Leonardo DiCaprio is already screwing around on Blake Lively, obviously


Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively hugged each other on Steven Spielberg’s yacht in Cannes, there have been lots of reports of all of the “other” ladies Leo has been spending time with after his split from Bar Refaeli. Sidenote: there were lots of stories of his “other” ladies while he was still with Bar too. Anyway, even though this Blake ‘n Leo romance is being sold to us – HARD – it looks like Leo is still sampling a wide array of international model biscuits. My assumption: Blake is fine with it, because she thinks she gets to be the “official girlfriend”. In my mind, this mindset is called “Pulling A Biel”. Anyway, Star Magazine has an interesting report about how Leo spent a few days in between nuzzling Blake’s bolt-ons:

Well, that was fast! Leonardo DiCaprio started a hot new romance with Blake Lively while traveling in Europe in mid-May. But while it may have been love at first sight for Blake, Leo seemed to have other ideas.

Just days after trolling around Portofino, Italy with Blake, he was spotted with a sexy brunette named Natalie at the exclusive Monte Carlo Beach Club, where they shared a private cabana facing the sea away from prying eyes.

Then, on May 27, two days later, he was back with Blake, touring Saint-Paul de Vance in France.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yesterday, Lainey discussed what Leo’s possible response – publicly or privately – would be to Blake’s ongoing nude photo scandal. I say “scandal” when really I mean “probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to her career, long-term.” While Leo’s general MO seems to be to keep everything low-key, without scandal, without any mainstream reports of his dirtier side, I wonder if Leo is changing it up a bit. The simple fact that Leo is with Blake for now is surprising when you look at his history. And the fact that they keep getting pap’d all over Europe, and that he’s still into it? Also interesting.

I think privately, Leo is definitely into the “trashy” element that Blake is currently bringing to the table, but publicly he wants to be seen as Mr. Hollywood, Mr. Mainstream, the next George Clooney/Tom Hanks-style move star. The Clooney comparison is interesting, especially since so many of you think Leo might be in the closet. Some of you think Clooney is too. I disagree on both counts. I don’t think either Clooney or Leo are gay. I think they’re into women (at least “women” who are physically women right now, but might not have been born that way). And I think they both like it really, really dirty. They like some “extra”.

So… what does this mean for Blake and Leo? Will he stick with her through this “scandal” or will he ditch her and go back to his low-key, no drama, Mr. Hollywood power player image? Or is he still enchanted by the bolt-ons, at least until the end of the summer? I don’t know. It’s a mystery to me.





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  1. brin says:

    That picture of her snarling is probably when she fond out that he was screwing around on her already.

  2. Annie_Grey says:

    I kind of feel like Blake is doing this only to up her career. I think Leo really likes her as a friend(with benefits), and is just willing to help her out. It also keeps off the gay rumors. Which I don’t think he is, either. Leo’s a bit of a control freak when it comes to his image. imo

  3. jamjam says:

    At Christmas, I went to a dinner party and Clooney’s ex Lisa Snowdon was there. I had no idea my friends even knew her, but there you go.

    She ended up getting a little drunk, and when someone mentioned George Clooney (God knows why), she told us all very casually that they’d had a Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes style contract. She said she got paid for being the official girlfriend, but she didn’t class it as prostitution because they never slept together. She also said that she knew ‘for a fact’ that he was gay.

    I have no idea whether she was just bitter, but whatevs. I’ve never been able to make up my mind whether she was telling the truth.

  4. mln76 says:

    Leo is screwing a hundred different models in a dozen different cities…That’s business as usual for him. He did the same thing when he was with Gisele and Bar…I honestly doubt he is going to care about the pics. It’s more about will she look the other way from his partying and smile at events. Also even Lainey hinted he may be the celeb with in the lawsuit TMZ mentioned so he may not really care if Blake has a relatively minor scandal to contend with.

  5. Addie says:

    I’m still hoping that Leo can pull a Brad Pitt and find a woman who sweeps him off his feet, having a real woman who can love him DISPITE his fame/name.

