Kim Kardashian is made of lies, denies plastic surgery: “I’ve always had big lips”


Kim Kardashian is the cover girl for the April issue of Self Magazine. I wasn’t paying any attention to it, because I didn’t even both to read the interview excerpts, mostly because Kim is a really boring interview. Not this time, though. In this interview, Kim decides she’s going to taunt us with her plastic, freaky kat-face and lie to us. Yes,m Kim wants us to know that she isn’t “bothered” by the “rumors” that her face is jacked to hell. And she even gives another excuse for these photos of her crazy lip injections – previously, Kim claimed her lips were jacked because of the flu. Now she says that she’s always had those lips, and that we’re all so, so dumb.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to tabloid reports speculating she’s had plastic surgery. But the reality starlet doesn’t let the falsifications get the best of her.

“Rumors don’t bother me anymore,” Kardashian, 30, told Self magazine while shooting their April cover. “I’ve read that I’ve had my lips done. I’ve always had big lips. Look at my baby pictures. It’s ridiculous … You can’t worry about all the gossip.”

But it’s not just Kardashian’s lips that reports claim she’s had altered.

“They’ll show one picture of me today and one tomorrow, and say I’ve had my nose done in between,” she says. “When? Didn’t you just see me yesterday? And how many times have I ‘had my butt done?’ People’s logic is so weird. I don’t know why they bother!”

Luckily, Kardashian’s little sisters Kendall and Kylie aren’t exposed to the same kind of “rumors and lies” that she and her other sisters, Kourtney and Khloé, had to deal with when they first became famous.

“They definitely stay away from all the tabloid magazines,” Kardashian explains. “They’re not really allowed to get those.”

But if Kardashian lived in a world where celebrity magazine covers were irrelevant, she’d want it to be of the CSI nature.

“I would either be a crime scene investigator or a makeup artist,” she says. “Or both. Maybe I should do makeup for the people on the crime scene [who] are dead.”

But in the simpler scheme of things, Kardashian says she’d even be happy working as a cleaning lady.

“I’m the biggest neat freak at home,” she admits. “I don’t have people over for the reason [that] I don’t like anyone in my space. I think I was a housekeeper in my last life. Sitting at home in sweats and cleaning out my closet would be a perfect night for me.”

Adds Kardashian, “At home, everything has to be perfectly in line and perfectly color-coordinated. I’m just a neat freak, OCD, crazy girl.”

[From People]

Kim, we think you’ve altered your face because we have eyes. And of course the “rumors” don’t bother you – you don’t DO anything. It’s not like you can just put your head down and work as an actress. All you have are tabloids and rumors and attention keeping you famous. She really thinks we’re dumb, doesn’t she?





Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN & Kim’s Celebuzz site.

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  1. mln76 says:

    Oh No I really like Self Mag she is sooo not what I want to be looking at when I open my mailbox :(

  2. Whatever says:

    That side by side comparison is awesome! She doesn’t even look like the same person. Who does she think she’s kidding?

  3. Clavin says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for Kim to appear any dumber. I was totally wrong.

  4. guesty says:

    This girl! Or should I say katlike kreature! I mean maybe she should look @ her befores.

  5. Mia135 says:

    Yuk, I thought SELF magazine was about wholesome, healthy, natural beauty. How disappointing.

  6. rissa says:

    the side by side pic kinda reminds me of twilight lol. human-vampire

  7. melinda says:

    Those pictures freak me out. She looks like a long lost Jackson.

  8. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Omg! She must think that all the readers are really really stupid and will believe her!

    God, her mum and step dad are a walking advert for plastic doll faces and she isn’t far behind them….

  9. Diane says:

    There’s nothing real about her at all. One big fake.

  10. Dana M says:

    So unfortunate! She was pretty before her surgeries.

  11. smith says:

    Rats, I’m actually interested in a few of the cover stories but refuse to purchase with KK as kovergirl. I want to be part of the solution.

    I’ll have to swipe from the doctor’s office. KK has turned me into a petty krook.

