LeAnn Rimes twit-pics bikini photos, claims her bones are muscles


A few weeks ago, I wrote the first LeAnn Rimes story (on this site) in a couple of months. I warned the obsessive pro and anti-LeAnn people to keep everything respectful and sane, and… well, some of you followed through. Many put in a good effort at trying to dial it down, and I appreciate it. Let’s see if you can do even better with this story, because I have been dying to write about so much LeAnn stuff. You see, I find LeAnn to be crazy and I think it’s hilarious to make fun of her too – but I know how to dial it down, okay? Follow my lead.

First of all, these are all photos that LeAnn Rimes tweeted (twit-pic’d) herself, on her account. I hadn’t gone to LeAnn’s Twitter account in a while, so I was so pleased to find so much hilarity on there. She’s changed all of her old photos and now her page is filled with images of Eddie Cibrian looking brooding in a tuxedo and a gown-clad LeAnn demurely SQUINTING at the ground. Anyway, LeAnn and Eddie have been on their “honeymoon” and they’ve been photographed a lot, mostly in swimwear. As you can imagine (and see here), it’s all pretty gross, but unfortunately (or fortunately), we didn’t have access to any of the honeymoon photos. So LeAnn is trying to help us out, really. She wants us to write about her honeymoon. She wants us to have photos to go with our story.

LeAnn tweeted these bikini photos and went on rampage against some of followers who were claiming that she looked kind of gross and bony in her bikini. LeAnn reported, on Twitter, with “Those are called abs, not bones, love… This is my body, and I can promise you I’m a healthy girl. I’m just lean. Thanks for your concern, but no need to be.” Oh, LeAnn. NO. Remember when she used to have a cute little athletic figure? Remember when her face was a little bit fuller and her crazy face wasn’t so… pointy? She’s never going to be a great beauty, but this weight loss had made her lose touch completely. She looks like she’s post-op. Elisabetta Canalis looks more feminine than LeAnn.

I will say this though – her bolt-ons aren’t looking as crazy as they were. Maybe they’ve settled in?

Oh, one last thing: she was also tweeting about seeing little girls on the beach and she wrote, “They are maybe 6 and 8. Makes me want one.” It’s coming, y’all. And it’s going to be epic.




Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. crab says:

    What happened to her foot?

  2. brin says:

    Where to begin?! I know we have to dial it down but this crazy beyotch makes it really hard!!!
    The new phrase is “famewhoringmoon” for Leann and Eddie. All Leann has been doing is tweeting and posing.
    Not sure about her getting preggers, Kaiser…she’s too self centered & too afraid EC will cheat.
    Love your post, K.

  3. Ruby says:

    Ohhhh sex-ci!
    My love handles are muscles too! Shhh don’t tell anybody that ‘the Nile’ isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    Why do teenagers post photos if themselves in provocative pictures on the net? Probably has something to do with all these insecure narcissistic celebs posting ridiculous photos of themselves. Do you really need compliments from strangers to gratify yourself seriously?

  4. Bubbling says:

    She is famewhoring for sure, but she doesn’t look bad or starved to me

  5. brin says:

    @crab….the story she tells is that she slipped on some rocks. Note it is the same foot as Brandi’s injured leg…swfing again?

  6. Ben says:

    She looks so… fragile :s I’d be scared to touch her. That pretty much = the definition of unsexy.

  7. KatScorp says:

    @crab: WeWe apparently bruised her heel. 3:1 she did it intentionally though… you know who has a cast on the same leg, doncha ;-)

    Been a lot going down lately. The photohog WeWe flew into Cabo to take the “TOTALLY NOT STAGED!!!1!1!” honeymoon pics was named. So Us Weekley responded with claims that Brandi is SWFing WeWe (LMAO) because Brandi was snapped wearing a gold bikini recently. Sadly for US Weekley? Brandi has had that bikini for five years and all the best gossip blogs have re-posted old pics of her wearing it.

    So, does US qualify for a “fail” or a “do your research Becky!”?

  8. waldemar says:

    Seeing those abs, I’m wondering if she had a little help from Tracy Anderson.

  9. Kiki says:

    I wish you didn’t write about her as P. Hilton and H. Montag

  10. Zelda says:

    @Bubbling–I agree. If you like women a little fuller, that’s your prerogative, but if she prefers to be a little thinner, that’s hers. She doesn’t look starvation skinny, and she has just as much right to stay thin as Jessica Simpson has to pad out with that extra 15 lbs.

    And I don’t even like her. But there seem to be many good reasons to hate her without having to resort to body snarking.

  11. danielle352 says:

    I didn’t have time to read the comments last week and boy I’m sorry now…What have you guys been writing to earn a Kaiser scolding?!?!

  12. mia girl says:

    We can all say she is whack, but honestly, she looks no skinnier and/or frail that any of the bikini models in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition…. or Angelina Jolie for that matter. Why should Rimes listen to people’s concern about her weight, when looking like that = success for so many other women. Just sayin’.

    BTW, I want that Channel Bag in the third pic!!!!

  13. N.D. says:

    I don’t think she looks all that bad tbh. Yes, she slimmed down a lot and at one point she was a bit too thin but I think it could have been due to her athletic programme. Bodybuilders go through phases – first they eat a lot and train a lot so their muscules grow fast along with their fat level, then they go into slimming down no-carbs phase where they lose all the fat while maintaining muscules.

    And she did worked a lot on her abs, that much is obvious. Look at her obliques.

    Re her supposed implants – I’m still not convinced she had them and I’d say these pics rather support my opinion.

  14. KatScorp says:

    *waves excitedly*

    Hi Brin-Babe! Personally, I believe that as LeAnn is so insecure she changed her hair, her fashion and her body to keep the deadbeat, then she wont DARE get pregnant and come off the Remicade. WeWe is the first one to play up how debilitating her psoriasis; I’d wager she has nightmares about waking up with a flare up one morning and her playboy seeing it.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    Clearly, her poor starving system has started to devour what few remaining brain cells she has left!

    @ EVERYONE – I subscribe to US *hangs head in shame* and the pix of this chick in the gold bikini are FRIGHTENING. There’s a freakin’ HOLLOW next to her nether-regions at least an inch and half deep! She could store snacks in there for EC (who, coincidentally, doesn’t look like he’s missed a meal in quite some time)!

  16. tapioca says:

    If I didn’t know the rather dubious backstory to these two I’d probably just think they were some really cute photos, because it’s the best she’s looked for ages. Does she even sing anymore, because it seems that she’s peeing away her talent like Xtina and is now better known for her personal life?

  17. Micki says:

    Now I DO like slim, healthy, toned bodies, looong legs and ab.1% body fat.

    But protruding bones remind me every time of the german KZ and all the wet sex-dreams are sadly out of the window.

  18. brin says:

    Missed you KatScorp! *waving back*
    ITA…her insecurity is driving all this psycho behavior. She may want to have a baby (not so sure) but no way would she risk it.


  19. Jez says:

    The people who care so much about her to give her nicknames (wtf is wewe?) are worse than she is.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – HI! And I don’t think she’s even having a period at this point. So, while her vanity may be pushed aside for an “anchor baby” – HA! highly unlikely! – I don’t think she could have a baby if she wanted to. (Of course, I could be wrong…Scary Spelling wound up pregnant with a 3rd, right? And Posh with a 4th!) ;)

    ps – I’m dubbing these pix “Bag of Bones in a Bikini.” And I mean “anchor baby” as in she thinks it will anchor EC down. No offence intended to anyone else.

  21. mln76 says:

    I actually feel bad for this woman…It’s not going to end well for these two. I give him 6 months before he bolts. And what’s she going to be left with zero career, no goodwill from the public.

  22. KatScorp says:

    LOL @bellaluna; loved the way you described her physique. Seems there are plenty of relative newbies around here huh? I’ve no interest in trying to catch them all up.

