Chelsea Handler, NYT interview: “I had an abortion when I was 16″


Chelsea Handler gave an interview to the New York Times a few days ago, and I just now got a chance to skim it. It’s written in an odd way… like, I find the NYT interviewer WAY more annoying than I find Chelsea, and usually she’s the one who plucks my last nerve. I don’t know if Chelsea was drunk or hungover or she was just over the super-solicitous reporter, but Chelsea seemed different in this piece. Not nicer or less bitchy, she just explains her point of view in a more interesting way than I’ve heard from her. Of course, it becomes clear that Chelsea is totally over the E! gig. She wants to do movies. She wants to have a show on HBO. She thinks she’s a star! Oh, how much would I love to see Chelsea fall flat when she tries to branch out? Mean? Sure. Whatever. The full piece is an interesting read if you like crappy journalism, and you can read it here. Here are some highlights from the piece:

Handler on her relationship with André Balazs, and whether she’ll ever use him for comedy: “I won’t be doing that with André… [you draw the line] when they ask you to,” she said with a curt laugh. “No, he didn’t ask, but if somebody asks you not to speak about them — or make fun of them publicly, I should say — then you try to respect that. Obviously you can’t avoid that entirely, because I’m not a liar and I’m not going to lie about anything, really. But, yeah, I won’t be discussing our personal life — before, during or after our relationship.”

On being over her E! show: “There’s only so much of this nonsense you can talk about before your brain starts to feel like it’s bleeding,” she said.

She wanted to be an actress first, and now she’s doing movies, like a part with Reese Witherspoon in This Means War: “The fact that I did standup at all was that I was just out of ideas,” she said. And what she discovered doing standup was not only her voice, but that she liked being in control as well. “Nothing goes on the air or in the books that I don’t approve,” she said. “With every facet of everything, I’m in charge, and that’s the way I like it.” And did she think she needed acting classes to prepare for a movie?
Ms. Handler chuckled. “I don’t take it that seriously. You can act or you can’t. I’m sure a lot of people who are serious about acting would disagree, but I’m not really worried about them.”

On political correctness and abortions: “People are too P.C.,” she said. “We need to be focusing on other things. We’re seeking out such grossness in human behavior and want such mindless entertainment. ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and some of these other shows are more racist. Or ‘16 and Pregnant.’ Getting rewarded for being pregnant when you’re a teenager? Are you serious? I mean, that makes me want to kill somebody.” She continued: “I had an abortion when I was 16. Because that’s what I should have done. Otherwise I would now have a 20-year-old kid. Anyway, those are things that people shouldn’t be dishonest about it.”

On not being like Tina Fey: “I don’t know if I’m going to be what people call mainstream, ever,” she said. “My personality is just too obnoxious.”

A new show? She has been kicking around ideas for a show, she said, “one that has never been done before,” and indicated that it would be journalistic rather than a talk show. “I need to do it for my own.” (When I called her publicist, Stephen Huvane, later to ask if she was on the level, he said that she was but that it was too soon to discuss the details.) She told me: “If it’s not with NBC, then I’ll go to HBO or another channel. I’ll do whatever I want to do. I’m not discouraged at all anymore. [What convinces me that I can do it is]…my career. There’s hope for anything.” She glanced down at her lap. “One second — my alarm is going off.” She checked her messages. “Here’s Reese Witherspoon now,” she murmured, and then looked back at me.

[From The NY Times]

I chuckled a bit at “I don’t take it that seriously. You can act or you can’t. I’m sure a lot of people who are serious about acting would disagree, but I’m not really worried about them.” So, she didn’t take any acting classes, and she’s not worried about people criticizing her for being a bad actress. Good to know. I had forgotten that she was cast in that movie with Reese. Ugh. Now I’m totally not going to see it (it has Chris Pine in it too, who I cannot stand either).

Re: the abortion comment. She absolutely has a point. Didn’t think I would acknowledge it? I think Chelsea made the right choice for her, and it’s her prerogative and people should be honest about it. And I think our society is really screwed up with these teen pregnancy shows. It IS disgusting.

*Checks phone* Oh, that’s Clive Owen! JELLUS?!?




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  1. talia says:

    Well, if that wasn’t a slight in tina fey’s direction, as if she’s softer and more mainstream than Chelsea. lol I don’t find Chelsea obnoxious, I just don’t really see how she is different from me and other girls sitting around bitching about things during lunch breaks. I mean, I come up with funnier shit than she does half the time, who do you have to lay again to get an E! program?

  2. mln76 says:

    Of course she’s sick of E! now that she isn’t screwing her boss she knows she’s going to have to find a new job once her contract is up.

  3. mary jones says:

    Since she like 50 not 36 her kid would be like 34 lol.

  4. ZenB says:

    I need to preface this nasty comment by saying I am pro-choice….



    Is she some serious drug addict or alcoholic (or does she take 10 years of her age) because if I looked like that when I was 36, I would have killed myself.

  5. Solveig says:

    She’s got a point and she sounds pretty honest, to me, although some times she tries too hard to sound obnoxious.
    As for the acting class I see many actors who – despite the so called acting class – can’t say a line and be believable, many famous actors…

  6. sapphire says:

    Her abortion comment is the first honest statement I could admire.

  7. Mshuffleupagus says:

    “We’re seeking out such grossness in human behavior and want such mindless entertainment.”

    People who live in glass mindless entertainment shouldn’t throw stones.

  8. Rhiley says:

    That outfit totally looks like something my grandmother would wear. I wonder if you can get that from Appleseeds? Granny needs a new look for summer.

  9. teena says:

    Yeah, Chelsea is way more hardcore than Tina Fey-bwahahhaha. Is she kidding? She’s not mainstream like Tina cause she ain’t funny like her. Tina is biting and cutting in her humor, Chelsea doesn’t have that sort of wit or edge to her humor at all. She just complains.

  10. Miss Marie says:

    This woman’s words will come back to haunt her one day. Google all the obnoxious women from decades ago, and you will see, when they are “it” anything goes, yet down the road, they fall from grace. Handler is no different.

