Star Mag: Angelina Jolie is in rehab, for heroin maybe


Ah, this is a good one. Kudos to Star Magazine for getting this photo of Angelina Jolie looking like Courtney Love and using it on a cover about how Angelina is in rehab for heroin addiction. Since Star Magazine hasn’t released any part of the cover story, my guess is that the whole thing is based on: Angelina being thin, Angelina looking tired, and all of that crap with Dr. Drew. Dr. Drew knows that every time he gives quotes about Brangelina, he’s guaranteed some attention, which is why he’s been issuing quotes about Angelina’s “heroin addiction” for years. His latest series of quotes was just a few weeks ago, and even though he gave some half-assed apology, the recent quotes have given the tabloids a reason to print a new round of “Angelina Jolie is a heroin addict, Brad cries on Aniston’s shoulder!” stories.

So is Angelina an addict? Was she ever? Or was she just a screwed up kid back in the day who used drugs and talked about it in interviews? Is Angelina still using now, as a mother of six, a UN goodwill ambassador and an in-demand actress? Ugh.




Cover courtesy of CoverAwards. Additional photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    OMG! This thread is going to be scary!
    *gently shuts thread door*

  2. teri says:

    Angelina has so much going on in her life and always on the run. Yet she still looks wonderful. I really hope one day Star buries themselves.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    as so many have said (don’t know what the truth is…), don’t they drug test UN good will ambassadors?

    or whatever official capacity it is that she holds?

    oh, and Courtney Love? even on her WORST day, she doesn’t look that bad…Kaiser, prepare for the loons and their shanks!

  4. Marjalane says:

    I’ve seen more than a few highly functioning heroin users and A.J. looks like all of them; Skinny, vacant, moody. People start getting into the sleaze factor of the drug when they run out of money. Not a problem for her. The Star better be prepared to be firebombed by the Brangaloonies!

  5. l says:

    I absolutely WORSHIP Angelina and in my eyes can do no wrong, having said that, I have to say I think this could be true.

    Heroin is NO JOKE! The will to quit is not enough, I have seen it way too man times. It is a LIFETIME battle to get and STAY clean. I have not seen one person overcome it permanately.


  6. womanfromthenorth says:

    Hard up A$$holes… Muckraking for money
    and idiots buy this.

  7. Rose says:

    People either believe Star is a credible news source or the don’t. I don’t, so this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

  8. Louwho says:

    She’s looked tweaked out for at least 10 years. Rumor has it she took methadone while pregnant instead of the hard stuff, then went right back to it. She’s not going to stop. Slow down to get Brad of her back? Maybe. But she won’t stop.

    And you don’t need to look like a homeless junkie to be a heroin addict.

    Anyone else wonder whey they only fly private?

  9. fanny says:

    LOL … I have to agree with #1 devilgirl. Anyway, I think the story will end up being much ado about nothing.

  10. Bee says:

    I guess now that the tabs have exhausted their “Brad and Angie are breaking up. No really this time it’s true” storylines, they’ve turned to the angle that Angie is a cracked out, Shiloh abusing, Lindsay Lohan wannabe. I’m just waiting for the headline that proclaims that Angie is indeed the Anti-Christ. And all of the charity work she’s doing has been part of her secret plan for world domintation. The hit job the tabloids have done on AJ is sick.

  11. kello says:

    It’s been a well known story in Hollywood for years that Angelina is a heroin addict. I know this for a fact.

  12. mymy says:

    One thing is for sure. Her skin is so wonderful. Not going to look like that on heroin.If you look back at the video that was shot while she was high on heroin. She looks awful. Very pale. Her eyes were so bad. I realize it was before she had them done. But still they were so bad looking due to the heroin.Very bug and protruding. If she does anything I believe it is prescription drugs. Her pupils are unnaturally large even with light bulbs flashing.

  13. Samantha says:

    l: I agree. If she ever had a problem with the drug in the past (I think she did, right?) I could see it. I have seen it many times before, its a sad cycle and one of the hardest habits to kick. I hope its not true, and these are the kinds of stories I really hate because this stuff is no joke. If its not true its a horrible thing to lie about and if it is true, its incredibly sad and nothing worth laughing about.

  14. ui56kay says:

    She used to shoot up heroin with Marilyn Manson. Great company, ha?

  15. brin says:

    Sad. Hope it isn’t true but if it is, she needs to be in rehab…heroin is bad news.

  16. nnn says:

    Oh boy ! ahahahahahahah !

    I think the tabs team alltogether need to be in rehab !

    Too much fantasy can’t be good for health. lol

  17. Schnauzers!!! says:

    I hope she gets or is clean for the sake of their children.

  18. Wendy says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is true. Once an addict, always an addict. Some people do a very good job at dressing up the outside and appearing to be fine…it’s naive to assume that just because she’s rich, famous, successful, and has a beautiful family that she wouldn’t also be taking hard drugs.

    Which doesn’t mean that Dr. Drew isn’t a total douche.

  19. HRH says:

    Yeah, she’s the blind item Fake à la Ferocity. Anyone with any doubts should just go watch interviews with her high out of her mind or just look at her pupils.

    This is also why people believe she wasn’t pregnant with the twins and that she used her assistant Holly as her surrogate. She conveniently had the same due date and traveled all around the world with them! Go look at pictures, something wasn’t right about that.

  20. latam2012 says:

    jesus conspiracy theorists.

    she had her kids, did you see the size of her breasts? and the fullness of her face?

    I can’t believe people are taking this star article seriously and as for once an addict always an addict. Thats not true, people act like its not possible to stop doing something.

  21. EMINE says:

    No freaking body gives children for adoption to a drug addict , get real people , these tabs are seriously in need of subjects , what i dont understand is why doesnt she sue their asses?

  22. Rose says:

    ‘Once and addict always an addict’?
    Lol, what a crock of shit. I used to smoke, I no longer smoke. Amd I an addict to cigarettes?

  23. NancyMan says:

    How does the gal have time to get hooked on horse? With all those kids, a job, keeping all those houses clean, not to mention a husband with all his ‘needs’.

    Sorry- I got confused, that’s me not Angelina…

  24. Rose says:

    Wow HRH, your tin foil hat is showing.

  25. sara says:

    While I really don’t know if this is true, it could be, like many on here said lots of highly functioning addicts, ESPECIALLY opiate addictions. Many people can actually get a lot accomplished if they are just popping the pills little each day, not smoking it or shooting it. Not to mention it takes ALL the emotional pain away that she has been through and seen in her work as an ambassador. It probably allows her to cope and move forward. I find it hard to believe she could be such a super human and be that scary skinny without a little help with some type of script. Many celebrities take some type of prescription medication.

