‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack has officially been dumped by his fiancée


If you couldn’t tell by now, neither CB nor I watch The Bachelor. I remember seeing the last few minutes of this past season, because it came on right before Castle, so I did get a general vibe from Brad Womack. My vibe: He’s a total skeeze, he’s pretty stupid, and he’s not really looking for a commitment. Real men who are looking to settle down don’t pull those kinds of moves. Anyway, since Brad chose Emily Maynard (SPOILER!) in the finale, there have been rumors that Brad and Emily fell apart very quickly, and that they were close to breaking up already. Now it’s happened, according to Life & Style.

Life & Style has exclusively learned that over the weekend of April 9, Emily Maynard made a phone call to her fiancé, Bachelor Brad Womack, to tell him it’s over.

“Emily told Brad that she can’t picture them getting married,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “Brad’s not acting like a fiancé, and she knows that he’s not going to change. Emily knows in her heart of hearts that the relationship is finished.”

A second insider confirms that the relationship fell apart in recent days. “Emily was very close to moving with her daughter, Ricki, to Austin, Texas, just weeks ago, but that’s not true anymore,” the insider says. In fact, a friend tells Life & Style that Brad put an offer on a new home — without even consulting Emily or asking her to come to see it first. “She obviously feels that it isn’t the behavior of someone who plans to be with her.”

The reason for the split stemmed from Brad’s hurtful and erratic behavior. Emily became fearful he was cheating on her. “Brad seemed very complacent all of a sudden,” says the insider. “He did everything he could to woo and charm Emily on the show, and then it just slowed. Emily knows he likes Texas, he likes his bars and booze, so she’s just wondering if he likes someone else. It started to really worry Emily. She felt like, ‘If he’s not wanting to see her, who is he with?’”

So why hasn’t Emily simply announced a split?

Her contract with ABC prevents her from speaking out about the relationship without the network’s permission — and Life & Style has learned ABC called her on April 13 specifically to remind her of that point. Though the network can’t force them to stay together, a source says they have encouraged Emily to try to work things out with Brad, because they want Bachelor couples to make it down the aisle. “In the end, they try to control it,” Deanna Pappas — who competed on Brad’s first season and went on to star on The Bachelorette — tells Life & Style.

The friend, who has spent time with Emily recently, confirms Emily has taken off her Neil Lane engagement ring. “She doesn’t wear the ring anymore.

[From Life & Style]

I just don’t see why people get involved with these storylines, but yeah… the guy sounds like a douche. You should have figured that out when he was making out with all of those other chicks in the hot tub. I’m sorry that Emily fell for his line of BS, but if my Douche Meter pings when I’m only catching 2-minute pieces of the show, you know that Emily’s not that bright. But she’ll rebound. She’s pretty and blonde and dumb and wholesome, and most men eat that crap up.


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  1. dread pirate cuervo says:

    WTF are these people? They look like Ty Pennington & Holly Madison impersonators but who would want to impersonate them?

  2. Whitey Fisk says:

    “…if my Douche Meter pings when I’m only catching 2-minute pieces of the show, you know that Emily’s not that bright.”

    Another home run, Kaiser! I especially like the capitalization of Douche Meter. CB must be paying you well if you’re sporting the name brand. Nice work as usual, I appreciate the laugh today.

  3. Rita says:


    Your highly sensitive and insightful douche meter is why you’re our queen. Ohhh, how we all aspire. I’m only half way through your book “Douche Meters for Dummbies” but it’s very well written….I also like the illustrations and large print.

  4. AngelMay says:

    I watched the last few episodes, and yeah, bachelor Brad breaks the douche meter. From what one hears, Emily’s not that wholesome or that dumb. She’ll make out all right.

  5. Camille says:

    He’s an asshat.

    She looks like a prettier version of Holly Madison. She also needs to go back to a more natural shade of blonde, that really light colour looks awful and ages her greatly.

    OT: Boy pregnancy doesn’t agree with Mariah does it. She looks happy which is great, but she looks awful, poor thing.

  6. brin says:

    This show should have been cancelled a looooong time ago!

  7. TQB says:

    I totally believe that ABC is so desperate to improve on the success percentage of this show that they would try to force a couple to stay together. Talk about the Douche Meter. That’s grim.

  8. HotPockets says:

    So, I have to admit I watched this season of The bachelor. (Yes, someone watched it for all the people who say, “who watches this crap…??” I did).

    Anyways, my husband gets a huge kick out of Brad, we watched both seasons that he was in and my husband would laugh out loud at how ridiculous he thought Brad was. He didn’t understand how stiff, boring and impersonal this guy was , but yet all these ladies are competing for his “heart…on.” He had to be the cheesiest and most scripted bachelor they have ever had.

  9. Mags says:

    Brad you’re gay, come out and be yourself you’ll be much happier.