  6. Enny says:

    As far as boob jobs go, Blake’s is actually not so bad. They’re fairly believable, and not overly large. They are (mostly) proportionate to her body.

  7. tapioca says:

    I know it’s Friday Addie, but isn’t it a bit early to be smoking?!!

    Leo will be like Warren Beatty – as he gets older his GFs will stay the same age until he hits his fifties, looks down at his paunch and starts to think that the middle-aged skirt-chasing is maybe getting a little pathetic and he settles down with someone respected, but with less star-wattage, so as not to outshine him, who’ll pop out a handful of kids.

  8. Hautie says:

    He still looks like the ultimate pudgy dough boy. The kind that has no real respect for any female. Women are there to shag on demand. Period.

    And Blake can do better.

    If she had better management. They would help point her to a someone who isn’t married or a notorious douche.

  9. Carolyn says:

    No….Leo and Kate Winslet will get together …someday :) I don’t understand the comment about women who weren’t born that way…who is CB referring to (I’m obviously out of the loop).

  10. Addie says:

    @ Tropica. Not doing much smoking, just being the optimist.

    MAYBE over time these parade of interchangable women start looking the same, and it all gets boring THEN maturity or a desire for something substantial might kicks in.

    Dunno,could happen.

  11. geekychic says:

    @jamjam if what she says is true, than i’ll oficially make this my mourning day-clooney is one of the rare ones i find ridicilously “whole package”: charming, intelligent, educated, humanitarian, really good actor and sexy (more than sexy, more than hot-he’s like fantasy level in my eyes). what i mean, he’s the only one that has charisma of old HW to me. so if he is (and i know this is awful and hypocritical), i hope i never find out. ;)
    this dicaprio-lively thing?i think he’ll ditch her sooner than later bc of this latest nudie thing. then again, i though leo would never go with someone who calls paps on him, and he did. so…not the best judge.

  12. mln76 says:

    @Addie hate to bring that whole mess into it but Brad’s always been a serial monogamist…Leo is cut from the same cloth as Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. Best case scenario is that he will one day crave to settle down like Beatty.

  13. LucyOriginal says:

    @Kaiser: “The Clooney comparison is interesting, especially since so many of you think Leo might be in the closet. ” It is very interesting you pointed it out because Ted’s Blind vice about King Schlong points out to Leo and he already said it is not Clooney (Ted also denied other A-stars too), but someone who has the same attitude… I don’ get the gay vibe from Clooney, but after this current girlfriend, who knows?! maybe bi? In the past people would say he was a manwhore, etc.. as he got older and, more interestingly, involved in politics (2005/2006 to present), people are saying he is…

    @jamjam: well, it’s interesting she was saying this since Tom and Katie started dating in 2005, when GC and Lisa officially parted ways. They were on and off for 5 years and everytime he broke up with her, he was dating someone else. She also complained that when they were dating she barely got job offers… But some of Clooney’s fans say she was the first one of the contract girlfriend type. If it is true, who knows? maybe he got bitter after the break up with the French girlfriend…
    ps: sorry, i am commenting under a new name!

  14. aquarius64 says:

    If Blake wants to be the official girlfriend and look the other way on Leo’s alleged jump-offs, then she is a fool. One of them is bound to get pregnant and Blake will have to dump him to save face. Sorry you don’t get any sympathy when you know the guy is dating is a dog.

  15. aquarius64 says:

    If Blake wants to be the official girlfriend and look the other way on Leo’s alleged jump-offs, then she is a fool. One of them is bound to get pregnant and Blake will have to dump him to save face. Sorry you don’t get any sympathy when you know the guy you’re dating is a dog.

  16. mln76 says:

    @geekychic well you just described Cary Grant and you know what they say about him ;)
    I think many actors are Bi, many more than we think ,including Clooney and very possibly Leo.

  17. Roma says:

    Annnndddd… they were pap’d together again yesterday. This coupling is not believable to me. At all.

