James Franco is coming back to General Hospital – will you watch?

I have a confession to make – I’ve watched the last two days of “Days of Our Lives.” On Tuesday it was on accidentally on while I was working and there was a lot of sex and hot shirtless guys so I stuck around and taped it the next day. Parts of it were super cheesy (there was a body double guy made by some nefarious characters through plastic surgery that even fooled the original guy’s girlfriend. They should have gone for the twin angle!) but the man candy kept me watching and I started getting interested in the characters. When I was in high school I used to watch “All My Children,” so soap operas aren’t a foreign concept to me, but now I really get the appeal.

Anyway James Franco is coming back to “General Hospital” as the “Franco” sociopath performance artist character he first played in November of 2009 and again last summer. The guy has a bunch of irons in the fire, and I know some call him pretentious – he’s teaching a class about himself for God’s sake – but I still find him awesome. He’s smart, he’s educated, he’s funny and he’s game for just about anything. I’ll be taping this and I’ll probably start watching “General Hospital” now to see what it’s about. Here’s more from People:

James Franco, who’s up for an Academy Award for his work in 127 Hours, is returning to ABC’s daytime drama General Hospital as performance artist Franco.

The actor, who is also hosting the Oscars with Anne Hathaway, will appear the soap on episodes airing Feb. 25 and Feb 28 (at 3 p.m. ET) to “wreak havoc” on the fictional town of Port Charles, according to a release from ABC, and to “make an important phone call to his nemesis Jason Morgan” (played by Steve Burton), who appears in a behind-the-scenes shot with Franco.

Following a two-month stint on General Hospital in 2009, Franco reprised his role as the mysterious and dangerous artist in the summer of 2010.

“Working on General Hospital was a great experience,” he told PEOPLE at the time. “I love the cast, writers, directors and producers. They have become a new family for me.”

[From People]

The executive producer of General Hospital, Jill Farren Phelps, has sung Franco’s praises during every phase of working with him. When he did his first guest stint on the show, she said he “could not have been nicer or more humble; he was willing to do whatever we asked. He had over 65 pages of material to do in the one day, so it was a very long day, but his demeanor was completely professional.” In December of last year, Phelps told TVGuide that she approached Franco about reprising his role for a third time when she heard that he would be in LA for the Oscars. He’s surely going to be busy during that time, but she said that he was gung-ho about it. “He was happy to do it and requested that we use the appearance to plug his next story. He’s also expressed an interest in directing at GH. He’s been really, really good to us. Whatever James wants, we’d love to make it happen.” She also said something that I think sums up what Franco is all about. “He is fearless about doing what he wants to do.” Wait – strike that. I’d rather quote Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor to sum up this story. “James Franco grabs overexposure by the balls, then teabags it.”





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  1. Dorothy#1 says:

    OMG YES!!!!! I have watched GH since I was little because my mom watched it!!!

    He is awesome! I love everything he does.

  2. Sarah says:

    James Franco can do no wrong! LOVE him! :)

  3. Quest says:

    Quote: “James Franco grabs overexposure by the balls, then teabags it.”

    I would grab James by the balls and teabag his ass whole day until his head spins (getting a warm fuzzy feeling with the thoughts of James buck-naked in my head).

  4. devilgirl says:

    Never have watched General Hospital, so, no, and even if I did, I wouldn’t tune in because of him.

  5. Arianna says:

    @ Quest ahahahahahhahahaah

    i would watch him shave his crack hair, so yes i will watch this!

  6. Laura says:

    I haven’t had a celebrity crush in a long time, but this man gives me a huge lady-boner. I want him!

  7. Hollowdoll says:

    I will definitely be watching! James is so awesome!

  8. aenflex says:

    I dont see how he can be that pretentious while cameoing on GH. No offense to GH or daytime television but damn. He can’t take himself that seriously.

  9. TQB says:

    I love this. Doing GH must be a blast – crazy melodramatic storyline and tons of overacting. This just proves to me that Franco cannot possibly be as pretentious as he comes off. He clearly does GH because he thinks it’s hilarious. I wish more actors felt free to have that much fun.

  10. chrissy says:

    Yes I will watch!! He’s freaking hot! Love him!

  11. icantbelievethis says:

    Celebitchy: Here’s a run down of how Franco’s character (called Franco) into General Hospital. Franco’s first appearance he had a fascination w/Jason Morgan (mob hitman and resident eye candy!). Jason Morgan is known for being cold (goes back to an accident that took his memory away) and he ignored Franco. So Franco, an artist who shows pics of dead people & crime scenes, did horrible stuff to get Morgan’s attention. Basically his whole story line is the bad stuff he does to get back at Jason Morgan.

    He is actually pretty good.

    LOL, now I feel weird that I know all that.

  12. JenJen says:

    I thought he was pratically an “A-lister”, why does he want to do a soap? I always think about him denying dating Lohan way back and there was some talk of her stalking him before she moved on to Sam.

  13. Katie says:

    I watch the show here and there. I was really into it when I was high school. Now I catch it sometimes b/c they marathon it on weekends. The Franco storyline was kind of bizarre, but it involved an 18 year old male character going to prison and they recently revealed on the show that while there the kid was raped and the whole thing was setup by Franco. I think it’s kind of interesting that they are doing a male rape/prison rape storyline b/c I don’t think that’s been done on soaps, at least not recently. Anyways, the kid just admitted to everyone what happened months ago and now he wants revenge on Franco, so I’m guessing somehow that is how Franco will come back into the plot.

  14. Cleo says:

    That show is a chore to watch. If the world turned upside down and justice was nonexistent, gangsters would run the town and the hospital staff and police would be apologizing for criminals for hurting their feelings.

    I wish they would just make us pay for just his scenes since I fast forwarded everything else anyway.

    But thanks to him, I caught the awesome “passing yourself out like candy” line:


  15. sassenach says:

    Damn you Cleo!

    Now after watching that clip I HAVE to know what happened to Lucky and Elizabeth!!!!

  16. original kate says:

    i so don’t get his appeal; he skeeves me, big time.

  17. grace says:

    When I thought I was over that phase of having celebrity crushes, I found myself dreaming about doing James Franco *.* :9

  18. HonestSally says:

    GH has gotten worse over the years Brian Fons just fawns over Playboy model Kelly Monaco and gives little screentime to others. It’s crazy.

    But I watch for James because I am a fan of his, once he is out and Becky is out I’m no longer watching!


    They just fired this actress instead of cutting their budget they fire people left and right. As great as James Franco is he alone cannot help ratings long term.


  19. LunaT says:

    I don’t get why he’s into the GH thing. Seemed to me that soap operas weren’t held in high esteem by the industry. Maybe I had it wrong. I used to watch GH when I was a kid. All the moody lighting and people taking themselves too seriously makes it all but impossible to watch.