    YOU-HOO! Regarding her implants? Go back to the late December- early January threads here at Celebitchy. If it weren’t for the plastic sacks she had Brandi’s surgeon shove in, WeWe’s chest would be CONCAVE by now.

  23. KatScorp says:

    @Jez: I like the fact that you’re singling me out. Makes me feel special ;-p

    It’s laughable, and relevant, that you don’t know about LeAnn’s WeWeNLuv twitter account. For the record, I use “WeWe” because LeAnn’s fans love to pretend that LeAnn would never stalk, lie or manipulate, and that she never uses psuedonyms to keep an eye on people who call her out on her crap. It prevents the LeAnn-fans from claiming moral superiority. The greatest benefit is that people who legitamately DON’T know about WeWeNLuv might google it, so let your fingers do the walking :-p

  24. OK says:

    She doesn’t look bad. She looks happy so wth – might as well wish them luck and move on. It’s clear the more negative things ppl say/write about her, the more she feels the need to prove everybody wrong.

    And as far as writing ‘out of control’ comments, maybe you shouldn’t leave the door wide open. What do you expect when you yourself write how crazy she is? Just saying.

  25. Jez says:

    “It’s laughable, and relevant, that you don’t know about LeAnn’s WeWeNLuv twitter account.”

    How is that laughable? This is the only website I go to that ever even mentions LeAnn and that Brandi chick.

  26. brin says:

    @min76….this is a situation she created herself and continues every time she tweets, hard to have sympathy,imo.

    @KatScorp….really missed you, you go girl!!

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    @ KatScorp – Yeah, there are. And you’ve been gone awhile. Welcome back! And please pop on over to the Linnocent Blohan blogs – we’ve been having righteous Crack Tail-gate Parties whenever she goes to court! It’s a beautiful thing.

    I actually think her clavicles and ribs would start a fire in her body if it weren’t for those chest sacks keeping everything lubed up in there. (Okay, that was not nice. I’m sorry. I tried.)

  28. uknowuloveme says:

    This chick’s hawt!
    *turns away and pukes*

  29. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Delusional biatch……or purely starvation for media attention?

    Either way is disturbing

  30. N.D. says:

    @mln76: ” I give him 6 months before he bolts.”

    I was of the same opinion when it all had just began. But it’s been 2 years, and they’re still together and even got married. I still think this won’t last forever but willing to bet that it would take more than 6 months. LeAnn really wants him now and he doesn’t look like a man of decision. I think he’ll go along with her untill she’s done with him or untill another even more determined woman makes her claim on him.

  31. Ruby Red Lips says:

    And I just don’t get it…why would any male want to bang a thin bony skeleton…surely curves and some flesh make for a better ride?!!?

  32. brin says:

    @Ruby Red Lips….because the thin bony skeleton has a big fat wallet.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Ruby Red – When hubs saw those pix of her in US he said “Why? WHY would any man want to be with someone that thin? Nothing worse than getting poked by someone’s hip bones.” Then I pointed out that some men like bony-thin women because it makes their “equipment” seem bigger; he said “Yeah. I get that. How sad.”

  34. KatScorp says:

    @Brin and @Bellaluna:

    Sorry I’ve off the grid so long. I’ve been crook as a dog this last month (a new super cold virus (12 days), followed by food poisoning (3 days), followed by another new cold virus (about 7 days)! ) and now I’m feeling rediculously and uncharacteristically giddy right now. First time I’ve been chipper and energetic in five weeks, I think.

    Bella, in January I went through the entire Celebitchy archives of Lindsay-tagged stories, because truthfully I didn’t know her name until I started seeing it pop up here at Celebitchy. The b!tch is slicker than engine grease. I’ve actually been wanting to join in on the Lindsay threads, but it’s a bit like skipping rope. There’s timing and rythm and whether I’m awake (Australia is about 14 hours ahead of American EST). Hopefully at Linnocent’s next probation violation hearing (and you KNOW it will happen! :-) ) I can jump in with the crack-popcorn and crack-potato chips. LOL

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    @ N.D. – Men don’t roll out of a warm bed unless there’s another one to roll into.

  36. Samigirl says:

    @Ruby Red Lips, I asked a guy friend about his opinion in bed (he’s slept with more women than I can count, present company excluded) and he said that he thinks curvier women are better (so he agrees with you) because he likes the softness and roundness, but the crazy women are down right amazing in bed. LR is the EPITOME of crazy, so there ya go ;-)

    s/n to jez…http://www.celebitchy.com/98137/did_leann_rimes_ex_call_her_out_on_her_twitter_account/

  37. Jennifer says:

    It’s obvious she’s starving herself…look at those bones sticking out! She was already delusional and crazy before she starting starving herself. Now the lack of nutrition is effecting her brain and her thinking is becoming even more bizarre and strange. Crazy with a capital C!

    Keep it coming Leann, you are hilarious!

  38. brin says:

    Wow, sorry to hear you weren’t well, KatScorp…glad you are back and giddy!
    You have got to come to our cracken tailgate parties, we put on quite the crack spread…right bellaluna?

  39. Your mama says:

    Did her implants shrink? Seriously, they look small now and I’d of thought they’d look huge with how whippet thin she is. I’m actually starting to feel sad for her b/c she looks like she’s got major body issues. To say that her bones sticking out are infact her abs does spark concern! Muscles are not pointy like bones. I once was this skinny (when I was 11-19), and now am an average weight after having 2 children, but that’s besides the point. What I’m trying to say is that when I was young and that skinny I knew I was boney and never said oh that rib jutting out is my six-pack.

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    @ KatScorp – I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’m in Cali, so I’m on Standard Crackhead Time: it’s “All Blohan, All the Time” when it comes to her court stuff. You’d think the “legitimate press” had nothing better to do – unlike us, who just revel in making jokes at her expense. *evil laugh*

    @ Samigirl – Then I guess I got it on lock! Because I am both curvy AND amazing! (What does your friend look like?) ;)

    (Totally off-topic: my little one is 2 today!)

  41. TXCinderella says:

    People who tweet bikini pics of themselves come off as desperate IMO.

  42. Nikkers says:

    1) that bathing suit is awful — way too many strings

    2) she needs an anatomy refresher course because those are not abs

  43. Kimble says:

    @Jez – I’m with you!

  44. Dana M says:

    I can’t be nice regarding her “svelte” body and manly face so I will just leave it at that…however her fake boobs have settled in well.

  45. Mizz Tickles says:

    I watched the video Blue the other day and wow was Leann ever talented and too bad she got the denture teeth – her natural ones are pretty.

  46. Ron says:

    At this point, her earrings weigh more than she does. Vomit much?

  47. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – You know that’s right!

  48. KatScorp says:

    @Bella: prepare for the “terrible twos”. My nephews were like Crackens (searching for my DList “Unleash the Cracken” link)…

    @Your Mama: I really encourage you not to worry; LeAnn knows very well what she is doing. She certainly knows that the hard things beneath her waist are her hip bones and not her abdominals. She just says foolish things like that to get “worried” attention from people. Take the Radar link just below the “submit comment” button as an example.

    WeWe doesn’t have Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or a similar mental problem that makes her see fat where there isn’t any. She lost the weight deliberately to mirror Brandi and she purposely makes tweets that get attention i.e. claiming that her hip bones are muscles. People who haven’t been following this farce closely will automatically think that she’s a victim of an eating disorder, but LeAnn is just manipulating her fans and the media as best she can. Her tweets are to provoke sympathy to offset the backlash; her weight loss is to keep Deadbeat Cibrian happy by looking like the wife he didn’t leave for her :-)

  49. dorothy says:

    Good lord.. how much self assurance and constant cheerleading does this poor woman need? And how old is she? I’ve heard of young girls putting their picture on twitter, but a grown woman?
    This has got to be somewhat embaressing for her husband and family.

  50. Jezi says:

    @Jez interesting name…lol. Anyway, Celebitchy is NOT the only site that talks about Leann/Brandi. Actually if you type in their names on Google, you will see a plethora of sites that write stories.

