Did Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband Matthew Broderick cheat on her?

Star Magazine has a new cover story that Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband of 11 years, Matthew Broderick, 46, had a now-over affair earlier in the year with a 25 year-old “youth counselor” he met in a bar. Star has plenty of details and supposedly has “sources” to support their tale, but they have been busted making up supporting information for completely bogus stories in the past and this isn’t necessarily accurate or even based on any eyewitness accounts. It’s worrying, though, and you wonder if there’s any truth to it:

In the new issue of Star — on newsstands now — we report that while the beloved actress was frantically searching for hubby Matthew Broderick one night earlier this year, he was having sex in the city with a gorgeous redhead half his age, the young woman told a friend.

After meeting in a bar, Matthew began text messaging the 25-year-old youth counselor, says the woman’s pal. Soon after, the insider claims, they began seeing each other and things got passionate quickly when they met at the Manhattan townhouse of a showbiz friend.

Sources say the woman felt conflicted with her relationship with Matthew, whom she nicknamed “Matty Cakes.” She tried to end it, say insiders, but that didn’t happen and over the next month — when Sarah Jessica was filming Sex and the City: The Movie in Los Angeles — multiple eyewitnesses say they saw Matthew make late-night visits to the other woman’s apartment building.

During one tryst, they arrived at her friend’s apartment after a night of heavy drinking, says a source. She dragged Matthew into the friend’s bedroom, then shut the door. “A half hour later, Matthew opened the bedroom door, mumbled ‘Well… ‘bye!’ and walked out. The friend found her passed out on the bed in her panties.”

[From Star Magazine's website]

There are rumors that Broderick plays for the other team, but those seem to be based on the fact that he does a lot of theater work and has gay friends as a result. Parker and Broderick have been married for over ten years and those rumors have little merit.

Maybe some fan girl made up a story and told Star she has a friend who had a fling with Broderick. Remember that crazy story that a French prostitute told X17 about how she had an affair with Eva Longoria’s husband Tony Parker? That wasn’t true at all and the woman even tricked a “Germany’s Next Top Model” contestant into reading from a script and recording videos claiming she had an affair with Tony.

This is Star, though, so there might not even be a woman who claims to have a friend who had an affair with Broderick, or she might work in their mail office and happened to have agreed to the story after a few cocktails. MSat reminded me today that a photo Star ran on their “ANGIE COLLAPSES!” cover was just Brad helping pregnant Angelina up after she was sitting on the beach.

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are shown at the Sex and The City premiere on 5/27/08. Credit: Michael Carpenter / WENN

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  1. Annicka says:

    If he really is cheating on her, could you blame him? How does someone with such cute baby face looks end up married to the wicked witch of the west?

  2. McKenna says:

    I thought he’d be cheating with another man.

  3. Darlene says:

    I think she’s gorgeous. Just because she hasn’t make herself like all the other “cookie cutter” girls in Hollywood doesn’t mean she’s not attractive. She has her OWN face, which, IMHO, is going to become all the rage in 10 years when everyone else looks so alike you can’t tell them apart.

  4. xiaoecho says:

    He only loved her for her mole. Now that’s gone….

  5. Mairead says:

    So… Annicka… what about Halle Berry then, considering she’s “teh hawtness”?

    If someone (man or woman) is going to cheat, they’re going to cheat. If it’s due to problems at home, then the face will have damn all to do with it because most people look dreadful first thing in the morning.

  6. CandyKay says:

    I don’t see SJP as a beauty, but she’s aged much better than he has. He looks pudgy and dissolute, exactly the sort of guy who’d have drunken sex with a woman and leave saying “Well – bye!”

    And what’s up with his career – does anybody know? Is he still doing “The Producers” in Vladivostok or Vilnius or some other faraway town?

  7. lola lola says:

    Oh the Star is such a ridiculous piece of poop. I don’t believe it. According to them, everyone is cheating, stealing, drug-addicted/drinking, broke, or dead. Have I left anything out?

  8. Sarah says:

    Sarah Jessica is a classy, beautiful real women. If this is true, I feel for her and hope he eventually realizes what he’s lost.