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    How is the Real Housewives of Atlanta racist? WTF is she talking about? I watch all the Housewives shows and there are questionable people on each show but how the hell does she single out a whole series and the only one with mainly black cast members as racist?

  12. serena says:

    I just hate her. She’s old and ugly, does not take care of her appearance (as you can see in those photos) and yet, she thinks she’s the best.

    Her, whose main job is to bitching about everybody. Who the hell want to see a show about you or a movie with you in? Get the fuck away, you’re such a loser.

    I’m sure a lot of “REAL” actors are gonna smash you for good.

  13. chalen says:

    How much of a hard ass can she possibly be if she has to name drop Reese Whitherspoon?

  14. You don't say says:

    Ms. Handler should not be “dissing” other trashy entertainment since that is her bread and butter. To me, all of the “real housewives” are equally tacky, so again, why pick on just one. Her other revelation–I always question timing. Why this and why now? What does she expect to gain from talking, as everything she does or says is self serving.

  15. Kaboom says:

    Unfortunately her mother didn’t.

  16. lea+ann=crap says:

    damn!she looks bad for 36..her friend aniston should introduce her to her plastic surgeon..

  17. Cali says:

    Her aborting her kid and flushing it down the toilet is FAR more disgusting than that stupid MTV exploitive show about pregnant teens. If anything, she should preach SAFE sex or NO sex at all, but to say “that’s what she should have done” like abortion is contraception is the wrong answer. Now I know why she is such a bitter, miserable, ugly, hateful desperate hag who is pathetically an unfunny clown..maybe being a soccer mom would have helped her with that!

  18. LL says:

    I don’t believe for a second she won’t be making fun of André once they split.

    André probably shouldn’t be taking stock in that either, since she makes a living on lies…

  19. Quest says:

    At 36 she looks washed out, spin dried and hung for dear life. Sorry I would actually approve if Chelsea had plastic surgery.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    Dude, I just got carded for a bottle of wine and hub’s cigs, and I’m 41. Not because I look so young, but because dude didn’t believe me when I told him my birthdate when he asked if I was old enough to buy the stuff!

    Love that she won’t lie about an abortion; but she’ll lie her arse off about her age.

    Abortion is a personal choice. No judgement from me on that. Keep your laws off my body!

  21. AlaskaJoey says:

    I’m fairly certain you can find all those pieces in the LL Bean catalogue for this summer. What tragic pleated capri pants! She looks like she’s trying to hide a weight gain.

  22. Cheyenne says:

    That bitch refers to the Jolie-Pitt adopted children as “monkeys” and “Eskimos” and she’s got the nerve to talk about racism?

    @Kaboom: you took the words right out of my keyboard.

  23. viper says:

    I support abortions I do not condone them being used as birth control – but teenagers are not responsible or reasonable, most of them are literally slaves to their hormones and some even believe they are untouchable – its a formula for diaster. Abortions are a wake up call the result is a much more grounded and mature person (hopefully) but no one should pass judgment or call it murder because it isn’t – there are always factors to take into account and all of them are usually out of our hands. We do worse to our neighbors and to our fellow man across oceans and go to war without care – so really anybody whoever is against abortion should check their moral compass.

  24. Cami says:

    @Kaboom. There is really no need for that. Saying something disgusting about someone you think is disgusting just puts both of you on the same level.

  25. jenni says:

    I like Chelsea Handler. She makes me laugh and she seems genuine to me, and so over everything in a funny way. Also — Why do people on here think the end all and be all of everything is their opinion of someone’s beauty? But re her abortion — no. 1 I’m glad she mentioned it. It normalizes something that a big percentage of womankind the globe over go through.
    But her saying she shouldn’t have had a kid at 16 “cos now she’d have a 20 year old” –how does that follow? I mean I am glad that follows for her …but NOT every teen mom is like the teen moms on that reality show. I’m glad she made the right choice for her–but that is her. My sis in law had my neice and nephew at 18 and 19. And she has her tubes tied and is frikkin ecstatic that both her kids will be adults before she’s 40. Already she has a lot of freedom because they’re both teens. Everyone is different. Some people are happy they had kids really young.

  26. TQB says:

    @ZenB – yeah, that’s pretty nasty. Seriously, you’re pro-choice but someone who chooses abortion is trashy? What does someone who had an abortion at 16 “look like” to you?

    Your statement is pretty much on the level of the pro-lifers who want to outlaw abortion, but also refuse to educate about sex and birth control and won’t support unwed mothers. As in, illogical to the point of just being obnoxious.

    I mean, really – I’m not saying she doesn’t look trashy – but I hardly think having an abortion at 16 is the worst she’s done. She slept her way into an E! show!

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    @ viper – I agree. Abortion is NOT a form of birth control, it’s a last-ditch option if absolutely necessary. But I still don’t want anyone incapable of having a baby (i.e. MEN and “religious women” beyond the age of conception) telling me what to do with my body.

    But teenagers are not “slaves to their hormones.” Yes, they believe they are untouchable, but “slaves to their hormones”? NO. Any cognizant being can realise there are consequences to their actions, and I enforced the use of condoms diligently. Pregnancy is not the only consequence of unprotected sex, and girls need to be smarter. (Not a sexist statement, just the truth: we are the ones who get pregnant, and the “sperm bath receiver” is most likely to contract an STD, be they male or female. TRUTH.)

  28. Lisa Turtle says:

    How does someone look like the kind of person who would have an abortion? What does that even mean? The statistics are that 1 in 3 American women will have one in their lifetimes. Most of those women will keep it a secret to their grave. It’s degrading to all women to say that any one “looks like the type” to have an abortion because it discounts what a deeply personal choice it is. Saying foolish off-the-cuff comments like that assumes there is a stigma attached to having an abortion. She “looks like the type” underlies an assumption that women who get abortions are trashy. You are attaching that stigma to 1/3 of the women in the country. No need to judge others on their life choices. And YES the decision to continue a pregnancy and give birth to a human being is a huge life choice which we are all entitled to make for ourselves.

  29. Julie says:

    Get over yourself Chelsea!

