LeAnn Rimes plans destination wedding in Nevada for May or June


In our story yesterday on the ways that LeAnn Rimes is taunting her would-be husband’s ex wife, Brandi Glanville, by trying to step in as a parent to Brandi’s children, commenter Missy pointed us again to this Twitpic account in which an anonymous tipster is pointing out the very obvious and blatant way that LeAnn is copying Brandi’s style. The last time I checked, the photos were just an identical pair of shoes on one occasaion and the same scarf on another, with LeAnn wearing the items shortly after Brandi was photographed in them. It goes beyond that on at least three separate instances to yet another pair of the same shoes in the same color and strikingly similar bikini styles. There’s no coincidence in how LeAnn apes Brandi. She even used the same plastic surgeon.

Anyway the latest on this narcissistic, stalking constantly tweeting creature is that she’s allegedly planning a destination wedding at a ranch in Nevada for May or June. I foresee LeAnn denying this story, just as she denied the engagement rumers, only to have a wedding matching those details with unneeded security to protect the photo rights for the paparazzi she hires. In one of LeAnn’s recent tweets she said she’s not sure if she’ll have a big wedding, and “It’s gone from many people to no one, back to just family…who knows! I just want us and simplicity.” And a camera crew, and Eddie’s kids there to pose for photos taunt Brandi with. I’m sure LeAnn will consult Eddie’s wedding photos with Brandi to make sure she gets a dress that’s spot on.

In news that will annoy Kaiser, LeAnn is trying to attach herself to talented British singer Adele. In response to a fan tweeting about a potential collaboration with Adele, LeAnn wrote: “@superhanrocks @eddiecibrian seeing her this week.”

Then Eddie tweeted a link to this video of LeAnn making one of her little pomeranian dog’s ears bleed with her singing. He wrote “Adele would be proud!” Substitute “amused” for proud and he could be correct. Adele is the toast of the town and is too smart to have anything to do with LeAnn. In LeAnn’s mind she’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue including “Barbara” Streisand, her finance’s ex wife, all the kids in her fiance’s son’s class, and all of the top musicians and producers. She will keep on tweeting until her fingers bleed to convince us of that point.



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  1. brin says:

    Wow CB, Page Six is saying a ranch in Montana, but either way, horseface belongs on a ranch.
    This psychodrama is going to be fever pitch as the big day gets closer.
    Loved the video….hope the dog is ok.

  2. Rita says:

    Awwww Yes, a private Nevada wedding at a romantic location with gates to keep out the general public. I’m sure Eddie will love the black velvet portrait of Elvis above the bar at the Mustang Ranch.

  3. hairball says:

    What happened to her? I remember her as a young normal thing as a kid. Now, she’s barely recognizable.

    It is really sad that someone has to Twitter everything in their lives thinking what they do is so important. Does anyone even give a f*ck? She needs to take her head out of her *ss.

  4. Rita says:

    Look into Eddie’s eyes in the top picture and you will see the brain fart Eddie experienced when LeAnn first mentioned the wedding and the shutter snapped.

  5. dorothy says:

    And she thinks we care …..why?

  6. brin says:

    In todays episode of “Tweets of Our Lives”, Leann serenades her dog in practice for the big day when she serenades Eddie. Though extremely traumatized, the dog will be ok.

  7. Missy McDonald says:

    Look up the definition of Histrionic Personality Disorder – there will be a picture of Leann Rimes.


  8. happygirl says:

    Well, CB, my birthday’s next week, so this must be an early gift :) Thank you for the constant entertainment!

    I see Norman Bates just will not go away. It completely boggles my mind how psychotic she is. Wow. Just…EEEEE! EEEE! EEEE! That’s all I’ve got. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  9. S says:

    maybe it’s time we start considering mental illness

  10. Rita says:


    “maybe it’s time we start considering mental illness”

    Yes, and get some buckets, the titanic has sprung a leak.

  11. LesliPaige says:

    WHO CARES!!!! An by the way… She is WAY to skinny!

  12. Hautie says:

    Why not just go to Vegas?

    Buy a package deal with photo’s. Then tweet the hell out of all the pictures.

    Maybe stop in and see Cher. Or maybe go to the Garth show.

    It makes much more sense than spending over a 100K for a second marriage. That most likely will not make it to the 3 year.

  13. happygirl says:

    @brin- “horseface belongs on a ranch”
    L.M.A.O.!!! That is hilarious. Great observation.

    @Rita – Elvis portrait. HAHA! Loving the visual on that this morning.

    @Bite me – Haha! That made me giggle.

  14. brin says:

    Maybe by picking Nevada, Leann is being practical, that way Eddie can go to Reno after the wedding and file for divorce.

    Hi, happygirl!

  15. Marjalane says:

    You’de think Leann would be self aware enough to realize that there hasn’t been anything positive written about her in years and would make an effort to lay low for awhile. There is always country music playing at work and I haven’t heard anything but ten year old stuff from her. Does she “do” anything but starve herself and tweet?

  16. Jezi says:

    Hi happygirl. Funny tweet yesterday. Nearly pissed on myself. The day before she tweeted how she thinks reality tv show stars are famewhores. Hi pot meet kettle. Anywho, we know who she was referring to with that little tweet. But yesterday she tweeted Kelly Clarkson saying they should do a duet. If I’m not mistaken, Kelly Clarkson got her big shot to fame through American Idol. Gee Leann, what do you think that is? That’s right, it’s a reality tv show. Shoot foot NOW!!!!

  17. AENFLEX says:

    There must be more to the story. They all three know it. Like maybe Leeann sort of did yank the guy out of the other girls clutches, like maybe the marriage wasn’t as rocky as they like to portray it. Otherwise why in the hell would Leeann be so clingy and nutty and copycat? I wonder if the Eddie and Brandy don’t still love eachother and Rimes knows it?

  18. happygirl says:

    @brin – Good morning!! :) You’re on a roll this morning. Loving this LR post so early. So many laughs…so little time!

    Ahhh…I have had my life totally interrupted by an ex’s gf’s crazy ass behavior before, to the point I was convinced there was (is) something mentally wrong with her. I cannot imagine how frustrated Brandi must be (and get more and more by the day) with LR’s behavior (the copying everything she wears, the singing in the school after being asked not to, etc). One day Brandi is going to throw a shoe at LeAnn’s head. Hard. I just hope it’s on Youtube so I can see it. (Sorry…mean, I know, I know). It’s infuriating to me that LeAnn can do this sh*t and get away with it.

    Hi, Jezi! :) Haha! Great point! (and thanks for sharing, I miss everything on Twitter!)

  19. Linda says:

    LeAnn Rimes needs some serious help. Someone that tries to emulate someone else’s life and completely take over that life is a very sick person. One would think that all her of good friends (like Darrell Brown) would get her the help she needs.

  20. lucy2 says:

    She looks hideous. And is hideous.

    I always find it sad/hilarious when those on a downward spiral try to attach themselves to successful people. Neither Kelly or Adele would want anything to do with this nutball.

  21. Isabel says:

    There is very little about this woman/thing that doesn’t absolutely disgust me.

  22. DiannSteph says:

    Eddie looks bewildered in that first pic. He’s so damn creepy looking to me. I guess his actions just do him in for me.

    But hey, Eddie gets a trip to see Adele in concert! God, where’s Leann BEEN? I’ve had Adele on my ipod for awhile! Eddie is like Leann’s dependent, he gets to go on vacations, to concerts, eating out, to parties Leann sings at, Casinos where Leann plays to hundreds, all on Leann’s dime.

    I caught this from Rita’s post on the other thread. Rita’s always SPOT ON, so I’m reposting it:

    “If not for Brandi’s tweets, only LeAnn’s “snow-globe” world would be privy to the public.”

