L&S: Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry are over, and she dumped him


I told you it wouldn’t last. Life & Style is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry are done, and that Kim was the one to do the dumping. According to their sources, Kim thought Gabe was just “using” her for “fame”. Um… what? Granted, Kim has more flat-out name recognition (Gabe is often referred to in tabloid reports as “Halle Berry’s baby-daddy), but methinks Kim is mistaking “incessant famewhoring” with actual “fame”. Whatever, though. I’m just glad it’s over. Allegedly.

Kim Kardashian’s budding romance with model Gabriel Aubry has ended as suddenly as it began Life & Style can exclusively reveal.

“Kim feels like Gabriel was just using her for her fame,” an insider close to Kim tells Life & Style. Plus, Gabriel, 34, “is older than Kim is looking for,” says the insider. “So she’s decided to stop seeing him.”

Kim’s not wasting any time on regrets. She has already started dating Kris Humphries, a 25-year-old basketball player for the New Jersey Nets.

“Kim likes him much more than Gabriel,” says the insider to Life & Style. “He’s normal, so much fun and cute. He’s perfect for what Kim wants right now, which is some fun dates and some fun times.” And of course he’s an athlete, continuing Kim’s pattern of falling for jocks.

So just how serious are they? The new duo went out for a dinner date at Nobu in NYC recently, and Kim watched Kris play in Newark, N.J., on Nov. 29 followed by a post game hang out. But that wasn’t the 30-year-old reality star’s only trip to New Jersey—the pair was just spotted on Dec. 5 at Maxwell’s Bar in Hoboken, N.J. dining out. Kim, who is watching her weight since she stopped filming in NYC, ordered a goat cheese salad and a veggie burger (hold the bun)!

“There’s a real spark between them,” adds the insider.

[From Life & Style]

You know what shocked me? This dude Kris Humphries is white too! I thought for sure Kim would go back to black guys. UPDATE: Ah, I’ve just been told that he’s bi-racial. That makes more sense.Is that racist? I don’t think so – Kim just seems to date a lot of black guys. She has a type. But it looks like her type is changing – first Gabe, and now this Kris guy. At least he’s an athlete – that seems to be her type too. And most importantly, Kim’s “type” is drama-filled. She and Gabe just didn’t have enough drama between them – hopefully this baller will give her the runaround.

So Gabe is single… but isn’t he worse off now? Now we know he’s the kind of guy who date Kim Kardashian. And that makes me think less of him.


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  1. maya says:

    Kaiser – Kris Humphries is NOT white. He is bi-racial (black and white). Kris Humphries father is black. Kris is 25 years old, athlete and his black. Kris looks just like Miles Austin.

  2. Po says:

    Kaiser I agree with you. Its like Kelsey Grammar. Once I saw what is wife was like it made me think less of him because he is the type of person who would not just marry someone like her but stay with her for over a decade. The company you keep says alot about who you are.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Maya – sorry! I corrected that.

  4. maya says:

    Gabriel Aubry does not have money. Gabriel claim to fame is being Halle Berry’s baby daddy. Kim has a type and Gabriel was not her type. Kim is back to dating athletes with money. Kris Humphries is just like Kim’s past two boyfriends.

  5. guesty says:

    thought gabe was going to have kristmas with the kardashes…bringing baby nahla & halle was having a fit over it!!!! which mag to believe? lol.

    if kk is going out with kris humphries…is it cuz his name starts with a k too? prolly.

  6. Bopa says:

    I think Gabe used Kim to tick Halle off. Using Kim for regular media attention would be a downgrade from Halle.

  7. happygirl says:

    and….all is right with the world again.

  8. heatheradair says:

    wait….34 is “too old” for her? the brat’s 30 years old herself….and she thinks 25 year-old guys are where it’s at…?!?!?!? Ugh. Even when I was 25 there was no 25 year-old man-kid who could hold my interest. But then, she just needs famewhore arm candy….geez, this family…….

  9. LolaBella says:

    I hope this PR stunt is indeed OVAH!

    Can’t believe Gabe succumbed to the lure of fame and stooped so low as to hire Kim. SMH.

    Now, he’ll be forever tainted with ‘eau de famewhore’. *Shudder*

    Why, Gabe? Why?

  10. cici says:

    they were such a weird coupling anyway; totaly against her type. he’s too metro for her.

  11. Deeta says:

    I am very confused. She is 30, he is 35 and is too old for her? That is the stupidest fake excuse to break up from a fake relationship.

    This was just another publicity stunt from both people. Why cant they end it tastefully with the usual.. their schedules are too full and they couldnt make it work.