  26. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I know about a lot of things but heroin is not one of them. I do know that through acquaintances that it is a hard drug to leave behind. But some have.

    I really truly truly hope this is not the case with her. IF this is just even a little bit true, I hope she gets the help she needs for the children’s sake.

  27. Mari says:

    I don’t care that much for her, but I can say this- she doesn’t look *AT ALL* like the heroine addicts I’ve encountered. So, I’m gonna have to say this is BS.

  28. higgity says:


    “Anyone else wonder whey they only fly private?”

    Uh, because they have six small kids and a ton of nannies and can afford it?

  29. happygirl says:

    Well….definitely following in devilgirl’s footsteps here…um…I think I have some work to do…

    **turns over “closed” sign on thread door and backs away only to come back in an hour or so to see the entertaining comments…**

  30. Hautie says:

    Dang that is a bold statement. I bet the inside story somehow does not back up that headline.

    I am curious though if Jolie goes after them for it. I get that the tabloids constant need to use her, Brad and Jennifer to sell magazines.

    But making a claim she is a addict and in rehab seems a bit over the line.

  31. Someone Else says:

    @Louwho –

    Adding to what higgity said, would you want them on your flight? Could you imagine the chaos? They can’t live like normal people anymore. They’re not normal. They’re the world’s most popular family.

    There’s a reason Empress Z gives that stare. I think she’s tired of being treated like a zoo animal.

  32. Kato Valentine says:

    Is that why the dropped a story about the Brangeloons getting married to swerve away from the fact she is rehab? The woman is a mentalist, the fact she has adopted 27 children and is a goodwill amdassador doesn’t take away from the fact she is a druggie, snogged her brother in public, got married with her groom’s blood on her shirt and used to wear Billy-Bob’s blood round her neck. Brad should have stayed well clear.

  33. Cary says:

    She in rehab that why there are photos and videos of her Brad and the kids in California leaving a restaurant on Monday.

    Marjalane you know she vacant, moody and how? Demi Moor is thin and vacant and post crazy thing on twitter is she using heroin.

  34. Cary says:

    She in rehab that why there are photos and videos of her Brad and the kids in California leaving a restaurant on Monday.

    Marjalane you know she vacant, moody and how? Demi Moor is thin and vacant and post crazy thing on twitter is she using heroin.

  35. Whatever! says:


    Well at least she’s finally trying to get help. There’s no rehab for genuinely being a bad person and continuing to ruin films by gracing them with her holier than thou presence, but I’m sure they’ll help her kick the heroin.

  36. Eleonor says:

    I suppose they must have finished the vintage Angelina photos when she used to be a mess.

  37. corse says:

    I luv this! Just for the Brangeloonies alone. This is going to be an epic meltdown! Time to breakout the straight jackets and tranquillizers.

  38. Dudette says:

    Jesus H. Christ. They *cannot* leave this woman alone can they. She’s either being a bitch to Brad, ruining poor Jen’s life or being evil to her kids. And now she’s also a junkie in rehab?

    Utterly pathetic. How people can believe any of this nonsense is beyond me.

  39. Danielle says:

    Well sure. It absolutely must be heroin, because being a mother of six, un ambassador and working her ass off isn’t taxing or tiring at all. If she looks thin and tired it must be the drugs, must be I tell you. *snort* To borrow a phrase from the illustrious Kat Williams, all this is about haters. People can’t stand that she is beautiful, successful, mother of six, humanitarian and very sought after actress. It’s just all too much for them so they go about to try and knock her down a peg or two. It’s bullshit.

  40. latam2012 says:

    “genuinely being a bad person” riiiiight.

  41. Whatever says:

    Checking in and backing out before it explodes in here. One thing, look at the source. No credibility. At all.

  42. Crash says:

    RE: #11. If it’s “been a well known story for years in Hollywood that AJ is a heroin addict”, I assume Brad would’ve also heard that “story”. I can’t imagine anyone purposely marrying a heroin addict. No matter how beautiful he may have found her to be…heroin would’ve HAD to have been a deal breaker, no? So I have to say BS on the story. Either that or Brad Pitt is a total idiot.

  43. munchies says:

    Ask Star, which Rehab? Betty Ford?

  44. trivia says:

    She should sue Star. Even if the inside story doesn’t support the headline. Geesh, people are so stupid. She’s a UNHCR ambassador. They get screened all the time!

  45. eja102 says:

    I wonder what it’s like living with people constantly guessing about your life.

    I wouldn’t enjoy it.

  46. mln76 says:

    She did a lot of drugs in the past which is where all the rumors come from. I know people who experimented and where addicted but don’t currently use. And anyone who has seen those old interview mostly from the 90s should take a look at her recent ones she seems completely grounded and intelligent. I am sure this Star article is carefully worded to avoid a suit so short of taking a public drug test people will believe what they want.

  47. Marjalane says:

    The loonies are frothing at the mouth over this, and btw- heroin doesn’t affect your skin, meth does and I’m confident that Angie and Brad’s money went a long way in securing successful adoptions for them. It seems like some of you have a very “Hollywood” opinion of what heroin addiction is like. It doesn’t have to be shot up in the crook of your arm! As long as the junkie has access to the drug, they function. They get a big rush and then they function.

  48. Obvious says:

    well it would explain the outfit, hair and makeup.

    but i highly doubt it.

  49. viper says:



  50. Shay says:

    She made the mistake years ago of being far too open for interviews and now she is paying the price for that. It happens. The gossip rags have a boring news day, so they dredge up stuff.

  51. lili says:

    un-oh, I guess Dr. Drew was RIGHT

  52. Ruby Red Lips2 says:

    Dudette, I agree with eveything you wrote

    I love Angie, she can do no wrong, she is beautiful (even being a few pounds underweight), successful and slightly dark and dangerous – my absolute top girl crush!

  53. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Oxycontin, prescribed by a physician and UNHCR can’t say shit about it. And anybody who thinks she looks after and wrangles those six kids herself is delusional.

    That aside, I totally buy that she uses. Rich junkies don’t look the same as poor ones obviously and people who don’t realize this and talking about how “great” she looks (if you think emaciation is attractive) with her botoxed face are sticking their heads in the sand.

    She doesn’t deserve worship, she deserves our pity. I think she is a desperately unhappy woman whose mother’s death flipped her right off any sobriety wagon she was on at the time.

    She’s had mental issues for a long time and those don’t just disappear because you marry Brad Pitt and embark on a baby-collecting odyssey.

  54. mslewis says:

    I can’t wait to read what’s inside that rag. I’m betting the story is totally the opposite of what is on the cover. Has to be or they will be sued. That’s probably why they haven’t released the story yet. I’m sure Kaiser will have an update in a couple of hours. Also, you have to give Star some props for that photo. Out of all of those photos from the promo tour for The Tourist, they managed to get one like that. Amazing!!

