Demi Moore tweets bikini photos (update: pics were before scandal)

Yesterday we heard that Star Magazine was claiming that Ashton Kutcher was spotted outside the bathroom of a popular LA restaurant making out with an unknown blonde woman. Ashton and his wife of five years promptly denied that story through the Twitter accounts they’re glued to, with Ashton threatening legal action against Star and Demi Moore retweeting and agreeing. Then at some point Demi tweeted two photos of herself in a bikini, taken with a cellphone camera in the bathroom like the true 16 year-old seeking online approval she is. Many outlets picked up the story, but when I went to Demi’s Twitter account and Twitpic to find those specific tweets/photos they were gone. Did she realize what a desperate move that was and try to take it back? It was too late as the damage was already done. She looks hot of course, but it’s not about how she looks for once. Here’s more:

Demi Moore is hot and she wants the world to know it! The 47-year-old actress shared some bikini photos of herself on Twitter just to remind everyone how sexy she is. The timing of the photos comes amid reports that husband Ashton Kutcher was caught cheating with a “mystery blonde.” Who would want to compete with the near flawless Demi?

Ashton already debunked the rumors over Twitter, writing “I think Star magazine calling me a ‘cheater’ qualifies as defamation of character. I hope my lawyer agrees.”

“STAR magazine – you don’t get to stand behind ‘freedom of the press’ when you are writing fiction.”

Demi wholeheartedly supported her hubby’s Tweets and sent out a little message of her own!

The actress donned a snakeskin-print string bikini and dark sunglasses, striking a pose in her bathroom.

Her Tweets accompanying the self-portraits — “Maybe this is more like summer!” and “Finally a day off.”

The happy couple attended a Snoop Dogg concert over weekend in Las Vegas, where Demi also showed off her young side doing a dirty dance in front of the audience.

[From OK! Magazine]

Just this once and just for today – I feel sorry for Demi and Ashton. I feel sorry for them if the story is true, and I feel sorry for them if it’s not. They’re insufferable fools but they don’t deserve this. It was a lame and obvious move for Demi to respond with a bikini pic, as if to say Ashton wouldn’t cheat on her because she’s hot. It doesn’t matter what their wives look like, cheaters are going to cheat. I don’t know if Ashton did it, and as many of you said yesterday I doubt he would be stupid enough to do it in a public place like that where he would be seen. I wouldn’t put it past him, though, just as I wouldn’t put it past anyone really. I’ve been very surprised by some of these cheating scandals. Demi is still hot, we get it, but that isn’t enough to address this maybe-scandal and has the whiff of sad desperation. Maybe she’ll start to rethink her use of Twitter when impulsive moves like this may come back to bite her in the tight ass. She hasn’t been tweeting as much lately.

You’ve probably already seen the video of Demi dancing onstage with Snoop Dogg like a fool at a show in Vegas over the weekend. Here’s another video of that, taken from the audience, and Ashton looks embarrassed to me. It’s hard to tell though.

Update: Many outlets are getting this story wrong by saying that Demi tweeted these pics and that she did it in reaction to the cheating scandal. She put them up on her “daily booth” account, not her Twitpic, and she didn’t link to them from Twitter as far as I can tell. She didn’t delete them either, they’re still up with dates of August 15th which means they were made and posted well before this news about the alleged scandal broke. It doesn’t make this less desperate, she just had other motivations at the time. (Validation, attention, etc.) [Thanks David for the link!]

Photos via OK! and NineMSN

Demi More Sept. 1

Demi More Sept. 1

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  1. irishserra says:

    Do people actually think this is in any way not tacky? Taking pictures of yourself is just weird, especially in bikinis with cheesy poses. Ugh.

  2. scotchy says:

    eeee yikes, you would think that at 47 you wouldn’t feel the need to justify how fantastic you are with ridiculous photo’s of yourself scantily clad.
    i feel sorry for them as well.

