with your ex then everything changes. Children are the bond between your and your ex’s family. I’m on excellent terms with my ex’s extended family because my son is close to all of them. In fact, they like me and my son better than they like my ex.

    @kate: if Angie was trying to distance her children from Brad’s parents, I don’t think she would have invited them to stay with the family in Italy. As somebody said upthread, Angie, Brad and the kids have spent a lot of time with the Pitts. OTOH, it’s on record that while they were still married, Aniston refused to go with Brad to the senior Pitts’ anniversary party, preferring to stay in LA and party with her friends.

    Also, while Aniston couldn’t or wouldn’t give the Pitts even one grandchild, Angie has given them six. Grandparents remember things like that.

  49. blondie says:

    @ Cheyenne –
    I just have to take issue with one thing you said, “If my ex and I had no chldren together, it would have been inappropriate for me to maintain a relationship with a family I was no longer related to and we would have broken off contact years ago.”

    I maintain a relationship with lots of people I’m ‘no longer related to.’ I even have relationships with people I’ve never been related to. They’re called FRIENDS, wtf is the big deal?

    @ Hamm is my dream man – LOL I know right? Lindsay Lohan is not boring … I kinda prefer boring sometimes

  50. newtsgal says:

    Really…..Who really gives a hairy rats ass!

  51. Cam says:

    I don’t buy it.

    Anyway, I think it’s childish to stay friends with your ex’s family, unless they’re your kid’s family as well.

    I know it’s different, but my sister went out with a guy for almost 6 years, we were all able to get to know him well and near the end we really cared about him, because it felt like he was already part of the family… anyway, they broke up after 5 years with no kids, and i was devastated, we all were… but come on, we had nothing to do with him anymore! we moved on and that was it, that’s how it’s done. My sister is now happily married with another guy and they have a beautiful daughter together, it would have been very awkward if we had stayed friends with her ex.

  52. original kate says:

    “If Angie was trying to distance her children from Brad’s parents, I don’t think she would have invited them to stay with the family in Italy.” blah blah blah.

    @cheyenne: um, i’m just commenting on the article. the article stated that angie kept the kids away from grandma, not me. i also said i didn’t believe the story. maybe you should try reading people’s posts before commenting on them.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    blondie, c’mon now, maintaining a relationship with an old friend doesn’t carry half the emotional baggage of maintaining a relationship with the family of an ex who has clearly cut whatever bond he ever felt with you and moved on to someone else. See the difference?

    @Kate: sorry if you misunderstood my intent. I didn’t way it was you who made the claim; I was commenting on your observation. I’m sure neither you nor anyone with a grain of common sense believes that story. But you can always count on In Touch to come up with a bullshit Angelina story every week, new or recycled.

  54. Amy says:

    Why is In Touch so obsessed with these duo. This is a seven year old story.Yawn.

  55. wonderful says:

    What, is she not allowed to EVER mention her ex-husband in the span of five/six years??? It was her life after all, and that’s what they are asking about – her life. Not to mention, it’s HER ex-husband and she has every right to bring him up if she wants, look at how many of you just mentioned your own. Talking about saving voice mails is extremely common among divorcees and widow/widowers, why do you all feel the need to demonize her for that???????

  56. bite me says:

    of course jane stil talks to america sweetheart…jennifer is so wholesome i bet they talk about lots of things, like jen perfect hair, jen perfect body…and then jane mentions how great of a mother angelina is an jennifer starts crying…

  57. truthSF says:

    @bite me:

    Post of the day, had me ROFLMAO!!!

  58. Carrie says:


    Grandma and Grandpa Pitt spend all sorts of time with the kids, and it all seems to be fine.

    Grandma Pitt is probably still friendly with Jennifer Aniston, but I doubt she is blabbing to her about Brad and Angelina- regardless of her feelings for Angie, whatever they might be, blabbing to Aniston about Brad is a betrayal of Brad, and what mother does that?

    The tabloids keep this story going, when all of the parties involved seem over it. Brad and Angelina have 6 KIDS TOGETHER- I’m really certain that they are unconcerned with Jennifer Aniston.

  59. Jaleen says:

    Not exactly shocking news if Brad’s mom isn’t an Angie fan, think about it…have we seen Angie out with a girlfriend ever? To lunch? Anything??? Brad’s parents/siblings are rarely with his new family, that’s a fact (anyone stating otherwise is full of poo) and it could very well have something to do with Angie.

