Lady Gaga wears a condom dress & a diaphragm hat to GMA


These are some photos of Lady Gaga getting completely mobbed on her way out of the Good Morning America studio. She’s wearing… a latex suit. It’s a Condom Dress. Literally, that’s what people are calling it, and I think Gaga is calling it that too. I don’t know what the hat is called, though. The Diaphragm Hat? Sure. Apparently, she wore the Condom Dress to raise awareness about AIDS. It’s an important issue. Gaga is one of the spokeswomen for MAC Viva Glam, and she’s the face of one of the lipstick colors in which the proceeds go to charity. So her message seems to be: wear condoms and buy Viva Glam.

LADY GAGA highlighted the importance of safe sex on Thursday (17Feb11) by donning a flesh-coloured, “latex condom-inspired” dress to promote AIDS awareness on U.S. TV.

The Paparazzi hitmaker appeared on breakfast show Good Morning America in her capacity as a spokesmodel for cosmetic giant MAC’s Viva Glam campaign, which raises funds to fight HIV around the world. And she let her fashion choice speak volumes as she sat down for an interview with presenter Robin Roberts.

She said, “Today was a latex condom-inspired outfit because we’re here to talk about safe sex. Today I really wanted to be representative of what we women all over the world need to be concerned about, which is the leading cause of death in the world, which is HIV.”

Gaga, still sporting the alien-like facial ridges she debuted at Sunday’s (13Feb11) Grammy Awards, revealed her goal for 2011 is to boost donations to Viva Glam to $50 million (£33.3 million) via the sale of her special line of MAC lipstick. She also urged parents to be more open about the topic of sex with kids to ensure they know about the dangers of HIV and AIDS from a young age.

She continued, “MAC has been fighting for identity, and for passion and love and protection for so long and that’s why I’m here. We raised $34 million last year and I want to raise $50 million this year for AIDS to save lives worldwide. I want to get people started at home at a younger age with their children talking about HIV, talking about AIDS, talking about safe sex. My mother talked to me about sex at a young age, and she always taught me to be self-aware… I encourage women all over the world, and men, to speak with your friends, your parents, your sister, your brothers, your uncles, your aunts, all the loved ones in your life, about safe sex, about protection, because it is a 100 per cent disease that we can prevent, but it is zero per cent curable.”

[From WENN]

Sure. Good issue. I think Madonna might have mentioned this stuff as well…? Ah, nevermind, it’s a new generation, and they need to hear it.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. aenflex says:

    mixed feelings about gaga. but if younger people look up to her, than i am glad she preaches love for gays and responsible sex.

  2. Cherry Rose says:

    She must be running out of ideas for costumes, because they are seriously getting lamer than they already were.

  3. Yael says:

    Just FUG!…that’s how you end after many rides on some unknown guy’s “disco Stick” and snorting with your “muffins” in some dedicated room. This gal is such a cheap joke. Yeah, she was literally born that way.

  4. brin says:

    From the neck up she looks like the flying nun.

  5. MarenGermany says:

    i dont hate her, but she is a attention-seeking whore, thats for sure. and WHAT i hate about her is that she superficially uses every social issue that people are fighting with/for, to draw more attention to herself rather than to the problem itself.

  6. zzz says:

    I can’t stand that phony bitch anymore. It’s time for someone new.

  7. Kristin says:

    I’m sorry, but I love her. The issues she chooses to push are great causes and dressing wacky before talking about them ensures her issue gets exposure.

    Yes, she always dresses wacky, but you can’t deny that she actually cares about these issues.

  8. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Just heard her new song the other day and you are right, it sounds A Lot like Express yourself by Madonna.

    She’s so lame.

  9. Quest says:

    Was she also wearing the sweat and semen perfume she was talking about with this outfit?

  10. Jenna says:

    I can’t get past just how HOT (Temperature – Not Sex Appeal) that suit must be. Face ridges, weird hat, whatever. The suit? I let a friend once talk me into trying on a pair of pleather and latex pants once and I nearly melted before I could rip them off – DANCING in them? I’d die.

    And now I can’t get past a very nasty mental idea of how she must smell after wearing that outfit for a while. Gag.

