Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston might see each other at film festival

Pitt and Aniston at the Independent Spirit Awards on 3/22/03. Credit: Glenn Harris / PR Photos
Both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have films out that premiere at the Toronto Film Festival later this month, and US is breathlessly reporting that the ex husband and wife might run into each other – gasp! Aniston , Pitt and his girlfriend Angelina Jolie were sort-of supposed to meet at a charity dinner they were all listed as co-hosting during the Oscars in February. Aniston went to the event for an hour, but Pitt and Jolie were no-shows, which wasn’t surprising as there were 10 other hosts listed and not all of them came to the event. Brad and Angelina went to the Independent Spirit Awards instead, where Angelina first showed off her pregnant belly in a tight black dress.

Now exes Brad and Jennifer, who split up in January, 2005 after four and a half years of marriage, might see each other again at this film festival. I’m sure they’ll be cordial to each other if they end up even speaking. Maybe someone behind the scenes will work to ensure they don’t cross paths though:

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston could reunite at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, when the exes are debuting their new flicks just two days apart.

Pitt, 44, is among the stars who will walk the red carpet gala at the festival for the North American premiere of his Coen Brothers’ flick Burn After Reading on Sept. 5. (Pitt is also expected to attend the Venice Film Festival, where his film screens on August 27.)

Meanwhile, Aniston, 39, is scheduled to attend the Toronto fest to promote her romantic comedy Management — about a traveling art saleswoman fighting off the advances of a flaky motel manager — which is premiering Sept. 7.

[From US Weekly]

I would bet this meeting never happens and Brad blows in and out of there before Jennifer’s film premieres. He does have six kids at home now and probably can’t be away for several days at a time.

It also seems like they’ve both moved on despite the tabloid’s unwillingness to let go. Last week a columnist at the Chicago Sun Times reported that an insider claimed Jennifer “still is hurting from losing Brad [Pitt] to Angelina [Jolie] — even after all this time.” How true do you think that is, though? Maybe she thinks about it once in a while, but surely it doesn’t consume her like it still seems to dominate the press. Three years isn’t a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, but it’s enough time to carve a new life for yourself, which Aniston has surely done – even if she hasn’t found a lasting love. She’s living single, and it looks like she’s living damn well. A lot of happily attached women would love a taste of that healthy carefree life. They’ll just have to settle for slugging some of that Vitamin water she endorses.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are shown below at a screening for “The Good Girl” on 8/7/02. I’m pretty sure that beard was for a film.

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    Hell’l freeze over first

    Those pictures look so dated!

  2. daisy424 says:

    Ditto Xiaoecho, And um damn, those are not flattering photos of either of them.

  3. geronimo says:

    Holy Yeti!! Sexiest man alive?!

    Oh who cares though? They’ll meet, they won’t meet, they probably bump into each other all the time in celebrityland. Just more of the tired old same old.

  4. Mme X says:

    That last picture–he of the grizzly beard and she of the gorgeous face–says it all. she deserves better. I always thought it was doomed when I read the Vanity Fair interview he did, years ago, when they were still married. I would not have been pleased if my spouse spoke of love and marriage in those lame terms. :roll:

  5. texasmom says:

    Breaking news! Divorced people see each other!

    Hey, I have to see my ex on the driveway three times a week. No headlines or paps, even though he tries to back over me about every 20th time.

  6. elisha says:

    Whatevs, Angelina Jolie may be a man stealer, but Jen got Brad in his prime. Now Brad’s just an old man dad. Jen’s the winner in this situation no matter if you’re team Aniston or Team Jolie.

  7. daisy424 says:

    texasmom, why so often? You must have nerves of steel 8O

    Elisha, I’m older than Brad and haven’t hit my ‘prime’ yet. lol

  8. Ling says:

    I truly don’t believe they care whether they bump into each other.

    What gets my goat about this story is, it’s the first gossip story bout the Toronto film festival I’ve ever seen, and it’s the first TIFF that I WON’T BE AT in 4 years! Because I’ll be out of town!And that ENRAGES me, because I know my mother will get tickets for Burn After Reading and if I were here she would totally take me, and it looks like a freaking fantastic film. (Not that I care at all about the prospect of seeing Pitt and Clooney up close… because I already have… hee hee… and it’s given me a lot of time to study fan culture up close. I could write theses about it.)

  9. bros says:

    texasmom, hah! i agree that this is probably not a big deal at all and both of them could care less about running into eachother right about now. although jen is coming off yet another breakup and, shocker! is in ANOTHER romantic comedy. blech.