    AMEN. I love that Brandi publically “outs” them.

    Leann just tweeted about the stalking/copycat items.


  23. DGO says:

    @ Linda – I’m so sick of Darrell Brown and his fake Christianity. He’s a hypocrite of the first degree, associating and enabling a woman who taunts and bullies others.

  24. brin says:

    @DiannSteph…this is why this psycho is so amusing. She has to answer everything and she is so indignant about it. How dare anyone accuse her of copying “someone”…even when the proof is right there.

  25. Rita says:


    LeAnn hosts Colgate’s annual Next Country Star reality talent search program as well, Oh yes, that is the talent show Miranda won to launch her career. Does that give new meaning to the lipsync “f’n bitch”? Can you say country skank with country SHaaaankk?

  26. Brittany says:

    A destination wedding in Nevada?

    Shouldn’t a rich celeb be getting married in St. Bart’s or Europe or something?

  27. guesty says:

    & ec is not just a little worried about her bizarre behavior? it boggles that he’s copacetic with her antics. wth is wrong with him.

    @rita…lmao. seriously about miranda? wow.

  28. JenJen says:

    Did one of those kids at the school pry this secret out of her (along with how many kids she will have) and leak it to the press? Dang, Leann, you were right, for once!

  29. DiannSteph says:

    In other news that will SURELY eclipse Leann Rimes in anything crazy she does to remain relevant – Jennifer Aniston has cut off her hair.

    Quick Leann, call up your hairstylist, get on it! BEG her/him to cut your hair off gurl.

    Yep, Brin. She doesn’t read ANY of our tweets, it doesn’t bother her, she’s just so dang busy & can’t be bothered. Then she proceeds to clarify each and every tweet. Insecurity will do that to a BUSY celeb.

  30. DiannSteph says:

    Btw, just for fun, you guys should look up Leann Rimes “tour schedule” cause she has TWO albums coming out somefreakintimethiscentury.

    Her tour schedule is hilarious compared to Miranda Lambert’s, Kelly Clarkson’s or any other real artist that is relevant these days.

    Ho-Chunk Casino in Barbado, WI – need I say more?

    PS. – Leann is REALLY starting to resemble Jimmy Kimmel with the head/big shoulders in that last pic of her at Barbra Streisand Musicare’s Event.

  31. Rita says:


    LeAnn was hosting the show when Miranda won. Seems since then they’ve passed each other on the fame elevator, one going up and one going down.

    LeAnn is in the “slot machine” phase of her career (note tie-in with Nevada wedding and Ho-UpChuk Casino). Just as LeAnn’s financing her own videos, film projects, and downloading her own music to appear relevant, those little old ladies sit at those one-arm-bandits putting all their winnings back in until there’s nothing left (then they go home and tell their husbands they won $500 but need $50 for groceries.)

  32. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    she is turning herself into the woman he DUMPED.. What sense does that make?

  33. brin says:

    @DiannSteph…Maybe Leann and Eddie will get married at the Ho-Chunk Casino, that just seems right somehow.

  34. Jezi says:

    @DiannSteph she just can’t ignore people. What other celebrity feels the need to justify themselves? When they have to acknowledge it, it makes me question how obviously true it is. And yes, Brandi has great taste. Leann knows damn well she copies her style.

  35. DiannSteph says:


    “LeAnn was hosting the show when Miranda won. Seems since then they’ve passed each other on the fame elevator, one going up and one going down”

    I gotta use that on Twitter. With permission, of course. I want Rita to be my Twitter writer. ha.

  36. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Rita, @Jezi et al. You ladies must be driving her bat shit crazy! LOL. It seems as though she spends her life tweeting responses to your quips

  37. DiannSteph says:

    Brandi is a sweetheart. She’s DM’d me a few times on Twitter, a down-to-earth SANE woman.

    And that completely baffles me really. If I had Leann Rimes in MY life – esp. the way she came into it and still passive-aggressively tries to instigate, not sure I could remain so calm. Just imagine have a 2 year old & then you have to have that 2 year old (at the time) stay with Leann after her SWF behavior. It would rip me apart as a mother. Because they’re your BABIES at that age.

    Brand IS strong.

  38. Rita says:


    I just assume everything is in the public domain so tweet away. I’d love it if you could somehow work in “Dongfestivus” and “Raccoon McPantsless” some how. (If you haven’t followed those threads a simple mention would be nice. They crack me up).

  39. DiannSteph says:

    I love my MacPro. I have Leann on Google alerts because I don’t like having to go to her Twitter.

    So this just popped up, too funny considering her incredible shrinking figure:

    @leannrimes: @Bchipper83
    portion control is key! Most people don’t realize they eat 2 to 3 times what they should
    Twitter – 59 seconds ago

  40. guesty says:

    @rita…lol. thxs for the info on miranda. *applause* for driving her nuts on twitter!! that’s epic. lmao.

  41. brin says:

    Brandi seems like she’s very chill and down-to-earth (which serves her well in this situation), the polar opposite of cra cra Leann.

  42. OtherChris says:

    @Bite Me. Your comment made me wish we could “like” comments here. Hilarious.

  43. Eileen says:

    @Rita the Mustang Ranch! LOL that would be Ed’s dream wedding!!
    I love Leann’s response to the copying….out of ALL the celebs in Hollywood its so rare that they get caught in the same clothes as others that they actually do a section about it in a magazine ‘Who Wore It Better?’ So I think its hilarious she wants us to think that ALL those times are just coincidences.
    And I wish there was a special segment ‘Who Wore It Better?’ for Leann & Brandi every month in a mag-I think its safe to say who everyone would vote for! And it happens so much you COULD do it every month!!

  44. Tazina says:

    Why is she marrying this guy? He’s got cheater written all over him. Another divorce coming up. I hope she’s got an iron clad prenup because she’s going to need it.

  45. Rita says:


    The first couple of times LeAnn copied Brandi I thought it was a coincidence but its happened so much and always Smirk-gurl appearing within days of Brandi. A stalker follows your every move, dresses like you, alters their body form to look like you, and in general obsessively wants your life. I bet LeAnn has a poster of Brandi on her closet door.

  46. Eileen says:

    @Rita I would do every single thing in my power to be everything Brandi is NOT if I were her. I can understand the insecurity but Leann has the means and money to get a kickin’ stylist and be her own stylish person. But instead she is just crazy. Shame, really.

  47. Sara says:

    If you want to see yet another instance of LR copying BG, check out the youtube video of LR rehearsal for MusiCares. Just search youtube for it, posted by johnbayleyphoto. A few weeks ago, BG was photographed with Cedric Martinez wearing a short denim skirt, black jacket, and scarf. In the youtube video of the rehearsal, LR is wearing EXACT same denim skirt, black jacket, and scarf. Only difference is BG was wearing a great pair of boots. LR is wearing a pair of heels too tall for her so she looks awkward clomping around on stage like LeeBiscuit. This is just one of many SWF instances and it is getting worse. I will bet that the upcoming wedding will be on or around BG and EC’s anniversary date and that it will be an outside wedding like BG’s. Dress, shoes, jewelry, and hair will be same. She is trying to morph into BG, and as soon as he cheats on her with another skank, the transformation will be complete. GET HELP SOON! Do you think that someday she will wake up and see how crazy all this copying is and be embarrassed?

  48. Lady D says:

    “she is turning herself into the woman he DUMPED”
    Nope, she is turning herself into the woman that kicked him to the curb. Wonder why she would want to constantly remind him of that.

  49. brin says:

    On a serious note…..run Eddie!

