Did Jessica Simpson cheat on Tony Romo with Jared Leto and Zach Braff?

Tony Romo had a bunch of reasons to dump Jessica Simpson: her dad was supposedly interfering in his football career, his career was rumored to be suffering from all the media attention, and she gave way too much information about their relationship in a recent interview with Glamour magazine, calling him her “future husband.” Tony and Jessica seem to have reunited for now, though, because he accompanied her to her sister’s wedding over the weekend.

But the main reason Tony should have dumped Jessica is because she’s said to have been cheating on him behind his back with two different guys. The National Enquirer has a new exclusive claiming that she’s been with both mock-worthy emo rocker Jared Leto, and actor Zach Braff since getting together with Tony.

[Jessica Simpson's] fling with Zach Braff began after a recent party hosted by Diddy, when the mogul received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“They spent that night together and several others,” the source said.

“Then she turned to Jared [Leto] for several more romantic trysts! And this was happening right under Tony Romo’s nose!”

At one point she was juggling all three guys, according to the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, June 2, 2008]

Jessica Simpson is rumored to have cheated on her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, with several guys including Maroon 5′s Adam Levine, her Dukes of Hazzard co-star Johnny Knoxville, and his friend, Bam Margera. So if this is true it’s not out of character for her. It’s possible her relationship with Tony has had it’s share of splits that have been kept from the public and that if she did hook up with these guys it was at a time when she was estranged from the quarterback.

Simpson just returned from a vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico with her mom, dad, and some girlfriends. Her maybe-boyfriend, Tony Romo, did not go. Thanks to Splash for these photos from yesterday.

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  1. Syko says:

    There is definitely something wrong with me, because I am about to defend Jessica Simpson here, and I’ve done far too much defending of people I normally attack. But I would just like to say that she and Tony are not in a committed relationship, and that until he puts a ring on her finger, she is free to date whomever she chooses.

  2. KRIS says:


    I too have something wrong w/me as I agree…let Jess do whatever she wants…god knows the men do…

  3. Blonde Ambition says:

    I think that is true to an extent. But there is a place in a relationship where you ARE exclusive, and when you tell somene you love them, thats when its exclusive. Until those words are exchanged I believe anyone is open game due to the lack of seriousness and commitment.

  4. vdantev says:

    She can really pick’em, can’t she ?

  5. chalk me up as someone defending JS…not that I ever thought that I would.

    she seems to have a break-up/make-up cycle with everyone she dates… so if she hooked up with someone else while on a break, so be it… I doubt that TR was celebate on their break!

    I feel for her though… she seems to not really know how to conduct a relationship… maybe it’s because she was so young when she got married that she just never learned from experience the discretion in both choosing the right person, and in how to not smother or scare the choosen partner off.

  6. Bobi says:

    You’re kidding right? At the same time this Ho stated, “I love this guy she was banging these two losers. Jess should have stated, I love this guy and this guy and this guy. Before Jess’s fine AW!! career is finished we will see her dancing at some low end strip club in Vegas. Her and Tony are so done and Jess make sure you get checked for STD’s, Jarad Leto my God! Zach Braff, wasn’t there anybody Fuglier at the party Jess. I usually never believe National E. but this is true or Papa Joe would have already sued them…

  7. Linda says:

    Here’s the problem I have with Jessica – she goes out for all of this PR and states how in LOVE she is with Tony and he’s going to be the father of her children, yada, yada, yada.

    Now we are hearing that she’s cheated on Tony – much like she cheated on her husband.

    Personally she can go out and bang whoever she wants – more power to her – but don’t try to snowball all of use with your lies and PR – be who you are. If she wants to know why people hate her – it’s because she a phoney and a liar!

  8. EnKay says:

    Nothing wrong with Syko. You’re not judgmental. I actually seek out your comments. Love.