  12. Lisa says:

    Boy she sure does get around huh? This attention whore has been passed around more than a bl*nt.

  13. brin says:

    Maybe Gabriel will go out with Chelsea Handler next….that ought to make him completely undoable.

  14. mln76 says:

    The relationship was an obvious PR stunt/revenge hook-up. And yes Gabriel’s hotness is now tainted.

  15. happygirl says:

    @ guesty – I believe it’s because his last name starts with “hump” ;) LOL

    @ Lisa – LOL!! That’s great!!

  16. Deeta says:

    Dude is too hot.. he would never be undoable. Just look at A-Rod – he has done every fame whore out there… actually.. come to think of it. How come Kim K hasnt jumped on that train yet!

  17. Huggs says:

    @ Lisa… HAHAHAH!! SO true!!!

  18. OXA says:

    Gabe did not do no Dash, I told ya’s b4 that he is faithful to ME he just used her for the PR to help him break into acting.
    He is not into silicone, golden showers and sex tapes. He does have some standards you know.

  19. Nicole says:

    I find this hard to believe because this guy is 6’9…..he’ll probably do a little hump & dump like the rest of the team(s) do….no shocker there.

  20. Kiska says:

    Just the fact that they dated lowers Gabriel’s hotness for me several notches. She is a disgusting fame whore.

  21. nnn says:

    Gabe was never that attractive to me…I mean, ok he has a great physique but he seems like an empty box to the core to me.

    I need more from the man i love than perfectly assembled chromosoms matched with a low IQ brains.

    He is just for me a perfectly beautiful furniture and a good cell industry to make beautiful babies. He doesn’t strikes me as an interesting man (i may be wrong) to be around, someone with intellect, elegance, poise, masculine inner strenght and all those little things that makes a man, an attractive OVERALL man to be around.

  22. Jo says:

    Gabe probably wanted to stab out his eardrums with a ball point pen having to listen to that annoying voice of hers. Actually, all the Katrashian hookers having voices like that.

  23. The_Porscha says:

    I think Kim’s type is “super fit and semi-famous, but not more famous than me!”

    And I think it’s really rich that at 34, Gabriel Aubry was too old for her, at 30. Complete transformation to Cher on my countdown; 10, 9, 8…

  24. DeE says:

    @ guesty…..added to that, could it also be that his last name is like her second favorite past time after posing her bumm for every flash bulb? Oh….someone “beat” me too it….please still laugh

  25. Alex says:

    Haven’t we all been there? You’ve been dumped by someone you’re totally into, someone you think you can never match, and it sends you into a moment of self destructive behaviour… drinking too much, drugs, cutting off all your hair, or banging a Kardashian… I understand Gabe. Welcome back. Welcome back to self esteem. It was a brief, dark period in your life but you’ve survived it and come out the other side. The first step is forgiving yourself *hugz*

  26. Feebee says:

    @ maya, Kris Humphries can’t be referred to as white as he’s bi-racial ??? but Barack Obama (also bi-racial) can be referred to as black?

    As for Aubry and KK, I don’t think they were that ‘under’ that being over is a big deal.

  27. mslewis says:

    Gabriel Aubry does not have money. Gabriel claim to fame is being Halle Berry’s baby daddy.
    Aubry is not super rich but he’s not exactly poor. He earns approximately $750K/year. His claim to fame before Halle was being a top male model. He can still be seen in ads all over the world. The man is not exactly a nobody.

    However, I have to agree with Kaiser. He has supposedly had “relations” with Kimmie K. and in my book that makes him persona non grata!! I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole!!

    Also, what about these rumors that Kimmie is pregnant with Kayne’s baby? What’s up with that? Plus, I don’t understand why a good looking sports star would want the same thing everybody else has had. There are plenty women available, I’m sure, but maybe they don’t like being peed on!! Kimmie does have her charms.

  28. Hakura says:

    The really sad thing is how a lot of the younger crowd (teenagers) are using these women as role models.

    I mean, we see Kim serial dating and automatically *know* she’s slept with every last one of them. Yet she still has a tv show, name brand clothes, and has her picture taken constantly while she dates ‘celebrities’. A lot of teenagers think dating pro-athletes with more money than god is ‘cool’. They see her and the rest of them on the cover of trash magazines every week with some new handsome guy, and think that lifestyle is okay.

    Unfortunately I know this because when I was a teenager, I was stupid enough to look up to that ‘image’ the media creates for ‘actresses’ and singers. Thank god my teenaged years were before this reality BS craze took hold.