  12. Anoneemouse says:

    I hate people that go on and on about how they would never say no to plastic surgery but then deny it when they do. She’s needs to stop fooling around with her face – it’s looking more clownish as times goes on.

  13. brin says:

    She’s always been a big liar, too.

  14. mary jones says:

    Since when does the flu cause your lips to get bigger? Anyone had this happen? lol

  15. Andrea says:

    I don’t know about anybody else, but my lips don’t swell up when I’ve had the flu. She needs to just stop, she used to be so pretty.

  16. Hautie says:

    With the exception of those obvious jacked up lips… I don’t see any work on her face.

    Now don’t yell at me.

    What I see is someone who has great makeup.

    It is what great makeup is all about. Hiding the ugly.

    To prove my point.

    In Google images look up: Kevyn Aucoin

    Kevyn, whom has since passed away, is a perfect example of a man who taught the female’s in LA how to maximize their features.

    Or look here

    He actually makes Julia Roberts look incredible. And lets be real. That was not a easy feat. She hit 30 and got homely as hell.

  17. esblondie says:

    I’m glad I already cancelled my subscription to Self; seeing that broad in my mailbox would have pushed me over the edge. Now, if I can keep Beiber and freaking Snooki off my goddamned Rolling Stone, I’ll be getting somewhere.

  18. lola lola3 says:

    Wow. Really disapointed in Self!

  19. Quest says:

    Kim looks like a blow-up-doll on botox and really think we would not notice.

    She is the one with the low IQ, it is a pity that these people are famous for no reason.

  20. Relli says:

    @ esblondie. I was strongly considering re-subscribing to Rolling Stone until that Snooki cover came out and then i decided against it.

  21. happygirl says:

    @ brin – liar, liar, LIPS on fire, right? Hahahaha!

  22. aenflex says:

    Certain hairline revision
    Possible delicate tip refinement rhinoplasty
    Certain Botox
    Cetrain fillers around mouth area.
    Up in the air with the lip injections, I see no difference between the 2 pics.
    The hairline revision really chaged her brow and with the botox gives the appearance of a brow-lift, but I doubt she’s actually had one.

  23. Anon73 says:

    Kim is fake in the all-around. fake personality, contrived comments and ideas, overly plastic face. while i am sure the personality must have always sucked, she DID used to be a gorgeous looking girl.

    also, i like her better with the darker skin look vs the waxy-white, for what it’s worth.

  24. jen says:

    Okay, she’s clearly lying about never having any work done, but I will say this: my lips did swell once to that extent when I had a cold. It was ridiculous.

  25. Nanea says:

    I only get swollen lips if I suffer from a food allergy. I’ve never had anything happen to my mouth when I suffered from a cold.

    I’ve recently seen other pics of KimK ca. 2006, I think with Paris H, where there was a huge difference to the way she looked today, and that was most certainly not due to make-up and lights.

  26. MikeyAngel says:

    So what exactly are you all seeing here as far as work? I think she had something done to her hairline, def botox, a browlift, lips, and her chin looks different. Her cheeks seem more pronounced now, but that could be a slight weight fluctuation or the botox, right? I think she has the same nose.

  27. jen says:

    Nanea: I know what you mean. Mine swell sometimes due to allergies to food or cosmetics. So it could have had something to do with that, and I just happened to be sick at the time. Who knows?

    Anyway, she looks much better in the before pics.

  28. Matt says:

    Come on you guys! Haven’t all of our lips swollen to twice their normal size when we have a cold?

    Ugh, I just can’t take this woman anymore. Her whole life is fake. Her lips are fake, hair is fake, butt is fake. Boyfriends, tv show, music career, fake, fake, fake.

  29. Nikster says:

    I don’t think she’s had anything done. Honestly.

  30. Lisa says:

    Since when are her lips considered to be big? If by big you mean big fake botox, silicone or whatever you inject on your lips to make them big, then yes you have big lips Kim Whoredashian.

  31. Blueflie says:

    Hautie and Nikster – I’m with you, She’s 4 or 5 years older, but I don’t think there has been work done like everyone is saying. Just calling it like I see it.

