Angelina Jolie is now attached to new version of ‘Cleopatra’


The 1963 film version of Cleopatra is infamous because the behind-the-scenes drama between Elizabeth Taylor and 2-time husband Richard Burton was more interesting than the movie itself. That film took two and a half years to film and cost $44 million, and was a huge flop.

Now, with every other Hollywood film a remake and the publication of Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff, Entertainment Weekly reports another Cleopatra film is in the works, with Angelina Jolie as the famous Egyptian queen.

While most Hollywood producers would probably regard Cleopatra as a cautionary tale — the kind of runaway fiscal sinkhole they’d want to avoid at, literally, all costs — Scott Rudin sees an epic opportunity. The prolific producer, who currently has two Oscar front-runners to his credit (True Grit and The Social Network), is nearing the starting line on a Cleopatra biopic for Sony. Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, Mystic River) is finishing the script, and Rudin is now on the hunt for a director.

…Based on Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stacy Schiff’s New York Times best-seller Cleopatra: A Life, the big-budget, 3-D film will try to redefine what we’ve thought about the notorious woman who almost brought Caesar’s Rome to its knees.

“The story of Cleopatra has historically been told by men, starting with Cicero,” says Rudin, who’s been developing the project for the past four years… “This is a very different look at this woman. Cleopatra was a politician, warrior, soldier, and strategist — as opposed to just a seductress.”

But if you’re worried the film will be a snoozy, steam-free history lesson, think again: Angelina Jolie is attached to play Cleopatra. “It’s only a movie with her [in it],” says Rudin. “Who else could play it? Who do you get if not her? She’s a gigantic movie star, a great actress. She’s got an unbelievable variety of aspects to her.”

Schiff agrees. “This is a figure where you have to have someone who is almost larger than life — a goddess. She’s got to be able to leap off the screen. There’s only a couple of actresses who fit that description.”

Actually, Jolie has been involved with the project ever since Rudin snapped up the rights to Schiff’s book. And the actress has long been a favorite of Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal, who most recently constructed the studio’s female action tent pole Salt around her.

Of course, the biggest — and most tantalizing — question remaining before Cleopatra goes in front of the cameras is one that circles back to the infamous ‘60s version. With Jolie as one half of the most notorious love story ever filmed, who will be her Mark Antony? Brad Pitt, perhaps? Given the gallons of nasty gossip-column ink that were spilled chronicling Taylor and Burton’s offscreen exploits last time — and the near-bankrupting disaster that ensued — don’t bet on it.

[Entertainment Weekly, print edition, February 4, 2011]

Angie is a perfect choice to play Cleopatra. She already played ancient royalty in Alexander (complete with snakes). Scott Rudin is right. Angelina has the screen presence needed to pull it off, something very few actresses have; the only other actress I can think of would be Halle Berry. This film needs more than a good actress — it needs a movie star.

Brad Pitt as Mark Antony is a bad idea. They might have good chemistry like in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but this film needs a stronger actor to go up against Angelina. I personally vote for Viggo Mortensen, but I’m probably in the minority. What about Gerard Butler? Sean Bean? Russell Crowe?

And why on earth does this film need to be 3-D? 3-D films give me migraines, and just because they can make it in 3-D doesn’t mean they should.

NOTE BY KAISER: I reported this back when Schiff was promoting her book, last June. Schiff seemed to be using Angelina’s name in interviews to promote the book, saying that Angelina was her (Schiff’s) personal idea of a modern Cleopatra. In interviews for Salt and The Tourist, Jolie got questions about playing Cleopatra, and she gave the impression that she’s interested in playing Cleopatra, but hasn’t signed on to anything yet, and that she wouldn’t sign on until she saw a script.



Promotional images from ‘Alexander’.

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  1. Brittney says:

    I hope this is finally official. This, like the Evil Queen, is a role I’ve always seen as hers, innately… unfortunately, Cat Woman was one too, and they’ve gone with Anne.

    People have been too wrapped up in tabloid stuff for years now to notice or remember that she’s a damn good actress… and she needs a big piece to remind us. But this will probably involve accents, and as an incredibly-long-time fan, even I can’t always stomach that.

  2. brin says:

    I’d love to see Angelina play Cleopatra.
    How about Clive Owen for Marc Antony?

  3. merry says:

    Please, no. Just get some good, Mediterranean-looking actress to be Cleopatra. I so dislike big Hollywood names in classical themed movies!

  4. mln76 says:

    I think Angelina could pull off Cleopatra but please God no 3-D. I see Daniel Craig, Clive Owen or Vigo in the role. I am so anti-Gerard on this one.
    By the way I just read Furious Love the Taylor/Burton bio and Cleopatra was the number one movie of 1963 it didn’t make money because of its huge budget so not a flop just a major disaster for the studio.

  5. reporter says:

    I think Tom Hardy would be a great Mark Antony. He’s a strong British actor and could hold his own against Angelina.

  6. kiko says:

    well another bad movie from angelina..this will suck! ;)

  7. sisi says:

    that is probably the first ever picture I’ve seen with AJ wearing jeans. She should wear some more often, they look good on her.