  60. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Cheyenne: “He has a new family, a new partner, new responsibilities, and there is no place for you in that scenario.”

    Exactly. HE has a new life and HE has a new family outside of you. His mother, on the other hand, is not attached to his hip. His mother has an entire life outside of him that has nothing to do with him.

    His mom can be friends with whomever she likes. Children are not the only bond between an ex’s family and you. That is a very old fashioned way of thinking.

    Someone who used to legally be family can still be a good friend. Just because you legally and emotionally severed ties with one of their family members does not mean you have to do it with ALL of them, especially if you have some kind of special bond with them or you have something you do which is unique.

  61. Liana says:

    Anyway, I think it’s childish to stay friends with your ex’s family, unless they’re your kid’s family as well.
    (trying this again since I am fodder for the spam filter today poor pitiful me)

    Color me childish, then. I was with a guy for 3 years. We broke up in 2001 and I am still close to his mother, 9 years later. I don’t give a rat’s patootie about him (such the cheating bastard), but I really like and respect his mom. She sends me cards for special occasions, I have lunch with her a couple times a year… and my husband has no issue with it at all, nor does my ex, who is also married (but he has kids now)

  62. lily of the valley says:

    I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all for a mom to have a relationship with an ex. My grandmother had a very big heart and was kind to my mother after her and my dad split and up until shortly before her death kept in regular contact with one of my dad’s exes. Dad never had a problem with it.

    I believe this story, they might be dredging it up again on a slow news day but I can see Angelina being the kind of person who is threatened about Jen’s ongoing relationship with Brad’s mother given the disrespectful way in which her and Brad started their relationship. She is quite possibly bothered by the fact that Brad’s mother might like Jen better, although tolerating Angelina for the sake of Brad and the kids. Just my opinion.

    Angelina has always seemed like a woman with mental problems to me, not that I condemn her for it but she should get over any relationship insecurities at the very least by now. The man is hook line and sinker how many damn kids do they have already?!?!

  63. Camille says:

    bite me: LOL! Yes, comment of the day :lol: .

  64. BethL says:

    I’m shocked that only 2 or 3 people believe this story. Usually only 2 or 3 disregard tabloid stories eventhough they are so unbelievable. I never understood why people say Angelina doesn’t have friends. How would anybody know? Everytime there are photographs of Angelina with a female, the press dismiss them as employees when they may actually be friends. I’m assuming since they aren’t famous it’s assumed they can’t be friends. Frankly with the exception of Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney, I don’t know who most celebrities’ friends are. I never see Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, etc with friends yet nobody says they don’t have any.

  65. bizzy says:

    Jen, in turn, “consults Jane on everything from major purchases to romance to her career.”

    hahahahaha. so, wait, what?

    Jane: Oh, Jen, I think that John Mayer is a *lovely* young man, you should totally date him. And ‘The Switch’ is *such* a good script for you, you should totally do it.

    Angie: Jesus, Jane, I realize you really thought you’d never have grandchildren, but seriously, show a little mercy.

  66. 2% says:

    this is just more old,tired,recycled crap ( much like jen herself )from Jen’s PR machine making one of their very predictable moves- deflect & divert attention from the fact that 1. she said the word ret*rd on national television offending many( and has yet to issue an apology ) and 2. she bombed at the BO.
    So predictable & pathetic

  67. Emily says:

    I actually think it’s mature to remain friends with your in-laws after a breakup/divorce. If you were close to them while dating their child, then why the hell should you have to break off contact when the relationship ends? Only people who are insecure about their relationship would have a problem with that.

  68. d says:

    Jane should still be able to be friends with Aniston, but I think Angie’s got a right to set some ground rules(in terms of discussing the marriage). Otherwise, it’s undercutting the relationship. It’s a very fine line. If they’re talking once a month, it can’t be that close. If Jen needs a mum-like presence in her life, that’ ok too. If I were Angie, I would just hope and trust that Jane is respectful of their privacy in terms of the relationship (Angie and Brad’s privacy). Again, a fine line.

  69. 2% says:

    Bite me – you rock!

