Minnie Driver’s secret baby daddy: Colin Farrell?

Update: This story is based on my overactive imagination and stupidity and is probably not true. Minnie is close friends with Colin’s girlfriend, who was most likely with them at the beach that day.

Thanks to commenter lalie for pointing out that recent beach photos taken of Colin Farrell and seven months’ pregnant Minnie Driver by paparazzi agency X17 were from the same place and there’s a video that shows that Farrell and his son were at the beach that day with Driver.

Here’s a link to the video of Farrell and Driver on the beach. In the video, Farrell gets upset when he notices the paparazzi filming him with his four year-old son in the water. He takes his son back to a towel where Driver is standing, and then runs up to the camera, saying “Are you f’ing taking a picture of me and my boy? Turn that off.” The photographers stop videotaping at that point.

In a March appearance on The Tonight Show confirming her pregnancy, Driver declined to name the father of her baby, saying she preferred to keep him out of the spotlight.

It’s possible Driver broke up with the father of the baby, that she’s with Farrell and he’s not the father or that she’s just friends with Farrell. You can understand him getting upset about his son being filmed, but it seems like he might also be trying to keep his relationship with Driver secret.

Commenter lalie also notes that British-born Driver, 38, has been wearing a ring with a green stone on her left ring finger. Farrell, 32, is from Ireland, and has also been seen with a suspicious ring on his wedding finger. He was last known to have been dating a Irish student, but commenters say that they’ve been broken up for nearly a year.

In an interview with the newspaper The Independent in May, Driver gave three clues about the identity of the father of her baby, all of which apply to Farrell. She denied it was musician Craig Zolezzi, with whom she’s been photographed. She said they’re just good friends.

The only clues Driver will offer about the identity of her “baby daddy” are that he is English, and “sort of in the same business”, and that they have evaded detection because “he’s really busy, like me”.

[From Independent.co.uk]

People from Ireland can also be considered “English,” can’t they?

Update: There is no direct quote from Driver in that article about the nationality of her baby’s father, just the journalist’s interpretation that he’s “English.” It’s possible she said something like “He’s from the UK” and it was written as “English.”

Update: This story is based on my overactive imagination and stupidity and is probably not true. Minnie is close friends with Colin’s girlfriend, who was most likely with them at the beach that day.

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  1. lexilicious says:

    No way, as an English person I would never refer to an Irish person as English, least of all someone from Eire!

  2. geronimo says:

    No they absolutely can not!! British at a push if they’re Northern Irish but NEVER English! Sorry, CB, but no, nay, never! Colin is from Dublin – EIRE – he is in no way, shape or form English so that may nip this baby Daddy rumour in the bud! I reckon they’re just good friends.

    I’m Irish, now live in London but would never call myself (or allow myself to be called) anything other than Irish.

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Ok, there is no direct quote from her on this. It could be possible she said “He’s from the UK” and it got interpreted by the journalist as he’s “English.” Ireland is part of the UK, right? I will update this, which is why I was asking. I am seriously thinking it’s Farrell.

  4. Alexis says:

    If you’re Irish, you’re Irish not English! NEVER ENGLISH!!
    Plus he’s not “kinda” in the same biz as her, they are both actors, it’s exactly the same.

  5. geronimo says:

    Another thought if you’re set on Colin as the daddy. She might have been trying to throw people off the scent. So really he could, in theory, be from anywhere, including Ireland.

  6. re_mute says:

    “Ireland is part of the UK, right?”


    Great Britain = England, Wales, Scotland
    UK = Great Britain+ *Northern Ireland*

  7. Celebitchy says:

    This is why I am asking about it. I know I sound stupid, but I’m trying to come up with some permutation of something she said that could include Ireland but be interpreted as “English.” Would “British” be like a ruse she might say that would technically include Ireland but not sound like she’s including Ireland? That includes Northern Ireland, but not Dublin, where Farrell is from. Geronimo is right and she could have just been fibbing anyway.

  8. devilgirl says:

    Can’t imagine a woman wanting to get close enough to Farrell and his greasy hair and dirty looking body, to conceive a child.

  9. geronimo says:

    LOL CB! You’re really set on this! Since she’s intent on not revealing who the father is, then there’s not really any reason to assume that she was giving out actual bona fide clues, if you know what I mean.

  10. lady garden says:

    No fecking way-i’d put money on it

  11. Bodhi says:

    Well, if I can’t have his baby I guess Minnie is a good 2nd choice…

    I dunno, I’d think that there’d be some more pictures of the 2 of them together or something.