  50. bagladey says:

    If Eddie Cibrian had a brain he would be afraid of LR. Why would a “real” grown man want to be with a woman who spends huge amounts of time and effort publicly taunting his ex-wife about everything including her inappropriate, exaggerated involvement with the ex-wife’s kids and openly copycatting the ex-wife’s breasts, hair style, hair colour, shoes, clothes, accessories, many other minute details and making sure that it all gets in the press. Leann Rimes is a bunny boiler.

  51. irena NL says:

    Eddie split from Brandi, she never kicked him to the curb. BG still pines for Eddie-just read her tweets-the envy is sliceable.

    Must be frustrating for a few bullies to repeat the same nonsense while LeAnn surges forward and BG acts like a teen mom w/little dignity.

  52. why? says:

    So much for the public and media being the last to know when her wedding will be. What happened? When the media didn’t jump on her tweets about how the kid’s at EC son’s school were asking LR about her wedding, she decided to leak that info to the blogs and tabs? I said that she was only tweeting so much about her wedding because she wanted the media to pick something up and write an article about it.

    Wow, why are Leann and EC are so predictable?

    I am not at all surprised that LR would pick June or May for their wedding, seeing as how June is when EC birthday is and May is the month that EC and BG were married. SWF of BG doesn’t just end with the clothes and shoes, but it’s just about anything that is related to EC and BG relationship. Wow, now why would LR continue to pick dates that are so close to EC and BG dates? Isn’t it all about creating NEW memories, why does LR work so hard to try to fill BG role by making her engagement and wedding dates in close proximity to BG and EC dates? I wouldn’t be surprised if she picked the same day.

    So let me guess, for allowing LR to sing at his son’s family day event, LR gave EC a concert to Adele? How is what EC is doing any different than child trafficking? EC wants a trip or to go to a concert and he trades his kids to LR to get it.

  53. Grace says:

    @JohnnyDep’sGirl: Brandi actually isn’t the woman he dumped. She dumped him (a point I feel it’s relevant to clarify because I find it so amusing that Leann didn’t get her “soul mate” until after Brandi dumped him. She was his plan B.) But yeah, she’s turning herself into the woman he cheated on – which makes no sense either.

    @hairball: Leann was always like this, just in a more toned-down way. When she was 14 and she was on tour with Bryan White (who was 23 at the time) she kept implying to people that something was going on between them. Bryan was pretty much horrified by this and kept insisting that he only dates people who are over 21. Then when she was about 16 or 17 she said “Even though I’ve only been in this business for a few years, I still think of myself as a veteran.” And when she was 18-23, EVERY album she did, she would promote is by saying “It’s so different making an album now that I’m a woman” or “Well now that I’m a woman. . . ” or “It’s so liberating to finally be a woman.” In short, she’s always been full of herself, quick to heap praise on herself, desperate for attention, arrogant, and convinced that the whole damn world is fond of her. She’s just never taken it to such vile lengths before. I’ve been annoyed with her since the minute she became famous, and I feel a slight sense of vindication that the rest of the world is now seeing the things that annoyed me about her from the start.

  54. DiannSteph says:

    Thanks Rita. I’d pay you to get on Twitter. ha. You’d drive her same 10 fans absolutely batshit crazy, well, crazier than they are now.

    Ck out the @brandiwineville nic on Twitter ha. That person followed SIX HUNDRED people (guess how much time it took to click on 600 damn nics to follow) – followed 600 to get 150 followers! Cracks.me.up.everytime.

    Quote:” I’d love it if you could somehow work in “Dongfestivus” and “Raccoon McPantsless” some how.”

    I didn’t see those threads.

  55. RU Serious says:

    Do you ladies have anything else to do than harrass LeAnn and Eddie. If it was not so pathetic I would be worried about the mental health of each and everyone of you. Who in the H-ll is Brandi? I mean how do you really know her???? Simply pathetic.

  56. DiannSteph says:

    Who wants to take this one? Bueller, anyone?

    Too many redlight words there, “mental” “harassment” & “pathetic” considering the thread subject.

    *Leann, don’t you have a wedding to plan, places to go, busy, hectic schedule? I mean, really.

  57. Rita says:


    It’s not Brandi that we know so well. It’s Eddie and LeAnn that we know so well because of their unrelenting public behavior but I do appreciate your concern for our mental health. Perhaps you could direct some of that “mental health” concern to the truly needy (I have two suggestions for you).

  58. skilo says:

    “Leann and Eddie are planning their wedding at a ranch in Nevada.”

    The groom will hand feed his bride a sugar cube at the reception, before riding her off into the sunset. ROFL

  59. Eileen says:

    Jeebus Irena -you’re WAY late to the party! If I were Leann I’d cut your pay at least by 50% for not being on top of these threads!!

  60. why? says:


    Or do you just want us to address you as irena?

    What’s the matter? Are you upset because people are not fawning over this story about your wedding? So does that mean that you are going to pay People mag to write up a nice little fluff piece about the when and where you and EC will be married? Or perhaps you can show up at EC son’s school and sing to the kiddos so that they can say nice things to you.

    Perhaps you should ask yourself the same question. Don’t you have anything else better to do than to harass people who don’t like LR and EC or who call LR out for SWF BG?

    Pathetic is when a grown 28 yo woman is reduced to using kids to reassure herself that she is a great singer because she didn’t get a Grammy.

    Who is BG? BG is the woman you stalk and harass using several different twitter names.

    Simply pathetic is when Leann has to give EC a concert to Adele, in order to be apart of his kid’s school events. I thought that LR and EC were a “family”. Now what family uses concerts and trips to bribe the other?

    If you were concerned about mental health, you wouldn’t be here posting under yet a different name.Interesting, notice how there are no “LR supporters” posting in this thread, now watch as they all start crawling out of the woodwork now that irena has arrived.

  61. hellen says:

    Yeah, Eddie looks like….”WHUHHHH?! Wait, MARRIED?! I didn’t sign up for that!”

  62. why? says:

    Wedding to plan?

    We all know that Leann isn’t planning a wedding, she is just watching the tapes and studying the photos from EC and BG wedding.

  63. Rio says:

    Did she get her eyes done? They look less…squinty. Less Taylor Swiftian. What procedure would even make “larger” eyes possible?

  64. why? says:


    This is SO funny. There were no “LR supporters” in this thread, but the moment irena shows up these “LR supporters” (aka Serious) just crawl out of the woodwork.

    Leann is surging forward? How so? If things between EC and LR were as great as you would have us believe, LR wouldn’t be on twitter trying to compensate for whatever her relationship with EC is lacking by talking about EC kids or her so called sex life with EC, you wouldn’t have to come here to depict BG as the villian, you wouldn’t have to attack BG using all those twitter names, and LR wouldn’t be SWF BG right down to the day and month that BG married EC.

    Bullies? Who would know more about being a bully than you, I mean how many different twitter names do you use to send BG all those nasty tweets?

    EC didn’t split from his wife, hence why LR worked with US Weekly to expose her affair with EC.

  65. Grace says:

    @Serious: It’s fascinating that you’re accussing us of harrassing Leann and Eddie here on CB. How exactly are we harrassing Leann and Eddie here on this page, unless they’re reading this page, and you wouldn’t know they were reading unless you. . .

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. It doesn’t count as harrassing someone when that person is choosing to read the comments here. If a person doesn’t enjoy being called to the carpet for their vile behavior then perhaps they should stop searching the gossip sites for any mention of their own name.

  66. charityisme says:

    leann is practically begging Adele to do a show with her. same thing with Kelly Clarkson she is desperately trying to grab onto someones coattails to pull herself back up way too late she has NOTHING to offer a new or relevant star Those 2 albums will never come out and if they do they will be lucky to sell 100 copies and Leann will buy 99 of those hey rita I unlocked my tweets just for you

  67. Cherry Rose says:

    Leann is much like Lindsay Lohan. They both are so narcissistic that they can’t see that they’re the reasons that their career is failing and that their nasty attitudes and behaviours are the reasons people have started not liking them and are turning away from them.