  8. Heather says:


    and 3D, too?!?

    flop flop flop in the making.

    or if not a flop, a really really bad film.

  9. tapioca says:

    If they make this completely ridiculous – Clash of the Titans-style – it might just work (although she’ll obviously be awful!). Any attempt at seriousness and it’ll go the BO flop route of Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander, Prince of Persia, et al..

  10. Rachel says:

    This is a future Razzie nominated movie!

  11. Dorothy#1 says:

    OMG She was horrible in Alexander. Her accent sucked so bad.

    I Like viggo as Mark Anthony, anything that makes him look as hot as he did in LOTR!!!!

  12. hayley says:

    she was great in Alexander, she’ll be great in this too.

  13. malachais says:

    Angelina looks soooo beautiful with a tan. She should definitely keep one, doesn’t make her look so gaunt.

  14. someone says:

    Another terrible accent from Angelina..and another bomb!

  15. renee says:

    I think that they should have that Daniel Craig play opposite her, but maybe the starring role they could get someone who looks Egyptian…

  16. samihami says:

    Halle Berry? Seriously? She’s beautiful, but doesn’t have the acting chops to pull off such a big role. If anyone can, it’s Angelina.

  17. mln76 says:

    @malachais Angie was at least 15 lbs heavier during Alexander so that helps with the gauntness I think she looks her best at that weight.

  18. Raven Sparrow says:

    I think the only way they could make this movie work is with an unknown actress. With Angelina Jolie, there is going to be too many comparisions and attacks on her acting or accent or other. But with someone new and fresh, people will watch the movie without focusing on the main actress.

  19. bc says:

    Cleopatra was of Greek ancestry. Just an FYI for anyone wondering what the actress should look like.

  20. Cherry Rose says:

    She doesn’t look Greek enough. Love the woman and what she does, but she will not make a good Cleopatra.

    Why make a remake of an already terrible movie? Makes no sense.

  21. Gecko says:

    @renee: Egyptian? Why? The real Cleopatra was Greek. She was one of the last rulers from the Ptolemaic dynasty, who IIRC descended from one of Alexander the Great’s generals. So darker, sure, more Mediterranean in general, sure, but definitely not straight-up Egyptian.

  22. renee says:

    @Gecko: Just to throw some love their way, times are hard there right now:) I know that Miss Cleo wasn’t Egyptian but if we are bandying about the names of actors who aren’t of the same ethnicities as the historical figures, then why not?

  23. renai(jrt) says:

    Brad has got to be her Mark Anthony ( dye that hair and off he goes)

    this would send Jen into hysterics

  24. renai(jrt) says:

    mln-76, I read furious love over the summer and it was good…..I needed a shower after that read…. Maybe Liz can do some consulting on the set…for old time sake… and a Liz Cameo would be nice…… not sure if she is up to that speed these days though…..

  25. Rianic says:

    Jennifer Aniston is Greek! Bwahahahaha

    Anyway, I like my Clive for MA.

  26. renai(jrt) says:

    She did a good job when playing Marianne Pearl. Im sure she could swing the looks and accent.

  27. environ says:

    Clive Owen and Tom Hardy are very strong choices.

  28. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I really hope that she just works on the accent so she won’t sound so awkward. It makes me a little sad when huge actors/actresses with the access to the best coaches in the world have awful accents. So if she doesn’t sound awkward then it will be a huge success.

    But pleeeeaasssee no 3D. Ugh! ha

  29. I RUN NEW YORK says:


  30. sisi says:

    Rianic, you just put a huge grin on my face and I totally needed that, because I’ve had shitty day so far

  31. mln76 says:

    @I RUN NEW YORK I am Half-African and I am not offended by Cleopatra being potrayed by a white person because she proabably was white. Now Nefertiti is another story.

    @renai(jrt)I know Furious Love made this whole Brangelina phenom look kind of tame.

  32. tracking says:

    Jolie doesn’t look like those pictures anymore. Was Cleopatra emaciated?

  33. GeekChic says:

    What pretty snakes. Of course there are no corn snakes anywhere near the Mediterranean area of the world, so whomever thought to give her a corn snake in Alexander clearly failed his/her herpetology 101. What? My name is GEEK Chic for a reason!

  34. Quest says:

    I am kinda iffy on the Angelina as Cleo considering the dynamics of the character but she may be able to pull it off. I vote Viggo or Gerard on the Mark Anthony spot, I’ve seen Gerard in ancient roles and he did quite well. He would create a great match to Angelina’s Cleo…not Brad. The chemistry with Mr. and Mrs. Smith was different and the pairing for this would not be wise.

  35. Cherry Rose says:

    @ I RUN NEW YORK It was well documented that the Ptolemys, which was the family Cleopatra was from, was indeed from Greece. While they did rule Egypt and followed the customs of the pharohs, such as marrying their siblings to keep their line pure, their coloring was that of Greek.

    I think Eva Green would be a good Cleopatra. She’s pretty exotic looking and has the right coloring.

  36. Raven Sparrow says:

    @GradStudentEatingsomething (sorry can’t read the rest of your name) – I totally agree with you, don’t know if you saw The Tourist but OMG! Talk about awkward from beginning to end! What with the accent and “regal”, sorry, lady-like posture…nothing felt natural. I don’t have high hopes for this one.

