Enquirer: Kim Kardashian wants Gabriel Aubry to be her baby-daddy


This week’s In Touch Weekly has a cover story about Kim Kardashian “taunting” Halle Berry with threats that Kim could be Nahla’s new step-mother. Considering that Kim and Gabriel Aubry have only been dating for about a month (if that), I do tend to think all of this is just a wee bit overkill. I mean, Kim really doesn’t have some great track record for keeping a guy, right? And Gabriel, while losing intelligence by the day it seems, is probably not dumb enough to marry Kim. But still, the alleged girl fight between Halle and Kim rages on (in the tabloids) and now there’s a new layer: Kim wants Gabriel as her baby-daddy too, just like Halle! This is according to the Enquirer:

KIM KARDASHIAN’s hunt for a baby daddy is over! She’s telling pals that her choice would be Halle Berry’s ex, model Gabriel Aubry. The gorgeous new couple made their first public appearance at a Los Angeles Lakers game on Nov. 21.

“Kim is looking for a man who will make good daddy material, and she’s head over heels for Gabriel,” divulged a friend of the 30-year-old reality TV sexpot.

“They met last year at an event but only recently ignited a romance. Gabriel is gorgeous, self-made and most importantly for Kim, he’s already proven himself as a capable and devoted dad. She’s ready to start a family and wants someone with good genes who isn’t afraid of diaper duty and late-night feedings. Kim believes she’s struck the jackpot with Gabriel!”

Kim recently told reporters: “I do want kids. I want four. I started at six a few years ago.”

Kim has already met Nahla, Gabriel’s daughter with Halle Berry, and Kim relishes the idea of playing step-mom, says the source.

“Kim was blown away by how well-mannered and well-behaved Nahla is. She thinks that’s proof Gabriel is doing a terrific job parenting,” said the source. “Her family’s already met Gabe and given him the thumbs-up. I think Kim would love to be married and pregnant by the end of the next year.”

[From The National Enquirer, print and online editions]

Yeah. I just don’t see it. Any of it. Even though Kim is putting out this image of herself as a girl who just wants to settle down and have babies, I don’t think she’s really interested in doing that for a while, at least not if Reggie Bush doesn’t want to be the baby-daddy. By the way, did you hear Reggie just got engaged? He hasn’t confirmed anything, but it could be true. So… would Kim pull a Jessica Simpson and try to steal her ex’s thunder? Would she get pregnant by Gabriel Aubry just to screw with Reggie? Eh.

Nov. 30, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Reality star KIM KARDASHIAN promotes her new book 'Kardashian Konfidential' held at Barnes and Noble 5th Avenue. © Red Carpet Pictures

47981, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Monday November 29 2010. Curvy Kim Kardashian leaving her New York hotel early in the morning to head to the Today Show studios in New York with her sisters. Seems you have to be up early to keep up with the Kardashian ladies! Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com


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  1. Marjalane says:

    He can’t possibly be stupid enough to impregnate this walking petri dish.

  2. brin says:

    It seems like the Ks just live their life for thier reality show, so anything that will draw in viewers is fair game.

  3. bellaluna says:

    Well, her sh!tty genes would dilute his hot genes, so…

    And would the baby look like her pre-surgery or post-?

    And since when is he “self-made?” Seriously, where do they come up with this crap?

  4. erikarain says:

    Oh, I’m sure Nahla’s behavior and manners have everything to do with her father, and nothing to do with her super-classy mom? I say kudos to Halle for bestowing his beautiful genes on her child … I’m sure she can capably handle all of the real parenting on her own, especially if he’s off chasing a Kardashian.

  5. echolocate says:

    Obviously, he remains annoyed with Halle Berry, so, when his publicist suggested he’d get in the papers more if he hung out with Kim, he agreed, knowing Halle would be irritated. For Kim’s part, this is her bid to be viewed as someone on Halle’s level, which she can’t and won’t be because she has no discernable talent, a face that is now bizarrely plasticene, no rhythm, and a curiously flat affect and bland personality. She may be nice enough, but she’s easily the dullest member of her family (and I’m including Bruce in the equation).