    @louwho . . . They only fly private when they have the kids and the entourage. When Angelina goes on the UN missions she goes commercial. But I guess you didn’t see her carrying her bags through LAX and Heathrow the last time she went on a mission.

  55. susanne says:

    Where is I love Angelina?????

    She’s the one who will have the whole truth and expose this nonsense story!

  56. Arianna says:

    I have a close friend that was addicted to crack cocaine all throughout their late teens and twenties
    now at 35? completely clean for years, and also gave up smoking cigarettes

    i know crack isn’t heroin, but you cannot claim once an addict always an addict, people can stop.

    and shit i dont care about this story at all haha

  57. nnn says:

    Lol people are weird. It’s also a notorious fact that jennifer is a pot addict and that’s why she probably goes as often in Cabo to meet her drug dealer, right ?

  58. sara says:

    bill hicks, EXACTLY, you don’t have to be shooting, snorting, or smoking it to be a heroine addict. Ever heard of a prescription to pain pills anyone? Same as heroine people. Don’t be fooled, Hollywood learned a long time ago that they had to replace recreational drugs with legal drugs

  59. janie says:

    angelina has done good by using her star power to draw attention to real causes other than cars and bling.
    however, she dabbled in some serious s*** and i dont buy the reform act.
    also, enough with the mother of six defense. as the mother of 1, it takes all of my time to get us out of the house to go to the grocery store, let alone traveling around the world. depends on your definition of mother, but the feeding/changing/burping non glam stuff is done by the help.
    however, this is not a credible source.

  60. Guest says:

    The only “people” who be believe she want pregnant with the twins are the pyschotic obsessed freaks from femalefirst..if you ever so happen to go on that forum they put the cray in thought branglina fans were looney these people ae sick..they also believe jolie put a voodoo spell on brad that is why they are together and that she is in the CIA..Im sure they are loving this story from the oh so credible STAR(rolls eyes)

  61. Stronzilla says:

    @Bill Hicks Is God, I would have to agree with you. I too think AJ is desperately unhappy. Very attached to her mother, cast her father in the role of the villain for leaving, relationship with her brother poses many questions. She’s been married twice, adopted her kids according to the sequence of her film ‘Beyond Borders’ (Cambodia, Ethiopia) with the exception of Chechnya, where the authorities refused her bid to adopt a baby boy. I guess the one thing that doesn’t cut it for me is that anyone who apparently gives so much to charity should at least be able to deal with their father. I don’t care what he did, he’s old and he’s the only one she’ll ever have. Forgiveness is forgiveness and all the rest is just window-dressing.

  62. Ha says:

    Lmao my uncle was a heroin addict. Angelina definitely doesn’t look like him. Also, I’m not sure what sign u guys see that says she’s using heroin. Is it her humanitarian work, her constant traveling, the kids? If anything I would say cocaine. Heroin would have her passed out and not doing all the stuff she’s doing from charity work, acting, directing, flying nonstop. No way would she be so active and coherent in interviews.

  63. Josephina says:

    Angelina has admitted on a NUMBER of occasions that she used drugs in the past, specifically, as a teen and in her early twenties. If she was an addict, she would have said so. So it is NOT a rumor if she herself explains that that was her lifestyle.

    There is such a thing a good stress- the concept of balancing life between being a mother, life partner, humanitarian and a very in-demand actress. Just about every script goes through her fingers fingers first before they are passed along to the rest of the actresses in Hollywood.

    If you listen to any of her interviews within the last year, her main focus is about being a mother to her children and maintaining a balance for her family’s lifestyle. She has repeatedly stated that she receives tremendous help from her life partner, Brad Pitt. So much so that she works maybe only three months out of a year.

    Looking tired is not the kiss of death, people, so relax. Each one of us can look tired on any given day at any given hour. We are not followed in the way that Angelina is followed. The paps will follow Angelina all over the world, Africa, Afghaniston, Haiti, Panama, India–just to get a picture of her in action.

    Indeed, there exists a nasty hunger to catch her looking at her worst or to see her making a mistake as an actress, mother, or humanitarian. Because we have not seen it yet, this hunger has grown into a green eyed monster.

    I will never wish harm or hope for illwill to ANY mother. In this case, at least 8 people would be immediately affected: her brother, Brad and their 6 beautiful children.

    Angelina has demonstrated repeatedly that she is in tune with and sensitive to the needs of her man and her children. So, no, I do not believe this story. And I hope that if she hears of this crap, Brad and Angie make an example out of this rag magazine.

  64. jc126 says:

    Yeah. I seriously doubt this is true.

  65. Cheyenne says:

    ROTFLMBAO @ HRH. You really believe that bullshit story that somebody else had Angie’s twins? You’ve been spending too much time on Female First and it’s rotted what’s left of your brains. Not that you ever had much between the ears to begin with.

  66. kristin says:

    Who the heck knows whether this is true. It *could* be true, and I’m cracking up at some of the defenses on here of her – i.e., ‘UN Ambassadors get screened all the time!!’ (really? Are you a UN Ambassador? Because I have a good friend in the who has worked for the US State Dept. AND the UN and I have no idea whether he gets screened for drugs on a regular basis).

    I also love when the Loons start yelling at detractors, saying they’re all “jealous” and “hate that a woman in successful, rich, and beautiful”. Interestingly, people who criticize Angelina probably like a whole slew of other female celebrities, most of whom could be categorized as successful, rich, and beautiful. For example, I don’t like Angelina, but I DO really like Natalie Portman, who is gorgeous, rich, and who is ridiculously successful at the moment. So, if I dislike Angelina for these reasons, why do I like Natalie Portman, despite the fact that all the same reasons to dislike her apply? How does it not occur to the Loons that some people might simply find Angelina unlikeable?

    Anyway, who knows about the drugs? That is her family’s business and if it is true, I hope she gets help.

  67. Cheyenne says:

    This comes from Star mag? Yeah, and the earth is flat.

    *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

  68. Ha says:

    Also, people talking about lawsuit? Since when does Angelina respond to tabloids? This is not the first or last time they will accuse her of using heroin. LoL I’m not even sure If this is the worst thing they’ve said about her.

  69. anti says:

    i don’t see it. i think it is more about her watching every calorie and working too much. she’s hard on herself. she’s a masochist. i’ve worked for people like that, nothing is ever enough.

    i’m really glad that some of her multiple projects include charity and humanitarian works!

  70. sickofit says:

    i go with the pills, that one is for sure… but no heroine into her veins, shes not having that look ( ie if you compare jonathan rhys meyers)

  71. Crash2GO2 says:

    I’m with Bill Hicks is God on this one.