    Leann lies, that’s the issue. So she’s losing weight, at least say, yes, I’ve lost weight, don’t say, no I’ve had a health issue and this is my true weight or blame it on the metabolism. Genetics print a whole other picture about what her true weight should be.

  51. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Where is Rita? She’s usually the first to chime in on Leanne threads.

  52. brin says:

    @dorothy…it seems like she’s following the any publicity is good publicity rule.
    @bellaluna…Happy Birthday to your baby!
    @Jezi….Hi gf!!
    @Morticians….I don’t know but I miss her!!

  53. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Brin @Bellaluna nearly fell off my seat laughing at your comments, re money and size of equipment!!

    @Samigirl, love it, so curves and crazy are best :D

    This is why I keep coming back to this site you ladies are hilarious and am now set for rest of day :D

  54. Jezi says:

    @brin love your comments!!! I want to know one thing, why does she need an ace bandage around a bruised heel? It’s not like she sprained her ankle. I have a bruised finger, imagine me wrapping a huge ace bandage around my finger????

  55. AngelMay says:

    I’m all for being thin but this is not ok. She’s a big boned girl trying to starve herself into a swimsuit model body. She’ll end up hospitalized or in rehab.

  56. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin & Ruby Red – Thanks! And yeah, Rita is pretty dang funny!

  57. brin says:

    Jezi….thank you, I love your loyalty to BG, I feel the same way. I know you have the answer to your question…the “poor me” attention and swfing BG, of course!

  58. RHONYC says:

    my love handles ROCK!

    i am SOOOOO not tryin’ to look like her. yikes! ;-)

  59. MikeyAngel says:

    Didn’t this chick used to be a little chunky when she was a teen and first came out? Am I wrong? I seem to remember her being cute chunky once upon a time. If she was, this isn’t natural. Most girls are their skinniest when they are a teen, so if she was bigger then, it is because of all her working out. That is fine, and it is good to try and be healthy, but as skinny as she is, it aint natural, and it is a lot of work on her part.

  60. TaylorB says:

    Not to nitpick but her swimsuit reminds me of the handlebar tassels on an 8 year olds banana seat bike.

  61. Samigirl says:

    @Bellaluna, he is great looking, but tries to come off as a douche, he is a great guy though. Also, his nickname is “once.” If you know some basic Spanish, you can figure it out ;-)

    Congrats to you and your little one, btw. I hate to scare you, but my Emerson skipped terrible 2′s and went straight to “God Awful, I’m Going to Give You Up for Adoption” 3′s…. Good luck! haha

    KatScorp, glad to see you back and that you’re better…

  62. Annie B says:

    Hey Jezi. I agree, the main issue (of soooo many issues) is Leann’s blatant lying.

    About her starvation to get a body like naturally thin Brandi’s diet, she claims constantly to eat as much as she wants, of anything, and she keeps her “naturally thin” shape. Her OWN TWITTER ACCOUNT proves this is a blatant lie. We used to make fun of her “meal” tweets. She would eat half of a french fry and ohhh and ahhh about it for hours. Gonna need to work out an extra 45 minutes today but it’s worth it!! Yum! And those gawd dam popped from a can cinnamon rolls that she “baked” daily, for Ed’s kids to eat for breakfast, but never actually ate even a bite of herself. Now she’s claiming to be eating hotdogS and fries at the airport. She supposedly just goes dance workouts on occasion and does a boxing workout once in a while, but doesn’t obsess with working out. Such a dramatic change. She used to brag about how in shape she was, how much she worked out, how she used (extreme) portion control and healthy eating, veggies, no fats, etc. Now, a 180 completely?

    A 180 in relation to Leann Rimes. Hmmm, that’s ANOTHER familiar “thing”.

    @Jezi (again) The analogy of a bruised finger would be for you to have an ace bandage around your wrist and whole hand, fingers included. For the…bruised finger. Yeah, totally sane.

  63. maggie says:

    I think Leann knows she married (an albeit jerk) but way more good looking person than herself, and sadly this is the only way she can satisfy her incredibly low self esteem and insecurities. sad.

  64. TQB says:

    @MikeyAngel, you’re exactly right. Maybe for some others this “look” would be less creepy, but this is LEANN. There is nothing natural or normal about her being this thin! She was a pudgy little girl who got into great shape when she got older – through a lot of hard work and exercise. That was 15 pounds ago, at least (15 pounds of MUSCLE, btw). She wants us to believe this is “just how she is”? Nonsense.

  65. Jezi says:

    @brin thanks girl!!! Yeah it was a rhetorical question but you answered it perfectly.

    @Samigirl holy moly yes, I thought 2′s were bad, 3′s are deadly. They are so opinionated and attitude city. Plus, non stop talking.

    @Bellaluna Happy birthday to your baby!! They grow fast!! Enjoy it.

  66. LunaT says:

    Yes, Leann, those are abs between your jutting hip bones and visible ribs.

    Anyone else want to cut some off the fringe?

    Happy birthday to your little one, OGBellaluna :) And happy birthing day to you!

  67. Jezi says:

    @AnnieB hey girl, I loved your cake tweets last night…friggin hilarious. But yes you’re right. I would need to wrap my body like a mummy in order to garner the most sympathy for my bruise. I will get right on that.

  68. the original bellaluna says:

    @ all ladies – Thanks! The little one is my “surprise!” baby. (His older brothers are almost 21 and 15; his sister graduates from high school this year.) Talk about a “surprise” baby! He is such a treat, even in his most obnoxious moments – and those are NOT few and far between, believe me!

    And 3 is most definitely not fun! An old pediatrician (he was one of my dear friend’s pediatrician when she was a child; and I had 3 friends besides myself and her who took our own kids to him as well) once told me: “kids have 6 months out of each year where they’re out of control crazy – yours’ just happened to have those 6 months of 2 yrs and 3yrs back-to-back.” (YIKES!) God rest his soul.

  69. brin says:

    Love it, bellaluna (and props to Mr. bellaluna)!
    Apologies to Kaiser (hope we are keeping things sane)…I’m not on twitter and these are my sistas here so thanks for letting these comments through!

  70. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original Bella, happy birthday to your little girl. I thought it was supposed to get BETTER at three? My oldest will be three in 3 months. Two was truly terrible and I thought things were getting better.

    @brin, I miss Rita’s snark as well :(

  71. Crash2GO2 says:

    @original Bella: Happy birthday to your littlest! :)

  72. journey says:

    hmmm. looks like eddie’s hit phase 3.

    first phase was his always smiling, always happy, “i’m a hot actor” phase.

    phase 2 was his still smiling, but no warmth, just gritted teeth, i’m just a gigolo phase, with leeann clinging desperately to him.

    now he’s hit phase 3, his smile seems a little more relaxed, like he’s now a gigolo with a good retirement plan!

  73. Rita says:

    I just got back from vacay myself and I’m so happy to see the old gang here and some new ones. *waves to all*

    LeAnn’s boobs haven’t settled in. She so starved for nutrition that her body is instinctively absorbing the silicone.

    Her anorexica is just her latest play. The adultery, taunting, and twitter game finally ran it’s course so now it’s skin and bones. She played the “I want a baby” routine for years and now she’s starting that again. Next she’ll plant rumors but we all know Eddie’s been snipped and fixed so no babies will be forth coming. LeAnn knows that if she gets preg, her career won’t even be a delusion and Eddie will be gone.

    Love to all the ladies here.

  74. fancyamazon says:

    @Micki 1% body fat is not even close to healthy in a woman. And I agree with other posters that she probably isn’t even having a period right now.

    @ The Original Bellaluna I should add in a happy birthday for your little one
    : ) The 3′s are quite challenging, but they are so cute at that age : ) Very inquisitive, as they are soaking up whatever they can learn about life and the world : )

  75. Franny says:

    1. she def got implants – they do start to look a bit more natural as they settle in, but if you look at pictures from a few months ago, you can see the implant ridges. you also can’t lose as much weight as she has, and not get a smaller bust. its the sad fact of life

    2. i hate all the fringe! on the bikini and on the bag! how is that even comfortable?