  3. fizXgirl314 says:

    jesus h. christ woman… grow up and get an effing life!!! WE get it YOU’RE FIT! *eyeroll*

  4. Stephie says:

    I want that bathroom. Jeez.

  5. meme says:

    Desperate Demi is beyond obnoxious.

  6. Sam says:

    “like the true 16 year-old seeking online approval she is.”

    EXACTLY what I thought when I heard of this. What is she 12?

    What is wrong with her? It is sad.

  7. Me says:

    There is something incredibly desperate and sad about taking pictures of yourself in a bikini and posting them online at ANY age.

    This whole Twitter/Facebook thing is so creepy, self-absorbed and annoying to me. I can’t imagine why people want to plaster their lives all over the internet, as if anyone cares.

  8. Marjalane says:

    My God Celebitchy! You have way too high an opinion of these two idiots; They both have proven time and time again how egotistical and delusional they are! Of course he would cheat on her in a public place- he’s a brilliant celebrity, he’s much too clever to get busted! And why you would feel sorry for someone who’s entire life revolves around what she looks like, and her pathetic bikini shots to her “followers”! Blech. No, no, no.

  9. Lee says:

    God, she’s stupid. Obviously having any sort of IQ would interfere with her role as a lame fame-obsessed former actor. She’s pathetic, he’s pathetic.

  10. Tia says:

    Ohhhno, how embarrasing.. not to mention the sunglasses… bwahhhahahahah… wtf was she thinking? That’s it, I am going to go into the bathroom and put sunglasses on and take pics of MYSELF and post them online.. wait I should put on a bikini, ya that is cool… ohhhhhhhh nooooooooooo Demi…

  11. bizzy says:

    i’m a year younger than demi. these pictures make me

    a) realize my body could be better.
    b) realize my behavior could be worse.

    in all, i’m calling that a win for me.

  12. Riley says:

    I don’t feel sorry for them and I am confused why anyone would feel sorry for them. It is a very desperate and pathetic move on Demi’s part but I don’t feel sorry for her for making it. She is a very smart woman who is making an ass of herself over a man. It is a tired story.

  13. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    That dance was embarrassing and sad; she looked like some teen whore trying to get the famous guy’s attention. Those pictures are pathetic no matter what age you are. You don’t post pics of yourself in a bikini on facebook/twitter/myspace/whatever unless you have a lot of self-esteem issues.

    To top it all off, her stomach looks weird. She’s three years from 50-put the bikini pics away.

  14. jen says:

    LOL! Maybe she read all the comments here yesterday.

  15. meme says:

    Demi and Asston are insufferable Twittering twats and certainly do deserve this.

  16. canadianchick says:

    I think they may need couple’s therapy *golf clap for understatement of the year*

  17. poopie says:

    guarantee she’s had on that tummy. the weird belly button is a giveaway. so demi CHEATED ! she’s not FIT, she’s RICH !!!! and very childish i might add. pictures of yourself?ACCCKKKKKKKKK

  18. freckles says:

    She’s gross. Her body looks a little weird to me..

  19. David says:

    Demi hasn’t deleted the bikini photos, they are on her DailyBooth account. See for your self:

  20. cutie says:

    Her body is smoking.
    Women in their twenties would kill for that body.

    I really do not care about this issue either way, but I just want to say Demi is a bitch. if she weren’t she’d give out her plastic surgeons name.

  21. Lady Jane says:

    Those bathroom lights must be really bright to require the use of sunglasses whilst inside. She is desperately depressing.

  22. Missfit says:

    Demi looks great and all for her age, but that don’t mean shit…as into if a man is going to cheat on a woman, he’s going to, regardless how she looks! Some guys can have a fine looking woman…someone who always wants to look good for him, by fixing her hair, nails, makeup, smelly lotions, perfume or whatever. If he doesn’t appreciate it, he won’t and if he gets bored and wants to bang another cow, then he will. Some guys want to have their cake and eat it too, it’s just how it is…they like to have that other option on the back burner.

