Suri takes her doll to work

Say what you want about her nutty parents; that Suri Cruise is one hell of a cute little kid. Suri went to work with mom Katie Holmes today and was photographed looking adorable with her doll and blankie. Whenever I’m tired and see a kid with a blanket I get insanely jealous. Even worse is when they’re in one of those lay-down strollers. They really should make something similar for adults; where you can just nap whenever.

It’s a conundrum that working mothers the world over wrestle with – how to combine raising their children with their career. But Hollywood actress Katie Holmes isn’t prepared to be parted from her pretty two-year-old daughter.

Although she has thrown herself back into work after taking a couple of years off to raise her only child, she makes sure she spends as much time with Suri as possible. And if that means taking her daughter to work then that is exactly what she does.

Katie Holmes takes her daughter Suri to work as she heads to Broadway for her play All My Sons in New York yesterday As Katie arrived on Broadway yesterday for her performance in All My Sons she carried Suri wrapped in a cosy blanket. And to keep her occupied she carried a selection of toys – a cuddly lamb, doll and small giraffe.

[From the Daily Mail]

That girl is going to grow up unfairly gorgeous. Here’s Suri and Katie in Manhattan today. Pictures thanks to WENN and Fame.

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  1. prissa says:

    Gosh Katie looks like a totally different person! Is she still in her 20′s? I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek but I remember her in The Gift. She seemed so vibrant then, now she’s just matronly and old maid-ish. I wondered how that happened. Did someone (maybe Tom himself) sit her down and say “Katie, you’re Mrs. TOM CRUISE now and you have to project a certain image. One of stability and maturity. No more fun and frivolity. You must be stern and somber.” Who knows? It’s just strange for her to have changed so much in such a short period of time.

  2. aspen says:

    Well…and please don’t get me wrong, I think the Cruise “thing” is insane. Tom is insane. Their little cultish “religion” is insane. Katie seems like an automoton (did I spell that right?)…BUT:

    I changed a great deal after becoming a mother, and it wasn’t oppression or suppression of my true personality. I just grew up and filled a different role in life. I behaved differently, dressed differently and, as a consequence, just looked pretty altered from my pre-parental state.

    I’m still me. I just grew up. I think that’s true for many first-time mothers. It happens in our mid to late twenties…and it’s just a time of metamorphosis in life.

  3. eatavag says:

    is it just me or does Suri’s face look swollen on one side?

  4. poky says:

    it does look swollen and I agree as well aspen

  5. CC says:

    that is a beautiful child. I dont like katie’s hair that short though.

  6. Chamalla says:

    I had my doubts on her parentage, but she REALLY looks like Tom in the header image.

    I want that blankie.

  7. doodahs says:

    That child has been super blessed by the beauty fairy, no denying.

    Playing devil’s advocate, I think it must be really hard to raise a child in the public eye and Katie has had to adjust to being a wife and a mother in a whirlwind of crazy publicity. She certainly seems like a devoted mother (if a little tense). I feel a lot of compassion for her because as far as I can tell, other than marry a controversial public figure, she hasn’t actually done anything to warrant so much negative press. Underneath it all, she is human being and despite people’s opinions of her choices, she’s just someone navigating their way through the varied trials and tribulations of ‘growing up’.

  8. caribassett says:

    September 26th, 2008 at 12:49 am
    is it just me or does Suri’s face look swollen on one side?

    She may be cutting her molars.

  9. Kate says:

    Sorry but does this kid ever walks?Also Katie looks like a 40 years old Jackie. 8O

  10. geronimo says:

    Is that the same doll that was spilling Suri’s secrets to the Star yesterday?

    Lie-down strollers for adults – genius, someone really needs to make those. :P

  11. Lola says:

    Jaybrid, I couldn’t agree more about strollers. It would work, we would all get stroller buddies and one pushes while the other naps. LOL. Oh and adult blankies as well. Sometimes I get so tired to the bone and I just don’t want to move.

    Suri is undoubtedly gorgeous. Yes I am a bit biased but she is really beautiful. In some pictures, I get a feeling she would make a nice child model and she wouldn’t even need make up.

    Her face may be swollen because she was asleep. She certainly seems like she just woke up.

  12. Ssshush says:

    Suri is a very (and I mean VERY 1000 times) cute toddler.. She looks like her mommy, which is a good thing because Katie looks very untidy and bleh(you know which facial expression goes with that!)nowadays…

    It’s so sad that Katie transformed from being very hot, sexy, beautiful and exciting to looking very depressed all the time and dressing really really grandma-like bad!

    Tom what did you do to her!!!

    :evil: :x :evil:

  13. manda says:

    I just don’t see what you all do, in regards to Suri. I don’t think she’s super cute. I also think Violet Affleck is weird looking. The little brangelina is cute, though. The blonde.

  14. poopie says:

    all you have to do is look back at the absolute cutest child stars and see that they all grow up totally FUGLY.
    cute as a kid = ugly adult
    ugly kid = cute adult (mostly)

  15. Think Again says:

    Wow I agree…. she does look like Tom these days.

  16. vdantev says:

    Suri has her doll, Katie has hers.

  17. jessica says:

    Does suri know how to walk? They are always holding her.