    Also, really interesting comments happening over at Gawker. Prevailing “insider gossip”? Leo is bi, and likes big ole bears at the gay spas.

  18. geekychic says:

    @mln76-i know, i know!!! but i’m so picky when it comes to hot guys, i can’t help myself.
    and i’m still relying on the fact that his daughter said tah theory is a joke.there’s a puff daddy/someone’s song:i don’t wanna know…-exactly that (yeah, i’m old enough to know diddy as daddy;)
    p.s. : why am i stuck in moderation hell, i do not know (sigh)…

  19. mln76 says:

    @geekychic one of his wives said in a interview that she didn’t think he was gay because he liked to ‘f–k’ like a rabbit…I also think he genuinely loved Sophia Loren, but I can’t ignore that he lived with a man for 20 years so I vote Bi.

  20. gabs says:

    Summer fling. I dont expect them to last years like he did with Gis and Bar. And of course she’ll look the other way as long she gets the perks of the main girl! Pulling a Biel is a great way to put it. haha

  21. Mizz Tickles says:

    JamJam that was an interesting story and tapioca it is neva too early to start smoking :)

  22. Dana M says:

    Leo is usually so very low key. This smells like it’s a PR stunt to me. Plus the timing of her naked photos…

  23. KLaw says:

    @geekychic Clooney is educated? I’m asking. I don’t know…?

  24. solamia says:

    Meh, you can only cheat if you’re together, and I don’t think they are “together” in that way. I don’t even understand why landing a temporary spot in Leo’s bed is a coup of any sort, he’s got a bloated head, he comes off pretentious, and he he puts his interchangeably supermodeled gfs out to pasture once they hit 25, the old cows. lol I don’t know, I like him in movies well enough, but he is not a dreamboat by any measure.

  25. sapphire says:

    Fauxmance to put it mildly. There really isn’t any good evidence of even a hook-up. How can anyone even think “official girlfriend” when they’re not even appearing as friends? We haven’t seen more than “same place at the same time” in a very small geographic area.

    The gossip flow must be way down to spend this much time on a non-event.

  26. geekychic says:

    @KLaw to be honest, i’m not talking about standard education-i’m talking about the fact i haven’t heard him spitting BS in interviews and being ignorant as most of celebrities do; and listening to him speaking about darfur and others, he sounds as someone who knows what he’s talking about. he comes off as intelligent, which most of younger male faculty at my college don’t (and i’m pretty sure 20 years from now they still won’t be). ;)
    i know he didn’t finish his college (ok, i googled that), but these days you can still finish college and be uneducated.
    @mln76: i can take bi. :) i mean, there are some beautiful, gorgeus women pout there who’d made me, if i met them and had the chance, bi in a second. ;)

    regarding the post: i think leo is a douche, but he is a great actor-and he worked very hard to prove it.
    on the other hand, she is very beautiful, and she might be very nice as a person, but she’s a terrible actress IMO. i don’t feel sorry for her one bit: leo never fooled anyone and pretended to want marriage and children, and she knows what she’s getting into, hooking up with Leo. and she already has more fame and money than she deserves with her talent. if she were a model, i’d sing a different story.

  27. KLaw says:

    Thanks for the clarification Geekychic. I agree with you, he does seem intelligent.

    Leo and Blake were in Venice yesterday? Damn, and here I am sitting in a village nearby in Italy. I should have gone over there for dinner. I can be a Celebitchy field reporter ;-)

  28. geekychic says:

    @Klaw: :)
    i live in a neighbour-country to italy, and i was in Venice 4 times. to be honest, i’m so jelaous of blake: she’s probably so happy bc she got leo and so upset over the leak that she isn’t checking out the City.i’d be all over the little streets and wouldn’t give a damn ’bout him. also, i think Pinault has a new show there (as a part of biennale?). i was on his last one in Palazzo Grassi, and it was sooooooo gooooood. (obviously, i am geeky;)

  29. Ron says:

    When did it become unacceptable to date more than one person? After one weekend, we are exclusive now?

  30. KLaw says:

    @geekychic: I’m still pretty oblivious about the cultural events of Venice. I just moved to Italy from California about a week ago. But I do know I will attend the Venice film festival this Fall, because I have a VIP access. I went two years ago (for only one evening) and saw only Stallone. Apparently I missed Natalie Portman the last time around. oh well

    I’m not a celebrity chaser, but I do love my Celebitchy!

  31. DGO says:

    Kind of related: A few of us were speculating the other day that perhaps the non-Blake Lively photos (heh) were released by a scorned SO of the guy they were sent to. Well, Ben Affleck is walking around, sporting a black eye. Just thought that was interesting.

  32. You don't say says:

    I think Affleck was a naughty boy back when filming the Town. Seems sweet little Garner, who he ignored during the publicity for the film, got her revenge. Not saying she pulled a Nordigen and smacked him upside the head, (better than being whacked with a golf club)and gave him a blackeye, but he has shown up more with her lately. She is not going to let her perceived picture perfect family be ruined by his misbehaving. She went through muliple guys to get him and she is not going to just let him go. Be careful of the “sweet dimples” is all I’m saying.

  33. spinner says:

    I think this whole thing is orchestrated by Harvey Weinstein. PR for Blake & to shake things up a bit for Leo. I do not think they are a couple. Something fishy here.

  34. futureperfect says:

    @Spinner, agreed. There’s something off/orchestrated about it. Not surprising in Hollyweird.

  35. Eve says:

    He’s attracted to Lively’s “dollar tree version of Gisele Bündchen” aspect.

    But I’m starting to believe the whole relationship may be PR orchestrated stuff, like many of you are pointing out.

  36. Zoya says:

    His face just keeps getting fatter.

  37. MarenGermany says:

    i couldnt care less. he is a brilliant actor. BRILLIANT!

  38. curmudgeon says:

    Everytime I see a picture of her in that red pageant cupcake dress I snort.

  39. Violet says:

    I remember some site — the Huffington Post? — lined up several of his former girlfriends, and they all looked alike. The gist of the article is that he keeps getting older, but his girlfriends are always in their early-20s.

    I doubt his relationship with Blake Lively will last. He’ll replace her with a younger lookalike in a few years (earlier if she becomes clingy) as per his usual MO.

    (BTW, I totally believe those nudes are real…unlike her breasts. I don’t know why she’s even bothering with denials.)

  40. Malia says:

    he was so beautiful in titanic, it’s like this fat headed guy ate him and this is what we’re left with.

  41. dicktrix says:

    Too much casual sex makes Leo’s head fatter & his face older & uglier!

  42. Lisa says:

    It’s obvious she is only with him because he’s famous and we are talking about her more because she is with him. SO OBVIOUS. It’s like he is the penultimate of the guys she’s tried to be with to increase her fame. She is simply a social climber, no more. I still think if anyone had reason to send the pictures out it was her ex-bf Penn. He has got to be pissed.

  43. gee says:

    This seems like the Gyllenhaal-Swift publicity stunt… I don’t see this lasting, or being real. Maybe she has blackmail? Or it’s a great PR boost for both of them? Something?

  44. Mary Jane says:

    Glad it’s done — this one was almost icky!

  45. kim says:

    He is so busted looking to me. Someone please explain his appeal to me.

  46. sepa says:

    i don’t know kim, ask Giselle and Bar. IMAO

  47. Bubulle says:

    His money and fame make him appealing, that’s it.

  48. Must b Santa says:

    Blake a guys name. ostride comparison. An ostride has a prettier face.She reminds me of prunes. This whole thing is weird absurd and idotic , the listing of the places the amounts etc. is strange and tacky .The fact that he also was seen with melissa, another underware model in bettween just makes lively look like a media whore ? What exactly is granpa Leo doing ?

  49. mia girl says:

    It is kinda weird what happend to his head. It just… expanded… like a Macy’s parade balloon.