    While Leann isn’t into drugs like Lindsay, but she’s on her own self destructive path.

    And like Lindsay, Leann receives no sympathy from people, because of how nasty and petty she is and her abhorent behaviour towards Brandi.

    Who would have thought that the country scene would get it’s own Lilo?

  68. k4rma says:

    I dislike this woman more than words can even begin to convey. Everything she says/writes comes across as the vapid blabber of a self-absorbed, self-indulgent, immature, mean-spirited brat. Call me what you will, but I can’t wait until karma catches up with her.

  69. k4rma says:

    Also, since when are her boobs so wonky? Good God. Her face is so blindingly horsey this is the first time in years I’ve managed to see the rest of her.

  70. surfing2day says:

    The way she was going on her twitter about the time being 11:11 make a wish, I was convinced they would get married 11/11/11.

  71. surfing2day says:

    As for her copying Brandi I’m beginning to think she is trying to taunt her. Like “I have those shoes too but I also have the man.”

  72. k4rma says:

    “And like Lindsay, Leann receives no sympathy from people, because of how nasty and petty she is and her abhorent behaviour towards Brandi.”

    Damn, I couldn’t have put it better.

  73. deb says:

    Some Leann supporters here and on twitter
    are too stupid for their own good. The nastiness toward B didn’t work in the past what makes you think its going to work now and in the future?

    The General Public have started to pay attention sheeple maybe you should as well.

  74. brin says:

    Leann is her own worst enemy….the more she tweets, the more people see how self-centered and petty she is.

  75. Juliette says:

    For any1 still denying that LR threw all this in Brandi’s face. Please read below for just 1 example of her c*ntish behaviour.
    The scorned ex-wife got especially miffed when LeAnn turned up at her son’s school.

    “She waited until it was my turn to pick up the kids and pulled out in front of me, waved, threw me a peace sign and smiled,” says Brandi. “Then she sent me a text saying, ‘Just so you know I was doing a walk through of my new house.’”

    Yah, she’s not a psycho crazy at all.

  76. Rita says:


    “Call me what you will,……”

    My hero!!!

    @charity: Thanks babe!!!

  77. Wisconsin Baby says:

    Still don’t get it-just a bunch of nothings with nothing better to do-All of you stick together like birds of a feather-namely you have all been cheated on, don’t know how to keep a man satisfied, nagging all the time, complaining, etc. sounds like Jezi still hasn’t got over it. This is why Jezi keeps it up, she gets a sick satisfaction from all of this. This is my opinion and I’m sticken to it!

  78. Jezi says:

    @Wisconsin Baby wow Heather, you stalking me here now to? You’re one sick mo-fo.

  79. Rita says:


    Birds of a feather? Apparently your flock has thinned considerably in the last couple years.

    Shouldn’t you be protesting at the state capital instead of stalking Jezi? Do all you wewe fans meet at the stalkers bar and grill after work?

  80. deb says:

    @jezi Ahhhh I see your stalker has shown up. Isn’t this the person who was calling a 3 yr old names?
    Jezi her names not Heather I bet.

  81. happygirl says:

    @Wisconsin Baby – WTF? Um…seriously, you know nothing, obviously, and your opinions are ridiculous – or, at least that’s MY opinion of your opinions. Go stalk someone else on another website. It’s pretty apparent that CB isn’t for you.

    @Rita – I just love you. :)

  82. Jezi says:

    @Rita & @deb yep, things must be going bad for wewe when my shiny stalker & child insultor comes out to play.

  83. HotPockets says:

    Goodness !

    The horsed face singer unleashed some angry hens from the barn! :O

  84. deb says:

    @ Jezi…Hmmmm I wonder if this person has an IP addy from Wisconsin as well

  85. Grace says:

    @WisconsinBaby: Wow the baby part of your name is very appropriate considering the toddler-style temper tantrum you just threw. It’s beyond me why Leann fans feel the need to be so vicious towards those who don’t like her. I don’t agree with the almost-constant criticism that Nicole Kidman gets on this site. But I don’t go around throwing temper tantrums about it. But then, I’m a stable human being.

  86. Sara says:

    That youtube rehearsal video is unreal. Someone on another site saw it and said she looks like she’s doing the Elaine Benes dance from Seinfeld. You gotta see to believe it. She is wearing EXACT same clothes as the ex from a few weeks ago. Someone’s gotta get a still-shot and post side-by-side photos. The copycat stuff is for real. There are just too many instances to ignore. Copies BG’s bikinis, hair, shoes, hats, sunglasses, shorts, skirt, strapless pink dress, scarf, green army jacket, poses from old photos, it goes on. Her friends have to see it, even if they don’t want to admit it. Maybe her friends should start telling her what she needs to hear instead of what she wants to hear. If you really care about her, help her.

  87. Rita says:


    I don’t discourage you from posting a point of view but if you go after other commentors, all I can say is:

    Welcome To Shank City babe.

    @Sara: Can’t read your name but LMFAO at Elaine Benes’ dance. Loved that episode.

  88. Jezi says:

    @Rita oh you haven’t met my stalker? This is the one who goes around to my blog, to other websites I post on, to attack me. To call my child names.

  89. Rita says:


    I hope you view your stalker the way I hope Brandi views LeAnn’s cra-cra and that is with the smirk of “Yes, you crazy bitch. I own you”.

    I followed the name calling and of course it’s sick but they’re fans of the most vile woman in Hollywood. You can expect nothing more. I think it would be very enlightening if you gals occasionally posted their attack tweets here so the rest of the world would understand what you and Brandi deal with.

  90. happygirl says:

    @Rita ~ Oh…you always make me rethink my own words when I say something negative…and you’re always right. ;) I should never discourage anyone from posting their opinions…it’s what keeps me entertained. I just sort of flip out when someone blatantly attacks one of my “friends”…feeling the need to defend them…and I lash out. I’m going to work on that. LOL

    @Jezi ~ I didn’t know you had a stalker, girl! But, when your child is brought into it, that’s unacceptable. I’m sorry. It says a lot about who THEY are, though. ;)

  91. Rita says:


    If its okay with you, I’m going to show your comment to my husband…the part that says I’m always right lol.

  92. Darla says:

    Showed up at her kids’ school night, threw her a peace sign and then texted about her new house…

    I’m not sure if this woman is mentally ill or just plain evil. Either way she is damn DAMN stupid to not realize how people see her. I really don’t care, but it’s nice to see her fame, money, looks, and reputation all side down the sh!thole at the same time. Can’t wait until this glorified shitzu gets away from her grooming long enough to cheat on her, as he surely will.

    Dumbass barefoot trailer-trash.

  93. brin says:

    Leann’s followers seem to be as psycho as she is and they don’t know right from wrong. Insulting a child is wrong, period.

  94. happygirl says:

    @Rita – LOL! Share away! I’m sure he already knows, though, even if he’ll never admit it. That’s one lucky man right there! I would pay to be entertained by you all the time! In all honesty, I really look up to you, and am very glad I get to read the way you look at things & how it affects, in turn, the way I look at things- in a more positive, open way. I have this mental image of you, and think of you as someone who I look up to. You’re intellegent, honest, open minded, and sarcastic as hell – which is what I love the most! Haha! So, thanks for being you!

    @brin – Amen, sister.

  95. k says:

    lol…..the video of Leann @rehearsal….looks like a pranching impatient horse pawing the ground!

  96. brin says:

    You ladies are awesome….funny, feisty, great gals. It’s great getting to know you through your posts.

  97. happygirl says:

    @Darla ~ LMAO! That was great.