  30. **TYPO** says:

    It should read “piece” instead of “peace” in the article.

  31. me says:

    Luckiest baby ever. Imagine having a pig like that for a mother.

  32. girl says:

    I’m not even going to argue the morality of abortion. I’d hope that a show called 16 and Pregnant would serve as a precautionary tale but it seems it is almost the opposite in our current culture.

    I seriously hope she isn’t comparing herself to Tina Fey. While there are a few things I don’t like about TF, Chelsea Handler isn’t even on the same planet as her, much less in the same ballpark.

  33. Ari says:

    Those clown shoes are horrendous.

  34. LBeees says:

    Wow, this is why I never tell anyone that I had an abortion. Because few understand it, and more judge about it. Thank you @Lisa Turtle for pointing out that one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime.

    @Original Bellaluna, it’s not a question that everyone has free will and choice. But the 16 year-old brain has neurobiological explanations for why reasoned, thought-through decisions are hard to make.

    The brain doesn’t stop developing into the early-20s, and a 16 year-old’s brain has an undeveloped prefrontal cortex. That part of the brain is responsible for, well, responsibility, as well as reasoning, judgement, impulse control, and many other higher-order brain functions that regulate the older, automatic functions of the hindbrain. The hindbrain develops first, and turns on to say “sex sex sex babies babies fun fun stimulation excitement yes yes yes”.

    The PF cortex is the part of our brain that let’s us restrict those evolutionary impulses, but in children it simply isn’t developed yet. So is it any wonder that teenagers make poor decisions about sex? Not really!

  35. jc126 says:

    I think getting an abortion at 16 is far more defensible than getting one at 30. Depending on the circumstances of course, but in my opinion there are hardly any teenagers that age who should give birth. Maybe 18, but 16 is too young.
    I’m pro-choice, but Chelsea H. comes off flippant in those comments about a very serious matter. She is right about Teen Mom et al. rewarding teen pregnancy.

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    @ LBeees – I guess I’m just the rare bird. But I was a teen in the late 80′s, after HIV/AIDS came to the forefront of everyone’s knowledge. My friends and I made informed decisions prior to having sex. Biology may be a reason, but it’s not an excuse. (Apply that same “biology logic” to cheating husbands. Doesn’t quite jive, does it then?) ;)

    (And if you had an abortion, I’m sure it was the right choice for you at the time. As I said, no judgement.)

  37. sue says:

    #29 Having children at a young age so you can be ‘free’ later in life? Really? Once you have children you are never free, ever. If your children follow your example then you will have grandchildren to contend with so thinking you can sow your oats at 40 is delusional.

    How about being free while you’re young and enjoying your life and freedom while young. Educate yourself, and who knows, maybe you’ll even decide to not have children altogether. It’s not a requirement of life.

  38. Ron says:

    I like Chelsea overall, she’s irreverent. And she’s right Tina is more mainstream right now with her show being on NBC. Why read more into it that what’s acutally there? And her E show is in no danger of being cancelled, she would have to choose not to renew at this point.

  39. viper says:

    Even 18 is still the same boat. Specifically if the parents of an 18 year old apply the right kind of psychological pressure on the teenager. A lot of parents have a great influence on the matter. But there is no one to blame and there is none that should be stigmatized. Men will never understand the price women pay. They can be as careless or carefree as they like; it’s the woman that has to be careful and get stuck making a life changing decision.

    But I will say this, having an abortion is NOT an evil. Abortions have been around since 999 and beyond that. The only evil in an abortion is if a person purposely goes out having sex gets pregnant and frequently goes about aborting. But anyone else should not feel stigmatized or ashamed, more people should come out and admit to it. In fact anybody in here I encourage you to share your story in any way you can. Its the only way to raise proper awareness. That way none of you will feel alone anymore – or feel the need to keep it a secret.

  40. mia girl says:

    Wow I’m definitely not a fan of Handler, but some of these comments are just… baffling?!

    @ZenB – I’m not even sure where your comment comes from? Is it rooted in racism or is it some naive belief that only trashy girls have sex and get pregnant at 16. Now that this is pointed out to you do you see how silly your comment is? And what is up with @kaboom and @ma #35? Ironically, those type of comments are exactly what the “pig” you criticize (aka Handler) would say. Pot, meet kettle.

    On the other hand, many have made their negative points about handler without having to stoop. And to @Lisa Turtle and @LBeees thanks for sharing and I agree with what you’ve both posted.

  41. Katherine M. says:

    I completely agree with Handler about her abortion. It was the right thing to do. I see too many women having children they have no business having, especially women who get pregnant with married men. I think having those children is almost always a completely selfish act and rarely has anything to do with qualms about abortion. So I applaud her good sense for that.

    Nonetheless, Handler is pure trash. I’m sure she looked like this at 20. I am also sure her discussing her abortion at this point was just about getting attention or trying to sound edgy.

    I doubt she is truly racist but her use of racism as part of her schtick, especially directed at children, just makes her worse than a true racist. She knows it can be used to aid and abet hate language and behavior. Not acceptable and in reality not funny.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    @ viper – Well said. And you’re right: men will never understand the price women pay; it is up to us to make the best decision we can at the time. And NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE US FOR OUR DECISIONS. IT IS BETWEEN US AND WHATEVER GOD WE PRAY TO.

    Anyway, sharing. Here we go: I was pregnant with my eldest child at barely 19. I knew from the get that I wanted him, needed to have him, and would take great care of him. I also knew abusive asshole would kill me if I tried not to have him.

    I had him, left abusive asshole, went to college, and moved on. Said child will be 21 in August, is a beautiful human being, and a fine young man. No regrets about the right decision for me! I wish that on all women.

  43. Charlotte says:

    I cannot ever get thru a 1/2 hour of her show. She’s just hateful and I don’t find her at all funny. I don’t like mean-spirited comics. As far as for the abortion issue, Ms. Handler totally has the right, according to the laws of our country to abort her unborn child, I cannot fault her for that. She made what she felt was the best decision for herself at the time.

  44. londonLady says:

    poor her that she had to have an abortion at such a young age. How traumatising

  45. TQB says:

    @Viper, thank you for your comments.

