Emma Watson on how she loudly asked for a ‘rubber’ at school

Emma Watson was a guest on the Late Show last night. She was cute and charming as usual, and you could tell that she was a little nervous but she powered through it and did a great job. It wasn’t her first stint on Letterman and she did as nice a job in her last appearance as well. Emma told some cute stories about her experiences as a coed in America, where she’s had some problems being understood by her classmates. She was wearing a form fitting black and red sequin dress that was just the right length. Someone commented that this is the dress she should have worn to the premiere, and I agree, it was much better than her satin sheath.

On her pixie cut
Most women get their hair cut when they’re going through a breakup, and I was going through the Harry Potter breakup and it was time for a new look.

On if she made a lot of money
Nothing really worth mentioning, no big deal… they totally ripped me off.

On her issues communicating at college
I didn’t realize just how big the culture gap is… Day to day there are things I am unable to communicate. I really needed what I would call a ‘plaster’… I was bleeding quite heavily. I was running around saying ‘I need a plaster…’ It took five or six minutes to work out that what I needed was a band aid.

Dave – That says something about American kids, they know you’re bleeding and they can’t put two and two together.

Emma – The most embarrassing one is that I had no idea, and please excuse me, that you guys call [lower voice] a condom a rubber. My version of a rubber is like an eraser, so I’ve done that, I’ve very loudly asked for a rubber… that was embarrassing.

On if the kids bug her at school because she’s famous
They’re all too cool for that.

When I was in college I dated a British guy and once went back with him to England for a couple a weeks. I was just getting the hang of the local vernacular when I tried to use it out by telling some of his friends that we had to leave a club because I was having a “snog.” I meant to say that I was having a “strop,” which means you’re grumpy, but got it confused with a similar word I’d just learned ,”snog,” which is slang for a kiss. So they all thought for a moment that I was making out with someone else at the bar and got busted by my boyfriend. Now I’m married to someone that speaks an entirely different language and am often making (what I consider minor) pronunciation errors that can make average words sound very dirty. That snog/strop thing can’t compare to me trying to say “follow” (folgen) and ending up saying “f*cking” (vögeln) instead. So I pretty much try not to use the German word for follow – or for humid, but that’s another story. Damn umlauts.

You can watch Emma’s entire Letterman appearance on YouTube (it won’t embed here.) She tells the rubber story at 4:50 and does an American accent at 6:40. A clip from Deathly Hallows is at 8:30. It looks better than earlier clips I’ve seen. I lost my passion for HP after the Half Blood Prince, but I’ll probably see this one.

Story via ONTD

Emma Watson is shown yesterday outside the Late Show and outside her hotel. I love her black jacket, but that studded jacket is too much. Credit: Fame Pictures






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  1. Should be working says:

    OOOooh that studded trench is THE BUSINESS!

  2. Hollowdoll says:

    LAWL! An exchange student at my school did the same thing. It was so funny! He just laughed it off.

  3. Ron says:

    She really wears clothes well. The studded trench is major.

  4. Maria says:



    I remember when my german teacher said

    “Yes, it’s very gay today”

    I was like “wtf?”

  5. sarah says:

    LOVE her.

    Studded jacket – to DIE for!

  6. Rasputina says:

    Love both jackets, and love, love, love that girl. Ohh Emma, how are you so cute?

  7. I Choose Me says:

    Love the studded jacket and I’m happy to see pics of that gorgeous black coat posted here. :)

  8. serena says:

    gosh she’s so funny and cute. I want to be her friend. lol

  9. Ferguson. says:

    Well, Im 18 and when I finished highschool I started working in a Call Center cause I wanted to be independent, pay for college and all. I was in the “Chase project”, meaning that I was working for Chase bank, in the mortgages area. These kind of things happened to me ALL THE TIME, I speak english, of course, but sometimes when talking to an angry customer, I was SO nervous that I confused a lot of words; and yes, I always ended up saying meaningless sentences, which got the customers even more upset.

    If you want to know, I only worked there 2 months; Chase crazy customers drove me NUTS and I was REALLY embarrased when I couldnt understeand something they said, so… 2 months was enough for me.

    It was a great experience though, and I TOTALLY understeand Emma.

    (BTW, LOOOOOOVE the beautiful shoes & jacket on the last pic)

  10. Bubbling says:

    Ohh her style!She kills it all the time! And I really like the cut of her hair now! And she also provides mighty good coat porn (Kaiser)

  11. QQ says:

    God Her clothes are Sick Sick Sick!