    @brin ~ I’m sure we all feel the same way about you! I know I do! :)

  98. charityisme says:

    oh Lordy that video of her throwing her legs in the air and really out of step was priceless think actually she was showing off her new shoes she did that the entire song which was very bad even for a rehearsal

  99. brin says:

    I just saw the video and it’s proof that white trash girls can’t dance.

  100. mimi says:

    She better keep her homewrecking ass away from Adele!!!!!!

  101. Crash2GO2 says:

    ““She waited until it was my turn to pick up the kids and pulled out in front of me, waved, threw me a peace sign and smiled,” says Brandi. “Then she sent me a text saying, ‘Just so you know I was doing a walk through of my new house.’” ”

    Does this mean Brandi now has a number to contact EC and LR with?

    As for the new house comment…I got nothin’. O_o

  102. DGO says:

    February 22nd, 2011 at 5:57 pm @jezi Ahhhh I see your stalker has shown up. Isn’t this the person who was calling a 3 yr old names?
    Jezi her names not Heather I bet.


    It’s probably LeAnn.

  103. why? says:


    Didn’t CB say that one of irena’s ISP addresses was from Wisconsin? So once again irena has shown up with yet a different name.

    What’s up with the name calling? Oh that is right, you are still upset because the public isn’t fawning over your wedding.

    If you thought that people here were a bunch of nothings, why then do you keep coming back here with a different name or taking the time and energy to stalk specfic posters?

    So what you really mean is that you are upset because people have more sympathy for BG than they do for LR?

    Is that how you comfort yourself, you argue that the backlash against LR and EC is all because people are bitter over being cheated on? People dislike LR and EC because LR and EC are always inappropriate, and not because they were cheated on.

    Nagging and complaining? Have you seen LR tweets?

    Since you still can’t get people to like EC and LR, you are going to resort to stalking the twitter posters? Sounds like you get satisfaction from all the harassment you do BG and any twitter poster who isn’t afraid to call LR out on her bad behavior.

    Of course this is your opinion and you are sticken to it, in your mind everything that happens to LR and EC is always someone else’s fault. Instead of stalking those twitter posters, perhaps you should go and download LR single or much better buy tickets to LR ALMOST SOLD OUT concert on April 1.

  104. why? says:

    So what did Leann have to give EC so that she could participate in family day?

    a) Concert to see Adele


    b) A temp job, I think I heard something about EC doing a celeb car race for charity.

    Is that REAL LOVE? Since when does REAL LOVE require that Leann give EC something in order to be apart of his and his kids lives?

    PS: E has a article about how LR is having trouble selling her home in Nashville(it’s been on market fro 2 years and she has had to reduce price 4 times) and are speculating that perhaps it could be due to the backlash against her and EC. Or perhaps in irena’s mind the homeowners/buyers are rejecting LR home because they were cheated on?

  105. Cherry Rose says:

    @ Wisconsin Baby – We don’t know how to keep a man satisfied? That is why the majority of posters here are married, right? And I can happily say that I can keep my men happy. I don’t have to resort looking like my boyfriend’s exes or stalking them to keep them happy.


  106. _Salem_ says:

    ““Then she sent me a text saying, ‘Just so you know I was doing a walk through of my new house.’” ”

    Wait a minute. I thought Brandi didn’t have a contact for LeAnn and Eddie? How did LeAnn text Brandi, and how did Brandi know it was her/her cell number?

  107. CB Rawks says:

    “I would do every single thing in my power to be everything Brandi is NOT if I were her.”

    That’s what I don’t get. And she always looks like crap in comparison, so why draw attention to it by copying?
    LeAnn, wake up! In every possible way you are your own worst enemy.

  108. brin says:

    @Juliette…not just psycho but malicious. *shudders*

  109. Rita says:


    The taunting text was sent to Brandi from LeAnn over a year ago and since then both LeAnn and Eddie have changed their numbers but won’t give them to Brandi.

    LeAnn sent that text the day she bought her house across the street from the children’s school. Brandi was at the school picking up her son when LeAnn cut her off while Brandi was pulling up to the school.

  110. _Salem_ says:

    Ah, I get it now, thanks Rita.

  111. brin says:

    Brandi should have security with this psycho around.

  112. OK? says:

    Would you give out your number to a loved starved, still in love with Eddie ex/me thinks there are two sides to this story.You can tell both LeAnn&Brandi are out to get the other. Brandi needs to let go and move on. LeAnn needs to get off twitter.

  113. lucky7 says:

    The only person who seems to have the hardest time accepting reality is leann rimes. She doesn’t accept the fact that brandy is those boys mother, and she will always be even when they are in leann and eddie’s care. Brandy is the mother 24/7 365 days of the year, so she better learn that OR the karma police will come to remind of her of it.

    I didn’t use to think this, but I am convinced eddie didn’t leave brandy, leann didn’t steal eddie, brandy kicked his sorry butt to the curb, and leann knows that if it were truly up to eddie, he would be with brandy still not her. Its interesting how leann herself completely changed my perspective on this drama………I now know she won nothing LOL.

  114. _Salem_ says:

    To OK? Firstly, Brandi is FAR from in love with Eddie, in fact she is truly happy she is rid of him. Remember, Brandi threw him out. Secondly, her CHILDREN spend half the time with them. Any normal person would understand that the MOTHER has the right to be able to contact them in an emergency. Its common sense that a mother have a contact for where her children are. But, then again, according to this thread, common sense ain’t that common….

  115. DiannSteph says:

    Lucky, it’s all right here.


    Also, just Google “Eddie Cibrian’s wife leaves him” and you will see the results.

    Yep, I’ve followed this story from the beginning. Funnily enough, a friend of mine who likes country music said “I can’t believe that man is having an affair with Leann Rimes. His wife is glamarous, no way do I believe it. I think it’s for publicity for the Lifetime movie”.

    The delusional Leann fans won’t believe that, but that’s how I first found out about all of this. Eddie’s actions have been well documented with Schaena Marie Jancan, and Leann online. Pics, everything.

    It’s been a soap opera. Peeps always say Brandi needs to stop talking to the media, I LOVE that she didn’t take their crap lying down.

  116. DiannSteph says:

    That OK person KNOWS that Brandi can’t let go and move on because her minor children are involved. It’s called “co-parenting”.

    But she knew that before posting, I’m sure. *wink*

  117. DiannSteph says:

    For those of you who don’t click on that link, you’re missing a lot of inside stuff. They did go to marital counseling, Eddie refused to leave marital home.

    Yeah, he fell madly in love with Leann Rimes *rolls eyes* He moved in with her due to finances, methinks. Then the grand love later on, forced as it was.

    (No wonder Leann tweeted about Eddies’ Bronco – that seemed to be a big issue in their divorce according to this Declaration below submitted to the courts.)

    It really goes with my theory Eddie Cibrian is PISSED off at Brandi. He just wanted to continue boinking other women and stay married & have his family life. Brandi had too much self-respect. I admire that.

    It’s all on the first page here:


  118. skilo says:

    Wow, I didn’t think my opinion of Ec could be any lower but, after reading that it is. Hard to believe he is an even worse person than I had previously thought.

  119. Sara says:

    Wow! Reading those pages is a real eye-opener right there. So that is why LR is so on edge and insecure all the time. She knows EC is playing her and really wanted BG the whole time. She was his Plan B. How humiliating for her. No wonder she is constantly trying to be BG and hurt her. She knows deep down that is what he really wants. She has known all along. So sad to live life constantly checking the phones and internet and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I used to be a big fan but not since all this started. I love her beautiful voice, but I would be too embarrassed to buy any of her music now. I can’t even imagine what BG has to put up with on a daily basis. Why does LR choose to live this life? I just don’t understand why women put up with men who use them and treat them like garbage. It doesn’t matter if he is hot. It’s like, I love candy, but if I have to lick it off the toilet, I’ll pass. Get out while you still can girl. Dump the cheater, apologize and leave BG and her boys alone, and straighten up and fly right. There’s still time. Everybody loves a good redemption story. Maybe even get a Lifetime Movie and new music out of it.

