Enquirer: Shia LaBeouf admires Charlie Sheen’s fiery fist of winning


Charlie Sheen has his share of supporters, for whatever reason. Charlie claims that he’s got the support of people like Sean Penn, who grew up with Charlie, and Mel Gibson, who is radioactive at this point. Charlie also has a significant amount of general “dude” support, in my opinion. There are some men out there who look at Charlie and they see a dude living on his terms, living the good life with porn stars and cocaine and guns and buckets of money. One of those dudes: Shia LaBeouf, at least according to the National Enquirer.

Shia LaBeouf’s partying is so out of control that alarmed Hollywood insiders are jokingly calling him the “new Charlie Sheen.” But incredibly, Shia loves the comparison to the drugging, womanizing Sheen.

“Shia’s personal life is getting weirder and weirder,” an insider told The Enquirer. “He wants to make his mark as a two-fisted drinker and ladies’ man, just like Charlie. It’s got to the point where people started calling him ‘Charlie Junior’ after his role in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps and his own fast-lane lifestyle.”

Charlie and Shia became close when Charlie did a cameo with Shia in the film.

“They talk several times a week. Shia looks up to Charlie as a mentor and asks for advice about practically everything,” another source told The Enquirer. “Shia admires that Charlie isn’t affected by what anyone else thinks.”

Astonishingly, Shia boasted: “I’m the new Charlie Sheen,” say sources. “There’s no doubt Shia has become drawn to Charlie’s lifestyle… he’s even talking about getting some investors together to buy the Playboy mansion. Shia’s become Charlie’s biggest fan!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

Now, Shia is a troubled young man – I think even he would admit that. He drinks too much, he picks fights, he seems like a touchy, angry little guy. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Shia thought that there was nothing wrong with the way Charlie was behaving, or maybe even flat-out admiring Charlie. BUT – I don’t believe the crux of this story. I don’t believe that Shia calls Charlie up and asks for his advice, or that Shia proudly declares that he’s new Charlie. What do I know, though? According to lots of sources, all Shia does these days is sit around bars, getting loaded. Maybe he is claiming to be the new Charlie. Ugh.



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  1. Jazz says:

    Ugh, why does this not surprise me? Emulating Charlie Sheen is only going to lead to very dark places.

  2. brin says:

    Douches united! He probably admires John Mayer, too.

  3. hatsumomo says:

    Alot of the guys I know joke about being like Charlie, at least I hope they’re joking. My facebook threads are full of one-liners and admiration for the shit hes pulling.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    To me, Shia will always be Stanley Yelnats. (I will answer the questions of those who don’t know WTH I’m talking about.)

    Poor little misguided soul. I guess being ostracised by family and friends, hiring porn “actresses” to care for one’s children, and doing copious amounts of drugs and booze is the “New Misogynist” goal in H-Wood.

    How sad to be so lost that Cokie Sheen is a model on which to base one’s behaviour.

  5. DetRiotgirl says:

    In the article it says that Shia admires Charlie as a “ladies man”. I’d just like to know how exactly one can be considered a “ladies man” if you have to pay for sex?

    As my boyfriend says “no one who is actually awesome would have to pay for sex. He must really be an insufferable a**hole if he can’t find anyone to do it with him for free.” Think about that Shia!

    Charlie has all the money and fame in the world, and yet no woman will touch him without first being offered a Bentley. Yeah, what a winner he is. *huge eye roll*

  6. Bodhi says:

    I’, with you, Kaiser. I call bullshit on the general premise of this story. I love Shia, but I also think that he being a lushy douche bag at the moment. Which is fine, lots of guys are for a little while. But I seriously doubt that he is running around proclaiming himself to be “the new Charlie”.

    Like hatsumomo, my FB thread is full of guys who are quoting his tweets. And most of them are nice stable family men who think that this Charlie media onslaught is funny… from a distance… like thousands of miles…

  7. Dani says:

    What’s not funny about any of this is the way Charlie has treated women over the years. That always seems to get lost in the translation of all this male worship. It is creepy to me that any guy would want to emulate that behavior. So shallow.

  8. Izm says:

    Yeah anybody that has to pay for sex is no damn “Ladies Man” who would tell anybody that they pay for hookers…Charlie Sheen is no one to look up to…..A selfish cokehead….You’re LOSING!

  9. Feebee says:

    If true it’s hardly a ringing endorsement.

  10. Anti-icon says:

    I can see this happening — investors buying the Playboy brand. BACK AWAY Shia. No good can come from those ideas. (But I can see how a young hollywood guy whose already been in trouble with the drank could be enticed to the dark side.)

  11. Janet says:

    Sometimes I’m surprised he and Carey Mulligan dated. She’s so much more tamed and low-key, whereas he’s batshit crazy.

  12. kmn says:

    Um, that kind of looks like it’s something besides a cig that he’s smoking…just me?

  13. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Shia La Douche. But I love Stanley Yelnats!

  14. truthzbetta says:

    Hey, the fugly little kid from Transformers who needs a boatload of cash and the world’s best cut suit to work his way up to meh is emulating that old ho infector? And they claimed he would be the next Tom Hanks.