Kevin Smith loses 65 pounds, but wears the same hockey jersey he always has

Director Kevin Smith made headlines last year for allegedly being “too fat to fly,” but he maintains that he was bumped from the flight because it was overbooked and that he was an easy target because he was a very large guy. His weight wasn’t at a level where he would require two seats because he didn’t need a seatbelt extender and the airline has admitted as much. Smith revisited that whole controversy in an appearance on The Joy Behar show last night. He was visibly thinner and said he’s lost 65 pounds but admitted that he’s still wearing the tent-like hockey jersey he always does. (This occurred to me before he even said anything about it because the last time I covered a story on him I noticed that the photo agencies had pictures of him wearing that same shirt on several different occasions.) Smith was kind of apologetic about his weight loss and said that he still self-identified as a heavy person and wasn’t about to change his wardrobe at this point. The dude talked so fast that Joy asked him if he was on amphetamines. He might have just been nervous and hopped up on caffeine.

The not-so-friendly skies seems to have led to a much healthier Kevin Smith.

In the wake of getting bounced from a Southwest Airlines flight last year for being, to use his term, “a fatty,” the Clerks director thought it might be high time to lose somes LBs.

Sure enough, during a hepped-up appearance on CNN’s Joy Behar Show on Tuesday night, Smith revealed that he has in fact dropped quite a few pounds. If not his wardrobe.

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“I’ve spent most of my life yo-yoing in terms of weight, so it’s always been easier to wear a hockey jersey because, like, I’ve lost 65 pounds, but I’m still wearing the same jersey I wore before I lost the 65, but you wouldn’t know because it’s all air,” said Smith.

But the filmmaker, who was on to promote his upcoming movie Red State, admits he was a bit hesitant when it came to slimming down.

“I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin,” he pointed out. “I’ll never be thin. Let’s be honest. I’ve lost 65 pounds, but nobody’s going ‘I wanna sleep with you!’ They’re just like ‘Keep going, you look better.’”

Smith proceeds to recount the whole Too Fat to Fly controversy in the typical rapid-fire fashion he often incorporates in his Q&A stage shows, which led Behar to jokingly ask: “Are you on amphetamines?”

“No,” Smith answered with a laugh. “I know I’ve got eight minutes…and I believe if you’re going to put me on television, I better be as entertaining as heck and I got to get as much information in as possible.”

[From E! Online]

You could tell that it bothered Smith that people called him “fat” when they reported that story, and he explained that it did hurt his feelings but that the news outlets justified it because he had called himself fat on Twitter.

The part where Behar asked Smith if he was on amphetamines was much funnier than E! explained it. Smith was actually suffering from verbal diarrhea and was about to stick his foot in his mouth. He said that he was always fat and didn’t get a lot of play in high school and college, except from “ladies like yourself who are like ‘you’re handsome,’ because you’ve been around the world and you know sometimes a fat dude has a lot to offer ‘if I can just get past the blubber.’” Joy had just called him handsome, but the way he explained it made it sound like she wasn’t that discriminating.

Smith is pretty damn funny and self deprecating, but it’s clear he’s got some issues around his weight still. I wish him the best and congratulations to him for losing the weight! If I were his wife I would burn that damn hockey jersey though, or just conveniently ruin it in the laundry.

Here’s Smith in that Puck U hockey jersey in June, August, September and November of last year in that order. I’m serious. His daughter is cute! Credit: and Fame.





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  1. Lukie says:

    His wife needs to get him on “What Not to Wear”.

  2. Lady Miss E says:

    Jesus cracker eating christ, someone burn that fucking thing, it’s hideous. AND I’ve always thought that Kevin Smith was hot.

  3. MSat says:

    He has always been a fast talker. Why do you think he created “Silent Bob?” Hee hee.

    I love Kevin Smith – he doesn’t take himself seriously and just really really loves movies.

  4. Roma says:

    I’d rather be with a heavier guy than a too skinny guy.

    I want to have the smallest ass in my relationship!

  5. EdithP says:

    Isn’t this a repeat? I thought he lost a bunch of weight before when he broke his friends toilet. Too bad the jersey wasn’t lost in the fray.

  6. hatsumomo says:

    Gosh his house must seem like a really cool place to grow up in though your teen years. I look at his daughter and she wears some cute things that would look mortifying at first, but you notice she must really love patterns, textures and color. If only I could’ve had access to some of her things when I was younger! And if he want to wear the jersey, let him.
    And as for the talking fast, people tell me I speak quickly all the time. It builds up when you have to say the same thing over and over to various people and gets a bit repetitious. You just have a habit of spitting the workds out.

  7. mauibound says:

    Kevin, personally I think your awesome. Netflix has a dvd where he’s doing a q&a and it basically turns into stand up, it was great.