  10. vdantev says:

    Jennifer has the fake starlet grin down to an art.

  11. geronimo says:

    “…but Jen got Brad in his prime.”

    !! You have to be kidding me, elisha?? Now I’m not a Brad fan as such but he is 100 times more attractive now than he ever was when he was with JA. Ang made a man out of him. 8)

  12. JanJ says:

    I hope they do not see each other, although Jen is probably dying to see what SHE lost. Yes, she lost Brad… Angie did not steal him away. Brad wanted a family and Jen was too selfish. Now, she supposedly wants a baby. She needs to stop drinking, smoking, partying and guy-hoping before she considers parenthood. Angie & Brad are beautiful, caring, devoted parents who seem to get it right. They put family first. Brad is still gorgeous! Jen? What’s with the J-Leno chin anyway?

  13. crab says:

    He looks so much better with Jennifer than he does with the old skank!!

  14. Jen (the other one) says:

    Yeah, the orange mullet and the Yeti beard are waaaaaaaaay hotter than the young Robert Redford look he’s got going now. Mmhmm.

    Also, I really wish she’d do something, anything, different with her hair.

  15. ... says:

    to Mme X…
    Jen also made comments while they were married saying she did not know if Brad was the love of her life.

    to elisha…
    How is Jen the winner exactly? Angelina has Brad who she says is a great father and partner, and from pictures it is quite obvious that he is what she describes.
    Is Brad the only person not allowed to age, I think he looks fine for being in his forties, you can’t expect him to look twenty forever. Maybe he sees that there are more important things in life besides vanity.

  16. Bodhi says:

    Jen is older than Angie, crab.

    Anyway, I agree with CB, I bet Brad will blow in & out of town before Jen’s movie is shown.

  17. 123 says:

    It is Jen fans like you that give the impression that Jen has not moved on from her divorce.

    If Jen has moved on after almost four years then why in the world can’t her fans get over it? You people act like Jen is your best friend.

    Brad is with Angelina and they have six healthy kids, so why can;t people just forget about the stupid triangle.

  18. vdantev says:

    she deserves better. By what ridiculous arbitrary standard did you arrive at this conclusion? Did I miss when the Pope and Vatican Council sainted Jennifer Aniston ?

  19. 222 says:

    Crab…. Jen is 39, Angelina is 33. If Angelina is old, then what is Jennifer?
    You are just making Jen look bad, because if Jen is over the divorce then why can’t her fans get over it?

  20. llana says:

    Jennifer got Brad in his prime???? I didn’t realize it was a contest.

  21. er says:

    If Brad is so horrible like you Jen fans claim, why do you hate Angelina so much for “stealing” him? You should be happy she saved your precious Jen by “taking” him.

  22. Mairead says:

    … or they might not meet… Rivetting. :roll:

    Is it just me, or does Jennifer look far better now? Evil CB, finding horrifically unflattering photos of both of them :lol:

  23. Mr. T says:

    Ack. Enough already. Who cares about these people?

  24. Max says:

    Why is this news? It has been four long years, please, please, please give the golden couple nonesense up. Brad is where he wants to be with the woman and family he wants to be with. Anniston is, I hope happy in her life and has moved on.

    But I have to agree, if Brad is such a monster, shouldn’t her fans be happy he is gone and thank Angelina? But it is funny that he is a monster now, but was a saint then.

    Brad is said to be blowing in and out in a day anyway, just a polite appearance.

  25. shan says:

    I guess I need to know why not wanting to have children is selfish? So what if JA does not want to have children. Does every celeb need to procreate? Aren’t there enough narcissists on the planet???

  26. Blackalicious says:

    33 isn’t ‘old’..unless you’re 15. Perspective I suppose.

    They both seem pretty mature and have handled things well thus far. I’m sure nothing will happen if they do see each other. I couldn’t imagine being broken up for years and still seeing pictures floating around with me and the ex. Oof. There are perks of not being famous and having the scads of money!

  27. vdantev says:

    Does every celeb need to procreate? Aren’t there enough narcissists on the planet??? So having kids is now narcissistic? Did I miss another meeting ? Oh, it’s only narcissistic if you disapprove of them or their lifestyle. Silly me!!

  28. milk and kisses says:

    Ugh she is so damn manly looking. I just dont see what the attraction is.