    Every time I see paparazzi shots where the guy is walking ahead futzing with his phone and has a faraway or self-absorbed expression, I assume the relationship is not real, is very one-sided, the man is being forced into it, and/or the man is a paid companion. Gabriel here appears to be mulling over a possible change in publicists or representation.

  6. NayNay says:

    With each day, she looks more and more like a real life blow-up sex doll.

  7. saintdevil says:

    I’m not sure if Halle is irritated by him dating Kim – if he was my Ex, I’d have a kind of Mr. T attitude:

    “I pity the fool!”

  8. slymm27 says:

    stop nagging about the kardashians, and any woman has a right to pick her baby daddy. Kim has picked a hot , obviously unintelligent ma, and that is just ok.

  9. sapphire says:

    Sigh-I really want to hit that- a perfect holiday gift. But isn’t one celebukid enough? Besides, Kim isn’t award-winning mom material.

  10. Abbs says:

    Well I want Gabriel to be my baby daddy too, but you can’t always get what you want now can you?

  11. guesty says:

    she & reggie seem to be revenge dating for sure. & gabriel imo is doing the same thing! hilarious.

  12. maya says:

    Reggie Bush did debunk that engagement rumor on his Twitter page. Also, he confirmed that the Latin singer that is claiming she is engaged to Reggie, he has not spoken to her in months. Reggie stated that the Latin singer has been going out of her way to encourage rumors of them being an item and they are not dating or engaged.

  13. Iris says:

    When they’re doing the dirty, when Gabriel is about to pull out, Kim is going to grab his ass and not let him, yelling, “Give me babies!”

    Sorry for being graphic, but I can totally see this happening. She’s such a famewhore.

  14. devilgirl says:


    I officially announce that I, after today, not matter how outraged I am at a story, will NEVER, EVER click on to a Kardashian thread again.



  15. SoulLovah says:

    Well I don’t doubt that Gabriel is good father material, but interesting how she never mentioned that the future baby would get any benefit from having HER as a parent…

  16. Cherry says:

    Young (ish) women who get botox always end up looking 10 years older. She looks 40 in these pics.

  17. emily says:

    happy reggie’s not actually engaged. i still secretly hope him and kim will get back together. they are a cute couple

  18. December says:

    Kim needs to stop wearing her hair up. It does nothing to flatter her face. Instead, it just makes her look more bizarre and more a circus side show freak show.

  19. Missfit says:

    lmao @ comment 13 Abbs, good one,lol. I was wondering the same thing, why is she signing a guitar, she’s not a musician. He would be STUPID to knock her ass up, unless he doesn’t care or she tricks him.

  20. Xx says:

    Please please PLEASE tell me he is not really dating this famewhore. It is truly sickening.

  21. slymm27 says:

    you all clicking on the kardashian stories and then calling them famewhores amuse me. Is that not ironic.??

  22. Fred says:

    oh HELL NO!

    if Nahla is well manered it’s because she has TWO present parents to educate her and parent her well.

    The Emmy;Golden Globes and Academy Award winning actress did spend 3 years away from the spotlight to raise little Nahla and Halle is known to go Mama Grizzly on the paps’s behinds when they get to close to her baby girl.

    Halle’s mom is also very present in Nahla’s life even if she is not seen in public.

    Who in their right mind would want a 2 year old around the Kardashin Klan;especially NOT Halle Berry.She had trouble conceiving Nahla and I bet she is going mad as hell with Nahla supposedly hanging out( if it’s true) with Kim?

    just yesterday Kourtney;Kim and Kloe were talking about inserting MAYO in their COOCHIES to make them “shinny”.Nice conversation to have with a 2 year old!

    If I were Halle I would ask a judge yes judge to keep Kim and her famewhore klan of a family AWAY from my baby!

  23. Jeri says:

    I think Reggie is happy to have escaped her clutches.

  24. Maritza says:

    The baby would be gorgeous! Gabriel is a great catch, Kim would be really stupid to let him go!

  25. Jag says:

    I’d want his sperm, but that’s about it. lol

  26. dahlia47 says:

    I don’t think this will work out in the long run. I think that he’s just having his fun with her and then he’s gonna split!