Sandra Bullock goes to the park with Louis, photo op or innocent outing?

Sandra Bullock rarely goes out with her cute son, Louis, without covering his face. We’ve seen some photos of him in transit but nothing as clear and well documented as these pictures of Sandra and Louis at the park on Sunday.

Sandy is in New York filming Incredibly Loud and Uncomfortably Close, and we just saw photos of her wearing a wig on set. She was looking a little pinched and/or freshened-up, but it wasn’t extreme and will probably settle nicely and look subtle like her previous injections. (Unlike Kaiser, I’m not decided on the issue of future plastic surgery and/or injectables and think that you can get some minor work done and still look normal. That’s just the work you don’t notice.)

Now that there are rumors that Sandra may have been involved in Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger’s split, we just happen to see her at the park with her son. Maybe she wanted to go out and is hounded by photographers no matter what she does, or maybe she decided that she would get some more positive PR to counteract the bad. I can’t blame her for it, and it’s not like she pulls this constantly. Plenty of other celebrities do it, and it does help remind us that they have adorable kids.

Louis is so over it, though, he’s got that grumpy kid look like “when is naptime already?” I always think that I’m done having kids now that I’m on the other side of 35, but then I see photos like this.

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  1. Leticia says:

    Oh my word he is adorable! She looks short in the photo above.

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    Ooh, some saggy neck skin. You know, those doctors always leave something un-done to throw us off. Or, is Sandy showing the loss of elasticity consistent with her age? Dunno. But, the baby is cute.

  3. malachais says:

    Her face is fine, although she is looking pretty sad these days. Louis is one cute little man with a serious face.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Meh. I still think she’s a good actress and other than the idiotic movie she made with Bradley Cooper, I enjoy her films, but I’m kind of over thinking she’s all that. I actually think she suffered from having been put on this huge “good girl” pedestal- it makes me think it was pretty much a put on persona. I do however, applaud her for being so generous to the Japanese relief effort.

  5. Samigirl says:

    I think Empress Z is gonna recruit Baby Louis to help rule the world. Seriously, that little boy is too cute for words.

  6. Quest says:

    Sooo adorable. It’s always nice to be able to have a fun day out.

  7. Missfit says:

    That baby is really cute!!! I agree about her donation. I’m really glad she did that. :)

  8. Danni111972 says:

    I think that no matter what she does she will be hounded by the photogs! Why does doing something normal mean she is staging a photo-op? All kids needs to go to the park and she seems a pretty hands on parent. He is too cute

  9. Cat says:

    That little scowl is fierce!! What a cutie!

  10. EdithP says:

    I think Louis is my favorite celeb baby, he is always a little crabby looking and ADORABLE.

    Samigirl, I think a Louis/Zahara pairing would be awesome.

  11. cara says:

    I don’t like her.

    ANd I must agree with sandra rose. I’m uncomfortable, to say the least, at how she carries this child. Winter shots showed her all bundled without any skin showing and yet there were countless shots of her carrying him with his full back exposed. As a parent, you make sure to keep the babies skin covered in the cold. No excuses.

    Yeah, again….don’t like her.

  12. Gab says:


    Renee was Bradley’s BEARD, and they were not in a ‘real relationship.’

    Why would Sandra need to take her son to the playground to counteract STAR magazine’s stupid article?

  13. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    She looks so cute and the baby too!

    I never saw Renee and Bradley together as a true couple anyway. Just couldnt see it.

    Maybe they were but I have my doubts.

  14. Cheyenne says:

    Why is it that whenever a celebrity takes his or her kid outside, it has to be a photo-op? All I see is a mom and her baby together in the park.

    The little guy is adorable. He has the same grumpy look my little grandson has when he just wakes up from a nap.

  15. someone says:

    I don’t believe it was a photo op..I think she just wanted him to go outside and have a little fun..Love sandra, shes lovely and generous..her son is a cutie.