  72. original kate says:

    this is either the most outrageous lie or the best kept secret in hollywood. i am leaning towards the lie, but i don’t know that much about jolie. in any case i’m gonna make some popcorn and watch how this unfolds.

  73. 4Real says:

    If its not true then I hope they sue. If they try to ignore it I’ll assume it is true. So is Brad really the lame enabling type though? Kind of hard to believe…

  74. someone says:

    Since Im not an AJ fan, I could believe this story is true, but I don’t…Star Mag..really???? One of the trashiest mags around.

  75. corse says:

    Star mag is as reliable a source as any other gossip source. Druggie Angelina has been circulating around forever. This isn’t new. The only thing more shocking than this story is that there are people dumb enough to believe that celebrities and people who have kids are immune to drug addiction. Not saying that this is true, but to use Oscar gowns, adoptees and Brad Pitt as evidence is crazy.

  76. WhiteNoise says:

    LOL @ this thread! :D

    I will say one thing for Star, that’s a cracking pic they’ve used to illustrate Angie’s ‘heroin-crazed’ state. 10/10 for that, the rest, not so much.

  77. someone says:

    nnn????? So your one of the Brangie fans that has to drag Aniston into every AJ thread???why??? Do you think it makes Angie look better when You trash Jennifer??? besides even if what you say is true…Pot is a far cry from Heroin.

  78. Vi says:

    i agree that mental problems don’t disappear because you fancy yourself to be an earth mother but she’s had access to the best therapy and treatment money can buy so if she wanted to improve her mental health/ come off drugs she has all the resources in the world. SO i DO buy that she’s a healthier person and i don’t buy the heroin story. she’s just reaping the rewards of being honest in the past.

  79. TeeTee says:

    geesh, thre are quite a few celebs that are functioning “heroin” shot in the am, so that they will not get sick. sometimes between the toes or in the groin area.

    and some are mothers, why is everyone acting like it just can’t be “Ange”..
    she has nannies and handlers and stylists to help her and Brad take care of the kids. smdh. some folks are acting like Ange washes tons of loads of laundry and gives ALL the kids baths, cooks big meals–these folks are super rich–do you really think that Ange is so PURE that she is handling all of this stuff on her own, WOW!
    QUEEN of the world, LOL

    not going to argue, I beleive there is some truth.She is a functioning addict.
    I do beleive those are her natural twins though.

    Johnny Depp is also still into drugs, I think they probably used together on the set of their last film.

    Celeb users cannot compare to family members–they are RICH–their drugs are not even the same quality.

    It will come out yrs from now, one of the children will write a book and I’m sure if we’re still HERE, everyone will trash them and NOT beleive it.

    where there is smoke there is fire, always.

    I’m sure there are some folks that still don’t beleive that Joan Crawford was truly a “Mommie Dearest”. People don’t want to beleive that Fergie was/is a meth head and her husband has some substance abuses also etc.

    I wish she would get help and go to rehab–she was more vibrant-when she and Brad first got together, pls don’t say its the kids, again she has nannies and she is rich.

  80. teri says:

    That must have been a very short stay in rehab since she’s been out and about with her family. No indication of AJ is on heroin.

  81. spinner says:

    Hi Bill Hicks…totally co-sign with you.

    I have heard for a few years from insiders that this is indeed true about Angie. Very sad but not all that surprising. Brad does his own dabbling so maybe they are enabling each other.

  82. Gemini49 says:

    Ms. Jolie does not have heroin eyes …. the pupils of folks on or addicted to heroin are pin points …… it’s a very obvious look if you’re familiar with it …

  83. Heaven bound says:

    @ #43 Crash,

    The sanctification of these people is unbelievable, Brad Pitt is a huge Pot smoker! Just because you would not get involved with a heroin addict, because I am sure you are a responsible well balanced person. Does not mean that these celebrities wouldn’t. The rules that Hollywood lives by does not apply to us civilians.

    I am just waiting for Cheyenne and Love Angelina to come out of the woodwork.

  84. teri says:

    I’m with alot of people, I also don’t believe this story. She’s a busy mother of 6 children and travels the world for work/humanitarian work. There is nothing that indicates she’s a heroin addict, just people wanting to assume the worst with this woman. I just went and looked at the symptoms of a heroin addict and the only one she has is weight loss. I can see any woman losing weight with how active she is. Angelina is always on the go, doesn’t appear to be lazy.

  85. serena says:

    Oh what the hell.
    She has 6 kids, she always is on the move around the world. OF COURSE SHE’S TIRED. Of course she’s only thinking “bed bed bed bed long sleep, bed bed bed”.
    Surely she did drugs but that’s in the past.

  86. Whamo says:

    I’ve tried to tell the loons this for YEARS and all they do is call me every name in the book. While the STAR has zero credibility for once they actually have it right and I hope legitimate news sources grow a pair and finally expose this nut bar junkie for what what she is.

    Here’s a big I TOLD YOU SO to all the loons here and over at JJ that had me booted out off the site because they didn’t want to hear their hero was a junkie.

    Now you’re going to say The Star is full of it BUT the fact she won’t be suing these guys like she did the other paper will speak VOLUMES as to her guilt.

    Once a Junkie ALWAYS a junkie!


  87. gloriaad says:

    Can’t keep a good girl down,Angelina Jolie is beautiful, oscar winner, humanitarian and mother of six beautiful and healthy children and married to Brad Pitt, I think the deepest knife to Jennifer Aniston’s fan base is the fact that Brad Pitt is still with his lady love and rumored to have exchanged rings and vows, they are both sporting similar rings something for the past few months they have been extremely happy, thought it was because they had another baby on the way but apprently it’s because they have secretly had some kind of wedding ceremony,even the Tourist has appaently made more money than was stated, it made over 120 million and is stated to make over 200 million, and Angie is nominated for a Golden Globe award,all this have JA and haters going crazy.

  88. Eve says:

    The cover picture seems to have been photoshopped in order to look more dramatic — those blue marks near her mouth, for instance. Her makeup in that night was perfect, it would have covered any “addiction” signs.

    The story? Obvious BS. They should sue the magazine and that Dr. Drew who started this whole crap.

  89. Sara says:

    People, heroine and pot are TOTALLY different. One is NOT physically addictive and the other is one of the most physically addictive substances on the planet. If anything you could compare alcohol to heroine, but not pot.

  90. Sara says:

    Just a thought. Could this explain all of the horrible outfits?

  91. albeli says:

    I would not be at all surprised if this were true.