  120. Juliette says:

    EC is a total sumbag. What a disgusting pig LR has inherited, good for her! At least he’s not BG’s problem anymore.

    So obvious that he didn’t want to leave but was forced. No wonder LR is so worried.

    A guilty conscience will make you paranoid. LR & EC know the way they’ve behaved (& still are) is despicable so she & her “army” have to attack anyone that disagrees w/ her to justify it all.

    Those boys will know someday how their mom was treated by those two.
    Narcissistic idiots both of them, they deserve each other.

    If she doesn’t like the “abuse” then don’t twitter ever time you fart idjit.

  121. Jennifer says:

    @ Sara “I love candy, but if I have to lick it off the toilet, I’ll pass. Get out while you still can girl. Dump the cheater, apologize and leave BG and her boys alone, and straighten up and fly right.”

    Love that first sentence! Might have agreed with the second part of your post, but, unfortunately, Leann’s actions, tweets, and posts have shown me that she is not interested in doing the right thing and that she is not a nice or good person.

  122. Baylor says:

    1) So, did Eddie get to keep the Bronco afterall or did Brandi? Perhaps still joint property?

    2) So it sounds like Eddie asked for sole custody? He obviously didn’t get it though.

    3)I would love to know what Eddies parents think of all this. I know there was an article when L&E first got together a while back. It said something about Eddie’s parents not intially wanting to meet LeAnn and thinking she bought pretty much bought Eddie LOL! LeAnn was upset they didn’t immediately embrace her.
    Brandi has stated on twitter that she misses her ex in-laws and that Eddie’s dad came by around Xmas with gifts and hugs for her.
    However, LeAnn has tweeted several times about being with Eddie’s parents and they have been pictured together smiling and laughing.
    So, I would love to know what they really think.

  123. Rita says:

    Thanks for the link Diann and heres a little triva question for those who have followed this story.

    The legal docuement was filed oct 9, 2009. If I’m not mistaken this docuement is Brandi’s response to Eddie’s petition for joint custody. Do any of you remember what LeAnn wore the day after Eddie filed for joint custody?

    I’ll give you a second. Hmmmm Hmmmm

    Okay, the answer is; The day after Eddie filed for joint custody, LeAnn paraded around in a tee-shirt that said, Karma Karma Karma, across the front of it.

  124. Rita says:

    PS In other words, Eddie filed for joint custody just out of spite. What a great dad and loving step mom.

  125. DiannSteph says:

    You got it Rita, Eddie filed for joint custody in an ex parte application (which means expedited order) – out of spite.

    Oh too easy with the Karma Tee. WHERE would those pics be? Oh, I know, on Just Jared, Leann’s PR photo site of course!

    *waving to the Leann fans reading this thread. See, you still have facts put forth & you still ignore them on purpose” LOL

    Karma Tee wearing Leann:

  126. Baylor says:

    Didn’t she walk around in a T-shirts that said “Quality Stuff” and “Classy” as well around the time everything was exposed?

    Wonder what the story behind that is.

  127. DiannSteph says:

    LOL Baylor, i think THOSE slogan shirts were meant to be about HER. ha.

    *I forgot to say, it all just adds up to my theory that Eddie is majorly pissed at Brandi for kicking him out of marital home. Everything he does is to get back at her, allowing Leann to do what she does, it all fits.

    Also, with the dates of filing, etc. remember his “random snapshots of pics to create scandalous” whatever that crazy affair denial was released by Eddie’s publicist. He denied the Leann affair multiple times!

    But yeah, Eddie fell madly in love with Leann & left his wife. *wink*
    I think he’s loving the upscale lifestyle now though, not having to work too hard, etc.

  128. Baylor says:

    DiannSteph ,
    I know! LOL! However, I wonder if Eddie told LeAnn that said Brandi called her trashy or cheap, etc. There had to be a message she was sending out.

  129. JenJen says:

    I think it’s hysterical that Leann or her “help” went thru all of her Twitter followers to carefully scope out her precious fans and block the others, only to undo it. What a petty immature idiot.

    “I almost started making school lunches cause I was just in usual mode, not realizing it’s a holiday LOL”. And quoting Mother Teresa.

    Maybe there is more to this deep seeded jealousy and taunting of Brandi. Maybe she cannot have children. She was married for what 7 years and it’s not like she was busy doing anything else. If she is so found of children you would think she would already have HER OWN.

  130. DiannSteph says:

    Leann’s probably ready to slit her wrists. Carrie Underwood, the hugely successful country superstar Leann snidely criticized in 2006…is having her motion picture debut.

    Leann fancies herself an actress.


  131. DiannSteph says:

    Baylor, I still think the message was to the adoring public that Leann is classy & quality. Delusional, I know, but there you go.

    JenJen, Leann Rimes was already planning to make her Twitter fully public again, what with the upcoming grand nuptials and all. Think about it. *wink*

  132. skilo says:

    JenJen you may be right about her not being able to have kids.I think that she possibly could but won’t because she can’t take her psoriasis meds while pregnant. I’m sure she thinks the minute she gains a pound or has a psoriasis outbreak she’ll turn EC off, sending him into some other home wreckers arms. So it’s easier to try an take over Brandi’s boys. Otherwise she’d probably announce her plan to have twins named “Jason” and “Blake” because Brandi has such good taste of course. lol

  133. JenJen says:

    @skilo- that could be it about skin medication and pregnancy. I never saw the psoriasis but she claimed to have a very bad case of it and had a hard time finding something strong enough to control it. Yes, the apparent anorexia would be an issue too. Maybe she is also on some other medication that doesn’t work well to control her obsessive, lack of sleep behavior.

  134. Juliette says:

    Hilarious, there’s a petition online trying to get her to sing the National Anthem at next year’s Super Bowl. In the two weeks it’s been up she has a total of 136 people that have signed. it.


    Ya, her career is on FIRE!! lmfao

  135. _Salem_ says:

    Oh my goodness I never saw that ‘karma’ shirt. Thats like the A low vera shirt that Julia Roberts supposedly wore. What a ………………… gees I never think I can hate her any more than I already do, but that changes every time I read about her.

  136. KatScorp says:

    I never saw her with a case of psoriasis, so I very much doubt that LeAnn’s is as bad as she makes hers out to be. I have mild psoriasis on my arms, but it only shows up in winter (due to long-sleeves; moderate sunlight relieves it), so I would have recognised it in photos of LeAnn. Still, even a little might make her afraid that Eddie will leave. It is inconceivable to me that Dean would have cared, but Eddie is arguable really only with LeAnn to get back at Brandi, and for the money. LeAnn, despite her narcissism and delusion, must know she’ll never keep him.

    This soap opera is better than anything on the idiot box :-)

  137. brin says:

    Ugh….they are both so vile. Leann should wear a t shirt that says “Prada”, isn’t that what the devil wears?

  138. why? says:

    What I find quite interesting is the fact that she still hasn’t made the connection: If EC can’t even abide by his promises to his own kids(ie-In his custody petition, EC said that it was not child focused to expose his kids to the media and press and anyone who does so is just trying to get attention for herself, yet he continues to allow LR to do just that with her tweets which he knows ends up on blogs and in tabs), then why would anyone believe EC when he says that he loves LR or that he is commited to LR?