  29. czarina says:

    I think Jennifer is in a unique situation for a divorced woman. She very likely emotionally has moved on. OK, maybe she’s a little bitter and angry that Brad is all happy and content with Angelina and their six children while she is still trying to find someone to make her happy–but that’s perfectly normal, too.
    But JA has to have her nose rubbed into her ex every time she goes to the supermarket (or however celebs see the tabloids); she has to put up with her name being linked to Brad’s and (insult to injury) Angelina’s every time she turns around.
    If the Brangelina’s have another baby, all the headlines about Jen desperately wanting children (which she probably doesn’t).
    Whenever Brad and Angie are out in public, the first thing the tabs do is try to figure out how Jen is “reacting”.
    It must be so frustrating to feel like you cannot escape these people, that you aren’t allowed to have a life that has nothing to do with the past.
    And bless her, she even tried to do something radical, like have an affair with a notorious man-ho like John Meyer, and it still didn’t deflect the tabs from making it about Brad Pitt.
    She needs to reinvent herself. Seriously. Dye her hair pink (no, better yet, borrow the pink wig from Britney!), get a nose ring…I don’t know, take up karaoke! Something!

  30. Kaiser says:

    Oh, look! Pics of Jen when she was only on her second or third nose. Neat.

    Blah, blah. I doubt they’ll meet, but even if they do, does anyone think Brad still cares?

  31. duda says:

    ahhhh….. after 4yrs & numerous men.. dont ya think shes well over BP?

    and I have to see my ex every other wknd. i figure we are doing good that we dont kill each other.

  32. bros says:

    dante you are cracking me up today. and shan, its not that celebs all need to procreate. jen professes her desire to have a child all the time, so its amazing she hasnt found the time in her busy schedule of failed relationships, sunbathing and bad movie-making to have one. its possible to do it without a man if she really wanted to. tick tock.

  33. Meow! says:

    Just how many noses has Jen had since she left Brad?

  34. Cinderella says:

    She’s probably too busy stewing over that douchebag Meyer to worry about what Mr. Jolie’s up to.

  35. daisy424 says:

    ‘Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.’
    ‘There ain’t nothin’ like regret, to remind you you’re alive.’
    Brad’s a difficult act to follow.

  36. jeannified says:

    I don’t believe that Jennifer is over Brad by a long shot! That doesn’t mean that she’s necissarily stewing over him all of the time, but I DEFINITELY think she still thinks about him and what went wrong from time to time. I believe that she didn’t want to have kids, in order to preserve her body, and not have to slow down her shopping, vacationing, margarita-drinking life.

  37. Kaiser says:

    Bros & Daisy & Jeanified : Amen to all of that.

    Meow – At least two noses since the divorce, I think. :)

  38. javagirl1 says:

    Yikes! I forgot he used to have a mullet…lol. And 33 better not be f*cking old – that’s three years away for me!

  39. Camalni says:

    Ripping on celebs for their features-then rip on them for conforming. Radar mag had b4 and after pics of celebs- ang had her nose done, too. So what? Don’t go by me though- been drinking since 9 am.

  40. Kait says:

    You can see her nipples clearly in the last picture. You think celebrities would learn but it’s a fashion DONT. DONT think you can go without a bra in black clothes. It’ll come back to haunt you.

    Seriously though, they’ll probably try their hardest to avoid each other or, being the possibility they could run into each other, act really fake nice, say a quick hi and get the hell out.

  41. kate says:

    @janj: not wanting kids is not selfish, and wanting them eventually doesn’t mean right now. if you have kids, god bless, mazeltov & good luck with that. as for me, i’ll taking the drinking, partying and guy hopping over changing poopy diapers and family vacations to disneyland any day.

  42. Kris says:

    Vand- Soo the Pope needs to bless us all so that we deserve better?

  43. Orangejulius says:

    They want their nipples to be seen.

  44. michelle says:

    Geronimo the Holy yeti comment has me cracking up. And Texasmom you are funny too. If it is only every 20th time than that is a whole lot better than my parents and it has been like 13 years!

  45. Maritza says:

    Oh please Brad and Jen is sooooo old news! either way I doubt they will cross paths cause Angelina will make sure they don’t!

  46. Linda says:


    They want their nipples to be seen???

    What a stupid statement! What do you think that a woman can just command her nipples to be hard!!

    Some women have very sensitive nipples – I’m one of those women and 90% of the time my nipples are hard – it’s frustrating and I never know when it is going to happen – but it does and I’ve just learned to live with it and make sure they are both pointing in the right direction and are even before I walk out of the house.

  47. Lola says:

    Jen also made comments while they were married saying she did not know if Brad was the love of her life.
    Yeah and Angelina said she doesn’t trust him. 6 (OK 4 at the time) Kids and she doesn’t trust him. Then again, who can blame her seeing how he treated his ex and knowing by now what a pathetic wimp he is.