    Edit- @Feebee- That is a good point, about Barack Obama. I never hear anyone refer to him as biracial.

  29. caramia says:

    which is better off, the dumper or the dumpee? In her case she still ends up dumpy

  30. mel says:

    Kim will hump any guy who has money, Gabe does not. Plus she’s really into athletes.

  31. Str8Shooter says:

    Can only be a matter of time before we see the requisite magazine cover story for Poor Kim…even though she got dumped, no doubt she’ll beg for sympathy.

    Publicity WHORE.

  32. Jeri says:

    Of course she dumped him, she never gets dumped. Gabriel is lucky to be out of that family’s clutches, maybe that’s it, he wouldn’t cooperate in all the fame ho-ing.

    I’m sure Halle is so relieved. Yuk Yuk.

  33. i says:

    alright i know you guys, (gals) are going to lose it over this but
    COME ON!
    Kim hasn’t anything but her reality show “fame”? going for her.
    Why would an athlete want to be with someone who has my mom’s figure? That ass just keeps on growing and it was big to begin with.
    Aubry was just too good looking for her, (he made her look like a surgically manipulated lump of ass).
    She’ll be lucky if in five years she’s not breaking toilets with all that junk in her trunk.

  34. Lola7 says:

    I think her new beau is seriously lacking in the looks dept.

  35. lena80 says:

    It interesting how people think she’s the famewhore (and she is) when Gabe is just as much the famewhore. It’s pretty clear he wanted his name out there and he got it…KK does not need anyone at this point…she has the famewhore game on lock all by herself.

    @FeeBee & Hakura, I can’t speak for Kris Humphries, but Obama has said many times that he identifies as black man because that’s what he looks like. There are hundreds of thousands of black people in the US who have a white parent and black parent who only identify as black because that is how they are seen and how they are treated. It’s a personal preference at the end of the day and if black people in this country started going around saying how they multi-racial instead of black people would give us the side eye even though at the end of the day the majority of us technically have an admixture. For instance…what would you say about Obama’s daughters race wise? Again I take it as a personal preference because I know the history behind the choice… (that sounded snotty, but I don’t mean it to come off like that) :-)

  36. bellaluna says:

    It’s never pretty when the gold-digging fame-whore rears its ugly head.

  37. Lenore says:

    If I were Kim Kardashian (with the addition of a few brain cells) I’m pretty sure I would have hooked up with Gabriel Aubry thinking, “Ah, Halle Berry’s ex! Halle Berry has class and an Oscar and is widely respected for her talent. No famewhore she. No videos of anyone urinating on Halle Berry, no sir! Therefore, if I hook up with her ex, people will assume that I must possess similar qualities, or else he wouldn’t be dating me. Class by association! Clever Kardashian!”

    Imagine how gutted she must have felt when the reaction to their courtship was basically, “Jesus, he went from Halle Berry to a Kardashian? To a woman less lifelike than her own wax figure? Either he’s a moron, or a douche, or just really unlucky. His penis must be shrivelled up in horror, poor bastard.”

    Yeah. If I were Kim and being compared so unfavourably to Halle Berry, I’d run away too.

  38. anyone says:

    I think A-Rod will get there he seems to be systematically work throu hollywood from one direction and kim k from the other, they will eventually meet up!! :)

  39. Lenore says:

    @Hakura – “I mean, we see Kim serial dating and automatically *know* she’s slept with every last one of them. Yet she still has a tv show, name brand clothes, and has her picture taken constantly while she dates ‘celebrities’. A lot of teenagers think dating pro-athletes with more money than god is ‘cool’. They see her and the rest of them on the cover of trash magazines every week with some new handsome guy, and think that lifestyle is okay.”

    Ummmm…so what if she’s slept with every one of them? Is sleeping with a lot of guys NOT an okay lifestyle?

    I’m all for bashing Kim and her ilk for being desperate talentless wannabes, famous for nothing, willing to sell their most intimate moments just to be famous, but shagging a lot of different blokes? Nothing to be ashamed of. Getting famous because of it, however, IS.

    There are plenty of things to criticise these chicks for, but enjoying sex should never be one of them, IMO.

  40. Lukie says:

    You can dump a fake boyfriend?

    @lena80: you beat me to it. You summed it up perfectly ;-)

  41. TeeTee says:

    she didn’t want to pay for Gabe huh?? LOL

  42. Laurie says:

    Fake relationship for PR. Kardashians need to make sure the public knows SHE was not dumped. It would ruin her image.

  43. someone says:

    If this story has any truth to it, which I doubt..then Gabriel should sigh a sigh of relief…and Gabe does have money, hes a very demanded model..and he sure doesn’t need Kim for a pr boost, a girl who is only famous because of her big ASSETS.

  44. bellaluna says:

    As the mother of 2 bi-racial children, I allow them to identify themselves as they please. It’s not my place to stuff them onto boxes, and I even refused to do so when they were in school. (In CA, they want to know your child’s ethnicity so they can get more $$$ from the gov’t – I told them I refused to answer that question. When they told me I had to, I checked “Other” and wrote in every single background of which I was aware. They hated me. So what! I told them if I wasn’t going to compartmentalise my child, neither were they.)

  45. hatuh says:

    “UPDATE: Ah, I’ve just been told that he’s bi-racial. That makes more sense.Is that racist?”

    Only if Chelsea Handler or Bristol Palin is saying it.

  46. Hakura says:

    @Lenore (#40) – For me, it’s just the image of sex not *meaning* anything that’s the negative aspect. I don’t believe you should sleep with someone when you don’t even know them. Kim’s relationships last for a split second, and girls see her going from guy to guy sleeping around, all over magazine covers at parties, as though it has no consequences in ‘real life’.
    If one is a responsible adult having physical relationships, that is of course not what I’m trying to address.

    But with teens, I see that lifestyle choice as being a very negative one. But that’s me. Also because the odds of teenagers being ‘responsible’ with sexual activity is unfortunately low. (Not *all* teenagers, but the stats as a whole just aren’t good.) Movies, music, & tabloid crap about the Kardashians *do* sway the opinions of a lot of young teens. (I’m talking 13-16, roughly.)

    I don’t want to come off like young women shouldn’t enjoy sex, I don’t mean that at all. For me it’s just about being responsible and realistic about the possible consequences. Knowing that you’re enjoying it because you enjoy it, not because you want someone to like you, ect. It’s just *so* casual in the media these days…

    @Lena80 & Bellaluna – That does make sense. I’m still pretty new to hearing people talk about it, as the few biracial friends I’ve had have *looked* more one race than another, so like you mentioned, just never made note to others of being more than one race. I’m really surprised those school forms haven’t caught up to ‘reality’ with those ‘race’ questions…

  47. Moreaces says:

    He was probably using her alright, but it was not for fame, more like a release of tension, if you will

  48. Marjalane says:

    Even though Gabe’s stock has fallen considerably in my eyes….I tend to believe the tab reports that had him “dating” Kartrashian just to piss off Halle Berry. It’ll be fun to see if anyone with ANY bit of class or talent ever makes an “honest woman” (Ha!) out of that skanky spider-eyed ‘ho.

  49. Moreaces says:

    @Alex, Thanks for that laugh.. ^5

  50. hottathanholywatta says:

    Are you kidding me???? Her stupid, talentless ass should go back to getting peed on my another d-list nobody….please as IF this loser could ever handle a man like him

  51. KC says:

    @ #39 (anyone) LMOL! I LOVE it!

  52. Meanchick says:

    Did anyone take them seriously as a couple in the first place? She just spreads the legs, I mean lovin!

  53. candy says:

    They went to a ball game and a movie, so what? I’m guessing Gabe was working on pissing Halle off. That he would stoop so low must have got the green-eyed monster glaring. Ha! All’s fair in love and war.

  54. anon says:

    @lena80:”It’s a personal preference at the end of the day and if black people in this country started going around saying how they multi-racial instead of black people would give us the side eye even though at the end of the day the majority of us technically have an admixture.”
    I agree about the side eye :-)

  55. Kristin says:

    How is HE the one stooping so low?? Halle Barry was back to fkcuing some guy soon after they split.

  56. bellaluna says:

    @ Kristin – Yes, but he’s a French actor, not an Armenian-American famewhore…see the difference?

  57. Alexa says:

    Wait…how do we know that KK and GA “went all the way” with each other? I don’t think we do. Let’s not get CRAZY!

  58. Hakura says:

    @Alexa – It just always seems like no one would bother to appear in public with her without the ‘benefit’ of getting something physical out of it… *shrugs* Not that I particularly understand what the benefit would be when one would need ‘antibiotics’ to get through the aftermath of such a union. >.<

  59. cherry_ontop says:

    I’m NOT a fan on k.k. but its funny how she has all of us posting comments about her, I’m sure this is what they want, even E news wrote about it on the SNL skit they did about them, they are famous for having total media domination. How can WE hate on something like that when we keep getting her more famous, Word of advice for EVERYONE, is we stop commenting on her post and don’t watch her shows or buy her stu/pid books, I’m sure they WILL GO AWAYYYYYYY!!! Remember ppl let’s boy cott the Kardashians and they WILL GO AWAY…who’s with me??