  37. Megan says:

    Angelina was stunning in Alexander – she definitely has Cleopatra presence. Hopefully she’ll knock it out of the park! I’d rather see an awesome movie than have someone fail because I didn’t care for them based on a tabloid cover (not accusing anyone in here of that – I’m talking about myself haha). I think the guy that played Mark Antony in HBO’s Rome was amazing and would love to see him play that character again!

  38. lio says:

    There is only one Marc Anthony and it’s James Purefoy.

  39. fabgrrl says:

    Wow, I forgot how gorgeous she is with a little more weight. Stunning.

  40. Lisa Turtle says:

    I fully support this casting. It’s the perfect role for Angelina.

    The casting choices that will be tough are for the two leading male roles, Ceasar and Mark-Antony. I think Ceasar needs to be substantially older than Antony to establish their mentor/mentee relationship. Maybe Ben Kingsley, Sean Penn, or Russell Crowe for Ceasar. Someone younger for Antony – maybe James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom

  41. anonymous says:

    TO SOMEONE: The top grossing movie this wekend was 20 million and and the 2nd 16 million both called a success check this weekend box office, The Tourist grossed 26 million in second place and have grossed close to 200 million world wide for some reason haters are trying to pull Jolie down,even pitting Natalie Portman against AJ,Natalie Potman is not as beautiful and will never be winning an oscar does not suddenly improve your looks after so many years in Hollywood. People need to let each actress do their own thing without trying to destroy a particular actress. Stop trying to put Jolie in Jennifer Aniston’s category who is going to pick up a Razzie this month, an Oscar JA a Razzie JenJen.

  42. lucy2 says:

    She did look really pretty in the Alexander photos. Never saw it but heard it was bad.
    I think she has a good presence for it, but I don’t like her in dramatic roles. And hearing it’s going to be in 3D does not bode well.

    @anonymous – I don’t know where you’re getting those box office figures, but none of them seem to be correct, at least not according to box office mojo.

  43. PrettyTarheel says:

    The Ptolemic dynasty was NOT African-the RULED an African country. There’s a difference. The ruling dynasties were often offshoots of the Greco-Roman empire. Therefore, using an African-American or African actress would not be historically accurate. The actress should be of Caucasian descent. Sorry to disappoint you, but crying racism is just not an accurate complaint in this instance.

  44. flourpot says:

    Brad would be hilarious. Viggo would be unbelievably sexy. Lets give it to an unknown, gorgeous greek guy – Giannis Tsimitselis. I have no clue who he is or what he’s done but I want to see him in a short toga. Sans manpanties. Please.

  45. Jaana says:

    She just needs to put more personality into her acting and then she will do an amazing job!

  46. olivia says:

    I can’t wait to hear what kind of accent is going to spew from her mouth. Oh i hope she uses the one from Alexander, that was my all time favorite!!!!!! Scene 3 is the best, i can’t believe she did not get an oscar for this rivoting performance. She was robbed, robbed I tell ya!!!!!!!!

  47. Eden says:

    Russell Crowe would make an AWESOME Anthony. It needs to be someone hyper-masculine who’s convincing as a popular army leader (and we all know Russell looks good in a skirt, eh?)

    But lio, I agree, after HBO’s Rome, how can Anthony be anyone other than James Purefoy?

    If they’re following Cleo’s whole life story, they’ll need an older actor to play Julius Caesar, who was also her lover (and father of her son Caesarion). Who’d be best for that role?

  48. Stephy2585 says:

    Sean Bean would be an incredibly perfect choice!!!
    Why dooesn’t Hollywood hire you to pick leading men for all movies??
    |Note: My opinion may be slightly tainted by my overwhelming love for Boromir…I mean Sean Bean.

  49. guesty says:

    She does look good in jeans…& ita with Tom Hardy. But no acccent…she’s awful with that whole accent thing.

  50. Cherry Rose says:

    @ anonymous – Can you please, for the love of god, learn to use proper punctuation and perhaps grammar? Jesus, reading your post almost gave me a migraine. Oh, and using spell check never hurt anyone either.

    And sorry to burst your bubble, but Angelina Jolie only won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. She was only nominated for Best Actress in Changeling. Unfortunately, she did not win (she should have though).

    Natalie Portman has already won the Golden Globe and SAG Award, and it’s highly likely that she’s going to win Best Actress at the Academy Award.

  51. mln76 says:

    Alexander was unwatchable. It was on TV the other day and I couldn’t get through 10 minutes of it. It clearly was all Oliver Stone and his egomaniac style of directing. He hasn’t done a good film in the last decade but his reputation still brings talented actors to the fold. I just watched A Mighty Heart for the first time last week and she did an amazing job disappearing into that character it was her best work end of story.
    As for anon’s post despite the name calling and immaturity she is correct in her numbers so far foriegn Box Office for the Tourist is 139.5 million. Add that to the 67 mill domestic and you have a little over 200 mill.
    EDIT: I love James Purefoy by the way he is Marc Antony.

