Simon Cowell is still engaged, still hanging around with two ex girlfriends

46547, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Saturday October 23 2010. Simon Cowell arrives at The X Factor studios in London flanked by brunette beauties!! Jackie St Clair was wearing the one shouldered grey top. Photograph:
Simon’s ex Jackie St Claire is on the left

I know we don’t pay much attention to Simon Cowell, but this story is pretty interesting. Simon, 51, has been engaged to makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy, 37, since this spring. Only it looks like they’re not moving forward with their wedding because Simon refuses to give up old habits, namely working 16 hour days and continuing to take his ex girlfriends out to dinner and on vacation with him. This new is in Hello!, which also has an interview this week with one of Simon’s privileged exes, Sinitta, who seems to be giving Hello! this information off the record. Last month we heard some questionable quotes from Simon in which he supposedly admitted that he’d slept with a jaw-dropping 2,000 women. I find that hard to believe when he’s recycling so many of them. Here’s part of Hello!’s report:

Friends of the couple have confirmed to Hello! that their romance has become increasingly shaky in recent months. “They never set a date but at one point they were planning a wedding,” a source tells us. “But it all started to coll when Mezhgan moved in…

“What people should realise about Simon is that he is married to his work and his career. For him, money, fame, success and power is [sic] everything.

“They are still together and he loves Mezghan and wants to make a relationship work. But will he ever marry her? I can’t see that happening. He is too much of a bachelor and too focused on the Simon Cowell empire.”

Celebrity make-up artist Mezhgan, 37, who was born in Afghanistan and raised in the US, has in turn told friends she is becoming increasingly concerned at the amount of time her fiance spends with two of his ex-flames – former glamour model Jackie St. Clair, 51, and one-time pop star Sinitta, 41, who is now Simon’s right-hand woman on The X Factor.

“It is a four-person relationship,” a friend of Mezghan tells Hello! “What woman is going to stand for that? Of course she is unhappy at having to share Simon with two other women but there seems to be no choice…

“They haven’t split up, but Mezghan says she never gets to spend any time with Simon on his own. He works 16-hour days and spends a lot of time with Mezghan – and other women, particularly Sinitta and Jackie.”

Simon’s friend says of the unconventional set-up: “To Sinitta and Jackie he’s like the golden goose. He takes them to the best restaurants and offers them both security. He also can take them on yachts that most women could only dream of.

“Simon does it because he likes his familiarity. He likes to hang out with people he knows. That is why he spends so much time with both Jackie and Sinitta. They know and understand him and do everything they can to keep him happy. Both of them love being around someone who is so successful.”

Despite the doubts of some friends that not all is well in Simon’s love life, however, his spokesman Max Clifford tells us: “Simon and Mezghan are as happy as they have ever been. She has gone back to LA to see her family and there is no problem in their relationship.”

[From Hello! Magazine, print edition, November 1, 2010]

It sounds like Simon has a kind of “mistress” arrangement with the other two women and expects his fiance to put up with it. At least he isn’t married yet, and I doubt he’ll ever be. Simon’s last girlfriend, Terri Seymour, ex Sinitta said that he was a “horrible cheat and that he was manipulative and “always disappearing.” He’s up to his old tricks and expects the women in his life to be on board. The ones who aren’t will probably get cut out.

Simon and Jackie October 2010:
45921, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Saturday OCtober 9 2010. Mentor Simon Cowell arrives at The X Factor studio with his glamorous ex-girlfriend Jackie St Clair ahead of tonight's live show. Photograph:

Sinitta, Simon and Jackie St. Claire, January 2010
LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 20: (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) Sinitta (L) and Simon Cowell arrive at the National Television Awards held the at The O2 Arena on January 20, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Simon and Sinitta, September 2009
LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 17: Simon Cowell and Sinitta arrive for the Collars and Cuffs Ball at the Royal Opera House on September 17, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Simon and Mezhgan, 9/18/10. (Barcroft/Fame Pictures)

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20 Responses to “Simon Cowell is still engaged, still hanging around with two ex girlfriends”

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  1. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I feel sorry for his fiancee… he’s gonna dump her. What a douche!

  2. TeeTee says:


    I don’t see the marriage happening, in a few years she’ll be added to the pack.

    I always thought he was in the closet, whatever he is, its obvious-he’s got the tab and is happy to oblige huh?

  3. Hmm says:

    Simon even lives next door to Jackie St.Clair and according to newspaper articles and I think the biography that his brother wrote she eats breakfast with Simon in his bedroom every morning he is in London.

    Now that’s cosy, and STRANGE.

    Simon has been a record exec for about 30 years. How many girls do you think come into his office for a private audition?

    Sinitta (one of the most annoying women on the planet – and an ex girlfriend of Brad Pitt) is always going on and on about Simon cheating on her when they were together.

    But Mezhgan knew exactly what she was getting in to, she watched for years as his makeup artist and she couldn’t wait to dump her boyfriend for him.

    Money makes the world go round, the world go round….la la la la la

  4. GossBelle says:

    That article about Simon being a horrible cheat is by Sinitta not Terri.