  23. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    *raises hand* I’m in my early 20s and no, I do not want her plastic surgery “enhanced” body. I like my natural boobs thank you very much. No weird, warped belly for me. Not until I’ve had children anyway.

  24. mymy says:

    Narcissistic personality disorder ain’t pretty

  25. Atticus says:

    Stephie, that’s funny – that’s exacty what I was thinking…I was only admiring the bathroom!

  26. Kaye says:

    I want to see more pictures of the bathroom. I wish Demi would step out of the way, so I could see what those stone rectangles are behind her!

  27. Kevin says:

    It was only a matter of time before Ashton “Punked” her trailer raised ass.

  28. SammyHammy says:

    I’m just embarrassed for her. She comes across as so desperate to remain young. The pictures, the horrible, horrible dancing, the surgeries…it’s just so sad.

  29. GeekChic says:

    One name comes to mind watching her dance: Elaine Benes. Good grief.

  30. Kitten says:

    Wow…I am so embarassed for her.

    “I can’t imagine why people want to plaster their lives all over the internet, as if anyone cares.”

    I so agree with this. Twitter and Facebook are so bizarre to me-just an excuse for people to post the most inane, irrelevant, nonsense details about their lives. FB absolutely kills me-like I really needed to know what you had for breakfast or that your 2-year-old is starting to potty-train. Gah.

  31. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I do not feel sorry for them in the least.

    You live your life like they do, tweeting and posting pictures all day. Exposing your life to everyone, that is what happens.

    She is desperate and it shows!

  32. Jillian says:

    The area between her boobs looks weird.

  33. duke says:

    who takes/posts that many pictures of themselves(besides silly teenagers)?

  34. Honey B says:

    I lambasted the pictures yesterday, but today I’ve had a rethink. So what if she wants to live her life like tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. God bless her mid-life crisis. I can only pray, I’m as rich and beautiful when mine hits, so I don’t have to sit behind a computer screen judging how others live their lives, like I’m doing now. Cheers to you Demi. That’s right, get the youngins, fix your face, saggy knees and boobs, whatever you want and reinvent 50 when you get there too. I wont hate.

  35. Brooke says:

    how hard do her implants look in that first shot? yeow, encapsulation.

    she’s starting to get that gristly look, too. poor, insecure girl.

  36. Anti-icon says:

    This. Is. What’s. Wrong. With. Social. Media. Celebrities who use/abuse this form of communication always make dicks out of themselves. Because at their core, most celebs are insecure and stupid, especially when they are threatened. Demi has been acting like a jerk since she came back to Hollywood. Here we thought she was a mature mom who had her priorities in place. Surprise, she’s still just a shallow narcissist.

  37. spanks says:

    Those pics just make her look desperate and pathetic regardless of how her body looks.
    Everyone knows the only reason people post pics like that is b/c they’re seeking attention and validation.
    I hope Im not that desperate and insecure about myself when I reach her age.

  38. Captaine says:

    A good plastic surgeon is awesome to have on speed dial.

    Put the camera phone away and go sit down somewhere grandma.

  39. bondbabe says:

    I am Demi’s age–47–and I am just slightly jigglier (sp?) in the belly area; otherwise I’m just as fit as she is. And I look great in a bikini too! HOWEVER, I don’t take pics of myself in said bikini and post them!! But, that said, I am also not a desparate Hollywood star that feels to need to be validated by others.

    Perhaps she is not feeling validated by her husband, especially in light of the “cheating scandal” story and therefore had to post pics to be validated by others. So maybe there IS some truth to the story….

    In either case, grow the “f” up Demi!

  40. Delta Juliet says:

    Wow…her behavior is almost like my 13 year old nieces. Pretty sad and pathetic for over-40.