    As I was looking over the posts on this thread I noticed of all you b!tches who actually believe this nonsense that are spouting _ I think it’s perfectly fine they stay in touch, I know people in the same situation and AJ is just insecure blah, blah, blah- NOT ONE of you hypocrital losers said “MY husbands/boyfriends ex stays in touch with his mother and it doesn’t bother me”


  70. Gigohead says:

    Yawn who cares. Just because someone is not with someone you don’t divorce your family. I divorced my ex in 1999 and I am still close to his sister and niece. In fact, they are coming to my wedding this Friday. I know my ex’s current wife is peeved but I don’t ask about my ex or his family. who cares! I’ve got more going on than them. I should be the one concerned.

    angie needs to get over her high self.

  71. Liana says:

    NOT ONE of you hypocrital losers said “MY husbands/boyfriends ex stays in touch with his mother and it doesn’t bother me”
    I didn’t say that because my husband’s mother passed away. But if Amanda or Liza (his two longest term exes) had been in touch with his mom, I wouldn’t really have cared. Loser back atcha.

  72. 2% says:

    your comment means nothing because of the big IF- so it’s meaningless

    loser right back atcha

  73. Liana says:

    *shakes head*

    You don’t know me at all, so maybe you shouldn’t be commenting on my reactions to things. That makes YOUR comment meaningless. And you started calling people losers, which really makes you one. But as long as you’re happy, that’s all that counts. Have a lovely evening.

  74. DD says:

    oh yes… the tried and true Jen and Jane still talk so therefore evil Angelina is upset story. This is sooo interesting, I’m looking for the 2.99 to buy this issue as we speak.

  75. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    2%-well to be perfectly honest, my ex loves my mom and I love his mom. He’s friends with my mom on facebook and she sends him little funny things she finds on the internet. I think she sort of thinks of him as another one of her kids. The only reason why we aren’t together is because he lives in Turkey now. I guess if it had ended poorly (though he did break up with me-not that I’m bitter or anything ;p) it might be different. Might be.

    I think also there is something about female relatives and the way you break up. If you, as the woman, broke up with or cheated on the man, then chances are you won’t be friends with their family anymore and they won’t want to be friends with you for hurting their male relative so badly.

    And then there is the other way around. Typically a woman can relate in some way to being scorned by some man and will just think of the man as a jerk for leaving a perfectly good relationship in a bad way-even if he is their relative. In Brad’s case, he could have just gotten a divorce once he thought he was unhappy. But instead he got involved (in some way or another) with another woman and then got divorced.

    That’s what happened with my mom and dad. My dad cheated on my mom. She divorced him but my aunt was very much on her side about the whole matter (his mother had died years before) and they remain friends even years and years later.

    Maybe that’s why I’m biased but I think it depends really highly upon the circumstances under which you break up. Jennifer and Jane pretty clearly had a great relationship before Brad decided to be an ass so why break up their friendship over that?

  76. Holly says:

    Seems I’m the last one to comment on this (and thus, probably no one will read), but wouldn’t it just be AWESOME if Jen, Brad, Angie, and all of the rest of the pathetic lot having ANYTHING to do with this shit went out to lunch together? Wouldn’t that just shut the tabs up for good? That’s what I’m rootin’ for. Otherwise, we’ll never hear the end of this debate…

    Hate to break it to some of ya, but Jane was photographed at Jen’s house a couple years ago. So if they aren’t in regular contact, they aren’t above saying hello at least.

  77. luce says:

    Brad Work, angie stay at home and vice versa.
    Same for the children
    Asian premiere for salt = the eldest children
    European premiere = the twins

    in touch story is made up.

  78. bloobloo says:

    Actually I think Angie could well have MAJOR mummy issues with jane. I think female approval, especially maternal approval is crucila to her. I think her actual relationship with her mother was not as perfect as she maintains and that Jane not liking her as much as Jen (whether or not she still speaks to her) would drive Angie INSANE. I can also imagine taht Angie would not be the easiest DIL in the world. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t tension.

  79. luce says:

    you tube : angelina and jane goodall great interview

  80. Camille says:

    bloobloo: And you know this crap, how? Been to their family gatherings or something? Or just gleaned all of that crap from tabloids. GMAFB.

  81. 21 says:

    It’s ridiculous to want someone to end their friendship with someone else just for you own sake. Who her mother in law wants to be friends with is non of her business. Get the hell over it. Jolie is sucha stupid bitch.