    That said, I think the only reason Brangeloonies hate Jen is because they know the truth. Brad these dayslooks like he is walking on a tight rope suspended over burning sulfur when he is with his baby momma. In most pictures with Jen, he looked care free and atleast happy and yet he run off with the next whore that crossed his path. That scares the shit out of loonies.

    Though in all pictures he looks like he needs a bath.

    Back to the topic at hand, I doubt they will meet, not if Ange-slut has anything to say about it and we all know who wears the pants. Brad is walking in some sort of hypnotised daze. Anytime he may wake up. You never know what may trigger it. Lack of sex for the last 6 months and a peek into the real world may just jolt him awake.

    Remember mama Pitt may escort him to the festival since she is in France. She was close to Jen and like many mothers’- in-law may not like how Angelina raises her kids, who seem dirty, on junk and unruly all the time.

    Hmmm, I see a soap opera here. How come holllywood hasn’t made a movie out of this? Admittedly, this is bad soap opera material butI have seen worse. ‘Passions’ any one?

  48. Lola says:

    Damn, my post is waiting moderation…. and I was saying only nice things about Brangelina :roll:

    Czarina, even if she did all those things, they will still say she is dyeing her hair because of Brad. I would advise her not to worry. She will have the last laugh. I am never wrong when it comes to these things.

  49. Lola says:

    Bros & Daisy & Jeanified : Amen to all of that.

    Meow – At least two noses since the divorce, I think

    Come off it Kaiser, Angelina is so plastic that you cannot recognise her from Tombraider. She used to look like Voight, now she looks like a bad imitation of Ashwairya Rai who has just farted but still has wind trapped up her over used ass.LOL.

  50. daisy424 says:

    Lola, I remember Angie in Gia, she hasn’t had but maybe a bit of narrowing to her nose. She really does look pretty much the same to me, and I am very critical of plastic surgery. She was 23.

    Now Jen on the other hand;

    In the thread on August 13th, CB showed pics of her in that movie Leprechaun, she was 24. I almost fell off my chair, she looks totally different to me. It is obvious she had work done, at least Rhinoplasty.
    Check it out……….

  51. Nan says:

    Ya’ll can see those fako, faux pas, faux, faux & f’ing faux contact lenses in this shot. My God, Anniston, only a Scandinavian has eyes that blue.

  52. Kaiser says:

    LOLola – What happened to your promise not to post on Brange threads? I mean, not post as “Lola”?

    And even if Angie “looks like a bad imitation of Ashwairya Rai who has just farted but still has wind trapped LOL” – she’s still more beautiful than nearly every other woman out there, esp. Butterface Cheek-Implant Aniston.

    I do sometimes think Angie’s had a small nose job, probably around the age of 18 or 19. But look at Aniston – these pics are from like 2002, right? She has an entirely NEW FACE in 2008.

    Edit: Daisy – Great minds, etc. I emailed you, babe.

  53. Nan says:

    Jen actually has a horrible body that she works to death on. She would be pear shaped otherwise. I can recognize this b/c if I didn’t work out I’d still have an ideal body shape. I was born w/it…she wasn’t. Aaah, now age is teaching me yet another lesson. I’d better get my ass back on that bike!

  54. Nicole says:

    Their two movies are showing 2 days apart – chances are they won’t even be there on the same days. :roll:

  55. Lola says:

    Kaiser, obviosuly as you can see I am still posting here. I take a break because like I said, I get nauseous on these Brangelina threads.

    Angelina had a lot of work done. Her nose, cheek implants etc. I still wonder how she changed her head from being as round oblong as a ball. Like Voight’s and Shiloh’s.

    Nan give credit where it is due. Jen has a nice body and looks muc younger than Angelina. Even I have always given Angelina credit for being a very cunning manipulative woman.

  56. Nan says:

    Kaiser, if you weren’t you, I’d swear you were me sometimes. Give me a Paltrowski shout out, wouldja?

  57. Kaiser says:

    Lola – So you promised not to post and you still do. I guess you really are a liar and a hypocrite. But I already knew that.

  58. Nan says:

    Kaiser, check out the Butterface’s grimace in that pic w/Brad trying to be Jim Morrison. She’s like, “Look at me, the ugly girl, I’m w/the most coveted ass in the business. Can you believe it, ugly me?”

    She’s ugly. I gotta find out who this Madame X is on here. She posted that SJP & Aniston are gorgeous. Who the F is this?

  59. Kaiser says:

    @Nan – What up, Paltrowski.

