Heidi Montag looks pregnant (update)

When reality star Heidi Montag talks, I very rarely pay attention. She’s always spouting some ridiculous crap in order to keep her bland image in the press. She’s like vanilla ice cream that’s been in the freezer too long. It looks like it’s going to taste ok until you open the package and realize a treat that would be completely average has turned into something totally unpalatable and warped.

Last month Heidi was saying that she wanted like 10 kids, some of them biological a bunch of them adopted, and added that she wanted “her own orphanage like Mother Teresa.” Her ever-present boyfriend, Spencer Montag, added that she wants “kittens and puppies,” and that he’s “fighting her [urges] every day.”

22 year old Heidi might have her dream of children come true sooner rather than later. She sported a suspicious-looking lower belly while out at Mr. Chow last night.

Part of me really hopes that this woman is just gaining a little much-needed weight, but she’s incredibly thin and fit and it’s doubtful. If she has a baby we’ll never hear the end of it and she’ll be bringing the infant out for shopping sprees on Robertson and lunches at the Ivy.

This is Heidi, so she won’t keep the public in suspense for long and is likely to confirm her pregnancy sometime today. She’ll never miss a chance to get some more publicity and she seems to have figured out that the best way to stay in the spotlight was to get knocked up. She’s not as dumb as she looks.

Update: Thanks to Elisha for reminding me of this story about Heidi planning to fake a pregnancy for publicity purposes. Hopefully that’s the case and she’s not really pregnant.

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  1. Syko says:


    She’s not a virgin?!?!?!

  2. Celebitchy says:

    Oh yeah – she’s supposed to be a virgin, right? hahahaha

  3. KittyKate says:

    CB, I also thought that these two said they’d move to the ‘maybe baby’ talk, if they needed something to keep them in the press. I certainly wouldn’t put it past either of them.

    And Syko, I thought that she said that too… But, to be honest I try not to listen to them anyway. Makes my ears bleed. And that’s just her talking, I won’t even comment on the ‘singing.’:roll:

  4. Syko says:

    I have an easier time believing the virgin story than I do accepting the idea that someone actually has sexual relations with Spencer. Ewwwww!

  5. princess says:

    If that is a prego belly than she must be quite a few months along and would have known way before now. Well at least a person of normal IQ would.

  6. elisha says:

    Wasn’t her plan to fake a pregnancy this summer? And they didn’t do it because it got out? Pretty sure you covered it, C|B.

  7. Bros says:

    bah, she probably just ate a bowl of pasta.

  8. Celebitchy says:

    Elisha you are right. I will add that, thanks!

  9. Zoe says:

    God forbid them breeding!

    Hopefully, it’s just the Taco Bell that caught up with her.

    Don’t they “sleep together but not have sex” or some such tripe?

  10. Kaiser says:

    If she’s pregnant, it’s not Spencer’s. Boy’s never seen a vagina (or, as he calls it, “That weird taco thing.”).

  11. Antony says:

    while i might be in the minority here, i personally don’t think these two are the worst people in the world. Sometimes they’re kinda funny.

  12. blech. says:

    yes, Antony…you’re in the minority.

  13. aleach says:

    ugh oh god dont let this be true. theyre bad enough on their own but their spawn??? i cant imagine how douche-y it would grow up to be with tools like these two are parents..

  14. Gigohead says:

    :D I must be pregnant for the rest of my life then, that’s how my belly looks in a tight dress.

    LOL :D

  15. SeVen says:

    1) They support McCain / Palin
    2) Bristol Palin is pregnant
    3) Now Heidi is Pregnant!
    4) Next step: vomit inducing speeches about how Heidi can relate to Bristol and how shes a good republican because shes keeping her baby that was formed in love and all that shit.
    5) EDIT: Bristol will give birth, Heidi will “suffer a miscarriage” which will lead to much GOP sympathy and more press. Had to add that bit.

  16. vdantev says:

    Wouldn’t that require her to have sex with a real man first?

  17. daisy424 says:

    Taco thing, lmao :lol:
    These two are truly Ugly Americans.

  18. Kaiser says:

    Thanks, Syko & Daisy. Other terms Spencer uses for vagina: “Fishy McSadFace” and “Smelly von NotAPenis”

  19. JaundiceMachine says:

    I wouldn’t put it past them to fake a pregnancy for publicity. And I fell for it. Damnit!

  20. Janie says:

    Isn’t Spencer gay? She is so FUGLY!

  21. Monica says:

    She looks like a guy in drag!

  22. Vixen says:

    What confuses me is that everyone seems to hate them, yet they are in the press ALL THE TIME! I guess its true, ‘no publicity is bad publicity’
    We dont even really hear about them in NZ but they annoy even me!

  23. Beth says:

    she probably just ate a ton of tacos

  24. Codzilla says:

    Spencer’s gay, no doubt. And she probably has a throw pillow shoved down her dress. Anything to stay in the headlines. :roll:

  25. Kylie says:

    aaagggghhhh I can’t stand these two!
    Please stop subjecting us to them.
    CB – stop writting about them and let them fade away!
    Im in Australia – I have never seen the show and never want to. But the whole “hills” thing just annoy me no end. Does anyone really watch the show?

  26. Tracy Bussan says:

    It looks like she needs to take a great big dump!

  27. Jinxy says:

    Would anyone really let Spencer stick his peen in them? She’s not preggo, I rest my case.

  28. I choose me says:

    If she is, you can sure bet it wasn’t her ‘boyfriend’ that knocked her up.

    Edit: Just saw that Kaiser already said the same thing. I really should read all the comments before I hit send. Anywho, goodafternoon ladies and gents. 8)

  29. Heather says:

    not many websites still publish stories about these losers because they’ve asked their readers if they want them to keep reporting or not and I know some “celebrity” reporting websites stopped because no one wants to hear about these dumbasses.

  30. M says:

    Praying That She’s Just Showing A Liquor and Full Of S**t Gut An Their DNA Hasn’t Spawned Anything,..Blonde and Un-HOLY :evil: !

  31. jjj says:

    if she were a virgin why in the 2nd season would she have been taking pregancy test come on people. she is not the sweet little religous girl she pretends to be.

  32. skankbasher says:

    He’s SOOOOO gay, and she’s just HORRRRRRRID! :cry: :cry:

  33. jandra902 says:

    Yes it’s true Heidi and her no good for nothing husband are expecting thier 1st Daughter in April 09. Pray for that poor child.

  34. joy says:

    mind you, that’s herve leger which would make any slight fatty bump appear huge

  35. MalePaus says:

    what the fuck!!!

    is’nt she allowed to be bloated like!!!
    for fuck sake she’s only human ye fuck brains

  36. tuti_fruity09 says:

    If Heidi’s pregnant I personally think she’ll be a good mother. She’s nice, and caring. What else would she need?? Oh and I would be very happy for her.

  37. Destiny Jones says:

    Yall are a bunch of haterz! grow up! who cares if she is prego or not its none of yalls business anways! She doesnt need the press’s attention thats why she has a show called “the hills” dumbasses.

  38. Destiny says:

    Heather, if they weren’t imporant they wouldnt be in magazines and omg this and omg that all the time and you wouldnt be here writing on this now would you? yeah heidi maybe prego and spencer may not be the best dad ever, but alls i know is there gonna have that baby and spencer is gonna have to step up to the plate.

  39. lynnmacleod_x says:

    oh my god! well on ‘The Hills’ she said she wasn’t pregnant but it wouldn’t surprise me if she got a fake pregnancy belly or was just sticking her stomach out. poor baby if there is one!

  40. Jhawk says:

    poor heidi, i dont even know you. but i know you enough to see that you represent everything wrong with women and their mental instability in recent society. you were decent looking before, now…i really dont even know how to put it into words. you look ridiculous.

  41. yoelina says:

    this pic is old cuz she dont have her two fake pregnant boobs so no she cant be pregnant in that pic but i hope she dont get pregnant from that a*****e