Heather Graham’s bustier and hot pants on the ‘Judy Moody’ red carpet: inappropriate?


Let me preface this by stating that I actually really like Heather Graham a lot. She’s a bit nutty, and I envy the hell out of her sleep routine, but I’ve always respected that she never really took the romcom route to instant fame like a few other vacuous blondes like, say, Kate Hudson. Instead, Heather does a lot of indie films and a little bit of arthouse stuff even though a lot of it ends up being junk that goes straight to DVD. Occasionally, she’ll take part in a successful mainstream movie, and people will remember that she exists, which is strange because I find her pretty hard to forget. Maybe that’s because she gets naked a lot.

Anyway, Heather has taken on a very atypical role by appearing as “Awesome Aunt Opal” in the upcoming Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer, which is a children’s movie based upon a series of very successful books and should drum up a fair amount of family-related ticket sales. So Heather shows up (with her latest beau, Jason Silva, in tow) at the premiere while wearing a pair of black hot pants, a matching bustier, and strappy black platform heels. Sure, she looks great, but she seems a little — how do you say — underdressed for this type of movie premiere. At least her boobs aren’t popping out, right?


To be fair, Heather’s not really used to this sort of thing, but she could have taken a cue from Janet Varney’s red-carpet look and pulled on a simple, summery dress instead:


And at least the adorable kids from the movie, Madeline Carroll and Parris Mosteller, were appropriately covered up as well:




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  1. Anna says:

    Heather Graham said that she took this role because she sponsored a few kids from Cambodia and the kids asked her if they could see her movies. Upon thinking about the movies she’s been in, she wanted to make a movie that these kids could actually see. Pretty cool, I think.

  2. Heatheradair says:

    Hmmmm – actually, I think the gravest issue with the outfit is how saggy the bustier manages to make her rack look. Shouldn’t a bustier actually….boost?

    Nice legs, but the girls look squashed.

  3. Bubbling says:

    Heather looks great, sure no doubt to that. BUT, that upper part is lingerie and should be worn as such. Even if it wasn’t, this “I’m waiting for my guy to come pick me up, semi dressed so I could be effortlessly sexy” (ladies, y’all know) is not the look for premier of children/family movie.

  4. Me says:

    She should have covered up her arms if her legs were that bare, vise versa.
    Never heard of her.

  5. Blue says:

    She looks like she left the house and forgot she wasn’t done getting dressed. That said she has a nice body, but this isn’t appropriate.

  6. lucy2 says:

    For a kids movie, I think a different top would have been better, but I’ve seen worse on the red carpet.
    I don’t know, I think maybe she does indie films and such because she can’t get bigger roles. She seems nice enough and all, but I don’t see her as a brilliant actress.

  7. beth says:

    it’s heather – it’s her style. i think she has an eccentric streak behind that blonde, blue-eyed girl next door image – you know, the one that flashes a wink and her boobies at the boy next door, a lot. even if she’s underdressed, she’s doesn’t even seem sleazy to me anymore, or even famewhoring. i can’t see her any other way.

    she’s a closet hippie who would go nudist if we let her.

  8. Granger says:

    Ugh, she is so untalented, and I don’t care how hot she is, she’s at a premiere for a kids movie but somehow thinks it’s okay to show up looking like a cheap stripper. Not good.

  9. Lisa says:

    Normally, I prefer women to look tasteful and not wear ‘slutty’ type clothes. Yet, I don’t think Heather looks bad or inappropriate here at all. I mean, she’s covered and she’s not hanging out and it’s not like she’s got mad cleavage showing. She looks fine, IMO.

  10. OtherChris says:

    Great body, wrong outfit. She could have worn some cropped pants or something with it and looked cute.

  11. tracking says:

    The top doesn’t coordinate with the shorts in style or fabric. Odd choice by the pretty kooky lady.

  12. MarenGermany says:

    nice body, dressed a little inapproriate but the hell. she is so cute.

  13. Ron says:

    Not the best choice for the venue, but at 41 she is looking incredible. And she is seriously the nicest actress in Hollywood. Love her.

  14. Kim says:

    So NOT appropraite for a kids movie premiere. Everyone else dressed appropriately – she should have. And her face is SOOOOOOO over botoxed!

  15. galaxy.girl says:

    She looks comfy for warm weather, the person in purple with purple boots is most distracting/awful/UGH!

  16. TXCinderella says:

    Did she borrow Cameron Diaz’s outfit from the other night? I don’t care how fit these people are, this is not age appropriate and it looks ridiculous.

  17. 4Real says:

    Not bad…if you’re on the HO STROLL!

  18. PICOPINK says:

    She is beautiful and really missed an opportunity to show how good she could look. It looks like she started getting dressed and decided it was too hot to wear any more clothes. But her hair, makeup and body are fab.

  19. Turtle Dove says:

    To me she looks fine. I don’t think that the outfit is inappropriate. It’s casual, but not trashy. Lets face facts. We’ve all seen worse on a red carpet.

  20. lolalola says:

    I think she looks great. Nothing inappropriate about that.

  21. LL says:

    She must like that top. She’s wearing it in the photos you posted for the 11-12 hours of sleep article.

  22. The H says:

    It’s Heather! She looks way more conservative than usual IMO.

  23. mrsezc says:

    She’s too old to pull that off .. and the kids are wearing more clothes than she is .. hmmmm … a jacket? Pants?? or even a short skirt .. but hot pants?

  24. Kat says:

    Not the greatest choice for a kid’s movie premiere, but at least her boobs aren’t hanging out of the busier. Perhaps a sheer blouse over that bustier and some pants might have been a better choice. Heather strikes me as one of those women who needs attention 24/7 to feel validated, much like Slutienna Miller.

  25. honeyv says:

    Never heard of her before. Yeah her bod is great but her outfit is just eww. Not only inappropriate but also cheap and boring at the same time. I understand that she wants to show off those legs but she should’ve give up the bustier at least.

  26. Isa says:

    She doesn’t look bad, she just could’ve covered up more. I’m surprised her knees aren’t sagging. Her body still looks just as young as her face.

  27. MB says:

    I dont know about inappropriate, Im more offended that the outfit is just plain fug.

    I never *got* Heather Graham. She always plays a stripper or a porn star, as if she has nothing else to offer.

    Her body is nice enough I guess – but its kind of like she is naturally skinny so she has never exercised and it shows because she is a little flabby (un-toned but NOT fat) and her shoulders are so hunched so she seems uncomfortable. Meh. Who cares. She is pretty bland.

  28. Charlotte says:

    She’s slouching, which bothers me, but she looks pretty damn hot in it.

  29. To each his own says:

    Heather looks damn good for being 41. If she still has the body she should flaunt it.

  30. Angela says:

    Hot pants look nice on her, but the top isn’t really working.

  31. Ruffian9 says:

    I’m obviously in the minority. I think she looks great and not at all inappropriate. I think sometimes it’s HOW you wear something. There nothng indecent here. Also, she’s my age & so so hot!

  32. normades says:

    ZOMG she’s over 40!!! Looks so young and *natural*. Her date is damn cute too.

  33. OhMyMy says:

    She looks good with the exception of her toes looking like small animals trying to make their escape from the wedges. Always hated that.

    She is dressed a little too sexy for the opening of a kids movie though. A summery dress probably would’ve been better.

    I do like her in the movies she does and I have to give her a thumbs up for taking that role in The Hangover that LL foolishly turned down.

  34. StephanieMarie says:

    It’s covering enough of her bits…It IS summer afterall, and she has an incredible physique…

    To those who think she looks inappropriate:
    Should women not wear bikini’s to a public pool? Or shorts and a tank to a barbecue where people might bring their kids? Nothings “hanging out” sotospeak..

    Also, she has long appendages so she might always look more naked then other people..
    A friend of mine and I can share clothes but the same shirt will make her look more provocative because more skin appears to show on her then me…Just a thought.

  35. Marianne says:

    If maybe she wore like a wide leg trouser….I could see it.But the bustier looks pretty ridiculous with just those shorts.

  36. kibble says:

    rollergirl still has her legs.
    she looks great and i like how she comes across.

  37. Hakura says:

    This outfit is definitely not what I’d call ‘scandalous’ or ‘trashy’. I *do* think it’s a poor choice for the premiere. She’s not even wearing *any* jewelry (except maybe earrings I can’t see), it’s just so plain & boring! She could have reflected that her role was in a kid’s movie by adding some fun accessories (maybe brght colors, beaded necklaces or belts), a more ‘youthful’ feel. It comes across visually boring, so plain & ‘serious’.

    But *mainly*, the problem is a lack of ‘balance’ of skin showing on top & bottom. The bustier with a knee-length skirt, jeans or dress pants, would’ve looked great. Likewise, if she wanted to wear those hotpants, she’d need a more covered top, & lower (differently shaped) heels (like wedges), which would cut down on the ‘stripper’ look a lot of women get wearing stilettos with short skirts/shorts.

  38. Cinderella says:

    I think she looks great. The outfit is small, but hardly revealing.

  39. aclineo says:

    dang heather graham looks FABULOUS for a 40 year-old. she looks younger than me and im just 22!

  40. CeeCee says:

    hey Heather, 1998 nightclubs called, they want their outfit and shoes back.

  41. jemshoes says:

    Well at least this outfit is not Gaga, RiRi or Katy Perry (thank goodness), but you know what’s interesting? It sounds like a raunchy outfit on print but in the photos with Heather’s sweet, pretty face and big-girl blue eyes it doesn’t look as inappropriate as it sounds.

  42. poodlemom says:

    I agree…she should have had a nice little summer dress on. What are these Hollywood actresses thinking??? And…it’s a kid’s movie, for Pete’s sake! Her young boyfriend has probably already seen her in a bustier and hot pants…so leave that stuff for the bedroom, PLEASE!

  43. Hawk says:

    Probably should have wore pants.

  44. albeli says:

    Those aren’t hot pants, they’re shorts. Hot pants would have ass hanging out the back.

    The bustier doesn’t fit properly, but I wouldn’t call it inappropriate, as it covers her up.

    The girl in purple with boots looks ridic. It’s freaking summer already–dress like it.