  41. Jen says:

    I just saw the video taken from the audience and I have to agree that Ashton looks embarrassed. I’m sure Demi is concerned that he’ll stray because of their age difference and she’s almost friggin 50. So she probably feels the need to do these kinds of things to prove that she’s still got it. She looks great but she also looks very pathetic.

  42. Taya says:



    Of course Demi has a great body. She has spents hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery bills to get it. Any of us women would look like that with her money. This hag is beyond annoying and cleary needs to stay relevant in her own mind. Can she just go away and take her child mail-order husband with her.

  43. tvf says:

    If I had a guess, she’s either wearing the sunglasses because she’s been crying or because she’s high. Look at how red and puffy her nose and cheeks are.

  44. OhCamille! says:

    I wonder if he’s grossed out by all the plastic surgery. He’s seen 5 years of it. All the planning; the recovery process; the “how do I look?” – neediness, and the coverups/secrecy; the lying – “my wife is a genetic freak”…
    I have fontrum (Lainey) for them both.
    just blech

  45. DetRiotgirl says:

    I used to do stuff like that too… When I was a teenager. I’m 25, and goofy “look at me! I’m so sexy!” pics are now reserved for A) my own amusement B) to check my figure and make up before I go out to a beach or work an event that requires tight/low cut/short clothing and C) for my boyfriend, because he doesn’t think they’re goofy so much as awesome (bless his heart).

    But, for public consumption? No. That is a desperate cry for attention, especially if you’re married. It’s almost as if she took the pictures for Ashton and then posted them on-line when he didn’t show enough interest. Honestly, that is the only reason for a married person to post something like that… If they’re not getting enough attention at home. *side eye at Adrienne Curry as well* Although, in all fairness, these people are celebrities. So, there may not be enough attention in the world to satisfy them either way.

    Side note, I think the whole social networking thing has gotten way out of hand. I find facebook and myspace to be so incredibly creepy and intrusive. Twitter as well! I’m proud to say that I don’t have accounts on any of these websites anymore. As I get older, I value my privacy more than my wall or the proper arrangement of my top eight.

  46. TruTru says:

    I knew this would start happening if she married Ashton!!

    in that bikini, she may be slim and trim but her skin looks like old sun dried leather, Hey Demi–next time get some new younger skin! her skin is horrid looking-dry and tight…kinda like George Hamilton’s but its on her body. nothing is “supple” about that.

    dry as a bone.

    she dances like a chicken that just got its head cut off–how embarrassing! I hope Ashton clowned her for that one!

  47. Jello says:

    Oh Honey B, I heart you. I guess you and me are alone on this one.

  48. California Surfer says:

    These 2 r harsh major twidiots!

  49. Snarky_Pup says:

    Demi Moore has good genes combined with a lot of exercise and some plastic surgery. She looks nowhere near her chronological age and that is impressive. Unfortunately, these pics prove that she is also mentally nowhere near her real age and that is not impressive. As for cheating, hot young women get cheated on every day. It’s not about how you look. It’s about whether your man is able to be monogamous (many just are not).

  50. coup de grazia says:

    bruce willis must be laughing his ass off

  51. Maritza says:

    Her daughters must feel embarrassed by their mother’s behavior. What a fool!

  52. Mrs. Kalifornia says:

    Yes. Plastic surgery and money are part of it. But you can’t deny that to look like this (her body) at her age takes some type of dedication. Counting calories, pilates, running. Whatever. Case in point: Oprah.

    Stop hating.

    Also, cheating, assuming there is no arrangement, is not the end all be all. America’s obsession and disdain is due,largely, to its puritan beginings. Just sayin’.

  53. coup de grazia says:

    demi finally has a day off? from what?

  54. coup de grazia says:

    @ Mrs Kalifornia – yeah, you’re right. b/c no other countries have disdain for cheating and it has nothing to do with loyalty or morals, and everything to do with puritans from hundreds of years ago. makes total sense.

    also, i would say that the physical differences between demi and oprah, aside from the massive amounts of surgery demi has had, is mostly gene-related, rather than due to “dedication”.

