In Touch: Sandra Bullock is texting and calling old flame Ryan Gosling

Here’s a story in In Touch that suggests that Sandra Bullock is on the prowl and is reaching out to her old flame, the highly hittable Ryan Gosling. The last we heard of Sandra’s love life, she was enjoying some friends with benefits sex with newly single Ryan Reynolds. (In my fantasies, don’t ruin it for me.) Maybe she accidentally confused the Ryans in her contact list on her phone, sexted the other Ryan, got a positive response and decided to follow up on it. Ryan Gosling is of course said to be dating Olivia Wilde, but she’s all over him and you know Sandra is playing it cool like she couldn’t care less. Men love that.

According to a friend, Sandra wants to rekindle a romance with old flame Ryan Gosling – and has been secretly taking steps toward making that happen.

“She carries a torch for Ryan, and now they’re both available, so she’s made contact with him,” the friend reveals. “They’re both open to getting back together.”

Ryan, 30, and Sandra, 46, first met on the set of Murder by Numbers back in 2001, where they clicked instantly, despite their 16-year age difference. They embarked on a steamy romance – but because of Sandra’s reservations, the relationship ended before it was able to run its course. “He was just too young at the time,” the friend explains. But Sandra now feels she may have made a mistake…

Now she wants Ryan to know that she’s ready to give him another chance.

And it seems he’s very interested in the offer. The friend says that he and Sandra have spoken on the phone and exchanged flirty text messages – and so far, things have been looking good. “They made plans to get together,” the friend shares.

[From In Touch, print edition, March 14, 2011]

Yes, this is In Touch, it’s probably completely made up, but how interesting would this be if it were true? Ryan was just 20 in 2001 when he was working with Sandra (his birthday is at the end of the year) and she was 37. That’s a much bigger maturity difference than 30 and 46 (Sandra’s birthday is in July.) Now they have a chance to finish what they started and see if they really are meant to be together. Only Ryan has been playing the field lately, dating Olivia Wilde, Blake Lively and maybe even hooking up with Charlize Theron last summer. (There are surely plenty of other women we haven’t heard about.) Will he continue to settle for low hanging fruit like Olivia “I used to be a princess” Wilde or will he take the challenge, man up and go for more worldly Sandra? Maybe it’s Sandra who should rethink her dating choices though, not Ryan. She could do better, you know? I used to like Ryan but he’s giving off a douche vibe lately. It doesn’t help that he’s dressing like Hugh Hefner.*

*(Someone pointed that out in the comments, I didn’t come up with it.) Photos credit: WENN




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  1. Bite me says:

    So Louie is going to have a lot of uncles

  2. Marjalane says:

    Hmmmmm. Not sure what I think about this one. Not sure which one I would question….16 years is a big gap, and I think The Gosdong is currently into sleazy young pieces, and I know he’s said he is not into kids, like at all. On the other hand, for all of Sandra Bullocks charm, I have a healthy suspicion that she’s got a bit of a dark side, and no matter how hot she looks for a 46 year old, you’re going to be compared to those 20 something bodies. It’s a wash. True, not true, I don’t think I care anymore.

  3. Ethel says:

    Ah, Murder By Numbers…one of my favorite Ryan movies. The scene at the end where he licks Sandra’s face is unforgettable. Didn’t know there was actual chemistry between them.

  4. OriginalGracie says:

    I LOVE Ryan Gosling. As Kaiser would say, who wouldn’t love a ride on the GosDong?

    I give this story a 50/50 chance of being true. I think the tabs love that Sandy is single so they can “hook her up” with all sorts of people and viola!
    get an new story every week.

    I do hope Sandy is getting laid on a regular basis. I just love her.

  5. brin says:

    I don’t know about this one, I think Sandra is probably pretty careful about who she hooks up with now. She’s been there done that and he has his pick of pyt, so I kinda doubt this story.

  6. someone says:

    I don’t believe this story at all..I love it when the tabs say “a friend” told the story..I don’t think that any of SB friends would go running to a tabloid…

  7. Rita says:

    Oh yes, a little Ry-Ry on the side with a twist of Sparkles, shaken not stirred.

  8. devilgirl says:

    I never knew they had dated.

  9. This is sacrilege, but I just don’t find Sandra pretty. Her features are slightly off, just not in pleasing positions. I also think that blind about her style of sex is kind of interesting, given the good-girl persona she’s cultivated. It’s not that I don’t like her, just that I’ve never seen what all the fuss is about. Ryan, on the other hand? YUM. Men can get away with not being conventionally handsome. And in fact, are more handsome for it.