    The woman who could go through the physical and emotional pain of choosing to terminate her pregnancy without being permanently and profoundly changed by the experience is not someone who should be a parent instead. I have watched my friends go through this and is never a casual decision and it doesn’t ever go away. The image of the woman who uses abortions as birth control is an invention of the pro-life movement to paint the picture that even people like @ZenB who consider themselves pro-choice have bought into: trashy, loose, careless, cold. If that woman exists, it’s because she’s suffered so much abuse in her life that she doesn’t even consider her own life to be of value!

  46. Amanda G says:

    @viper – couldn’t have said it better myself. I find Chelsea’s honesty about her abortion refreshing.

  47. liz says:

    But I still don’t want anyone incapable of having a baby (i.e. MEN and “religious women” beyond the age of conception) telling me what to do with my body.
    Well, that´s not just “your body”, that´s baby´s life.
    There´re countries where you can´t have an abortion without proper consulting first and consults will try to convince you not to have an abortion.
    There´s always another way- if you don´t want a baby, give it to somebody who does.

  48. Lucy says:

    I’m just going to share a little story, please don’t mind me. In December (2010) my father suddenly passed away from metastatic cancer. He also lived on the other side of the country and I was not told how bad his cancer was until a week before he died. I had 4 days with him before he died. My father was the rock in my world, so when he died, and suddenly, I spun out of control.

    Two months later I’m drinking heavily and trying to keep my shit together when, boom, I get myself pregnant. I fully accept that this was due to my poor judgment and drinking. I did have an abortion. I’m young, finishing my first of three degrees, and don’t want children at all. This was the best choice for me.

    I suppose my point is that before people go off on how “trashy” someone is for having an abortion – please keep in mind that these “trashy” women may have other things going on in their lives.

    Now I’m actively trying to put my life back together, focus back on my education, and grow from my experiences.

    End rant! Hah

  49. jenni says:

    @sue I didn’t mean to imply people should have kids young simply in order to have more time to themselves when they are older. I was just pointing out pros/cons to everything. I know several women between 34-38 with kids pushing 20, all who are happy family units, is all. It is not “crazy” for ALL teens to become parents, all I was saying. My sis in law struggled with having kids at 18 and 19. I was with her on a few occasions when she received judgmental comments from strangers. She always said to me, “I love them I just wish I had waited to have them later.” Now, at 35, She is really close w/her kids and has built herself into a successful, impressive career woman and mom of two great teens. For her, she wouldn’t want to be having babies in her 30s/40s, and NOW, says is glad she had them young. She personally relishes the freedom of having time to herself at this stage in her life. different people , diff. preferences, is all Im saying. Personally, if I have babes it will be later in life. And yes, of course a parent is (hopefully) always going to be a parent. But generally , its more exhausting and your time is monopolized when your kids are babies and young.

  50. Amandahugandkiss says:

    Am I at Celebitchy or a YouTube comments section?

    Misogyny is rampant tonight…yikes.

  51. wunderkindt says:

    Handler exemplifies human grossness and mindlessless.

    Nasty skank!

  52. jenni says:

    @liz Males have reproductive rights themselves, via using condoms. If a male is truly staunchly pro-life, here’s a no-brainer: wear condoms every time you have sex, unless you KNOW the woman you are having sex with is pro-life as well. Something I notice? Too many men become interested in reproductive rights when it has to do with womens choices but not their own (condom usage). p.s. Males don’t risk their lives to reproduce — women do.

  53. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Lisa Turtle, @LBees, @Viper, @jc126
    Thank you .

    I just wanted to add that women, who choose abortion at a young age, are almost always doing what’s best for them and their future families. They have the chance to finish school, and sometimes go on to get advance degrees, unencumbered. They can then establish themselves and find the RIGHT person to start a family with (if they choose to have one at all). So, I support the right 100%, and think women who make the difficult choice are brave in their own right.

    @londonlady, yes. Abortion is a difficult choice and it can be traumatic. So I ask that you reserve your sarcasm for a topic more deserving. Thank you.

  54. truthzbetta says:

    It’s not the main thing she said but I see it got treated that way. I’m pro-choice.

    Knowing that talentless, mean, racist drunk up there is not a mother is all the reason I need to stay pro-choice too.

    But being a teen mom might be equal or better than being a teen soldier. No one thanks the one who gives life and everyone thanks the one trained for the opposite. It’s just more sexism.

    Then by choosing these crazy ho’s for MTV shows to represent being a teen mother we’re doing the ones trying to get their act together a disservice.

    The common denominator is they like to represent females in a sexualized or crazy manner in our culture and the only one who can stop that is us.

    I truly am pro-choice. But here you all have beaten down Sarah Palin’s kid for having a child that chose to have a child as a teen and been vocal about it. Palin has also raised someone willing to give his young life for the country in the military.

    If you’re pro-choice, how about supporting people on either side of that choice? That’s what the Left and the Right both fuck up royally. Both want to control and berate women, but sometimes the Left is nastier. Just look at how you treat the Palin family’s young children. It’s vicious for no reason and I wish you’d remember that you cut Chelsea Handler– of all people– some slack for choosing abortion and you’ve given no slack to the Palin girl who made the even harder decision to devote a lifetime to a kid.

  55. Sumodo1 says:

    Chelsea, who DIDN’T have a teen abortion who wanted a legit career? Good for you, speaking up. Now I know there’s more to you than just SNARK!

  56. Estella says:

    I am appalled out how many people here find Chelsea Handler’s flippant abortion admission “refreshing” and “edgy.” What kind of world are we living in that admitting to having an abortion is acceptable and even cool?

    I am pro-choice but at the same time have very little sympathy for most females who have had an abortion. Whoever said “Poor Chelsea…how traumatizing for her” sounds like a bleeding heart. An abortion is a choice. You have to live with your decision. The pride I sense in ladies’ admissions of also having had abortions makes me cringe.

    My point is, abortion is a serious issue and it is weird of Chelsea to bring it up like it’s nothing in an interview and even weirder for people here to bare all seemingly just for the hell of it. Is this a celebrity blog or a support group? I am sure my post will be deleted but I had to vent about this. This whole CH post really sucks.

  57. Isa says:

    I think abortions are sad, because I always picture a sweet little baby not an embryo.
    But I can’t imagine her being a good mother.

    truthzbetta- Many of the commenters take Bristol to task for having a child and making a fortune off telling others to not have a child. The same complaints are made about the 16 & Pregnant stars. I think it sends a confusing message to teens when they see how these celebrities lives have improved or benefited from being a teenage mother.

    But I don’t ever blame Bristol for having her child. And I do think it’s great that she is able to provide for her child without assistance. I just don’t think she should be put out there as an example of what not to do, since it doesn’t always work out that easily.

  58. jenni says:

    @ Truthzbetta- “If you’re pro-choice, how about supporting people on either side of that choice? That’s what the Left and the Right both fuck up royally. Both want to control and berate women, but sometimes the Left is nastier.” – CO-SIGN. Especially the last line. Not supporting women equally in their choices to have OR not have a child, *no matter their age*, always ends up being counterproductive. I know two women who felt coerced into having abortion b/c they were in college. And one girl in particular deeply resents her parents and friends for making her feel like she “had” to get an abortion or it would mess up her future. And then other women I know are judged for having abortions, when that was the best choice for them. When will we learn it is best to support each indiviual woman’s choice.

  59. viper says:

    There are even women who rise above the trauma and literally go about to regain their virginity. There is a procedure that can repair the hymen so say a girl whose raped who gets an abortion can get back what was stolen from her- its a great way to heal. Or say a woman who had been grossly wronged and just wanted to start her life again the right way, she can. Is it being untruthful?

    Absolutely not, you have the right to start anew. So long as you take the lessons you’ve learned with you- you can literally become a greater person than you first saw your self ever becoming.

    How does a guy fit into all this? He doesn’t. Guys will never make such decisions; they have no business or any right to pass judgment let alone have any say in it – or hold a congressional proceeding about whether or not a woman has the right at all.

  60. LindaR says:

    Team Estella. I am pro-choice too, but when I read comments like Handler is making, I think, yes, the “kid” would have been a 20 year old human being with feelings and aspirations and ambition. Abortion is sad, not convenient.

  61. viper says:

    No one in this thread called abortions “cool”"edgy or “refreshing” and the idea that it was implied only proves just how little some people in here really know about women who have abortions. And also proves that they were ready to pass judgment even before they finished the article let alone the comments.

  62. Becky says:

    @Lisa Turtle and @Viper I agree with you completely.

    I don’t like Chelsea Handler but I give her credit for being honest about having an abortion. Abortions are unfortunately very common-I’ve seen statistics ranging from 1 in 5 to 1 in 3 women. Odds are we all know and like (or maybe even love) someone who has had an abortion-you just might not know it because it’s not something people talk openly about. Women who have had abortions do not look or act any particular way. To imply that having an abortion means you are “trashy” is hurtful and just plain wrong. Life is complicated. I know of several women who never thought they’d have an abortion but ended up making that choice because they were either 1. very young or 2. in very difficult situations. None of them took the decision lightly.

  63. mia girl says:

    @Estella you wrote “I am appalled out how many people here find Chelsea Handler’s flippant abortion admission “refreshing” and “edgy.” What kind of world are we living in that admitting to having an abortion is acceptable and even cool? “

    I challenge you to re-read these comments and find ONE that states that having an abortion is “cool”, “edgy”.

    The truth is that you read these comments through your own prism: “pro-choice” and yet pro-judgmental at that same time. That’s your right, but don’t feign being appalled by those sharing here when you are just looking for a soapbox moment. Again your right, but don’t drag us into it.

    @viper and @lisatrutle and others, thanks for your many thoughtful contributions to this thread.

  64. kira says:

    Honestly, I feel bad for anyone who has to do this. I had a friend who was told by an incompetent doctor that she was infertile and could never have kids. Low and behold, she gets pregnant. Her doctor was like, “oops, sorry. I was wrong. Get out of my office, and don’t even think of suing me because my lawyers will be better than yours.” She then decided to have an abortion as she very young, had almost no family and no money. She went through Planned Parenthood and got another incompetent doctor and almost died from the procedure. She is still traumatized. It’s a painful decision–and, I do feel for anyone who has to go there.

    That being said, I really dislike celebs who divulge their personal moments for attention, or sympathy, or whatever it is they are looking for. When celebs are concerned, I’m cynical. ;-)

  65. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    My boyfriend and I have the abortion debate all the time. We’re both Catholic but he was born and raised Catholic and I converted AFTER I spent a couple of years seriously considering it.

    He sees it as a black and white issue because that’s how he was raised. He told me “well the church says you can terminate the pregnancy ONLY if both the mother AND the baby are about to die if they keep the pregnancy going.” I pointed out to him that generally a doctor isn’t going to be like “Ok your pregnancy is going to get out of control in 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, and 17 hours and you and your baby will die. Then we can terminate the pregnancy!” I told him that most of the time the body terminates those pregnancies itself (miscarriage), but sometimes it doesn’t happen and a doctor would have to step in.

    But if it were illegal? No doctors would be able to do the procedure. More women and babies would die, or be severely injured/sick because they’d have to go to some person who does the procedures in unclean/unsafe environments that may or may not have the medical training required for such an intensive procedure.

    That is why I’m pro-choice…because every woman should have the ability to choose a doctor who will help them, no matter what their situation is, in the safest way possible.

    And I’m glad Chelsea said something. She’s a drunk, she loves men, she loves to party, and she loves being obnoxious…but at least at 16 she had enough sense to weigh her options and figure out what was best for her. Abortions aren’t for everyone but neither is pregnancy or motherhood…so we should be able to respect (not agree, but respect) other people’s decisions.

    And thank you for all the people that posted their stories. It’s refreshing to read a range of different stories, decisions, and outcomes.

  66. Vesper says:

    Getting off of the abortion topic…

    After reading the article, I actually have less respect for Chelsea which I didn’t think was possible since I already considered her trash.