  55. Chicoulina says:

    Her body is amazing!!I don’t care how she got it!!!If it’s up to plastic surgery only why don’t all 47 year olds and up in Hollywood have her smoking body?Wow I’m impressed!!!I don’t care about the rest…
    Yes most men cheat so if Ashton is gonna cheat it doesn’t matter how she looks or how old she is.

  56. Sans says:

    Nearing 50. Still trying to show she’s young. She should take some lessons from madonna on aging gracefully. Her skin is hanging off cause she needs to put on a little fat. She was crazy marrying a guy 15yrs younger.

  57. fizXgirl314 says:

    Maybe not all 47 year olds have her body in Hollywood but a lot do… Money and the type of work they do (the flexibility of it) play a large part in it… the average person just doesn’t have the resources to achieve the average hollywood ideal…

  58. kim says:

    SERIOUSLY??? Did she really tweet those pics of herself?? That is beyond pathetic and soooooo sad & desperate. What a vapid woman she is.

  59. lrm says:

    ITA agree re: twitter and facebook being creepy and annoying….
    It’s like high schoolers publishing their journals-but no, it’s grown adults in many cases, publishing whatever they are doing/thinking/seeing. It’s weird. And I’ve seen people I know from all walks of life and interest, posting personal stuff =like every couple of hours or even more often! People with children, grown adults-lol. I’m amazed! Even details about a cheating spouses and all new agey c*ap. Wow. Just wow.
    And wow for Demi, too.
    (We set up an account for my husband to promote his business-thinking it was a good networking tool-yikes!-we deactivate that account pretty quickly-but found out that you can still reactivate it,a nd posts are still coming in! uugh. Don’t think you can ever shut down these online accounts, people….they never go away!)

    I think the ‘me’ generation has extended itself beyond the normal bounds of generations….It’s ALL so self indulgent-let’s talk about ‘ME’…Have I told you how I’m feeling today? I’m figuring out this issue/feeling today! blah blah blah.

  60. Kiska says:

    I see a divorce coming for Demi and Ashton…

  61. Kim says:

    She’s as bad as the Kardashians imo.Is she still acting in films?

  62. GatsbyGal says:


  63. Leticia says:

    Demi and Ashton are more like socialites than actors.

  64. Cinderella says:

    With all the weird stuff she’s been doing, I think the girl may be hitting the bottle.

    Maybe that’s why Ashton seems so embarrassed.

  65. OC lady says:

    She has a *REALLY* nice body for her age.

    But yeah, this is embarrassing. But isn’t that what actors do? Show off their bods on the cover of magazines, in the press, outside, etc. I don’t see what the difference is between her and Aniston, for instance. It’s all the same attention-seeking behavior.

  66. Jonzin says:

    If I look like that at her age, I would be putting out pics too. Hell, I would be all over the place with that bod in as little clothes as possible, shopping, dining whatever — especially at that age. So what! Life is short, and as the saying goes, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” I am not a big Demi fan and sure, she had surgery to help, but I am Team Demi on this one.

    And FYI to Sans – Madonna aging gracefully? Seriously? HA!

  67. anoneemouse says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall, I AM the fairest one of all….vain much?

  68. Heaven-bound says:

    On the video you can look at Snoop Dog’s face and he’s like… What the F*?!?! I”m getting second hand embarrassment for her.

    **Snoop after the concert* Yo Kutcher.. better control your Biotch man.

  69. nina says:

    Heaven-Bond…I laughed so hard after reading your comment, coffee came out of my nose.!!:D
    Demi, how old are you…grew up and act your age for God’s sake…this is what 14 year olds do.
    As someone else mentioed, her kids must be ashamed of he behaviour, but she prabably do not care about anyone except herself.
    Something I tell you, once we have kids we don’t live for ourselves any more wheather you like it or not.
    Can you imagine Bruce taking picutres of himself in the bathroom wearing a tight Speedo….and posting them on the internet.

