Lindsay Lohan has told her friends that she & Tom Hardy are having an affair


These are some new photos of Lindsay Lohan out and about in Venice Beach yesterday. She was, in the words of Fame Pictures, “nervously voyaging out into the world to explore her new neighborhood.” Either that, or she was just high and couldn’t remember where she was. Either/or. Anyway, remember all of the rumors about Lindsay and Tom Hardy? Lindsay pushed a story to TMZ about how she and Tom had dinner together and he was her “Sober Mentor” and friend. Tom’s rep later denied the bit about Tom being her Sober Mentor, but the important part of the story was still out there – Lindsay Lohan is “friends” with Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy cares enough about Lindsay to get his rep to deny one of her cracked-out delusions. Tom Hardy pays attention to her!

Anyway, I kind of hoped the story was over, but then Lindsay mysteriously tweeted this on Tuesday:


[From Lindsay’s Twitter feed]

Odd, right? Considering that the story seemed pretty dead? That’s what I thought too, until I got a look at Star Magazine’s Blohan story this week. I think someone at Star might have actually gotten in touch with Lindsay earlier this week to confirm or deny this report, so instead of giving a denial to Star, Lindsay just preemptively tweeted that junk. Which makes me think that Star might have gotten this one right. Which sucks. According to Star, Tom Hardy isn’t Lindsay’s sober coach… he’s her lover. GROSS.

Since being released from the Betty Ford Clinic Center on January 3, Lindsay Lohan has kept an uncharacteristically low profile, and it’s not just due to her commitment to staying sober. She’s been talling friends she’s sneaking around with a soon-to-be married man – Inception star Tom Hardy.

“She’s telling friends she’s definitely hooking up with him,” a friend tells In Touch about Lindsay and Tom – who has been engaged to his British actess girlfriend since last July.

“They first met through friends when she was in rehab,” a source close to Lindsay says. They bonded over their shared sobriety, and Tom even visited her at the Sober Living House several times. “She said that over time, the relationship got physical” – a big no-no for a recovering addict like Lindsay, who is advised not to date for at least a year while in recovery. Though Tom left for London in mid-January, “They talk constantly.”

Although a rep for Tom denies he’s hooked up with Lindsay, the actress insists that they’ve been together, the source says. But others believe Tom was just a friend and Lindsay wanted to make her ex Samantha Ronson jealous.

“They got into a huge fight over him,” says the source. However, adds the source, Sam is not jealous, but she doesn’t approve of Lindsay’s relationship with Tom because she thinks it’s “inappropriate” considering he’s engaged.

While Lindsay is telling friends that the actor has ended the engagement, an insider close to Charlotte tells In Touch that is not the case.

“Charlotte isn’t happy about her fiancé’s new LA friend,” says the insider.

Whether or not Tom is interested in Lindsay, “She’s head over heels for Tom,” says the source, although she publicly denies that she and Tom are anything more than friends. “Her family approves of him – he’s sober, and he seems to be a good influence.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Of course she wanted to make Samantha jealous. Of course. But there was something else at play, and it’s Lindsay’s old crack drama: attaching herself to something cooler and hoping that it sticks. Whether or not Lindsay and Tom actually had an affair, I do think that Lindsay was probably bragging to her friends that they did. And one of those friends sold the story to Star – because Lindsay surrounds herself with losers.

Now, did Tom and Lindsay actually have an affair? I want to think he’s better than that but… he does seem like he’s got a pretty complicated sexual past, present and future. Some guys are just like that – their weakness is any vadge, even a crackhead liar’s. So I don’t know if they hit it. I hope not, but it could be.




Photos courtesy of Fame and WENN.

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  1. happygirl says:

    OH KAISER! UGH!! I really hope this isn’t true…but I’m keeping my slut shank close by just in case. Just. Please. No.

  2. Dorothy#1 says:

    OMG!!!! I did not realize that he was engaged to the girl he did Wuthering Heights with! I LOVED that movie, I can’t believe he would cheat on her with Lindsay. I can’t and WON’T believe it!

  3. Marjalane says:

    Even though I personally find this guy all kinds of skeevy, I have no doubt he could have his pick and choose of willing partners to cheat on his fiance with. IF, he got dirty with Lohan, he’s an idiot, horndog fool. Yuck, yuck, dirty, STD rampant, ick. He might as well have driven down the 405 and thrown his career and reputation out the window. I hope it goes to a tweeter pissing match between Cracky and Hardy’s publicist.

  4. saintdevil says:

    Classic case of namedropping on Lohan’s part in a pathetic effort to stay relevant.

    By denying something that noone ever claimed, she is starting the rumour-mill herself.

  5. brin says:

    Why would anyone believe what she says anyway?

  6. Jacq says:

    So, at what point does the blogosphere just turn a blind eye to her? Are we just waiting for her to kill herself? Someone else? If she wasn’t getting any attention, wouldn’t she cut that sh-t out? And, yes, I realize what I just said.

  7. mln76 says:

    If true this is a thousand times worse than when Gabriel Aubrey showmanced that Kardashian. I can’t loose him to the dark side.

  8. OriginalGracie says:

    Way to go Tom, ruining all of my Inception fantasies about you.

    I hope he got all his shots and has his rabies and penicillin doses up to date.
    He might call the Hazmat team too. Lindsay has a toxic vadge.

  9. cara says:

    Can someone please school me on who this Tom Hardey is??? He’s cute and seems arrogent b/c of it, and I like that.

    Too bad he looks a bit like my son = turn off.

  10. Options 2 says:

    There are two possibilities. The first one is this – Lindsay’s entourage is straight women and gay men. By their tweets it is obvious all they do is talk about men. Here is Lindsay hanging around these people and we all know she has to be the center of attention. So she talks up a game and her friends want her to because they live vicariously through her. Then there is the real Lindsay who is obsessed with Samantha Ronson and moves next to her on purpose and denies the Hardy story because she gets a heads up the story and freaks at the thought of upsetting Ronson. She knows the story is coming out – the magazines usually contact the management or star by Sunday or Monday with upcoming story. Lindsay is no different that most persons – she is a regular Danny Zucco telling stories to her entourage because she wants to live up to their fantasy – and yet being obsessed with and wanting only one person who does not fit into the cool fantasy of the people she hangs out with.

  11. Lily says:

    @cara and JaisyMaisy: Watch Inception.

    I admit that I had no idea who this guy was before watching Inception and thought he was related to the Ed Hardy brand. I don’t know if he would hook up with Lindsay considering how everything about her screams hot mess, but I have to agree with Kaiser, he seems like the guy that doesn’t hesitate to have some tail on the side.

    He was also an alcoholic and a crack addict and in Hollywood you never know who’s clean and who’s not.

  12. Options 2 says:

    Option 2 – Here is what I think occurred.’s non-sexual story soon resulted in X17 making up a sexual story. It is what X17 does. In Touch then made up their own story from X17 which they have done in the past adding some embellishments of their own. End of story.

  13. AlaskaJoey says:

    His fiancee is pretty, but wonkeyed. Why are so many women in Hollywood wonkeyed?

  14. Oi says:

    This had better be real false. i really really want to like TH. I really hate that he associated with her in the first place; how did we all know this is what would happen? I’m not sure I believe that they are all that good of friends either. If they did meet I got the impression it was a one time thing. He needs to sever all contact with her. I honestly don’t think he can really help her either. Geez she did this to Gerry Butler too. Sorry, I don’t think this is possible.

  15. Someone Else says:

    IDK… maybe? (Realistically, I’d not put anything past Lohan…)

    But it sure seems like LL’s going to a lot of trouble to be around Sam.

    @Options2 — you may be onto something.

    @cara — ouch. That sucks.

  16. waldemar says:

    Well, he cheated on the mother of his son with his present girlfriend. Not that that proofs that he has slept with Lindsay, but he has some questionable flaws in his caracter.

    But Lindsay, ugh, it is certainly one way to destroy your hotness.

    He is also in RocknRolla with Gerald Butler. Good movie.

  17. Isa says:

    Glad to read another story about Lindsay.
    Compared to Charlie Sheen she is an absolute saint…

  18. ghostwriter says:

    As an aside – Why is she walking around in her bathrobe? Too “nervous” coughhighcough to put on a sweater, hoodie, jacket, whatever? Just curious.

  19. anti says:


  20. Oi says:

    @Kaiser: ever heard of a site called rumorfix? Cause Michael Lohon denied this story to them apparently:

    Thoughts on what that means?

  21. jackie says:

    I call bullshit.

    Seriously, from her?

    Lainey put it best in a post where she stated that his association with her, however loose or friendly, would bite him in the end.

    This is a desperate person, who does desperate things to stay famous. And when the one person who has some status acknowledges her, she rides it to her own benefit.

    Case Closed.

  22. guesty says:

    He’s hot…could see him hitting it…denying it to the end…& her wanting another piece of some of that.

  23. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Sadly I just checked LL twitter, and this tweet made me choke on my choc biscuit…

    “Hate when i record a show, then i dont have the episode that follows it! then again, if thats my biggest problem… life’s great!”