  11. MarenGermany says:

    @kristin we all have our own taste, you dont have to be sorry to like her :)

    but do you think she really cares genuinely about all these topics?
    She seems so involved with herself
    (you probably have to be, if in her position)
    that I seriously doubt it.

  12. Lindsay says:

    “Today was a latex condom-inspired outfit because we’re here to talk about safe sex. Today I really wanted to be representative of what we women all over the world need to be concerned about, which is the leading cause of death in the world, which is HIV.”

    HIV/AIDS is not the leading cause of death in the word. Heart disease, followed by cancer take the top slot(s). Just a stray thought.

  13. jenna says:

    Can someone confirm whether or not she has had permanent face and shoulder implants????

  14. normades says:

    She needs a reinvention. This outrageous outfits thing is getting old.

  15. gg says:

    I think she does care about those issues. I just saw her on yet another talk show this morning (catching up my TiVo) and she is doing the work to raise money and awareness. And for that I cannot fault her.

    Her hat is supposed to look like the head of a weiner. which I think is funny. In fact I think 99% her outfits are funny. I was impressed with how tall she looked on the grammy performance, between the hair, the long body line and low skirt, and high shoes. She looked like a supermodel, and the dancing was better than everybody, except Beyonce’ maybe.

    And no way would I wear rubber even if I didn’t already have serious hot flashes every half hour. Can’t even wear a scarf.

  16. tango says:

    Hasn’t her outfits officially jumped the shark? I get that she supposedly wants to bring attention to a cause but it just becomes too much. When more attention is paid to the outfit than the message, then the message is lost. She’d get more attention at this point if she dressed reasonably when she talks about the causes she supports. It would give the issue some gravitas and importance rather than be about what wacky outfit she’s wearing now. It’s almost like this cause is another excuse to dress up in some gimmicky sort of outfit.

  17. annie says:

    Those nails turn me off more than anything else. Agree she probably smells-remember the old sauna suits to help lose weight? Yuck

  18. Tess says:

    GaGa, The Flying Nun called and she wants her head gear back, pronto.

    I think GaGa looks asexual. She’s like a campy geisha.
    Perhaps her real calling is as a spokesperson for sexual abstinence.

    As for her AIDS work….I’m skeptical…if it didn’t offer her instant street cred and a platform…would she be involved?
    Self promotion is a more likely motivation.

  19. foobie says:

    My take on these issues usually is I don’t give a f*** about the celebrities’ real agendas, so long as the point is made, the funds are raised, the needs are met.

    So in that sense, regardless of what I think of her latest single (ahem) I’m really happy about what she’s saying and doing for the anti-AIDS campaign, and wish this cause every success.

  20. dahlia1947 says:

    I like that nail color. I want to see her shoes though. I love seeing what shoes she’s wearing. People hate on her, but I love that she is concerned about different issues and i love that she says that people Should be allowed to be who they want to be.

  21. RHONYC says:

    ‘the flying nun’ meets ‘fruit roll ups’ :lol:

  22. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “My take on these issues usually is I don’t give a f*** about the celebrities’ real agendas, so long as the point is made, the funds are raised, the needs are met.”

    agree, completely. it’s just like the people who claim Jolie does the humanitarian stuff for her own image (yeah, I went there!). I don’t care why…for whatever reason they do it, it’s a good thing.

  23. The Bobster says:

    The Flying Nun is sporting a muffin top.

  24. Kim says:

    Isnt this the same outfit she wore when she performed at the Grammys? I think this is the same outfit but I dont think people realized at the Grammys it was a “condom” dress because they were so focused on the “egg” she came out of.

    She is so focused on being “shocking” that she is wearing the dress again on GMA to get the attention she wants it to get/it didnt get the attention she thought it would at the Grammys.

    The outfit was also see thru which Im suprised a big deal wasnt made about AGAIN hence why she is wearing it on GMA – she didnt get the reaction she wanted from the outfit (lame)!

    Shes went home from the Grammy thinking geez didnt they realize i was in a see thru condom dress??? All they focused on was my egg! Sob sob i didnt get the attention i wanted from my “shocking” dress – oh brother!!!!

    The fact that she goes out of her way to try and be shocking is sooooooo lame. We r so over it!

  25. Soapdish says:

    Good for her. She’s always talking about social issues. She’s an amazing lady!