  76. brin says:

    Rita’s in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Missed you, welcome back to the crazy that is a Leann post! EC had the big V? Didn’t know that!

  77. xris says:

    You are ALL KIDDING YOURSELVES to defend this physique as anything but an ED!!!! Look back at her 6 months ago pics. The girl is ill. Models are are like pro basketball players (in an absolutely gorgeous way)…it’s DNA, why they look the way they do. This girl, however, is NOT EATING. I am not a hater, I feel bad for her b/c her man seems a sleeze. She is obv very insecure.

  78. Rita says:

    @brin- I missed you too and even thought about you while on vacation. Hope your holiday was fun. As to Eddie’s “big V”, LeAnn doesn’t know it either.

    Did you know that during the “honeymoon”, Eddie left the kids with a baby sitter and didn’t tell Brandi. She didn’t know where her children were. Brandi is suppose to have the children when Eddie doesn’t. It’s in the custody agreement.

    Obviously, Eddie wanted those kids on a 50-50 basis solely to reduce his child support payments. Brandi, needs to go back to court and get a 90-10 split on custody because that is the reality of Eddie’s time spent with the children and his support payments have to reflect the 90-10 split.

  79. why? says:

    And it now appears that this bikini twitpic was an attempt for her to hype up her NEW single, Give, which she just released on youtube today.

    Everything is a publicity stunt for Leann and Eddie. Which backfire because instead of talking about her single, people are talking about how skinny she is.

    I’m surprised that only two places pointed out how LR is SWF Brandi with her “injured” left foot routine. LR gets mad when people say that she is SWF BG, but then she turns around and does it over and over again. Does she think that a foot injury will make people feel sorry for her and buy her single?

    Of course Leann wants a baby, she is probably one of those people who think that a baby is bandaid who possesses the power to fix everything that is wrong in her relationship with EC. Look at how EC treats his own kids(passes them off on his parents when he has not use for them), now adding a baby to that mix isn’t going to make anything better for her.

  80. Rita says:


    So true about LeAnn having a baby. After the “baby bump” photo-ops and the first silicone feeding, that baby would be left to be raised by her dogs.

    I couldn’t stand to be in the company of either of these two for more than a second eye-roll much less be Eddie’s spouse or LR’s associate. The baby would be better off being raised by Lilo.

  81. Annie B says:

    @Jezi…Cake gets me so horny!! Ooops, not “me”, but someone. ;-)

    Anyone who doesn’t follow Leann’s twitter should. It’s both seriously “I want to smack her” annoying and completely hilarious.

    The greatest, most romantic honeymoon in the history of honeymoons. We found out from Leann that she tweeted non-stop cause Ed is quite the literature junkie. Who’d a thunk, Eddie loves dem books. So when Ed is “reading” Leann is tweeting. So, he must have read War and Peace? Maybe Atlas Shrugged? Clarissa? Remembrance Rock? Somehow though, I am picturing him reading Archie’s Double Digests.

    Oh man, I just looked at Leann’s daily twats. She’s sad there are so many haters (people commenting on how crappy she looks, far BEYOND “a few people on Twitter”). She DMd one of her “friends” (Twitter fan) and requested that a message be sent out to the fans and friends…Do not DM @leannrimes or @eddiecibrian about any “drama”. OMG, she has officially LOST her mind. lol

  82. Baylor says:

    See, I think the biggest story this week about LeAnn has been the back and forth b/w Brandi and LeAnn regarding the kids. Brandi posted on twitter that the kids were with their nanny at LeAnn’s instead of with her and that she should have the kids if Eddie is out of town. LeAnn then tweeted that they NEVER would leave the kids alone with the nanny and that they always offer Brandi the kids if they are going out of town. Brandi called BS on that one and then LeAnn’s twitter BFFS started saying that LeAnn told them that Brandi had been offered the kids for the whole week but refused.

    LeAnn had previously gone on some rant about always respecting Brandi has a mom. We know that’s not true! If it were she wouldn’t be tweeting about them non-stop, singing in his class when asked not to, and making Mother’s day all about her.

    LeAnn has also had her fans go around saying that Brandi sold the Bday party pictures. I doubt it. LeAnn has alot more to gain by having paps take pictures of them all getting along than Brandi does. Alot more!

  83. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @brin, by “the big V” did you mean venereal disease? LOL

    @Rita, welcome back! Where was vacation?

  84. brin says:

    Well I missed you a lot Rita(and I’m not alone as you can read)& I’m glad you are back. LOL about Leann not knowing…surprise! I read about Brandi not knowing where her kids were…it makes me sick how Leann & Eddie use those boys to get back at Brandi. She needs to get full custody of her boys.

  85. Rita says:

    @AnnieB- LOL, Eddie the reader: Seeee Diiick annnd Jaaane. Seee Jaaaaane runnn.

    @Baylor- Rimes is such a bold face liar about those kids. Eddie left them at his house with a sitter and the grand parents came over to look in on them. To Rimes and Cibrian, there is no differentiation between the truth and a lie. Whatever comes out of there mouth will suffice.

    @Mortician- Hubby and I spent a week in a secluded lake cabin in Canada. The cabin was heated by a wood burning stove and it was cold. We made love 3 time a day…..okay, okay. We made love in the evening, we had sex in the morning to keep warm, and when the fish weren’t biting we had a long lunch…thank God the fish weren’t biting. I’m good for quite a while, if you know what I mean.

  86. sapphire says:

    Hey Rita! Glad you’re back.

    These pictures are creepy: I haven’t been following and it’s like getting ambushed.And the edge of the implant envelopes are clearly visible on the cleavage.

  87. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Morticians – Nope. Sorry.

    @ Crash & Fancy – thanks!

    @ Rita – welcome back!

    @ Kaiser – Ditto brin’s thanks. I’m also not on twitter, so I really truly appreciate your willingness to let us chat. :D

  88. brin says:

    @MorticiansDOItDeader….with those two it could mean both…lol!

  89. kiki says:

    Im not a fan by any means and try to pay as little attention as possible…. BUT:

    Yes she is lean and has markedly slimmed down… but by no means is she any leaner or scary skinnier than that Hills Audrina chick, or Posh, or ANY Victoria Secrets model and the list could go on… PLUS, it is obvious, that she is working out, building muscle and gaining definition which is A LOT more than you can say for some of the others who are just plain scary skinny, or worse, skinny fat (very skinny but with no definition or trace of working out at all!)

  90. TeeTee says:

    she looks horrible!!! and the face makes it worse.

    trying to be good, I am tryinggg!

  91. Samigirl says:

    I think we all know LR is way too selfish to take “her boys” on her honeymoon. She said something along the lines of “We are allowed to take a honeymoon!” Which, yes, that is true, but it’s rude to do it during your visitation, and wrong to not give the mother her right to first refusal. Furthermore, had she brought them with her, she would have put up those pictures alllllll over twitter, people mag, or whoever would pay for them, exclaiming how good of a bonus mom she is by bringing the children out on vacation, while in the same breath cursing BG for wanting to put them on her television show.

    Sorry to get so pissy, but my ex constantly leaves our son with his parents so he can go party in Nola, and I never get right to first refusal. Took $400 and court fees before I finally got it, and he still tries to sneak it by me.

  92. brin says:

    And this is why we miss Rita when she isn’t on here….lmao! She had a better honeymoon than Leann!!!!
    BTW, Rita….when did you have time to think about me?!

  93. Salina says:

    I don’t think she is that bad here but it looks unnatural.

  94. Sasha says:

    If you look the others pictures, you will see how ugly is her body. I am afraid she has a eating disorder, you can see it in the way she loose weight: she is all bones, but still have fat in her stomach and not ab from exercise at all.