  60. javagirl1 says:

    Angelia is too beautiful – as is Jenifer Aniston. Somebody please tell me why Brad Pitt is hot. I do not get it. He’s just a toy to these beautiful women. I don’t hate Brangelina, but I really don’t like Brad Pitt. To me it looks like Angelina took a trophy husband and went on about her life. Puke….Jennifer and Angelina are beautiful….Brad, not so much.

  61. Nan says:

    Lola, now I am having it w/you. No! You must not be ‘built’ to recognize that Angie genetically has the better body. Do not compare Angie’s genetic hotness (yes, I know, nose job, big head)to Jen’s “nordicfication”. Jen does not have the naturally genetic gifts that Angie has had bestowed on her. Just take a look at her vid when 16. Nose different, sure. There she is as she’s always been. She’s had a ‘lil tweaking but not as much as Aniston & she’s still the better specimen.

  62. Nan says:

    Steph/Java…i’ll deal w/you later. I need to run now.

  63. daisy424 says:

    Lola, cheek implants? Are you high? Throw some Visine in your eyes and take another look.

    I have to disagree Steph, I do not and have never thought of Jen as a ‘beauty’ or even remotely pretty. She resembles SJP with the long face/chin. Ponyish. Giddy-up.

  64. Nan says:

    Thanks Kai! W/that I really have to go to the store. I gotta go now cause the time to get there w/be lengthened due to the fact that I cannot have batwings. So I’m riding my bike up there.

  65. Lola says:

    Lola – So you promised not to post and you still do. I guess you really are a liar and a hypocrite. But I already knew that.

    Show me where I promised not to post. You hate liars and hypocrites, yet you loooooove Angelina -I would never sleep with a married man/ break up a marriage, I will never have kids, I will take a year off to raise Pax, I did not plan Shiloh, I will reconcile with my father, I cannot use a computer, I have slept with 4 men- Jolie. How rich.

    Besides, do you really think I give 2 Fs what you think about me? :roll: Get a life.

  66. Lola says:

    I am being moderated again, and I am being nice.

  67. Nan says:

    Lola, baby now! Eeew, child, Lordy, Lordy!

  68. Granger says:

    I think it’s hilarious when people say Brad looked so “carefree” or whatever when he was with Jen, but now, with Angelina, he looks haggard, old and tired. Wha-wha-WHAT? He just looks like a 43-year-old dad of six busy kids, to me.

    Anyway, one thing that always struck me about photos of Brad and Jen was how he usually looked totally over-protective of her. It was a bit creepy on his part — the big man taking care of his little woman; but worse, it was so insecure and feeble on her part — the helpless female standing in her strong mate’s embrace. I can’t help wondering if that’s why they eventually broke up — because he got tired of Jen’s whole shrinking violet act. He and Angelina just seem so much more equal. She’s a pretty damn strong person, I think. She’s been through a lot and really seems to know what she wants out of life. Jen, on the other hand, strikes me as somebody who’s still searching. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — but I can see how someone who thinks he’s figured it out would be more attracted to a similar personality.

  69. RAN says:

    Ahh…CB… just when I was starting to like most of these peeps, you go and post another Aniston/Pitt/Jolie thread. Shame! 8)

    Aniston has always been cute, if not what everyone considers classically pretty. Look at Giselle Bundchen – I don’t get the fascination for her, but there are certainly times when I think I can see why people fawn over her. Then I look again and still don’t get it.

    Both Aniston and Jolie have had surgery – neither of them told me so, but it’s apparent by looking at past pictures. It’s a weak argument to attack Aniston with and then praise Jolie. Jolie is pretty in her own right also, but there is certainly no comparison between the two.

    And Steph I’m with ya… I never thought he was hot. Even when he was breaking out and everyone was talking about him (circa Thelma and Louise days). He’s alright – not bad, not great – but (like Giselle) I just don’t get the fascination with him.

  70. Aspen says:

    Well…I’m actually a fan of both women. I LOVE the way Jennifer looks in that picture of Pitt lookin’ like Grizzly Adams. She has such a beautiful and expressive face.

  71. Snowblood says:

    Anniston is pretty, average-but-pretty, and Jolie is stunningly drop-dead beautiful, exceptionally and unusually gorgeous. Comparing the two women on the basis of physical beauty iosn’t really a fair game, obviously Angelina Jolie wins that hand. She’s one of the world’s most beautiful women. Jennifer’s the “Good Girl” next door type, kinda boring, kinda average. She SURE wouldn’t win any beauty pageants. But she’s cute, not ugly or anything.