    Thats her biggest problem??!!…enough said!

    Edit – re TH, sure she threw herself at him and he just did it, but nothing has changed as she is still an attention wh*re trying to stay relevant… don’t get the love for Tom, he’s gross & slimy, esp after a daliance with LL!

  24. Roma says:

    Oh Tom. Sometimes men go off looking for a little strange but when it’s Lindsay Lohan’s hooey that’s not the strange at all… that shit is well known.

  25. skeptical says:

    while it’s possible they hooked up, this could also be another case of name-dropping. Remember on Ellen’s show when lindsay claimed Natalie Portman was being there for her?
    Like Natalie Portman would associate with this trash?
    I agree with Lainey too… Tom was being nice and now Lindsay is talking in up thru her gossip channels which then gives her something to deny on Twitter with gives yet more attention.

    I am glad about the gossip of Samantha not being jealous. I’m hoping that means Samantha is refusing to play lindsay’s games.

  26. Bodhi says:

    Is there any concrete evidence that they have ever actually met? Everything that I’ve read/seen has just been tab speculation.

  27. ctkat1 says:

    I really think (or maybe I just really want to believe) that this is more crack-drama.

    Remember about a year ago when she tweeted that she was out to lunch in LA and Johnny Depp came over to her table and hung out? And then Johnny’s rep or whatever said that Johnny was in France on that date and absolutely did not have lunch with Lindsay.

    The point is, she LIES without compunction or conscience.

  28. Thomas says:

    Kaiser to be fair Lohan denied this story to Gossip Cop when it first came out weeks ago. Why is it doing the rounds again? Especially since Tom hasnt been in LA since mid jan and lohan only came out of rehab in early jan this can’t be much of an affair as they actually can’t have been seeing each other much.
    Sounds like the delusional minds of Lindsay Lohan and star magazine met to cook up this one. I really think she plants these things out there 1) because she has low self esteem and wants to attach herself to someone who is considered hot at the moment thinking it makes her more relevant and 2) because she is still trying to make Samro jealous. Sad…

  29. Amber says:

    To offer an alternative view on this. Who is Tom Hardy? I had to look him up and realized he was the british dude in Inception. He sure is getting a hella attention on this one isn’t he? Just saying..

  30. TeeTee says:

    I’m more upset that he is short and lil looking–I am messed up w/his lil stature..there go my fantasies.

    NOT going to beleive he was boinking
    crackhead Lins NOT!

  31. Justin says:

    “Whether or not Tom is interested in Lindsay, “She’s head over heels for Tom”…
    Yeah right…. Thats why as soon as she came out of rehab she moved in next door to the poor chick she has been madly obsessed with for yonks because she is “head over heels for Tom Hardy”. LMAO!!

    Who writes this shit???

  32. Dave says:

    @ teetee I worked with Tom a few years ago on a couple of productions and he is indeed very short. Almost petite. Nice guy but his badass rep is a bit of a joke. The guy is real momma’s boy. He lives with his mom, she goes everywhere with him which was odd considering the guy is 33 year old.
    As for lindsay i don’t buy this one. At all. Mainly because she doesn’t seem like his type. His girlfriends ( and boys) were always exotic looking and dark and secondly because being a bit of a mess himself he seems to like strong together people that can look after him. And its not like Lilo would be able to do that considering she can barely look after herself…


  33. jayem says:

    Oh, God, please no! Out of all of the things she’s done, this is the one might actually get her shanked!

    ETA: I think a lot of people come off wonk-eyed because they’re wearing really heavy lashes and cameras are flashing at them. Or they got caught at an awkward moment of blinking or something.

  34. Junot says:

    Oh come kaiser you can’t be this naive! This is a classic fabricated Lindsay Lohan hook up story. It’s always happening in secret, never spotted together, She is into him he not so much and so an so forth. It sounds like a zillion stories about her and some actor or other i read before.
    My only question is does her team make up this crapola or do the tabloids? A bit of both i guess.

  35. KingMake says:

    @ Justin Hahaha!
    I also like the bit where they say her family thinks he is good for her. Hooking up with an engaged guy is good for her?

    This is such fantastical BS. My guess is they met once or twice and in lindsays head that means they are best friends. See Nathalie Portman and Johnny Depp for previous references. Combine her imagination with Intouch spin and you have a hook up story.

  36. StraightfromA says:

    @ Amber/Everyone who has no idea who Tom Hardy is…

    Tom Hardy was in a movie I just saw called “Bronson” about the most expensive prisoner in the U.K. (due to frequent melee’s with the prison staff including inciting riots).