  60. original kate says:

    somehow i don’t believe they were ever together. maybe i just don’t want to believe it.

  61. Shonda says:


    Gabe models for top designers. (currently louis Vuitton) He makes 700,000 a year. That’s a lot of money. Kim doesn’t even make that much.

  62. Shonda says:

    Gabe didn’t lose any sex appeal to me. I mean that would be like halle losing sex appeal for her new boyfriend who is a known whore by the way. I never heard of her boyfriend till now. She can’t get mad at gabe and she’s dating a whore herself. Listen Gabe is still sexy to me. Kim just can’t be with someone better then her.

  63. Amy says:

    I wonder why kim prefers to date baby men,she’s 30 and dates only under 25′s.

  64. Jen says:

    Did she really get “pissed” on in the porno she released to become famous? YUCK, I had no idea she was that disgusting! I love the “Bitchy” dishing on this site ;)

  65. bellaluna says:

    @ Hakura – Do you know what the school employees told me? “Check the box that will get them most in life.” Now what the heckle-and-jeckle does that mean? In this day and age of no “affirmative action” why is it beneficial to box my child into a certain race they may not be able to remove themselves from later? Not cool.

  66. njbaker1 says:

    Could she manage to wear anymore makeup? Did she learn how to apply it at clown school?

  67. DiMi says:

    @Feebee – Yes. In every known society, only people with two white parents are legally considered white. In American society, having a black parent, grandparent, or great grandparent (1/16) makes you legally black. That’s the history and it hasn’t legally changed. It can be different in other cultures and societies.

  68. mel says:

    Our local radio station reported that Kim K. made atleast $6 million last year from her tv show and her/family store.

  69. happygirl says:

    @ #25 – I’m laughing! LOL!

  70. Maya says:

    @Rhonda – I guess you didn’t know that Kim made 6 million dollars this year. Kim is the top earning reality star. Gabriel does NOT make that kind of money.

  71. Shonda says:

    Ummm yeah recently! But Gabe been modeling a long time now. He doesn’t need kim k for money…at all. I mean he had a baby with halle berry you really think he needs her for money?? He makes more than 700K which means he has more than that in the bank. I don’t know his finances and I don’t care but to say he was with her for fame and money is stupid.

  72. Maya says:

    @Rhonda – Gabriel was with Kim for the attention it brought him. When have you seen Gabriel Aubry in the media since his relationship with Halle Berry ended? This is the first time Gabriel has been in the spotlight since his split from Halle. Now that Kim is not linked to Gab anymore we will see how much media attention he gets. My guess it will be none.

  73. Shonda says:

    I don’t think he ever wanted the attention in the first place. I think it was US weekly I read when him and halle first split they said a mutual friend of gabe and halle told them that he was kind of “vanilla” aka boring. Like he really wasn’t for all that publicity. Anyone who goes with kim is automatically going to be in the spot light. I mean if he really wanted fame her can go do something outrageous by himself. I also think if kims put herself out there in a more positive way then these things won’t happen.

    Oh and it’s Shonda =]

  74. sean says:

    @maya LOL..why he need those kind of media (e.g tabloid, gossip blogs) attention anyway…
    especially associated with KK. it wil just tarnished his image and i failed to see anything that may benefit him from such association..
    he’s already an iconic male model in fashion industry and those ‘fame’ that they claimed he tried to exploit is just going to negatively affected his career

  75. Hakura says:

    @Bellaluna (#67)- Whoa. That is SO not cool. Unlike you, I’m sure there are a lot of parents who have no idea what the consequences could be for said categorization.

    I just can’t believe how messed up that is…And what Dimi (#69) says makes being ‘white’ still sound like some ‘exclusive club’… like the mindset most common in the 50′s… Jesus. I had no idea it was like this =x

  76. lena80 says:

    @ Hakura…look up the “one drop rule” it’s an eye opener and will explain the history behind it (the 1/8 or 1/16 rules)…it’s crazy

  77. Shonda says:

    @77 yes they not only do it with schools but with test i.e. (SAT’s, PSSA’s, Benchmarks) and they also do it with job and college applications as well. With job applications it’s optional and with some college applications it’s optional as well. I think it’s sort of an affirmative action type of thing. I don’t participate in it because I don’t think it should matter.

  78. Henriette says:

    Oh, please. Kim’s just trying to save face. She realised that Gabe wasn’t into her, that he was with her bc he liked pissing off Halle by being photographed with her, and so decided to move onto bigger (= richer) prey.