    I know about that because i had an eating disorder, i know what i am talking about. She can said she is a healthy woman, she always do a lot of exercises, etc…. pure excuses, the way you loose weight show you what really is happen.

    I guess Angelina has issues with her body too, among other females actress but at least they are not posting pics in twitter and their bodies dont look so odd. Gwynet Paltrow, Jenniffer Aniston, both look a loot better than she and they are older.

    BTW, what kind of honeymoon is this?

  95. Rita says:


    So good to hear you got things your way. Parents can be such ass holes after a divorce. How terrible it is to deprive one parent of the children just for spite. It hurts the children as much as the one being denied.

    @brin-Our boat wasn’t as big as LeAnn’s and it didn’t have a name but it didn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

  96. Jezi says:

    @AnnieB LMFAO!!!!

    @Rita LMFAO also!!!

    @Baylor The sad thing is this isn’t the first time they have left the kids and not informed Brandi. Brandi did not sell those pics for the kid’s bday party. She hated that people were even taking away from the great day by making it about that drama. What really bugs me is that Leann shouldn’t even be involved with the entire parental conversation. This is why people dislike her, because she oversteps boundaries. The issue regarding the kids has everything to do with Brandi and Eddie. She should not even be commenting on it. Let Eddie take to his twitter page that he seems to really love *rme* and comment about his kids. Or let Leann take to Eddie’s twitter page like she does and at least pretend to be Eddie while commenting on the kids :)

  97. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Samigirl – Persevere. Eventually his partying ways will win out and you will win in the long run. When your kid(s) eventually decide to stay with you (or the babysitter you choose) it speaks volumes. (Truth, from someone who’s been there.)

  98. Rita says:

    Sorry about being a little gabby today but I need my fix.

    To show you all what a delusional liar LeAnn is, she blames the honeymoon pics on the airlines. She actually tweeted that the airlines are in with the paps and alert them as to the celebrities on board. Not only is this illegal, but for Rimes to make such a stupid and knowing false statement is a testiment to her cra-cra.

  99. brin says:

    What a loon….hope an airline spokesperson calls her out on her lies.
    I was hoping they wouldn’t be let back in the USA (for extreme famewhoring)!

  100. Samigirl says:

    Thanks for your thoughts girls, but all of this is almost over. I’ll have court ordered domicillary, and my son will be with his momma where he belongs. I hate being ugly, but when my ex only gets 7 days a month when his son, maybe he will realize that beautiful little boy is way more important than getting wasted on Bourbon Street every damn weekend.

  101. lucky7 says:

    I have stated this before and I’ll say it again, those boys are being used. There is no bonus mom in the situation; those boys don’t have double the love and attention; They are props in her story nothing more nothing less. Its the reason I don’t really get upset when leann oversteps her boundaries, those boys have one mom, leann is stepmom in name and in the press only.

  102. Trillion says:

    Bellaluna: Two’s are super fun! My little man just turned 3. I had no idea toddlerhood was so amazing and not horrible hardly at all. Just a few moments here and there. But they’re so damn cute, it’s water under the bridge within seconds.

  103. icantbelievethis says:

    @Rita other celebs have said the same thing about the airlines and paps. I’d assume it is the same as info leaking from hospitals, doctors, courts, etc. Just b/c it is illegal doesn’t mean there aren’t employees who still sell information.

    (not that LR isn’t staging photo ops, but she’s not the only celeb to make that statement)

    As for the rest, she’s too skinny for my taste, but I don’t think she looks bad. I was that thin pre-kids.

  104. DGO says:

    And you just know somewhere another woman is pulling one of Eddie’s pubes from her teeth as we speak …

  105. Crash2GO2 says:

    I agree that she doesn’t look that bad. People are forgetting what fit and lean looks like in our oversized culture.

  106. skilo says:

    Leann is really stupid enough to think that we can’t see her for the sad sack of lies and desperation that she is. She is right back to all her craziness towards Brandi. The so called truce she wanted everyone to believe was real, was just so the negative things being said about her (for how she really is), wouldn’t over shadow her wedding to Eddie. Now she is getting right back to her nasty, vile, try to torment the ex any way she can ways. If you follow what she and several of her insane fans do on twitter you see it.

  107. why? says:

    Leann is her own worst enemy. So if we are to believe that someone else is tipping off the airlines, then how come we NEVER saw any photos of her and EC at airports earlier on in their relationship? We know that they were traveling all over the place beause LR made sure that her mouthpieces got photos of her and EC on the beaches and on the slopes. They were able to go to Mexico 2X, Colorado, and some other places and not once were they spotted by the paps. So the only reason we are seeing LR and EC at airports is because they are tipping them off.

    What makes it even obvious that LR is tipping off the paps is the fact that she released her single GIVE today on youtube and on top of that she was trying to advertise for those bikinis(what a great way to advertise for them then to tip off the paps so that they could see her walking around Cabo in the bikinis).

  108. why? says:


    What scares me the most about LR having a baby is the fact that she would hurt the kid if she thought EC was spending more time/attenion with the kid than with her. Just look at how she competes with EC kids for EC time and attention and thought nothing of sending EC on vacation even though it was his custody days.

  109. Kim says:

    What loser tweets pics of themselves in a bikini?? Need attention much?! Pathetic!

  110. Tim Whatley says:

    You know what her bathing suit could use? More fringe. You know you can’t ever have enough bathing suit fringe.

  111. Skuddles says:

    Even though she screams I’m not anorexic!!!! the fact is she totally gets off on people thinking she is anorexic. That’s why we’re forced to endure her endless bikini parade pics. This broad is a study in stupid.

  112. brin says:

    @Tim Whatley…that’s so true, perhaps she could take some from her fringe bag…lol.

    @skilo….Hi! *waving*

  113. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Wasn’t there a time when she was a bonafide country talent? At what moment, precisely, did the cheese slide off her cracker? Really, I’d like to know because I don’t follow her to that extent.

    From where I sit though, it seems that a ringing endorsement from Elton John is the kiss of death for singers…same thing happened to Amanda Marshall. Mind you, at least she had the sense to just retreat into oblivion.

  114. Rebecks says:

    Her hip to waist ratio looks pretty manly, bones or no bones. She wont even take a pic of herself straigt on because there are 0 curves. How is that femenine?

  115. McMe says:

    I think everyone did a great job of dialing it down today!

  116. Amanda G says:

    Wow…she looks scary thin. Could put on 10 pounds.

  117. why? says:

    Now Leann is on twitter desperately trying to get the media outlets to notice that she released her new single, GIVE, today.

    Shouldn’t she have been doing that in the first place, instead of tipping off the paps, arguing with people on twitter, and posting twitpics of herself in bikinis? Oh wait, I forgot, in LR world posting twitpics of hrself in a bikini is her way of focusing on her music.

    The bad part is that Leann then has to now resort to paying sites like the Boot to redirect attention to her music by writing fluff pieces. All of this could have been avoided had she just shutout the world and enjoyed her honeymoon. Can we really call this a honeymoon, since LR spent the majority of it tweeting?

  118. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I wonder if she flew that pap first class and put him up in their hotel?

    @the original Bella, oh no! Could you at least have the decency to lie to me? A lá Rimes? ;)

    @Rita, sounds heavenly!

  119. Eileen says:

    Several media outlets just busted Leann’s “pap friend” who she flew to Cabo to photo her and tweets were listed where he told her he’d split the sells 50/50 -its the same photo agency who Speidi use. So her & the Edster are now OFFICIAL FAMEWHORES! YEAH!

    Hi girls!
    Thanks for giving us more chances Kaiser-I will try to not go into timeout again! :D

  120. skilo says:

    Hi brin! *waves back*, Hi Jezi!
    “Wasn’t there a time when she was a bonafide country talent?” Well she did have two really big hits that I can remember, but only two. Blue where everyone said she sounded just like Patsy Cline, and How Do I Live Without You which Trisha Yearwood also did. In my opinion two hits does not make you a great talent it makes you one hit better than a one hit wonder.