  92. Anon says:

    Does this website and the tabloids do any research on film studios and their insurance companies that insure the stars that do their own stunts? I did my share of cocaine in my youth and even dropped some acid once, did some speed but not an addict today. Millions of people grew up and realize there is more to life, like doing for others and family. Shame on the poseur Dr. Drew (who nervously admitted he knows nothing, research those hospitals he is associated with …oh my! rapes and suicides!), maybe Drew will think again before he drops names again, he’s just like everyone else that name-drops. Hey Kaiser, now can you look up the stats on how many times Star got its cover right? Weren’t they the worst for getting it WRONG? AMI…desperately needing the money and I do mean desperate to sell copies. Google it.

  93. Eve says:

    She made the mistake years ago of being far too open for interviews and now she is paying the price for that. It happens. The gossip rags have a boring news day, so they dredge up stuff.

    @ Shay:

    Totally agree with that.

  94. Kim says:

    Well she looks great in the pics Sunday night when the family ate at Benihana.So I guess she will fit rehab in before next week (Golden Globes)At least there are no triangle stories this week.As we approach the 6 year anniversary.I see IT is still with the made up wedding/made up African honeymoon story.Oh yeah for the Star Magazine interns what happened to Baby#7 you claim she has been pregnant with for three times. On a brighter note The Tourist is expected to be at $150 million worlwide by this weekend. Lastly Producer Scott Rudin says they are close to pining down a director for 3D Cleopatra starring Angelina they are leaning toward Paul Grengrass and the budget $250 -300M I guess they don’t care she is an addict. LOl

  95. Ferguson. says:

    *waiting for LOVE ANGELINA to comment*

  96. fancyamazon says:

    I don’t know about her addiction or no addiction, but I don’t understand where people think that she would be tested for drugs regularly as part of her UN gig come up with this idea. I highly doubt that they test her for drugs, or anyone else for that matter. Why would they? They do do extensive background checks I’m sure, and there would be a series of interviews I would imagine, but if she came across in the interview process as sane and drug free and had nothing in her system when she went into the program, she could give them a laundry list of drugs she had taken “in the past” and that would not exclude her.

  97. WhiteNoise says:

    I’d love to know what that ‘heroin shocker’ promised on the front cover is about. Hope it’s not the twins dealing…

  98. MrsOdie2 says:

    Pot is ABSOLUTELY a physically addictive substance. I’m so tired of people saying it’s a benign substance. If you’ve ever had a chronic pot addict in your family, then you know what I mean.

    Drug addicts usually date other drug addicts. It normalizes their behavior to them. And if Angelina were a pill-popper (I do not believe that someone as rich as she would smoke, snort, or shoot heroin when she could get fifty doctors to prescribe her anything she wants and have it be completely legal on a drug test for the UN or a film’s insurance company), I’m not saying she is, but if she were, then she couldn’t really say SH** to Brad, could she? And he is an ADMITTED pot user, so I don’t feel I’m being libelous by saying it.

    He’s also a drunk and a nicotine addict. (and an adulterer)

  99. sharylmj says:

    I agree it’s a slow news day and it’s a known fact that she did use drugs IN THE PAST… so it’s coming back to bite her in the butt.. I have two kids, a husband and a regular job and I’m pretty tired most of the time.. so I can’t even imagine how she does everything she does.

  100. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Anon: Heroin is a very different kind of drug than cocaine. More addictive and the side effects of quitting are much worse and last much longer.

  101. Sara says:

    No, pot is NOT physically addictive, look it up, do some research. Pot is MENTALLY addictive, which is why you have family members that smoke it morning, noon, and night. But if you look at the research it is not a substance that can be physically addictive. Most people argue this based on a story of I know a person that yada yada yada. But science says differently.

  102. sapphire says:

    Don’t hate AJ at all-beautiful and talented. And if it came from another, source, I wouldn’t be that surprised.

    Look, if you have spent time with opiate addicts at all, you’d realize that the majority are not the drooling, spike in the arm junky on the street.

  103. Fire says:

    heroine = a woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities.

    heroin = a white, crystalline, narcotic powder, derived from morphine, formerly used as an analgesic and sedative.

    Is is really that hard to tell the difference people?

    Also, once an addict, always an addict is ABSOLUTELY true. You can be a RECOVERING addict or a PRACTICING addict, but you will always be an addict. You have to wake up every day and decide which you want to be that day. Talk to ANY counselor/doctor/psychiatrist/etc. in the world and they will tell you the same thing. I’m not saying SHE is an addict, I am just saying that if you are one, you will always be one.

  104. Fire says:

    And….where is Love Angelina? Strangely silent

  105. skibunny says:

    Pot may be habit forming but it is not addictive. One can stop smoking it at any time if they really want to.

  106. Zzzzzzzzzz says:

    I feel sorry for this woman. It seems as if she will never be free of tabloid stories that paint her as black as the she-devil herself.For almost six years, it has been an unrelenting battering by the tabloid media. As far as I can see, the woman goes about her life, owns her decisions and embraces who she is. She doesn’t apologise for the way she lives her life and frankly she shouldn’t have to. I know celebrity has its own cross to bear but hers seems particularly heavy. I don’t know that there’s any other star out there that is subject to as much vitriol and ill-meaning press as this woman is. And for what? Brad Pitt?

    Before Brad, she was simply the eccentric wild child that the tabs had a soft spot for. After Brad, she’s been a homewrecker, a bad mother, a domineering partner and now a drug addict. Seriously? Angelina is the root of evil over BRAD PITT? It’s ridiculous when you realize the genesis of all this animosity and hatred.

    Suffice to say, I think this story is total bullshit. There is nothing that I see in this woman that leads me to believe she’s a raging junkie that is on the verge of rehab. There are those though who will choose to believe it simply because she is Angelina Jolie. And more’s the pity.

  107. jen says:

    “Brangeloonies” LOVE IT, and so fitting! She’s a skank, regardless.

  108. N.D. says:

    @Zzzzzzzzzz I feel sorry for this woman. It seems as if she will never be free of tabloid stories that paint her as black as the she-devil herself

    I second that.
    And obviously she isn’t in rehab as there are pics of her out and about but nobody seems to care. People are so determined to hate her that it goes beyond anything.

  109. SamSam says:

    Mayhaps when I made my hat this morning, I used an extra box or two of tinfoil.. but.. are all the people asking for Love Angelinas comments, actual different people? Never seen so many random people requesting just one person to speak in the thread, odd.

    Also, false story is false. This is her willingness to be an open individual hitting her in the ass, and it is highly doubtful a denial will come out about it, as there haven’t really been ones before for shit like this, and in the US, suing tabloids is far different than in EU.

  110. april says:

    She sure doesn’t look or act like a drug addict. I think she grew up when she adopted Maddox and focused all of her energy on children. That’s her new drug – the kids (which is a good addiction for her).