  10. Crash2GO2 says:

    I was just thinking how Ryan’s features are all a little bit off and how it detracts (for me) from any good looks he might have. Add to that his stoopy shoulders and I honestly don’t see the appeal. But I haven’t seen any of his movies either.

  11. Dani says:

    No, no, no, this is wrong on so many levels. He is my celebrity crush. Sandra, step away from the Gosling.

  12. Audrey says:

    I just don’t “get” either Ryan, especially this one. His face looks droopy.

  13. REALIST says:

    You go, girl. Have some much deserved fun…

  14. K-MAC says:

    they ought to totally hook up again…I loved them together!

  15. Celia says:

    I don’t have anything to say about Sandra and Ryan G. having sex, if they do, it’s totally fine with me. I hate how men can get away with hooking up with much younger women/grown-up girls but older women can’t.
    what I noticed is, in picture 3 one can see a “hole” in Sandra’s chest, you know beneath the sternum or something. when I had such a thing I was pretty thin and I don’t know isn’t that a bad sign, like she’s too thin?

  16. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Ride it Sandra!!!

  17. Ally says:

    Like some of the other current crop of “hot young actors”, I just don’t get the fuss with Ryan Gosling. To me, they look like guys who work at Blockbuster: you know, vaguely cute but mopey & depressed.

  18. Phoenix says:

    Wow, I didn’t know they got together on the set of ‘Murder by Numbers’, 16 years is a big age gap when you’re 20 years old. Saying that, he is very good-looking in that film so fair play to her.

  19. lucy2 says:

    I forgot they used to date too.
    I call BS anyway, at least as long as it’s based on a “friend” – I think it’s been well established that Sandra’s friends don’t talk.

  20. original kate says:

    i just saw “blue valentine” and he is hawt. so yeah, go sandy.

  21. Jeri says:

    I like Olivia Wilde, bloggers mention her “princess” status much more often then she does. Get over it.

    As for Sandra and Ryan, if true, go for it and enjoy.

  22. Adrian says:

    The part about texting the wrong Ryan and getting a good response made me crack up. I know quite a few people who’ve done that. Regardless, I’d take either Ryan :)

  23. ToastedSkin says:

    I really like the idea of him with Olivia Wilde though..

  24. Janet says:

    I see Ryan Gosling as an intelligent, artsy kind of guy so I actually think Sandra Bullock is a great match for him. She’s so much better than the dumb twentysomethings of Blake Lively and Olivia Wilde, who don’t have much to offer except their looks (and this is coming from me, a nineteen-year-old).

  25. monty says:

    “According to a friend,..”

    a ‘real’ friend wouldn’t act like they care about you, and then direct all your personal info towards the fameballing tabloid media, now would they?..

  26. Ari says:

    I had no idea they actually boned…I totally felt the chemistry with those two it was very creepy and hot all at the same time…lol. She looks great for almost 50!

  27. miss silver says:

    There’s a scene in Murder by Numbers where cop Sandra is doing surveillance on Ryan and he shows up next to her car, gets in her face, and his hot flirting was too real to be an act.

  28. Anna says:

    I think they’re friends, they look like they have chemistry. Sandra’s good at the flirt.

    If you were in any vicinity to the Gosling wouldn’t any person in their right mind be trying to hit that? I mean seriously.

  29. kmn says:

    I would LOVE if this was true, it’s officially my gossip wish of the day. Ryan Gosling is smoking hot…get it Sandra!

  30. Daniella says:

    He’s the type of guy who has a lot of girlfriends, some close, some not so much….so he is gonna expect to be labelled as dating them all I suppose at some points. So silly!!

  31. Lauren says:

    The face licking scene at the end of the movie..that is all I remember. Ryan was sexy, even when he was 20. I think after Ryan licked Sandy’s face, she was at his mercy. I don’t know how any woman could forget Ryan..he is just incredible.

  32. lachica says:

    back away from the Nazi Ryan! you can do so much better than Jesse’s seconds.

  33. Boxy Lady says:

    If I recall correctly, they were together for awhile, like a year and a half or something. They’re both hot as individuals and I bet they were hot together. As for Sandra’s “slightly off features,” years ago she said in an interview that her sister lowered a garage door onto Sandra’s face and it broke her nose.

  34. Az says:

    I’ve always wanted those two to get back together!

  35. launicaangelina says:

    my mom is 15 & a half years older than my dad. They met when dad was about 20 and mom 35. they are still together. their relationship works.

    my parents did this in the 70s – way before the “cougar” shit became popular with demi & ashton (who happen to have almost the same age gap as my parents).

  36. denise says:

    Sorry ladies but he is fug!

  37. love says:

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