  8. cranky rogalsky says:

    a) he needs to dump the stupid jersey, that’s the real reason he’s not getting laid. they should stop making the dumb things.

    b) he was treated poorly – no question. but he’s morbidly obese (which to me sounds worse than fat) … how does it hurt one’s feelings to be called “fat” at that stage? kelly osbourne once said the same thing.

    i’mn not talking about being taunted or bullied. i’m talking about being descriptive. i’m not trying to be a dick – i sincerely don’t understand.

    are we not in agreement that 100+ pounds overweight is fat? (i’m not talking about 20 pounds, fwiw.) is this just a denial thing?

    flame me or actually provide some insight – it’s up to you.

  9. Riley says:

    @Lukie: That would be so much fun to see him on WNTW.

  10. Stephie says:

    I’m sure he’s got 50 of those “Puck U” shirts. Good for him on the weight loss.

  11. RHONYC says:


    at 1st glance at that pic, i thought that was BRAD PITT with a dye job for a new role!!!

    swear to gawd.

    p.s. – as soon as me & my fiancé finish our Almased diet program…’his’ hockey jersey is going to mysteriously end up at the goodwill. :twisted:

  12. Jana says:

    Good for him. He looks great.

  13. Arianna says:

    i find him hilarious!
    good for him.
    his podcast is awesome

  14. Anguishedcorn says:

    Lady Miss, you have just introduced me to my new favorite exclamation. Thanks.

  15. Henriette says:

    I think he’s really handsome these days. And, he seems like a cool person; his daughter doesn’t look like a Hollywood douche-kid but actually like a normal, regular child… reflects well on him as a dad.

  16. JuiceinLA says:

    So happy he’s losing weight, and I hope he continues to look after his health. Wish He’d go back to the Devils jersey though.

  17. Cleo says:

    I always got the feeling that he felt good looking enough (and perfect skin to boot) so that he could get away with gaining weight. He looks like a regular good looking guy from the neighborhood. He was probably nervous because he was on The View and couldn’t remember if he had ever made fun of them via Jay’s diatribes in his movies.

  18. Reality says:

    He’s not just wearing that stupid sophmoric jersey, but the same repulsive denim culottes, and even the same shoes.

    At least he changed them in the last picture. Must have been a special occasion.

  19. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Love Kevin Smith but he dresses like a toddler. I want to ask him if he wants an Arrowroot or needs to “make” before getting in the car.

  20. Liana says:

    he needs to dump the stupid jersey, that’s the real reason he’s not getting laid. they should stop making the dumb things.

    He has no problem getting laid. He’s in a pretty decent marriage. And really, he can and should wear whatever he wants. Love Kevin, worked on a couple of his films (Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno) and am proud to consider him an acquaintance.

  21. orion70 says:

    @Edith… KS has been riding the diet rollercoaster for a long time, so it’s not necessarily old news. According to one of his books, he does the slimfast thing a bit. The family also seems to do a lot of fast food, as per the books. Not sure if that’s still the case.

    Regardless, I love the guy, and they seem to have a pretty tight family, albeit unconventional.

  22. Stephy2585 says:

    Wow, I never did realize how handsome he was!
    And fun.
    He seems so genuine, too.

    Good for him on the weight loss-hope he keeps it off and stays healthy!

  23. Shy says:

    Oh Gosh. Those Kevin Federline pants. I would never understand how can man wore that clothes and think that they look fine. I almost cry (not really but still) when I see Kevin Federline in that pants for every freaking paparazzi picture. And he wears it all the time. It’s like he is allergic to any normal clothes besides those pants-shorts.

    How can they go outside dressing like that and think that they look cool and normal?

  24. MoMo says:

    Omg he gave a shout out to Manitoba! (Winnipeg, Manitoba is my hometown). I wonder if the jersey really is from there.

  25. gg says:

    Good gosh his clothes! Are those long shorts or short longs? I thought he looked really great in the face and then I saw the bare cankles. He looks like a little old lady in Palm Springs!

  26. MrsOdie2 says:

    I saw him on Chelsea Lately about a week ago and thought he looked SO dumpy in his clothes. Also, I was distracted by how agitated he was and how fast he talked. Not surprised he repeated the performance. Makes one suspicious how he lost all that weight.

    I liked him better silent.

  27. Sam says:

    I’ve always loved Kevin! He really is a handsome man, and when a handsome man is funny with a good sense of humor? Sexy!

    @ Cranky
    Fat isn’t really used as a “descriptive” word anymore. At least that’s how I see it. I think it’s used in a condescending way, and to deliberately hurt feelings.

    It always hurts when someone else points out what you hate most about yourself.

  28. Farrah Abubakr says:

    Excuse me, I meant to say the Caribbean was in the bottom LEFT corner. That’s what I get for posting while I’m supposed to be working.