    Demi needs some self-confidence, I wish she could buy that too just like all the plastic surgeries she buys…

  70. Westcoaster says:

    I wonder how Demi would feel if she knew that people are more interested in the bathroom she took the photos in rather than herself in a bikini?

  71. Crash2GO2 says:

    @GatsbyGal: Why do you say that? 1. She’s not a grandma and 2. Her body looks better than most 20 year-olds I see scampering about on the beach.

    I don’t get this attitude, that just because someone is a certain age, they should cover up something very nice to look at.

    @Jonzin: Yes! Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking! I am 46 and have a better body than most 20 year olds I see that are hanging out all over in their clothes. I chose not to do that when in street dress, but you’d better bet I wear a nice bikini to the beach or the pool!

  72. Camille says:

    Love that she is wearing glasses LOL.
    Yeah her body looks great, although everyone’s would be if they had no job, yet lots of spare time and tons of cash to pay for plastic surgery (do I spot new boobs??) and a personal trainer and chef.
    Oh Demi, you aren’t 16 anymore, so stop acting SO TACKY and grow up. Only desperate wannabes on MySpace etc, do this kind of stupid shit :lol: .

  73. RHONYC says:

    smells like teen desperation :-(

  74. GatsbyGal says:

    @Crash2GO2 – I’m sorry that I don’t find saggy old-lady fake tits hot. And seriously, a woman of her age and a mother doesn’t need to be flaunting half-naked photos of herself on twitter. That’s for teenage girls with poor judgement. My mom if 50 and is in amazing, AMAZING shape. But I sure don’t see her posing in her bikini online! Hmmm, I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because my mom has some class.

  75. Mrs. Kalifornia says:

    Dear @Coup de Grazia (A.K.A.”Scarlet Letter” enthusiast):

    I did not say America was the ONLY country that has disdain for adultery. It is common knowledge that people in other parts of the world snicker when mistresses, love affairs, and trysts are discussed at length in the U.S. media or, for example, ruin political careers. It’s just not viewed in the same light. It sounds to me like you have made a judgment call on adultery and cannot stand the idea that others may not share your views.

    As for the role of genetics in Demi’s physique: calories in, calories out. This is fact pure and simple and all the money in the world cannot change that. Genetics may come into play with regard to a slightly elevated metabolic rate or where she accumulates fat (i.e. if she puts on weight she would not look the same as Oprah); but to imply that she does not have to do anything at all because of her genes is preposterous.

  76. DrM says:

    Great body…ridiculous behaviour

  77. coup de grazia says:

    @Mrs Kalifornia (A/K/A “Philanderer Apologist”),

    Yes, I have made a “judgment call” on adultery. It’s wrong. Period. I don’t particularly care if others “disagree” with that, but I sure as hell don’t want to date any of them.

    Body type is not nearly as simple as “calories in, calories out”. Some people have genes that make them look like, say, Gisele – naturally quite tall and slim, without having to exercise much. Others have genes that make them look like, say, America Ferrera – a bit shorter, curvier and probably has to work out more than Gisele. And I did not say that Demi does nothing to look the way she does – far from it, actually. She looks to me like someone who started out with good genes, works out alot, and has had a lot of surgery. That Oprah gaining/losing weight and Demi gaining/losing would look different is precisely my point.

  78. Majosha says:

    Her implants are looking a little worse for wear. And the video of her dancing is horrendous.

  79. original kate says:

    i missed the video of her dancing earlier, so i just watched it on my break. oh. my. GAWD. my coworkers and i howled like hyenas. she looks like she’s being stung by bees. i want to put this on a loop, and watch it over and over again whenever i’m depressed about things like the oil spill.

    thank you, demi…thank you.

  80. Jeri says:

    I’m more interested in the bathroom. If I had money I could do lots better then that.

  81. Lushus L. says:

    How old is Snoop Dog? Just asking………

  82. lois says:

    Every woman Demi’s age in Los Angeles looks hot.

