Katie Holmes mad at Anne Hathaway for SNL impersonation

Anne Hathaway comes in as Katie Holmes at 2:20
On her SNL guest host gig about three weeks ago, Anne Hathaway did an amusing impersonation of Katie Holmes. Anne affected a soft voice and curled half her mouth up in a skit playing Holmes on a talk show hosted by “Miley Cyrus.” Anne later explained that she was a “big fan” and was channeling Holmes circa Dawson’s Creek in the late 90s. The impersonation was pretty accurate for how Holmes talks out of the side of her mouth in breathy superlatives and it didn’t seem like a tribute to Holmes’ Dawson’s era. If anything Holmes was bubblier and more outspoken when she was younger. (Here’s a recent interview with Holmes and here’s an interview with her in 1999. She’s spacier now and the mouth curl thing is more pronounced.)

According to the National Enquirer, Holmes saw that impersonation and is furious at Hathaway for mocking her. This might be made up, but it’s still funny enough to repeat. Katie is allegedly planning to turn the tables and mock Anne on Saturday Night Live, if they ever let her host again.

“Katie is feeling really hurt and less than thrilled about Anne,” according to an insider.

In an effort to make sure there are no hard feelings, Anne offered an explanation of her hilarious send up of Katie, who got her first big break on the TV series “Dawson’s Creek.”

Anne, 28, told a reporter: “I was a teenager when ‘Dawson’s Creek’ was airing. And I was a pretty avid fan, so it just sort of came from that. It wasn’t really Katie Holmes; it was more [her Dawson's character] Joey Potter.”

But Katie, 32, isn’t buying it, insiders say.

“Katie says she can take a joke but she thinks Anne’s backpedaling is ridiculous and insincere,” confided a pal close to the “Batman Begins” actress. “She and Anne have auditioned for some of the same roles, so there’s always been competition between them.”

Now, Katie and her hubby Tom Cruise, who’s terrific at impersonations, have cooked up a plan to get revenge against Anne…

“With Tom’s help, Katie has come up with a pretty dead-on impersonation of Anne,” the source divulged. “Katie has hosted ‘SNL’ in the past, and she can’t wait to reveal it on the air.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 20, 2010]

You know that Holmes is really jealous of the fact that Hathaway has a great career and a lot of opportunities while she’s stuck doing miniseries and spending her time blowing her husband’s cash at Barneys and planning designer outfits for her four year-old. She should take a look at Nicole Kidman’s career and realize that Tom Cruise, with all his wealth and connections, only brings his wives down. Then again, it’s not like she’s supremely talented. She did that Pieces of April movie and I guess she was OK in The Romantics but I doubt we’d be hearing so much about her if she didn’t marry Cruise. If she was still with what’s his drunken douche face she wouldn’t even be fodder for mocking on SNL.



46536, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday October 22 2010. Katie Holmes films Christmas scenes for Jack & Jill in LA. Adam was dressed in drag to shoot the lively night scenes. The cast and crew seemed to be in high spirits. Photograph:  Jeff Steinberg, Matt Smith, PacificCoastNews.com

46536, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday October 22 2010. Katie Holmes films Christmas scenes for Jack & Jill in LA. Adam was dressed in drag to shoot the lively night scenes. The cast and crew seemed to be in high spirits. Photograph:  Jeff Steinberg, Matt Smith, PacificCoastNews.com

Katie Holmes during Variety's 2nd Annual Power of Women Luncheon, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, on September 30, 2010, in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Michael Germana / Star Max Photo via Newscom

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  1. brin says:

    The irony is that she probably thought marrying Tom Cruise would boost her career.

  2. Jacq says:

    Well, I guess she would have been REALLY mad if execs had decided to do the original skit mocking her gay husband. Also played by Anne Hathaway.

  3. devilgirl says:

    Wow! Was that a stupid skit! Anne may have thought her Holmes impersonation was right on, but I say FAIL.

  4. serena says:

    I don’t think she’s mad at her. Anzi she should be grateful, because Anne brought attention to her.
    I’m sure she’ll do the mocking-back the next time. It’s funny, let it be like that and don’t exaggerate.

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “You know that Holmes is really jealous of the fact that Hathaway has a great career and a lot of opportunities while she’s stuck doing miniseries and spending her time blowing her husband’s cash at Barneys and planning designer outfits for her four year-old.”

    EXACTLY. That’s what it comes down to. Holmes should just be happy that she’s famous enough to get mocked because, as you pointed out, if she wasn’t with Cruise and was still with the father of her child (ooops, did I say that?!) she wouldn’t even be worth mocking.

    “She and Anne have auditioned for some of the same roles” (and Hathaway probably beat Holmes out for all of them), “so there’s always been competition between them.” more like bitter feelings on Holmes’ part.

  6. mln76 says:

    In comparing Tom’s wives talent she is third behind Mimi Rogers and way, way behind Nicole Kidman. She should feel grateful that she is even being lampooned by an Oscar nominee.

  7. serena says:

    Anyway that Billy Ray and Miley were so great XD

  8. Lori says:

    Tom Cruise is terrific at impersonations?!?

  9. samigirl says:

    It wasn’t very funny…of course SNL hasn’t been very funny in YEARS, but her impression was SPOT-ON. And I will admit I lol’ed at the screen test. But, I don’t think it’s anything to get pissy about. Katie shouldn’t take herself so seriously, if this rumor is true, of course.

  10. Sue says:

    Anne was pretty funny in her interpretation. I wonder why she did it? Does she have something against Katie?

  11. Brittney says:

    Yeah, if Katie’s actually mad about this (which I doubt), that’s petty. Anne didn’t mock Tom Cruise or Scientology (the skit mentions them both, but Anne doesn’t, and the mentions are incredibly mild anyway). There are a lot of directions this could’ve taken, and it chose a very safe one, mocking only her mannerisms. Parodies are exaggerations, and it’s clear Anne’s exaggerating Katie’s traits… but she does it perfectly. Katie should be flattered, not upset.

  12. bellaluna says:

    Nailed it! But she really needed to talk about how “amazing” and “wonderful” Tom & Suri are. Guess that would have cut too close to the bone.

  13. RHONYC says:

    that regis & kelly interview scared the cuss out of me though!
    it’s like she’s been replaced with a pod-person. :-o

  14. di butler says:

    The chick who does Miley is hit or miss, but usually fairly good. I really thought Anne was great as Katie, and I am usually not a big Hathaway fan.

  15. Relli says:

    I think Katie might be more mad that Anne did such a good Judy impersonation. Were they not both vying for the Judy Garland bio picture at one point. Remember that “dance” Katie did a tribute to Judy Garland that was super embarrassing. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  16. Bodhi says:

    She probably did it because is was funny as hell. I doubt Anne has anything against Kat(i)e personally, why should she? Anne has a far better actress & has a far better career. What could she possibly have against Kat(i)e?

    Anyway, what kind of impression of Anne could Kat(i)e do? Anne doesn’t have any mock-able foibles like Kat(i)e does.

  17. Ernestine says:

    Katie Holmes is so friggin’ useless. She should send Lorne Michaels a thank-you note for even believing she’s relevant enough to merit a skit.

    My one complaint about Anne’s performance? Her outfit wasn’t NEARLY as ugly as it should have been.

  18. Kevin says:

    I loved Katie back in the Dawson days. (Tom fugged up that fantasy for me) I also currently love the hell out of Anne. Really it’s kind of funny if you think about how both gals’ facial focus point is their mouths. Anne’s might be her eyes as well.

  19. Solveig says:

    This show looks beyond ridiculous, but Anne is hilarious.
    It won’t surprise me if KH is pissed off of this performance, I mean… it’s not like self-mocking is the main trait of KH, right?

  20. Bee says:

    It is interesting how Tom Cruise tends to detract from/lessen the star power of the women he’s involved with. Whereas, Brad Pitt always elevates the career of the women he’s with.

    Juliet Lewis actually had a career when she was with Brad. Gwyneth was just an up and coming starlet when he met her. And even though Friends was extremely popular, and Jen one of the fan favorite’s on that show, being with Brad gave her career a huge boost. Also, Angie was a much sought after actress with an Oscar, but her only real success in movies was the Lara Croft series, before Brad.

    I’m not saying being with Brad is the reason these actresses are successful, but making a “pitt stop” (sorry I couldn’t resist), certainly didn’t hurt them, unlike being with la Cruise.

  21. Arianna says:

    this was a great impersonation but it went on far too long

    props to the miley cyrus one too!!

  22. mln76 says:

    @ Bee Tom Cruise is a control freak most directors don’t want to deal with the baggage. So yeah marrying Tom mad Katie more famous but it didn’t endear her to directors, producers etc. etc. BTW Juliette Lewis wasn’t famous because she dated Brad she was actually more famous than him at the time they were dating he really was just her hot boyfriend.

  23. Ernestine says:

    Bea, I don’t know about your theory. I’m hardly her biggest fan ever, but I know that Angelina was already pretty much a mega, mega, MEGA star before Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Brad came along. She looked dark and fabulous on every red carpet and in photo shoots, and her life was already interesting to a lot of people.

    Her movies have never been what makes her relevant, anyway. Many of them are actually terrible, and she’s not the best actress EVer or anything. Life or Something Like It? VILE. It’s her supposedly glamorous lifestyle — and, of course, the fact that she’s incomparably lovely in a Silver Screen Throwback-kinda way — that makes her renowned.

    I think that’s what made Brangelina so insane when it first happened: in addition to the whole homewrecking/love triangle aspect, they were just as famous as the other, and equally as stunning.

  24. redlips says:

    Damn! Why do these celebrities take themselves so seriously? Lighten the eff up!!

  25. Iggles says:

    That was seriously hilarious!!!

    Never realized how funny Anne could be.

    Team Anne for sure!

  26. sapphire says:

    Ann’s got an enexpected talent for satire- and she wasn’t even cruel.
    Katie has no grounds for bitching-her contract with Cruise doesn’t cover charicatures

  27. Bee says:

    @mln76 and Ernestine I wasn’t trying to say the actresses who dated Brad are only successful because of him. In fact I’m a fan of Angie and Juliette. It’s just really interesting to me how being with Brad is always a boon to an actresses career. Whereas, Tom Cruise is like Kryptonite to any woman he comes in contact with. Sucking the life, high heels, and in Katie’s case the ability to use synonyms, from them. Thank goodness Sofia Vergara managed to escape from lo loco Cruise when she had the chance.

  28. lucy2 says:

    “Tom Cruise is terrific at impersonations?!?” In his own mind, he is terrific at everything. EVERYTHING!!!

    I thought it was funny. I doubt this story is true, but if it were, the idea of them trying to plot revenge is hilarious.
    If Katie and Anne are going for the same roles, Anne is going to win 100% of the time. Katie is just not that good an actress, and the weird TC factor probably comes into play too.

  29. mln76 says:

    @Bee I appreciate that my point was really that Tom is a difficult actor and a control freak and people don’t want him involved in their projects. For instance according to Lainey Katie didn’t do the Dark Knight because the director didn’t want Tom on the set. BP on the other hand seems to know directors,producers, and court and covet them. I think he passed along several friends and helped the careers of his SO’s For instance I doubt Aniston would have done the Good Girl without Pitt’s guidance but I don’t think putting someone in the room with someone else is going to get you a career. Paltrow was a success with or without Pitt because back in the 90′s she was stunning.Angie had an Oscar way before Brad.

  30. nolanative says:

    Oh I agree with Rosi & Iggles, and Anne was spot on. She nailed Katie’s interviewing style, the persona she trots out for the Access hollywood & ET fluff pieces. You get the feeling that in all her interviews she’s pre coached and nothing she says comes out as sincere. You can just phone in her segments for the next five years and they’d go something like this, her life is awesome, her latest project/director/castmates are wonderful, she and Tom are sooo in love and Suri is just a joy.

  31. bjir says:

    an ugly woman (anne) making fun of another (katy) weird

  32. Johanna says:

    a pal close to the “Batman Begins” actress.

    Lol, really? That’s almost as funny as when people refer to lindsay lohan as the “Mean Girls” actress. I needed that laugh!

  33. kiko says:

    wow snl sucks!!the miley gig is so not funny and that comes from a person that hates miley!!the katie holmes was ok..but still not funny..

  34. jover says:

    Yes, serena SNL’s miley lampoon is one of the few bright spots as long time snl viewers like myself lament its unimpeded slide into mediocrity and cultural irrelevancy.

  35. Bee says:

    @mln76 I feel sorry for Katie Holmes. I’m sure she thought she’d found a pot of gold with her little leprechaun, Tom “no suppressive people” Cruise. And, I can definitely see a director not wanting Tom’s brand of crazy on set. It’s a shame, because she was actually talented.

  36. original kate says:

    this is the funniest thing i have seen on SNL in a long time. that’s not saying much, though.

  37. Lori says:

    I thought they didn’t want Katie in The Dark Knight because she sucked in the first movie. But combine that with TC possibly being on your set, and it’s a sure death knell.

  38. MeghanBee says:

    Yeah, Katie’s character Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek was (supposed to be) super verbose and used all these big words and actually salted her speeches with some occasional wit and sarcasm.

    So it’s kinder and gentler of Hathaway to claim that’s all it was–an impression of ar TV character–but that is ALL dead-on Katie Holmes, as seen in every interview she’s done since hooking up with Cruise. She’s made herself ripe for the mocking, affecting that stupid little voice and acting so blessed and amazed by her (contractually binding) life…but I agree she should only be grateful that she even got a passiong mention anywhere. She’s that irrelevant now.

  39. Randomness says:

    It was a joke. Apparently when you join the “Church of Science”, they suck the sense of humor right of you! Beware of Xenu! It would be more graceful to laugh it off then retort with another impersonation.

  40. JenJen says:

    Katie is cute at best. She is not beautiful, she is covered in moles and has terrible posture (Anne got that but it should have been worse). I see I am not the only one that thinks Chris Klein is the dad of Surly. Guess she thought his D.U.I.s would hurt her image. LOL, she is nothing but a zombie joke.

  41. lin234 says:

    Anne did a really great job. I tried to do that side mouth thing and I couldn’t get my mouth to look sideways like that without looking I was having a stroke or something.

    It’s funny Annie and Katie are even mentioned in the same movie league.

    I watched The Good Guys this weekend and Chris Klein was a guest in the last episode. He played a skeevy, smarmy detective and he completely overacted. I think Chris and Katie are equal when it comes to their acting skill.

  42. Athena says:

    The Miley impersonation is spot ON. I think it’s hysterical. Katie should just face facts, she never had a career.

  43. *-* says:

    Can’t wait for that stuck-up c*kehead Hatthaway to go away. SNL fail…

  44. Jay says:

    Hathaway is not backpedalling, and Katie really shouldn’t be offended. As a Katie Holmes impression it’s pretty weak, but it’s dead-on Joey Potter.

    As a DC-head back in the day, I like the subtelty of the “just another popular girl” comment. Joey was technically supposed to be a loser, but every guy she met fell all over himself trying to get her, which is pretty much all it takes to be popular in high school.

  45. Ally says:

    First of all, that’s what SNL does…Anne did a great job, hilarious. Come on! There’ve been stars (a lot more famous than Katie) that have been ripped to shreds on the same type SNL skit and most laugh it off and applaud the performance. Now that’s what Katie Holme’s manager should be making her do – because THAT would actually redeem her more than this kind of behavior. (Of course if these rumors are even true, much of this stuff isn’t.) She’s much better off even being “seen” with Anne, laughing over coffee or something. However, I must say, maybe her agent’s on to something….how many hits has the skit gotten by now? She’s getting more attention than she has in years. Prior to this, not many people even took notice of the skit… so it’s either the stupidest (couch jumper) or the most genius reaction…we’ll see.

  46. maria says:

    Anne probably pissed because she auditioned as Joey Potter and got rejected. Hehehe.. I really didn’t think it was that spot on. Anne is a bad actress. I find Anne corny with her impersonation and as an actress. She just doesn’t cut it. And pls she said she was a fan.. Yeah right they always say that if they try to make fun of someone or if they try not to offend someone AFTER they have done something already. Or if they think they are better than that person. In fairness to Katie, she may not be the greatest actress but she is a better actress than Anne.