The Jolie-Pitt children are being raised by a multilingual nanny army


CB sent me this story on my 4/20 afternoon off (“Duuuuude,” I replied), although I’m struggling to figure out why the story is a big deal. PopEater spoke to a person claiming to be a former applicant (I think?) for a nanny position in the Jolie-Pitt household. Now, stories about the Jolie-Pitts nannies have always been around. Some people say that there are lots and lots of nannies and that Brad and Angelina barely spend any time with the kids and of course, there’s probably something about gerbils and heroin splashed in there. Other people (me?) think that yes, Brad and Angelina probably employ lots of nannies, but that they are hands-on parents whenever and however possible. Still, they are two working actors and they have six children for the love of God. Let them have their nannies. Anyway, PopEater’s source says that Brad and Angelina have a nanny per child, and that they expect their nannies to be highly educated and speak multiple languages. And?

We have always wondered how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear to raise such a well mannered brood of six without going completely insane. The answer: nannies, a lot of nannies, an entire basketball team of nannies. PopEater spoke to one applicant for the Pitt-Jolie nanny job who said she was surprised by the strict requirements asked of the family’s childcare providers.

Each child, we are told, is given their very own personal nanny, who is required to have a college degree in either education or child development and to speak at least two languages. In the case of Brad and Angie’s adopted children from other countries, the nanny is question is expected to speak the language of the child’s native land.

The job applicant must also be willing to travel. This is a biggie since the family splits their time between California, New Orleans, France and a number of movie sets on a yearly basis.

According to our source, the positions pay between $50,000 and $150,000 on a sliding scale to start. With six kids, childcare can easily run the Jolie-Pitts a cool million on a yearly basis.

The requirements make sense (and believe us we have heard crazier) since the family travels so often each caregiver will essentially be a one-on-one teacher for the kids when they aren’t enrolled in school.

What we have to say is kudos to the Pitt-Jolie publicity machine for their careful pruning of these nannies from the official paparazzi shots the family releases to the press. You would think six extra well-educated bodies traveling with the fam would be easy to spot, but we rarely see anyone but Brad and Angie minding the crew.

[From PopEater]

Can you imagine getting paid $150,000 a year to be Empress Zahara’s nanny? OMG!!!! That’s what I was really doing on my afternoon off, I was applying to be Z’s nanny. I’m not a kid person, AT ALL, but I would totally become a kid person for $150K a year and Empress Z. You know what? I bet Empress Z vets the nanny candidates. Can’t you just picture her with a little clipboard, interviewing her potential nannies? Love it.





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  1. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Cute kids, beautiful family, who cares if they have 1 or 6 nannies?!

    And I applaud them for looking for well educated bi-lingual nanny/nannies for their kids. These kids will have knowledge of so much more in this world than most Hollywood spoilt brats.

    Whatever you say about A&B they do want well rounded open minded kids, so kudos to them

  2. Genevieve says:

    If I could afford it my children would have that also in addition me and my partner. Kids need to learn another language young so it’s a smart move

  3. dorothy says:

    That’s really great! Now go away.

  4. Fulana says:

    $150K a year is not enough money for the requirements of the job: college education, 2 languages, traveling, living in a hse with lots of kids, working for famous people, etc. They should have 2 nannies per kid.

  5. louise says:

    Maybe I’m missing something but how is this news? Angelina and Brad has repeatedly said that they have nannies who speak the language of their adopted children. I don’t see how having a college educated nanny is a bad thing. Actors and musicians travel a lot so of course that would be a requirement. I don’t believe they have 6 nannies. Maybe 6 total. Like 3 during the week, and 3 for the weekend but I find it hard to believe they have 1 per child. Although there are celebrities who have 2 nannies for two kids.

  6. hmmhmm says:

    If this is true, you go AJ.

    if we could all afford nannies, have a day at the spa, chill, relax, would any of you really turn that down? Idk about you but I WOULDN’T. It’s not to say she isn’t a good mother, she’s obviously hand’s on. Shoot, my little sister and I were 9 years apart and most of the time, I was raising her while my mom was in the next room sewing so that we could pay bills. And you know what, they still have a great relationship because my little sister understood the sacrifices my mom had to make.

  7. Disbelieving says:

    Of course, the other option would be to curtail their work as actors, forgo some of the money they would earn, and raise the children they chose, themselves.

    This they could do with great ease, I imagine given the amount of money they already possess. I think they could still manage to give them the gift of a second language, particularly if they learned one, themselves. They could, also, give their children the gift of stability by settling in one community so the children would have some context and sense of belonging other than their own immediate family and the no doubt very well qualified hired help.

