Jessica Alba’s Vogue Italia shoot: dominatrix bangs trauma or high fashion?


These are some selected shots from Jessica Alba’s appearance in the April issue of Vogue Italia – for the full photo shoot, go here to Yeeeah. I don’t really know why Alba is in Vogue Italia… perhaps to promote one of her films? Something that is only coming out in Italy right now, but that came out in America months ago? Could be. Or it could be that Alba is just trying to reinforce this idea that she’s some kind of high-fashion vamp. The styling is supposed to achieve that, I think. “Vamp” perhaps. Or even “dominatrix”. And I believe this is one of the most unflattering wigs I’ve ever seen, and the very definition for me of “bangs trauma”. Alba doesn’t have a lot going for her, career-wise, but she is very pretty, and you put her in this wig and suddenly she looks 20 years older and infinitely “harder”.

In the Vogue interview, Alba talks about her own style, farting this out:

“My own style is probably a mixture of high and low. I’m definitely into sort of layering and I like mystery so I don’t put it all out there. I play dress up for a living — for photo shoots and for working and movies or whatnot — I sort of wear more revealing things that show my body. But in life I like things that have a little bit more mystery. I like things that are elegant and chic, but then a little rock-and-roll.”

[From Vogue via HuffPo]

Sure. I have no issue with that. What I do think is a bit funny though is that her second pregnancy isn’t getting half as much attention as she hoped it would. Alba has taken over from Jennifer Garner as the most-pap’d mother out there – I see photos of Alba, Cash Warren and Honor like every other day, and there are barely any blogs or magazines running the photos because… well, Alba is so boring. Even when she’s dressed up like a bangs-trauma’d dominatrix, it’s still zzzz…..






Photos courtesy of Vogue Italia via Yeeeah.

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  1. Red says:

    I don’t see no smizing in these pictures!

  2. michkabibbles says:

    she’s a beautiful person, but her face is exactly the same in every picture.

  3. Melanie says:

    Certifiable bangs trauma. This time I agree 1000%.

  4. LadyBert62 says:

    Is she trying to portray a vampire? I cant decide if I like those pictures or not – they are certainly unusual.

  5. Jackson says:

    Wow, pictures of Jessica Alba scowling. Who would have thunk it?

  6. Sue says:

    The pictures look great until you get to the face and it’s the same expression in every shot and Kaiser I find the opposite that a lot of blogs show photos of Albas and family but like Garner both too boring to sell magazines unless it has to do with a scandal.

  7. meh says:

    It looks like a normal average photoshoot featuring an ordinary model. An ordinary model is far cheaper, thou.
    Sometimes I don’t understand why people keep doing things that have nothing to do with their resume and skills. And why they always find someone who pays absurd amounts of money for their unimpressive performances.
    Models hired as actresses, models that want to be singers, actresses that try to sing, pop stars that pose for fashion covers…
    Now it’s the time of actresses stealing models’ gigs. The results are mediocre.
    So unprofessional.

  8. Tar says:

    She looks Vulcan. I think it’s cool, because I’m geeky like that.

  9. RHONYC says:

    i got a feather cape like that from asos last year in navy.
    it was a cool idea, but i’ll probably never wear it. ;-)

  10. devilgirl says:

    Is she still around?

    Talk about a terrible actress.

  11. krys says:

    she does have the same face in every pic, fail,,but also the ones who style her are the ones to blame

  12. Ron says:

    It’s a magazine spread. Looks like any other one you see in Vogue. She has no control really over the looks. Regardless, she looks good.

  13. spinner says:

    She looks so…generic & uninteresting.


  14. serena says:

    What an horrible choice. Those stylists were really blind to put on such a beautiful woman (because she is) that unflattering wig. ugh.

    Yeah it’s a pity she’s so boring..

  15. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Tar lol, I was just about to comment that she looks like a Romulan!

  16. KattyKat says:

    Yech! Why is she famous again? I don’t think she is that gorgeous, just pretty. Hot Hispanic women are a dime a dozen in LA. She’s pretentious and boring. At least Nat has that Ivy League education we can make fun of and Goop is just hilarious. Jessica – Zzzzz and she ruins every bad movie she is in. Even her mommy photos look fake. She’s no Jennifer Garner. Zzzzz.

  17. Kimbob says:

    Yeah, maybe she is boring, but I have to say…she’s a great actress. Can’t remember the name of the movie (a very disturbing movie she co-stars in w/Casey Affleck), if anyone saw it, help me out. She was very believable in this role…played it to perfection, I think. Anyhoo, I know I’ll get beat to death saying this…but I like bangs. Yeah, the wig and shoot makes her look older, and her face is “wooden” in the pics…but I like bangs..there..I said it.

  18. Hakura says:

    It’s… eye-catching (In the way a traffic cone prevents you from running off the road…) but it’s not a flattering look.

    If you hadn’t told us who it was, I wouldn’t have recognized her at all.

  19. becky says:

    if the logic at work here is that despite being the most papped mom in Hollywood Jessica is too boring to get said pics posted on blogs and such, does that then mean that jen garner is NOT BORING? LESS BORING? they have to be at least equally boring! Yet Jen’s kids pics are always posted. Hummm. Weird.
    Plus imo Jess’ ass makes her less boring than Jen. Winning by an ass! Maybe is Ben’s absence that make Jen look like some poor cheated on Martha Stewart that makes her pics more popular. Maybe people like Violet better.

  20. Bailey says:

    its Miseralba at her best!

    the bangs kind of remind me of Clara Bow, the silent film star

  21. becky says:

    i’d worry more about your assessment of her acting skills!

  22. Victoire says:

    In this shoot everyone did great job except model, of course. This is what you get when actress try to be model. Just NO !

  23. girl says:

    With that first pic, I think “Humpty Dumpty”.

  24. xxodettexx says:

    @red: thanks for the tyra banks reference!

    [one of my guilty pleasures...]

  25. Newbie says:

    She’s so into herself. But she’s beautiful. Fanboys will eat this shiz up.

  26. kimberly says:

    I don’t see how those bangs can be trendy anymore!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry but I did those bangs way back in 2007, and they did that before I got mine done.

    Sorry those bangs are NOT trendy they are ordinary.

  27. lalana says:

    she looks good on the cover of fhm maxim and gq but photoshoots like that doesn’t work on her. She’s so boring and she can hide it. She’s can’t act, she’s dumb as f.u.c.k and she’s a terrible model. People like her should not be famous

  28. Truthzbetta says:

    She looks like she has nothing going on behind her eyes.

    Yes, I’m saying she looks dumb and boring.

  29. Dea says:

    The worst photos I have ever seen.

  30. KattyKitty says:

    I wasn’t saying Jen Garner was interesting. I said Jen Garner’s family photos look real. Jen Garner comes off as a normal mother – albeit a very rich one but otherwise realistic.

    Everything about Jessica comes off as fake and one dimensional. It’s her lack of any depth even by this town’s shallow standards that makes her horribly boring.

    I would compare her to Aniston but the press has such fun with Aniston’s shallow, one dimensional, fakeness that I would feel bad for them if she went away.

  31. V says:

    Jessica Alba is a man thing, just like Megan Fox. As long as you are a man, you will love her. She looks super sexy, super sweet, in the eyes of a man. And if a woman ask her boyfriend about Jessica Alba or Megan Fox, he will shrug his shoulders pretending he is not interested in her. But, trust me, he dreams about her when he makes love to you!

    She is dumb? like, who cares?

  32. xxxyyy says:

    @ V

    It seems like you get only fat, ugly bit.ches if you need to dream about a strange girl from Hollywood. I think you must be very desperate, how can a man prefer this chick who is not real but completely photoshopped instead of his real girlfriend. I don’t get it. In my book guys like you should grow up.

  33. kazoo says:

    if she were taller, jessica would make an excellent full time model. she’s so much more interesting in photo shoots than in movies.

  34. harfang says:

    One can’t expect real inventiveness from even the European Vogues anymore. This is relatively interesting and I find the overall effect to be attractive. It is what it is.

  35. Snarky_Pup says:

    Jessica Alba is beautiful. Not a great actess though. Often, I see her expression and think that she just hates being in the public eye.

  36. Camille says:

    Awful, awful, awful. She is a terrible ‘model’ and an even worse actress, if that is even possible.

  37. Grandizer says:

    I would never have known this was Jessica Alba by the pictures…
    The makeup looks like she is auditioning to be a Romulan in the next Star Trek movie.

  38. sapphire says:

    Direct rip off of the style and attitude of Louise Brooks, complete to black bob, bands and slash brows. She was a silent era star with a definative look.

  39. pamela maky says:

    same pose.try sthg new or dont try at all

  40. danielle says:

    Not her best look. And like her or not (and have had a problem with her acting since Dark Angel) she’s a beautiful woman.

  41. Forelithe says:

    They are called Temple Bangs-as in temple to temple. Bang-Trauma shouldn’t be about the bangs themselves, but when the bangs don’t suit the face. Having vented that- I think these suit her and make her blandly pretty face more interesting.

  42. MaudeLebowski says:

    “They are called Temple Bangs-as in temple to temple”

    That sounds like the threat of an oncoming mullet.

  43. Vogue Italia says:

    You do not have permisison to use these images. “Via Yeehah” means you are accepting/reusing property you know to be stolen. Remove this item or we will report you to your server.