    He was really hot and complicated and crazy in that movie- I can see why he is a British heartthrob and it looks like he is trying to cross over here too (Ala Johnathan Stratham)

    There is no way Lindsay is banging this guy. As pointed out above he seems like the type to get the exotic looking chics, definitely British (or that side of the pond anyway). She is delusional and stupid to think we don’t know it to boot.

  37. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*gasp, sobbing*ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    Damn that crack vadge!!

  38. LAboy says:

    When is the world gonna wake up to the fact that Lilo is a most likely a gay ?
    i know she is a hot mess and all but if she really wanted a regular dick she would get one. Even the obese girl with a lisp at my local mall has one. Instead Lilo spends her time running around after that Sam Ronson girl.They broke up what YEARS ago and Lilo couldn’t get a boyfriend since? Must say after she stalked out Ronsons digs and moved next door to her stories like these are pretty silly.

  39. tar says:

    If this is true, he is dead to me.

  40. Zelda says:

    Sounds like she is just pouncing on any crumb of attention she can. She’s HOPING people write about it.

  41. Nikki says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised. BTW- everything that Ed Hardy comes out with is trashy crap, why do people wear his stuff? It’s the bottom of the barrel in the fashion world.

  42. Damon says:

    I Honestly can’t see these two together. And Tom would be a fool to cheat on Charlotte, she is a class act and deserves better. I am inclined to think this is just lindsay bragging for attention and wanting to make samantha ronson jealous as usual.

  43. Jason says:

    They are both gay so i don’t think so. Publicity stunt maybe.

  44. Jez says:

    @ jackie Agree on laineys post. She said it perfectly when she says they aren’t hooking up but that lindsay ” will bleed all the attention she can out of whoever she can until she brings that person down with her”. Tom Hardy is also known to have mentored young people with drug problems in the UK so its not that far fetched that he would have had sympathy and offered her some advice and then got caught in the lohan vortex of spin and lies. I think they probably met through friends but i doubt they are even friends or anything close to lovers.

  45. Cherry Rose says:

    Lindsay’s too well known for lying about too many numerous things. Taking that into account and the fact that there have been absolutely no pictures of her and Tom Hardy together, I’m going to say there is absolutely no credence to this story.

    Lindsay’s just trying to appear that she’s still relevant and that she’s still popular, both of which are untrue. She deluded herself into thinking Gweneth Paltrow was somehow a close friend of hers, even though it had been years since Gwen and Lindsay had even been spotted together.

    Then there was the whole twitter post in which Johnny Depp went up and said hi to her, like Lindsay is THE celebrity. She is so full of delusion it’s not even funny.

    Tom’s fame is on the rise. He knows full and well that Lindsay is barely a celebrity anymore and that Hollywood is pretty much done with her. I think he’s smart enough to stay away from her. He might pity her as he also battled with addiction, but he also pulled himself together, something Lindsay hasn’t done, despite the numerous chances and resources at her disposal.

  46. Stephen says:

    @waldemar Huge difference between leaving his ex for charlotte riley and having some sordid affair with Lindsay lohan. charlotte riley is everything lindsay isn’t and i actually like lindsay, well i feel compassion for her. But Riley is smart,educated, a talented actress on the way up and a home body good girl. He asked her to marry him within a year of their relationship. Other posters are right lohan just doesn’t seem like his type neither physically or personality wise.
    On another note if lohan did plant this story it just tells me that nothing changed- same old same old AW tricks- she puts more effort into the gossip mill then getting acting jobs. Which is sad because i actually had high hopes for her this time around.

  47. Welldun says:

    She needs to get with Charlie Sheen, those two would be great together.

  48. Hakura says:

    Am I the only person who found this part amusing?

    ““Her family approves of him – he’s sober,…”

    I know it also said ‘a good influence’, but it made it sound like being ‘sober’ is the only positive quality they look for when it comes to Lindsay. xD I guess because it’s so rare in her ‘flings’…

  49. Lia says:

    Does his girlfriend have a birth defect or something that causes her eyes to look like that?

  50. Nimrod says:

    Lindsay still thinks we don’t know about her long-term relationship with Ronson. It’s part of her campaign to not go to jail for her fit at Betty Ford. We’re all supposed to think she’s the All American girl now and that she’s actually learned from this experience. She hasn’t. She’s a master of BS.

  51. Cam says:

    lolll he cheated on his ex (who he has a child with) with that chick didn’t he?

    karma is a bitch