  12. xxodettexx says:

    i love both trenches but that studded one is amazing. want it!

  13. Chris J says:

    Schwul oder schwül. Just one umlaut defines the difference between humid and homosexual.

  14. Allison says:

    She is so cool and such a lovely, sweet young woman. Love her! <3

  15. ERM says:

    There is a bit of a communications challenge… Once when I was late at work they came by to ask me if the hoovering was going to bother me. I was like WTF – hoovering? About 15 minutes later I heard them vacuuming and finally realized that they call the vacuum a hoover and the act of vacuuming hoovering!

  16. Belle Epoch says:

    LOVE her!

    Cute as Christmas, well brought up… Please let her stay that way!

  17. Isa says:

    I love everything she is wearing! Especially those shoes! Oh wow.

    This is how it’s done!
    That is all.

  18. flourpot says:

    Pass this girl the best dressed award. What I’d give to spend 5 minutes in her closet.

  19. chasingadalia says:

    That’s some damn good coat porn!

    And a cute story. Haha.

  20. benny says:

    She’s cute. But I was wondering about the double-standard: she obviously has the same nerve problem by her mouth that Katie Holmes has (were one side lifts up more than the other), although Holmes’ is on the opposite side. I’m sure neither one can control it, but people here give Holmes sh!t for this tick that she can’t control, and Watson gets a free pass? And I just read one of the Kate Middleton stories, and CB mentions that about Middleton too.

    Personally, I don’t think anyone should be criticized for a physical trait they cannot control; I was just wondering why people have that double-standard.

  21. a_elise says:

    When I was living with a family in Berlin, I was telling them how excited I was to turn 18 the following summer (I suppose at that point, I was super excited to buy cigarettes? Not sure) Next thing I know, the late 60s uncle is asking me if I’m a virgin. I start to panic, wondering what in the world was going through his dirty mind, as well as wondering how to avoid that question. It was only a few seconds later that his son (who had studied in America) replied, Dad…in America, it’s called a VirGO


  22. Amoosed says:

    As someone who has also crossed the Atlantic I have made many faux pas over the years (calling out for “a rubber” in an open plan office was a once only mistake though – yikes!)

    British and American English are deceptively different languages. But Hey – Vive La Difference!!

  23. Taurus says:

    That studded trench just gave me an Orgasim!


  24. PrimeO says:

    I’m sorry (no I’m not)… I call bullshit on her cutesy rubber/condom/eraser story. And of course she “said it very loudly”, yes, for maximum effect for her story, ha ha.

    Really, in the middle of a large freshman class where she apparently was using neither a laptop nor a pen, she loudly calls out, “Does anyone have a rubber?” cuz she just made a boo-boo on her page of notes? Prep a more realistic story for you next Letterman visit, dearie…

  25. ChillDivine says:

    Exact same thing happened to me at school in America – except it was in sixth grade when I loudly asked for a rubber and when someone explained to me what I’d said I still didn’t know what it was and kept asking people (was a rather naive sixth grader!)

    Having a similar problem in Swedish at the moment, between ‘fika’ (to go out for a coffee) and ‘fitta’ (part of a woman. Begins with a C in English…)

  26. ghoulish_moose says:

    She really suits the pixie cut. She looks cute. Not many girls can pull it off but she rocks it!

    And I agree with flourpot, she always looks good in her clothes. I know she has stylists and whatever but so does Britney…nuff said =D lol

  27. CIdee says:

    She is PERFECT! Blake Lively and the gang should take a page or two out of Emma’s book.

  28. Cletus says:

    Probably peopl give Katie Holmes shit for anything and everything because she looks like she sucks. As a person, I mean. I’m just saying, that COULD be it.

  29. kai says:

    totally my thoughts. thank you for being the a–hole who said it first :)

  30. sauvage says:

    And I guess you don’t like the Wort “Pfütze”, Celebitchy…? ;-)

  31. sauvage says:

    This is what happens when you switch to German. The WORD “Pfütze”, damn!

  32. Lisa S. says:

    I want both of those jackets!

  33. normades says:

    Kudos to Emma for going to college!
    @Primo:yeah, story wasn’t very natural, she’ll have o work on that workin’ the talk show circuit thing