Bobbi Kristina Brown explains the cocaine snorting pictures “I was set up”

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s now 18 year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was photographed apparently snorting cocaine in a series of pictures published in this week’s National Enquirer, as we mentioned yesterday. I had the chance to read the article yesterday, and they have quotes from an ex boyfriend of Bobbi’s, who had pictures of her doing coke at two different parties in Georgia near Atlanta. It’s very obvious that’s what she’s doing both from her positions in the photos and other pictures with Bobbi in the background that clearly show white lines laid out on a tablet. Here’s some of the excerpts from the article, and you can see the photos in this week’s National Enquirer (with “Divorce Shockers” on the cover) and here.

18 year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown – known to friends as “Krissi” – is seen snorting lines of cocaine at two different parties.

The troubled teen – who was admitted to apsychiatric ward in 2008 after trying to kill herself – also smokes marijuana, guzzles beer and gets smashed on Everclear, a potent grain alcohol, a close source tells The Enquirer.

The source – a former boyfriend of Krissi – has come forward in a desperate bid to save her life, and to beg Whitney to get involved before it’s too late.

“Krissi is addicted to cocaine. I’ve tried to stop her, but all she said was, ‘I’m just like my mother!” the ex-boyfriend – who dated her for 2 1/2 years – told The Enquirer.

“Whitney needs to see what her daughter is doing to herself. If Krissi doesn’t stop soon, this addiction to cocaine will kill her!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 17, 2011]

Krissi just had her 18th birthday, so these pictures were taken sometime last year. She’s responded to this controversy on Twitter and has put up quite a few tweets about it. She doesn’t deny that it happened, but says several times that it was a long time ago. In a series of tweets she says she was set up by an ex boyfriend and that she’s changed:

The pictures_ a former very dear person to me did this. Set me up.

But it’s really not what it looks like.. People will do anything for money which is extremely sad, and I’m very hurt by this.

Thing’s people do these days to hurt others is a shame. All I can do now, is keep my head up high, keep looking towards the lord.

All the lord is telling me is be still. That’s all, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. #BeStill.

I love my family so much. My mom just comforted me to the max, and I’m so thankful for her. Thank you so much lord for blessing me with an Phenomenal family and incredibly phenomenal mother. Thank you for giving me the strength to move forward and put things in the past.

And the person that did this was a result of a horrible relationship that went sour. I was in love_ he was in love with money. I’ve learned My lesson. I’m so much greater and blessed for it today, and I believe nothing less. That is the last I will speak of this, let’s praise god And be greatful and thankful for your family, and people that truly love you, strength, courage, and life lessons learned. GodblessUall «3

[via Popeater, NecoleBitchie]

She sounds very mature and put together, but she never took responsibility for what she did or said she was ashamed of it. She only blamed her ex boyfriend for “setting her up” and suggested it’s not what it looks like. Krissi didn’t give an explanation of how she could be doing anything other than snorting coke. I get that she’s really young and that she’s going to deny it, but it would be nice if she would take responsibility for her actions instead of blaming other people for outing her. Then again, her mom is in her 40s and she never quite took responsibility for her drug use either.

Here’s a link to a photo of Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina as a little girl. She never had a chance, but it’s clear she’s trying. We may see some kind of album coming out from Krissi in the near future. She tweeted “I’m following my mothers footsteps industry wise.” And otherwise.

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  1. Quest says:

    When will the excuses ever end. She needs to admit that she has a problem and get help.

  2. cranky chica says:

    Maybe she has some of that tiger blood and Adonis DNA that’s been going around lately….

  3. Hautie says:

    Good grief. I hate lame ass excuses.

  4. The_Porscha says:

    Show me some receipts, CB.

  5. Johnthing says:

    Tell us the one about the three bears.

  6. eternalcanadian says:

    That’s too bad. A child of druggies became a druggie herself. Everyone needs some serious counseling and stop doing the drugs, stat.

