Eva Longoria is really trying to make this Penelope Cruz connection happen


I have enjoyed several parts of Eva Longoria’s relationship with Eduardo Cruz, the younger brother of Penelope Cruz. One part of enjoyment comes from Eva’s blatant hypocrisy and mixed media messaging when talking about her divorce from Tony Parker. She’s trying to milk the divorce for all of the public sympathy that she can get, and she’s being really, really obvious about it. At the same time, she’s pushing her “new” relationship with Eduardo to any paparazzo who will snap their photo. Also: the relationship began long before the “official” line – there were photos of Eduardo at Eva house just weeks after Eva and Tony split. But I digress.

My absolute favorite part of Eva’s Eduardo drama is how Eva is trying to sidle up to Eduardo’s Oscar-winning, A-list sister, Penelope. The Enquirer had a story a few weeks ago about how Penelope hates Eva’s guts and thinks that Eva is a famewhoring B-lister who should get her cougar claws out of Penelope’s baby brother. And now, a new chapter. Us Weekly has yet another “Eva is moving on, she’s got a new man!” story, and this week’s twist is that Eva’s people are leaking the story that she and Penelope get along really, really well. Riiight.

Look who’s rebounding!

“I’m moving on,” Eva Longoria tells Hot Stuff. “Life is great!”

Indeed, a source says Eva has been “blossoming” with boyfriend of two months Eduardo Cruz.

“With Tony, she used to feel pressure to learn French and deal with his crazy mother. Now she’s in a family where she feels comfortable.”

Adding to her bliss? Longoria already has the approval of her beau’s bid sister.

“At first, Eva was unsure if Penelope would like her,” adds the source. “but now they embrace each other. She just met Penelope’s baby!”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Seriously, I’m not one for gratuitous catfights, but I would seriously pay good money to see Penelope take care of this famewhore once and for all. Penelope can throw down. “But Eva is scrappy,” you say. NO! Penelope is going to cut a bitch, especially now that Eva has taken to famewhoring the baby!!! It’s not just about Penelope and Eva now. Eva crossed a line.





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  1. Morgan says:

    I didn’t even know Eva was dating her younger brother! I didn’t even know Penelope HAD a younger brother…

    Wow, I’m out of the loop.

  2. Hollowdoll says:

    Eva Longoria looks crazy in these pics. LMAO! For some reason she reminds me of JWOW.

  3. kara says:

    Love the little barb about Tony’s mom too. Classy.

  4. curmudgeon says:

    I think that Penelope Cruz isn’t on the same level as Eva by pure luck.
    Just because you have an Oscar doesn’t mean you are the best. There are a number of WTF’s on the Oscar list. Sorry neither of these women does it for me.

  5. brin says:

    I’m sure Tony Parker loves “his crazy mother” reference.

  6. skygirl says:

    Eva’s Kim Kardashian eyelashes are ridiculous. she looks like a hooker. LOL

  7. Ferguson says:

    Am I the only one who likes Eva?

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    Yeah, famewhoring another woman’s baby is definitely stepping over the line. It’s more like completely erasing the line and colouring in your own, to your standards. Not acceptable when it’s someone else’s child.

    Cannot. Stand. EvaL (pronounced “evil”).

  9. Rita says:

    “Eva met the baby”. God that’s funny. If you shake hands with someone’s baby, you’re in like a famewhore waving her arms in a crowd behind the cattle rope at red carpet event.

  10. lucy2 says:

    She really irks me, because she’s just SOOOO obvious and trying too hard. Nobody is that interested in her, so she keeps throwing these stories out there, now trying to use Penelope for attention! Sad.

  11. Relli says:


    Talk all you want, but drag my baby into it and i will cut you.

    I think Eva has some good qualities; educating herself, being spokesperson for Latino issues as well as mental health issues. HOWEVER she is also one of those Latina’s who list her heritage as “Mexican descent” rather than Mexican-American and that sort of boils me… Because she plays up her Spanish link more which is dumb because ALL Mexicans have Spanish blood, but she tends to make it into a royalty blood type situation. Hard to explain but it irritates me. It reminds me of Salma Hayek slamming JLO when she won the part of Selena, “How convenient that she is all of a sudden a Latina.”

    total famewhore, whose show is about over and looking for a jump off.

  12. Franny says:

    Penelope is a phenomenal actress. I think her acting skills are much better in her native tongue. Her heavy accent might throw English speakers off, but trust me, when she performs in Spanish, she’s awesome. Eva is nowhere in her league.

    Eva is annoying. Honestly, if she is so in love with Eduardo, then she should focus on him. Not on his famous sibling!

  13. Maritza says:

    Eva looks like she had her boobs done. I don’t remember her having so much cleavage.

  14. bondbabe says:


    That’s because she’s wearing a dress that’s too small in the bust–mushes the “girls” and gives her double-shelf tits. Them seams are screaming for relief.

  15. j says:

    @4 curmudgeon

    I respectfully disagree, that these two are anywhere near each other, in levels of talent.

    I am not sure if you have ever seen Penelope’s Spanish movies with Pedro Almadova, but even to a non-spanish speaker, her acting is out of this world. She cries, sings, laughs all in one motion in one scene, and it moves you to pieces.

    I sincerely hope you check them out, before ever thinking that.

    It’s like comparing Kate Winslet to Blake Lively. Hugh gap in talent.

  16. The_Porscha says:

    Dude… this is pretty much how Penelope got her start in Europe, so I don’t know why bitches be trippin’.

    …On a serious note, though, I understand being irked by Longoria but Cruz did this (more than once) with the guys she dated in order to “trade up” spotlight-wise. She’s definitely a talented actress but it’s not like she was above this behavior from the beginning.

  17. Johanna says:

    No, I like her too but I can see why others don’t. It’s obvious that she tries really hard to be relevant even though it’s been a while since she’s done anything worthy. I think she’s harmless & I live in San Antonio & enjoyed seeing her around town supporting her husband & the Spurs as well as the community.

  18. guesty says:

    @Ferguson…no you’re not. My husband loves her. And we argue about this!!! LOL.

  19. Franny says:

    @ The_Porscha,
    It is true that Penelope dated high profile men earlier on, which is the norm in Hollywood to get yourself noticed. But she didn’t latch on to their siblings. Eva is using the Penelope connection to advance her profile, and it’s weird and desperate. If she wants to use a connection to make herself more relevant in Hollywood, then DATE a high profile actor, not the brother of one.

  20. Julie says:

    @ Whomever put Eva & Pene in the same category….it shows my you have no judgement when it comes to talent or personality. Pene hangs it!

  21. OtherChris says:

    That dress Eva has on is WAY too young.

  22. lisa says:

    Ugh she’s really starting to annoy me

  23. Sharopa says:

    It was too much trouble to learn French when you have a French speaking husband? Maybe she’ll learn to speak “proper” Spanish with Eduardo ;)

  24. Enny says:

    I thought Penelope was pretty terrible, even in the Almodovar movies, but even I was impressed with her performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She really did nail that one, and deserved the Oscar for it. It may have been a fluke. Time will tell. Eva on the other hand is truly comical in her acting, I believe unintentionally.

  25. Rex says:

    What was it that Penelope said in “Vanilla Sky”? – “we will meet again when both of us are cats…”

  26. margaritachum says:

    Am i the only one that thinks that eva’s style is all kinds of wrong?
    That dress is just too young. Makes her look much older. MUCH older.
    Those earings have nothing to do with the rest of the outfit and that stipper make up? Really Eva? Really? Your stylist is pissed at you.

    And i agree with J.
    Penelope does know how to act and is really talented.

  27. Harley says:

    Can’t stand Eva. My sister used to work with her out in California before she became “someone” (by Hwood standards, anyway) and everything about Eva back then – as is now, apparently -was about social climbing. And – as a completely catty side note – apparently she was the same age as my sister back then, but now is magically 3 years younger than her. I know, everyone in Hollywood lies about that sort of thing, but she just rubs me the wrong way.

    And using Pen’s baby for another desperate grasp at fame/relevancy, etc.? Big NO.

    Team Penny.

  28. Jesus Christ Superstar says:

    It’s very interesting to me that Eva thinks Tony’s mother is crazy now. I grew up in San Antonio and shared a hairstylist with Eva Longoria. (It was my hairstylist’s greatest achievement. She would never shut the eff up about it and had a picture of the rat-faced bitch on the wall. Needless to say I don’t go to her anymore.) Apparently Eva fronted like she LOVED Tony’s family, especially his mother. She would call her her “second mother” and try to make it seem like they had an awesome relationship. I think she even brought in Tony’s mother a couple of times for a haircut. Guess she was just trying too hard?

    Also, I remember once when Tony and Eva were pulled over in downtown San Antonio. I THINK it was during Fiesta week one year, a week in San Antonio that is pretty much a non-stop party, and they were pulled over for speeding and possibly erratic driving. When the cop got to the window of their car, Eva was a TOTAL ENTITLED BITCH. She told Tony he had only pulled them over because he wanted their autographs and made other disparaging remarks about the cop while the cop was right there. I can’t really remember what happened after that or if they even got in trouble, but I do remember her taking some heat for that remark.

  29. TeeTee says:

    Eva irks the heck out of me!! she’s so fame hungry, I’m told that’s how she used to be “annoying and priviledged”
    BEFORE she got her big break.

    Keep ya fingernail file out Penelope, she’s not to be trusted and fake.

  30. sandy says:

    ugh! not her again, go away already, no one cares,.. fame seeker, it’s over for you now, i hate this part of the relationship, lol, you know? when they try to drag it out?, lol didn’t you get the memo yet?

  31. Nanea says:

    Is Eva related to the Kardashians (#1) as well as Bristol Palin (the middle pic) all of a sudden?

    She looks awful!

    And it sure is very nice of her to throw Baby Cruz Bardem into the mix – when the parents hardly talk about their kid at all!

  32. Ell says:

    She needs to put down the trowel, she looks much prettier make-up free.

    Definitely looks like a boob job to me, I get that a tight dress pushes and enhances but not sure they can blossom that much.

  33. John Wayne Lives says:

    She looks rediculous.

  34. Maria says:

    @Tee Tee I agree with you. She is so fame hungry that is sad. You cannot cry about your failed second marriage while going to South Beach in a pap friendly romantic vacation. Man, poor Tony Parker. I wonder how much money he had to give her to make her go away quick. She is so greedy!

    Doesn’t she looks like the hamster from “Wonder Pets”! I can’t stand this idiot.

  35. orion70 says:

    Wow that pic of her hitching up her boob looks like a slightly crazy 12 year old (boy) in a dress.

  36. Dana M says:

    @curmudgeon- I must agree with @J.

    I’ve been following Penelope since the 90s and seen all of her Spanish films. Her Almodovar films are outstanding. I speak Spanish fluently- so not sure if I appreciate them more because I understand the dialect, and grasp the actor’s true essence. Reading subtitles can be hard to follow and they sometimes don’t translate well. I feel the same way about Spanish music too. IMO, Spanish songs such as ballads, trios, etc, are so intrinsically moving. Spanish songs seem to carry so much more emotion and uber passion than American/ western music. SPanish songs seem to have such strong emotional verses when used to describe utter love or heartwrenching pain. It’s kind of hard to explain…

    I guess that’s why us latinos are more dramatic!!! We express ourselves with a lot of emotion.

  37. Mouse says:

    I love Penelope and I’m jealous, Javier is so freakin’ gorgeous.

    Eva looks overblown and dumpy, and shouldn’t be free boobin’ it. I don’t know who looks worse; Eva in these pics or Uma Thurman in that awful gold bathrobe/coat. Eva hon, tone it down. Less is more.

  38. Luls says:

    To me Penelope was always wayy overrated, (in English language movies anyway). I don’t consider her anymore beautiful or charismatic on screen than eva. In fact she IRKS me. At least Eva can make me laugh on screen. Also, as a so called ACTRESS I highly doubt that Penelopes accent has remained so heavy after over 10 years in the US. she does it on purpose bcuz Americans eat that lame shit up. Has everyone forgotten that she was engaged to TOM CRUISE for Gods sakes? ha! Definitely a famewhore in my book.

    Salma Hayek will always be my one and only fav Latina :)