Jessica Simpson not engaged; looks super frumpy in Dallas

Is Jessica Simpson putting on weight again? Perhaps the engagement rumors just went to her head. Though Simpson adamantly swears that she and Tony Romo are not engaged, she seems to be proving that long-running joke true about women letting themselves go once they secure a man. Simpson looked shockingly ragged last week in Dallas. So much so you’d think she were a regular person instead of one of the most photographed celebs in the world.

Simpson also confirmed to People that she is not in fact engaged to Tony Romo, but her football curse is stronger than ever. After breaking Tony’s finger yesterday… um I mean after Tony broke his finger during a Cowboy’s game yesterday, it was rumored (by me) that Jessica planned to sedate him using some painkillers and drag him down the aisle before he could run away. Until someone pointed out that fingers are on the hand, not the foot.

Jessica Simpson says she could have never dragged her NFL star boyfriend Tony Romo shopping for engagement rings. The same can now be said for pinky rings.

Romo, a quarterback for the Cowboys, busted the little finger on his right hand Sunday in an overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Romo, 28, who throws with his right hand, will be out for four weeks.

The injury came as Simpson, 28, shot down rumors she checked out engagement rings with Romo.

“We are not engaged!” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “Tony and I have not gone to Neiman Marcus – somebody said we bought a ring there. I couldn’t drag Tony in to Neiman Marcus if I tried.”

[From People]

Here’s Jessica in Dallas on Thursday. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Diva says:

    She still looks pretty tiny on the bottom. But that sweatshirt wouldn’t do ANYONE any favors!

    I want to respect her for not caring what she looks like when she’s not “working”, but I can’t. I can’t help but think she should at least make sure she’s presentable. Even I dress better than that when I’m flying, and I fly for 14+ hours each time.

    I still like her, though. I’m not sure why, lol. :lol:

  2. MonicaBee says:

    I still like her, though. I’m not sure why, lol

    So do I. I’m the same way with Britney.

  3. DogRunner says:

    Did she borrow those clothes from Kirstie Alley?

  4. daisyfly says:


    I think that she’s given up on trying to look presentable. Her outfits at her performances lately have proven that.

  5. daisy424 says:

    Diva and daisyfly, Good to see you both commenting again :-)

  6. KPC says:

    Give her a break. All of us can look bad in a picture…and we usually get to pose for our photos and are dressed for the event…not like when we are exhausted or hungover and just want to get home on a freaking plane. She is fine. She had one day of “not-hotness.” Let her be.

  7. carey says:

    I can’t imagine how it would feel to one minute be America’s darling, and married to the man you love; the next be divorced and experience flop after flop. She must be so confused (more than normal!) as to what has happened to her.

  8. daisyfly says:

    Aloha, daisy! Mahalo! Been busy and while I can read, commenting can be a task, but I’m trying!

  9. aleach says:

    i like her too for some reason, not too sure why…not a fan of her music, didnt really watch her reality show…just like her.
    ya, shes just having an “off” day, i know ive had em, and i dont have papparazzi following me around thank god

  10. teehee says:

    Boy, if that’s “super” frumpy, man what the hell am I!?!?
    Reality check here…. :( I need to do better


  11. Tina says:

    And now, singleton Jessica Simpson will demonstrate how NOT to wear a “plunging neckline.” The self-anointed “gal from Texas” seems to be channeling Bridget Jones.

    I thought Ashley’s the Simpson sister who’s in her third trimester.

  12. Jeanne says:

    Bitch, she can even make a double chin look good. It’s only the women who cut her down, all the men love her.

  13. Bodhi says:

    Eh, cut her some slack. Most people don’t look like runway models when they step off a plane. And as for gaining weight… I’ve gained a ridiculous amount of weight since I met my fiance. I HATE every ounce of it but he loves me & thats all that matters

  14. dallas says:

    Doesn’t she usually wear an “I’m dating Tony Romo” sandwich board- oops, I mean a Romo jersey-when out in public?

  15. Bess says:

    She is a sweetheart. I love that she is out and doesn’t care to be picture perfect, it makes her even cuter. Peace

  16. Kaiser says:

    I’m with Lainey… leave Porny alone! She doesn’t have girlfriends to tell her not to say these terrible things. Carrie Underwood would never admit to not being able to get Romo to Neiman Marcus!

    I’ll say it again (and again) – if Romo wanted to break up with her, he would. I think it’s love.

  17. UrbanRube says:

    I’ve seen two pictures recently where she definitely appears to have had a nose job. The one at the top is one of them.

  18. Christina says:

    why is she wearing super high heels with sweats and a sweater? celebrities can be so friggin weird sometimes… :?:

  19. Trillion says:

    She looks a bit like Jennifer Jason Leigh here.

  20. Carrie says:

    I think it’s a question of the mess outside reflecting the mess inside…

  21. chessie says:

    She’s beautiful, with or without makeup, dressed for a photo shoot or for comfort on a chilly plane.

  22. geronimo says:

    Super frumpy? Not seeing it.

  23. JaundiceMachine says:

    My QB Curse hit the wrong quarterback.
    Aw well, try, try again.

  24. AJ says:

    Well, I for one think she’s pregnant, and I should know I am pregnant right now, and that woman is looking it, the puffy cheeks and wearing the baggy clothes to hide it. She’s prob going to come out later and tell everyone she’s pregnant after the safe point. You can even tell in some of the pictures she holds her shirt out to hide something.

  25. morgs says:

    that’s probably Tony’s sweatshirt. But high heels with that outfit is a little odd.

  26. far says:

    I like pic #7, looks like she is walking on her pants,, he hehea

  27. James says:

    A beautiful woman in frumpy clothes is still a beautiful woman. I love Jessica and think she’s beautiful regardless of how she dresses.