  5. candy says:

    Simon is a funny man and I like his style. Definitely not husband material but who wouldn’t want to have a friend like him?

  6. PrettyTarheel says:

    I just have to comment on one thing that shocks me @ Simon, in a positive way..
    His girlfriends are age appropriate!!!!!
    My husband is tight with his ex-wife. Granted, she has a live-in G/F and we share custody of the dog, but we invite her to Thanksgiving dinner and I’m pretty sure she was invited to our wedding. It just depends on the ex.
    However, if she looked like Jackie St. Claire, I might complain.

  7. alejandro says:

    Well it’s not like she didn’t know what she was getting into. That’s why Terri left his ass along with the cheating.

  8. Kitten says:

    @PrettyTarHeel-Cute that you guys share custody of the dog! You don’t hear about joint custody of pets that often.

    Honestly, anyone that looks at Simon Cowell and sees “husband material” is just setting themselves up for disaster.
    I find the 2,000 number hard to believe….

  9. Chrissy says:

    He certainly has a type, doesn’t he?

    And Jackie St. Clare is 51??? Wow!!! I’ll have whatever she’s having! She looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I have absolutely no idea who she is other than what the article states but if that woman is 51, she needs to be telling the rest of us what the heck she does to look that way!!) :o )))

  10. GimmeABreak says:

    I wonder if deep down he’s gay? He only hangs out with women he’s not sleeping with? Or so he says.

  11. Sambina says:

    Everyone always feels sorry for the woman. LOL She saw dollar signs and another life for herself, and I cant see that she didnt know he was a work alcholic, and that he was a player. Women always are complaining that there is alot of unfairness, its because of women like this one and Mels ex. I just see gold diggers.

  12. Mari says:

    “Of course she is unhappy at having to share Simon with two other women but there seems to be no choice…”

    Is she shackled at the ankles to a concrete slab in his basement? OF COURSE she has a choice.

  13. Carrie says:

    Well, Simon has always said that his ex-girlfriends (these two and Terri Seymour) become his best friends once they break-up. He said he likes the security of knowing someone so well, and it all works out for everyone…

    On the one hand, I think it is pretty great that he stays friends with his exes.

    On the other hand, I am sure it sucks for his current fiance. And I am also sure that the exes are hanging around at least in part for all of the financial perks of being Simon’s “best friends.” Sounds like one of them got a pretty cushy tv producer job from it, and they all get vacations, dinners out, shopping, etc.

  14. skibunny says:

    Other than his money I dont see the attraction. Not only that but I make it a point never to date a man who has bigger boobs than mine.

  15. Anon73 says:

    @Pretty Tarheel — if your husband’s ex is GAY, then i don’t think you have to much to worry about. even if she did look like St Claire.

    general comment — thinking not a good sign for Meghzan if Simon’s cozy w/ his exes too to this degree. how humiliating to have to “hang” out with them. poor girl !!

  16. Kiska says:

    Simon is not marriage material. I’d say he should just enjoy being a bachelor and try not to push things. I do feel for his current fiance though.

  17. truthSF says:

    Both Simon Cowell and Brad Pitt dated Sinitta in the past, JSYK.

  18. fizXgirl314 says:

    This guy has the worst haircut on the planet. Billions of dollars and you can’t get someone to give you a decent haircut? That and why are his nipples always so hard? He’s so gross….

  19. PDO says:

    Simon is the man. Really want him back on American Idol.

    bringbacksimon .com

  20. Addison Road Holland Park
    Simon Cowell

    Often used as a place to gather and meet.
    Kevin and Jackie would come out to greet.
    Alycja and I would frequently visit.
    This detached house so bold and exquisite.
    A character apartment occupied the ground floor lot.
    Simon Cowell would be there more often than not.
    Discussing music and giving it all he had got.
    Ever searching for a gimmicky top ten slot.
    Dinner parties and gatherings around the table.
    Alycja cooking if Jackie was unable.
    Royal Ascot was our annual stable.
    We all came under the Yuppie label.
    The Barclay Square Ball was another social event.
    Meeting at Addison Road and then off we went.
    Kevin Cash looking like the perfect Gent.
    Cash was generous with the money he spent.
    These particular times were heaven sent.
    Always in the background was Simon Cowell.
    He was struggling then, but he sure aint struggling now.
    The best paid Judge on the talent trail.
    He’s broken all the records on the love to hate scale.
    He was always very conscious of his physic.
    I detected an insecurity streak.
    Even then I honestly felt
    He was in a quandary as to where to wear his belt.
    Simon seems to handle his success very well and retains his non arrogant charm.
    For Simon Telling it the way it is has done him no harm.
    I sometimes find it hard to believe I was a friend of he’s for a while.
    Now, Everywhere I look, every paper and book I see that Simon Cowell smile.
    This is no ordinary rise to fame.
    Global recognition, mega for the entertainments game.
    Good luck to you mate and my deepest admiration I give, as you do.
    You have worked fucking hard for the good fortune that surrounds you.
    Simon and Jackie are and always will be brothers in arms Nothing wrong with that!

    Extacts from my book Patrick