  12. lalie says:

    colin is dating, mimi driver and he is father of her baby. LATEST: Extra sheriff’s deputies have been assigned to patrol the beaches of Malibu, California after two celebrity-related incidents at the weekend (21-22Jun08). On Saturday (21Jun08), Colin Farrell challenged a paparazzi after the Irishman spotted the snapper trying to take beach shots of him, his son and pregnant pal Minnie Driver. Farrell ran up the beach and confronted the videographer, asking, “Are you f**king taking a picture of me and my boy? Turn that off.” you can see the viedo of from beach if you go to x17 and go under videos and type colin farrell you the video of colin with mimi and his kid She announced her pregnacy in January to jay leno so she must be 8 months now,but when jay leno asked her who the father is , she didn’t say the name of the father and we don’t know the father’s name Her “engagement ring ” has a green stone (ireland), He is wearing a wedding ring but has not gotten married. They are standing very close on the beach next to each other pretending they are not noticing each other. , the woman with the green bikini behind colin trying to dry him with the towel, and the two boys sitting on the sand one of the holding colin’s baby and also when you look at pictures of mimi with the bikin on beach at the same time showing on x17 the same woman , omg, i can’t believe this gorgeous hunk been with this ugly woman how could he go with a woman as ugly and old as mimi omg. i can’t believe it. i bet you he’s married to that ugly and old mimi driver but they’re keeping it a seceret.

  13. re_mute says:

    “This is why I am asking about it. I know I sound stupid,”

    No, you don’t, a lot of British people wouldn’t know the difference TBH. (And then there’s the British Isles which *does* include Eire…)

  14. geronimo says:

    “..And then there’s the British Isles which *does* include Eire…”

    There you go, CB. That’s what you were looking for! :lol:

  15. CM says:

    why are we pushing this to be colin farrel? it could be anybody!

  16. duda says:

    I would let Colin Farrell father my baby!! He is that ONE celeb free pass i get :) 8)

  17. Jack says:

    no you don’t sound stupid. I’ve lost count of the amount of people from the uk who’ve said that canadian people are the same as american. I just think oops! as there’s always a WHAT?! We’re not american!! omg!!! we’re CANADIAN!!! Kinda makes me laugh how mad people get over it! Chill people. It’s just a sentence with a question mark.

    :) we’re all one people anyway, regardless of country :)

    He might be the dad, he probably has a few knocking around lol! who knows? If its true, it’s bound to leak one way or another. Probably better to assume not though until they decide to say so, if they ever do.

  18. chamalla says:

    I would love it if this were true. I know lots of guys who seem like cads until they meet a smart woman who can stand toe to toe with them.

    And what a gorgeous baby it would be… can you imagine the hair that child is going to have?

    I’m not one to go goo-goo for celebritots, but this possibility makes me kinda giddy.

  19. Jessica says:

    Actually,Minnie was seen visiting Dublin last April… :roll:

  20. Bellatrix says:

    Ah, the famous Britishness versus Englishness matter. Enjoy the subject, CB! Beware of what you say :D (as you have noticed by now).

    I feel this is a little far stretched and that there is a huge possibility that they are merely friends.
    But as so many expressed above, the couple & baby would be a true delight for us…

  21. lola says:

    Bless you celebitchy I am still laughing!!! Americans = Geniuses! Not being sarcastic but Americans have straaaaange Geographical ideas and I don’t mean president, most of them anyway. I would like to peruse their Geography and history syllabi.

    That was a good afternoon laugh.

  22. geronimo says:

    Ah, lola, witless as ever. As others have already pointed out, many people, regardless of where they come from, are confused about what constitutes British, the British Isles, and the United Kingdom. I’m surprised you wouldn’t know that, being the genius that you obviously are. :roll:

  23. lalie says:

    Actually,Minnie was seen visiting Dublin last April

    to : jessica


    she was in dublin april of 2008 not last year, her pictures in dublin shows she already was pregnant and she was wearing black pregnancy cloth.

  24. Jessica says:

    To lalie:

    I never said last year,i said last April…

  25. Bodhi says:

    Not being sarcastic but Americans have straaaaange Geographical ideas and I don’t mean president, most of them anyway.

    Maybe so, but I’d hazzad a guess that even Mr. Bush has a decent handle on grammer & capitolization…

  26. sorcha says:

    Wow! that is incredibly ignorant and insulting. Colin Farrell is from Dublin, which is in the REPUBLIC of Ireland which is most definitely not the UK. And referring to him as such is disrespectful to the Irish people who died fighting for independence. Being that you work on the internet, perhaps a quick check on wikipedia wouldn’t have been too much to ask!!!!