  121. Samigirl says:

    Eileen, you just made my day! That story is amazing!

  122. skilo says:

    @AnnieB I follow you and Jezi on twitter, and I also check out Ebony Shiksa alot but I just can’t follow Leann there’s too much stupid crap for me to bother reading through. I can usually tell when I should check it to see what stupid crap she’s pulled (or pulling) by following you guys. You are much more entertaining and sane than Leann, and also I prefer truth too obvious lies.

  123. brin says:

    Yay, Eileen! Where you been? Good news….the media outlets just confirmed what we all knew!!!!

  124. Stacia says:

    DAM! Someone give this girl a sandwich for goodness sake.

  125. why? says:

    What is Leann’s strategy to combat the articles about her weight loss?

    She plans on bombarding the internet with tons of articles about how she is helping the victims of AL and MO next week. She has already gotten the Boot and now the CMT site to write fluff about how she cares so much about the misfortunes of others that she just had to do something about it(aka agreed to do the concert while she was on a beach with her hubby on her honeymoon and that is what makes LR a “good person” because she took 5 min from her honeymoon to agree to this concert and of course to do interviews about how she plans on using innocent people to promote her and EC) along with her hubby who was so kind enough to host the show despite the fact that he keeps ditching his kids when it’s his custody days.

    Strange because if she truly cared about the misfortunes of others, why then did she continue to release so many photos of herself on sunny beaches in Cabo while those people were trying to put their lives back together and even go so far as to stage a “We are back from Cabo” photo-op at LAX? Those people in AL and MO didn’t have the luxary of escaping what happened to them the way that LR does.

  126. Emese says:

    I think she looks good, and those are deff muscles on her stomach and dammit great muscles!
    I wish she was making more music though :(
    And she is probably just one of those people like myself who’s face looks skinniest of losing even a little bit of weight. I don’t lose a pound and still look fishfaced lol

  127. Jezi says:

    @skilo hey there…we try to keep people entertained. According to Leann’s fanatics, we are the delusional ones. I guess that means all the media outlets who feel just as we do are delusional as well.

  128. brin says:

    Kaiser, you throw a great blog party…thanks for bringing everyone together…hope we can do it again soon!

  129. skilo says:

    Oh yeah, am I the only one who thinks that Leann’s pic (in the wedding dress on her twitter) looks like a washed up Vegas lounge singer instead of a bride?

  130. Rita says:


    My point to blaming the airlines for the pics is that it has been proven that LeAnn stages the pics with hired paps. She has internet sites she pays to post her pics. She claims the engagment pics were random as well as the honeymoon. The point is there is not even a plausable deniability to her lies and her foolish followers think she tells them the truth. LeAnn is a thoroughbred liar…the Secretariate of BS…or more apropos..of horse shit. It was Barrel Clown who sold the kid’s birthday picks. Delusional liars need delusional people to believe them.

  131. brin says:

    No skilo, I’m with you there!

  132. Franny says:

    I agree that she doesn’t look that bad. People are forgetting what fit and lean looks like in our oversized culture.

    I completely disagree. If we were looking at her a year ago (her cover of shape or self or whatever that was), that was a lean fit person. She has dropped a serious amount of weight since then. She doesn’t look healthy, and it takes a serious amount of dieting (which means not getting enough nutrition to sustain the body, therefore being unhealthy) to lose that much weight. If she was 18, we could attribute it to her finally losing the baby fat (hey…I’m still waiting for that to happen and I’m 23) but she’s a grown woman, and you don’t just magically drop 20+ pounds by “eating whatever I want and never working out”

  133. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Morticians – Sorry, but no. I will tell you this: little boy started throwing fits a couple weeks ago; when he tried to scream at me in my chair I told him “Go to your room” and HE WENT! Now that’s a cool little kid right there!

    And like Trillion said, they are just so cute that it quickly becomes water under the bridge. (Except for my little man, who’s tomfoolery is EPIC, and 2 days ago involved a blue Sharpie and books.)

    Hi skilo, Jezi!

  134. nicole says:

    Personally, I would like someone to call Leann out on her constant tweeting companies she obviously wants free stuff from, or thanking them for the”bikinis” like above. It’s really tacky, especially when she has money to afford it, but most of her follwers probably do not. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth about her now. They probably got their honeymoon free too by mentioning the resort. Tacky. Gross.

  135. skilo says:

    @the original bellaluna Hi! *smiles & waves* I bet he’s adorable! My younger daughter stayed home from kindergarten with me once, (I had the flu and thought she was getting it) anyways she decides she wants a hot dog, but, sweetheart that she is doesn’t want to wake mom. Long story short, had to buy new microwave.

  136. the original bellaluna says:

    @ skilo – *waves back* :) Funny. Not then of course, but now. We have a pic of littlest covered in Desitin. We use those big tubs, and we apply it with a pastry brush (very effective, BTW) – he got hold of it and painted his face.

  137. Trillion says:

    I bet she knows how many calories are burned per minute by force smiling.

  138. BooBooKitty says:

    She looks ill. Body dysmorphia? Eddie obviously is enabling this delusion. Shallow, shallow pair.

  139. BooBooKitty says:

    Oh, and I think she might have a little trouble conceiving… I’d be surprised if she’s not starved the periods away.

  140. Camille says:

    She makes La Jolie look fat by comparison.

  141. GG says:

    Shout out to all my fav’s: Rita, Jezi, Brin, Annie, Kat, Eileen, Bellaluna, Skilo and Ebony :) There was one pic posted over the weekend of LeEd on a boat; he was talking to some guys and she was smirking in the background. Nope, not true love, more like jello.

  142. Crash2GO2 says:

    “She makes La Jolie look fat by comparison.”

    Nah. She’s got way more muscle than AJ, IMO just by looking at her legs and arms.

    @Franny: Yeah, she was lean-ish and fit on Shape, but she’s even leaner now. Still not scary skinny though. My perspective is slightly different perhaps because I am used to seeing extremely fit and lean women athletes.

    Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I do get bugged by people trying to tell me I’m too skinny when I’m not. I’m slim and there is nothing wrong with that. We live longer.

  143. skilo says:

    @GG Hey! Honored to be mentioned on your list.:)
    Yeah, in that same set of pics on several sites were pics of Leann in the background looking sulky because Eddie is having such a good time with the guys! She’s a total bunny boiler.

  144. Franny says:

    Crash- I agree that she doesn’t look scary skinny here but the main cause for concern is that she did have a healthy lean body before, by controlling strictly what she ate and working out hard. Now she has lost a lot of weight, and it is unlikely she did it the healthy way. I understand that professional athletes have very fit bodies but it is because they work their bodies hard for a living, not starving themselves so their new husband didn’t stray….

  145. Baylor says:

    Here’s the thing:

    Let’s play devil’s advocate and say that Brandi has been lying about everything and that L&E are truly always trying to do the right thing now. Just like LeAnn says.

    Then, someone who is truly trying to be respectful and good would cease the constant twitter about the boys if the mother asks. Afterall, even if she disagrees it would be no skin off her back to cease the constant twittering. Especially things like “they called me pretty.” Who cares who is right and whatnot. Why give her more amno and not grant her that wish?

    The same with Mother’s Day. You know that is going to be a sensitive subject. Why not stay the hell away from mentioning anything about “bonus mom” on that day? Just say Happy Mothers Day and leave it at that.

    The same with singing at the boys school, the mom has made a stink about it and it is public news. Would it kill them to grant her that wish too?!

    For the love of everything good, even if Brandi is a loony-tune and constantly lies (which I doubt), be respectful and always grant her wishes if it’s no skin off your back. Afterall, she wouldn’t have to deal with Brandi at all, ever, if she hadn’t done what she did. Seems pretty simple when you think about it. Keep your mouth shut and lay low. Put her wishes/rights 1st as a mother if it’s no true detriment to L&E. Thus far, I have seen no public request from Brandi that seems far fetched. If LeAnn did that then Brandi would come off as the bad guy. Everyone would see that LeAnn is constantly trying to please her and abide by her requests and that Brandi won’t stop.However LeAnn’s behavior on twitter only adds credibility to Brandi’s claims.

