Justin Bieber’s new hair: all grown up or still too girly?

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Canadian singer Justin Bieber, 16, has changed up his signature bowl cut and is sporting a lighter shorter style that’s more “Chace Crawford” than Bieber. He looks more mature, and more feminine. It’s possible his hair is just wet, though. The boy is just so pretty and you can see his features when his hair is out of his face. If you compare recent photos of Bieber with his mushroom ‘do to his new hair, it’s like he’s aged three to four years overnight. When you’re that young, that’s a good thing.

Does this herald the end of the Bieber bowl ‘do? We can only hope. Maybe Gisele will finally let Tom Brady cut his hair.

Justin is promoting his new autobiography, First Step 2 Forever. It seems ridiculous that a 16 year-old kid has an autobiography, and the title suggests that at least some of it is written in text speak. A quick glance at the reviews on Amazon confirms my hunch, with a reviewer named Andrew Shaffer noting thatThe book simply reproduces many of Bieber’s Tweets without fixing them for grammar or spelling.” Bieber is also said to spend a lot of time “writing” about girls and even fills an entire page with the phrase “I like girls” over and over – as if that’s enough to dispel any doubt.

At the book signing in New York on Friday when these photos were taken, Bieber was delayed by some rain. He made it up to everyone by letting in a 1,000 extra fans and taking time to meet with them. That’s sweet, and will surely sell more copies of his book. Half of which is said to consist of photos of Bieber. Does that make up for the extremely thin content? It’s not like his young fans are going to care.

Here’s Justin on The Today Show Friday [via ONTD]. His voice is changing. He says that doesn’t plan on going to college and won’t comment on whether he has a girlfriend or not. He also has a new acoustic album out.

Photos from WENN.com. Story from AceShowbiz via WeSmirch





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50 Responses to “Justin Bieber’s new hair: all grown up or still too girly?”

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  1. devilgirl says:

    Looks the same to me, just opposite sides.

  2. carrie says:

    what did he change in his haircut?

  3. texasmom says:

    He looks more and more like Hillary Swank with every passing day.

  4. serena says:

    it’s slightly better. That fucking bowl pissed me off like hell.
    Anyway it’s his face and attitude that doesn’t match “the grow up style”.

  5. serena says:

    wtf a book?
    And obliviously is about himself. What the fuck does he have to say about his life.. he’s only 16years old!
    About tweets and girls?? Are you kidding me?

  6. guesty says:

    to the left to the left…& he’s still a pretty boy.

  7. Heather says:

    @ texasmom – Lol totaly agree!

    God, wouldn’t it be funny to see him and Emma Watson standing together. Not that she would ever stoop so low

    OMG anyone watching him on X Factor last night (UK) the miming was unbelievable.

  8. Missfit says:

    Emma Watson looks NOTHING like that. He might pass more of Hilary Swank and Boys Don’t Cry. His hair looks the same.

  9. jover says:

    Usher is working overtime to squeeze every last drop of milk from this complaisant cash cow until even the tweenies get bored with his schtick and move on to the next “big” thing.

  10. Snowy says:

    It’s a small change but it does look better. I know a lot of people have opinions about this kid but I think he’ll have years of success if he can keep his head together.
    I took my daughter to see him in concert in Toronto last week and it was a great show. I was afraid he was “manufactured” but he’s got real talent. He did a couple of acoustic numbers with his guitar, played drums, and played piano. He earned my respect as a musician. Yes, he’s pretty but wait until he’s matured a bit, I think he’ll be very handsome. Best of luck to him.

  11. Kerri says:

    Bieber is also said to spend a lot of time “writing” about girls and even fills an entire page with the phrase “I like girls” over and over…

    You keep telling yourself that…

    I believe you…NOT!!!

  12. Feebee says:

    Looks better than before but that’s not hard.

  13. KLO says:

    He DOES look like Emma Watson. It’s really even not the face, but the cuteness/girlyness level.