  9. Frenchie says:

    I think Jessica should be free to do her job as she wants, because she knows how to entertain (part of it includes trademark wide open mouth and crazy pupy look in the eyes)
    She can’t be like Robert Redford, and date somebody secredly for too long because she is not busy doing something else. Lets face it, she is not an actress/singer/model/politician/TV presenter/guru, she has no other job than this one
    PS : love her new sunburn :oops: , makes her white teeth flash even more !!!

  10. elisha says:

    I wouldn’t doubt she cheated on him… don’t forget she effed the whole cast of Jackass when she was married to Nick Lachey.

    And re: some of you others…. you don’t have to be married for it to be cheating. Just because there’s no ring on her finger doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be sleeping around.

  11. poopie says:

    she’s a loser – i never saw what ANYONE saw in her – no talent wannabe

  12. Syko says:

    Didn’t say “married”, Elisha…the word was “committed”. They may be dating a lot but aren’t committed to the relationship, and therefore are free to do whatever or whoever they want. You can bet he is.

    I think Zach Braff is kinda cute. :oops:

  13. Susan says:

    Its from the National Enquirer. Why is this even being discussed?

  14. TC says:


  15. beth says:

    I hope for Jared Leto’s sake this is untrue!! He’s too hot for that used up skank…

  16. anon says:

    I don’t think discrediting info just because it comes from the Enquirer works anymore. They have been up on quite a few stories before they hit mainstream press.

  17. minnie says:

    Everybody says poor Jessica… can’t find love….I am old enough to be her mother and I would advise her not to rush it , take her time , she doesn’t need to always have a man. She has alot of growing up to do …when she is comfortable being alone she will be ready for a man in her life.

  18. David says:

    Yeah, we know she’s a slut! Nothing shocking here! What would be shocking is to finally see a good Christian girl in hollywood.

  19. Ann says:

    Oh puhleeze…when is someone going to call BS on all these rumors? Just last week she was a self-conscience, repressed bed partner, but this week she’s capable of enjoying three partners. The old rumors are just as bad. Knoxville passed a lie detector test when he denied having sex with Jessica, and Bam eventually admitted that he was paid $8,000 to make his claims but they also were not true. Levine went directly to Lachey and told him that the rumors were false. She needs to completely ditch her management.

  20. Jean says:

    I honestly don’t care if this is true or not. What drives me nuts is that we continue to almost celebrate this ridiculous double standard regarding sexual conduct. If Jessica –a single woman involved in an on-off thing with Romo — cavorts with someone else, she’s a slut, skank, ho, etc. If Romo does the exact same, well he’s da man!
    My head is about to explode.

  21. fgh says:

    She wasn’t married to Romo…so who cares who she had “trysts” with.

    She used to be such a clean cut, Christian, princess. Did her Dad slut her out to sell records and flicks or what?

  22. seriously says:

    They were broke up at the time. She sure had a smile on her face at p. diddys party. she knows zach because he is cacee cobbs boyfriend Donald Faisons friend and co-actor of scrubs. They were just hanging together at the party. But on this date, Jess and Tony were split. They had been since the Vegas weekend before this and Jess didnt seem too upset. only when they werent back together by the time to take a pic for people mag at ashlees wedding so Papa Joe could get his million. Now thats when she starting getting sad. Joe had to beg Tony to come so he could meet his contract obligation to get the money.

  23. Domesticated Biotch says:

    My only beef would be IF it was true and she did hook up with the other guys, don’t run your mouth in an interview and say the dude you’re cheating on is your future husband.
    You shouldn’t say that anyway when you’ve only been dating someone a few months….unless you’re trying to scare the sh%t out of him!

  24. sylvixen62 says:

    I can believe after being married to a hot guy like nick lachey, she hooks up with all this ugly men! She is not that pretty anyway she short and stumpy, all she has is boobs no ass! Who would of think that christian virginal Jessica turn into a skank freaking everybody up in Hollywood! Jessica simpson has no talent once she losses her youth, she’ll be an old hag.

  25. Sebastian says:

    She’ll be a complete has been in the next 3 or 4 years from now and in 10 years no one will even remember her. Her sister might still be around and some what popular in 5 years if she manages her career wisely and people still dig her style.