    Her comments re. acting “I don’t take it that seriously. You can act or you can’t. I’m sure a lot of people who are serious about acting would disagree, but I’m not really worried about them.”

    If she has no interest in learning how to act or putting on a good performance why is she going to waste the public’s time and money forcing us to watch her half a**ed attempts. It’s also not fair to all the other actors, most of whom do take their career seriously.

    What a waste of skin this woman is. Ignorant, rude, obnoxious and lazy. I hope her acting “career” tanks. Maybe than she can spend some time working out, those meaty arms are huge.

  67. Brittney says:

    I dislike this woman very much and don’t find her funny, but I do admire her speaking out about her abortion.

    One other thing she often speaks about in her comedy: how much older she looks than her age. Everyone on this site is always flinging insults at her like “35, REALLY?!” Yes, really. She herself acknowledges that she looks a lot older.

  68. Lucy says:

    @Viper “How does a guy fit into all this? He doesn’t. Guys will never make such decisions; they have no business or any right to pass judgment let alone have any say in it – or hold a congressional proceeding about whether or not a woman has the right at all.”

    Could not agree with you more. Thanks. :)

  69. Beachi 206 says:

    Why is this news and why do we care? Seriously no one is pro-abortion. Reasonable people are pro choice. I’m sorry that she had that experience so young but I don’t think she is so unique.

  70. the original bellaluna says:

    @ liz – Yeah, I said that. And I’ve never had an abortion, either. But I respect others’ rights to have one if they so choose. My late-in-life baby was a HUGE decision to have/have not. Including my husband/baby’s father in that decision. We decided to have him because I would just die if didn’t have him. (That’s not drama speaking, that’s agonizing days and weeks of decision making. And if anyone judges me, they can F off.)

    See, I lost a baby 6 months before I got pregnant with my eldest child. There is no way on God’s green I could have aborted him. But I WOULD WANT THE CHOICE. My eldest’s father nearly killed me, both while I was carrying him and soon after he was born. (Thank God for restraining orders and sheriffs who know my family.)

    @ viper – You are so very articulate on this topic. And I am in agreement with you. I didn’t say it as well as you, but I repeat “Keep your laws off my body.”

    @ lucy – I am so sorry. I hope you’re doing better.

    @ truthzbetta – As my Women’s Studies guest speaker (a rather famous woman) used to say “I am pro-woman; pro-life; and pro-choice.” As am I.


  71. wifeyskarsgard says:

    16 and pregnant wouldn’t expect anything less from her!
    PS. Handler stop saying your disgusted by girls getting pregnant at 16 because YOU did the same. Such a hypocrite.

  72. sammib says:

    She so does NOT look 50. She looks her age. Her clothes are a bit tragic but she doesn’t look “old, dried up” whatever.

    And kudos to her for speaking up about her abortion. Good on her, it’s about time people stopped punishing woman for this choice. CHOICE, people.

  73. the original bellaluna says:

    @ GradStudent – Beautifully stated. Back-alley abortions are an ugly part of our history, and should never have happened.

  74. Ruby says:

    When a woman gets pregnant it is her SOLE responsibility to care for a growing baby. Most of the care to a newborn is that of the mother. In most cases (not all) and in most cultures it is the mother who is the main care giver for their kids. The woman makes the biggest sacrifice for their kids. In the right circumstances, with the right support and within a loving relationship (not including single mothers) having a baby is the best thing a woman can do. I have 3 of them.

    The operative word here is woman. But we all have choices and no one can judge.

  75. lisa says:

    One of the things I hate about her and others like her.. She made her mark on reading tabloid lies as if they were true. NOW she wants to change and become one of the celebrities she calls idiots and full of themselves. She is dying to be on the List. She wants to act now and do other things to elevate women. She won’t talk about her relationship, but will trash other couples. She finds this kind of entertainment mindless, yet this is her show and concept.

    CAN NOT STAND HER.. I saw a clip on eonline of her show.. and I could not believe how unfunny it was. She was horrible and cant’ act her way out of a bag. She needs to remember she has said some filthy things about a lot of people. People she may want to work with one day. hmmmm

    And yes this is mean.. but I will have a party the day her show on NBC is cancelled. it is horrible. and I say that not because I dislike her.. but it is the truth. Go see for yourself if you don’t believe me. The person that approved that crap should be fired.

    regarding the abortion..she is doing what most celebrities now do.. confess to get sympathy or “understanding” from other women. Abortion is a choice I think women should have and is their right. This is a calculated move on her part. She is reinventing herself.

  76. reeree says:

    ” I mean, that makes me want to kill somebody.” She continued: “I had an abortion when I was 16. Because that’s what I should have done.”
    And that’s what she did.

  77. Eye Opener says:

    I love me some Chelsea!!!! She hates AJ as much as most of us do!!! SHE SPEAKES THINGS THAT MOST OF HOLLYWOOD I TOO SCARED TO DO AND I LOVE IT!

    Pssst…One thing I would even LOVE HER MORE for if she SET Jennifer Aniston up with Chris Hempworth (THOR)!!! HE IS THE PERFECT MAN FOR HER! A YOUNGER SEXIER VERSION OF THAT BRAD.

    Love you both CHELSEA AND JENNIFER!!!

  78. jill says:

    i’m pissed at how sensationalized this is becoming when the truth is that if you read the entire interview, it is not sensational at all. she’s just admitting to a teenage experience that she does not regret. which woman has not had at least a close teenage call? the hypocrisy of her critics borders on the unbearable.

  79. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Apparently if one is ugly and old- or worse LOOKS old- she is worthy of horrible contempt and scorn. A woman who likes to drink and have sex is a skank. Ricky Gervais is funny but coming from Chelsea it’s just hateful. I guess she should cross her legs, shut her mouth and get some surgery so she stops offending people so much with her unfeminine ugly sluttiness.

  80. Adrien says:

    She actually looked better here than her previous photocalls. She’s believably 36 here.

  81. Melinda says:

    Viper- thanks for all of your comments. I know many women who have had abortions. They are not “trashy women” at all. They all have children now, and are all well educated. If it came down to it before I was ready, I probably would have as well. I have always been diligent about bc and luckily it has never failed me. Still, no one should judge another. If someone is responsible enough understand they f-ed up, but shouldn’t punish another human being, that could be the beginning of better decisions to come. In my opinion it’s better than bringing sweet children in to the world that are not properly cared for or really wanted. That is the real tragedy.

  82. Dudette says:

    She looks much, much older than 36. Years of hard living have done her absolutely no favors.

  83. curmudgeon says:

    This is actually the first picture I’ve seen of her where I actually believe her age. She is gonna be one hard looking broad in the future.

  84. SomeoneYouKnow says:

    I had an abortion five years ago.

    I’ve been reading this site for a little over a year now, and this is the first comment I’ve made. While I whole heartedly agree that Chelsea mentioned her abortion in a completely inappropriate manner, I could not be more thankful for someone with a public voice to expose their personal decision that so many of us women go though in life. For me, it wasn’t an easy decision. And I can only speak for myself…but I ultimately made the decision that I know was right. None of you can say you know what her situation was at the time, and none of you can say anything as far as WHY she chose to terminate. She made a decision, and she accepts whatever may come with it. Just as none of you know what MY situation was then, or MY reasons were for making it. It was mine nonetheless. Regardless of age, financial stability, relationship status, or familial support, a woman has a right to make a choice.

    I really wish that more women would open up about this. Chelsea Handler admitting to an abortion, regardless of context, to me, has opened the discussion that has been held back for far too long. And I couldn’t be more proud of her for having the courage to expose that deeply personal part of her life.

  85. myTbean says:

    I actually like Chelsea… :D

    For her absurdly candid, dead-pan humor and I appreciate the fact that despite what showbiz may tell her, she is determined to stay true to who she feels she is. A lot of people aren’t honest with themselves (or maybe just self-aware) enough to admit they are a little racist, sexist, agist in their own heads. I think she humbles, humors and surprises herself by letting some of that hang out in her commentary/writing.

    She is dressing for herself and obviously for comfort. She doesn’t botox herself into plastic oblivion. She is doing whatever interests her and living her life how she wants too without allowing society’s influence to completely dominate her choices.

    Poor woman is a drunk tho… LOL

  86. Micki says:

    I made a point to watch her show a few times just to have an opinion. It’s not mainstream (for me)because it can be so low that “mainstream” is an upgrade.

  87. tvcon says:

    The two people that are indeed going to have a hard fall in the next couple of years are Chelsea Handler and Olivia Munn. People are getting tired of them very, very quickly.

  88. really says:

    About her abortion at 16, I wonder if it was 50cents baby!

  89. Theuth says:

    As much as I despise this woman, she has a point: people demonise abortion and teen pregnancy or exploite them for money, and very few (usually the ones who deal with these problems) REALLY care about it. Women are basically forced not to talk about abortions, like they must be ashamed…even if they are pro-choice. They can’t talk about prevention, because they would be label as “whores”.
    And, the ones who decide all this stupid lews are ALL MEN!
    So much disappoint in humanity, really.

    In the end, this is all a way to keep women under control, by exploiting their body and make them feel unworthy of one of their most beatiful and incredible gift: be able to give birth and be the ones who decides to continue their species.
    Every woman should learn how to deal with all this kind of things, and MUST know that they have the right to CHOOSE what it’s best for them without being forced by family or society: be abortion or having a baby.

    P.S.: not all the women who abort are teens who got pregnant by mistake. Sometimes is because of a health reason, and a woman has to abort a child she searched for. Or some woman who got pregnant and CAN’T deal with a new baby. And it’s horrible, but some really poor and ignorant (in the sense they don’t know there are alternatives) women use abortion as a birth control and put their lives in danger: it’s sick, it’s a sign that everything about this has to be changed, but it could happen.
    Stop throwing prejudices.

  90. Celebitchy says:

    Some of you have pointed out that some “defund planned parenthood” ads are appearing on the site. We have blocked the URL from Google Adsense, but it will take time for the system to put the block into effect. If you still see these ads and they’re for anything other than, please e-mail me the URL and I work to have them blocked. We do not vet or preapprove ads, they’re automatically assigned by google adsense. The only way we can block them is if we know the URL. It sucks when ads like that are shown on the site.

  91. the original bellaluna says:

    @ lisa – Such vitriol!

    @ Melinda – Well said, and your friends are very lucky. One of my dear friends had more than one abortion when she was younger and ended up unable to have children. (On the upswing, she just fostered into adoption twin baby boys! LOVE HER!)

  92. Jen says:

    I would have been more impressed if she’d had the baby and found a way to make her career work. Sofia Vergara sure did.

    As I’ve gotten older and wiser, my opinion on abortion has changed. Human life is not disposable, and peddling abortion in the wolf’s clothing of “women’s health” is no longer ok with me.

  93. Jen says:

    Celebitchy, I think you should leave those ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ ads up. If anything, people should know exactly what kind of an organization their tax dollars are supporting. Do some research on Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and you might be surprised (or outraged as I was). She was a racist proponent of eugenics…ethnic cleansing. It’s vile and disgusting. And somehow this woman is revered as a hero? I just don’t get it.

  94. bluhare says:

    What bothers me about people who have gone from pro choice to pro life is that they are OK having the ability to make a decision about their reproductive future but then deny the same opportunity to others.

  95. xxodettexx says:

    agree with all the pro-choice statements/comments here! [very valid reasons]

    as for the pro-choice v pro-life logic that has always escaped me: why is it always either/or??? I am pro-choice AND pro-life… i value life JUST AS MUCH as i value the ability to sit down with my Dr and make a reasoned CHOICE as to MY health and body and future…

  96. Kat says:

    Chelsea Handler had an abortion? At 16? This is my shocked face.

    Can’t wait until this cruel bitch dries up and goes away. From the looks of her it won’t be that much longer.

  97. original kate says:

    “But here you all have beaten down Sarah Palin’s kid for having a child that chose to have a child as a teen and been vocal about it.”