  16. Sue says:

    cara@ Louis was just as bundled up as Sasndra on the winter there was two time that his back was exposed and in the next picture to the one that showed his back it was covered up again so stop trying to make a mountain out a mole hair.

    Other sites have photos of Sandra laughing and smiling with Louis in the park.

  17. LindaR says:

    @Sue – it’s molehill not mole hair. Although that is very funny.

  18. LindaR says:

    @Cheyenne – I agree. Unfortunately, every time these people go out, it is a photo-op for the paps who lurk like vultures. And I’ve heard some of the things they will yell at a celebrity, even with kids there. No wonder some of them look frightened or upset (Vivienne Jolie-Pitt for one) It must scare the shit out of them.

  19. cara says:

    @Sue…I’m sorry, you’ve done that with your kids??? And she’s what, pushing 50!!! Teen moms know better.

    I don’t agree with your post.

  20. tracking says:

    She’s in NYC and there aren’t too many pap-free places to take kids to play. She doesn’t look like she’s performing for cameras, looks like she’s interacting naturally with that cutie pie (and she certainly didn’t dress for it). But you don’t reach that level of fame without knowing how to play the game so who knows.

  21. carrie says:

    i remember her pix with Louis on a beach during some holidays(last year) was a RP story but honestly they’re sweet together

  22. lucy2 says:

    Some celebs tip off the paparazzi and set up these kinds of shots (especially when promoting a project (cough Tom Cruise cough)) – she doesn’t seem that type at all, I think it’s just a fun day out as the weather gets nicer.

    What did she have to do with Bradley and Renee? Haven’t heard anything about that. I think she’s just a current tabloid fixture and probably will be for a while, thanks to her lovely ex and his shenanigans.

  23. Aqua says:

    The park should be a pap free zone.Celebrity parents just want to do normal kids stuff,you take their child to the park to play and get some fresh air.The paps shouldn’t be allowed to go there and take pictures.

  24. mln76 says:

    I tend to think that it’s a mixture of both. I doubt she has to call anyone ( I don’t think anyone on the A list does) but I also think she may be ‘willing to be seen’. I have a feeling they can make sure there are no photographs but it takes extra precautions and work. There are hundreds of parks in NY and I am sure some of them are remote enough that there won’t be any photographs.

  25. OXA says:

    Maybe she wanted to take advantage of the weather and get the hell out of house after being cooped up since January.

  26. Lynda says:

    At least he is doing normal toddler type things, not wearing heels, his mother isn’t acting like a pack mule for his stuff. Cute little cranky-pants.

  27. gg says:

    OMG look at that cute little booboo! Love him.

  28. bluhare says:

    She’s proven she can live under the radar (re adoption of him before she got divorced). I used to be a huge fan of her, but she seems much more contrived to me lately than she used to. That being said, I think she just took him to the park. And I can’t believe he’s walking!!!

  29. Leila Haynes says:

    I understand if Jesse didn’t fit in to the relationship that Sandra was expecting, but he shouldn’t have gotten her (and our) hopes up. What an IDIOT!!!

  30. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @cara, stop being an idiot… there is no pic here that shows his bare back exposed. And unless you know exactly what the temp was at that exact min, dont criticize.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    mln76: There are hundreds of parks in NY and I am sure some of them are remote enough that there won’t be any photographs.

    Parks that remote are excellent places for being mugged in.

  32. Alicia says:

    Sometimes a stroll is just a stroll, an outing to the park is a fun time or attending a play is just something to do, without conspiracies or accusations of photo ops or pimping out your child. Not sure if I put Tom Cruise in this as everything he does seems contrived to me, but maybe he is innocent too (though I doubt it). Paparazzi are relentless and do yell out things to get the attention of the children which is probably why some are looking directly at the camera.

  33. mln76 says:

    @Cheyenne she has bodyguards so no one is going to mug her. I am not saying she should hang out in a dangerous area but there are parks that are ‘private’ and gated that you can get into if you are staying in certain hotels or certain neighborhoods. Some are pristine and pretty safe and she would be much less likely to get papped there.

  34. OtherChris says:

    That baby is the fatness! He is adorable.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    @mln: I live in NYC and trust me on this, there is NO park in the city so remote and so secluded that it is out of range of a paparazzi with a long lens camera.

  36. mln76 says:

    @Cheyenne I work in NYC I think it’s obvious that there is no way to guarantee 100% that there won’t be paps around but there are ways to take precautions. I don’t think she did in this case.

  37. Sugar says:

    It’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. And I am pissed they are making a movie out of it.

  38. Zzzzzzzzzz says:

    So when Sandra takes her kid out, it’s a normal outing but when the JPs are pictured walking with their children, it’s a photo-op! I see.

    Topic, I used to really like Sandra. Not quite sure what it is or why but I’ve gone off her a bit. She seems pretty beaten and world weary lately although considering what she’s been through the last year or so, that’s totally understandable.

  39. Just Me says:

    Holy Hannah!
    Photo Op Phobia Strikes Again!

    When will these celebrities learn being photographed doing everyday activities with their child/children drive people around the bend and over the cliff!

    All Fashion Police – start styling
    Make your list documenting offenders and their child/children.

    All Hair Raisers – start snipping
    and pasting an offenders list.

    All Parks and Recreation Officiandos – Come out Swinging with your info.

    All others having hissy fits or suffering from the dreaded twisted panties syndrome choose a weapon and fire off details.

    All lists must be factually based and separate from those that are based on ‘Physic Vibes’!

    All those claiming ESP skills, don’t
    ESP me as my ESP is out of order and in the shop for repairs. ;)

  40. Elizabeth says:

    At a certain age, a baby will no longer cooperate with having a blanket over his/ her face – they swat it away, they cry. Louis may just have reached the age where he will have none of this blanket over the face stuff. I think this is a better explanation than a “photo op”. And besides, how can she keep it over his face while he is running around a playground?

  41. anonymous says:

    Shes always one of the first to donate and the japan tragedy is not the first time shes put up Big bucks for a good cause, shes done it before and its usually a quick response.

    Must be hard to be a regular down to earth person in such a cruel and harsh business such as the one shes in being stalked and critiqued to the Nth degree. I find her to be a good person whos worked hard to get to where she is basically, shes never been a famewhore looking for photo ops and isn’t a typical young hollywood tart, shes been in the business for years now and remained low key.
    Just wish her the best.

  42. filthycute says:

    Her Michael Jackson nose bugs me.

  43. sirsly says:

    That’s funny – people actually think this ISN’T a photo op?? Puh-leez. It couldn’t be any more obvious.

  44. Just Me says:

    sirsly: That’s funny – people actually think this ISN’T a photo op?? Puh-leez.

    My dear, the point being we don’t care
    whether it is or it isn’t!
    She’s a proud Mom out with her too cute son!

    re: It couldn’t be any more obvious.
    Really? And to think I thought Kreskin died when Carson did!

    filthycute: I always thought either Joan Rivers or Candy Spelling had MJ’s nose.
    Who ‘nose’, maybe they take turns sharing it!

  45. Newbie says:

    I like her. But I NEVER underestimate the power of celebrity. These people don’t do anything outside their own home without putting some thought into it. Hell, if you knew that there would be hidden cameras and paps waiting on YOUR every move, wouldn’t that make you consider everything before leaving the house? As someone else always points out, they’re very capable of NOT being photographed for months at a time. They pick and choose how and when to be seen. It’s part of the biz.

  46. filthycute says:

    @JustMe: For sure on Candy Spelling. But every time I look at Sandra, I see MJ. That nose.

  47. Redd says:

    SANDRA! Eat, Bitch! I never thought I’d have to say that with regard to Sandra. Makes me sad because her starving herself is OH-SO indicative of other, more messed-up chit.