  50. justez says:

    I must say, you do always manage to find the best/funniest pictures of celebs.
    And I’m one of those that do see him as the next Clooney/Hanks and I see him taking the Clooney route relationship wise as well. Settling down isn’t meant for everyone I guess, unless they find that certain someone special as cheesy as it sounds.

    and p.s. due to this site I have a new Michael Fassbender appreciation, and was searching for pictures of him and found one of him with Gerard Butler on the set of 300 doing training and they both looked so gorgeous and I mind went to this site.

  51. Me says:

    LOL at “dollar tree version of Gisele Bündchen”

  52. Saph says:

    jamjam Not buying the Clooney is gay he has slept with too many women for that. It is odd that Lisa would say that as she is the same girlfriend who gave some very interesting details of sex with Clooney! I do believe he does the contract thing but that is so he has control the latest one is up. Elisabetta is out the door she just doesn’t want to go. George goes for girls he knows he won’t marry that is what really got to Lisa. She thought she would get a ring just like his latest. Boys like Clooney don’t marry girls you can see naked all over the net. As for Leo no one really thought he would be serious with Blake did they? IF he couldn’t be faithful to such hotties as Gisele or Bar how the heck would he be faithful to her. If she is smart she will play along and keep getting the attention she craves. As for Leo maybe one day he will meet someone but he isn’t as much as a catch as he once was!

  53. a says:

    they deserve each other. unattractive filthy people

  54. mike says:


    I don’t think the pictures are good for her career. In fact, I think she and her publicists are panicking over this.

    For some, a “scandal” boosts their career, but for others, it kills them. And for Lively, I think this could break her career. She’s trying her darnest to project an image of respectability and the girl next door image. Look at how good she’s been in hiding her numerous trysts, despite various innuendos of homewrecking and casting couches.

    She’s trying very hard to project professionalism and be known as an actress than as a pair of bolt ons on a mediocre CW show. Ask yourself: Does Cary Mulligan or Jen Lawrence have sextapes/pics floating around?

    Her acting skills are not up to their levels, but she so desperately wants to get near their level. And nude pics aren’t the way to go.

  55. Mikunda says:

    God, he is so repulsive and sleazy. Uck.

  56. LuckyLilGem says:

    Leo, with a gentle brow lift and buccal fat pads removed, could definitely be the next Johnny Depp. He’s got the mysterious modelizer thing going on. George Clooney, he’s not quite suave gentleman like to pull that one off.

  57. beth says:

    people aren’t always straight, and even if they’re bent, they can be bent so many which ways, but depending on where you’re standing, you only see one and if you’re lucky enough to spot it, two kinds of bent. it’s not always to their advantage to tell you everything -

    i get this a lot; i say a guy is gay, and people say, ‘how can he be gay, he’s married, or he’s been with one girl after another after another.’ i will never forget, when at 21, i met a brad pitt lookalike. i was so besotted with him it became obvious to him. he told me straight up, while fondling my fingers and toes, how he’d always imagined having a girl like me to be his wife, to bear his children. and then i asked him about the boy who always disappeared into his room for hours at end, and who would leave, never looking any of us in the eye. he said, ‘oh that’ and proceeded to tell me he liked men too, but he could never live openly with a man – he wanted a wife and children, a semblance of normality, far too much, and the future with a man like that flashed before my eyes… at least he had the decency to be honest. i’m glad i trusted my instincts. imagine being involved with a man who liked you enough to have sex with you but reserved his more deeper passions for another man – later on, when i met another guy who habitually turned me down (ED, and also the stress of starting his own business), i realised how badly i respond to this kind of rejection. if i was with the first guy, and got turned down, i would start resenting his boyfriend… i quite never believe what people say about their sexuality nowadays – i just watch how they act – the most complex lot are the ones who don’t just try to hide it from others, they try to hide it even from themselves.

    i know i rambled suddenly i just had the urge to talk about it.

  58. In LA says:

    First, Leo is definitely losing his looks, terrible. Second, everyone in this town knows that Leo plays for the same team (Along with George Clooney, et al).

  59. lola says:

    Clooney’s gay and Leonardo’s definitely bisexual