Did Tom Cruise give Suri a $5 million trust for her 5th birthday?


I’ve long said that I’ll pretty much believe any rumor, any conspiracy theory, any random piece of gossip about Tom Cruise. I’m like that with some people – I’ll believe anything about Tom’s ex, Nicole Kidman, I’ll believe anything about Gwyneth Paltrow, and I’ll totally believe anything about John Travolta. So, given that, I’m buying this story from OK! Magazine. According to their source, an alleged “family insider,” Tom Cruise added $5 million to his daughter Suri’s already multi-million trust fund, all to celebrate her fifth birthday. I guess Suri is regretting that late-night temper tantrum, huh?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been making the effort to cut back on spoiling Suri, but for her fifth birthday, Tom’s gift was over the top!

“Tom decided to add $5 million – in honor of her milestone birthday – to Suri’s trust fund,” a family insider tells OK! Magazine. “She already has several millions in the fund.” The sentiment is practical: her parents are putting much aside for her future and Suri “won’t be able to touch the money until she’s 18,” the insider reveals. But the amount is extravagant – even by Hollywood standards.

[From OK! Magazine, print edition]

Now, of course, Gossip Cop got a denial from Tom’s rep. But that doesn’t mean much to me because I’ll believe anything about Tom, and this story seems reasonable, plausible and in character from what I know of Tom. I tend to believe that Tom probably has set up trust funds for all of his kids, including Suri, and that the amounts are probably staggering (to me). But here’s what I’m wondering: do you think the kids get access to the money when they turn 18? I doubt it’s that simple, especially considering Bella, Connor and Suri were and are being raised in Church of Scientology. I bet the trusts have, like, “Xenu Provisional Clause #4: The Wearing of Lifts” and “The Miscavage Addendum: Toupees and Other Sundries.”

By the way, the photos of sleepy Suri and blue-sweater Tom are new. They were taken the day after Suri’s late night on Broadway. Her sleep schedule is all kinds of screwed up.







Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. brin says:

    IDK about the trust fund but I know there will be an endless supply of gummie penises (peni?) and cockblockers in this kid’s future.

  2. Ella says:

    Jeepers, I feel claustrophobic looking at those pap photos. I feel sorry for her bizarre childhood despite the millions.

  3. Gecko says:

    And this is how a new Paris Hilton is made.

  4. mln76 says:

    Can you imagine the stipulation on his will and trust funds??? He’ll be controlling his children from beyond the grave until Xenu returns.

  5. Isa says:

    Well, hopefully those milliions will make up for her lost childhood and those creepy paps that targeted her in her younger years.
    She can spend it on therapy….

  6. Ginger says:

    No wonder she was having a tantrum. Can you see the throngs of paparazzi around her?!?!

  7. MyTBean says:

    sigh… flashy-flash attack of the pap? Holy space cow. Wow. Yeah… Suri is basically too young to cope with her angst via plastic surgery, blow and trips to rehab… poor kid.

  8. You don't say says:

    Well maybe if her parents did not take her out in the middle of the night, she might be in a better mood. Inspite of the Xenu beliefs, she is not an adult, she is a child who needs to be in bed and have rules to live by. I feel for her as she seems to be some kind of odd prop for her parents.

  9. Marjalane says:

    Worst celeb parents going- there is no reason on earth why they have to drag that kid all over town. If big spender Tom can kick out 5 mil for Suri, he can pay for an army of nannies for the little monster. It’s all about their bizarre Scientology parenting and yeah, judgy or not, it’s a shitty way to raise a child.

  10. margaritachum says:

    when i turned 5 i got a doll that ate cookies. i used the cookies on the vcr and long story short i wasn’t able to watch any rented cartoon or play with my doll.

  11. Wicked SteppMom says:

    My daughter turned 6 in January. She is in bed, reading by 7:30 pm-even on the weekends. If she has been good, and isn’t displaying obvious signs of being tired, she’s allowed to stay awake until 8:00. Most nights, lights out happens by 7:45 b/c she’s just too tired after a full day of school, play & BEING A KID! I dislike Tom & Katie, but I truly feel sorry for Suri…she’s not a miniature adult, and should not be treated as one.

  12. Roma says:

    My bf and his siblings all have trust funds that they can’t access until they’re 30. They wanted to ensure that the kids went to university and got started in the world on their own before they got a boost of family money.

    For some reason, I doubt that Tom is too worried about spoiling Suri. Just let the girl have some boundaries already.

  13. Andrea says:

    $5 mil. is a drop in the bucket for that kid.

  14. devilgirl says:

    He can afford it, and if I had a kid and that kind of money, I would do a $5mil trust too.

  15. Motor35 says:

    good. he should have a trust for her.

  16. trollydolly says:

    When is she starting school? Surely she will need some stable routine then?

  17. francesca says:

    I keep forgetting she is 5 years old. That is seriously too old to be carried around like that!

  18. anoneemouse says:

    How come we never read about Tom and Katie and any charitable things they do? Is it because they don’t do anything charitable if it doesn’t involve scientolgy? Like Suri needs $5 million – that will only keep her in clothes for 1 year!

  19. Bodhi says:

    They know that they are going to get mobbed by paps whenever they go anywhere, especially when they have Suri with them, so WHY DO THEY DO IT?

    I’m not saying that they should keep her locked in a tower or anything, but come on, there are TONS of celebs who go out with their kids & don’t get mobbed they way they do. So what gives TomKat? I don’t think anyone on the planet buys this “happy, normal couple” parade now, if they ever did…

  20. TG says:

    @mln76 – You are probably onto something regarding the stipulations. And Keiser your stipulations are too funny. But, yes if I had the money my kids would be set up nice too. But, I do like the idea of waiting until they are 30 like someone said above.

  21. Happymom says:

    And I’m sure ALL of the money will be tied up in such a way that she’ll only be able to access it if she’s a Scientologist. Trollydolly-they homeschool using L. Ron Hubbard’s “curriculum.”

  22. sassenach says:

    Why so the paps mob them that way? No other celebs are treated that way. Poor Suri.

  23. Bodhi says:

    Jen Garner & her dimple parade are mobbed like that all the time.

  24. mln76 says:

    @sassenach actually alot of celebs are treated that way.

  25. as says:

    She will probably need that money since Tommy and David Miscavage will ensure she’ll be an uneducated mess (Sci kids do not receive formal educations. They get to go to hocus pocus school).

    However all that money in the world won’t support her for her entire life because she’ll blow all of it on dick candy, douchebags and an assortment of other drugs.

  26. mln76 says:

    @as all that money in the world won’t support her for her entire life because she’ll blow all of it on dick candy, douchebags and an assortment of other drugs.

    I like to think there is hope for this 5 year old and there aren’t guarantees no matter how the cards are stacked but your post just made me laugh so hard I almost spit my lunch out :)

  27. Catherine says:

    I hope that little girl grows up to be well-adjusted.

  28. Tia C says:

    Probably. Who cares? It’s his money, it’s his kid. He can do what he wants.

  29. CG says:

    You think when she was throwing that tantrum, Tommy Girl was thinking, “Damn, this kid’s a brat, I hate pretending she’s mine!”

  30. benny says:

    Why wait until she’s 18? Isn’t she already a full thinking adult, merely trapped in a young body? Or does even Tom realize that belief is bullshit (i.e., he’s a hypocrite).

  31. truthzbetta says:

    I don’t think the paps should do this or celeb mags should pay for obvious stalker photos.

    That is cutthroat stalking right there… of a little kid.