  7. Marjalane says:

    Oh come on! “She sounds very mature”? How about “Her PR person has made the effort to make her sound very mature”?

  8. aenflex says:

    didn’t her father pull a turd from her mother’s ass on national tv?
    i dont blame the girl for needing an escape, just too bad it’s drugs.

  9. Phillylady says:

    Very sad. And what is with all the God talk? I mean, I just don’t get how all that is relevant to what she was saying in her open letter. I feel bad for this very young woman :(

  10. trvlbug529 says:

    What do you expect? The girl never had a chance with Bobby and Whitney as parents.

    I’m betting Whitney’s okay with this behavior and probably indulges with her.

  11. Lisa says:

    Can you please explain to me how she was set up when the pictures clearly show her snorting yayo up her nose?

  12. Nick says:

    “She sounds very mature and put together”

    Don’t drink the kool-aid. It’s a manipulation tactic. “Look at me, I’ve got my act together (drop bible quote here), don’t I sound like a mature person (God reference here) and this is nothing more than a plot against me….*SNOOOORT*.”

    BTDT with a drug abuser.

  13. Jackson says:

    I haaaate when I get set up with a rolled bill up my nose and little lines in front of me, making it look like I am snorting them. How rude! I guess we’ve all been there, eh? A friend says ‘here, stick this up your nose and bend over these little white lines while I take your picture….’

    What a joke.

  14. Jeannified says:

    Oh please…mature, my ass!!! She just knows how to pay lip service having been mentored by Whitney and Bobby. She NEVER took responsibility for what she did and is totally blaming this boyfriend for outting her, saying that he wants money. Perhaps he just wants to see her get help. Dummy!

  15. Monique says:


  16. Liz123 says:

    Jeannified- you don’t get a friend help by selling pics of her to the tabloids. Why not give the pics to a teacher or family member? Monique I will bring God in this and pray for you

  17. anonymous says:

    Shes a young girl who grew up around alot of drugs and rock n roll so its not really a surprise and whether she blames someone or not for the pics now is irrelevant, what i feel is atleast she has some sort of belief system and faith which at the end of the day is important, having some sort of belief in Something greater then yourself and thats atleast something shes learned through these experiences early in her life. It’s in her DNA so it will be a life long battle and looks like her mothers prepared her to have faith and a belief system to help her get by when she feels alone, if anyone can teach her its her mom whos been through it and also her grandmother whos a gospel singer who Whitney says also saved her.

  18. sarah t says:

    Bobbi references God a lot because her family is religious. I think her grandmother and aunts sung in a gospel group, or something to that effect. Dionne Warwick, Whitney’s cousin was also exposed as a cocaine user. They say they’re addicted to Jesus but they really only worship white powder. I hope this story ends well for all.

  19. motheroftheyear says:

    “Mature”? “Put together”?!?
    I *am* on celebitchy, and not Just Jared, correct?

    *tiptoes back to dlisted where the snark runs rampant and where the blogger calls it like he sees it*

  20. Laura says:

    I’ve never done coke, but when I was younger (like, twelve) I would crush the sticks from fun dip and snort them, to look like a badass (it worked, by the way, though I’m not sure my mom was thrilled with the resulting inquiries from neighbours and teachers). So it is possible to be photographed snorting something without being on coke. Doubt that is the case here though.

  21. Angel says:

    What are you talking about? She didn’t deny it, said it was in the past and while it hurt that someone she let in exposed her dirty laundry for monetary gain, she is thankful for what she now has and is moving on. What more explanation do you need, how many lines she did, or a denial worthy of LL?

    It almost sounds like you wish this 18 year old girl were more of a train wreck to write about.

    motheroftheyear: puh-lease. If this isn’t catty enough for you you have issues, gf. It’s precisely readers like you that have otherwise funny and talented gossip bloggers reaching new lows all the time. blech.

  22. JenJen says:

    The Enquirer found a good picture of Katie!

  23. noneofyourdamn buisness says:

    Wow you see this is what happens when you have a drug addict as a mother she must be so proud:(