  146. Crash2GO2 says:

    Hey, WTF. I just saw a side by side of Brandi and Leann in gold bathing suits (to to US magazine), and they are both equally lean, although Leann looks LESS bony than Brandi. And of course, because both bathing suits are gold, Leann is accused of copying Brandi. She may have copied her in the past, but you have to be stretching it to say this was a copy.

  147. judyjudy says:

    Wow. Y’all are obsessed.

  148. Isa says:

    Her upper body is so much larger than her lower body. Her shoulds and ribs are wide. She looked healthier when her and Eddie first got together. Lean and fit, still had weight to round out her face. This weight loss does nothing for her, looks wise.

  149. Charlotte says:

    She looks really thin in these shots, but their not nearly as scary as others I’ve seen at “E!” online and other blogs. Girl is frightening.

  150. Nikki Girl says:

    I am baffled by the people who defend LeAnn. She invites all of this upon herself by showcasing her life and putting herself on a pedestal all over Twitter. I can’t understand anyone who constantly updates everyone, including complete strangers, about their life.

    And I’ve said it over and over again: if she was truly happy and confident, she wouldn’t feel the need to constantly defend herself and prove herself. Why does she even address the haters if she’s so happy with her life? Why does she even care what complete strangers think of her?

    And though I’ve never liked her, she actually had an amazing body when she first met Eddie, very athletic and healthy. This weight looks very unnatural for her, she looks emaciated, and her head looks too big for her body.

  151. brin says:

    Mornin peeps!
    Back at ya, GG!
    Good comment, Baylor!

  152. geekychic says:

    despise her. i’m not sure how much of this weight-issue is sick, but it is borderline.
    i think she is crazy enough in other aspects to not pay attention on every gram she loses.
    too bad that she’s hurting other people with her behaviour (brandi’s children anyone?)
    and eeeeeeeeww at that douche eddie for all of it.

  153. brin says:

    Mornin Crash….Brandi’s had that suit for a while and there are older pics of her in it, so LR is still swfing Brandi.

  154. geekychic says:

    i have nothing against being lean or naturally skinny: some of my friends are.
    i’m petite, 161 cm and 51 kg-that’s my normal body weight, BUT last summer i had a big depression episode and i stayed home while my family was on vacation…long story short-all that i’ve been eating those days were home-made popsicles. i lost about 5-6 kilos. when my parents returned, my mum threw a fit. i didn’t believe her until i saw a photo of myself-it was scary. that’s how leann looks.
    on a really skinny person, it’s their nature. but when you’re petite and are not eating healthy you got this pasty look where your most vulnerable points just stick out and your curves disappear. it’s borderline. (my previous comment)
    my point is: body-types are different all over the world and i respect that. but what may be normal for one body type definetly isn’t normal for the other.

  155. Jezi says:

    @Crash Brandi is naturally thin. She’s always been skinny. Leann hasn’t, in fact Leann has always been on the thicker side. I actually thought Leann had an awesome body before she started losing all this weight. As far as the bikini’s go, well, given that Leann has such a tough time in the press, with all the leaks that she hired a pap photographer to take pics on their honeymoon, someone from her neck of the woods sent this bs story to US Mag so that they could turn public opinion and deflect from Leann’s bad press by putting it on Brandi. However, if Us mag did their research, they would’ve known Brandi owned that gold bikini for 5 years. I’m not saying Leann copied her this time, the last time Brandi wore that bikini was in 2010 so it’s doubtful that Leann remembered that. However, Leann is nuts therefore, she may have. Who knows with her.

  156. Eileen says:

    Morning ladies! Hi Crash, Katscorp, Skilo, Brin, GG, Ravishing Rita, Bellaluna, Baylor and my BB’s Annie & Jezi!!
    I’ve been a little MIA on twitter lately-just needed to take a break from all the wewe B.S. She’s sad & pathetic and it gets hard to watch at times. Seems like no matter what we say, she is NEVER going to get it because she’s smarter than everyone else. Like I’ve said before: you can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make her drink.

  157. Crash2GO2 says:

    Morning ladies! Not denying the craziness, or the suspect reasons behind the new physique. Just responding to the skinny comments in general. As for the gold bikini, I’m seeing them in the shops again this year. I’ve seen Leann blatantly copy Brandi before, but I don’t think this is one of those cases. JMO.

  158. icantbelievethis says:

    @Crash2Go2 I saw those pics too and thought the same thing.

    @Rita Where have any of these things been proven? I’m genuinely curious b/c I’ve only seen speculation and assumption (from both sides of the aisle).

  159. Rita says:

    Morning Ladies. Just wanted to comment on LeAnn’s SWF of Brandi. Supposedly LeAnn bruised her left heel in Mexico and tweeted pictures of it. Then she shows up at the airport with a bandage on her bruised heel. I have never seen anyone put a bandage on a bruise. It is purely LeAnn’s way of getting more attention by taunting and copying Brandi.

    Special hello to Crash2go2, you look lovely today. Yeah, the gold bikini thing is a non story whipped up by UsMag.


    The BB’s proved it and Amy Grindhouse posted it. Play the game you want but I won’t bother with it. Twitter is an interesting place, no?

  160. charity says:

    Rita I really do agree, bet Eddie had vasectomy when he was married to Brandi and was out having affairs. Hope he did, would hate to see what a baby of Leanns and the douche would look like poor little thing would probably not be able to open its eyes. This will all end when Leann finds bunny fur in Eddies toothe brush

  161. charity says:

    forgot to mention who wears jewelry and big hoop earrings to the beach? why I guess that would be the person who knew she was having pictures made.

  162. Rita says:

    Big shoutout to Charity. Nice to hear from you honey.

    Eddie is too narcasisstic to wear a rain coat in the shower (code for protection) and he’s been playing strange for years. Anyone who believes Scheana was the only one believes you get caught speeding every time. No, Eddie has his spawn and if by chance LeAnn inserts a syringe into his scrowtum to tap the well while he’s sleeping and gets pregnant, he’ll be paying child support when he’s gumming his food….and he knows it. Imagine Eddie walking out on LeAnn if there’s a baby. She’ll be on the Star Whackers Walk of Fame.

    Be well today Charity, and everyday.

  163. irena NL says:

    tmz put up pics of leann next to brandi…brandi looks skinnier than leann…who has lost too much weight imo. both desperately need to add pounds…leann about 10, brandi, at least 25 because of her height.

  164. why? says:

    Leann never fails to disappoint. She is always so predictable, which makes it even more obvious that she and EC are nothing more than a publicity stunt gone terribly wrong.

    Once again she is trying to turn the tide by bombarding the internet with stories about how she and EC are good people because they are doing the charity event for AL and MO.

    Obviously it didn’t work because she is trending on yahoo, not for being so kind by thinking about the tornado victims when she was on her honeymoon, but due to the skinny stories. One line read, Leann use to make headlines for her talent(or something like that), but now she is making headlines for all the wrong reasons…”

    People are not stupid. They know that LR is only doing this charity event and pressing the media to write more articles about it to promote her new single release and of course her relationship with her new hubby.

    As usual this will not sit well with the public. She will be even more shocked when the public still doesn’t like her and EC after they use the misfortunes of these people in AL and MO to promote herself.

  165. brin says:

    Rita, you sure have a way with words…love it!

  166. Jezi says:

    @irena you know what I find odd, you totally ignore me on this post yet make some obnoxious comment about me on non-related Leann posts. Is it because you know the ladies on this post will jump on you for being such a stalker but on the non-related posts they aren’t there?