    Or maybe not.

  8. Nina says:

    I always see a asian nany, a black nany, and when shiloh was littler they have a Belgian nany….

  9. Bethy says:

    Awwww Vivienne is so cute, this picture makes me want to pinch her cheeks.
    Vivienne looks just like Angelina, she has her eyes, she resembles Shiloh but Vivenne has her Mom’s eyes where Shiloh has Brad’s or actually Jon Voight’s eyes.
    In this pics:

    She looks so much Angelina….

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Thank goodness someone is finally willing to quality childcare professionals what they’re worth. The Jolie-Pitt standards are high but they’re willing to pay for it. Good for them!

  11. BB says:

    I am all for educated nannies, if they will be spending a lot of time with the kids. I never understood how some people will pick the cheapest labor for this kind of job. It’s your kids’ welfare and upbringing for God’s sake! I used to work in childcare and I hated seeing so many nannies with no clue about child development.

  12. serena says:

    It makes sense that the nannies have to speak the native’s child language (so that the child will not forget it and always be connected) and be able to move freely. I don’t think that is insane at all.

  13. Folly says:

    That is a really beautiful family,viv looks so cute

  14. mln76 says:

    Everyone has childcare whether it daycare centers & afterschool programs, relatives & friends, or babysitters. Rich people have better childcare, just like they have bigger houses, wear designer clothes, and expensive cars. Can everyone get over it please?

  15. WhiteNoise says:

    Professional people being paid salaries that reflect their skills and the responsible jobs they do. Surely that’s a commendable thing?

  16. Samigirl says:

    Viv just looks like she’s so over it all. Good for the Angie & Brad. I think its fantastic. They can afford to give the children the best, and they are choosing to do so. Also, I would like to point out that I have several friends who have more than 1 degree, and still don’t have jobs that pay 150K a year. I think that’s a pretty kick butt salary. You get to hang with a beautiful, cultured child and teach them all day. I know about 15 teachers that would take that job in a HEARTBEAT.

  17. Glitsha says:

    I dont understand why they dress the twins like well-to-do Ft. Lauderdale retirees? I’m over this whole schtick, the carefully executed family outings (where the nannies are no where in sight) and Angie lugging two and three kids on her hip at a time as though she and Brad actually go out in their normal lives like this w/out help…Most celebs with kids do this stunt though- carrying the kid in public. Then as soon as they’re out of plain sight said kid is in the hands of a handler.

  18. Liana says:

    I think that’s awesome. We SHOULD expect the highest possible qualifications we can afford when hiring someone to help care for our children.

  19. kazoo says:

    Expecting a nanny to speak more than 1 language & teach the children is quite common…

  20. someone says:

    This is news because???????????????????????

  21. DeeVine says:

    Sounds like perfectly resonable requirements for a nanny. They are rich and can afford the best. Why not? However, I am sure the nannies are well hidden in the background so the “hands-on” image is well preserved for photo ops.

  22. anonymous says:

    Those twins are so adorable and cute, good lord! They look like daddy Pitt. Weekly magazine issues are reporting that Angie is pregnant, how much nannies is it going to take if they have another addition. They are going to be a sight to see when traveling. Movie star Duggards!

  23. mln76 says:

    Actually there are plenty of pictures of the nannies, I have seen them. The paps crop out the nannies because they aren’t worth money to the mags.

  24. Leticia says:

    Shiloh dresses like the 30-something year old tech support guy that we pay to come to our house and program our universal remotes, etc.

  25. Isabel says:

    LOL@ Glitsha regarding the well-to-do retirees bit. HA!

    I think this (non)story is fabulous. All the power to them for investing their money in making sure their kids have the best and most well-rounded care.

    I also agree…how can anyone argue (especially given the vast amount of paparazzi pics showing them with their kids at virtually every opportunity possible) that these kids are being raised exclusively by nannies? Brad and Angie are very much “there” for them. Kudos to them for keeping everyone in line as much as possible.

  26. LindaR says:

    It would be a great job except you would be working for Itchy and Scratchy.

  27. Melanie says:

    @ LindaR: Boris and Natasha.

  28. Hanh says:

    If I could afford it, I would have such well-educated nannies for all my children as well. They are lucky to be able to give them that. Just because you have nannies doesn’t mean you don’t spend time parenting your kids. They’re working parents and they need nannies.

  29. bored says:

    Umm, I don’t see the big deal. I can’t imagine having to take care of 6 kids with no help. YUCK i can’t stand kids.

  30. Pixie Stix says:

    Am *so* not a fan of Brangelina, but these are great requirements for their nannies to have — pretty wise, IMHO.

  31. Aries_Mira says:

    @ Hanh (#30) – I completely agree.

  32. anonymous says:

    makes sense..they’re both multi millionaires why not? rich people everywhere hire the best nannies for their kids, its what rich people do, not just celebraties.

  33. Photo JoJo says:

    Not a big Angelina fan, but I have to say I do like what we can see/tell of her parenting style. I love that the kids are dressed like kids (I’ve taken my son to the grocery store in his Halloween costume, pajamas, dress up clothes –whatever worked!), they seem pretty happy and well adjusted. I think that she & Brad are probably really active parents in that they do engage with the kids and do fun stuff with them. But I also believe they do have a large staff of nannies to help. They do have six kids, all in close age proximity and they have the funds to hire as many staff as they like. My husband and I have six between the two of us and it is a handful, to say the least. So I can’t fault them for wanting to hire people to do the ‘dirty work’.

  34. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Why the hell did I read this article!

    I wasted 2 minutes of my life for nothing.

  35. Jennifer says:

    They both strike me as being hands-on parents even if they do have a lot of outside help. Their family vibe seems really loving/natural. :) But personally, I think this job would blow if you had a significant other yourself, or any desire to have much of your own life. Maybe I’m wrong, but the job probably requires you to be very on-call. Jolie and Pitt are both constantly jetting off places, sometimes with the kids , sometimes without but either way I bet the nannies have to be available to be with the kids 16 hours per day. That is one BUSY family …the parents are always hustling. The scheduling needs/availability are probably pretty hardcore. But on the other hand I bet they get some time off to see the lands they visit, which is also cool.

  36. Nathan says:

    Are you kidding me? That’s it? Bilingual? Holy crap Americans have really low standarts. Here you can’t be even a lowly secretary without being at least bilingual

  37. Kim123 says:

    What’s the big deal Camille Grammer has 4 nannies for 2 kids and she doesn’t have a job.

  38. Brittney says:

    The revelation that you, too, took yesterday off (as the first line of an Angie story, no less)?

    THIS is why you’re my favorite celebrity blogger.

  39. Kim123 says:

    Nathan they don’t mean Spanish/English bilingual. Their nannies speak French, Vietnamese,Khmer(Cambodia),Amharic(Ethiopia), etc. So its little more difficult to find candidates. They have several teachers that travel with them as well so some of the help may be teachers rather than nannies. They don’t use the nannies when both Brad and Angie are present . I have never understood why parents need a nanny or nannies with them when they are out with their kids. Especially when there are only 1-3 kids. IMO a nanny or babysitter is for when the parents are not there.

  40. Shannon says:

    I’m glad that Angie and Brad realize how important early childhood education is. With all the moving around they do, it would be very easy for the kids to miss out of a lot of opportunities normal preschool-age kids have for learning. Humans do the vast majority of our learning in early childhood, and having a good foundation means that success is much easier to attain later in life.

    And getting each child his/her own nanny is smart too, especially because the kids are different ages and have their own interests. A personalized nanny/tutor is a great choice, and a luxury that you should consider if you can afford that kind of thing. I hope I make enough money someday to be able to afford just one nanny :P

    @Kim123 I came from an upper middle class family and had a lot of friends when I was little who were in the same situation. The ones with nannies often had the nanny around even when parents were home, because the nanny wasn’t just there to supervise the child. A lot of a nanny’s time is spent specifically on educational things, whether that’s speaking to the child in another language, arranging activities, or something else to engage the child. Many nannies also specialized in early childhood education in school, which means they have more expertise than parents, and the parents realize this and make sure the kid has plenty of time with the nanny every day, even on days they’re home. They want to get their money’s worth, after all. And nannies tend to be paid an actual yearly salary at that level rather than hourly like a baby sitter, so it’s not like sending the nanny home early necessarily saves money. At least that’s what I’ve gathered from my own experiences.

  41. Katherine M. says:

    Why would you expect to see a nanny when the parents are with them? Nannies are there for when you aren’t. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nanny with them when they go on outings with the kids. I’m sure they use them when they need them but to suggest that because Angie has said she and Brad have nannies doesn’t mean you have any idea when, how or how often they are used.

    I’ve heard this comment before about clipping nannies out of pap photos and I think that’s BS. Unless they are disguised as trees.