  72. Nan says:

    OMG, SNOWY, I’d better not let you see what I look like or we are gonna be on webcam 8/24.

  73. Lola says:

    Granger, you are right about Brad and Jen, though I don’t think that is why they split. It was not working pure and simple. Jen was hurt because of the humiliation she went through not because of the split.

    I don’t agree with your assesment of Brad and AngieHO. AngieHO seems to be searching for some sort of love and acceptance that is eluding her. Hence the excessive do-gooding, child collection and selling kids to the highest bidder.

    She saw how Brad was loved when she was filming with him and wanted to be part of that. She thought if she was with Pitt they would be the new golden couple and every one would love them to bits. When this didn’t happen, she lost a lot of weight and started lying that she is missing her mother (who she said she did not trust and when she lay dying while Angie-slut run around the world and every where except by her bed side only to cry crocodile tears for public sympathy).

    Brad is a lost soul, these days he always looks like he wants the ground to swallow him, that is why he wears hats a lot. The other people who wear hats are teenagers who are always hiding from their own shadows.

    Look up the pictures, and you will see a marked difference in Brad’s demeanor and self confidence before and after the divorce.

  74. Nan says:

    Lola you are very astute in many ways. Let me just ask you though, cause I get this feeling. You were eclipsed by a female sibling, weren’t you? I can taste it.

  75. Shane says:

    I look at the pics of Jen and Brad back then and can’t help but imagine them back in 2005, talking while sharing their 1969 replica Woodstock rememberance bong out on their patio in Malibu overlooking the ocean, goofing around with crazy predictions – and Jen says to Brad – “Wouldn’t it be wild if in say, 5 years you and I were divorced and you were with Angelina Jolie, raising like, 6 kids from all different kinds of third world countries with funky names?!?!? ha ha ha ha ” and then Brad says “yeah right, that was a good one Jen. Where do you come up with this shitz girl? Jeez you have one hell of an imagination! That’s about as likely as you hooking up with Vince Vaughn or hey how bout this one – John Mayer! ha ha ha ha ha. Ok ok girl stop bogartin the bong!”

  76. Snowblood says:

    @ Shane’s post ^ ^ :lol: That was awesome! :lol:

  77. javagirl1 says:

    Well Daisy, I don’t see the horse face with Jennifer Aniston compared to Sara Jessica Parker. I think J.A. is quite beautiful, but Angelina wins in the genetically pretty department. Oh well, to me they’re both gorgeous women, doing better than me!

  78. pamela says:

    WOW, Lola, you need to calm down. LOL.

    When i see posts from you, I either (1) LMAO, OR (2) skip. I just imagine you pounding the computer keys and frothing at the mouth, and i go off into gales of laughter.

  79. pamela says:

    Everyday i walk by dozens of women who look like Jen or even better, considering how much money she has to spend on herself. I have never understood how she has been referred to as beautiful. I suppose when you have a powerful PR agent, that helps.

  80. Oh duhh says:

    Did lola forgot to take her prozac coz when i read her post an image of mentally deranged angry woman comes to my mind.. she’s always calling angelina jolie all kinds of bad name and as if she live with angelina up close and personal to know all the things she accused angelina of. I also wonder if she’s the one brad pitt dumped coz she’s full of hate for Angie, JMO!

  81. Shane says:

    Lola – I think you have some very astute observations about Angelina and Brad. I don’t know if your right about their motivations, but then again, no one knows for sure but them, right?

    Thanks for the compliment Snowblood! I get a kick out of your posts too.

  82. geronimo says:

    Astute??!! Lola has observations, certainly, that we can agree on. But ‘astute’??! Unless the meaning of ‘astute’ has changed radically and drastically since I last looked it up, it would be about the last word I would EVER use to describe Lola’s ‘observations’. 8O

  83. geronimo says:

    “..but then again, no one knows for sure but them, right?”

    Wrong. Lola does. Lola knows for sure. The ‘astute’ voices in her head tell her so.

    Apart from that, loved your Jen/Brad post at 12:43, Shane!

  84. Lola says:

    Nan, regrettably I have no female siblings, but thank you for the compliment :wink: .

    Shane thank you too for a more sincere compliment :-) .

    Oh Duh (whichever Brangeloonie you are)I recognise a ‘mad man/woman trap’ when I see one. That is what people do these days when they want some’s opinions dismissed. Paint them as insane, freaks, crazy, lunatics etc. Tom Cruise any one?

    I am sorry to disappoint you but I have never been on Prozac or any anti depressants for that matter, I never drink, do drugs or smoke, never in my life. Yes I am stuck up and I love it up here high on my pedestal.