  26. Kim says:

    Has anyone else noticed the tweaking she has been doing to her face ESP her nose?

    It is a great nose job a la Ashlee Simpson but to me there is something wrong with someone singing Born This Way (as a model to people to be who they are/be happy how they were born) when she herself is chosing to change how she was born.

    Nothing against plastic surgery at all – just a little hypocritical to the message Lady Gaga in particular is singing.

  27. Candy says:

    she’s getting lamer and lamer by the day.

  28. Macheath says:

    Of course she cares. Just like she cared about Arizona when she did a concert there but never really brought it up again.

  29. jover says:

    I agree Kiska and most people know that;I’d like to know how many hours a day she spends designing for Polaroid; I read in the Wall Street Journal recently that they even gave her a stake in the company;she knows how to manipulate social issues for personal gain. ANd tess, the real question is how much of her own money is she donating – not other people’s money. Interesting BOrn this Way was supposed to revolutionize pop music but the backlash has been extraordinary – what to do change the subject keep in the limelight because we do have a new cd coming out. I’m not convinced.

  30. Soapdish says:

    Why does every entertainer have to be doing something for their own personal gain, as far as social issues go? I hope Paul Newman didn’t get attacked for his philanthropy. She is out there doing something versus a lot of people in America. Good on her! I think she can sing, but I dont like her music. I hope she gets into some Rock sounds from the 70′s and ballads from the 90′s.

  31. Natalie says:

    her fashion statments are getting old. its expected of her, so its never a surprise….just rediculous

  32. CallieTrichid says:

    I kind of love that she has a little bit of a muffin top in that first picture. Not a big one, but it makes her a little more flawed and relatable.

    And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t relish in seeing that.

  33. Allison says:

    She’s an idiot.

    She’s raising awareness for HIV (actually, I’m pretty sure that people are aware of this), but is ALSO claiming that it’s the leading cause of death in the world.

    A quick google search confirms my suspicions. Heart Disease is the leading global cause of death (at 12.2% of deaths) while HIV/AIDS is 3.5%. (Source: the world health organization)

    If Gaga wants to really make a difference, she should plug for healthy living. Bringing up cocaine (heaps of it!) is counter to that, yes?

  34. Madison says:

    No one take her seriously or pays much attention to what she has to say when she’s always dressed like a crazy person.

  35. RHONYC says:

    i just saw the gma interview and i give her props for raising money for AIDS, standing up for gay folks, std protection & individuality in youngsters (i know that word makes me sound ancient, lol)
    good for her :-)

  36. Kristin says:


    Of course I think she honestly believes in these issues. She speaks very often about gay rights and sexual safety, even before she exploded as a pop star. And by the androgyny she tries to convey in her clothing options (and as seen on the last Vogue cover), she is trying to expand the notion of what is beautiful, what is acceptable.

    She is college educated, as much as people forget, and it’s nice to see that she stays with her values and pushes them now that she is in a position to do so.

  37. Wendy says:

    After the earthquake in Haiti she donated all the funds from her concert and online store on Jan 24th which ended up being over half a million dollars.

    She donated $80,000 to support LGBT homeless youth from her Monster Ball Tour. Also people that love her and were willing to donate their time to the charity received free VIP passes to her show. Something like 30’000 hours of donated time it ended up being.

    I think it’s great that she inspired people to donate their time. That is not an easy thing to do.

    I love her and her wacky outfits. I would be slightly disappointed if I ever had the chance to see her in the flesh and she wasn’t wearing something mental drummed up by her team.

  38. original kate says:

    the shark, she is jumped.

  39. MarenGermany says:

    @ kristin
    like i said, i dont hate her or try to put her down. i know she has a musical education and i was simply blown away by her voice, when i heard her live accoustic on youtube.
    i simply think she´s overdoing it, and as kaiser/or celebitchy I dont remember/ once pointed out, it stoped making fun, when she started to take herself to seriously, you know?

  40. aaliya jones says:

    I cant believe people use such a strong word as hate to express what they feel about a complete stranger. Lady Gagas hole image for the moment is built around those whacked out outfits. Its made her more famous and unic but also rich. Why shouldnt she milk it to the last drop? People love her for just that and if she is also raising money and awareness about issues like HIV and AIDS i say go girl. I personally dont listen to her music because its not my style. We need more women like her in the spotlight who go their own way and do their thing but also raise opinion.

