Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is four months pregnant, glowing & radiant


Finally! We have access to new photos of French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s baby bump. And it (and she) are glorious. Seriously, I’ve never really thought Carla was a beautiful or even mildly attractive woman (although I have always admired her style and the WAY she wears clothes), but pregnant Carla is gorgeous. She’s glowing. Her face has filled out a little bit, and she doesn’t look so Botoxy and cat-like. Her skin is wonderful, her hair is full and thick – she just looks great. These are pics of “the wives” of the G8 Summit, by the way. Anyway, People Magazine claims Carla is four months pregnant now. I suspect she’s much further along.

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say – and the French have been waiting for a month.

On Thursday, France’s first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who is four months pregnant, showed off her baby bump in Deauville.

The 43-year old wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy hosted a luncheon for wives attending the G8 Summit. During a photo session at the historic Villa Strassburger, the former supermodel wore a white maternity shift and a black wool coat, and gestured towards her belly for photographers while posing alongside Svetlana Medvedeva, wife of the Russian president.

She also accepted well wishes and flowers before hosting the luncheon, which raised awareness about illiteracy.

Bruni-Sarkozy’s pregnancy was confirmed by her father-in-law, Pal Sarkozy, who told the German newspaper Bild, “I’m certain it will be a girl, and beautiful like Carla.”

[From People]

So Sarko Senior says it’s a girl and one of Carla’s good friends says it’s definitely a boy. Carla has said she’s hoping for a boy too. God knows. I’m just hoping she continues to have a healthy pregnancy. Congrats to the Sarkos!

(PS…I even like her bangs!)




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. RHONYC says:

    holy scheiße!!!

    she looks Laura Bush old!!!

    that baby’s gonna take what’s left of her looks, guaranteed! *yikes*


  2. Jen34 says:

    LOl You even like the bangs!

    Agreed, she looks great. I had my little guy at 43. It was the easiest pregnancy ever.

  3. shirls says:

    she annoys me the way she courts publicity. She is constantly peening for the cameras – very un-first-ladylike!
    looks further than 4 months, as well

  4. Amandahugandkiss says:

    She does look further along, but who am I to say? I was in maternity jeans at 9 weeks! :D

  5. Kim says:

    43 and having a baby? And how old is he? Do these people stop to think how selfish they are that they will be to old to relate to their child, to old to have energy to keep up with the kid (not the energy a 20 or 30 yr old has), will die before they ever meet their grandkids, etc. Selfish. She’ll be 61 when the kid is 18!!!

  6. Blue says:

    They weren’t able to tell me if i was having a boy or girl until i was 20 wks so how do they know what she’s having if she’s only 4 months? i think she looks further along because she’s so skinny.

  7. TQB says:

    Covet the dress and the looking fresh and glowy at 4 months; I looked like a blowfish.

  8. BrandyMc says:

    I am four months almost five months, and I am bigger then that! I am due she is more then likely due in December.

  9. TQB says:

    @Blue – they can do an amnio earlier than 20 weeks (I think) which would reveal gender. Given the pressure I was under to have an amnio at the ripe old age of 36 I suspect at 43 she had one.

    However, you’re probably exactly right, it’s too early and the tabs are full of it with the gender reports.

  10. MaiGirl says:

    I don’t like her. She clearly uses or has used her arguable good looks and alleged charm to manipulate people. I have always had a problem with her stance on having affairs with married men, claiming that because she wasn’t the married one, she wasn’t committing adultery. Way to use semantics to distance yourself from responsibility. She certainly wasn’t the only one culpable (because she is certainly right that the men involved bear the brunt of the blame), but she helped destabilize or break up several relationships.

  11. beany says:

    she looks ok, but that’s pretty much it, when she opens mouth you realize how much an idiot she really is

  12. KateNonymous says:

    We knew we were having a girl as soon as results were available from our CVS testing, I think around 13 weeks.

    @Kim (#7), I had my daughter at 41. She doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, so why should you? If I’m selfish, then maybe you’re judgmental and small-minded.

  13. Solveig says:

    Nice shoes, and I’m done saying something nice about this woman.

  14. Hilda says:

    Congratulations to the Sarkos! Maybe their little baby will grow up to be a Muslim- and women-hating delight just like Mom and Dad. Seriously, these people do not deserve to be celebrated.

  15. gee says:

    She looks great. Pregnancy suits her!

  16. Lukie says:

    Kim: “43 and having a baby? And how old is he? Do these people stop to think how selfish they are that they will be to old to relate to their child, to old to have energy to keep up with the kid (not the energy a 20 or 30 yr old has), will die before they ever meet their grandkids, etc. Selfish. She’ll be 61 when the kid is 18!!! ”

    Life expectancies for women are in their 80′s. Unless her child waits till they are older to have children, it’s a safe bet she will live to see grand-kids.

    My Mother was 33 and my father was 45 when I was born.

    I am 38, and while my dad just developed dementia in the last couple of years, he is still very much alive.

    I have plenty of friends that had kids young. with the exception of one, they lacked patience and were often too busy to do much w/them. My old dad did quite a bit with me growing up. Also, older parents expose their children to many more things than young ones, probably because they have more life experience.

    A woman can have a kid under 40 and die before the kid is even 1. Does that mean we are all selfish for having children?

    Don’t knock what you clearly know nothing about.

  17. eternalcanadian says:

    I think we just got an idea what Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will look like when/if she is pregnant.

  18. fannomore says:

    fugly wugly is prugly

  19. Trillion says:

    Kim, In my neck of the woods, The Bay Area, this is a totally normal age to have kids. 40′s is NOT what it was in others’ generations. Maybe YOU feel like an old person already, but some of us are healthier and better prepared for parenthood in our late 30′s/early 40′s than any other time. My father was 56 when I was born and lived a busy, healthy life to almost 100. He outlived my mother, who was 35 at the time of my birth, by over 20 years. Your perspective is narrow. BTW, one can learn a baby’s gender at 10.5 weeks with CVS. Amazing.

  20. Andie B says:

    @kim #7 – the maternal yearning is a strong thing to fight, even if you are in your 40s. If they want a baby they have every right to have one. Where I live it is commonplace to have a baby over 35. I had my only child @ 36 and my sister-in-law is currently pregnant with twins @ 39. At least the Sarkozy’s child will be adored and want for nothing, unlike many children around the world.

  21. lin234 says:

    I think older parents tend to make better parents with reasons listed above. My mother had me in her early twenties and she was very impatient with a temper that easily flared. When she reached her 40′s, she started mellowing out and having more patience. She started realizing all the unnecessary grief she caused us and herself.

    Older parents tend to be more established in themselves, their marriage/ relationships, financial security, etc. I almost think it’s sad that women in their 40′s have a harder time getting pregnant when they are finally ready because you just know that kid will be all the more cherished.

  22. aida says:

    no way 4, more like 7 months.

  23. really says:

    Viva la France!!!!!!!!!!! LOVING HER!

    And she looks “fantastique” for 43, and pregnant she looks even more beautiful!

    Thus, I find that those who are disgusting age-junkies are trapped in their own mental jail!

    God bless the child(ren … in case she has twins) at any age! AND it is the health of the mother that is key factor at any age when pregnant!

  24. Samoyed says:

    I think we just got an idea what Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will look like when/if she is pregnant.

  25. Luci says:

    “a leech of a woman with a Terminator smile”
    Justine Lévy,Rien de Grave

  26. truthzbetta says:

    Agreed Trillion. She’ll be a great mom.

    Thirties and forties is very vibrant when the unhealthy are easily living into their 70′s and 80′s without even trying very hard. Imagine what a healthy person can do — look at the Lalanes’ amazing lives. Kickin’ it into their 80′s/90′s. Lucille Ball had her kids at that age in the black and white t.v. days! Puhleez try to keep up, people.

    It’s a new millennium for God’s sake.

    She’s healthy and spry. Congrats to this beaming, gorgeous new mom. Period.

  27. nnn says:

    I don’t like her nor Sarkozy and their air of superiority.

    I don’t like pseudo intellectuals with nasty behaviour who flaunt and talk about their aristocratic background while acting classless.

    Ever since i saw her in a so called intellectual show about art and books and she was there talking about and stimulating a fellatio explaining how she does it and talking about the male member salmaciously, ever since i saw her doing that, she grossed me out.

    But glad that she is expecting the kid she longed for ever since they got together.

    They have the means to raise him/her properly and she seems to be a great mum with her elder son.

  28. noa says:

    I’ve heard she’s been wanting a boy for a while. Which is weird considering she already has one. You’d think she’d might want a girl this time… but I’ve met this woman, briefly but long enough to realize she doesn’t like other women, nor competition and she really doesn’t make an effort by the way she stares you up and down from hair to shoes to be amiable or even polite.
    Her dress is way too short to be appropriate for the G8 and I’m no prude but it’s just not something you see in these types of gatherings. What is she trying to prove? I guess she wanted to take the attention away from her newly unbotoxed face.
    If this kid is anything like his Dad I’m getting Damian the Omen vibes.

  29. Luci says:

    yes, I get the same impression from Bruni
    I don’t trust women who don’t get along with other women

  30. poodlemom says:

    I had my third baby at 43…with no fertility help at all! I got knocked up the old-fashioned way. And now that my “baby” is almost 10…I remember it being the easiest pregnancy of all. And I was so relaxed with her, so comfortable to be an older mom. So good luck to Carla…I am sure she will have lots of help!

  31. skuddles says:

    She’s as old as sin!

  32. Mouse says:

    Agreed, she looks happy and healthy. Happy for her. And jealous…sigh, I can’t have any.

  33. Dhavy says:

    I’m 39 and 21 weeks pregnant with my first child and I do not regret getting pregnant at this time of my life. I’ve had a good pregnancy so far (not even morning sickness) and I hear some mothers in their 20s and sometimes 30s saying they could have waited longer to be mothers. I can care less what age women decide to have kids as long as they’re healthy and can care for their children. So what if I’m 60 when my son is 20? At least I’ll have some wordly knowledge to teach my kid.
    Those who think that people like me are too old to have kids and that we are selfish are the ones that go on living life based on other people’s idea of what is wrong or right and ultimately end up being miserable and going through horrible midlife crisis wishing they stay young forever

  34. ViktoryGin says:

    The question is… the baby Sarkozy’s?

    I mean….the way they get down….

  35. crazydaisy says:

    i always thought carla was beautiful since i saw this video. how could anyone not find this woman attractive?! i guess there’s no accounting for taste. :)

  36. Jessica says:

    Wow, lot of haters on here. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous!

  37. Leslie says:

    I agree, here on the East Coast, most of the professional women I know, including myself have children in their 30s and 40s. Go visit any of the elite private schools and all of the parents are older. Older patents are better equiped emotionally and financially to be parents.