    @ truthzbetta: no, don’t go there. people have repeatedly bashed bristol for being a hypocrite, not a teen mother. i have never read a serious comment on this board -trolls don’t count- bashing bristol for getting pregnant, only for pushing abstinence and then using her kid as a money-making vehicle and a stepping stone to fame.

  98. TaylorB says:

    #98 (I am sorry but I can’t read your name)

    Just Knock it off. Planned Parenthood is NOT about eugenics, the person who founded it may have been a bit of a kook back in the 1920′s, but that has nothing to do with PP now, and to suggest that PP is about eugenics is a flat out lie and you should be ashamed, frankly I am ashamed for you and disgusted as well for such a salacious claim.

    Planned Parenthood provides affordable health care to thousands of women, pap smears, breast exams, std testing, etc. Not to mention pre-natal care, etc. for pregnant women.

    I am so sick about people who bitch about PP being ‘evil’ for helping women, with education and support, while they personally choose their own path. It is her choice and unless she can ‘beam me up Scotty’ that zygote to someone else it should remain a personal decision.

  99. cara says:

    I don’t think we should shame anyone for having an abortion. Jah knows, I’ve had some. And mind you, my Adopted mom (I too am a child of a teen mother) was head of the pro-choice movement o=in white plains ny in the 80′s (yeah, wouldn’t be too hard to “unmask”me) and guess what, when I got prggers at 14 (*I was trouble) and wanted to keep the kid, guess who took me to get an abortion??? What’s good for the goose………. that’s right, my mother. And it wsn’t until YEARS later (after I had another one at 18….and YEARS after that) that I realized, I hadn’t miscarried days after that initial doctor visit, back when I was 14, no, that rod he stuck up in my, was the same rod that planned parenthood had used!!!! I just wish we’d be less judgemental, more understanding, and more honest. If people really did give two shits about kids, why are there “death squads” in brazil whose sole purpose os to kill the glue addicted street kids???

    Now, I am a mother. So, I am born of a teen mom, given away for being made of a non-white seed, in tx right after r vs. w, I’ve had a miscarriages, children and abortions….so, I feel like I;ve touched every aspect of this issue….and I say, Keep Abortion Legal. I know of no one who ever gets pregnant to abort! It never “Feels good.” So empathy people. Judge not…..till you judge yourself. I think God’s more concerned with how we treat those who are already here anyway, for Lord knows, we’re all a bunch of a-holes to eachother, no?

  100. Lilly says:

    I think she’s nasty. Besides her gross sex tape, she slept with her married boss to get her show. If that doesn’t scream trash, then what does?

    AND, what kind of person finds hateful comments about little kids funny? Or, talking straight-up trash on people? IMO, she has no humor–she’s just a bully and a troll.

    And LOL at the people who say we shouldn’t be mean to Chelsea and trying to shame people for their comments. Oooo–”such vitriol”! tsk, tsk :-)

    So, you shouldn’t say anything negative about the woman who calls other women “fucking whores,” “fucking cunts,” and calls their kids “monkeys,” “lesbos,” and “Eskimos”? Are you for real? Chelsea is the meanest bitch around. If this garbage-mouth can heap it out, then she can surely take some of the same garbage back.

  101. original kate says:

    “…to suggest that PP is about eugenics is a flat out lie and you should be ashamed, frankly I am ashamed for you and disgusted as well for such a salacious claim. ”

    @ taylorb: word.

  102. I purposefully avoided this topic, but I have to say – I don’t like Chelsea Handler, but after this interview I have a newfound respect for her.

  103. Sharon says:

    Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist, something that is made clear in her own writing. Perhaps y’all should learn to read original source material, eh?

    Ms. Handler declares being pregnant at 16 makes her want to kill someone. Well, when she was pregnant at 16 she murdered her own flesh and blood. Guess we know where her words come from now.

    I feel sorry for her. She has always struck me as a deeply unhappy woman, emotionally flat, and oddly desperate. I suppose this latest boyfriend is pretty much what she deserves: someone who is as shallow, immoral and sleazy as she is.

    I don’t think either of her new shows will be successful. Her current show is a bore from start to finish. If you’ve seen one episode, you’ve seen them all.

  104. Stacia says:

    That abortion comment was tacky and heartless. That was HER choice but she sounds so cavalier about it and like she really did not give a sh!t. Can’t stand this old-in-the face,chain smoking, lushy-looking broad.

  105. ! says:

    I find that people who complain about the world being “too PC” are usually just bigots who 1. are pissed that they can’t express their hatred as freely 2. don’t have any better material.

  106. mirado says:

    Chelsea openly admits that she has been sexually active since a young age and that she regularly smokes and drinks. This is what 36 actually looks like. Angelina Jolie is even younger, and looks equally old. So many entertainers and stars get treatments that some people have a distorted view of what real people look like.

  107. MST says:

    Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist, something that is made clear in her own writing. Perhaps y’all should learn to read original source material, eh?

    Ms. Handler declares being pregnant at 16 makes her want to kill someone. Well, when she was pregnant at 16 she murdered her own flesh and blood. Guess we know where her words come from now.

    @Sharon and the few other prolifers here — thank you. I keep on reading all these comments about abortion and I wonder if anyone ever heard of the word “adoption.” My son was adopted at six weeks and he is now an adult. I just welcomed my first grandchild into the world (yes, I’m one of those pro-life women “past the age of conception”). I am not saying it was easy — he was a SEC (substance-exposed child) and he had some behavioral problems, but raising him made me and my husband stronger people, and he’s doing fine now.

    By the way, I am not a conservative, Republican, nor do I want to ban contraception, and I don’t hate gays. And I never watch Fox News.

  108. f you says:

    chelsea is a name known to whores and like she said she had an abortion at 16. so she should know about all about kids(not). someone should actually tell chelsea that she should look in the mirror when she starts to bash on others..dont be pissed because jennifer could’t take care of her own marriage. FYI you look like shit in the above photo go buy your self a new face and maybe a body with that. stop hating and take jennifer with you..she in need of one…you think your book actually helps people. well im here to tell you .its the cause of 45% of self centered num nuts like you..