    The story about EC hiring the image consultant was true. Remember the article said that EC was getting more involved in charity to clean up his image and then it’s annouced that EC will be taking part in a celeb car race. Why do LR and EC even bother to deny these stories or say that 90% of them are false, and then they go out and do the very same thing that they are calling a lie? And then they can’t understand why no one believes a thing they say or do?

  139. why? says:

    Not only did EC deny his affair with Leann, didn’t he indirectly refer to LR as a speedbump in his marriage?

    I’m shocked that Heidi Jr. and Spencer Jr didn’t invite the paps out with them on their date night to the movies. Heidi Jr wouldn’t have missed the chance for her mouthpieces to tell her just how happy and in love she and EC are just because they hold hands and smile just like they did when they were so unhappy and unfilled in their marriages.

    Heidi Jr Crazy Women single is back at #41(with only 269 plays) on the Billboard charts for country for the issue date of 3/5/11, interesting, it’s like you can literally see how her actions impact her career. Singing at the kid’s school after being told not to do so and then tweeting about it to rub it in the mother’s face, must have turned people off enough to drop her single out of the top 40s.

  140. why? says:


    Loved starved? You must be talking about LR right? But wait, LR isn’t capable of love since she has said on more than one occasion that she doesn’t even regret her actions and of course “life is messy”, BG isn’t the one tweeting about another woman’s kids or morphing herself into the ex-wife of the man she is currently sleeping with.

    Why do these “BG needs to be quiet” posters keep arguing that BG is in love with EC just because she calls EC and LR out on their mess?

    Wait, two sides to every story? We know all of LR and EC business because they make sure to inform the public about every move they make.

    What should BG move on from? She has two kids who along with their school mates are constantly being used as props to keep EC and LR names alive.

  141. leesa says:

    LOL at that twitter petition still at only 136 sigs.

    Ill bet 135 are from LL and the one one from EC

  142. JenJen says:

    Another petition to the NFL signed by the many people that would very much disagree with Miss Margarine singing the National Anthem next Superbowl could serve 3 purposes:

    1) That there is not a chance, as small as it may be, of it actually happening.

    2) Using simple Child Psychology to “bring home” how desperately immature and frustrating “copy-catting” can be.

    3) Just for fun :)

  143. Baylor says:

    So, will someone please tell me what ended up happening to the Brunco?! What did LeAnn say about it?

  144. why? says:

    Leann had an interview on the Bobby Bones show on Feb 23, and that explains why the “BG needs to be quiet”/”BG is so mean on twitter” posters were out in full force in the other thread.

    Seriously, why is LR so predictable?

    Whenever the “BG needs to be quiet” posters show up, you can be 100% sure that it’s because LR either has some interview or LR is going to stage a “EC loves me because…” photo-op.

    Also of interest is that one of her “fans” posted the photos from their “sexy” Cabo photo-shoot on Feb 22. Another reason why these “LR supporters” have been out in full force following the posting of these articles. What a great dad, he reduces his kid’s child support and then immediately goes to Cabo where he shows his kids how much he loves them by participating in a photoshoot? For her “sexy” photoshoot with EC LR used those photos of EC and BG and of EC of SMJ for inspiration. Remember those photos of EC and BG in Las Vegas that Star Mag posted when it came out that EC was still sleeping with BG when he was supposed to be “committed” to LR, well LR is doing a very similar pose in those “sexy” photos of her and EC. If things are so great between LR and EC, why then does LR continue to act as if she is competition with BG? It would not be necessary to duplicate ANY of those photos of BG and EC, if LR has “won” EC.

    EC and LR are nothing more than a publicity stunt. If their love was so REAL, then why is it so predictable?

  145. Baylor says:

    Ever notice this about LeAnn? Her and her camp are the queens of non-Denials Denials. The “don’t believe everything you read” comments, the “crazy media” comments, the making jokes about things without really saying yes or no. Even before Dean, her and her camp where all about the non-denial denials. Her rabid fans fall for it every time.

    She can also never admit she was wrong about anything until years later, and her fans still defend the thing she orginally said/did rabidly. For example, when she first came out many people commented that she didn’t know about heartache, love, etc and therefore maybe shouldn’t be singing some of those songs. She was very offended and went on to say that she knew what love was even if not romantic love, etc. Her fans defended her and insisted that made sense. Many many years later she is making similar comments about young singers that she hated when poeple said that about her and says things like “now that I know what I am singing about…” when referring to singing those songs again. Her fans still won’t say yeah her critics were right intially. They still defend her orginal statements even though LeAnn has now practically contradicted herself.
    Then she had that big battle with Curb years ago. They even had a recording of LeAnn saying on the phone that all she had to do was cry in court to get her way. Despite it being submitted in court and being on tape, her fans refused to believe it.
    She acted all sort of tacky and immature at that time. Her fans defended her behavior. LeAnn went around saying she was mature for her age, despite evidence to that said the opposite and her fans ate it up.
    Then she married Dean. Many people said they were too young to marry and it wouldn’t last. LeAnn and her fans smirked it off. LeAnn and Dean even had a 7 year itch party to “prove those poeple wrong.” Shortly after, the drama unfolded. She had that party despite knowing there were problems. She is that stubborn and spiteful. Now LeAn herself says she was too young to marry then. Her fans have yet to admit they/she was ever wrong about anything though.

    Some things never change.

  146. ThePhoenix says:

    I signed, Juliette, but the petition said nothing at all about LeAnn…?

  147. Juliette says:

    I made the title of the petition:
    “No Leann Rimes at the Super Bowl.”
    I wasn’t sure if I should have added her name into the description. When I get home from work today I will fix that!


    She just sucks. Hypocrite, stalker living in a delusional world that she is awesome.

  148. Juliette says:

    I made the title “No Leann Rimes at the Superbowl” but not in the description. I will see if I can fix that later!


  149. JenJen says:

    @Juliette- that petition is great! Straight to the point.
    It shouldn’t take long for it to take the lead with sane supporters!

  150. why? says:

    I thought it was strange that LR and EC didn’t invite the paps with them on their date night, and now we know why. LR and EC didn’t invite the paps along with them on their date night because they were saving it for their “happy and in love” appearance at a pre Oscar party that Leann sang two songs at.

    Basically, once again Leann went on and on about how we shouldn’t judge her because she made a mistake. So when she unblocked her twitter account to rub family day in BG face was that just a mistake too?

    The media is commenting on how EC and LR stayed to themselves and didn’t engage in as much pda(could this have something to do with all the negative feedback from their excessive pda at the Grammy’s?), which doesn’t surprise me because NO ONE likes them.

    Leann also said that she is honest and that her mistakes are always publicized, of course her mistakes are always publicized because she just won’t stop tweeting or staging photo-ops. She was also begging to sing at the wedding of one of the people who interviewed her. It looks like she is trying to pick up as many jobs as necessary to keep her bank account full.

    Some sites are even commenting on how skinny Leann looks.

    As usual, LR mouthpieces are kissing her and EC behind. It’s the usual, they look like a happy and in love couple, despite the fact that we saw them looking happy and in love when they were so unhappy and unfilled with their spouses.

  151. why? says:

    There are rumors that LR and EC are in talks to do a REALITY TV show about their wedding and being newlyweds and that they plan on including EC two sons in their show.

    Now wasn’t Leann just trashing people who did REALITY TV shows?

    Why would LR trash reality tv shows, when she was planning on making one with EC about their wedding?

    Where is LR pr team or publicist?

  152. JenJen says:

    Just heard Leann spouting off on Extra that she will always be America’s Sweetheart, in her Sweet Dreams. She never was a Patsy Cline and she never will be, which is what she based her career off of. I never liked her, she was a always a wanna-be.