  9. czarina says:

    No REAL marriage is based on looks–if that were the case my husband would have left me ages ago, since I put on quite a bit of weight after I had my kids!
    The idea that anyone would cheat because their partner was not attractive enough (which, if that was so important to you, why would you be with them in the first place?)is just sad.
    Besides, where are the witnesses who saw them together? Where is the text messages he sent her? The recorded phone calls? ANY evidence at all???
    There is nothing but some girl telling stories and who thinks any self respecting man would allow himself to be called “Matty Cakes” (ugh, shudder!)

  10. geronimo says:

    Don’t forget gay/bi, lola lola!

    I hope it’s not true.

  11. Lesley says:

    Ummm, he should not be cheating on the woman that saved him from life as a B lister. There is only so far the residual money from Ferris will get you.
    She seems lovely in interviews and relatively sweet. That being said, it is my humble opinion that she looks like a shoe print. :P

  12. CelebitchyFAN says:

    It’s all a bunch of hooey…You can tell by the way they look at each other that they love each other very much. Star is a stupid magazine…which is why we all love it so much!

  13. Salty Beans says:

    I love SJP. The Star just wants some bullshit to write about to get people all antsy. If he cheated; so fucking what! He’s human and so is she. It doesn’t mean they don’t love each other; cause sleeping with some whore doesn’t mean that a man loves you any less. Always some BS to keep the masses distracted.

  14. Jaclyn says:

    No, this cannot be true! SJP is amazing.

  15. Ron says:

    I thought he was cheating with Madonna.

  16. Julia says:

    To Salty Beans:

    “Sleeping with some whore doesn’t mean a man loves you any less”? Really?

    I am actually pretty sure that it does mean that, or at least that he isn’t a trustworthy mate. This isn’t to say that people who cheat never love their partners, but the way you said that makes it seem like it’s no big deal. Love can’t be used to defend bad behavior–love is not just a feeling, it’s the way you choose to treat someone.

  17. Kaiser says:

    I’ve never really believed that their marriage is all roses and sunshine (like SJP seems to want to force-feed us into believing) – but I doubt this Star stuff is true.

  18. lola lola says:

    Ron, I thought he was cheating with A-Rod…

  19. PJ says:

    Matthew Broderick should issue a denial, that would help douse the rumor.

  20. mary says:

    It is a fact! Plain and simple the story is 100% true.

  21. Shane says:

    Something odd about him. Not convinced he’s gay…..but I don’t 100% buy into their marriage.

  22. Nan says:

    The Star isn’t reputable as where the National Enquirer usually is. The Star is silly. Was it the Enquirer who got the scoop on Liberace having AIDS?

    There is a certian poster here among us that I used to think was autistic or schizophrenic but now I realize with the time zone that they are merely a drinker. Party on!

  23. vdantev says:

    He wanted to sleep with a real woman, not Queen of the Metrosexual centaurs?

  24. Anastasia says:

    I’ve never really believed this marriage is genuine in terms of sincere feelings.

    I don’t know why. Just a feeling I’ve always gotten. I don’t think they’ll remain married.

  25. ab says:

    vdantev, that may be the funniest thing you have ever written here, and you write some pretty funny things…
    I shall remember that everytime I see SJP, (I am an SJP fan too) that was just way too funny.

  26. sue says:

    Sorry to disagree but she looks good to me….has great stylists and a banging body.In interviews she comes off as a total stick-up-the-ass….thats a turn off.He is either very odd or something else……….

  27. Whitey Fisk says:

    xiaoecho: “He only loved her for her mole. Now that’s gone….”

    xiaoecho, that’s absolute genius. Unfortunately, I took a sip of tea as I was reading your comment and it ended up on my keyboard via my nose. But the pain was worth it – that’s one funny post!

  28. SixxKitty says:

    Lesley you forgot that he was Inspector Gadget! And lets not forget that “oscar” nominated role in The Stepford Wives!!! But in all honesty, he wasn’t completely a B-Lister, he did work with Reese Whitherspoon in Election.
    If he is batting for the other team, than he has covered his bases, going by todays comments, SJP is both!
    (I think shes very hot, but as an acquired taste, convention does not make beauty!)

  29. Amy says:

    @ Salty Beans:

    “Sleeping with some whore doesn’t mean a man loves you any less”?

    I am assuming your entire comment was the dryest, most sarcastic thing ever typed. If not, then you are clearly a graduate of the Sherri Shepard School of Good Learnin’

  30. Kat says:

    Is everyone cheating with Madonna ?

  31. Ashley says:

    I think it’s mean that people call her ugly. She’s got a great body and pretty eyes. I would hardly call her ugly. I’ve seen plenty of less attractive people in my life. I don’t think she’s aged well though. She used to be cuter.
    If this story is true, I think it’s sad. I thought her and Matthew Broderick made a cute couple.

  32. SixxKitty says:

    Kat, that is the funniest thing I have read today!

  33. Alli says:

    I hope it’s not true, as I’ve loved SJP since “LA Story” and especially “Miami Rhapsody” (rent it today if you haven’t seen it!) and don’t want anything sucky to happen to her.

    However, Broderick always looked uncomfortable with her massive celebrity status with S&TC. It seemed to lessen while he was in his successful “Producers” run, but the most credible part of the story to me is the timing — when she was back doing S&TC The Movie.

    A case of Ryan Philippe Disease, you might say.

    Even if he did though, I think they would work it out. SJP seems very invested in her family, and would want to keep it together no matter what. It’s likelier that he would leave and take up with some non-threatening floozy full-time than that SJP would kick him out.

    Anyway, I hope Star is making it up.

  34. MaryW says:

    To respond to some of the posts: 1) SJP is aging well for the most part, but try as you might, there is no way to fully avoid “smoker’s face,” and she has it. 2) I saw a photo of them from last summer in the Hamptons, playing in the water with their son; SJP looked great while MB looked like a white whale, just horrible. 3) He has been doing a lot of stage work AND he has three films in the can. 4) In one of the many interviews SJP did to promote SATC: the movie, she admitted to being neurotic to a degree that drives people (including her husband) just plain nuts, and it was evident that the woman is a control freak. 5) I for one have a one-strike rule on cheating (you do it, you’re gone–and I might kill you), but none of us is in a position to know if he cheated and, if he did, what their “contract” stipulates as a consequence for that cheat.

  35. tritri says:

    Does it really matter how she looks, he married her and had kids with her its not like she got fat and ugly.Its alot more ugly people in the world but that doesnt give a person the right to cheat.

  36. mia says:

    She looks wonderful and happier than I’ve ever seen her. Take that TomKat.

  37. nina says:

    I´m agree with LUCIA
    Sleeping with any body , doesn´t mean you don´t love enough your partner.
    Everything is changing, the couples too.
    You prefer to arrive 70 alone , because you never forgive. you never change.
    i prefer. love.

  38. mindy says:

    I guess it was ferris bueler’s day to get off!

  39. aimee says:

    Gee if being ugly was a reason for cheating well what about all the great looking models,ie Christie Brinkley’s ex ? or all of the great actress ? I adore SJP. I never really saw them as a match but does anyone really know what goes on in anyones relationship or marriage ? Merryl Streep is very successful , famous etc and you don’t hear anything about her and her husband. I think that all of you who have negative things to say should just open up a book and do something useful

  40. Katie says:

    SJP is a real, down to earth, and beautiful woman. True beauty is not measured by how much plastic surgery you’ve had. I think she’s gorgeous and I really hope these horrific rumors are not true. I love, love, love SJP!

  41. vdantev says:

    If by beautiful you mean ‘her nose is slowly devouring the rest of her head’, then I agree with you.

  42. The Queen says:

    aimee, how is your book doing? It must be missing you since you’ve been so busy reading 40+ “unuseful” posts and writing a worthless one of your own! Life is a bitch and most men cheat or would cheat if given the opportunity. I do feel sick to my stomach though imagining this 25 year old hot girl having to take it from an ugly douche bag like MB just because he is a “celebrity”. SJP is no beauty queen, but MB is a fat blob and a weirdo.

  43. trish says:

    This is sad IF its true, I think she is so pretty and a talented women. I cant understand all the ugly accusations. There are so many actress’s that are scary looking and SJP is so unique and pretty. Good luck girl

  44. Christina X says:

    I didn’t know that lesser attractive people deserved worse treatment than you “beautiful people” for something beyond their control.

