Tom Hardy’s fiancée is jealous of his chemistry with Reese Witherspoon

45638, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday October 1, 2010. Tom Hardy looks on at his co-star Reese Witherspoon as the two film a scene for the upcoming movie This Means War in Vancouver. Photograph:  Kred,

I was going to save these photos for the next Hot Guy Friday (I’m think Hot Guy Thanksgiving, Dongs We Are Thankful For), but this In Touch Weekly story was too good to pass up. Probably because Tom Hardy is now big enough that he’s getting some tabloid stories! WOOHOO! Yay! Of course, the story is just some BS piece about how his fiancée is jealous of his professional relationship with Reese Witherspoon, his costar on This Means War. It’s not that I don’t think Tom would screw around on his fiancee – I do. After all, this is a man who spoke openly about “playing” with “everybody and everything”. I just don’t think Reese is up for it – although that would be very interesting if she was:

Reese Witherspoon is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, so it’s no surprise that she often ends up acting alongside some of the industry’s hottest leading men. Bit it turns out that a British actress named Charlotte Riley isn’t exactly a fan.

A source on the set of Reese’s next film, a rom-com called This Means War, tells In Touch that Charlotte flew to the Vancouver set it seems she wants to make sure her fiancé Tom Hardy behaves himself.

“There are so many scenes with Reese and Tom flirting, kissing and getting physical,” the source reports. “The buzz on set is that Charlotte came up to keep an eye on her man.”

Charlotte, 28, may have cause for concern – the on-screen lovers’ friendship is blossoming off-camera as well.

“Reese and Tom spend hours together every day,” the source said.

Of course, Reese is still very much involved with her boyfriend, agent Jim Toth. But that doesn’t keep her costars’ girlfriends from seeing green: Kristen Stewart was jealous of Reese as well when Reese and Robert Pattinson worked together on Water for Elephants.

“Reese has that effect,” the source explained. “Guys just fall in love with her!”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Yeah, I really think Reese is happy with Jim Toth, but I also don’t think she’s this saint who would never do anything less than perfect. I kind of believed the rumors about Reese and Joaquin back when they filmed Walk the Line – and that was when Reese and Ryan Phillippe were still married (although Ryan was apparently screwing around on Reese for a while too). So would Reese be above a quickie with British hottie Tom Hardy? God, I hope not.

LOS ANGELES - JUL 13: Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley arrive at the Inception Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater on July13, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA .... Photo via Newscom

47696, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday November 19, 2010. Reese Witherspoon films a scene with co-star Tom Hardy for the upcoming McG-directed film This Means War. Photograph:  Kred,

47689, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday November 19, 2010. Reese Witherspoon bundles up in a thick puffa jacket in between takes for This Means War in Vancouver. Photograph:  Kred,

47689, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday November 19, 2010. Reese Witherspoon shares a laugh with director McG in between takes for This Means War in Vancouver. Photograph:  Kred,

47696, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday November 19, 2010. Reese Witherspoon films a scene with co-star Tom Hardy for the upcoming McG-directed film This Means War. Photograph:  Kred,

47696, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday November 19, 2010. Tom Hardy is seen on the set of the upcoming McG-directed film This Means War. Photograph:  Kred,

47696, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday November 19, 2010. Tom Hardy is seen on the set of the upcoming McG-directed film This Means War. Photograph:  Kred,

47696, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday November 19, 2010. Tom Hardy is seen on the set of the upcoming McG-directed film This Means War. Photograph:  Kred,

47696, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Friday November 19, 2010. Reese Witherspoon films a scene with co-star Tom Hardy for the upcoming McG-directed film This Means War. Photograph:  Kred,

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35 Responses to “Tom Hardy’s fiancée is jealous of his chemistry with Reese Witherspoon”

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  1. lisa says:

    Reese and Jake were together LOOOOONG before the media decided to cover it. NO she is not a Saint..

    but sorry this guy is not all that. Don’t get that quiver or anything with him. But then to each his own.

  2. Bunny says:

    I don’t blame her, I saw pictures of them laughing together, and I gotta say they looked like they would make a cute couple.

  3. Hautie says:

    If she was going to shag one of her costars… I would chose Chris Pine. :)

    I bet she is charming as hell when she whips out that southern accent.

    Yet I suspect she is a pill to live with. It is her way or the highway. Ask Ryan. hahaha!

  4. REALIST says:

    It’s not too late!-dump the fiancee, dump the BF, and hook up. The chemistry is soooo obvious.
    I though Reese and Joaquin had something going on, too. Jeez, they were so believable as Johnny and June I forgot they weren’t Johnny and June.

  5. mslewis says:

    I would laugh at this if it wasn’t so ridiculous!! Can’t the tabs make up better stories than the “girlfriend/fiancee/wife being “jealous” of the pretty co-star? I mean, it makes the people involved look so stupid. How could anyone romantically involved with an actor/actress be jealous of that person’s co-star? It would mean that your life is totally miseable because you would be in torture every minute that person is working because, SURPRISE, most lead actresses are stunning!!

    The good news is . . . the ragmags are noticing Tom Hardy! That must mean he’s on the cusp of greatness, right? Either that or the rags have seriously run out of lies that will sell copies. HA!!

  6. Penguen says:

    @ Realist – I might be totally wrong, but I heard rumors that Joaquin is kind of a method actor when it comes to his leading ladies. I remember rumors that he got with Ginnifer Goodwin (who played his wife in Walk the Line) while filming and also dumped her pretty hard on set. If this line of thinking is true, it would make sense that he got involved with Reese. They certainly weren’t lacking for chemistry.

    Or maybe it was just good acting. I can only speculate. :)

  7. RobN says:

    How could anybody involved with an actor be jealous of the people they work with? How about because there are about a million examples of on-set chemistry between otherwise attached costars which result in the break up of families and relationships. And yeah, it probably is kind of miserable to know that you need to worry about this stuff but then again, it’s not like it doesn’t happen in your average office setting as well. It’s just at the office, the fiance can’t show up and give the cute blond receptionist the stink eye.

  8. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Nah, if there was anybody Reese would be hooking up with on-set, it would be Chris Pine. And I’m sorry but I just don’t get the fuss over Tom Hardy. He just doesn’t do it for me, alas.

  9. bellaluna says:

    @ Kaiser ~ LMAO @ Hot Guy Thanksgiving; Dongs We’re Thankful For! What an awesome idea. Please let’s remember Paul Bettany for HGF or Thanksgiving, whatever.

    Tom Hardy, Chris Pine – these two don’t really do it for me either.

  10. brin says:

    If she’s worried now, wait til he co-stars with an Angelina Jolie type.

  11. photo jojo says:

    I can’t believe anyone who got the chance to get with Tom Hardy would pass it up!

  12. normades says:

    I always thought Reese and Joaquin didn’t get along and he was dating Ginnifer during the filming…??? (please clarify)

  13. tango says:

    Yah, I’ve heard that Reese Witherspoon is so not the good girl she usually plays on screen. So I could possibly see her doing Tom. Rumours are she dated her current boyfriend in secret for months before dumping Jake G. Only because she was Jake G’s beard and wanted some action on her own, fell in love with Jim and decided she wanted to be free to date him openly.

  14. maria says:

    Tom Hardy has a beautiful mouth. Yep, he is very easy to look at.

  15. hmm(the original) says:

    I guess his fiancee forgets that he was engaged with a child when she met him on the set of a movie. No, I have no idea why she’d think the’d leave a committed relationship for a costar.

  16. Alejandro says:

    Definitely hotter than the agent.

  17. Taurus says:

    I’m sorry but there is something gross about this guy. He looks like the type to give you crabs or the clap.


  18. StopKiddingYourself says:

    @hmm(the original):

    Co-sign. Those things would seem to linger in the back of your mind. If you start a relationship off in a sketchy way, you will most likely think sketchy thouhgts about the sketchy fellow. Helluva way to build a trusting relationship.

  19. wunderkindt says:

    Tom’s lips are yummy to look at!

  20. Maritza says:

    He is a very handsome man, I could see her falling for a guy like him.

  21. mystified says:

    Tom Hardy looks sort of like Harry Connick Jr. would look like if Harry Connick Jr. was good looking.

  22. carrie says:

    every time i see Tom Hardy,i think “gay porn actor”(look his big lips)

  23. jzhz says:

    I don’t care about Chin McBoring, but he is a FOX. He looks fantastic in these photos.

  24. lala in nYc says:

    can’t wait for “Hot Guy Thanksgiving, Dongs We Are Thankful For!!”

    i saw reese in-person once and she is super petite and lovely in person. it was shortly after her break-up with ryan and she looked sad and withdrawn. she looks great in these photos! hope she’s happy with jim or tom or sparkles!

  25. OfficialBitch says:

    Wait – didn’t Tom admit to hooking up with “blokes” and women???
    I didn’t need to know that…ruined the fantasy for me.

  26. sara says:

    Reese was a student at Harpeth Hall, a private–and excellent–girl’s school in Nashville, where one of my friends was one of her teachers. Harpeth Hall disinvited–no, correction–barred her from a recent reunion a few years ago because she had conceived before marriage.

    She is somewhat persona non grata in Nashville not only because of her history with Ryan Phillipe and their first child conceived outside of marriage but also because she was a bit of a vicious little ambitious twit who had no boundaries.

    I have no doubt that she would do whatever she pleased that was good for Reese. I met the little chick a couple of times. She’s a typical steel magnolia. Look beyond that rictus smile to the ruthless opportunist within. This girl is made of iron and has big personal issues. When talking to her you can’t escape the sense that she is a very, very angry little girl who wants more control and has learned very well how to manipulate others’ view of herself. She seemed empty, angry, and very narcissistic and controlling to me. Big surprise.

    And yes, I am also a southern woman who knows this type inside and out. And I’m decades older than she is and know her little game far, far better than she does. I think she had a sense when I talked to her about her depiction of June that she knew I thought she did a shit job of it, and so did everyone else I knew in Nashville at the time.

    Reese, honey, you may con Hollywood, but we know that you’re just conning everyone. Come home and have a bunch of babies and just disappear, sweetie.

    Not an anti-feminist statement, everyone. Some steel magnolias just need to give it up before they implode–or explode.

  27. eternalcanadian says:

    Exhibit A why I would never get involved with an actor. I’d be too insecure & jealous whenever they get to snog or get naked with a co-star. I think Charlotte is wise to keep an eye on Tom. When the cat is away the birds will play or whatever that saying is.

  28. Bex says:

    Phwor, he is really pleasant to look at. I’d hit it too.

  29. Nancy says:

    Damn Tom Hardy is sexy as hell he’s got the most sexiest lips ever, his fiancee looks ugly definitely not woman enough for Tom Hardy.

  30. Embee says:

    sara – very interesting post. I get that vibe from her also…like she’d stamp her foot if she wasn’t aware how she’d come across. She always looks about 10 seconds from an implosion to me.

  31. mystified says:

    Regarding Sara’s post (#27). I’m also a resident of Nashville for 19 years (a transplant from the D.C. area) but I am not nearly as socially connected as Sara, so I have not heard anything from anyone who personally knew/knows Reese Witherspoon. (I have heard wonderful things about her father who still practices medicine in Nashville.)

    Even if what Sara’s friend said is true (and I’m not saying it isn’t) I’m still a fan of Reese Witherspoon for a number of reasons.

    If she’s as conniving and nasty as she’s reputed to be then she is a brilliant actress. I think her role in Cruel Intentions was beyond great. She portrayed teenage vulnerability better than any actor I’ve ever seen, yet her role in Election was almost the exact opposite and she pulled that off too. She is a truly versatile actress.

    In interviews, Reese comes across as so likeable and modest (could this again be her great acting skills?) — just the opposite of the self-important, take themselves too seriously, obnoxious celebrities that I’m used to reading about.

    But what I especially like about her is that, unlike fellow Tennessean Megan Fox, Reese does not belittle Tennesseans. Reese really comes across as a class act. If this is not actually the case, then I can only marvel at her acting skill and her self control.

    Even if everything in Post 27 is true (and I’m not saying it isn’t) I’m still a member of the admire-Reese-club.

  32. TomHaryFan says:

    I’ve been following Tom Hardy since his remake of Wuthering Heights where he and Charlotte hooked up. They were SIZZLING on the screen and the hottest couple out there IMHO. They are both young and he, no doubt, has experienced a lot already in life. I hope Charlottle keeps a cool head and her very COOL man! They are GORGEOUS together! Reese…well, that would be a disaster for them both!

  33. Annie Nonymous says:

    Sara, I find it interesting, in light of your allegations, that Harpeth Hall is proud enough of Reese to claim her as one of its “Distinguished Alumnae” on the school’s website, and the girls there were apparently perfectly free to cheer her on when she was nominated for an Oscar ( Kind of makes me wonder about the veracity of the rest of your post.

  34. Kinsley c says:

    ACTORS running off with co-stars is nothing new – and now TOM HARDY and CHARLOTTE RILEY have fallen prey to this showbiz trap.
    Tom has left girlfriend Rachael Speed – mum to his baby Louis – to be with Charlotte.

    The couple met on the set of ITV costume drama Wuthering Heights.

    He plays a fiery Heathcliff to her Cathy.

    They then starred in Sky One’s recent crime drama The Take.

    A source said: “The sparks flew from the moment they met but both of them tried hard to keep their feelings under wraps.

    “But they were spending so much time together that in the end it was impossible to ignore their feelings.”

    That was a couple years back no wonder
    Charlotte’s Jealous She Knows how scandalous woman can be when it comes to getting what they want! Now she feels the pain she put on Rachel Speed Tom’s ex ! Karma is a be-atch! lol
    how does it feel babe?

    Read more: