Gwyneth Paltrow shocks animal rights activists by endorsing fur designer

Gwyneth Paltrow has confused the crap out of animal rights supporters by signing on to promote Italian designer Tod’s. Not only does the line use fur – Gwyneth is pictured draped in it. It’s especially confusing because Paltrow has said she’s a vegetarian (though she does eat fish) and follows a stringent macrobiotic diet. Her husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, is also a vegetarian.

The Hollywood star has been signed up by Italian designer Tod’s and is pictured draped in fox fur and wearing fur-lined boots feature in the company’s latest advertising campaign. Miss Paltrow, 35, who is married to the Coldplay singer and vegetarian Chris Martin has won praise for her impeccable green credentials and is a fan of holistic practices and yoga.

The decision to endorse Tod’s, a luxury goods company which also uses ostrich and snakeskin in its products, and describes itself as “refined, understated luxury, impeccable taste and enviable quality”, has come as a shock to animal rights campaigners. Mark Glover, director of Respect for Animals, said: “Gwyneth Paltrow should be ashamed. I can only assume that Paltrow either is ignorant of the facts or lacks human decency and compassion.”

Friends have said that Miss Paltrow’s decision will jeopardise her close friendship with Stella McCartney, the designer and the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, the animal rights activist. Miss McCartney does not use fur or leather in her designs and supports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).
A spokesman for Peta said calls to the actress had been rebuffed.

[From The Telegraph]

Gwyneth appears in ads for the brand’s upcoming fall and winter collection. It’s important to note that this isn’t technically hypocritical, at least by strict definition. Gwyneth has said she’s a vegetarian, not a vegan. If she were a vegan and promoting fur, that would be one thing. Many people argue that being a vegetarian and still using/wearing animal products is in itself hypocritical. But they are technically two different (though related) ideologies, though it’s not hard to understand the argument. I’m not a vegetarian, though I still wouldn’t wear fur for a multitude of reasons. Gwyneth has decided it’s okay for her – but I guarantee you she’s going to catch hell for it.

Photos are from Tod’s website.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Personally have no problem with wearing fur where culture/climate dictates and the entire animal is respected and used, but breeding solely for fashion is vile and inhumane. What she’s doing – endorsing it and getting paid for it – is the worst. This cold, dumb, pretentious bitch deserves whatever fall-out comes her way.

    It’s not as there was much to respect about her in the first place either, quite a while since she had any credibility as an actress.

  2. Megan says:

    The vegetarian thing is tricky, because you get people saying they’re vegetarian, but they still carry around a leather bag and buy leather shoes. Obviously wearing fur is an extreme case of that, but yes, it is hypercritical. Food is not the only thing that animal carcasses are used for. I’m guessing Gwyneth just saw the multi-million dollar cheque and couldn’t refuse?

  3. PollyRho says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow has always come off as smug to me but I tried not to judge her purely by gossip, but this is just sad. Wasn’t she just at an event to raise money for a charity dealing with abused horeses or somthing like that?(at which it was rumored she was haughty) Don’t she and her husband make enough money to where she could pass up a gig like this? She truly does deserve a royal slap to the face on behalf of all foxes who need their fur more than rich people need overpriced clothing.

  4. Enonymous says:

    I am not going to comment about Gwyneth Paltrow because I do not care enough to have an opinion about her but this whole ‘being vegetarian to save the animals’ thing is not always the case, these days people become vegetarian because they just think is healthier for them or for diet purpose or even because it has become fashionable, I have some friends who have become vegetarians just for those reasons (the first two are good reasons to cross over to vegetarianism), but that does not mean that they necessarily give a damn about the animals.

  5. Nan says:

    Gwyneth Paltrowski is a bowlful of wrong.

  6. Sandy says:

    Good for her. It’s about time someone stood up to those animal rights activists – especially PETA who makes stupid statements like “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy” The last time I checked, wearing fur and leather is not illegal.

    Besides, if everyone went vegan, it would be an environmental disaster as all available land would have to be used for growing food and to keep all those animals we will no longer be eating

  7. Nan says:

    Sandy, STFU. People, I just had to. Snowblood would want me to. HA!

    It’s really Paltrowich or something. She hails from Russian Jews not Polish Jews but Paltrowski is so fitting. Please refer to this busted BUTTERFACE as PALTROWSKI from here on in on this site. My God, Brad Pitt must be counting his lucky stars right about now.

  8. Nan says:

    MINE EYES, CB! Gwyneth & Heidi on the front page, next to each other. AAAAAAAAH! MINE EYES!

  9. geronimo says:

    Sandy, this is NOTHING to do with going vegan. This is about animals being bred solely for their skins and to satisfy greedy desire. Nothing else. At least try and understand the issue you’re defending.

    And for the record, I loathe PETA and all activist groups who employ terrorist tactics and bullshitty sanctimony to promote a cause.

  10. daisy424 says:

    Boy is Stella gonna be pissed :!:

    “The UK government has welcomed plans for a European ban on trade in seal products.”
    Seal fur has illegal since 1972 in the USA.
    I wish PETA wasn’t so radical in their approach, maybe more people would back them. Their ‘aim’ is good, they need to focus more on the image thing. Don’t get on my back about animal cruelty, no emails please.

    Gwennie is a clueless child who couldn’t find her ass with both hands and I’m not just talking this thread.

    @Sandy; You have a right to voice your opinion, but damn girl, re read before you post before you submit. You’re gonna piss off the Gore followers with that statement.

    BTW Nan, I am Sicilian and I don’t wear fur.

  11. Nan says:

    Daisy, you are American. BTW, most Italians do not find Sicilians to be Italian. I’m from NY, I know these things. Capice?

  12. wildsoda says:

    I really wish people like Paltrow would stop perpetuating the silly and wrong notion that vegetarians eat fish.

    If you eat anything from the animal kingdom, you’re not a vegetarian. End of story.

  13. daisy424 says:

    Too early to argue Nan, I’ve only got 1 cup of Joe in me.

    I am half Italian, my relatives are from Palermo, which is part of Italy.

    What does being from NY have to do with knowing this or my genetics?

    Lo prende? Mia Madre consegnerebbe la sua tomba. :roll:

  14. Nan says:

    Wildsoda, what is wrong w/you? I specificially asked you to refer to her as ‘Paltrowski’ on this site!

  15. Leandra says:

    This self-centered, smug individual needs to spend a week on the trap line. If she saw a little foot mangled as the animal tried to free itself and then died an angonizing death of pain and starvation, maybe she’d think differently although maybe not, as money is a powerful lure, even to those who already have millions.

  16. geeeee says:

    IIf you would turn down a multi-million dollar check to wear fur, you are a fool.

    And if a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy, then how about an organism is an amoeba, is a bactierum is a fly. Will kill many living things all the time.

    Now I love animals as much as the next person. I am NOT for animal cruelty; but fur has been a part of our world for centuries, and as long as it’s done in moderation, what can we do?

    PS, just out of plain curiosity,i get the impression that wearing leather would be better than fur?

  17. daisy424 says:

    @Leandra; I choked on my coffee reading your post :P
    I started to picture Gwennie in a trap, gnawing off her Louboutin clad foot to free herself 8O
    Ahhh, thanks for the laugh!

    @geeeee; I would turn the $$ down, it’s called integrity. A part of our world for centuries, I agree, but now we have shelter and central heat. I think your argument works for the Inuits though….

    @Breederina; LOL. Love your icon.

  18. breederina says:

    Calling front row for the Stella vs. Fishsticks throw down. The odds may favor tall icy Fishsticks but my money’s on the wee feisty Ms. Macca. Really mean w/convictions = vicious. Have garlic fries and beer, will travel.

  19. geronimo says:

    lol, the ‘wee feisty Ms. Macca’ would have Gwynnie’s guts for garters! She’s dead meat already.

  20. Jess Doherty says:

    I honestly don’t understand why people get so fired up about wearing fur or eating meat!! After all, some animals even eat meat. Should we condemn lions and tigers for hunting their prey? Humans must eat to survive — veggies and meat included! Some of you are so closed-minded to think that we should defy our own human nature. Animals have been used to clothe our bodies since the beginning of time. Other animals are domesticated and live with us as pets. So what?? It’s only murder when you take another human life.

  21. Wif says:

    My Nana had a mink coat, that she couldn’t afford to buy until she was 80. I tried it on once, it was gloriously warm and soft and light. She’d wear it (all of her 5 ft and 100 pounds of her) standing at the bus stop, in -15 or -20 degree temps, waiting to go do her volunteer work…everyday. I would personally never wear fur, but when I think of my long-gone Nana in that glorious warm coat, I’m always thankful for it.

  22. Kaiser says:

    Not to give Dame “I’m Too Sexy For My Snot-Face” Paltrow more credit than she’s worth, but I think her vegetarianism was just about diet, not about animal rights. But Stella is going to be PISSED.

    But I, too, am disappointed in both Tod’s and Estee Lauder for hiring Snot-Face. Lauder already had Carolyn Murphy as a spokesmodel – Murphy is like the nicer, more beautiful version of Snot-Face.

    But you know who Snot-Face was replacing in the Tod’s ads, right? Sienna “ZOMG HOMEWRECKER” Miller.

  23. Nikki says:

    Dear PETA;

    Shut the f*ck up.

    (can someone get that on a t-shirt for me?)


  24. czarina says:

    Well, scary as the prospect is, I’m going to admit that I am not a vegetarian nor a hypocrite. I eat meat. I eat meat from animals that have been bred to provide it. I wear leather shoes, have a leather wallet. I have no problem with people wearing fur…although I disagree with hunting animals in the wild for their fur…breeding is actually much better.
    I understand that not wearing fur and hating anyone who does is the fashionable thing nowadays, but I don’t really understand what the big difference is between fur and leather? People see other people wearing leather all the time and they don’t freak, or throw paint or scream at them.
    Celebs have posed for designer (leather) handbags, shoes, belts, coats, etc, and I haven’t read posts about how terrible they are.
    What is the difference between a mink and a cow if they are both being bred to provide something for people?

  25. AP says:

    Whatever fallout the condescending Gwyneth gets from this is well deserved and long time coming to her. Seriously.

    In the press, she’s always on her high and mighty horse of what others should do to protect or conserve or be healthy… all those honorable, yet sanctimonious, messages get cancelled in a swift action: wearing or promoting fur that is featured in magazines that are not National Geographic, is about decadence and luxury…and the means of attaining it are usually always inhumane.

    THat she lacked the foresight or compassion (or lacked the savvy of protecting her public image ) is pretty unbelievable.

    What an overprivileged fool.

  26. AP says:

    And wasn’t she supposed to be promoting some equine rescue benefit recently?


    This is why people don’t take celebrities seriously.

  27. Goober says:

    Gwynnie is a snob elitist hypocrite.

  28. KERRI says:

    sANDY and all you people who “don’t understand what the big deal is about wearing fur”. Have any of you seen the footage of how the fur is “extracted” from these animals?

    They are PULLED off, SKINNED ALIVE while they are fully conscious. Then they throw the skinless animal away, while it’s still alive. These Inhuman butchers are supposed to euthenize the animals, but they don’t, they hit them over the head with big rocks until they are dizzy and then the horror begins. I am crying writing this.

  29. Lauri says:

    Czarina, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  30. princess says:

    Personally I think it is disgusting. I wonder if all of you supporters of killing animals would be so damn supportive if you had to do the killing yourself? Or is it only OK since you have someone else do it for you?

  31. Desi says:

    Just FYI…Humans don’t need “meat” to survive. There are many forms of protein that can be grown. I find it unethical to eat an animal but I do believe every part of the animal should be used if they are killed. Not killed for it’s hide and then discarded.

    Fur is tacky anyway. It will never be back in style and anyone who wears it shows how tasteless they are (Probably new money).

  32. kate says:

    @geeeee: “fur has been part of our world for centuries so what can we do?” are you serious? well, for centuries it was legal to force children to work in factories and mines, to beat your wife, to own slaves, etc. just because something is part of the cultural norm doesn’t make it right. that is the laziest kind of arguement. as for moderation, i don’t think the animal who gets skinned alive so butt-ugly dickheads can wrap themselves in fur give a shit whether they are skinned alive “in moderation” or not. i was an investigator for the humane society of the US for years and i can assure you all that these animals are usually still alive when they are skinned. imagine being turned inside out, and you’ve got the idea. think on that for a while. as for gwynnie, she is not a vegetarian if she eats fish, she is a pescatarian. seems like she feels the need to get back in the public eye in someway. guess the rapture of being a stay at home mom wore off.

  33. MSat says:

    This carnivore DOES need meat. I spent two years living in southern Calif. and went on a strict vegan diet. I took supplements and juiced- but even with all that, I caught every virus, every bug I was exposed to during that time. My hair fell out. I had bags under my eyes. My periods were agonizing. And my friends will confirm that I was a stark raving bitch most of the time.

    I came home one Christmas to visit my family, and my father drove straight from the airport to a steakhouse in Boston. At first, I protested, but the smell of that steak cooking nearly made me faint- so I gave in and ate some. I have never looked back. I eat meat daily and have never been healthier, according to my doctors.

    That said, I don’t like fur as a fashion choice. It’s ugly, tacky and represents a demographic of women- spoiled, elitist- that turns me off.

  34. MB Travis says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow has been consistently reported as one of the most kind, genuine, and thoughtful actresses out there. Why all the hateration? Seriously – I’m not trying to spark conflict, I’m just curious. I have read nothing but positive things about her. Fur is a hot topic and one that people are understandably upset about, but why is she being called so many awful names here? I mean, she hasn’t even been on the scene in a while, previous to Iron Man, so why all the name-calling? I’m surprised she even evokes this much interest, period. I guess what I’m saying is…can’t we call her on her problematic campaign choices without calling her “bitch,” “busted,” “self-centered,” “elitist” and “hypocritical”?

  35. Leandra says:

    We are not cavemen. We don’t need furs anymore to wear on our backs. Maybe in the past it was a warm necessity but in the 21st century we have many other alternatives. There’s also a difference between a humanely slaughtered animal for meat and a fox with a body part or paw caught in some horrible trap left to suffer in agony.

  36. eatavag says:

    being a vegetarian or vegan isn’t necessarily an ideology. it can simply be a diet. I don’t eat meat but it’s because i don’t like it, not because i have some moral or political reason not to. I still wear my leather shoes and i don’t think it makes me a hypocrite. there’s a vast difference between what i’m willing to put in my mouth and what i’m willing to put on my feet.
    another way to look at it is eating meat every day is equal to killing many more animals than buying the occasional pair of shoes. 8O

  37. AP says:

    Anyone has a right to wear fur if he or she wants to.I don’t, but if you do, you can.

    HOWEVER I don’t think that’s the point here. It’s about catching a person contradicting herself for $$$.

    Gwyneth is in the wrong here– mainly because she comes off as a hypocrite. Which is it, Gwyn? What are you about?

    Be socially, environmentally correct, save the planet and Africa and horses and whatever else cause you want to raise awareness for people to throw money at?

    Or screw it all and indulge in an item that is from the opposite side of the spectrum and throw money at things like Tod’s and whatever other luxury brand you’re promoting.

    And if you want to nitpick (and I do) for animal rights, she’s also spokesmodel for Estee Lauder– I am just wondering, is Estee cruelty free?

  38. MB Travis says:

    So one is not allowed to support some charitable causes unless one supports all of them? Again – not trying to argue, just want to clarify your point, AP.
    I mean, say I want to recycle and ride a bicycle instead of driving a car. Does that mean I can’t support the right to bear arms?

  39. kate says:

    @ AP: estee lauder stopped testing on animals some time ago.

  40. daisy424 says:

    AP made a great point that clearly went right over your head MB.
    I can see the connection with riding a bike – not driving a car but, what does riding a bike have to do with guns? She was just in the Hamptons supporting animal rights (horses).

    I am only speaking for myself when I say that Gwennie is to quote you;“bitch,” “busted,” “self- centered,” “elitist” and “hypocritical”
    and has screwed up political choices. :wink:

  41. MB Travis says:

    I guess what I’m saying is that the realm of animal rights is more diverse than a “yay or nay” system. I think someone can be against abusing horses and still wear leather. My choices for the example were probably poorly thought out – it’s true! Just arguing for the gray area here. I applaud anyone who takes the time to support a cause, even if I might not agree with all of their other choices. And the comment about the name-calling was just because I don’t think anyone deserves to be called any of those things without a great deal more information on the topic at hand. But that, again, is a personal choice. I guess I’ve just been taught to respect the gray area and the power of word choice – but I know that can come across as persnickety or clueless! :)

  42. Abby says:

    people choose not to eat meat for many reasons; the choice isn’t always because of concerns over animal rights. Several of my friends abstain for health/weightloss reasons and wouldn’t think twice about wearing a mink coat.
    To me not eating meat to keep her body in top shape seems like a typical “Fish Sticks” reason.

  43. AP says:

    To clarify my point, more acutely– how can, in less than a month, a public figure such as Paltrow, support a cause that is about the inhumane treatment of one type of animal, then turn around on the heel and promote a product (luxury fur) that has been steeped in controversy BECAUSE of its inhumanity. It’s such a blatant contradiction.

    Unless of course, some animals are more worthy of being treated humanely than others– which in keeping with Gwyneth’s public image of being elitist and snobbish — would make sense that this snafu occured.

    * With all due respect, I’m not quite sure how recycling has anything to do with guns. You can have guns, you can recycle. It’s not clear to me how one influences the other. EG – Most hunters I know are some of the most environmentally aware people I know. They know more about what is going on with their local hunting grounds than most people, and are, believe it or not, active and vocal about protecting it. Not saying I hunt, or that I advocate it, but that I don’t understand the connection bettween it and recycling.

    Kate: Thanks for the heads up on Estee Lauder

  44. Paulette says:

    @ eatavag – I’m exactly like you, a leather wearing vegetarian who sees no hypocrisy in that. BTW, a vegan is also a person who follows a type of diet, not an animal rights fanatic. I’ve been a vegetarian for over half my life, and it’s never been about saving animals.

    I don’t know about Paltrow’s politics, but if she eats fish, she’s not a vegetarian (unless you can explain how a fish is a vegetable).

  45. hello says:

    I am a person who eats meat, but I have very strong feelings about animal rights. I try to buy meat that I know has been raised in a caring manner (chickens not in cages, slaughtering in most humane way, etc.) and I find that buying Halal or Kosher tends to do this.

    As for the leather argument, it goes along with what Geronimo was saying. Leather comes from a source which we consume all of. We don’t just breed it for its fur/skin and discard the rest.

    I think the big thing is that Paltrow seems to have thrown out her values, and those which I would assume are a large part of her relationship with her husband, for a paycheck, and that is despicable. No amount of money should you make you compromise any of your principals or moral beliefs. Buying off the small things and it being okay, only paves the way for it being okay to lose your bigger convictions for a paycheck.

  46. Clarification says:

    First of all, to those that think humans must eat meat, I’d like you to look at a human’s teeth versus a true carnivore’s teeth (such as your cat or dog) and tell me if you can see a difference. Humans have only 4 sharp teeth, which help us bite into things like apples, not flesh. Now, if we were made to eat meat, that would mean that we should be capable of catching and preparing that meat with our bare hands… and no, guns don’t count. We simply are not meant to do so. Adam and Eve weren’t given a beef tree to feed off of. If you choose to eat animals, then fine, but don’t say it’s because humans are built to do so – that’s just not the case.

    Second, there is a vast difference between wearing fur and leather. If you eat cows, you may as well wear their skin. Unless you can tell me that you’d devour 50 chinchillas for dinner, then I doubt you can justify wearing them on your back (yes, that’s about how many it takes to make an average coat). That doesn’t even take into account the extra cruelty that is associated with the fur industry… look it up sometime. If you can honestly know how the fur industry operates and still wear it, then you probably don’t have a heart.

    As far as a vegan diet wreaking havoc on the environment, that is completely false and quite the opposite is true. The meat industry accounts for over half the cause of global warming. It takes massive gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef; how many veggies could you water with that? There are a lot of other things associated with the meat industry that cause mass amounts of damage to our environment, but I don’t have the time or patience to list them all here. PLEASE do your research before you say something.

    Last, I do believe that some people physically cannot go vegetarian. Personally, I have felt much better and gotten sick MUCH less since I have gone vegetarian. My only point is that going vegetarian/vegan does not necessarily mean you will become sick and malnourished. That’s on a case to case basis and probably happens less often than the reverse.

  47. jaundicemachine says:

    I think it just goes to show how self-absorbed Paltrow really is. She doesn’t give two shits about anyone besides herself and her bank account.

    I wish her the worst dietary karma imaginable for being such a poseur: May all of her tofu come deep-fat fried, all of her veggies stewed in heavy cream sauce, and all of her soups prepared with chicken broth!

  48. jj says:

    omg STFU PEOPLE jeebus christ! all you crazy people crying as you type about animals skinned alive… IT DOESN’T HAPPEN ANYMORE. clothing companies now have responsible farms for fur, no trapping in the wild or sob stories about animals chewing off thier paws. and all you retards who talk about how you’re high and mighty because you eat “humanely” slaughtered meat: those animals are stuck in cages where they CAN’T MOVE, with ulcers and maggot-infested sores, fed hormones that make them grow to twice their normal size. if u’ve had a burger at a restaurant or meat at a steakhouse, or basically any form of meat that you didn’t go out and buy at a local farm or certified farmer’s market, you can guarantee that your meat is gonna have had a horrible short brutal existence. so shut up. just shut the fuck up all you stupid people who believe the shit about humane treatment of cows pigs and chickens that the MEAT INDUSTRY feeds you.

  49. czarina says:

    OK, so the argument is: if you kill an animal to eat it’s meat AND wear it’s skin, that’s OK. But if you kill it ONLY to wear it’s skin, that’s wrong?
    Bet the cow doesn’t see a lot of difference!

  50. Scott F. says:

    Clarification – You realize you’re ignoring about half the scientific evidence on human development in order to make this fit your personal views? Yeah, we weren’t originally designed as carnivores, but it wasn’t until we became omnivores that our brains finished developing.

    By definition what you’re arguing for would be a step BACKWARDS in the evolutionary process. We’ve seen all three sides of this in human development, and our way (omnivores) is the only way that allowed humans on a whole to thrive and evolve.

    Pre-Humans were vegetarian, and lacked the brain power and cognitive reasoning skills seen in cro-magnon man and neanderthal man.

    Cro-magnon man had an almost entirely meat diet and he died out.

    Only neanderthals survived, on a diet consisting of 70-80% vegetarian and 20-30% carnivorous. That’s roughly the same percentages that modern doctors say is optimum for a human body.

    All I’m saying is that there is an undeniable connection between brain development and eating meat – it was a prerequisite for us to become what we are today. We don’t have claws or sharp teeth, so we developed our minds and tools instead. So in a way, hunting and killing prey was the catalyst for every human development from then until now.

  51. I choose me says:

    Um off topic here but…eatavag does your name mean to suggest that one should eat a vagina, eat a vegetarian or what?

    I’m dying of curiosity. :P

  52. llana says:

    oh sandy, we would not have to feed those animals you would be eating because we would not have to forceably produce so many….besides, if we freed up the land to feed people, so many wouldn’t be starving. Gwennie is stupid and a snob…i’m sure she loves the paycheck that produces pain…bad karma…

  53. Marcela Gomez says:

    Wearing fur for FASHION is not humane, especially when you see how these animals are starved in cages, hit to death, electrocuted through the anus and TORTURED. I cannot stand all of these ignorant actresses like Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez (owned fur from the killing of dogs and cats in CHINA / CNN report). Those of you who criticize people who are sensitive simply have never seen the torture of these animals/ if you did, you would understand. It’s like defending abortion. Once you see how a baby is stripped out of a womb by cutting little toes and feet indiscriminately you would understand. Shame on the fur business, shame on the killing of baby seas, shame on the Danish that massacre dolphins in Faroe islands, IT”S ALL ON YOUTUBE. READ AND BE SHOCKED.

  54. Marcela Gomez says:

    By the way, Sharon Stone is another idiot;
    The big idiot actresses are: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Beyonce. These hollywood idiots should be using their influence and image for the good of the world, not to have other idiots admire them and copy them. Sharon Stone wears baby seal fur, whom are massacred in Canada.

    My saying: Why are we so eager to find life on Mars or beyond, when we can’t even respect and be fascinated by the beauty of life on earth!!!!

  55. Nan says:

    Marcela, your list is almost perfect.

  56. Nan says:

    None of the people on your list are truly, innately glamorous.

  57. Nan says:

    Is it too much to ask that everyone refer to her as Paltrowski on this site?

  58. Nan says:

    I’ve got Paltrowski-on-the-brain today. Go check out a site…gwynethpaltrowfan. It is hysterical! I never signed up so I can’t view the comments but after you get past the home page of her sticking her tongue out, the next page has a photoshopped to DEATH pic of her. Her lips are tweaked…so are her eyes. It’s like someone superimposed Christie Brinkley’s face over hers. Ha ha.

  59. RAN says:

    I can’t stand the hypocrisy… Paltrow is a self serving, egotistical jerk. What a hypocrite.

  60. Nan says:

    My God, RAN, you could at least do me a favor & change up the name to ‘Paltrowski’ being I could use a good laugh when I am brushing my teeth b/bed? Can someone (begging here) post on this site & say ‘Paltrowski’? I’ll fall to sleep in fits of laughter. Hurry, the melatonin will be kicking in soon

  61. Snowblood says:

    So, I was dying to know where Paltrowski came from so I googled it, and what was the first hit I got? Celebitchy! Awesome.

    She altered her name to sound whiter and cast a blanket over her Russian Jewish roots. Why do people do that, nowadays especially? Be proud of your roots!

    None of us, no matter what we’ve become or achieved, wouldbe here without the family and heritage and ancestors who came before us, our particular bloodlines, no matter the heritage or ethnicity. It’s wrong, SO wrong to deny your roots and change your name. It stinks of selfish shame and cruel hypocrisy.

  62. RAN says:

    Sure Nan, I’m in the mood to laugh tonight myself so I’ll splurge… :wink:

    I can’t stand Paltrowski… for all the reasons noted above. 8)

  63. Nan says:

    I swear, I’m going to bed NOW! She had nothing to do w/changing her name, it probably was her Grandad.

  64. Nan says:

    F! RAN, you came through! Snowy & RAN. Great. Cacklin’ off to bed now. My windchimes are going crazy here on the Island. Thank God I trapped/rescued those kittens yesterday. They’re eating Albacore right now. Now there are over 10 hearts beating under one roof.

  65. RAN says:

    Nan, you’ve got to tell me the kitten story sometime! We’re into rescuing them too… someone has dropped cats off in my neighborhood over the last year or so, and they keep having kittens. We’ve found homes for 18 kittens in this last year (last summer and this one) – which was cool, but sad – they’re so darn cute! Just gave the last two away last weekend.

    Finally, a few weeks ago, got ahead of the game… spayed as many cats as I could catch. Hopefully, next year won’t be so many to care for. It’s hard to find decent homes for all of them.

  66. Snowblood says:

    Nan, I can’t wait to hear more about the kittens, too! And I got the strongest mental image just now, reading your post, of you living on Martha’s Vineyard – am I wrong? You work in Manhattan, though, so I’m tryna think of an island closer to NYC. Not LONg Island, that one’s way too big for the island image I just got from reading your post. Hunter Island? Randall’s Island? Roosevelt Island?

  67. Christina X says:

    My close friend of five years has been vegetarian on and off the time I’ve known her, and she wasn’t so much of a vegetarian for ethical reasons as she was for health reasons.

    It really depends on why you’re a vegetarian that confirms whether or not you’re a hypocrite.

    And why do these groups think they “own” everyone who IS a vegetarian? Are they really so presumptuous to think that just because someone won’t eat meat or wear fur that they instantly BELONG to these fools?

  68. Snowblood says:

    It’s just PETA, Christina X. PETA really does damage to normal, level-headed, rational and intelligent opposition to cruelty against animals, because they are BATSHIT INSANE, and have no middle ground.

    For instance, I eat meat, I lOVE meat, and eggs, too, and milk, and sure, even leather. But what I take issue with and have fought my own silent one-person battle against for years and years is the cruel and unethical treatment of farm animals raised for food and leather, not the fact that they’re farmed & slaughtered for their commodity but for how they are TREATED during their lifetime, and how they are brought to slaughter in the end.

    (FYI, i buy all my meat from Whole Foods, and I don’t get those delicious In & Out burgers anymore, god I do miss those, but I’m Celiac anyway so I can’t chance the allergic reacton. All other meat/eggs I buy MUST be certified organic & free range. I’ve gotten to where now I check all brands of my favourite cosmetics & skin care products to make sure they don’t animal-test. I still buy leather prodcts, though. It’s a gradual process, I guess.)

    It is simple. SIMPLE! Be kind, ALWAYS be kind, even to the animals whose destiny it is to be your sustenance. They have short lives, and they provide you a living with their very flesh and blood, they deserve your respect and kindness.

    And they ABSOLUTELY deserve a humane death, and a chemical-free and human little life before dying, not some horrific Conradian nightmare existence where they’re driven nuts with insanity from being packed into concentration camp-sized overcrowded urine-and-poo-drenched closets for their whole short little lives, being forced to eat genetically altered feed which contains traces of their OWN DNA. The little animals FORCED to be cannibals!! And motherfukkers wonder why we get shit like Mad Cow Disease.

  69. Mairead says:

    Snowblood – why are you making up shite about Gwyneth Paltrow (no i will not call her Paltrowski, Nan) just because you don’t like her? It’s no different than the Antilinas coming onto the Brangie/Aniston pages and making up nonsense there.

    She was born Paltrow as that was her father’s surname. Are you honest-to-Christ accusing her of going back in time, to before she was born, to make him change his name “to sound more white”. Cop on.

    As for vegetarianism – whoever said Paltrow is a pescatarian is bang-on. And again well-done those who said that people choose not to eat meat for a variety of reasons – “saving the animals” could be just one.

    Both Scott and Clarification points appear to contradict each other, they do kind of support each other too. Earlier version of humanids were built to process meat more effectively – the appendix being the left-over for that (the ensyme it was meant to secrete could have been for the digestion of raw meat as for grass). But evolution has rendered the appendix obsolete. I have read reports of people being born without them – but I can’t remember the source and it may not be reliable.

    The fact is that we have far more options available to us now for varying sources of food and clothing. Supporting an industry which has well-documented form for the ill-treatment of animals across the board, in this day and age is unjustifiable.

  70. Snowblood says:

    @ Mairead -” Snowblood – why are you making up shite about Gwyneth Paltrow (no i will not call her Paltrowski, Nan) just because you don’t like her? It’s no different than the Antilinas coming onto the Brangie/Aniston pages and making up nonsense there. ”

    No!! I’m not! I’m not making up anything about the woman, I was following Nan’s lead about the Paltrowski thing and so went off researching on that area of interest this evening, but it was almost all conjecture upon my part and I’ve absolutely NO evidence that Gwyneth Paltrow’s true family name was something other than Paltrow. I know that Gwyneth’s a very, VERY Welsh name, for instance, but that’s neither here nor there, I suppose. I’m not waging war against the bitch for her name, just following up on Nan’s interesting, insistant lead.

    I got nothing against Gwyneth Paltrow except for the fact that she has, since 1996, stricken me as a self-absorbed, frigid, snobbish, elitist bitch who doesn’t even give a shit about her long-time girlfriends. Other than that, I could really give two fukks if she’s a Paltrowski or a Paltrow. The name won’t change the bitch who owns it.

  71. MB Travis says:

    I think those are hateful things to say based on unfounded gossip. I agree with Mairead – if this was an AJ thread and someone was using unfounded gossip to attack AJ with such passion, you would be – understandably – irritated. Paltrow – like many celebrities – is often portrayed by the media in an unsympathetic light. Who knows what the truth is? I love reading many of your posts but can you tone down the negativity here a little? :? Repeatedly smacking someone with the bitch-stick just makes it less fun to whoop it up in here. :D

  72. Snowblood says:

    Um – no. can’t tone down the negativity toward those who rub my fur the wrong way, and when they’re wealthy, elitist celebrities, to boot? then FUKK ‘em, I have absolutely no problem with pouncing upon their snobbish, irritating narrow asses like a spastic, smacked-out chimpanzee. How else are they gonna remember they live here amongst the rest of us, down on Planet Earth?

    To hell with Gwyneth Paltrow. I could truly, truly give a fat rat’s ass if I’m offending or hurting her thin little feelings with the comments I’ve got to contribute here about her. FUKK this too-cool-for-school, no-talent-having, dry-as-zwieback boring coont. Seriously. Fukk Gwyneth Paltrow.

    The last thing I liked her in was Shakespeare in Love, and it was all downhill from there. Her husband’s an annoying asshat, too. They’re a match made in Celebrity Purgatory.

  73. dannii says:

    stella mccartney is the biggest hypocrite of the lot. she complains about fur and yet uses silk (by which most catepillars are killed by heat in manufacturing the textile). she needs to shut the f- up!!!

  74. Mairead says:

    Sorry for biting your head off Snowblood.

    To be fair it’s fairly well documented that her dad’s name was Bruce Paltrow, but you had said that she “She altered her name to sound whiter and cast a blanket over her Russian Jewish roots.” . This puts the responsibility for changing the family name on Gwyneth’s shoulders, not her father’s.

    I had no clue (or interest) interest in her background, but I googled her and it does pop up in that Bruce Paltrow’s ancestors were Rabbis. But IMDb has him listed as Bruce W. Paltrow as a writer on a 1973 project, just a year after Gwyneth was born, so the family name change can’t be Gwyneth’s fault. Just as it’s not Jennifer Aniston’s fault her dad decided to change the family name from the Greek.

    I’m no fan of her either, I do think but criticising her for her father’s decision is unfair. It’s as we always say in the Brangelina threads – you can dislike the woman all you like – but don’t be making stuff up about her :wink:

  75. Mairead says:

    Oops – I thought I’d submitted my last comment this morning – stooopid interwebs. :oops:

    So… Snowblood… I’m getting the teeeeniest tiiiiiiniest inkling you don’t like Gwynnie :lol: :P

  76. kate says:

    @ jj: yes, it does still happen that animals are skinned alive…how do you think they get the skin off without ruining it? my job until 3 years ago was as cruelty investigator for the HSUS in washington dc, so don’t try to tell me about my job and what i did or did not see with my own eyes. oh and for the record, i don’t eat meat. now stick your head back up your ass and go along your merry way.

  77. daisy424 says:

    Whether you like her or not the facts remain the same;
    Her actions speak louder than words.

  78. hello says:

    jj, I’m not being “high and mighty” for trying to buy meat, eggs, etc that has been treated in a kind way. I just feel like if I’m going to raise something to eat it, it should have a nice life. And buying kosher meat does this. A big tenant is respecting animals in life for the sacrifice they make for us. so boo to you.

  79. Louise edwards says:

    Well isn’t that just typical. She can’t get an acting job to save her life, couldn’t get an actor to marry her (numerous men dumped her) and then she hooks poor Chris martin into marriage by getting pregnant. She has no class , no morals and I hope this smacks her back in the face with force. She’ll never get another acting job now …not that anyone was looking for her. That’s probably why she had to take this job advertising slaughtered baby animals. LOSER!!!

  80. This is a very bold stance to take. Thanks for the info.

  81. Chip Bell says:

    good for her! This animal rights garbage has got to STOP. Rights for animals, rights for fetuses what the hell is wrong with people? I don’t like fur because of the look and the dry clean only aspect but boy I’m tempted to go out and buy some when I see these weirdos.

  82. Boyce Rasey says:

    It is insane how much the laws have transformed in regards to credit. Good info below.