  14. meilamon says:

    I like it better. My son has hair like the first syle,though he gets pissed when I tell him that. My son would look cute with Bieber’s new cut.

  15. Wicked SteppMom says:

    OMFG…I joked to my husband a few days ago that I really needed a haircut b/c my hair was starting to look “Bieber-ish”. Now that he’s cut his hair, we have almost the exact same friggin’ hair. Calling the salon NOW…

  16. Maritza says:

    It’s the same haircut but a bit shorter and he definitely looks like a girl!

  17. gg says:

    Second verse — same as the first.

  18. the other mel says:

    I think it’s a huge improvement.

  19. Erandyn says:

    Some obnoxious teen flicks his hair the opposite way, this makes headlines and then people debate about it? Zomg…

  20. Kitty says:

    “He looks like Emma Watson.”


  21. flourpot says:

    He wears more makeup than I do.

  22. Dizzybenny says:

    she will be a good looking woman in a few years.

  23. Jenna says:

    FYI… there is no difference. He just brushed it to the other side. You people need to chill out on this Beiber crap. He sucks. Get over it.

  24. Str8Shooter says:

    Hmmm…I didn’t know they were remaking Rosemary’s Baby!!! He’s a dead ringer for Mia Farrow.

  25. Madison says:

    Something about him looks different not as young, boy is changing and growing up.

  26. Gabriela says:

    The girl asked for a photo with him and he autographed on her camera.
    That would piss me off. B-tch, I asked you for a picture not ruin my camera!

    BTW, isn’t frustrating when a boy is a better looking girl than you are?

  27. HakuraChii says:

    They don’t look any different to me. =

    God I can’t stand this kid. People falling all over themselves to get to him… I *still* don’t believe he’s older than 13. He looks like my little brother before he hit puberty, I don’t see how grown women can find him ‘sexy’ without needing to go into psychiatric therapy for pedophilia.

    *shudder* [End of Rant]

  28. The Bobster says:

    He looks like the girl in the “Up On The Rooftop” Hyundai commercial.

  29. Steph says:

    I opened this story with the hopes that all it would read is: “still too girly. end of chat.”
    *sigh* no such luck. maybe next time?

  30. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I think he’s just created a part in the helmet.

    And it looks a million times better.

    He is very pretty though-I can see why tween girls like him. I hope he eventually hits puberty though and you know, looks less female. You put a wig and a dress on that kid and you wouldn’t question him being a chick.

  31. Tess says:

    Mothers of virgins: No need to worry. They’re safe with Bieber.

  32. Cleo says:

    naw, he and Angelina Jolie are (secretly) cousins from their mothers’ French Jewish Canadiennes connection.

  33. Teri says:

    I dont get why people are into him anyway, hes a little girly man whos a arrognat little sh##t!!!!

  34. Camille says:

    @Kerri and HakuraChii: I completely agree.

  35. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Um. Jimmy Osmond, same hair but less teeth…

  36. Bitter fruit says:

    :lol: the clock is ticking away madly, wonder if the kiddies will be as demented over her when the movie comes out.

  37. Emily says:

    His voice is changing? He better start pumping out the albums and books and shit now then. Escpecially since he’s not going to college…

  38. elizabeth says:

    to Bill Hicks is God:
    I agree he looks like Jimmy Osmond with less teeth – but my knowing that and your saying that ages us both, baby. Ah, I loved the sixties!

  39. KaroŁJB says:

    nem is tudom szerintem igy is jó áll neki és ne nézétek le őt!(am nekem a másik haja jobban bejött)

  40. Paula says:

    Hallo, him does not suit new girlfriend in his is longer and parent so does not svit. and new justin hairstyle docs not suit. that is why cheek back old. :) )) i am in latvia.

  41. blacksioux says:

    Give him a break. His problem is he’s a late bloomer and a pretty boy. The boy is beautiful. He’s cuter than most girls his age.

    Eventually he will grow into that face. Maybe he’ll be like Ralph Macchio and look boyish well into his 40s. Time will tell.