  111. tracking says:

    Good looks don’t last forever (necessarily) but these two have gone downhill fast in their relatively short time together. I have multiple acquaintances with 4-6 kids who work, clean their own houses, etc. with no hired help to see to their every whim, and still manage to look like normal, healthy human beings. But please keep me laughing with the posts by those who *can’t imagine* how tired Jolie and Pitt must be! Drugs, drink, eating/anxiety disorder, who knows what–but something is out of whack. I will say that Pitt does not seem to bring out the health/happiness in his ladies. Every woman has looked happier and healthier post split. If that day comes for AJ, hope it works for her too.

  112. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL wait why do I have to comment on this? Uh I like clearly don’t believe this. Its also CLEARLY NOT true. If you believe this story I have some land I am selling at a great price…

    Its not really that different than any other cover Star has done on Angie. There was like 2 in 2007 when Angie was in Prague shooting Wanted (on the cover Angie is wearing black tank, jeans, sunglasses, and leaving her kids school), they claimed Angie was going to rehab then as well and said she was to skinny, and I think they threw in that she collapsed as well on that one. Another one in that same year where she was on the set of Wanted in Chicago shooting the car chase for the movie and wearing the pink dress. I think they alleged again she was going to rehab and had collapsed somewhere else. Star has done SEVERAL covers where they show Angie, insert a issue (heroin, anorexia, jealousy), claim she is going to rehab, Brad begging Angie to do something and has collapsed from something, somewhere. Its all BS, people.

    Its laughable really. I mean the people at Star think Angie is a freaking umbrella because she is collapsing everywhere. :P The same woman doing all her own stunts in action movies, collapses at the drop of a hat everywhere she goes. Oh and shooting up heroin. LOL yea ok.

  113. lucy2 says:

    I don’t buy it. It’s not completely impossible and I know that blind is supposed to be her (doesn’t mean it’s true though), but come on, it’s Star mag, and they dredge this stuff up every few months and it never amounts to anything. It’s an endless cycle of stupid stories – drugs! cheating! babies! marriage! breakup!
    I agree with Shay – celebs have to be careful how much they put out there, when they’re young and looking for attention, because it follows them.

  114. Sara says:

    I will say this one more time for the people out their that obviously don’t know anything about drugs. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOOT, SNOT, OR SMOKE heroine to be an addict. It’s called Oxycontin, hydracodone, methadone, morphine, codeine, etc. And it ALL can come from a doctor through a prescription. So don’t be so blind to think that just because someone isn’t on skid row shooting up that they can’t be an addict. They really should start calling it an opiate addiction, because that is really what the person is addicted to.

  115. Sara says:

    For the record, I have NO CLUE if Angelina is or isn’t an addict

  116. FatJennyFromBurgerBlock says:

    Oh come on. Female celebrities have sooo much pressure to stay thin, so they need to have actual proof of heroine usage (which is what Star is claiming). It makes the story unbelievable when Star uses an OLD picture instead of current pictures, since Angie looks fine presently.

    Oh, and how can anyone take attention seeking Dr. Drew (Hollywood therapist) seriously? He is so annoying and ridiculous and will talk about people’s ‘addictions’ when he hasn’t even seen a lot of them as patients. Talk about unprofessional. Idiot.

  117. Lady D says:

    #82 TeeTee, I knew a chick that booted under her boob so her old man wouldn’t see the marks.

    #93 Sara. You’re too funny.

  118. Cheyenne says:

    SSDD (same shit, different day). Hook ‘em with a headline and say something totally different inside. And watch the suckers fall for it.

    Actually, Star is not claiming she is doing either heroin or pot. It said she looked very tired and worn out at the Berlin premiere of Tourist and leaned on Brad’s arm for support. The article also said she may be taking Ambien to sleep. Sounds to me like a classic case of jet lag (I’ve been there several times and believe me, it’s a bitch) and too many premieres with insufficient rest in between. But the jenhags are going to claim she’s a junkie no matter what anyone else says to the contrary, so let them listen to the echoes reverberating through their pointy little heads.

  119. Rose says:

    From Jezebel- who read inside the rag.

    “Wasted! Rehab For Angie.”
    At the Berlin premiere of The Tourist, Angelina “seemed so wasted and weary.” An insider claims “people were whispering… it was like she was on drugs or something. There were moments where she could hardly walk and needed Brad’s arm for support.” Maybe she was tired from jetting around the world and raising six kids? Angelina allegedly keeps getting disoriented and needs to sit down, and collapsed at home once. Brad wants her to take a break and go somewhere to relax. We think it sounds like he means a spa, but the mag says Angelina has been drinking lots of wine and taking Ambien to help her sleep, and Brad has to watch her to make sure she doesn’t take too many pills and overdose. Sometimes she drinks a whole bottle of wine by herself after the kids go to sleep. Sounds normal! Though Angelina hasn’t used heroin in years, the mag brings it up and claims the thought of doing it “lingers in the back of her mind.”

    See, total and utter crap.

  120. Eve says:

    Though Angelina hasn’t used heroin in years, the mag brings it up and claims the thought of doing it “lingers in the back of her mind”.

    Holy shit! Star Magazine can read her mind, people! LOL! Fan-fiction writing sounds more believable than their stories.

    You all (the ones gloating that she’s an addict) should remember Star is the same magazine that claims Pitt’s ex-wife cries herself to sleep every night because isn’t over him.

  121. Crash2GO2 says:

    Remember that event where she was hanging all over Mohammed Ali? Sweaty and uncharacteristically effusive? That was the first time I went ‘Hmmmm…’

    Oh well. It’s likely we’ll never know for sure. But I do have my suspicions (despite Love Angelina’s reassurances).

  122. Sara says:

    Ambien is a highly addictive sleep aid. Anyone remember a little story about Tiger Woods?????

  123. Lady Satan says:

    This story is yet more Angelina-bashing by Star magazine. The endless “breaking up because of Jen” stories got old, so they had to come up with a new angle. Complete and utter BS.

    As proof just think on this: If there was any truth to Angelina having a drug problem of any kind, I am quite sure she would have been dropped by the UN ages ago. It would take all credibility from them and the other Goodwill Ambassadors if Angelina was going about representing them while drugged out.

  124. lio says:

    Don’t buy the rehab story. Not to sure about the heroin thing, but surely the woman is on some kind of (legal?) drugs. After all, she is so thin that even D.Moore would look obese compared to her…
    And please, stop with the UN testing: she is a goodwill ambassador, not a diplomatic one! It’s a voluntary service, made on a free basis, not a real job. What did you think: that she was an actual member of the UN (with her educationnal background?). That’s even weirder than to believe a star story.

  125. Whamo says:

    Pot is ABSOLUTELY a physically addictive substance. I’m so tired of people saying it’s a benign substance. If you’ve ever had a chronic pot addict in your family, then you know what I mean.
    With all due respect it seems you have NO IDEA as to what physical addiction really means. It does not mean a person who just doesn’t want to stop smoking. I does not mean a person who has problems getting to sleep because they quite smokin pot.
    It does not mean a person that is irritable when they don’t get stoned…It means an ABSOULTE body crash where whether you want to or not you basically can’t MOVE for up to 72 hours and you are physically sick to the point wish you were dead. You want to scream and pull your skin off at the same time. You twitch involuntarily sweat, puke can’t lay still for more than literally 10 seconds. It means you would do damn near ANYTHING ASKED to feel better again. I have seen people in full blown withdraws and you wouldn’t wish it upon your worst enemy..THAT’S WHAT PHYSICAL ADDICTION IS!

    When a person is told they can’t smoke they’re bummed out…when a real drug addict can’t score…watch the sheer panick set in because they know they f#cked and they know what’s coming.

    There is no such thing a cold turkey for a pot smoker.

  126. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Wow the response on this bogus story has just got all of us all riled up!

    I think the consensus on this site is that it’s all B.S.

  127. Cheyenne says:

    @MrsOdie2: Pot is absolutely NOT addictive. Heroin is addictive. Alcohol is addictive. The most addictive substance in the world is nicotine.

    Rose: ‘Once and addict always an addict’? Lol, what a crock of shit. I used to smoke, I no longer smoke. Am I an addict to cigarettes?
    Welcome to the ex-smokers club. I quit cold turkey from 2 packs a day.

  128. Chris says:

    People on heroin have pinned pupils and her pupils aren’t pinned in any of those photos, not in the ones where we can see them anyway. And looking tired and run down is part and parcel of being a working mother with a bunch of young kids to look after.

  129. Cheyenne says:

    @Sara: Ambien is not recommended for daily use because you can get dependent on it and unable to sleep without it. But if you are jetlagged as hell, it can be a godsend. Also, some people with chronic sleep disturbance need it to get a good night’s sleep at least once in a while, if not every night.

  130. Wholesome1 says:

    Of course she’s NOT an addict. Heroin addiction is no joke. Shame on Star Mag for stooping so low to sell copies.

  131. i call bs says:

    I’am by no means an AJ fan but this story is complete bs. I hope AJ sues the crap out of Star magazine. These tabloids have got to learn that they can’t just keep running stories like this and not eventually face consequences. Stories like this could lead to Child Protective Services getting involved based on phony info. Shame on you Star magazine.

  132. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Johnny Depp’s Girl: “I think the consensus on this site is that it’s all B.S.”

    What site are you reading?

    @Rose: “Sometimes she drinks a whole bottle of wine by herself after the kids go to sleep. Sounds normal!”

    Drinking a whole bottle of wine in one sitting sounds normal? Of course there is no proof that she does that. Just sayin’.

  133. Camille says:

    @Zzzzzzzzzz: Excellent comment, ITA with you.

  134. Samigirl says:

    Crash2go, drinking a whole bottle of wine is one sitting is normal to my mom :)

  135. iknow says:

    In 1999 during the filming of Gone in 60 Seconds, there was a special makeup artist that was brought in to “airbrush” the tracks on her arms. I was there and saw it with my own eyes. Did I see her shoot up? No. Did I see the tracks and all the other BS that comes with working with an addict? Yes.

  136. December says:

    Just for the record people…it doesn’t matter if something is physically addictive or mentally addictive. In the end, the person is still addicted. It’s just that the addiction is just in a different form.

  137. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘When a person is told they can’t smoke they’re bummed out…when a real drug addict can’t score…watch the sheer panick set in because they know they f#cked and they know what’s coming.’

    I don’t know about this b/c my siblings and myself bear the scars from when our dad couldn’t get pot. It wasn’t pretty and he was way more than ‘bummed’.

  138. MrsOdie2 says:

    Physical addiction can certainly be that, Whamo, but it isn’t always that. People who go through withdrawal from chronic, daily marijuana use can experience withdrawal symptoms for up to six months after they quit. Or so the physician in my family member’s rehab told us at family group. But I will defer to the people here, who are obviously addiction specialists.

  139. MrsOdie2 says:

    Drinking a whole bottle of wine in one sitting is kind of a lot if you do it often. There are about 4 glasses of wine in a bottle. Alcohol affects people according to how much they weigh. What is Angelina? 95 pounds soaking wet? She would be plastered on a whole bottle of wine. I get ****faced after three glasses and I outweigh her by quite a lot.

  140. Sara says:

    its called research. look it up, it says POT IS NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE!! That is SUPER different than a physically addictive substance. I am in no way condoning using ANY substance, but have done lots of research and have family members that are addicts.
    People can get addicted to sugar and it is an extremely damaging substance.

  141. Maritza says:

    I don’t believe she is an addict, this is definitely a BS story.

  142. N.D. says:

    @MrsOdie2 Drinking a whole bottle of wine in one sitting is kind of a lot if you do it often.

    Even tab doesn’t claim she does it often, only “sometimes”.

  143. Kara says:

    If she’s an addict, she must be the highest functioning one on this earth.
    I’ve known heroin addicts in my day, and most days, they have trouble getting their shoes on, much less taking care of 6 kids, showing up for 12-14 hour work days on movies, and doing all that charity. If she’s on anything, it speed or some kind of upper. And her skin would show it. But who knows?

    I find it a little gross that people want this to be FACT and act like they know her when they know NOTHING. It just says there are a lot of angry bitter people out there. Saying someone is on heroin is just mean. That’s not even close to nice. That’s just “I’m angry and nasty bitter, mean!”

  144. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Chris: “…being a working mother with a bunch of young kids to look after.”

    You make it sound like she’s waiting at the bus stop with 6 youngsters in tow at 5am to drop off her kids at the daycare before doing a 12-hour dipper shift across town at “Pants R Us” on Christmas Eve.

    How DARE you call her a working mother with a bunch of kids to look after. Get some perspective.

  145. happygirl says:

    @ Bill Hicks ~ I was thoroughly enjoying my evening after-work beer until it just came through my nose. Thanks for that. Hilarious!

  146. corse says:

    With all do respect, can the former smokers please try not to compare their habit with heroin? For christsakes, you can’t possibly put smack on the same level as a Newport.

  147. teri says:

    If Angelina were really a heroin addict someone would have outed her long ago for their fifteen minutes of fame. Angelina would be a huge and I mean huge meal ticket for pics, actual proof of that.

  148. Cheyenne says:

    @corse: We’re talking about how addicting different substances are. Nicotine is more addictive than anything, heroin included. And if you think it’s not dangerous, try telling that to four of my former co-workers who developed terminal lung cancer after decades of heavy smoking.

  149. DD says:

    Angie seems to have a high strung personality. She has the reputation of being very professional at work. She goes to many premiere’s on top of that… I doubt she could be strung out on heroin or opiates, that would make someone much more blase about responsibilities.
    I dated a very successful business person for a few years that often used drugs, and he missed or was late for all kinds of appointments. He still did well being his own boss and all. I just don’t see it, I do see a mild eating disorder though to go with her A type personality.

  150. Sunnyjyl says:

    While Bill Hicks makes some very good points…

    If taking heroin can make me a thin movie star, who gets to work in Venice, with lots of energy to raise kids, work on behalf of the UN and get busy with Brad Pitt, where do I get some?

  151. darlene says:

    I have always believed that she was Fake à la Ferocity. It makes me sad, but I believe it.

  152. lisa says:

    She has admitted to drug use YEARS ago. Maddox is 9 years old. And since she became a mother there has been nothing. But even before that nothing really just speculation. There have only been rumor about her. She is the one that has bee very open about her past always. Honest when it was not fashionable to do so.

    Angie was what 26/27 when she adopted Madd. And people act like the things she did or said about her past are current.

    NO other celebrity has their past thrown up like it was yesterday. I could name so many that were more open and we know way more about their past, but they get to live for what they are doing today.. not 11 years ago.

    STAR magazine says(liars)…

    credit gossip cop
    But what about the “heroin shocker” blaring on Star’s cover? The mag doesn’t have one – just a reminder Jolie used heroin years ago, then raising the possibility she could relapse.

    It’s a particularly nasty bait-and-switch.

    They are covering their asses to not be sued. I wish Angie and Brad would sue.

    I guess even after all this time a lie about Angie is still more fascinating then the truth about other celebs. Plus she is in an awesome Rehab.. she can go out to dinner with her man/kids, Edit a film in studio and probably plan her daughters 6th birthday party. Sounds like a fun place to be.

    Angie and Brad handle this better then many.. they have this almost every week. Yet they just go on and live their lives. Maybe that is the best FU to them all.

  153. skibunny says:

    Bill Hicks is God:
    That was funny!!!

    As for the marijuana issue…..see “The Union” for an education.

  154. Luckylilgem says:

    She looks drawn in the face because she had the buccal fat pads in her cheeks removed years ago. That plastic surgery procedure makes the cheekbones more prominent, but it also makes people look older faster.

  155. Reality says:

    Not buying. Sounds like the magazine’s content doesn’t match the cover, classic bait + switch. I’m no fan of hers, and I have my suspicions about her drug use (I do think she’s Fake a la Ferocity & abuses prescription drugs), but this doesn’t convince me at all.

    But her being a UN ambassador & making action movies does not exclude her from possible drug use. I agree with Bill Hicks, heroin users aren’t all what we see on tv.

  156. FRED says:

    She is licensed to fly by plane, it is impossible to drive drugged, ill. It’s just one more absurd news

  157. Whamo says:

    If you have a family member that claims they are going through physical withdraw symptoms from smoking pot I would suggest they are keeping their REAL addiction issues from you and blaming it on pot because pot may be easier for you to accept.
    I would suggest you change doctors because absolutely NO ONE has physical withdraw symptoms from smoking pot much less 6 MONTHS after quitting smoking. Loss of appetite and irritability are NOT Physical withdraw symptoms..Period!
    What are you saying these “physical symptom are by the way?

  158. Sara says:

    exactly what i was thinking. have you ever noticed people use pot as a crutch all the time when they are messed up?
    My brother used to use it as an excuse to hide his xanax addiction. Not to mention, a lot of people are just assholes and use pot to mellow themselves out. and guess what happens when they don’t have pot, they become an asshole.

  159. Salem says:

    Why can’t people and the trashloids just LEAVE ANGELINA ALONE! I’m so sick of this malicious vendetta Star has against Angelina. They couldn’t make it any more obvious if they tried. Why do the trashloids HATE her SO much? Why can’t they stop victimising her and spreading hateful malcious and evil stories about her? Why can’t people just give her a break and leave her alone?

    Why did I know ‘Someone’ would comment, and bitch about another person mentioning Aniston when the only reason ‘Someone’ doesn’t like Angelina, is BECAUSE of Aniston and thus, makes sure she comments on every article on Angelina – even though she doesn’t like her. Same with ‘lamo’ pretending that the article is true BECAUSE it attacks Angelina.

    As for the ‘addiction’, any effwit knows that Angelina could not function as a mother, a UN Ambassador AND do all her own stunts, if she was an ‘addict’. And just WHAT *IS* this ‘addict’, anyway? So she tried drugs, just like EVERY single other Hollywood celeb – ONLY difference is, she admitted to it. Trying drugs, does NOT make you an ‘addict’, anymore than Bill Clinton is an addict for once trying MJ (regardless of whether he inhaled or not). WHY do people think that if you try a drug JUST ONCE, then you are suddenly, an ‘addict’? Angelina has NEVER been an addict of ANY drug, at ANY stage of her life. She is not an ‘addict’ nor has she EVER been one, anymore than Bill Clinton or any other Hollywood celeb is.

    In short, only the Bitter Bettys and Loonifers like ‘Someone’ and ‘Whatever’ and lamo would believe or even comment on this as if it were real.

  160. wifeyskarsgard says:

    @Salem i couldnt agree with you more.
    This story just smells of BS.

  161. kristian says:

    she could be on pain meds. they are pretty easy to get and she had hurt herself doing her own stunts. i just watched salt and that there were some pretty painful looking stunts that they say she does herself. i could be wrong though. she is probably jetlagged as sheet and that can make you feel horrible, like having the flu, She just need some good ol rest with her family.

  162. me too says:

    OK she has 6 kids, a busy career AND they used a photograph that wasn’t photoshopped, YUP that makes her a heroin addict. You people who believe this need rehab LOL

  163. robin hood says:

    It is all you gullible people who carry on and buy the movies buy the crappy womens magazines that make these people feel like they are kings and queens and think they are better than anybody else. gullible people buy this crap give them millions witch gets spent on drugs. they can come out and say they are on drugs but they still g
    et there money they still get there jobs. when this happens noone seems to care as long as they have been on the television its okay to be on drugs but any other person is ridiculed and put down and is the scum. grow up gullible people

  164. trish says:

    There is always a magazine using a story to get sales. They use big words on the front of the magazine and there is next to nothing in the actual story. What ever her problems, i doubt she is using heavy drugs. And she did have the twins, but i think that her eating habits left her too weak to make it to the end and she ended up being rushed in and kept in hospital before they were born. She was trying to keep her weight down and she over did it, i think she is trying to stay slim now she is coming up to the big 40. A lot of actresses seem to get slimmer as they get older and she does not want to gain weight.