  52. Canuck says:

    @Anonymous: There is a big difference between a $37 million dollar film having a $15 million opening and a $100 million film having one that is slightly above that. The numbers that you are citing need to be taken in context, which is something that many people seem to have a hard time doing. The Tourist is now edging into “making it’s production budget back” territory, but realistically do you think that is what the investors in this film were expecting when they signed on AJ and Depp and agreed to fork over $100 million + promo budget? A list stars are supposed to deliver profits, that’s why they are A list and that’s why they get paid what they do. That didn’t really happen with this film.

  53. danielle says:

    I liked Angelina when Alexander came out – but she was godawful in it. I think at this point she looks to old to be Cleopatra also.

  54. Butch says:

    Why do people think Jolie has acting chops? I saw both the Changeling and A Mighty Heart – she did a passable, average performance. I mean, she’s not horrible, but she’s far from great. The Cleo role needs a genuinely good actor – why not give Lena Headey or an actor of her caliber the chance? I hate Hollywood for that – go and blow a perfectly good story, and helm the project with A list recognized name with D list talent.

  55. lucy2 says:

    @mln76 – you’re right about the $200 mil being correct, but all the others in that post seem to be incorrect. But anyway-

    Russell Crowe in his gladiator days would have been an excellent choice, but now not so much.
    I agree with the Sean Bean suggestions!

  56. Su says:

    #3 what’s the matter. Couldn’t they find a black women to portray a black figure like cleopatra? Oh I forgot Egypt is not in Africa but in the middle east. Arabs migrated to Egypt long after cleopatra reigned. But then again, holywood and all will always remind you that black peoples history began here in America as slaves…. Sad world.

  57. Bodhi says:

    Alexander was AWFUL! I saw it for free as part of a college bookstore promo & the entire theater burst out laughing when Hannibal & his elephants came on screen. Awful just awful.

    However, AJ was wonderful. She did the best she could with that awful script & she certainly looked amazing!

  58. Lola7 says:

    Wow, she is so friggen pretty in the first pic.

  59. Blaster says:

    And more white-washing. Why am I not surprised? With “Prince of Persia” we got overly tanned white actors and for Avatar: The Last Airbender, we got white actors as the protagonists. Ugh, I’m not sure where some of the posters on this thread are getting their facts, but History is always on the move, you’ve gotta keep up:

    So can we please get off the “Cleopatra was Greecian, therefore not African in any way” bandwagon?

    Say what you will about race (that there is no biological link to it, which is true) but the zygomatic bones, supraorbital notches of people from Africa are far more defined/different than those of European descent. Not to mention the arch of the nasal bone.

    Yes, Cleopatra and her family were descendants of Ptolemy but it has been shown they WERE part Egyptian. Even if someone was only a fourth black, they would still have overall Ethnic/Black features. I’m just getting tired of Hollywood white-washing everything, as though if it isn’t white, no one will go see it. I got it during Elizabeth Taylor’s time but now, in 2011, we are still doing this?

    Trust me, I’m not blaming AJ in any way, this would be a great role for her career, but I don’t think she is the right choice. And after Alexander…and that “accent”…still gives me chills…And I’m not even going to go near the accent for Beowulf. There are no shortages of ethnic actresses. Just because AJ has big, full lips does not mean she has a ticket into playing ethnic roles.

  60. jover says:

    Please no; btw Egypt was not an african country – from the Old kingdom on in tomb paintings and art the ancient Egyptians clearly distinguished between themselves and the black african nubian kingdoms to the south, although a Nubian dynasty, the 26th, did rule Egypt for a short time from roughly 730 bc to 664 bc until conquered by the Assyrians; as others have pointed out Cleopatra was of Grecian ptolemaic origins and light-skinned not black. But that aside cast an unknown actress and please consult some classical scholars, they are in every major university, for attaining a modicum of historical accuracy.

  61. Cheyenne says:

    I will believe this when I see it and I don’t expect to see it any time soon. I could see either Mortensen or Bean doing Mark Antony; either would do well. But actually, I don’t expect this movie will ever be made; and if it is, I doubt it will be made with Angie in it. I think they will probably go with relatively unknown actors to hold production costs down. These will probably be stratospheric anyway, even without name actors who command $20 mil per movie.

    Su, stop beating a dead horse. Cleopatra was descended from generations of inbred Ptolemys who were of Greek, not African, descent. They ruled over an African population but they were not African by blood.

    According to, Tourist has made $217 mil and counting. Officially, it’s a hit.

  62. mln76 says:

    Stacy Schiff is a historian. She is actually a Pulitzer Prize winning non-fiction author and she personally thinks Angelina would be perfect for the role.
    She is the one pushing the Angelina connection to try to get the film greenlit.(Which is why she is also mentioning Brad Pitt)

  63. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    If this does get made, hopefully they’ll cast some unknown with a bunch of great character actors in the other roles-and hopefully they won’t try to make it some kind of obnoxious swords-and-sand epic; those have been really bad lately. Going for realism (a la Gladiator) almost always goes a long way in making a film good.

    If you put Angelina Jolie in this part, all people will be thinking during the film is: Look at Angelina Jolie playing Cleopatra. She doesn’t disappear into characters very well. Having seen pieces of Alexander as well…holy hell do not let this woman attempt another “ancient” accent.

  64. merry says:

    @Blaster, I agree that Hollywood does a LOT of withewashing and mainly places very white actors in roles that should go to black, hispanic or mediterrean people.
    Having said that, Cleopatra was probabily not black, her traits were likely very Greek; rulers of those times did not marry outside their aristocracy.
    Again, I deeply dislike the idea of Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra; I don’t think she looks the part nor that she can act well enough for it.

  65. Canuck says:

    For the record, Egypt is in Africa which makes it an African country regardless of what skin colour people have.

    Cleopatra, judging from this coin that is in the British Museum

    did not have black African features. Nor was she, from the looks of it, a raving beauty.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    @mln: Stacy Schiff may be a historian but I don’t think that qualifies her to determine who would be best to play Cleopatra. Incidentally, I read Schiff’s book and thought it was dreadful.

  67. Sam says:

    It’d be great if they did a realistic portrayal of Cleopatra- namely the fact that in real life she would have been considered fat and ugly. It was her attitude that won everyone over. But somehow I don’t think Hollywood will portray that.

  68. renai(jrt) says:

    Orlando Bloom. That might work well

    mln76, yes, in Furious Love there was some crazy stuff going on that boat …ie home so that they didnt have to declare citizenship… hard to imaging that they could fit in any parenting with all the partying, drinking and what else went on………

  69. renai(jrt) says:

    she has a daughter from Africa, thats got to count for something

  70. Crash2GO2 says:

    I am struck by how awesome she looks with some weight on her.

  71. mln76 says:

    @Cheyenne my point in that post is that all of this is coming from a historian, specifically about her ethnicity.Whether or not she can pull it off is a matter of opinion, mine obviously being biased :)
    Also I agree with the sentiment of your earlier post that this may or may not be made. This story is just getting put out as manufactured buzz in order to push the studio to pay for a script.

    EDIT @ renai(jrt) Yeah I think the tabs try really hard to put those personas on them but there is not any comparasion in terms of excess Remember the story about her dog eating Anne Boylen’s pearl???

  72. munchies says:

    the writer and the producer already wants Angelina – now if you are complaining, make your own movie.

    If you still want to watch and insist your want as being not satisfied esp with the race to do the job then pick Gabby Sidebe as Cleo, Ted golden Voice Williams for Mark Anthony and Andy Dick for Ceasar. White brown and black. now lets see if AD will touch GS.

  73. DetRiotgirl says:

    So, I have a confession. I secretly love the Liz Taylor version of Cleopatra. I own it on DVD and have seen it more times than I care to admit. My boyfriend can’t understand my fascination with it, which I don’t blame him for when you consider that Cleopatra is definitely not a good movie by any normal standards.

    However, there are a few scenes in that epic four hour (Yes, FOUR HOUR) mess that make it near and dear to my heart. Let me paraphrase some of the best parts of this movie for those of you who haven’t seen it:

    *SCENE #1: Rex Harrison as Caesar has just set fire to the harbor of Alexandria, but the fire has spread to the city and has begun to burnt down the city’s famous library. Elizabeth Taylor is PISSED.*

    Rex: Who let this little girl in ?

    Liz: You burnt down my library! You can destroy my harbor, destroy my city, but you cannot destroy one single human thought!

    *She says all that, but her face says “Whatever that means. Check out my dress!”*

    Rex: What was that woman? I was too busy checking out your dress to notice you could talk too. Guard! Get out of here!

    Guard: But, didn’t this chick kill half her family? Ummm… Aren’t you like sick and stuff? Should you really be allowed to be alone with this crazy b*tch?

    Rex: Dude, I’m trying to score here. Get thee out!

    Liz: Do you Romans always just take the things you want?

    Rex: Yes. Now bring that ass!

    *Caesar and Cleopatra share their first kiss while the city burns*

    *SCENE #2 Liz Taylor and Rex Harrison have been knocking boots for awhile at this point. But, like any good gold digger, Liz has decided that sleeping with the ruler of Rome is not good enough. She now wants to have his baby too. Seal the deal, Liz! Anyway, so then we get to hear these amazing words of courtship…*

    Rex: I just love having sex with woman who aren’t my wife. Btw, she can’t have kids.

    *Liz sees his weakness, her eyes light up like a cash register… Ka-Ching!*

    Liz: My hips are like the lower valleys, my breasts are like the Nile, I suppose that makes my eyes Crete or something. But anyway, the point, is they say such women… BARE SONS!

    Rex: Good enough for me. Let’s have sex again.

    *SCENE #3 here’s a bit of a SPOILER ALERT: Caesar totally dies. Now, that we have that out of the way, Liz is left with an illegitimate son and a whole lot of haters back in Rome. So, what does she do? She moves on to the next available dude with power, of course. This time that means Mark Anthony AKA Richard Burton. They have a wild love affair in Egypt, only to have him go back to Rome to be with his proper Roman woman. OH NOOOOZ!11! At this point in the movie, Liz kind of goes insane. Word gets back that Richard Burton has married his other chick. Liz can’t deal with being the side piece and starts taking a shank to all the nice things in her palace. It goes something like this.*

    Liz: ANTHONY!!!!

    *shanks pillows*


    *shanks bed*

    Liz: Oh God… AAAANTHOOONY!!!!

    *shanks entire wardrobe*


    *collapses on the stairwell, clutching her heart and dreaming of the Oscar she surely believes she’ll win for this scene*

    *Scene #4 By the end of the movie, things are not going well for Liz and Richard. He’s basically become a pathetic self loathing alcoholic and she’s become rightfully annoyed with her both her army and her boyfriend’s total inability to get anything done. All Burton’s character does is whine like a baby and bicker with Liz about everything. Towards the last thirty minutes of this movie, I usually break out my “Team Rex Harrison!” flag and wonder how in the world Liz and Richard Burton managed to have any chemistry in real life. Anyway, by the very last battle in the movie, Richard Burton’s armies have forsaken him and left him to die at the hands of the Romans. SPOILER ALERT: he eventually does. SPOILER ALERT: So does Liz, albeit by her own hand. Anyway, Burton’s cry baby d-bag routine gives us this gem of a scene while he is surrounded by Roman troops.*

    Burton: Someone PLEASE kill me!

    *Ah, and I thank the movie for finally giving Burton a sympathetic line.*

    Anyway, the end! I have now spared everyone from having to watch the movie themselves. You can thank me later.

    Seriously though, it’s a really fun movie. But, only if you like epic old Hollywood messes. Don’t watch it expecting to see history, a well thought out story line or acting (well, with the exception of Rex Harrison. He can act circles around the rest of the cast). Watch this movie only if you love old Hollywood gossip. Btw, if this movie with AJ gets made, I think it will be exactly the same scenario; only watch it if you love Angie because I’m sure it will also be a huge mess!

  74. Cheyenne says:

    @Sam: Actually, the real problem with portraying Cleopatra is nobody knows what she looked like. There are no authenticated images of her. If you look at the cover of the Schiff book, which purports to be a history, all you see is the back of somebody’s head — but the head looks remarkably like the photo on the cover of Andrew Morton’s fake bio of Angelina Jolie. It makes you wonder if Schiff was using Jolie’s image (real or imaginary) to help sell her book.

  75. Kim says:

    Let’s see Salt made $293 M Worlwide and an additionally $25M in Dvd sales. The Tourist has made $217M worlwide so far. Angie was paid $20M+percentages for both. I just read on a film site that the budget for Cleoptra will be between $250M I wonder how much her salary will be for this film? As for the comparisons with Natalie, Angie is an international star like Depp, Will Smith etc. Natalie will receive the Oscar but so did Kate W.yet she(KW) still receives $6M a film.You have to be in films that appeal to international audieces to be an A+++ movie star.Oh yeah I forget to mention The Tourist will be opening in China in Feb so it should surpass $250M

  76. Canuck says:

    It’s too bad that Angelica Houston isn’t a bit younger, she would have been perfect for this role. Not classically beautiful but with enough charisma that she seems like it.

  77. Cheyenne says:

    @Kim: It most likely will; she is enormously popular in China. I wonder if the Chinese will ever let up on banning Brad Pitt. They had a terminal hissy fit over Seven Years in Tibet. Pitt, David Thewlis and Jean-Jacques Annaud have been banned from ever entering the country. Sounds like a bit of an over-reaction, to put it mildly.

  78. sassenach says:

    @ Detroitgirl LOVE your synopsis of the film!!!!

  79. anon says:

    @DetRiotgirl: Thanks for the review. I enjoyed it, lol :-) and may even try to watch it.

  80. Anon73 says:

    Angie looks fab in the snaps of her in jeans with the snake !! thinking those are from a few years back though. love the sexy / bada** vibe she gives !!

  81. Kim says:

    Blaster which ethnic/Black actresses do you think can play the lead in a $250 Million film and draw an international audience? I’m just curious who you have in mind. Also I don’t understand why its in 3D. This is a historical drama not a sci fi thriller Why 3D?

  82. Cheyenne says:

    @Kim: The studios think 3D sells more tickets. I’m with you, I think it’s ridiculous. The only movie I’d want to see in 3D is an action-adventure film that’s heavy on the special effects.

  83. mln76 says:

    I hope she does the Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott instead. Noomi Roopace is already attached and there are rumours that either she or Charlize Theron are being considered for the second lead.

  84. Angel says:

    She’s pure perfection, gorgeus.

    I agree that she’s perfect for this role. For Mark Antony role I love all ideas.

  85. Fred says:

    white-washing huh Hollywood?

    it’s not as if there are OTHER actress from other countries that can play Cleopatra . . . (being utterly sarcastic here just for your information)

    I mean it’s not as if Hollywood is making sure to send white actors to lay in the sunbeds or lay in the actual sun for a week;sun block free to get a tan ( still being utterly sarcastic)

    Mariane Pearl is biracial(Dutch father and an Afro-Chinese-Cuban mother) so all Jolie did was lay in the sun;get her hair to go curly thanks to some chemical and fake a very bad French accent (I speak French btw so don’t bash me if I think it was TERRIBLE)

    The only role Halle Berry is getting ready to play will probably be THE role of her lifetime: Lena Horne!

  86. katie says:

    Hands down the only one that comes to my mind for the role of Mark Anthony is Eric Bana:)

  87. Canuck says:

    Why don’t they get an Egyptian actress to play Cleopatra? It’s not as if Egypt doesn’t have a thriving film industry of it’s own…

  88. LittleDeadGirl says:

    God, please NO 3D. I think she is the perfect one to play Cleopatra but def not Brad Pitt. I would vote for Viggo Mortensen or Eric Bana as well …

  89. Camille says:

    She is perfect for the (Hollywood) role. :D

    I think Mark Antony should be played by someone like James Purefoy or Clive Owen. Now there would be some chemistry.

  90. renai(jrt) says:

    mln,76…. the dog story came out of no-where and I had to read it three times to see if they were joking or not…a bit of a shocker but I think there was some validity since it didnt involve Liz or Dick and Liz did approve the book and you could tell she did by the way it was written….and they tiptoed around the thing like it was nothing……. thats what makes me think there was a lot more then martinis flying around on the boat…….. no wonder the children of these folks turn out so far-removed from society. Elizabeth has had a long full life…she took a wrong turn around the time of the MJ and never came back…meaning that I like MJ and I liked Liz but together they just seemed odd….

  91. renai(jrt) says:

    I loved Brad in Tibet…the movie was done well even if China didn’t like it.
    Brads accent in Tibet was pretty good maybe he can give Angie a few pointers. He was good for a Midwestern

  92. Shay says:

    Just as long as they don’t do what Oliver Stone did with Irish accents in Alexander.

    @ Su
    Why would they find a black woman to play Cleopatra? Cleopatra wasn’t black. She was a Ptolemy. She was Greek.

  93. didi says:

    Blaster, the skeleton that was found was of Cleopatras sister, not Cleopatra. They had different mothers, even the articles you linked to say so. The skeleton supposedly had African features from the mother’s side (because it is well known their father was Greek). Also, the supposed African features are based on facial measurements from the 1920′s because that’s when the skull was lost/stolen. So really, no one can say they actually saw, examined or verified the measurements or african features.

  94. Cheyenne says:

    @Fred: Mariane Pearl specifically asked for Angelina to play her in that movie.

    Halle Berry as Lena Horne? I hope not. Nobody is Lena but Lena.

  95. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Blaster: “Even if someone was only a fourth black, they would still have overall Ethnic/Black features.”

    If you are saying that if a person is 1/4 black, they will still appear to be very ethnic/black, I think you are quite mistaken. The result could run the full gamut of skin colors, hair textures, eye colors and facial features, from ‘black’ to the other ethnicities that are present.

  96. P.M. says:

    Oh no,no,no. Cleopatra was only about 21 years old when she met Julius Caesar & dies when she was about 39. If they insist on making this movie I hope they find a wonderful young Greek actress to play the part. It’s easier to make someone young look older than to make someone older look young. Cleopatra was the first in her family to learn Egyptian, none of her ancestors had bothered. She is also suspected of having Marc Antony murder her half sister Arsinoe.

  97. Masala says:


    In the blockbuster Avatar, the main protagonist Jake Sully was played by a, then, relatively unknown actor Sam Worthington.

    Same for the male and female leads in Tron. Whether or not it has a $250 million budget , it’s pretty much assumed at this point that when it comes to white actors/actresses the amount the amount of fame is not the greatest factor in them getting hired. If it’s a good movie, people are going to go see it. If it’s a bad movie, people aren’t going to see it. Ie, the modest gross of The Tourist compared to its production budget + salary for the stars.

    And in terms of who could play Cleopatra outside of AJ, I would say the obvious: Halle Berry. Or maybe Thandie Newton. Zoe Zaldana. Rashida Jones. They are all quite capable and even more than I mentioned. You would think Zoe Zaldana, who has been in two HUGE blockbusters (Avatar and Star Trek) would now be looked at as being able to carry movies…but no. Quite the opposite.

  98. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Monica Bellucci would have made a stunning Cleopatra. Unfortunately, now she’s too old.

    Agree with either James Purefoy or Tom Hardy as Marc Anthony.

  99. Nette says:

    I think Angelia would make a beautiful Cleopatra (with a tan and a little extra weight), she can pull it off.

    Also for the record, Cleopatra was of mixed heritage. So you all are technically right.

  100. Isa says:

    89- Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Marianne speak several different languages which affected her accent?
    I seem to remember an interview with Jolie where she talked about how Marianne had such a difficult accent to master since it was all her own.

    I agree with Crash2Go2. My daughter is 1/4 Mexican and she has red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. You never know what you could end up with!

  101. CB Rawks says:

    3D would be a huge mistake.
    Hmmm I’m going down an imaginary list of actors for Mark Antony, and it’s turning into Hot Guy Friday in my head.
    Ooh. Fassbender.

  102. Val says:

    The Alexander clip is hilarious, and Angie does one helluva Russian accent in it.

    The only movie that I have ever thought she was good in was Gia.

  103. Canuck says:

    @morticians: Monica Bellucci already played Cleopatra and you are right, she was stunning.

  104. Luci says:

    this movie is going to SUCK as hard as Troy or Alexander. But it will make huge box office much to my chagrin.

  105. Katherine Mac says:

    It’s utterly useless for us mere mortals to try to figure out if a film makes a profit. The studios have the most unimaginable financial deals going on all over the world that ensure they make profits on their movies. Earnings from box office and even dvds are only a small part of their game.

    I think Angelina recently said in an interview that she checked into it and discovered that Brad Pitt is not really banned from China after all. Fooled you, Brad. She probably just rang up Mr. Jintau and asked if Brad could tag along when she visits. “Sure, Angie, bring Brad. He can carry Maddox and Pax’s bags.”

  106. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Katherine Mac: LMAO!
    @DetRiotGirl: Interesting synopsis!
    i’m on the fence about this for Angie. i don’t mind 3-D though and personally, i’d love the following: no.1 no horrible accent, no.2 a really good script and great cinematography no.3 some crazy action, like Cleo should get down and dirty in some fight-like or mad struggle scene no.4 their costumes should be awesome no.5 Colin Firth should be Caesar and Eric Bana should be Antony.
    that would get me on the bandwagon fo’ sure :) .

  107. Geekylove says:

    Sometime after “girls interrupted” i stopped seeing Angelina Jolie as anything else than Angelina Jolie. Dunno, seems to me as a perfect example of “movie star” versus actress; in every movie she makes lately, i just see an image of Jolie waiting to be sold in form of a movie ticket. I suppose it wasn’t Like that in that eastwood movie, but a) that was some time ago and b) i am not interetSed in jolie’s talent enough (anymore) to see her acting.
    And Alexander was one of the WORST historical movies EVER (and i couldn’t even stand more than 20 minutes of troy); even if you aren’t invested in the story and history per se, jolie’s terrible accent and one-dimensional approach would be schock-inducing, if it weren’t for farrel’s alexander who, obviously, didn’t have anything else to do but being emo about his mother, and trying to figure out who would he rather do, her or leto. Yes, that’s how you conquer half of the world and start a whole new culture.
    Jolie as cleopatra is jusT blasphemy.
    Btw, i love this site, and kaiser, i usually agree with your attitude;)

  108. Eve says:

    Don’t think she’s the right choice for the role simply because she’s a way too beautiful to play it (and not Greek-looking enough either). If you take a look at the many portraits of Cleopatra (from different periods of time) you will see they have many characteristics in common and they mostly show a classic mediterranean profile/facial features.

    Anyway, James Purefoy should reprise his role as Mark Antony (he was absolutely perfect in HBO’s Rome) but I don’t think producers will call him so my vote also goes for Benicio Del Toro. Or anyone else but Brad Pitt.

    P.S.: Some people may think Cleopatra had ethnic African features because she used to dress like the natives (note: I’m not taking the fact she was born there into consideration here) and, apparently, she was the first from the Ptolemies to ever do that (also speaking the language). She presented herself as an Egyptian queen. However, they (ptolemies) lived there and ruled the country without mixing with the local people (some say they ruled Egypt as an “apartheid state”) — they used to marry their “own blood” in order to prevent that from happening. Cleopatra must have looked Greek/Macedonian so I can’t see Halle Berry playing the role either.

  109. Kim says:

    Angie stated in USAWeekend she would not play a love interest in a movie with Brad since they are together in real life.

  110. Angel says:

    She is too beautiful to play Cleopatra, who was quite plain, but as far as an actress who can be that believably cunning I am hard-pressed to think of someone else. So… whatever, I guess.

  111. Truthzbetta says:

    Russel Crowe as Marc Antony.

    Le Sigh.

    And I’m tired of her and Brad so an on screen off screen scandal would also be about due.

    But can either look like themselves in their prime?

  112. Valentine says:

    Aw, it’s been a long time since she’s looked like she does in these photos. I liked her at this level of skinny, versus the skinny that she’s sporting now.

  113. Sakyiwaa says:

    Penelope? you got to be kidding. doesn’t she have a Spanish accent?

  114. Sami says:

    someone said; “Another terrible accent from Angelina..and another bomb!”

    Not as big a bomb as Aniston’s littany of bombed sh!tcoms and romcoms. Who was it that was nominated for Worst Comedian this year?

  115. StraightfromA says:

    @ Geekylove and everyone else who commented on Jolie’s documented place on the official register of the WORST HISTORICAL ACCENTS EVER- I concur. Even though I watch a lot of artsy/foreign films rarely I am distracted by an accent as much as I am by hers. Literally, it made me cringe and form a mental “WTF?” each time as if I had never heard it before (she did this to me for HOURS I tell you). Add her wooden acting and limited emotional range and I think you can count on this movie possibly taking the crown from the original as the most expensive vanity piece on this topic in Hollywood. And since she is being cast its obvious this is will not be an honest attempt at historical accuracy, whatever Cleopatra’s race would be defined as (my vote is Greek and I am a proud African-American who loves history). Who cares about her co-stars in this? Its already beyond help with her as the lead and the producers being happy about it. Yeah, I’m not a fan of Jolie and I don’t think she even has enough talent to make this campy to give her audience some joy at all.