  41. mimi says:

    The Star Trek Klingong shit she’s doing to her face lately is freaking me the fuck out!

    Loved The Fame and Fame Monster but I can’t even look at her anymore. She’s EVERYWHERE and so full of herself all of a sudden

    SN- And Born this Way is a crappy ripoff of Queen M and TLC

  42. Stacie Grace says:

    Hi! I want to comment about the condum suite that LadyGaGa was wearing and that is she is highly immorral as well as the adult fans.I can tell you all that this girl is going to help do iscorrupt the nation as well as other pops and the immorral nation will help her corrupt the nation and is no better

  43. Liana says:

    meh. The message is getting lost in the ridiculousness. When you’re talented, you let the music shine and don’t get wrapped up in the image. Getting caught up in your own mythology can lead to self-destruction. I’ve seen it happen. I appreciate her interest in “causes” and I appreciate her charitable contributions. I think she’s genuine in her desire to promote change. I just wish she wouldn’t jump up and down screaming “look at me, look at me!!!!” in order to do so. Just make the music, tell the message, and people will listen. The artifice detracts.

  44. tacwr says:

    her last interviews make me think that she suffers from an episode of acute grandeur/hubris. sad because no one can argue that she has a really good voice. she wants to be a true artist with a social and cultural impact yet she puts out euro-trash-disco-tunes. they are catchy but she doesn’t change the face of music or anything. i bet she makes a killing with her music but i also bet that she had different aspirations as in producing real musical art instead of marketable tunes that appeal to the lowest common denominator.

  45. Hakura says:

    Yael“Just FUG!…that’s how you end after many rides on some unknown guy’s “disco Stick” and snorting with your “muffins” in some dedicated room. This gal is such a cheap joke. Yeah, she was literally born that way.”


    I think this is the most awful design she’s worn thus far. It looks like a ‘used’ condom, & does nothing to accentuate her ‘muffins’.

  46. Sunnyjyl says:

    Anything that promotes safe sex and prevention of unwanted pregnancy is good by me.

  47. Mouse says:

    Her 15 are almost up. You can only run so long on outrageous outfits and dance beats. Madonna did it better.

    @#24-LOL! That dress does look like it’s made out of fruit roll ups!

  48. CeeCee says:

    I wish we could drop her into the waste bin beside the bed like a used condom.

  49. eternalcanadian says:

    Haha, first she hatches an egg on the Grammy awards now she wears contraceptives. Way to go GaGa! :P

  50. jemshoes says:

    I am resolutely NOT a fan. I know, she’s no worse than any other celebrity in terms of attention-seeking … but she somehow seems even more fake than even the most manufactured, mannequin celebrity. Maybe it’s her costumes that give me this impression. She has BIG causes and a BIG international platform from which to shout down her slogans at us from the highest rooftop, but the more OTT her costumes, the less sincere she seems.

  51. harfang says:

    Look, I am really glad (no pun intended ;) ) about her efforts for AIDS awareness; it falls by the wayside far too often these days, and sex-positivity in general is just an awesome thing, especially when espoused by someone to whom lots of people listen. But a) anything that color referred to as “flesh” in this day and age is ignorant at best; and b) I hate to crap on it but aesthetically, it’s horrible. The people carrying the Grammys egg were wearing similar outfits, and Kelly Osbourne (who is a real sweetheart actually) said on Fashion Police that it was eerily clinical and reminded her of the smell of talcum powder. I am so there, this is gross to me.

  52. jc126 says:

    I believe she’s sincere in her support of gay rights and so forth, but damn it, GO AWAY ALREADY. SO overexposed.

  53. Pepper says:

    Check out vigilantcitizen dot com to see the dark influences in the industry. There r also a lot of articles about this woman.

  54. Mimi says:

    Seems it’s impossible for her to think of ANYTHING above the waist. Her mind must literally be like Stanley Kubric’s “A Clockwork Orange”.

    And is she trying to tell us she was “reborn” from that egg as an “alien”? She’s lost all touch with (our) reality.

  55. hi says:

    if all you guys hate her so much why are you even looking at what she’s doing? just go away and stop being a bummer to everyone else. Bye.