  167. why? says:

    More proof that LR and EC charity event is just an attempt to promote LR and EC.
    Guess which one of LR mouthpieces will be there in Florida to cover the charity event?

    People magazine.Well that is one way to insure that LR and EC get the cover of People mag, exploit people who have had their lives torn a part by tornadoes. I’m sure that People mag will write a lovely exclusive fluff piece about how lovey dovey EC and LR were before, during, and after the show and then top it all with photos of LR and EC on their honeymoon. The fact that LR called up People mag just confirms what we already suspected.

    They must be having a very difficult time selling the tickets(I wonder why, could it be the daily photo-ops from Cabo/LAX or the fact that everyone knows that this is an attempt to promote her single and her relationship with EC) because they are doing some major name dropping. There would be no need to do all that name dropping if they were having success. That is a very bad sign when EC and LR can’t get people to buy tickets to their charity event by using their names/faces alone and have to resort to using the names of other celebs just to draw the crowds in. They even included a quote from Taylor Swift about how Leann was her inspiration in the article.

    I’m baffled as to why every article that has been released about LR and EC charity event makes it a point to mention LR and EC honeymoon, even going so far as to make it the topic of the first sentence or first paragraph. If the charity event is about the victims of tornadoes, then why even bother mentioning LR honeymoon in the article that is supposed to be about the victims of tornadoes?

  168. skilo says:

    I really hope she can’t sell hardly any damn tickets to her “Oh look how good I am!” concert. I mean, I really hope that the people of Missouri and Alabama get a lot more help, but Leann wants to help her image way more than she wants to help people down here. There are plenty of other ways people can help besides giving time, money, and attention to the stupid Rimes-Cibrian image rehab show.

  169. brin says:

    ITA skilo. I don’t think Leann does anything unless it benefits her.

  170. skilo says:

    “those are called abs not bones love.”-LR
    We’ve now spoken to a health expert, who wholeheartedly disagrees with LeAnn’s assessment.

    “She is very underweight, those are definitely hip bones and not abs,” Dr. Majid Ali

    “Keep in mind that LeAnn Rimes will f*ck your husband, so she’ll sure as hell patronize fans concerned about her health.”-WWTD

  171. why? says:

    Can you image LR using the same reasoning for when EC gets caught in bed or at some hotel with another woman by the media?

    “That is called EC cousin, not EC mistress, love… This is my hubby, and I can promise you EC lovE for me is healthy. EC just gets lonely sometimes and has to call his cousin to comfort him. Thanks for your concern, but no need to be. EC lovEs me and he made that very clear when he ditched his kids on his custody days so that he can take me on surprise cruise in Cabo.”

  172. why? says:

    In Touch has a story about how Leann is trying to get pregnant(she is having trouble because she is too skinny) because a baby will make LR and EC LovE complete and of course LR is ready to be a mom because she has great practice being a “bonus mom” to EC kids.

    Seriously, I think that LR is trying to get pregnant because she thinks that a baby will make EC stop cheating on her seeing as how her money still hasn’t managed to stop his desire for other women. NOTE TO LR: Babies are not bandaids, they can’t fix your relationship with EC,EC doesn’t even care about the two kids he already has, so why would a baby change things? I hope LR isn’t planning on dragging a baby with her as she babysits EC so that his affairs don’t get exposed by the media.

    I also think that the pregnancy is also another publicity stunt to promote her album/single release and of course her appearance on Drop Dead Diva. She is having a hard time getting people to notice her talent these days, so what better way for LR to get noticed again than to use a child. I won’t be surprised if by father’s day or EC birthday that LR releases that she and EC life has been made complete by a baby. She has used EC kids and now she needs another victim to exploit.

    Why do I get the feeling that EC and LR do have a reality TV show in the works?

  173. skilo says:

    Please, for the Love of God Eddie, if you haven’t been snipped and clipped go get it done son. You know you’re not in for the long hall. Don’t make your rep worse by adding child abuser. and yes letting LeAnn be a mother is child abuse!!!!

  174. Baylor says:

    Today is Mason’s B-Day. LeAnn didn’t tweet anything about it per say, but she tweeted some company saying she looked forward to their cake and thanking them for supplying the decorations for everyone to “jointly decorate.” Hmm…. Lets see if pictures come up soon.

  175. Baylor says:

    What do you know! LeAnn just tweeted pics of the birthday cake where you can kinda/sorta see her in the background. Expecting worse pics soon. Or maybe she won’t in order to try to convince the world that it was Brandi who sold the last ones. LOL!

    ETA: Brandi just said that today he had his bday party with dad and tomorrow with her. So separate parties. So much for “everyone jointly decorating.” LOL!

  176. why? says:

    That is SO sad, after all the fuss that Eddie made about the kids being on BG show, you would think that he would at least abide by his own standard right?

    Oh wait, Leann has a single to promote and of course her appearance on Drop Dead Diva is coming up soon, so what a great way to show that she is such a “good person” than by using two innocent kids. If she cared anything about those kids, the tweets about them would stop all together. Even indirect tweets about a birthday cake is wrong. She pimped out their birthday’s last years and look she is pimping out their birthdays this year. At least LR is consistent.

    Leann is just disgusting. Why did she take to twitter to thank the people who made the cake, when she could have just called them or much easier thanked them when they picked up the cake/ dropped the cake off to where they are having the party? Everything that Leann does is for Leann. She uses EVERY opportunity to exploit those kids and it’s sick. EC is even worse for allowing her to do it.

  177. why? says:

    Is LR being paid to advertise products on her twitter page?

    Did you see where she said that a lot of people were asking her about where she got bikini’s? Just like she stated that those were abs and not bones? That must have been her damage control, to make the bikini company think that she was profitable since people were talking more about how skinny she was and less about where she got the bikini.

    No one likes LR and EC, and the dislike has grown even more since they are using the charity event to promote LR single release, appearance on Drop Dead Diva, and her and EC marriage. So these companies are only hurting themselves. People tend to stay away from the companies that LR is using because they don’t want to support companies that support LR as she continues on with her bad behavior. Like using a kids birthday party to give the impression that she has a great familiy with EC, his kids, and his parents and that she is great bonus mom because she put a lot into her bonus son’s birthday party when she is SO busy planning a charity for the victims of MO and AL.

  178. Baylor says:

    “your beautiful cake and candy table is in the People Country Special Edition Mag. Thx again for helping make our day magic”- LeAnn Tweet

    Is she talking about Mason’s Birthday party stuff? Don’t tell me the party itself will be in the magazine! If so, then out the window goes any credibility that Eddie may have had in threatening Brandi with a lawsuit if boys appeared on Housewives.

  179. Messenger Of Truth says:

    @Baylor Looks like the tweet was in regards to the wedding cake.

    @why? Anushka brazillian cellulite cream, bebeautiful.com, hard candy’s mascara lash ink. Is Brandi being paid to advertise products on her twitter page? (rhetorical question)

  180. why? says:

    How nice, deflect from Leann’s bad behavior by dragging BG into it. Sorta like when I said that Leann didn’t have any talent and someone tried to deflect by asking what was BG “entertainment” value.

    So I guess that is a yes LR is being paid to advertise for things on her twitter page. But no worries, I’m sure someone will try to fix it by posting that “BG needs to move on” posts.

  181. why? says:

    Sounds like Leann tweeted that comment about the cake because she was trying to lure the media into writing articles about her wedding.

    I am not at all surprised that People mag did a special country edition and posted photos of EC and WEWE cake, People mag put Kim K on their cover and you know Leann she couldn’t have Kim K engagement and wedding upstaging her great romance.

    LR and EC did a good deed, so now they think it’s okay for them to continue to pimp out more details from their wedding? So once again LR only used the victims of the storm so that she could draw even more attention to her relationship with EC via People mag.

  182. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It if truth be told was once a entertainment account it. Glance complex to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how can we keep in touch?

  183. Ashlyn Vellutini says:

    AMAZING!!! Dieter gave him a good run for the money!!