  153. why? says:

    Of course Leann thinks that she is still America’s Sweetheart. It’s the result of:

    a) surrounding herself with yes people (DB, EC, her mother, her friends, publicist, “fans”, and etc…)who tell her what she wants to hear even if it’s far from the truth and results in the public disliking LR even more.

    b)paying various media outlets to write fluff about her relationship with EC despite the fact that both of them look miserable.

    c) using the praises of children to reassure herself that she is a “great” singer when her peers won’t recognize LR for her “talent”.

    d) buying into the hype that she pays People mag to create.

  154. KatScorp says:

    Baylor: “Then she had that big battle with Curb years ago. They even had a recording of LeAnn saying on the phone that all she had to do was cry in court to get her way. Despite it being submitted in court and being on tape, her fans refused to believe it.

    I was on the Rimestimes message board daily back then. She was also recorded as saying that the judge told her he was a big of her music. Many of her fans (including Rosebud) chose to focus on the fact that Wilber’s jumpoff (stepmother number one) had released the recordings, ignoring LeAnn’s attitude maladjustment. I couldn’t listen to the recordings back then (56kbs modems and 1997 windows media player… ugh) and haven’t found them since.

    “Her fans have yet to admit they/she was ever wrong about anything though.”

    Ah, the good ol’ days. I remember it being open season on me when I posted my opinions about LeAnn and all hell broke loose. And I was a fan back then. Baylor, were you ever a poster of the Rimestimes messageboard? There was a poster under the moniker of “LeAnnHater” in ’97-’99 and I still wonder what happened to her.

    Yes, LeAnn used to justify her wisdom with “I believe we feel hurt from the moment we are born. So I use that hurt when I sing”.

    As for the marriage when she was a teen, I remember myself and other fans were well and truly taken by surprise regarding the engagement notice. Some fans still thought she was dating Andrew Keegan, and I, myself, only learned that she and Andrew had been separated for about a month before her and Dean’s engagement was announced. Day-um, it happened quickly.

    Anyway, your point that LeAnn and her fans sail the river in Egypt is very, very true. I don’t beleve that LeAnn is capable of feeling guilt and I know from first hand experience that her most ardent fans are so willingly deluded that if LeAnn told them the sky is green, they’d believe it is.

    But having followed LeAnn and her career closely, since the release of Blue , what I don’t understand is why she has such devoted fanatics. She sure as hell doesn’t have Britney’s dumb-arse, Southern charm. LeAnn only does charity functions when she’s promoting her music (the events are ideal for performing her new singles). LeAnn disses popular artists (Carrie Underwood) and shoots herself in the foot by calling reality-show contestants famewhores, before trying to climb aboard Kelly Clarkson’s coattails… I’m flummoxed by the devotion.

  155. Baylor says:

    I posted on the messageboards using the same name way back then :) It was open season on me too.

    I also her remember blaming Curb for not releasing any new music, yet admitted later she wanted to take a break to “live life.” Fans never put two and two together. There was all sorts of drama with the Keegan break-up. In fact after she meet Dean, she met up with him at a friends house for lunch secretly (Sound Familiar?) , before she officially broke up with Andrew. Then a week later she was officially dating Dean. Then about a couple of months later she was engaged. Crazy!

  156. KatScorp says:

    LOL Baylor, I was Kat. Eventually, after a fight with Viper and two others I had to leave the board (Viper was spamming my e-mail with violent pornography – at the time I was a 17year old in the midst of an emotional breakdown from severe anxiety!). You seem to recall more than I do from back then… but I was losing my shit at the time :-)

  157. why? says:

    Leann invited her radio friends to her house so she could convince them to play her Crazy Women single more often. In other words, LR gave them a private concert(which she had her “fans” record and post on youtube), which probably included the exchange of money.

    That just confirms what many people have thought, there is such a mismatch between Billboards and Itunes for Leann’s Crazy Women single because her song is mainly being played by those radio stations that are LR “friends”.

    Leann doesn’t have devoted fanatics, that is evidenced by the fact that out of 100,000 followers, only 135 signed the petition for LR to sing at the Superbowl, and it’s why her song still hasn’t hit in the top 100 on itunes despite the fact that the Billboards has her ranked at 41 on the Country section for this week(which we can now speculate is due to some deal that she has worked out with her radio friends). Those fanatics might just be Leann’s yes people, DB, her mother, her road manager, her band members, her so called “friends” from childhood, etc… seeing as how when LR needs those fans the most they are NEVER around. They are devoted to Leann because they like the way her money spends.

  158. Baylor says:

    Why is DB tweeting “WTF?” to Brandi? Why is he bothering reading her twitter account much less tweeting to her?! Yet he says he wants no drama. Whatever!

    On a different note: Wonder if DB, Rosebud, or even Brandi will be invited to Dean’s wedding.

  159. KatScorp says:

    Really? Because I just checked YouTube and all that I got was “What Have I Done”, LeAnn’s faux-guilty conscience ballad. Though, yikes! Homewrecker is falling out of that top! Do you think she was hoping that a nipple-slip will help convince the radio programmers to add her? Wow, as in “wear a bra, skank!”

  160. Baylor says:

    DB is writing on twitter that he didn’t like a comment Brandi made to/about Dean on twitter thus his “WTF?” comment to her. He went on to say that Dean is his friend and barely Brandi’s. Brandi doesn’t make it sound that way but Dean sure makes it appear that way. Wonder what the real story is there. That being said, someone needs to inform DB that he if he is such a friend to Dean that he wouldn’t be defending LR actions so much and would have taken a more neutral approach. It’s like really, now your all getting defensive/protective of Dean?! Where is that attitude when it comes to LeAnn’s actions?

  161. why? says:

    Wait, didn’t Leann just make a statement about how people should not judge? I guess Darrell Brown didn’t get that memo.

    I agree, why does Darrell Brown and many of Leann’s crew follow Brandi if Leann is so content and happy in her life with EC?

    Darrel Brown was tweeting about Brandi’s kids, yet he does’t understand how inappropriate his and LR tweets about Brandi’s kids are?

  162. why? says:

    Leann is working hard to compete with Price William and Kate M. So now everytime the media mentions Kate M and Prince W, Leann has paid the media to make sure that they do a segment on her and Eddie as well.

    Kate M and Price William get a Lifetime movie and I guess Leann is going to try to top this by using her “friends” at Lifetime/VH1/E/CMT/ABC to get a reality show about her and EC lives as newlyweds and of course the kiddos whom she loves to tweet about despite the fact that EC said that it wasn’t child focused and only served to draw attention to Leann.

  163. why? says:

    Leann’s Crazy Women single is now at 42 on the Country Charts for 3/12, so it went from 41 to 42 this week and from 40 to 41 last week.

    So LR appearances with EC at the preOscar party, DB rant against BG, that Cabo interview, and tweets about BG kids, are still turning people off.

    No wonder she had to throw a party for her radio friends, she had to stage an intervention. If her single goes back to 41 or even 40 for the charts for 3/19, then we can be sure that Leann is indeed paying these radio stations.

  164. why? says:

    Leann tipped off one of her mouthpieces so they could see her and Eddie(who showed up in a suit and tie, why when he doesn’t even have a job?) at an office building. The mouthpiece wouldn’t say what type of business it was, but considering how desperate Leann is for attention we can probably guess that this photo-op was planned because Leann is trying once again to drum up media attention for her wedding, since the media still won’t talk about the tweets she is leaving on her twitter page about her wedding to Eddie. They were meeting at that place to discuss their reality show about their life as newly weds, to get their marriage license, or this was Leann’s attempt to prove to us that Eddie loves her because he “helps”(ie-dresses up in a suit and meets her at a building) her plan their wedding. Poor Leann. Popsugar was right about Leann and Eddie being Heidi and Spencer of 2011.