  10. Jilliterate says:

    Holy cow, I have no idea who these people are, but in the top image, he looks like a human being and she looks like she’s made of molded plastic. This is what happens when you feature adequate photoshop next to horrible photoshop.

  11. Sumodo1 says:

    Puh-leeze put that show out to pasture?

  12. ctkat1 says:

    The reason ‘The Bachelor’ has such a crappy track record is that the whole setup of the show is flawed- the women all live together in a mansion, the Bachelor lives off-site, and they spend almost no time together. By the time the Bachelor picks one of the women, at most they’ve spent maybe 6-7 days together over the course of six weeks.

    I think they should dramatically change up the show- give the Bachelor a week or two to whittle down the field to 8 or 10 women, and then shove him onto an RV with all of them and make them drive across the country. They can make stops along the way for 1-on-1 dates, but basically he’s crammed into a confined space with these women for a month.

    Several years ago there was a show called ‘Outback Jack’ that dropped 12 American women in the Australian Outback to compete for the love of “Jack.” He led them around the Outback, they slept in tents, inseminated crocodiles, white water rafted, got really dirty and really stressed during the whole thing, etc. “Jack” was with the women 24 hours a day, and he got to know them pretty well. The relationship that resulted actually was real- they got married and had a baby, last I heard.
    You have to give people a chance to really get to know one another- which is why a show like ‘The Biggest Loser’ actually has a better marriage track record than ‘The Bachelor.’

  13. feebee says:

    Confession… I got caught up in this mess about 2/3 of the way through. I didn’t see his first attempt at the show where he left without proposing.

    My douche meter is broken but I still don’t think he’s that bad. I just think he’s trying too hard to force the ‘time to settle down’ thing and I don’t think it’s for him. Maybe unspoken pressure with his twin brother happily married.

    As for her, I only saw a 1/3 of the season and forget his BS, even I could see through hers. Lost the “love of her life” at tender age of 18. Scared she’ll never find that again. Her only thought is for her five year old daughter. Iffy employment history. She’s 24. I think the love of her life schtick was to distract everyone from the fact she got knocked up at 18.

  14. TeeTee says:

    unfortunately I did watch, and Brad wasn’t THAT bad, its Emily who wants her own show and she knew she was not going to marry Brad in the first place.

    it is rumored that she got some plastic surgery before the show and folks from her hometown said she wants to be an actress and she wants to be on “Bachelorette” NOT buying her innocent act…at all. They said her deceased bf, did not propose and he had another girlfriend and had moved on with his life and SHE found out she was pregnant.

    uh, yeah I watched–embarrased kinda.

    You could tell how she was acting on the after show for the finale..

    they had not even been together and she couldn’t give him a true answer .. to love or marriage.

    Women are going ot eat her up now, she’s throwing herself to the wolves.
    Brad has been begging her to visit etc.

    she’d rather have fame..WATCH, she’ll have her own show in 5, 4 3

  15. eternalcanadian says:

    Not surprised. The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows are nothing but tacky opportunities to shag 25 other people on television. Bleh. :|

  16. sandip says:

    I am on team Sarah Silverman and her opinion of the Bachelor/ette shows. The men are pigs and a chance to suck face with other people and find true love. yeah right

  17. Jezi says:

    I am really not surprised. In other news, Mariah Carey on that cover is not cute. The repunzel look really does not suit her.

  18. Francesca says:

    Emily is holding her final rose in that picture in the ‘down’ position; a clear indicator of things to come. Sorry Brad, more counseling ahead for you…

  19. Jaxx says:

    My daughter pulled me into watching this season with her even though I think the whole concept of finding love that way is ridiculously flawed. Who could find something real that way? And how in love could this guy be if he’s taking three different women into the fantasy suite for a sexarama one night and then he’s supposed to propose to one of them the next week? Please. No real man who was in love would behave that way. A man in love doesn’t want to sleep with someone else at that point if he is worth having.

    I never understood why he picked her. She is so stiff and plastic and they had zero chemistry. The night he proposed he actually acted like he had some feelings but I didn’t really buy it.

    On the other hand, if he’d picked the runner-up dark haired girl they’d already be married. She would have married him in a flash.

    I never understood how all those women could sit around watching him make out with all the other contestants and wait eagerly for their turn to swap used spit. Grossed me right out.

  20. dahlia1947 says:

    If this is true that she dumped him then i say good! It didn’t look like they had any chemistry on the show. He seemed to be forcing it with her and I don’t know why cause the last two girls seemed really into him and it looked like he had made a real connection with them.

    Was he trying to sabotage the whole thing by picking the one that he had no chemistry with cause he wasn’t ready to make a committment?

  21. MaudeLebowski says:

    That guy has the most vacant stare.

  22. Lee says:

    So…is he going to get a third chance????

  23. heath says:

    what. a. shocker. this is the bachelor we’re talking about. he is out there and she is drop dead gorgeous.