Whitney Houston’s daughter is in rehab too, and she convinced her mom to go

Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina
We’ve heard that Whitney Houston is in “outpatient” rehab for a crack addiction that she’s trying to spin as much less serious than it really is. Well the good news is that Whitney’s off the rails daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 18, is also said to be doing outpatient rehab at the same time as her mom but in a separate facility. Apparently Whitney told Krissi she needed to get her act together and Krissi was all “what about you, mom?!” So now they’re both in rehab. Bravo, sort of.

A few months ago The National Enquirer posted photos of Krissi doing lines of coke at two separate parties, and she’s since been cited by cops for underage drinking. She’ll only benefit from rehab and from trying to get her addictions under control at a young age. Somehow I don’t think this is the end of her issues, but I hope it’s a start for her and that I’m wrong. It can’t be easy to grow up with Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston as parents. Here’s more:

“If I go to rehab, you’re going, too!” In a brutal mother-daughter showdown, longtime substance abuser Whitney Houston threatened to send her troubled teenage daughter Bobbi Kristina to rehab. But Krissi… shrieked back that she wasn’t going alone!

Now both women have checked into separate rehab facilities in Malibu, CA, to get treatment for their addictions.

“You’re ruining the family name!” Whitney screeched during the recent blowout. “Whether you like it or not – you’re going to rehab!”

But Krissi, who knows all about her mother’s struggles with booze and drugs, yelled back angrily: “What about you? You’re the one who’s destroying us! You’re the one who’s a mess!

“If you can do drugs and booze, so can I! Now you’re demanding I go to rehab. If I go, you’re going too!”…

According to the source, mother and daughter are outpatients at rehab centers in Malibu that are 15 miles apart. The facilities allow Whitney and Krissi to go home at night instead of keeping them under continuous supervision.

When treatment is complete, Kirssi will continue working on a reality series that Whitney arranged for her, said the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, May 23, 2011]

It’s not inpatient rehab, but it’s a definite start. I wonder if Krissi’s reality show will even mention that she was in rehab, or if it will be as phony and manufactured as most all other reality shows and just leave it out. (I think I just answered my own question.) Krissi hasn’t tweeted anything since May 3, so that tends to support this story.

There was news that Whitney Houston was banned from all Prince concerts after she made a drunken ass of herself on stage twice, once with opening act Chaka Khan and another time with Prince himself. Prince’s people have issued a statement saying that’s not true, though, and that Whitney is always welcome at his shows. They do acknowledge that she may have been banned earlier though, “but it did not come from Prince.” ha!

Whitney and Krissi are shown on 2/12/11. Credit: PRPhotos. Whitney is shown performing in Copenhagen on 6/4/10. Leger dresses are only for the super skinny! Credit: Fame

Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina




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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh thank God!

  2. The Truth Fairy says:

    That poor girl looks like her dad in drag.

  3. Delta Juliet says:

    Are those last pictures of Whitney? It doesn’t even look like her!

  4. lucy2 says:

    I hope it works for them, but we’ll see. Both of them seem to need a lot of help.

    Surprised to see that Whitney has put on a little weight, she usually seems to get skeletal when she’s drugging hard.

  5. Ruby Red Lips says:

    This is really sad…Krissi hasn’t a hope of having a functioning life with the 2 parents she has…just plain sad

  6. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    At least she cares enough about the health and well being of her daughter to put her own addiction aside and give rehab another go (even if it was only to get Bobbi Christina to go). That being said, I blame Bobby Brown for the state Whitney has been in since marrying him and I blame both Bobby and Whitney for passing the torch (to light that crack pipe) to their daughter.

  7. MsS says:

    Looking at the cover of her first album ‘Whitney Houston’ who would have thought… I feel so sad for her, (and her daughter of course)- I really hope things work out for the two.

  8. Amanda says:

    I had no idea Whitney had gotten chubby like that! Looks like she took it all off again, but I’m not sure the crack diet is all that good of a choice.

  9. bluhare says:

    Not everyone needs inpatient rehab. Most people don’t. I bet celebrities do it just so they don’t have paps and questions about it everywhere they go.

  10. Sheigh says:

    Really ? I’m just laughing.

  11. Roma says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader: Not to defend Bobby Brown – at all – but Whitney was into drugs even before he came around. I know I read about substantial cocaine use.

    I think it was more of 2 addicts who helped dig each other deeper.

  12. ViktoryGin says:

    Haha. This reminds me on the Diane Sawyer interview years ago when Whitney in her crack-induced streak said that she would NEVER be fat! Yeah….

    Poor Bobbi Kristina. She takes after her dad. ‘Nuff said.

  13. Sassy says:

    Wow! Which pictures are most recent? The skinny or the fat ones?

  14. kim123 says:

    I’m sorry I don’t think going to rehab 9-5 and to Prince concerts at night is going to work. TMZ has video of both of them at Prince concert since they started rehab.Sassy – the skinny pics are more recent but she is heavier now, you can see a video of her from last week at Prince concert on TMZ

  15. Twinkle says:

    Scary…reminiscent of Elvis shortly before he died. I hope they can both get help.

  16. Onyx XV says:

    ““You’re ruining the family name!” Whitney screeched during the recent blowout.”

    Really Whitney?? Krissi’s ruining the family name? LOL! Whitney and Bobby sailed off on that ship YEARS ago… Krissi’s just mirroring what she saw growing up. That’s what happens when you set a bad example.

    “Church Lady” comments aside, I do wish them the best. Addiction is a beast that’s so hard to tame.

  17. ashley says:

    I remember hearing a while back that Whitney was on prednisone because of a respiratory illness. If that’s true, that would definitely explain why she looks heavy in these pics. Prednisone is no damn joke.

  18. carrie says:

    OMG Lohan’s family looks normal next to Houston’s family but i hope the better for them because to recognize to have a trouble is the first step to detox

  19. Yolady says:

    Who in the world was able to hear such a detailed conversation? Whitney is too fat to be strung out on crack and in outpatient no less?

    One thing for sure, she should have never married Bobby Brown. Whatever gossips claim she was doing before him was nothing compared to what she did once he came into the picture. A no good man will wreck your life!!

  20. Hell@daNaw says:

    Poor child – did she really have a chance? Both Whitney and Bobbie were such poor examples of parents, what did we expect? I hope at least Bobbi Kristina can find sobriety and lead as normal a life as possible.

    The public life is so difficult — I’m sure it’s hard for her not only being in the public spotlight but also having a Mom who was once so beautiful and she looking – well …. very different.

    Best wishes!

  21. Jaariel says:

    O Em Jee– those fat pics of Whitney!! What makes you bloat that badly??? She was skinny during “Being Bobby Brown” when she was so strung out…wow, just wow.

  22. char says:

    That is what happens to your body when you get sober. Most people in rehab or getting treatment gain a significant amount of weight. It’s because they are getting healthy, not having crack for breakfast, and probably happy. I don’t know what to say about her behaviour at the Prince show though.

  23. Hakura says:

    Given that it’s coming from the esteemed National Enquirer, I take most of this with a grain of salt, BUT.

    I find it pathetically hilarious that WHITNEY (previously married to BOBBY BROWN) is accusing Bobbi of “RUINING the family name“. Sounds like someone is either drunk, high, or fell into the looking glass. (perhaps all of the above, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time.)

    At the very least… Bobbi has taken the big first step accepting that she has a problem. (& it’s encouraging that she’s done so this early). Whitney, on the other hand… May only be going to keep Bobbi going. (while that *would* be the motherly thing to do, it’s not going to help Bobbi in the longrun if Whitney doesn’t really try)

    Do they mention *why* they’re attending 2 different centers? Not that I think that’s bad, on the contrary. They’re able to focus on themselves, instead of on eachother.

  24. AgentM says:

    Too bad she got her dad’s face.

  25. garrett says:

    she was sick with an upper respiratory infection and on prednisone steroid hence the massive weight gain.

    when she got better, most of the weight came off as seen in the most recent pic of her and krissi in Feb.

    i take the nat’l enquirer story with a grain of salt. who would be privy to that conversation and then sell the family out. i think she’s seeking rehap for movie insurance purposes for getting to happy movie.

    i don’t believe that convo at all.

  26. CeeCee says:

    how Bobby and Whitney managed to produce children in the first place with the amount of drugs they both did for so many years is beyond me. This is a really sad story.

  27. Hakura says:

    @AgentM -“Too bad she got her dad’s face.”

    I’ve said this before, but I don’t understand why so many people think Bobbi is unattractive. Yes, she did get a lot of her dad’s features, but people are acting like she’s a *dog* or something.

  28. Abby says:

    Is that Whitney? That top concert pic looks a little like Aretha Franklin.