    No, I have never been dumped by Brad Pitt, LORD NO!. I don’t see the fuss sorry,never have. He has always looked shallow, dirty and smelly to me. Licking his lips and looking like his brain is on leave, not my kind of man.

    I always thought Aniston married beneath her, even though she is not your conventional beauty, she seems like a very nice girl who deserved better. She must have realised that too since she could not bring herself to have kids with him even when he said in a 1997 Cosmopolitan that she wanted kids as quickly as possible. And that was before she met him.

    I guess AngeHO has by now realised that he is just a botoxed pussywhipped airhead hyped by the media with little or no common sense. Content to hide behind a woman’s skirts.

    Geronimo, take a breath and calm down. It is ok to disagree. Once upon a time, I liked your posts and thought they made sense, not lately, you just lost it. But hey, that is your opinion and I respect it. Just don’t think much of it anymore.

  85. geronimo says:

    Very astute, lola. That you and I would never agree is the best compliment you could pay me.

  86. Kaiser says:

    “I am sorry to disappoint you but I have never been on Prozac or any anti depressants for that matter, I never drink, do drugs or smoke, never in my life.”

    Yep. That’s the problem, Lola.

    Agree with Granger & Geronimo (“The Anti-Lola”)

  87. Kaiser says:

    For all of the Lovers, Haters, & Ambivalents, an interesting link marginally about Angelina:

  88. Bodhi says:

    I feel the same way Geronimo

  89. Max says:

    What is the fuss with one person who can’t let go of the “Golden Couple” and talks such trash about someone they don’t know, but calls people who like Brad and Angelina crazy. Opinion is one thing, but the silliness, childish name calling and venom is just really strange to me. This is a blog, not a lifestyle. Let it go.

  90. Aspen says:

    This thread delivers.

    (opens a fresh bag of popcorn and puts her feet up)

  91. Snowblood says:

    ^^ :lol: I know, right? The Pitt-Jolie-Anniston threads ALways deliver! In fact, it was a Jolie-Pitt thread that got ME to first finally start commenting here, I’d felt so strongly compelled to jump into the water and defend Brad, Angelina and their children, and now I’m thoroughly addicted to commenting at CeleBitchy. The Jolie-Pitts are a powerful force! :lol:

  92. hmmm says:

    You people have no idea. Plastic surgery? Beauty comes at a high price and if you have it why not! Jealous much that I can have it all and you can’t. Go back to JJ and love your idol. Does Jen seem to be hurting over anyone, no and she will move on.

  93. Oh Duhh says:

    hmmm really you have it all? delusional much. Yes i guess Jen is moving on…. to her next victim hehehehehe i guess next time she needs a calculator to sum up all those lovers that dumped her..ouchhh !!

  94. Oh Duhh says:

    Oh and LOLA you must be very OLD and FUG like Rosanne Barr.. HAGS are known to be full of hate and envy everytime they read or hear news about Angelina Jolie. It’s not her fault that she’s smart, beautiful, talented, got gorgeous kids and love by Brad Pitt and her fans all over the world , a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, a member of the Council for Foreign Relations, can fly a plane, etc., etc., etc. ;-)

  95. Kaykay says:

    Angelina’s fans are really delusional. You have to feel sorry for them. Their idol run off with her lover boy but they still hate on Jen. Why, because they realise that in all things that matter, Jen will always be a step about that prostitute.

    I am just glad we got a break from her. I hope she remains in France forever. Please France, we will pay you to keep them. Please.

  96. Jenna says:

    Okay I have many questions.

    1.) Didn’t Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt confirm that they were already seperated when Angie took over?

    2.) Do you have proof that they were sleeping together while the two were married?

    3.) Did you know Angelina’s mother was cheated on by Voight and saw her mothers pain? Thus she made a promise to never be the ‘other woman’.

    4.) Jennifer might have a ‘tighter’ or ‘better’ body than Angelina BUT how many children has Jennifer popped out?

    Someone answer those questions. I’m just dying to know :roll:

    Another thing, I am so sick of everyone playing the ‘pity’ game with America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. Hate me for it, I do not care. Jennifer is probably stronger than what the tabloids make her out to be. So why are so many people sitting here trying to bash Angelina (actually some try to but fail)?

    Those comments amuse me so please continue.

  97. daisy424 says:

    Lola, I might take you more seriously if you sign up for Gravatar.
    Using different names to comment is grade school behavior. It’s not just on AJ JA threads. Give it up and sign up.