    Demi is clearly lying about the work on her body. Tummy looks lipo’d. We don’t care, Demi, why lie and pretend you’re naturally young?

    Either way, both of them are douchebags. Photos above say it all.

  83. Ruffian9 says:

    coup de grazia, will you be my new friend? Great post(s).

    Demi? Stop. Just stop. You’re making a fool of yourself.

  84. Leek says:

    She is shockingly dorky. It’s mind blowing.

  85. Shay says:

    Wow surprise surprise: she is insecure and narcissistic = like 90% of all Hollywood ‘old bags’.

  86. CB Rawks says:

    Oh Demi. That’s embarrassing.

    (Note- Your body is awesome of course, but your behaviour is cringe-inducingly childish.)

  87. Sassy says:

    She had a day off? From what? Tweeting? Jesus.

    Demi – we get it. You work out/have surgery/diet/”cleanse”/have great genes – whatever. But seriously, you’re acting like a Myspace slut looking for public validation. Your daughters don’t even act this immature!

    Desperate much?

  88. Persistent Cat says:

    Smoking hot body, however she got it but really? Taking pictures of yourself wearing a bikini And sunglasses INSIDE!?!?!?! And posting them for public consumption??? That’s just so pathetic and needy.

    I just watched the video. How embarrassing for everyone. Think Beyonce saw this and laughed?

  89. Anoni Mus says:

    I wonder how Demi will face “real” aging. She may still look fantastic, but at the end, she WILL age. I bet she won’t have the mental maturity to face it, and it will be rough on her. She seems like another lost soul.

  90. Lushus L. says:

    My mother’s bathroom is 100x nicer than hers!! IMO

  91. SammyHammy says:

    “I wonder how Demi will face “real” aging.”

    Anoni Mus, I think I can answer that. Close your eyes, relax and picture in your mind Joan Rivers with dark hair.

    Scary, huh? But I’ll betcha that’s how it goes!

  92. Crash2GO2 says:

    @GatbsyGal: “Saggy fake old lady tits”?

    I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on that one. ‘Cause I really don’t see that.

    Perhaps it was the term ‘Grandma’ that bugged me. She’s not one, plus you are insinuating that if someone is, they shouldn’t wear a bikini.

    I’m guessing you don’t ever go anywhere were folks are naked. It’s just the human body. Nothing gross about it. It gets old – it’s only society’s phobia about aging that wants to put constraints on what is ‘age appropriate’ attire IMO.

  93. GatsbyGal says:

    @Crash2GO2 – Way to miss my point! I have no problem if old ladies want to wear bikinis. But to pose in front of a mirror like a 14 year old girl and take “sexy” pictures of yourself to then post online…it’s just classless and immature. What is she trying to prove? That her body can still run with the big dogs? It’s a pathetic, transparent move.

  94. Crash2GO2 says:

    @GatsbyGal: OK, so I guess I did miss your point. Sorry ’bout that!

  95. Ida says:

    She is trying to convince everyone he’s not cheating by posting pictures like a 12yo would post from her bathroom? Screams old wannna be young to me and clearly she fears he is cheating or she wouldn’t feel the need to share these. Does she NOT have a friend who could have taken a nice shot of her? She needs to accept that she looks good but she is not a young girl anymore and likely even looking as good as she does he’s going to look because he IS young

  96. dorothy says:

    OMG how pathetic! Look Demi,I like you in movies…not interested in your attempts to garner attention. What is with these people. People don’t pay attention to them for a few days and they plaster photos all over twitter? Wow..some Hollywood people are just fame whores.

  97. Bella Mosley says:

    Apparently all the plastic surgery didn’t just turn back the clock on her body – but on her mind/maturity/intelligence as well. Tho that surely didn’t take as long to turn back!
    So desperate, so sad

  98. Truthzbetta says:

    This is even funnier than I’d heard from, well, everybody.