No pre-nup for Madonna and Guy, she is calling him the at fault party

The rumor mill is working overtime around the Guy Richie/Madonna divorce, but the one I find most interesting is the speculation that there is no pre-nup. Did the woman with the reputation of being incredibly controlling, forthright and an excellent business manager actually marry for love? And forget to protect her not inconsiderable assets?

The New York Daily News says that Guy is after a chunk of money from his former Mrs.

Madonna didn’t make Guy Ritchie sign a prenuptial agreement – and now he’s going after a chunk of her massive fortune, a friend of hers told the Daily News Wednesday.

The pop icon and her director hubby are said to be worth $521 million, but the Material Mom brought most of that to the marriage.

“Guy wants to make himself out to be a gentleman who’s above money,” the Madonna pal said hours after the couple confirmed they’re splitting.

“If only that was the case. The truth is he’s looking for a nice piece of the pie.”

But Australian and British news outlets report that Guy won’t ask for a single penny.

This fact that Madonna married for the same reason us common folk do could actually be an excellent chance to show a new, softer side of Madonna. In recent years her body has hardened along with her reputation, but the fact that she truly marries for life (well, she thought it was going to be, don’t we all?).

Madonna also supposedly told friends that Guy is the cause of the break up. Again, revealing a softer side of her. Speculation has been that her desire to adopt another child, as well as how much time she spends in the United States, was responsible for a rift in the relationship that they could not heal:

The superstar singer told pals she had decided to end her seven-year marriage to film director Guy, 40, because he:

REFUSED to dip into his own £30million fortune to pay for their lifestyle — while sponging off her massive wealth;

IGNORED her pleas to spend more time in New York and shunned her love of the Kabbalah faith;

FAILED to support her emotionally over child adoption plans, and;

MOANED about her being in the limelight as his career disappeared.

Madonna, 50, was also furious about Guy’s involvement in a London pub he bought with her and pals — telling friends that he put it before his family.

The Sun

Of course, Madonna also has a reputation for being a master of media manipulation, for all we know she’s about to release an album of tear jerking breakup songs, and this is warming us up for it.

Madonna has apparently hired divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who represented Paul McCartney in his divorce. These rumors have surfaced previously in the past few months, which gives credence to another bit of talk – that the divorce will be finalized in short order, and that it has been underway for some time.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Really sounds like a spoilt, petulant bitch here. Paraphrasing her accusations:

    Guy refused to indulge her OTT pretentious lifestyle, her comedy ‘religious’ beliefs and her arrogant, selfish approach to adoption. So cruel…. :roll:

    Ritchie is worth in excess of £30m. Not exactly penniless so feel she will be the one making this into a major production rather than him.

  2. RAN says:

    Agree G, especially the part about him insisting on spending her wealth, rather than dip into his. Well, for what reason do they live that ‘considerable’ lifestyle (estate in England, high maintenance traveling)? Because Mistress Madonna decided that she was a British lady in waiting and wants to flaunt her celebrity and style. In addition that that, what actually separates her dollar from his dollar (or pound depending on the country)? They’re married, supposedly without a prenup… what’s hers is his and vice versa.

    Please… she’s a semi popular has been… if I were him, I’d say good riddance.

  3. geronimo says:

    Absolutely, and as for Guy being hacked off re her career overshadowing his, I reckon it was far more her constant need to be centre stage that pissed him off rather than it having anything to do with his own career. If anything, she damaged his career by trying to be part of it.

  4. RAN says:

    Yep, and your comments yesterday were right on target by the sounds of things. He has probably wanted the divorce for a while, but she kept trying to hold on – probably fearing for her wealth and reputation. I can see the point about finalizing the divorce by the holiday’s now.

  5. Mairead says:

    We’ve said it once and we’ll have to say it again:
    pre-nuptual agreements are not recognised in British Law. Stupid bloody tabloids have been watching too many American courtroom dramas. :roll:

    Judges are allowed to take pre-nups into consideration when divvying up the assets, but I don’t think it’s standard . It would only be a guideline in establishing how much each person was worth at the start of the marriage and how much could be reasonably seen to be shared wealth gained during the marriage.

    Somehow I think that the rumours that Ritchies insistence on announcing it NOW was right – hence the “reveals” to friends over what a tight-fisted pooh=pooh head he is, is coming out.

  6. Candy says:

    So, does that mean I get to keep Mr. Ritchie?

  7. PJ says:

    For all her wealth, Madonna is notoriously cheap, according to her brother Christopher’s book. I read she was charging her friends Gwyneth and Stella McCartney to use her London gym!

    Remember that Madonna is at the age of menopause, a time when most women have out-of-control mood swings and are often angry. She must have been a handful to be around.

  8. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, Mairead, I thought that was the case. You answered my questions! :D

  9. Bros says:

    she looks like an entirely other creature in the 2008 pic versus the 2005 picture where her face looks like a real face and not an alien. she really did a number on her face.

  10. Payton says:

    How can anyone survive in a long-distance marriage, pulling in different directions? That Kabbalah religion was literally forced on Guy, and for some reason, Madge expects him to convert. The dirt that buried the marriage was first her adoption of David, and then the A-Rod scandal. How long did Sean Penn last- 2 years? Guy deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his patience & grace!!

  11. Feebee says:

    Can always rely on celebitchy commentators to make me feel better. Had read some reports sympathetic to Madonna… I’m not very sympathetic to her, nice to see I’m not alone.

  12. vdantev says:

    The fact she’s a demanding control freak bitch from the 7th layer of Hell doesn’t enter into it, I guess.

  13. m_dolla91 says:

    Madonna is far above Guy and she really should of signed a prenup with guy cause he is after her money because his career sucks. Also she did not ruin his career by trying to be part of it. She only played in one movie. He had plenty of opportunitys to fix his career. He’s just not good. I hope the best for the kids.