Noah Wyle dumps second mistress Gina Gershon


Former good guy Noah Wyle’s inner douche came out when he cheated on his wife of 10 years with both a mistress and another mistress, actress Gina Gershon, with whom he was two-timing the first mistress. It came out that Noah was not only a cheating creep but a hypocrite as reports had him complaining that his wife was dating other men and potentially bringing them around their kids. The Enquirer reported in May that he was “planning to fight for full custody of his two children – Owen, 7, and Aiden, 4, because he doesn’t like the men that soon-to-be-ex wife Tracy Warbin, 42, is dating.” This divorce hasn’t exactly been making headlines, although The Enquirer reports that their custody battle is still in progress.

Now Noah, 39, is single again, reports the Enquirer, having dumped Gina, 48, because she was getting too serious.

[Noah's] rebound romance with Gina ended because [he] “didn’t want to be tied down,” says an insider.

“Noah and Gina had a whirlwind romance that fizzled out almost as quickly as it started. They had instant chemistry and a very intense sexual relationship. He really enjoyed the whole older woman-younger man dynamic.”

But Noah wanted to move on, while Gina wanted to settle down…

“When Gina started talking about settling down together, he felt she was getting way too involved, way too fast, and he called it quits.

“Noah wants romance in his life – as long as it doesn’t get serious.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 13, 2010]

At least he wasn’t cheating on her yet – or was he? He probably met someone else and realized he could get laid while putting less effort in. Oh well. He’s not as bad as David Boreanaz, Tiger Woods or Jesse James – as far as we can tell.

A Matthew-McConaughey looking Noah Wyle is shown in the header on 6/23/10. Credit: PER/Fame Pictures. He’s also shown with his kids at the Despicable Me premiere on 6/27/10. Credit: Jody Cortes / Gina Gershon is shown in a red dress on 3/7/10. She is also shown on 5/1/10 in black. Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures.





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  1. Snarf says:

    People like Noah would save themselves a lot of future aggrivation if they just admitted to themselves they aren’t orientated towards monogomy.

  2. oxa says:

    I am surprised he even got one mistress as he creepes me out.

  3. heb says:

    Dr. Carter was a cheating ass who was never satisfied also.

  4. Anne says:

    What a douche. Once a douche always a douche. Why would any woman be caught dead with him. He makes my skin crawl.

  5. Toe says:

    For Gina, i would turn lesbian in a New York minute.

  6. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @Oxa- I know! I never could stand the guy, even when he was on ER.

    I think the character he played in White Oleander is pretty much who he is IRL.

  7. AlaskaJoey says:

    Gina is still smoking hot – she can do better than him.

    He’s such a douche – I bet his wife was dating perfectly nice guys, yet he has TWO mistresses and thinks that’s okay.

  8. DD says:

    are those recent photos of Gina. I can’t believe that she’s almost 50 if she looks like that.

  9. Katie says:

    Wow, I hadn’t heard any of this before. Didn’t know he was such a dick.

  10. Luc says:

    I know that there’s no reason to reply to nonsense…anyway….
    This divorce hasn’t been making headlines because NE is the only one who still tries to sell this crap when it’s clear they DON’T know absolutely nothing about it. There’s no battle at all. They chose mediation, a consensual no-fault divorce, which also allow them to make everything “private” until the end of the procedure. A good move seeing how people trying to gain money from everything. And he never cheated on his wife. There’s no first or second mistress. He just dated Gina Gershon after the separation. He also had his kids with him in Toronto while he was filming…

  11. jen says:

    I had to Google him to remind me who he was. Gina looks great, she could do WAY better!

  12. Delta Juliet says:

    I thought he was so hot when he first started on ER…..ugh he looks dirty and creepy now.

    And Gina is f’in HOT. I would turn lez for her too.

  13. NayNay says:

    What a douchbag!! That is the thing, all these men, excuse me, little boys, like having their toys (women), but as soon as one of them becomes clingy/needy, they are out the door before the condom comes off.

  14. Mairead says:

    Yes Noah – sorry, I mean Luc ;)

    IF the story of him disapproving of his ex-wife’s boyfriends is true, and if he’s the cheating creep he’s alleged to be, well of course he won’t like her boyfriends, after all the fact she married him is indicative of her rotten taste in men ;)

  15. Justine says:

    She was humping him and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

  16. kwhit190211 says:

    I don’t know what is wrong with these celebs. It seems like they can’t stop shacking up with the other sex. They can’t stop looking! What a bunch of jerks! If all you want is sex make sure your wearing a raincoat (condom) for god sakes.Don’t screw up your ex-partners life & your kids to. I agree with the womem who have answered here, Noah your such a douche bag!! Hell, all these guys and gals that bounce from one guy to the next get the same vote from me.
    Just what the heck is so wrong with staying with one partner anyways? My love for my wife has not diminished one iota since the first day I laid my eyes onto her. And, its been 16 years already.

  17. aenflex says:

    Gina looks amazing for her age~

  18. Cinderella says:

    Noah probably couldn’t keep up with hot Gina.

  19. I Choose Me says:

    @Luc, where’s the story in that? It’s much easier and more profitable to sell scandal. A rumor here, a few carefully chosen words and pictures and voila – you have your story. It’s even better if cheating scandals are what’s trending, which they are. Stop trying to be sensible. Now I’m on a website called Celebitchy, so clearly I have no problem with speculation or celeb bashing (when they deserve it) but the way people automatically jump to believing something to be true just because it was mentioned on a blog or in a rag-mag will always make me SMH.

  20. Catherine says:

    I’m sorry, but why would anyone want to do him in the first place? ugh.

  21. Luc says:

    @ Mairead…LOL!Do you think I’m Noah Wyle because I stand out from the crowd? Do you really think that everyone agrees with you or with this second rate supermarket tabloid (and I’m using an euphemism here)?
    Well, I’d like to be him so I could enjoy his lifestyle and work with Steven Spielberg but I’ve to disapoint you.

    @Choose me I don’t know why people are so ready to believe everything and a without one proof. Maybe because they have nothing better to do.

  22. Kiska says:

    Gina is hot!

    If that is what 50 looks like – well, I’m buying!

  23. Mairead says:

    No Luc, I don’t think you are Noah. It’s the standard lame joke used around here when an unfamiliar name suddenly pops up to defend a celeb being roundly chastised. You do sometimes get people who you suspect are working for a celeb’s PR team turning up – the recent Mel Gibson debacle saw his team doing that. Poorly.

    I do apologise if I offended you, however, as it wasn’t my intention.

  24. mslewis says:

    @Choose me I don’t know why people are so ready to believe everything and a without one proof. Maybe because they have nothing better to do.
    My guess is “nothing better to do” and it gives people a chance to call someone they don’t know a “douchbag” and feel good about it!!

  25. LolaBella says:

    Total girl-crush on Gina Gershon… and Jennifer Tilly and Debbie Mazar.

    I always thought Noah Wyle was such a nice guy. Especially liked him in ER and those ‘Indian Jones Lite’ Librarian movies.

    So not only do the wives have to worry about being cheated on, but now so do the mistresses.

    Is anyone in Hollywood faithful anymore? Jeez.

  26. TruTru says:

    I thought she was a lesbian and couple of yrs ago…hmph.

  27. Aspie says:

    You go Gina! She looks great! And Noah can suck it.

  28. Maritza says:

    Gina looks fabulous and Noah is looking like a hobo.

  29. i believe the second child’s name is “auden” and not “aiden” as was reported by NE (as in w.h. auden, the poet.) i’m not so sure all parts of this story are accurate if they can’t get a child’s name-which has been publicly stated for several years-right. fact-check much??

  30. isabelle says:

    LOL: Check out the photo with his kids:


    Ain’t that the truth.

  31. Dhavy says:

    It’s time to bring Gina back!

    Hey Julia Roberts, Gina’s older and looks hotter than your rubber band mouth does LOL

  32. Lady LaLa says:

    Loose the beard already!!! UGH

  33. Andrea-2 says:

    they DON’T know absolutely nothing about it.

    So you’re saying they DO know something about it?
    Actually it’s pretty well documented that he was cheating on his wife with his first mistress. You are correct, however, in stating that he didn’t start his relationship with Gina until later. However, since he and his wife are still technically married, Gina was, indeed, a mistress.

  34. beverly says:

    I don’t know why people call other people names when they don’t know that person at all. I heard that tana ( the woman who he was according to ne cheating with first has competely denied this) and that people have said that tracy was cheating on Noah for at least the last two years of there marriage. And we are ready to condem him for questioning the men tracy had around there kids when it was repotred by the NE that tracy didn”t want noah to bring any woman he was dating around the kids. I have always been a noah wyle fan and contuine to be

  35. Luc says:

    @Andrea-2: pretty documented??? LOL!

    Pics? No. Admissions? No. Text Messages? No. It’s pretty documented that NE’s story about his “first mistress” is all made up like 99% of their stories.

    @mslewis: If that makes them happy…poor them.

  36. Lee Reynolds says:

    Is he INSANE??????

    He walked away because she was getting serious? Hell, I’m serious about her right now and I’ve never even met the woman. She is most definitely NOT the kind of girl you walk away from.

    Gina, seriously… call me.