    I didn’t know relationships weren’t based upon compatibility, but on physical appearance only.

  45. vdantev says:


    Matthew was a high paid star before Sarah lifted her head out of the trough and whinnied, so GFY. :evil:

  46. Suni says:

    OK, this one blog post I saw said it perfectly:


    how beautiful is THAT?…. see it at


    it’s under the City X Files post

  47. The Queen says:

    I (and every one of my hot young friends) see MB as one of most unattractive men in show business. He doesn’t even look like a real man, there is nothing masculine about him what so ever. He looks like a scared squirrel. Or like he just sh..ed his pants. Those bitty eyes totally reflect his lying & cheating sole. SJP is the best he could do. The only way an attractive woman would sleep with him is if he is paying her or if she is a sucker for “celebrity” (like vdantev, who should GFH by the way).

  48. April says:

    Sarah went back to the city
    all dressed up and pretty
    to give it one more whirl
    while she was away
    Matthew did play
    with a groupie redheaded girl

    (that is if you believe everything you read in those goonie papers)

  49. amy says:

    i agree with darlene’s stunningly intelligent comment:

    “She has her OWN face, which, IMHO, is going to become all the rage in 10 years when everyone else looks so alike you can’t tell them apart.”

    could all of you people who have to call SJP ugly just take a look at your own internal mirror for one moment? recognize your own ugliness expressed through your relentless sexism (denigrating a woman actor by putting her appearance down – must i spell it out for you?) and therefore your misogyny (hatred of women, even for the “pretty ones,” because this too is a reflection of your skewed value system).

  50. Snowblood says:

    Hm. I don’t know about YOU, Amy, but I look in MY internal – AND external mirror, and thank the gods of youth & beauty but DAYUM, I’M still looking fine, and I mean FOYNE, by all men’s and most women’s standards of physical sexiness & beauty! I’m now approaching late 30′s, and still kickin’ ass and pullin’ rank in the beautiful department. Not a stitch of surgery, mole or otherwise, and not planning on it ’til maybe 60 or so. MAYbe. If I feel like it.

    But then again, I was naturally born blessed with great genes and a young spirit and strong body. However, if I weren’t, and I had the money and WANTed to, I’d have no problem getting a little nip or tuck or expensive facial here and there if I wanted to. Why the hell not? It’s everyone’s perogative to get beauty treatment, and if you’ve got the cash to spend on yourself, go for it if it makes you feel fabulous!

    The unfortuante thing about Pony Girl is that she’s one of the many who are lovely for a flash of time in their lives, a brief shining decade between teens and before 30, and after that? ASll downhill pretty-wise, especially if their heart harours unpleasant flaws of its own. Not tryna dog on Parker’s heart, I have no idea what her heart harbours, I’m just sayin’ – the proof is in the aging face.

    She doesn’t have any cuteness, prettiness or even approachable attractivemness to me nowadays, not at all. Not for a good while. Neither does her husband, to be quite fair about it.

  51. indygirl says:

    While SJP is not classically beautiful, the entire “package”, body, eyes, hair, style, combines to present a hot image. While I have been a Sex in the City fan, I did see her on Oprah, post-Sex in City, presenting a line of clothing that was horrificly lame. Oprah looked mortified while SJP prattled on about how the clothing was for the “everyday woman” and priced accordingly…it was awful

    Sounds like there is a lot of evidence he was cheating…too bad his ridiculous exploits are out there for the world to see. I do want to mention that he is incredibly successful in his own right…nominated for several golden globes…his resume for acting, producing and directing for both movie and theatre is ten times as long as SJP’s.

  52. Sandra says:

    Her nose is proportional to her face. She has a longer face. Can you imagine her with a tiny nose? She would look ridiculous!

  53. Man Cheat says:

    Her husband’s face attracts every women I guess. And Sarah is not so gorgeous. Don’t you think so?

  54. pbw says:

    You people are soooooo sad. :(

    You have nothing better to do but gossip.
    Get a life

  55. Chong Mosca says:

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