  27. lola says:


    Hmmm better spelling too? B.A.C.K O.F.F. Bodhi, I am just having an innocent laugh, genius that I am :evil: Get the speck out of your eye….. and grow up, typos are no big deal. Calm down and have a shot of brandy or tequilla, you will feel better, obviously something is bugging you.

    Geronimo, I respected your neutral, clever, funny posts till you became a Brangeloonie, now you sound like syko, Bodhi and other resident Brangeloonies. Angry with a chip on their shoulders. This is just harmless fun. Lighten up, geez :roll:

  28. lady garden says:

    that well respected tabloid (cough) The Sun (UK) has a reveal about him 2mw, i’m still not having it but the proofs in the pudding as they say

  29. Bodhi says:

    Thanks, but I’m fine. Man, I bet Geronimo is just all torn up to be lumped with Syko & myself. :roll:

    As far as people needing to chill out… right… I’m done with ya

  30. geronimo says:

    Devastated, Bodhi. Where’s the weeping icon gone, I can’t see the screen for the hot, bitter tears streaming down my shamed, disgraced face. :oops: :cry:

  31. Annie says:

    Sorry, but Irish would never call themselves British. Minnie Driver has worked in Ireland and would know that. If she was with Colin Farrell and was trying to hide it she would have left nationality out of it totally.

    British and Irish don’t even call themselves European. You’d be hard pressed to find a Scot or a Welshperson to call themselves British either.

  32. Celebitchy says:

    I so want it to be Colin Farrell. They were together on the beach. Help me find a way to interpret this so it’s Farrell, that’s the whole point as Geronimo mentioned. Maybe she said something vague that the journalist misinterpreted to mean “English.” Work with me on this. No offense is meant to anyone and I did look this up on Wiki from the very beginning and got confused by this article, which is much clearer now on second reading:

  33. Roma says:

    I’m with you CB and I would *love* it to be Colin Farrell, but Minnie is English, so you’d have to think that she would be clear about her language. I don’t think she’d make someone from Ireland sound at all close to English – unless she said something very generic like he’s from “across the pond” and someone then assumed.

  34. lalie says:

    i hope it’s not colin of all the beautiful girls around him why in the world has to be again another wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy older woman,remmber last time it was with another way …………….older woman.i don’t get it , he’s such a nice guy these ugly older women fool this poor guy and no offense to wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy older women it just he just truned 32 why not with someone around his own age, i get mad when see people talking bad about him see how good of guy he is he only preganate wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy older women he really has bad luck with women i feel bad for him other actors they go with beautiful ladies, young ladies but him has to with old and ugly ones.i don’t get it. i’m so sad i hope he’s not the father i pray for that he’s is such a nice guy he doesn’t deserve that.

  35. Snowblood says:

    (Quote= Annie) “Sorry, but Irish would never call themselves British. Minnie Driver has worked in Ireland and would know that. If she was with Colin Farrell and was trying to hide it she would have left nationality out of it totally.

    British and Irish don’t even call themselves European. You’d be hard pressed to find a Scot or a Welshperson to call themselves British either. ”

    Exactly, Annie! Took the words right out of my mouth, but still, it would be pretty cool if these two really were having a baby together. But Annie said it clearest — she’s completely right. And Colin Farrell is hard-core IRISH Irish, not Northern Irish or from Boston or something, no offense to Bostonians but you know what I mean. And Minnie driver, being English, knows full and very well the extreme sensitivity of the distinction between the two.

    But maybe she was just making stuff up, to throw off the scent, like people are saying here. Who knows. I just wanted to back up what Annie said, being myself England-born within an English/Scots/Welsh family on one side and an almost entirely Irish family on the other…

  36. lola lola says:

    She is so amazing in the Riches! I hope its CF too. That would be one amazingly talented and pretty baby.

  37. lalie says:

    to : snow blood

    can i ask you why would be pretty cool if these two really were haveing a baby together. i personally don’t see any thing good about it. are you a colin’s fan or one of his haters, if he was your brother would wanted him to pregnate a 38 year old woman or someone around his own age.

  38. lalie says:

    to : lola

    i don’t need to ask you if you’re one of colin’s fan or not , i know you by now you’re one of his haters, i don’t think you would have liked it if it were your idol. i don’t see any thing good about colin having a baby from another way older woman unless somehow i didn’t like him and that’s a way of feeling good about it , to see him trap like that. that’s all

  39. Eims says:

    I am Irish – if you called me English I would be absolutely offended. UK and Ireland are two different places. Irish people are Irish.

  40. ak says:

    OK, as long as we’re on the subject, maybe some of the Brits here can answer a question. I’m a book editor, nonfiction. We have this chronic battle at work (editors v. copyeditors/proofreaders). If someone’s from England, then they’re English. If they’re from Wales, they’re Welsh, etc. But our head proofer insists that we have to call English people “British” while still using “Scottish” and “Welsh” in other cases. E.g., “Scottish inventor James Watt,” but “British writer Jane Austen.” She also insists on calling England “Britain.” Drives me nuts.

    So anyway, what do English people call themselves?

  41. I agree with Celebitchy! I think its Colin! She would totally want to throw people off the scent by saying vague things. She can’t expect to keep the secret forever! :lol:

  42. re_mute says:

    “So anyway, what do English people call themselves?”

    English, on the whole. An awful lot of English people would be delighted if the union were dissolved and the Welsh and Scots could have their independence.

  43. Kristin says:


    I sent you an em@il like a couple weeks ago about writing here. Did you ever get it?

  44. tracy says:

    All I have is admiration and envy for Minnie is he has regular access to this package

    …Irish just makes things sweeter

  45. Yellooo says:

    It’s EDDIE IZZARD, people.

    Her costar on “The Riches.”

    Wake up!


  46. lalie says:

    to : yellooo

    she denied it was eddie izzard , you can read the article in the independent.co.uk. in the interview she did , hello , wake up you’re so out dated.

    in the video on x17 who is that busty girl sitting on sand who colin gives his kid to before running toward papaz.

    and all i can say to elisha you’re surly one of colin’s hater, i’m sure.you really don’t want colin’s best interest. don’t know for one thing oppsite attract and then attacks, and 2nd she way older than colin.

  47. elisha says:

    I’m amazed at all the emotion this article is sparking. Clearly, only a very few people know who the baby daddy is. But I love the idea of Minnie and Collin. He’s a hot and sexy bad boy, she’s sweet and almost matronly. They’re a great “opposites attract” couple. I wish it were true!

  48. GB says:

    They are just friends. He was most like pissed at the paps for taking pictures of his disabled son. I would turn into a rabid mountain lion if someone was taking pictures of my handicapped child.

  49. afr says:

    I know Colin Farrell and he is VEHEMENTLY IRISH. Minnie Driver would NOT be making a mistake about this, so if she ever made a reference to the father being English or from the UK, it’s not Colin.

  50. Mairead says:

    @ geronimo…. literally LMFAO here! I’m howling, like!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: But lola’s rejection of you is no more than you deserve as you are a filthy non-Cruise’s-crazy-fan too :P (as an aside, I always thought that you were first generation Britisher; it’s good to have that cleared up).

    CB – you opened up a right hornet’s nest here. And actually, you’ve had a very very verrrrrrry mild introduction to the subject. A quick analogy for you – accuse a Polish person of being German, or a German of being Swiss and see how it goes :wink:

    As to whether the Brits or Irish regard themselves as European. Like me, many do, but second to their nationality. Much like everybody else on the continent.

    As it happens, I’d say she was being very vague. If she’s said “Irish”, the thing everyone would say is “Farrell” :lol:

    @ the Farrell fangirls – you guys “love” him. That’s great, and I’m sure he appreciates your loyalty. But don’t assume that everyone who doesn’t feel exactly like you is a “hater”. We may admire his acting skill, think he’s a decent enough skin, but the world isn’t going to end if we think his jacket could do with a good dry clean. And he doesn’t need your permission to impregnate anyone (or not)

    @ ak – your editor should be consistent. Either go with the individual countries/regions or use British for the lot. It’s not a 100% straightforward either or as it doesn’t take into account of a dual sense of identity. E.g. a Scot may consider themselves both to be Scottish AND British. Someone from Northern Ireland may regard themselves as both Irish AND British.

    The only comparison I can think is that someone from the American South would consider themselves as both an American and a Southerner as distinct from a “Yankee”? Does that make it a little clearer?

  51. Smu says:

    I’m glad to see there’s a boatload of other people outraged by the pure ignorance of saying that Colin FARRELL is English.

    Check your facts before you go making comments like that! It’s very offensive to a large number of people.

  52. Jane says:

    It’s def. not Farrell. I know for a fact. The father is a noncelebrity writer and they broke up months ago.