  98. Kaiser says:

    *slips Midol onto tongue and chases with a white Russian*

    Seriously, getting back onto TIFF, does anyone else think Burn After Reading looks hysterically funny? Before I was a Brangaloonie, I was a Malkovichloonie. Love love love everyone in that film.

    Oh… and Pity Party promoting another tepid romantic-comedy at TIFF? Let me guess. Her character runs around, flips her hair and whines for two f–king hours.

  99. daisy424 says:

    Me too Kaiser, but the Benjamin Button film looks good too. When do they come out, do you know??

  100. Kaiser says:

    I think Burn After Reading comes out soon – like mid-September. Benji Buttons will probably come later, for Oscar season. Maybe November?

    And I think The Changeling (or whatever they’re calling it now, the Clint Eastwood-directed Jolie film) comes out in October.

    Good, smutty promotional tours coming up! I can’t wait…

  101. dfdddDD says:

    They need to stop using the same old rumors over and over again.Good PR team assholes.I love how their publicists manipulate the medias.

  102. sj says:

    thank god for brad and Angelina, i don’t care about any other so called celebrity in Hollywood, i am not a Jen fan, what is the appeal?, but i can’t help but feel sorry for her,her life since brad left her has been one bed after another, the reason they always bring Jen’s name up with brad’s,is because what else is she? some one on here is delusional, and needs help, (no names)

  103. sad says:

    Facts: Brad’s film, ‘Burn After Reading,’ is a GALA premiere at the premier venue for A-list Hollywood & Foreign films. In other words. It’s big time. All of his films typically have this venue.

    Maniston’s sh*tty rom com, is UN-distributed, and she’s there to TRY and get it sold. It will show, maybe during the day at one of the other 1001 venues in this very large city. I’m sure she’ll work her tabloid queen angle, and have her PR leak a few stories to generate interest. after all, when she’s not being dumped by real movie stars or other ‘notables,’ who cares?

    They might even be responsible for this one (showdown in Toronto)…the key with Aniston is, you know when she and her PR have a hand in these craploid stories, because those are the things they DON’T deny (DENIED: boob jobs, rhinoplasty, dating Matt Felker NOT DENIED: Any lie having to do with ‘Brangelina.’)

    …so certain lies Aniston and her PR will spread to get ‘talked about’ — STOP COVERING FOR THIS COATTAIL RIDING PARASITE: she and her PR dude were just caught, ‘dialing for dates,’ in the aftermath of her dumping by John mayer!!! She and Huvane have been FOUND OUT! If she had scared some single guy up to participate in the fakery, then those stories would have been given to all the rags and weeklies by her PR – it’s how she operates (HELLO?!).

    She’s a lame average no-talent loser.

  104. rave says:

    seriously i think most of u guys are not thinking realistically. most people after a breakup and seeing the person for quite a time afterwards is painful even if the other day u were laughing and going out with friends. and also most of us might see are exes more but they travel around the world and dont even live in the same state and i am sure arrange not to run into each other as often as possible at award shows. so how many times even after so many years do u think she has seen brad and angelina in person in her face…hmm i dont think even once cause with the paparazzi we would have seen the “major” event. so i think those of u need to remember it was not a good breakup and usually after bad breakups seeing the person u once loved enough to marry with another women will hurt.

    and what fairy world are those of u living in that brad pitt is not good enough for jen aniston what has she done and not an amazing guy, not even look wise but look at how he acts. he is such a great guy with a great personality way better than some of these douchebags u see in hollywood. i’m sorry but trying to find a replacement for Brad Pitt is going to be really hard it dont matter how many years its been. my ex was no brad pitt, most of ur exes were no brad pitt, of course we moved on and have no problems.

  105. Angelnik says:

    You seriously all need to get over yourselves. Angelina while classically beautiful is a homewrecker. No if’s, ands or buts. She was sleeping with a married man, end of story. Jennifer Aniston has every right to be upset at the thought of ever bumping in to her wondering eye ex husband.

    I’m not a fan of any of them, he thinks that he’s GOD, Angie thinks that she’s the object of everyone’s desire and Jen well god knows what the hell she thinks she’s up to with John Mayer – a whole series of psychiatric evaluations are needed to try and explain THAT one.

    I’d rather read about what George Clooney is up to – there’s a man for ya!

  106. Meg says:

    i luv jen i think shes looking a lot better after her breakup with brad. she doesnt need him anyway, she is fine by herself. its ok if the c each other at the film festival they have a right to be friends and catch up with each other. and angie shouldnt complain coz she stole him in the first place. i luv jen and all her movies and FRIENDS!

  107. lois says: