Are Jude Law & Sadie Frost reconciling, or are they just exes with benefits?


Jude Law and his ex-wife Sadie Frost have a torrid history. First there was their actual relationship and marriage, which carried on for more than a decade and resulted in three kids, a divorce, huge alimony and child support payments for Jude, and likely multiple affairs (on both their parts). Still, Jude and Sadie managed to maintain some kind of friendship, even when he first got with Sienna Miller, circa 2003-04. The nanny that Jude boned – in 2005 – was actually a nanny that Sadie had hired, and while Sienna was dealing with Jude’s infidelity, Sadie stuck by him. It’s my belief that whenever Jude gets out of a big relationship, he always runs back to Sadie, and I think that they might be each other’s stand-by sexual partner (I’m trying not to be crude).

Anyway, this past reconciliation with Sienna nearly killed Sadie and Jude’s relationship. Through the course of Jude and Sienna’s second/third go-around, Sadie made it clear that Sienna was not welcome around her children, and I think Sadie might have been pushing Jude to dump Sienna for good. However, Jude and Sadie were also fighting about her tell-all memoir about their relationship, as Jude was trying to block its publication for a while (in the end, though, it was published and the controversy was minor).

Anyway, there’s a new report that Sadie and Jude are once again reconciling. After Jude split with Sienna this last time, he’s been crying on Sadie’s shoulder, it seems:

As Jude Law’s former fiancée Sienna Miller heats up with fellow Brit Tom Sturridge in the wake of their recent split, Jude is rekindling his romance with ex-wife Sadie Frost. The pair, who have three children together, parted ways in 2003 amid rumors of his relationship with Sienna – but they never really let go of each other.

“Jude and Sadie stayed close as parents and even continued to vacation as a family. After he broke up with Sienna, he turned to her,” says an insider. “he’s tired of playing the field and wants the stability of marriage. And they’ve both begun to realize how much they still care for each other.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Look, as I said, I think they have a complicated history, they have three kids together, and I think they still sleep with each other on occasion. I doubt they’re really reconciling for good. I think Jude just goes to Sadie for a reality check, and because he still loves her in some sense. He’ll be back to boning groupies in no time.




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  1. mln76 says:

    I got the feeling from the excerpts of her memoir that she would take him back in a heartbeat so I think it’s all up to Jude. I think it must be confusing for the kids though.

  2. dread pirate cuervo says:

    They’re both orgy whores, right? That’s probably why they gravitate towards each other. Sienna might be slutty but I don’t think she’s into sharing.

  3. N.D. says:

    mln76: I think it must be confusing for the kids though.

    They do seem like good focused parents so may be they’re capable of not flaunting it (whatever it is) before kids.

    And anyways I think their kids are pretty much used to their not-so-typical family dynamic.

  4. OtherChris says:

    Why is my imaginary husband Ewan McGregor standing next to that tramp?

  5. Zoya says:

    According to her, he cheated on her with Sienna while she was struggling with a bipolar disorder and postpartum depression, so she’d be a complete idiot to take him back.

  6. LindyLou says:

    He’s got a great butt!

  7. normades says:

    I think they always had an “open” relationship as there are so many stories about them spouse swapping back in the day.

    Wow, he was so hot in those younger days!

  8. L says:

    Apparently he filed for divorce when she was in the hospital for PPD-so if she takes him back she’s an idiot.

    Plus, isn’t she dating some underwear model or something?

  9. Iggles says:

    Eh, call me crazy but I’d like it if these two kids worked things out!

    Yesterday, I heard Sinbad and his wife remarried after TEN YEARS apart!

    It does happen, so it would be great for all of them if they could put their family back together. They’re tied to each other anyway.

  10. 4Real says:

    She used to be so pretty though…remember her in Dracula? Can’t stand Jude…

  11. truetalk says:

    i think it’ll be a bad idea. they probably get along now because they’re not in each others face all the time.

  12. Eloisa says:

    They look great together and both have wonderful kids. Everybody make mistakes when are young, they married and had kids too young in a enviorement a little bit crazy, but know it seems to be quiet and stable.

    So, if they are happy, good for them. I really hope that this time they make it work. But to be honest, i think they are just friends.

  13. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I dont know.. I personally dont want him with anyone but….

    If they are connected and they want to try, I say they should. They have been through a lot and probably understand each other more than anyone.

  14. original kate says:

    they are so hitting it.

  15. Erika says:

    @5 – because MacGregor, Frost and Law own(ed) a production company together, and they were buddies in the ’90s – dunno if they still are.

    …how is Sadie Frost a “tramp?”

  16. Rosanna says:

    Can Jude manage to date anybody else other than one of his exes LOL

  17. Dana M says:

    Guys, remember he got some girl he dated briefly pregnant? I don’t recall reading anything detailing so in the rags recently. Wonder what happened there?

  18. danielle says:

    She was beautiful back in the day, but has really not aged well. She has her string of young boy toys tho, and Jude’s not as beautiful as he once was either. She may not want him back.

  19. Camille says:

    I hope they don’t get back together. I never liked them as a couple. They did make some gorgeous kids together though.