  53. Celebitchy says:

    Mairead I understand what you’re saying and I appreciate your semi-exoneration more than I can explain. Like I said I feel stupid for this, but a lot of my ignorance is willful because I hope so much that it’s Farrell.

  54. RAN says:

    CB – please don’t feel stupid, I wouldn’t have had a clue about the differences either… and I consider myself (at the very least) moderately intelligent. Love your articles! Keep it up!

    Minnie Driver is adorable and while I’m not a Colin fan (or hater for that matter) I have to admit I would be intrigued by this relationship. Isn’t it cool to think they’ve managed to escape the attention of ALL of us? We’re too focused on Brangelina to pay attention to Minnie and Colin – whether they’re together or not. I love the idea and hope they’re together though

  55. Mairead says:

    CB – thanks a million for taking what I said in the light-hearted spirit it was intended. I actually meant to put in a few more smilies to make sure you noticed it wasn’t meant as a criticism. :oops: You’re a star :D

    Regard for each other between the English (especially) and Irish is getting better and better. But, it’s still a touchy subject for many. But basically, most people don’t like non-nationals to assume that sovereign nations are interchangible.

    But with the issue of Brits or the Irish confusing Americans and Canadians, it could be more the accent rather than assuming they’re all the one country?

    I realised that the terms Ireland, Éire and the Republic of Ireland may be confusing for the non-initiated.

    Ireland = Island of Ireland comprising 32 counties.
    Republic of Ireland = sovereign nation comprising 26 counties. Originally the Irish Free State and part of the Commonwealth, it was declared a Republic in 1948.

    Éire = Also refers to the Irish state. While the country is generally known as the Republic of Ireland, this term is used in the Constitution.

    But really… I think this following video says all you need to know about the different mind-set in the two countries…. :twisted:

  56. Banana Boat says:

    Lola, you’re not fit to wash my (7 series, thanks) Beamer. See, not all Americans are witless. Many people have geographical ignorance. This bashing ‘Stupid Americans’ is as tedious as the last 10 years of Robert DeNiro’s career. So save it sister.

    And Geronimo you’re Irish? I knew I loved ya.

  57. Diva says:


    shut up

  58. Ashley says:

    You know this whole thing is just confusing. By definition if you’re from Great Britain you’re British but Welsh and Scottish people get pissed if you call them British?!?!

    I’m a history major so I know all about the conflicts pretaining to that, but what really pisses me off is when “British” people get mad at you like “F-cking idiot American”. It just doesn’t make any sense. That’s like that guy from that model show who would call himself a Soviet, but of course the audience knew him as Russian because that’s what he is, but he couldn’t remember that communism came to an end or maybe just didn’t ackowledge that to the rest of the world he was just plain Russian.

  59. I still say her baby daddy is Eddie Izzard. He didn’t sound TOO thrilled she was preggers.

  60. lalie says:

    of all the people how come minnie driver has to his friend which also happen to be a pregnant old lady who happens the father her baby be unknown.
    colin is such a nice guy and always these old ladies around him, taking advantage of him, i hope he not the father. two old ladies in a row i can’t take it any more.

    who was that busty lady sitting on the sand, colin giving his baby to her any one knows.

  61. dezinerwiz says:

    It’s EDDIE IZZARD, people.

    Her costar on “The Riches.”

    Wake up!

    She said English, sorta in the business ( he is and he isn’t ) well, he is in another business ). I knew it was when she said it. She has quoted she would love to marry him….Hell, I would love to marry him……!!!!!!

  62. Danielle says:

    I actually live in Ireland for most of the year and so far the only celebrity I’ve seen was Cillian Murphy in Mahon Point to promote his movie The Wind That Shakes The Barley. So far I haven’t seen Mister Farrell around anywhere, darnit. I personally don’t think Colin is interested in having more children at the moment as he is very busy with the son he’s got at the moment. It would be a lovely thing if it were the case that he is her baby’s father, but the timing just doesn’t seem right.

    But regardless, I wish the best to them both and may Minnie have a very easy labor.

  63. lalie says:

    i find colin’s interview with
    from : http://www.the sun.co. uk. com

    Thursday , 26,2008
    Published: Today
    FOR a good five years COLIN FARRELL was a leading contender in the Bizarre Caners and Shaggers Leagues.
    But in the past six months the Irish hellraiser has found his soulmate — pretty English novelist EMMA FORREST.
    And wild nights knocking back Guinness, whiskey (or any other substance he could get his hands on) before having his wicked way with the nearest woman are now firmly behind him.
    The couple have been as thick as thieves since being introduced earlier this year by top film director MARTIN McDONAGH. And, by the sound of things, Colin has finally found his perfect match.
    A source said: “Colin is a changed man. He has knocked the boozing on the head and is enjoying life in a completely different way. Emma has been a steadying influence and they have hit it off big time.
    They have spent months trying to keep the relationship under wraps because they are falling madly in love.
    In the past, Colin has gone for stereotypical movie star girlfriends — airheads, models and glamour girls. Emma has offered him something completely different. It’s more than just a physical attraction.
    They are planning to move in together in LA soon, on his next break from filming.”
    I met Emma last year when she was working in London. She is bright, funny and attractive, and the kind of girl your mum would be delighted to meet if you brought her home.
    That’s handy for Colin — he’s so close to his mum Rita he takes her to awards bashes instead of girlfriends.
    Emma has had several novels published and earned quite a few quid. So any suspicions of her being after Colin for just fame and fortune are well wide of the mark.
    Like Colin, she has had tough times in the past and has penned some seriously dark blogs on the internet about contemplating suicide.

    i don’t what to believe anymore but what a coincident colin didn’t mention any thing and now he is inlove with this chick, but at least this one is 30 years old but why in the world he was hiding her, why not out with sooner, it’s strange the interview done today right after minnie escapades, does that mean colin is marring this one.

  64. Snowblood says:

    Why are so many people here pouncing on Minnie Driver for her age, yet Colin Farrell gets no criticism or “old lady” kind of comments, what double-standard gross hypocrisy. If it were the other way around, and Colin was 38, and Minnie was 26, no one would bat an eye, I mean NO one would bat an eye. Good lord.

    The more I think about what I know of each of these actors’ personalities from what I’ve seen in films, interviews etc. and then seeing them potentially hooked up as having a kid together, the more it just sems to look and feel right; their personalities seem to synchronise really well, actually. They even wear the exact same kind of facial expressions sometimes, in these candid papz shots, it isn’t hard to imagine that this baby could be Colin Farrell’s. I can totally see it.

    @ Mairead, awesome breaking-it-down post up there, by the way! 8)

  65. lalie says:

    and emma forrest mentioned in the interview as colin’s girlfriend is the same lady at the beach colin is handing his son to before running toward the papaz. so i guess what colin is saying in his interview makes senese that he’s been dating emma forrest since last year, which she happens to be minnie driver’s friend.

  66. Jessica says:

    Wow,i guess this must have been an amazing but exhausting week for Colin… He got married to Muireann McDonnell,got Minnie Driver pregnant and found his soulmate in one of her friends Emma Forrest :D !!

  67. Mairead says:

    I know Jessica. I know the boy likes to keep busy, but surely there are limits!! :wink:

    CB… all I can say is … :lol:

    If nothing else you got a good cultural-studies-type debate going 8)

    As for quoting The Sun.. :? as usual their articles aren’t exactly accurate. Martin McDonough, who I think is amazing, ISN’T a “top director” as he’s only had one film out. He IS however a top playwright and stage director. And hasn’t he been “finally knocking his wild behaviour on the head” for the past three relationships now?

    Sorry, if a newspaper’s going to print something incorrect that is easily verified, then I’m going to be suspicious about how thoroughly they research the rest of their story.

    Gossip blogs are different. Well this gossip blog is different anyway. This gets a pass because the story and comments were feckin’ hilarious :lol:

  68. lalie says:

    to : jessica

    i think you should get an oscar for saying that i’m laughing so hard omg.

  69. Jessica says:

    Thank you very much lalie!!
    I’m glad you liked it :wink:
    An Oscar… Wow… I have to say i’m really flattered… :lol:

  70. Gary Picha says:

    The irish should shut up and admit to to themselves that the British have won and they are part of the UK, Great Britan.

  71. geronimo says:

    Gary Picha should shut up and admit to himself the reason why his last remaining brain cell is now frantically packing its bag.

  72. Scott F. says:

    Yeah Gary, the British kick ass! I mean you guys have still got Austral… wait, well at least you held on to New Zel… oh, yeah, well, no worries – take solace that Canad… crap. Alright, alright, you must still have India, South Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and Hong Kong? No?

    But hey, you’ve still got the Falklands, and no one can take that away from you.

    Seriously, you’re just lucky us Irish Americans didn’t decide to come home and help the cause – or Northern Ireland would have been numbered among the casualties I just listed.