  32. Dea says:

    Kaiser: I love that you write negative things about her in particular. I mean all their fame it is because of media writing and promoting her everywhere like she is the goddess on this earth. This woman is the most shallow person I have ever seen in my life who gets so much undeserved attention.

    Check website saynotokardashians for more information on why this family should not promoted in this way. People can join facebook page with the same name as well. Thanks

  33. Roma says:

    There is no way that is the same nose. No. Way. She’s trying to deflect by saying “when have I had the time” but I swear she has had both a nose job and butt implants since after her sex tape.

    And she’s had major hairline revision done but I wouldn’t really count laser as actual surgery.

  34. OXA says:

    When I have the flu my lips etc usually shrink from dehydration. This chick has more plastic bits than Barbie.

  35. Lemon Drops says:

    Even if everything on her body was real, its her personality that makes her fake. next.

  36. Maritza says:

    Maybe she is wearing that lipstick that makes your lips look fuller.

  37. Alisha says:

    Her lips def look like they’ve been done. But i don’t think she looks like she’s had a ton of stuff done to her face. They’re comparing a 2006 photo to one from 2010. She was thick back then. She’s lost a lot of weight and a lot of people lose it in their face. It just looks like she’s lost weight. I don’t doubt she’s had a few things done but “cat face” I don’t think so. It’s just so funny to read all these comments.. These people act like they know her personally and they can tell exactly what kind of person she is from these types of websites! haha funny!

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    “Kim Kartrashian’s Katastrophic Plastic Surgery” would have made a great headline. But I do love the “is made of lies” part. Too true, Kaiser, too true.

  39. Macey says:

    I dont really see any difference in her lips. The rest of her face and body, yes but not sure on the lips and they’re usually easy to spot. I think it may be a matter of make-up application on the lips.

  40. mln76 says:

    I don’t understand all the plastic surgery deniers out there. In the last week alone I have seen commentors claim Madonna, Courntey Cox, and now Kim Kardashian haven’t had surgery done. I am so disappointed in the otherwise smart CB posters.

  41. Merry says:

    She should write a book: “From breath-taking ravenous beauty to surgically altered alien freak in 10 days”

  42. mdf says:

    She’s obviously gotten her lips done. In the very first pic, she’s resembling the Grinch the way her upper lip is so puffed. It just looks stupid.

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    And what happened to her hairline? What is going on with that?

    KK & KvD both look like their faces have been narrowed and their skulls actually elongated. WHO DOES THAT?!? ON PURPOSE?

  44. curmudgeon says:

    We are dumb. Bitch is selling something and SOMEONE is buying it. Wish they’d stop…

  45. Bailey says:

    she definitely had something done.

  46. Amanda says:

    She has 100% had a nose job. Those aren’t the best 2 pics for comparison, but her nose is totally different now from her old nose. It looks like she has had botox because her brows are about the same shape as they used to be, but they now tilt upwards. I’m not sure about the lip injections, but I am pretty sure she gets filler injected into her cheeks (the apples of her cheeks), giving her that cat-like appearance.

  47. launicaangelina says:

    I’m so glad u did the side by side photos! It’s shocking to see the changes! There are two things that make her look extremely different to me. Her hairline and cheeks. Too much laser and filler. Jacked her up!

  48. cara says:

    she’s only foolin’ herself.

  49. Mimi says:

    I personally don’t think she has had anything done to her lips. As far as the rest of her face, who knows? In some pics it kinda looks like she might have had a nose job. In other pics, it doesn’t.

  50. Novaraen says:

    Hairline revision…YES
    Nose thinification…YES
    Botox….YES(she did this on camera)
    Excessive makeup…YES
    Breast Implants….YES
    Butt Implants….YES

    getting fat lips from the flu?? bullsh*t.

    I have naturally full lips and never in my life have they swelled up from the flu. This girl is a disgusting famewh*re.

    I’m also sorry to see that Self would put this piece of trash on their cover.

    This girl got peed on in a sex video…why do people celebrate her???

  51. Novaraen says:

    Oh…and she’s had her teeth done too.

    Fakey faker!!

  52. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Maybe the flu caused her brain to swell and she forgot all about the plastic surgery?

    “Maybe I should do makeup for the people on the crime scene [who] are dead.”
    *face palm*

    Yes, because a good concealer will most certainly mask trauma (ie gunshot wounds putrefaction etc). I’d love to bring her to work with me and make her my ASSistant for the day.

  53. Missfit says:

    Well I honestly think she was prettier before…now she just has a tight looking face…regardless if she had work done or not. One thing I can’t stand about her and her freakin sisters is how they talk…such valley girl stuck up shit. How they are over do it. Dude, just be real and be you…and if you’re educated and intelligent, show it. Don’t act so oblivious to what your mind holds. Unless they are really that dumb. Then again, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton got famous for acting like such dumb twats. I don’t think it’s a blonde thing…it’s just a stupid rich valley girl thing. (Rolls eyes) When there is seriously an intelligent female and she chooses to act ignorant, that’s pathetic. :/

  54. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Morticians – Yeah, she’d definitely put the “ASS” in “assistant”! 8)

  55. Confuzzle says:

    How on earth can urine make someone so stupid and talentless so famous and rich?

  56. adtiu says:

    Huh? are we all looking at the same pictures because I do not see what you all see. I am not defending her or anything, I just do not see it. Her face is thinner making her features sharper. Her lips are also the same size. The hair line is in the same place except it does not have fuzzies…

    Even photos of her body, she just looks like she works out….

  57. Clavin says:

    Yup, she works out all right, lots of 12oz fork & spoon curls.

  58. Bella says:

    This is what I see:

    Hair line threaded

    Botox for sure

    Nose job

    Has eyebrows professionally done now

    Skin bleeched or just staying out of the tanning bed

    Her lips look the same ‘cept for the one pic.

  59. TeeTee says:

    everything about this chick is fake!! especially her personality, what a dumbass!

    I WILL NOT be buying this magazine!

    Everyone is in a economy crunch and they get risque and have this trash on the cover??

    guess they don’t care about subscribers.

  60. Bopa says:

    Looks like she had a chin reduction, hairline pulled up (unless she’s wearing lace fronts), nose job, and temp lip work done.

  61. Laurie says:

    Kat Kardashian is such a liar!! My half blind grandmother could tell she has altered her face. I wonder if Katty Face gets mad when someone lies to HER?!!

  62. CB Rawks says:

    I once had an allergic reaction that made my mouth swell up like a trout. It was hideous and physically painful. Thanks for reminding me, Kim.

  63. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original Bella, yes. In more ways than one ;)

  64. Aries_Mira says:

    I really don’t care if people have plastic surgery or not. It’s their body, they can do as they wish. The part I hate is when they say “Oh, I’ve NEVER had any work done!” and they are lying through their perfect, white teeth. When there are pictures or videos to prove otherwise, either own up to it or keep your mouth shut.

  65. Tara says:

    I am disappointed in Self magazine for putting a plastic blow-up doll on their cover. What happened to the days of the healthy, toned Self cover models? God forbid if Kim were ever in need of a transfusion I hope the hospital carries her Botox type. And she used to be such a classic Armenian looking natural beauty. Its not too late, Kim. Deflate your face and show the teens who follow you that natural is better. Jeez,did this ‘neat freak’ remove all of the mirrors from her home? The only good thing here is that at least Self went for a semi-natural make-up palette for her cover shoot. None of that fail smoky mesquite BBQ eyeshadow paired with the melon lipstick that Kim loves. Ugh.

  66. neema says:

    Holy Michael Jackson-face Batman.

  67. truthzbetta says:

    Self is featuring that? For God’s sake how desperate are they?

    Kat Face looks like Heidi Fleiss now, that’s her problem. But Self Mag can’t afford to lose cred on Kartrashian covers. That’s the kind of mag you buy when you’re not into skulking away from the check out line in shame.

    Next time they feature a Goddess Workout to make you feel great is it going to be Sheen’s paid help in an oil fight on a trampoline? Self now means self-ish. Self-deluded. Self-inflatable body parts. Self esteem done left the building.

  68. Hakura says:

    Quote: ““I would either be a crime scene investigator or a makeup artist,” she says. “Or both. Maybe I should do makeup for the people on the crime scene [who] are dead.””

    A scientist, or a cosmetics professional. I wouldn’t even trust her to do a dead person‘s makeup. The spider-lashes, abuse of bronzer, & ‘inflatable life boat’ lips would traumatize relatives & small children.

    She makes it sound as though she thinks a makeup artist shows up at the crime scene to work on the victim. -_- But considering she thinks we ‘buy’ her denials, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  69. Shilla says:

    Looking at the two pictures side by side, I really don’t think she got anything done… her features r still the same, just that she’s lost weight and has really good make up artists.

  70. Kiska says:

    Why lie? Plenty of people are having stuff done and its obvious that she’s altered her appearance. Denying it seems really dumb.

  71. Cora says:


    I agree with you! I honestly don’t see any significant difference in the photos except for the fact that she’s four years younger in the first one.

  72. slim27 says:

    get over the sex tape…..stop nagging!!

  73. Shelley says:

    Her right side breast implant healed higher than the left side – had that happen to me and it is NOT pretty. If what she says about her cleanliness/germ freakiness is true, and I guess it is since she’s actually bragging about it, ie, ‘I never have people over, etc.,’ – WHOA, that’s an unintentionally grim glimpse into her mentality.

  74. The Bobster says:

    #19, you don’t see the nosejob, eye job, lipjob….?

  75. Ashley says:

    Liar liar pants on fire. She’s had an obvious nose job. Not just in the side by side but I believe that was her first, and then she had another recently (like within the past 2 years).

    The lips don’t look all that different, except for the bottom which makes no sense to me. If she was getting lip injections she should have injected the top one which is A LOT thinner than the lower one, which looks like a bee stung it or something. Terrible.

    Oh and let’s not forget those cheeks. No obvious dfference in the photos but from season 1 of KUwK to now, she’s some how morphed in to Kris.

    She needs to stop lying.

  76. Kim says:

    Of course the younger girls arent allowed to see the tabloids. They would then realize their sisters and mother are media whores who LIE about everything from being in love, to not having plastic surgery on every part of their bodies! And they would realize their entire families fame is based on a pornographic tape their sister released to get famous at the encouragement of their mother!

  77. Kim says:

    Hautie or anyone else who claims Kim hasnt had her entire face and body done need to get your eyes examined asap! She is plastic from head to toe just like her mother.

  78. Caz says:

    Ryan Seacret this family is your fault. Agree with most of the bloggers’ sentiments. She and her mum share the same surgeon. Make them go away.

  79. Mouse says:

    Wowsa, she WAS pretty. I knew she’d had a lot of surgery and skin bleaching, but I’d never seen a “before” pic. Yikes.

  80. Newbie says:

    She has always had big lips. She’s just gone and made them bigger.
    Obviously, in these latest pictures, her lips are definitely fake. But the two side pictures look really similar to me. Other than some skin bleaching (?), botox and too much makeup, she doesn’t look different to me. Those recent photos look like Michael Jackson, though. I literally gasped when I clicked on this thread.

  81. Ellie says:

    When will the fascination with those people ever die off? WAITING………..

  82. stephen ammerman says:

    She is a liar… Whoever cant see that she has been altered is a liar as well..

  83. jf says:

    It seems to me that KK went into the plastic surgery crazy NOT to get more hard and slutty looking but to Soften up her street face into something less mean/hard into a more ladylike look. I think she is doing the ever popular ethnic remake into wasp transformation even thinning her lips to appear more feminine. Kim had a mannish quality like her mom,and now she looks more classiclly feminine but very forced,fake and waxy even. she seems unlikable,forced,souless and very contrived. Nothing appealing in the whole family and a nasty fpoundation of a lawyer dad who helped to get a homicidal double murderer off scott free. A troubling lack of morality in that family. Bruce Jenner take your two far away from this empty vortex of artiface.

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