  42. Roxy75 says:

    @Leticia–LMAO! Oh my gosh you have me laughing so good on your comment!!!

  43. rosy says:

    It is the pretending and hiding the of the nannies that is weird. Yeah … they are hands on parents but only up to a certain point. Nannies are like grannies they can hand the kids to when they get bored.

  44. truthSF says:

    @rosy: there are many pics of the kids with the nannies and their parents. But the tabloids don’t want you to see that for some reason. I guess pics of kids with nannies only doesn’t sell as much.

    Kaiser: Can you imagine getting paid $150,000 a year to be Empress Zahara’s nanny? OMG!!!! That’s what I was really doing on my afternoon off, I was applying to be Z’s nanny. I’m not a kid person, AT ALL, but I would totally become a kid person for $150K a year and Empress Z. You know what? I bet Empress Z vets the nanny candidates. Can’t you just picture her with a little clipboard, interviewing her potential nannies? Love it.

    I totally love the way you think. If I was hired to be The Empress’s nanny, I would be in heaven.

  45. loveyourwork says:

    @could be a trick


    “for the love of god WHO CARES?”

    soooooooooooooooooooo true.

    “Shiloh dresses like the 30-something year old tech support guy that we pay to come to our house and program our universal remotes, etc.”

  46. Kim says:

    $50k?? thats chump change for a celeb to pay a college educated, bi lingual nanny who has to not her own life because she has to travel and be at their beck and call. $150k sounds crazy high but sounds about right for Hollyweird.

  47. Cali says:

    These kids are sooo damn cute and I agree that for the education and time that one nanny has to put in 150, 000 isn’t really enough money especially if you have to give up your life, but I’m sure it’s the dream job for someone. And who REALLY cares about how these kids dress, they are kids and as far as I am concerned they can wear whatever they please and you do realize that they do have to go outside at some point right? And since they know the media will be there OF COURSE they will play it up a bit for the cameras because YOU and everyone else is watching. If you are sooooo TIRED of them then I’m sure you know the solution…

  48. bappi says:

    Brangelina kids seem happy, healthy and always in good spirits. Of course they have nannies, their parents are movie stars. There is nothing wrong with getting help if the parents have quality time with the kids as well, and I think this is the case.

    And it´s very thoughtful of Brad and Angelina to want the nannies to speak the native languages of their adopted kids. They could try to erase the country and the culture they were born, instead, they are try to keep the kids connected to where they come from and celebrate that, it´s very cool

  49. Chrissy says:

    I hope those numbers are off. $50k seems really low to me for a nanny that has to travel like that. You basically have to give up your life and follow that family around wherever they decide to go and whenever they decide to go. And who knows how often the nanny is expected to be on call. Other than that, who cares how many nannies they have? Six kids that close together? I’d need help too!

  50. Kelly says:

    Why are they forcing their kids to travel so much? Reminds me of Michael Jackson’s midnight shopping trips with his sleepy kids, or Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon dragging her family to New Zealand.

  51. harfang says:

    So let me see if I understand correctly: Angelina changed Maddox’s real name to Maddox when he was 3 or 4, and now she expects his nanny to speak Khmer? (This is the one big problem I have with her btw.) Maybe it’s partly a guilt thing…

  52. foozy says:

    great parents! love them!!!!

  53. Bite me says:

    Number 54 u have a few of ur facts wrong.

  54. Eve says:

    Can you imagine getting paid $150,000 a year to be Empress Zahara’s nanny? OMG!!!!

    Given the requirements, I kinda think that’s not *THAT* much. And think about it: you’d probably have to sign a contract stating LOUD AND CLEAR that you are not supposed to talk about them (not even to your mother, or even Charlie!) — and they’re right to ask that.

    That’s what I was really doing on my afternoon off, I was applying to be Z’s nanny. I’m not a kid person, AT ALL, but I would totally become a kid person for $150K a year and Empress Z.

    I don’t think I could apply for the job anyway, my first language is (Brazilian) Portuguese and none of the Jolie-Pitt kids speaks it. But the real reason would be that I can stand kids for about 10 minutes, and that’s it.

    You know what? I bet Empress Z vets the nanny candidates. Can’t you just picture her with a little clipboard, interviewing her potential nannies? Love it.

    That would be totally awesome. I can also picture her with glasses hanging low on her nose, and then she would give us that “bitch, please” look by just raising her eyes a bit.

    @ Melanie:

    @ LindaR: Boris and Natasha.

    LOL! I love my Jolie but that’s right on.